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1. MRE Military Breakfast Survival Emergency

MRE Military Breakfast Survival Emergency

DAFF MREs are designed to remain fresh and great tasting. Does not include a self-contained heating device. The best technique for testing. Daff focuses on taste and quality. Most MREs are bland and boring. They use proven European techniques for cooking and preserving their meals. "Taste like homemade" is their tag line. Know. You get what you pay for. Don't be surprised by unpleasant surprises. You don't know what you will get from other MREs suppliers. Their menu shows you exactly what you are ordering. Their manufacturing technology makes it easy to have a great tasting experience. DAFF's MRE's are great if you like army meals. The complete kit includes a full meal, including main dish, fruit dessert, cookies, Jam, Isotonic drink, coffee, tea, salt, and napkin. A military ration is the ideal meal supply for camping or surviving any kind of emergency like severe weather, virus and infectious outbreaks, armed conflict or social unrest. The experience survivor knows that there is no substitute for having the right gear and being prepared. Ready to eat meals in military grade. The products are used by many organizations. DAFF MREs are designed to remain fresh and great tasting. Does not include a self-contained heating device.

Brand: Mre Meal Ready To Eat Authentic Military Food Producer Daff Tastes Like Homemade

👤If you're stuck in the apocalypse and you want to see your kids turn into super demons, give them these meals. There is a main entree in this. There is a pack of jam that is thick juice, but it won't make the jam taste like pure sugar. The cookies are the best part of the meal. Where can I buy these in bulk? They are soft enough to fall apart. The fruit is suspended in sugar and tastes good on cookies. The coffee is not good, but what do you expect from an MRE? I didn't try the drink mix because I think it's even more sugar. These aren't bad meals, but know that the calories come from sugar. If you have a sweet tooth the size of Florida, you should try these.

👤There are three different breakfast MREs. The main fruit is the same. Either plums, apricots, or peaches. It seems like most of the calories come from sugar. There is very little value to them in terms of nutrition. They were manufactured in March of 2020 and are good until March of 2023. They have a plastic spoon/knife combo utensil. They do not come with flame-less ration heaters. They don't come with a hand wipe, but they do have a posting that does. The main fruit in each of them is packed with a thick syrup. The fruits are soft and squishy, just holding their shape. They don't taste bad, but that soft texture is very unappetizing. The fruit was improved by mixing it with granola. You get the flavor of the fruit, but the oats give it some crunch and help hide the soft texture of the fruit. The granola is bland and has no fruit in it. Not really appetizing by itself. It's better if it's mixed into the fruit. It probably has less sugar than the whole meal. The mix is pretty good. The amount of berries in the jam is very small. This was the worst part of the MRE. The liquid has a strange flavor. I couldn't finish the bites. The coffee is bad. They must have made these in a humid place because the coffee was caked in the packets. It takes a while to get it out of the water. It is a really strong and bitter coffee once it does. Adding four of the packets of sugar to the coffee didn't help it out much. I added some liquid coffee creamer and it made it taste better. It was pretty bad coffee. The big cracker is more of a cookie. It is a good cookie. It has a nice wheat flavor and isn't too sweet. It is dry so you may want to save some of the syrup from the fruit. I put it in the coffee and it was fine. The coffee made the cookie easier to eat. The isotonic drink mix was made from a cake of sugar. It's pineapple flavor. I put it in a bottle of water. It took a bit to get the cake to fall apart. The pineapple flavor is identical to the natural pineapple. It tastes similar to pineapple. I wouldn't say it's near natural pineapple. If you don't mind the huge amount of sugar in the drink, it wasn't terrible. The pineapple flavor is mild. If you don't mix it with the full liter of water it says to mix it in, you need to keep doing that. It tends to settle out if it isn't. If you are in a situation where you need a meal to provide a significant boost in calories, these are not a good solution. If you eat all of this in one meal, you'll have a sugar crash as your body tries to regulate the amount of sugar in your diet. They are over priced because they are mostly sugar and have an average taste.

2. Ready Supply Emergency Strawberries Preparedness

Ready Supply Emergency Strawberries Preparedness

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are available. 25 year shelter life They use vacuum sealed bags and protectant bags to keep their fruit fresh. Go and get some food. It's easy to take them on a camping trip with their grab and go pouch. Their easy stack buckets allow you to store them almost anywhere without taking up a lot of space. There are 12 grab and go pouches with the huge fruit loaf. Food storage is easy, convenient and affordable.

Brand: Ready Supply Foods

👤I bought the same brand of potatoes and there was a sticker on it, but this fruit from the same brand didn't have a sticker on it, there was no date on the container. You can buy a different brand from a different seller.

3. ReadyWise Emergency Breakfast Buckets Servings

ReadyWise Emergency Breakfast Buckets Servings

The stock up kit has a variety of ready-to- eat meals and breakfast dishes that are individually wrapped for convenience and freshness when you need them most. 25 year shelter life Their emergency foods are designed to last for 25 years, which means they can be used in disaster kits. Large-quantity survival food kits can be stored at home, in your vehicle or your emergency shelter for long term emergency preparedness when you need it most. It's easy to prepare in any situation, just add water, wait a few minutes and enjoy your food. The containers are easy to store and lock together so food stays safe and secure.

Brand: Readywise

👤We researched before buying food storage from Wise Company. The price for the quality and amount of food is unbeatable. Adding these to my family's emergency kit gives me great peace of mind and I hope I never have to use them. I have tasted pastas and potatoes before at a store that is more like a hunting store. They were something I could live with if I had the same. I suppose that during an end of world event, I would be able to eat any food I wanted. An after taste that wouldn't go away was the brand I tried. Wiseman products are packed in foil packets and then sealed in buckets. The packets should be okay even if something happens to the buckets. When I moved off the islands, I put off getting serious about having an emergency stash because I lived along a fault line. I got lazy because I didn't have ready access to Walmart and Costco on an Alaskan island. I finally bought these buckets because they are a serious investment. I ordered them on a Saturday. We had a 7.1 magnitude earthquake early Sunday morning. Milk stock and glass jars were lost by most stores. We couldn't drink the water for a week. It was a wake up call that we were poor and desperate. We could be on our own for up to 2 weeks because of our location to the rest of the country, and non-perishable food is essential, according to the emergency preparedness teams up here. I also bought buckets of dried fruit from Wise Company. Having these food buckets in our emergency fund gives me peace of mind that if we have to use them, we will have food to eat. You will be glad you spent the money on these when it comes to that point.

👤There was a package that wasn't sealed and there was fine powder in the bucket. We tried that meal last night and it tasted great. The rest is tucked away for a rainy day.

👤I haven't tried anything yet. I ordered it for variety in my food storage. I got three of the same bucket when the order was supposed to have two lunch buckets and one breakfast bucket. I don't want a breakfast bucket all the time, so I am okay with this. It could have been better. There are other thoights. The shipping was supposed to take 5 days, but it took almost 5 weeks. When I ordered it, I read the shipping time.

👤They sent 2 buckets and a first aid kit after I ordered 3 buckets. This is not an MRE type product. The majority of the meals are dried pasta with a powdered flavor packet. The title of the product says "emergency food", which is 124 serving per bucket. It is not clear if only 64 of those are actual meals. The orange drink mix and desserts are the rest of the 124. They don't make it clear in the fine print. The description leads you to believe that 1 serving is 1 meal. Each serving has about 200 to 250 calories. Each bucket is only enough calories for one person for a few days. Less than advertised. It is a huge ripoff. The equivalent of ramen noodles or a Knorr pasta packet is $40 a day. It makes me wonder if the 25 year shelf life is real.

4. MRE Military Breakfast Survival Emergency

MRE Military Breakfast Survival Emergency

These are a must have for camping, hiking and emergency prep/survival needs. MREs do not have an expiration date. They have an inspection and pack date. The inspection date is three years after the pack date, and the Military inspects the cases during long term storage to make sure they are still fit for consumption. Daff focuses on taste and quality above all, and most MREs are bland and boring. They source the best ingredients and use proven European techniques for cooking and preserving their meals, their tag line is "Taste like homemade" and they mean it; know what you get, avoid unpleasant surprises, and other MREs suppliers send you random menus. You don't know what you're going to get, their menu shows exactly what you're going to get. If you like army meals, you will love DAFF's MRE's; complete kit provides a safe and delicious full meal, including Main Dish, Fruit dessert, Cookies, Jam, Isotonic Drink, Coffee, Tea. A military ration is the ideal meal supply for camping or surviving any kind of emergency, just like the armed forces, the experience survivor knows there is no substitute for preparedness and having the right gear. Ready to eat meals in military grade. The products are used by many organizations. DAFF MREs are designed to remain fresh and great tasting. Does not include a self-contained heating device.

Brand: Mre Meal Ready To Eat Authentic Military Food Producer Daff Tastes Like Homemade

👤I liked how it tasted. It was worth trying, I thought. No need to heat anything. I had a breakfast pack. The coffee that came with the pack was fresh and great with the cereals. The apricots had a syrup in them. They were good. I used a thick cracker to dip in the syrup. It was very tasty. I haven't tried the berry dip yet, but I think it will be great. Some of these things are good to have around.

👤I've been enjoying trying out the MRE breakfasts, but I don't think they have much practical value or flavor to write about. The gummy substance that was included in the meal was probably dried fruit, and the Granola was bland. The "isotonic drink" was pleasant. The "big cracker" was two semi-sweet cookies, unremarkable but fine. The fruit dessert had a rather over-cooked texture, but it was okay. The "berries jam" was the most interesting part of the meal because it was a liquid and not a spreadable jam. In a camping situation, you'll need to pack a lot of plastic packets in a trash bag, and many of them will be dribbling sticky liquids, so you'll need to put them in a trash bag. You're provided with a plastic utensil, but you'll also need something to drink the juice and coffee out of, and at least one bowl for the fruit dessert and liquid "jam." I suppose you could mix the milk with the juice, fruit dessert, or the jam for the granola. The fact that these meals have an expiration date a little over a year from now would seem to be a problem for a survivalist. Hopefully the zombie apocalypse will happen within that time frame.

👤I've been a prepper for over 30 years and the company seems to be in Chile. I have eaten many MREs. These are the most disgusting foods I've ever eaten. 1. There was no meat 2. There is no meal, just fruit,cookies, andgranola, with drinks, but nothing to make the drinks in 3. The bag was supposed to say there was no heater, but it was actually a "NO" sticker next to "flameless" heater. Whatever. 4. It's all side dish type stuff so there's nothing to heat it. Someone might want to heat their destroyed fruit on syrup. The ingredients are terrible. The fake "flavor" is high salt and citric acid. It's high sugar for empty calories. The nutrition or product label is unreadable due to thin, light print and sometimes the vac seal distortion. No way they're correct on ingredients. There were no dried apples or raisins in any of the 3 granolas. The text that's readable is not made for this country. There is no way to make the drink or coffee. A folded paper cup would be fine. All meals had the same drink. I'm allergic to pineapple so I didn't try it. I wasn't expecting 10 because there was no information given. This is not American food. A foreigner has an idea of what Americans eat. That was not a snack. That wasn't jam. That wasn't cookies. 11. 2 years have passed since the website claims 3 years shelf life. The spork is decent. They gave the same foods for all 3 meals, except for the fruit. No. These are twice the price of freeze dried Mountain House, who don't use the fake "flavor" Additives, don't use any Additives, and don't need hot water. If they're being given to the military, it's shameful. This isn't a meal. If anyone ate more than 3 of these, they would have a heart attack. In the "peaches" alone! Don't forget to use the address. It's an Amazon program where if you buy many everyday things from Amazon, they will make a small donation to the charity of your choice. Here is the information:

5. EILIKS Emergency Earthquake Equipment Valentines

EILIKS Emergency Earthquake Equipment Valentines

You won't find a better mylar tent anywhere. It is guaranteed. They donate a percentage of profits to help protect the wild places they love. There are top gadgets gifts for men. A new fun accessory for men is their dad. A nice gift for a man or a boy who is interested in adventure or scouting. It's a multi-tool kit that's perfect for your car, backpack, office, ship. There must be 24 in 1 emergency survival gear kits. The multi-purpose survival gear kits have everything you need in case of an emergency. It's perfect for people who love hiking, hunting, wilderness survival, etc. A great gift idea is for an outdoor adventurer. There are ideas for Xmas gifts. Birthday gifts for men, best gifts for man women, father best friend brother hunter and who has everything. Stocking stuffers, fishing gift hunting accessories, and other gifts for teen boys scouts or family who are interested in adventure. Customer service is what it is. They know these cool stuff are unique for Christmas gifts for men, dad Christmas gifts, and gifts for teenage boys, so no matter what problems you have, they'll try their best to solve them. There are stockings for men and women.

Brand: Eiliks

👤This is a good kit for me because I am not an avid adventurer. I keep it in my car for emergencies or when I go camping. Overall, I'm happy. It's not heavy to carry with my camping gear. It has a whistle, a small emergency blanket, a flashlight, a knife, and a tool that can be used as a spoon/fork/knife. I don't know how effective the blanket is or how well the knife cuts because I didn't test the items. It's not possible to put the items back in in a way that you can close the box. I didn't have a problem with this kit. The instruction manual explains what each item is. The material is good enough for emergencies. If you're a person who likes to go on a lot of adventures in the middle of nowhere, you may want to invest in something more sturdy. I shook the survival bracelet and noticed the compass would sometimes show a different direction. It seems that when it is shaken, it will indicate a different direction when it stops. Before you store the kit in your car or bag, be aware that the flashlight does not have a battery in it, so make sure you get one and insert it. The mention of 24 pieces is misleading. There are definitely not 24 items. The carrying case is listed in the instruction manual, but it isn't a survival tool. The little fishing gear kit with 2 fishing hooks, 2 fishing baits and a baggy with 4 little pieces of hemp is counted as 5 items because it has 2 fishing hooks, 2 fishing baits and a baggy.

👤A complete scam. There are missing items. The whole thing was 8 inches. There was no fire starter or flint. One of the most expensive emergencies in the hat class. It's not worth $32, certainly not $10. I know these are hard times, but how can you live with yourself when you rip off hundreds of people? For shame! Don't buy from this seller and be careful. I was hoping the kit was well stocked. Can't rely on this one helping at all.

👤If you're looking for an inexpensive gift to give to a prepper in your life, this tough little survival kit is what you need. Each item is the perfect tool for a job that needs to be done quickly and effectively. This works well for hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, boy scout adventures. The kit includes a survival knife, paracord bracelets, wire saw, water bottle clip, emergency blanket, flint stone, scraper, blow fire tube, 4pcs fire tinder, flashlight, whistle, saber card, and multi-use spoon. This kit is very small and portable, and can be put into your car, backpack, bug out bag, or camping gear, and get a lot of use out of it. The only thing I wish the flashlight was more powerful is that it was rechargeable. It's useful for so many activities. Highly recommended.

👤All of these products are very well made. Everything is sturdy and nice. Nothing has broken. I bought this for my husband. We can be prepared as much as possible for the truck. He was very excited. He told me to put the bracelet on him after he saw it. He has not taken it off. The kit is amazing. There are a lot of safety products. We live in a rural area. The power goes out a lot. You are stuck when trees fall over the road. It's nice to know we can cut limbs. Make a fire. The tactical pen can break glass if you are trapped in a car. If you forget silverware, the fork, knife, spoon is really cool. There is a protective fire blanket because we have a lot of forest fires. There are many things that can help you. I feel better knowing we have it. I might get a kit for my uncle and cousin. Our guy friends love it. I do too.

6. MRE Military Breakfast Survival Emergency

MRE Military Breakfast Survival Emergency

DAFF MREs are designed to remain fresh and great tasting. Does not include a self-contained heating device. Daff focuses on taste and quality above all, and most MREs are bland and boring. They source the best ingredients and use proven European techniques for cooking and preserving their meals, their tag line is "Taste like homemade" and they mean it; know what you get, avoid unpleasant surprises, and other MREs suppliers send you random menus. You don't know what you're going to get, their menu shows exactly what you're going to get. If you like army meals, you will love DAFF's MRE's; complete kit provides a safe and delicious full meal, including Main Dish, Fruit dessert, Cookies, Jam, Isotonic Drink, Coffee, Tea. A military ration is the ideal meal supply for camping or surviving any kind of emergency, just like the armed forces, the experience survivor knows there is no substitute for preparedness and having the right gear. Ready to eat meals in military grade. The products are used by many organizations. DAFF MREs are designed to remain fresh and great tasting. Does not include a self-contained heating device.

Brand: Mre Meal Ready To Eat Authentic Military Food Producer Daff Tastes Like Homemade

👤It was a good portion.

👤I liked all of them.

7. Augason Farms 2 Week 1 Person Emergency

Augason Farms 2 Week 1 Person Emergency

Excellent gift for your friends, kids or anyone in your life. There are survival tips inside for you and your family. 25,600 total calories per day. It's easy to prepare. Just add some water. A 25 year shelf life is possible.

Brand: Augason Farms

👤I feel like what you get is over priced. I have vacuumed more than this contains for a quarter of the price. Don't be lazy. There is not a lot of food in this box.

👤Quite disappointed. Fettuccine and milk sub were good. I could not stomach anything else. It was bad tasting food for most of the time. Everything is compromised of pasta and soup. Extreme rip-off! The company is taking advantage of people. Go clear. Don't buy! You can get a bunch of pasta and soup at Walmart. You can get the same thing at Walmart for a fraction of the cost. There is a I would slap the taste out of their mouths if they were in front of me. Thank you.

👤The survival kit has a good value. I can't review the food because I never plan on eating anything unless I have to. The mile, bananas, and everything else will all be gone in 25 years. I don't need milk or bananas to survive, so why not replace them with something that will last 25 years? One of my pouches had a small gash. I shook the bag and found a small amount of powder. Most of this stuff requires water to be boiled. In a survival situation, you can just add water and shovel it down. All the food and the pouches would need at least 6.5 gallons of water. That's a lot of water. I live in Minnesota, so if a tornado or snow hit, I'd have to eat emergency food. I keep the food in my storage room in the basement with no windows, in either case. I can mix the food with the water from my water heating system in case of an emergency.

👤If you were thinking that this bucket contains ready-to- eat food for two weeks, it doesn't. It requires a large cooking vessel, a heat source for cooking, and a good amount of water. You will need the following to use this kit as directed. A heat source that can cook the good for hours. A large cooking pot with six gallons of water for cooking the food in this kit. It's on me for not reading through the description and product photos more before ordering, but I'd like to point something out in case you also didn't. It's not obvious in the description that it's not easy to split packets into smaller, individual portions because some of the ingredients are clumped together until you cook them. Even though it's marketed for a single person, you'd end up making meals that include eight serving of soup or rice. My biggest issue with the family-sized packets is that they don't need to be refrigerated, but there will be a lot of leftover food, so you'd want to keep it cold. I live in southern Arizona where it's not cold enough to keep food out of the environment, so I'd either need a working refrigerator or just eat a packet of food a day. Milk and banana chips can be split into individual portions, and they don't require cooking. I've made a soup and eaten some chips. The soup will fill you up and keep you alive, but it isn't very good and doesn't have any chicken flavor. It tastes so bland because it already has a bit of salt in it. The smell was great, but the taste wasn't right. I would be happy to have it in an emergency. Assuming that I had enough fuel to boil nearly three quarts of water and then cook it for 25 minutes, and that I could safely store all of the leftovers. The banana chips are pretty good. I will never be able to verify the claim of a 25-year storage life for this bucket of food. I'm not going to be digging this out of the pantry for another round of chicken soup if I'm still alive at that point. I probably won't be updating my review if I need it sooner. The vegetable soup was a good indicator and I would say that the food is filling if not particularly good. I was hoping this would be tailored for me with smaller serving sizes given the product name, because I don't like the large packet sizes. I'm glad that I could try it, but I won't be stocking up on it.

8. HM Mountain House Adventure Breakfast

HM Mountain House Adventure Breakfast

A 30 year shelf life is possible. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Entrees are available. Just add water preparation. Ready in less than 10 minutes. The 30 Year Taste Guarantee makes the meals great for emergency preparation.

Brand: Hm

👤False advertising by a warehouse. Says 13 pouches. There is a box that says 12 was previously opened and only 12 are inside. I wouldn't be angry if I knew what I was buying.

👤It tastes amazing! There are very high amounts of sodium. Older blue packages hold more food than this new packaging. The price hasn't changed, so watch for inflation. Still a great deal. Drop one star for the amount of salt. My second order was not as pictured. The picture shows the older "large" portions, with 3xStroganoff, 2xScrambledEggs, 3xChickenDumpings, and 3xGrandola. 3xStroganoff, 2xLasagna, 2xChilliMac, 2xChickenTeryaki, and 2xBiscuits-n-Gravy are what actually shows up at your house. The new white/smaller portion of lasagna is just as high in sodium as the other meals, so I almost returned the order, since I wanted most of it. You don't get what's pictured and you get less overall. I'll let you decide if it's worth anything.

👤Water prep can be boiled or cold. The meals were delicious and very filling. The meals are not for me. Each one was a filling meal. It's good for two people if they are kids or small adults. These are good enough to eat even if you love the weight for backpacking. Will buy again.

👤Anyone that can afford these should have it. Why not have a shelf life of 30 years? I'm not happy that people get parasites on price when they can.

👤Mountain House freeze dried foods are very good. We have tried several and have been pleasantly surprised. Don't be deceived by the serving size, it's 2 per bag, and think it's one serving. It's easy to prepare a great taste.

👤I ordered this with the picture of the box. The picture shows a box of food. 13 is the number that the description says I received. Very happy! Mountain House meals are great. I give them more time. I crush the eggs to make them re-hydrate. Water should be used with the eggs and bacon.

👤Went on a river trip. The food was easy to make. You will need a lot of food for three days. It is definitely worth the price.

👤It was unbelievably delicious. It was as close to homemade as I've ever had. Add boiling water and seal for 10 minutes. Light weight for backpacking. It's great for a meal when you're in a pinch.

9. Meals Ready Genuine Military Surplus

Meals Ready Genuine Military Surplus

SHELF STABLE is the longest proven shelf life in the industry. A 30-year taste guarantee. It's great for emergency food storage. The test date is June 6, 2014). There are flameless heaters included.

Brand: Mre

👤This is not what the military does. I was in the Army for 16 years and never had an MRE like this. It's not close. Also, no theater. This is not a good description. Don't buy it.

👤You should check the production dates. When I received them, they were almost 3 years old. The shelf life is usually about 6 years from production.

👤Meal #17 Sausage Patty, Maple Flavored is the first thing we have tried. The meals all come with a flameless heating device. The smell of the FRE is unpleasant, but that is part of the experience. The food is good. Meal 17 includes the pork sausage patty, maple syrup, Maple flavoured muffin top, crackers and peanut butter, coffee, electrolyte drink, peanuts, gum and moist towelette. Good food and lots of fun! We should probably keep them for emergencies, but will most likely just have them whenever we want a fun meal. I can't wait to try the other meals.

👤It was more calories bombed when I was in. Happy to have it and enjoy it again. There are various packages with different menu options. You can heat the main course by putting in a green bagy with some water. There is a snack and lemonade. There is a utensil, gum, matches and etc. There is a It's when you want to go hiking, fishing, and other things. It's just lazy to cook after a workout. I'm bad at reviews. Mark ah.

👤It's always great to have a prepper. I had to use a few before when I went backpacking and my food was spoiled because my cooler had a split in it. I packed em because I was too tired to eat by the time I got to the restaurant. Since half of my food was shot, I turned back around. These are the real deal, straight up G.I. MRE's, brown bag, thick vacuum sealed aluminum packaging, and heaters included. I like surplus stuff and some of them are not bad.

👤The MRE's were advertised. They show a lot of examples. They varied in packaging when I received one of every selection. The items were still good when they were inspected in June of 2016 and have at least two more years left on their shelf life. I've had a lot of these brands before and will be ordering more from Western Frontier. If the shelf life was longer, it would get five stars.

👤There were a few things off about the case I ordered. The menus were different from the picture. Which is fine, but one of them was not good. The problem I encountered was that the case was packages in 2016 so it is about to end. It was sitting on the tarmac for 8 hours. I tasted one and it was okay for one hike and backpacking, but I wouldn't use it for prepping. The heat packets are duds.

👤MRE's: Who doesn't love meals? There were always the MRE's when you were in service, the long days in the field, blisteringly hot or freezing cold, pouring rain and blowing snow. Scientifically designed to support hard-working troops in the field, these make excellent "survival" and/or "emergency" ration, and one meal can easily be stretched to cover more than just one meal, if needed.

10. Ultimate Survival Technologies Emergency Rations

Ultimate Survival Technologies Emergency Rations

Also, note: When the oxygen has been removed, bags may not shrink like vacuum bags. Absorbers only absorb 21% of the air, which is oxygen. The air volume will be gone about 1/3 of the time. The apple-cinnamon flavor is pleasant. It is easy to store an optimal balance of cholesterol and vitamins. Each bar can be eaten in six portions with a total of 2400 calories.

Brand: Ultimate Survival Technologies

👤You should ignore anyone who reviews this on the basis of how it tastes. This is not a camping or hiking snack. When you find yourself trapped in the wilderness or in your own home after a disaster, survival ration tastes bland or bad to discourage excessive eating. These taste ok. It was kind of a cinnamon shortbread. For its intended use, texture and quality are fine. I have received 6 of these packages so far and all of them have been sealed perfectly. I put a second layer of vacuum plastic over my survival food to protect it from accidental puncturing and to extend its lifespan. If you get any that have a vacuum loss, just eat it or throw it away. Poor handling in transit or a minor factory defect are the reasons why they're not worth a 1 star review. The calories come out to $.001 per calories. I've been searching for and buying long term storage emergency ration for over a decade and never have I found a better price in the market. Put these in a box in the back of a closet and then buy a bunch of canned and dry foods for your "shtf" meals. These calories are not a meal replacement. To make sure you're getting something resembling real sustenance, keep a bottle of multi vitamins, a few gallons of water, and a couple pounds of freeze dried potatoes or rice nearby. I'm up to 15. I haven't had a single issue with them losing vacuum. Don't let bad luck deter you from purchasing these. If you keep buying these low cost alternatives, the price gougers will start lowering their prices.

👤It appears to be a single pack.

👤The product is not accurate. One pack is not 4 days of food, but one day of food. This product has a shelf life of 5 years and will last 2 years. I am angry with the seller for misrepresenting the product. I would love to have my money back. I could shop locally and find a better deal.

👤We thought we were getting a box of four, not one bar. The image showed four. Since that time, it has changed. The price for 4 seems reasonable. The cost for one is out of line. The product was useless because of the broken vacuum seal. The bars are good for emergency food. We've bought them from local retailers before. The experience of this seller was not great.

👤I ordered 8 boxes and got 8 bars that were not a good value and the bars were good but not at this price.

👤The vacuum seal wasn't intact. The company uses an illustration that shows 4 packages. Caveat emptor is not for purchase.

👤Any type of emergency food is very expensive. These single packs are also selling other places for $20+ each. Also. For $5, you get 2400 calories and a 5 year shelf life, which is a good deal for something that you can just open and eat. You can get these from Wal-mart for five cents cheaper than Amazon will charge, but you have to order four of them. It's a very dense bread type bar. More powdery than bread, like gingerbread. It tastes like a sweet dessert with a hint of cinnamon. It's not something I'd go out of my way to snack on, but it tastes good and is similar to a dense bar. It doesn't taste bad like other emergency ration bars that taste like chemicals or gross. There are some that are my favorite for taste and price. It's worth $5 to have a car glove box and all your backpacks. Just in case. If you break it into the six 400 calories sections, you'll get one of these.

11. Rations Emergency Calorie Food Cinnamon

Rations Emergency Calorie Food Cinnamon

Their customer service wants you to be satisfied with your purchase. Absolutely no risk. The backpack comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Today is the day to get yours for family and friends. Each packet contains 9 food bars. The Coast Guard was approved for 5 years shelf life. The country of origin is the United States. It is designed to sustain life until rescue or additional food is available. It is designed to sustain life until rescue or additional food is available.

Brand: Sos Food Labs, Inc.

👤A lot of people think these are not healthy. These are survival bars. They have a high calories to weight ratio and are shelf stable. I like the packaging, it's very air/water tight, and they taste good, I'd be happy to have something sweet in a survival situation. Health food can be found elsewhere.

👤These are not healthy. These are bars for survival. If lost on a hike,patriot sells them in bulk for 100 bucks for 30 days. The lemon taste of the other bars made me buy these. We didn't buy for taste, but to survive. My show ends on 3/25. The seal was fresh and strong. See my picture.

👤The coconut and cinnamon sos bars are small, but they have a good taste. I'm doing a challenge to eat sos bars. I would give it a try for an emergency situation, you never know when you might be in a tight spot.

👤There are 31 grams of sugar. Palm oil, Corn starch, wheat flour... I was looking for a bar with a lot of calories. These have toxic ingredients. Had to throw them out. It's SIGH!

👤I would never have bought these bars if I had known the high sugar content.

👤I opened one of the packages and it was great. The ration bars inside each pouch are sealed individually and kept fresh for days after opening the outer cover. It was weeks, actually. I put them in a container. I only used four bars over the last two weeks. That's using some for at least 4 breakfast smoothies and a couple of small snacks. A quarter of a bar makes a great snack, and I've added that same amount, all crumbled, to smoothies with fruit, yogurt, icewater, instant coffee, and it's great stuff! A quarter-bar is only about 62.5 calories, so it was a good time to get some first aid classes. I'm back in Coastal VA and I want to be prepared for the local disasters. I ordered the S.O.S. Rations double pack. Yes, COCONUT. The packages arrived quickly. It's all I can do. Oh, yeah, with it. I'm going to order more as soon as I finish this review. Great stuff, whether you want it for dessert or an emergency. I'm going to open a bottle of chianti and watch C-span.

👤Why are there so many people complaining about the taste and sugar content? These bars are used if you get lost in the forest. These are not for camping, diet or challenge. If you are worried about taste and sugar, you won't survive. It is plain and simple. If it gets so bad that you have to eat these, you will have what you find and eat, regardless of sugar content or taste. These are good for preppers. I thought I was prepared for Hurricane Katrina. I had a freezer full of frozen meats and food, a garage full of bottled water, and light canned goods. My home flooded into my second story. The freezer full of food became fish food because the generator no longer worked. If you keep food in multiple locations, it won't save you if it's under water.


What is the best product for survival meals mre?

Survival meals mre products from Mre Meal Ready To Eat Authentic Military Food Producer Daff Tastes Like Homemade. In this article about survival meals mre you can see why people choose the product. Ready Supply Foods and Readywise are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival meals mre.

What are the best brands for survival meals mre?

Mre Meal Ready To Eat Authentic Military Food Producer Daff Tastes Like Homemade, Ready Supply Foods and Readywise are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival meals mre. Find the detail in this article. Mre Meal Ready To Eat Authentic Military Food Producer Daff Tastes Like Homemade, Eiliks and Mre Meal Ready To Eat Authentic Military Food Producer Daff Tastes Like Homemade are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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