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1. Mountain House Backpacking Camping 2 Servings

Mountain House Backpacking Camping 2 Servings

Their promise is that these containers are better than any other containers in the market. The pantry organization and storage will be easy. Your investment will be returned if you are not satisfied. A delicious meal! A spicy chili sauce with beef, macaroni noodles, onion, and beans. It is possible to freeze-dried to lock in freshness. There was no need for refrigeration. No artificial flavors or colors are used. Two total serving is contained in the pouch. It's great for one backpacker or a camping buddy. Add hot water to the pouch and eat in less than 10 minutes. The pouch has a bowl-like shape that makes it easier to eat. Don't eat from the dishes! The pouch is lightweight and portable, so you can eat wherever you go. You can eat in your tent. It's great for emergency food storage. TerraCycle uses recycled used packaging to reduce waste. SHELF STABLE is the longest proven shelf life in the industry. A 30-year taste guarantee. It's great for emergency food storage.

Brand: Mountain House

👤The meal is freeze dried. It was good. We will never be able to make this again. We are still in our tent almost two weeks after camping. This won't make you smell like chili. It will give you a serious eye watering smell for almost 3 days. I think it stained my shirring walls with the smell of poop and many other things. It was still coming out smelling like mac and cheese. We had to take our bedding to the laundry mat to wash it before we brought it home. The smell is still there. I can still smell it. I don't know what makes this chile mac different from any other I've had, but something happens in the process to produce the worst stench your body could never have imagined. If you really hate the person you're staying with, skip the ashblast and pick something else. The food is really good.

👤Mountain house just came out with new packaging and they are giving 20% less food per pouch. I would have preferred the price to go up rather than the amount of food. It still tastes good.

👤I didn't think this is a bigger package than I'm used to. I have previously ordered 2.5 Servings, but this is "2 Servings" instead.

👤The Mountain House Chili-Mac exceeded our expectations. I chose the Chili-Mac because I wanted to try some of this food before buying it. I assumed all Emergency Food would be flavoured mush. This isn't the case here. The Chili-Mac had a good flavor and had a little bit of spice to it. I thought the noodles and beans would be soft. Both looked and tasted like they had just been cooked. The helpful observation comes in when you see that the dish has MEAT. We ate the boiling water. We did not stir/simmer long enough to let the water get absorbed into the meat to "un-freeze dry" it. This dish is outstanding because it is a little longer simmering. A+ for Mountain House.

👤It is important to know how many calories this product can contain in order to survive.

👤I bought this to see what it tasted like and decide if I should buy more or not. I was surprised that it tasted good. I am not sure what I was expecting, but it exceeded my expectations. It did not taste like something that could be kept for a long time. It tasted like a meal I could make myself. It was so good that I want to eat more often. I wanted to try it to see if I wanted more. People buy this kind of thing for camping and hiking. It is good to eat at any time. It didn't need any more seasoning. I ordered a bucket of food. I will keep the bucket sealed until the S does something, and then I will order more for other uses, like camping or just whenever I feel like a quick easy meal. The package had a date that I was impressed with. I think it said 25 year shelf life, but mine was almost 30 years.

2. Mountain House Vanilla Sandwich Backpacking

Mountain House Vanilla Sandwich Backpacking

It doesn't need to be refrigerated until after it's opened. A delicious dessert or snack! There is a chocolate cookie sandwich. There is no need for interment. Ice cream is freeze-dried to keep it fresh. It won't stick to your fingers, and it won't make a mess on your shirt. No mess with ice cream. Ready to eat. The ice cream sandwich is ready to be eaten out of the bag. There was no need for preparation. TerraCycle uses recycled used packaging to reduce waste. The shelf life of ice cream is two years. It's great for outdoor recreation adventures.

Brand: Mountain House

👤These are a great option to satisfy a sweet tooth when regular ones are unavailable. The ice cream sandwich is a little smaller than a generic ice cream sandwich. The texture of the ice cream is that of marshmallows. The outer cookie part is average. The ice cream sandwich has the same taste. The price is high but the shelf life is extensive. I'm satisfied and I'll keep buying when they are on sale. The item needs to be shipped in a box. I ordered one to try out and it was crushed when I received it because it was in one of the plastic bags.

👤I would never buy a meal from this place again because it was so bad and I threw up after eating 2 bites.

👤I have not had these things in a long time. I still love them. It was cracked and crumbled up a little in each individual package, but theses are great fun to give to family members and kids as gifts, and they taste like a sweet air waiter. If you have a sweet tooth and don't have to worry about them melting or going bad forever, this is the best deal for the money on Amazon. Excellent stuff. It was worth a try. I only say 4/5 stars because of the fact that there are a couple that were broken up and falling apart in comparison to the ones that were mostly intact. Good stuff.

👤I bought 3 and 2. It was ok. It's great to show kids what astronauts eat. It is exactly what it says it is. The 3rd one we couldn't eat because the wrapper was open. This product is still recommended by me as issues like this happen from time to time.

👤I was disappointed with the lack of flavor in the bars. You get barely a hint of what you would think they should be, even though the options are labeled asflavored. They were almost always broken when they arrived. It's hard to eat.

👤This product is only good for less than two years, which is not long for a long shelf life. I can't comment on the actual flavor because I haven't tried it yet. I was not happy with shelf life. I will lower the rating if the taste is bad.

👤I only like these ice cream bars when I'm in a kid's museum and there's a gift shop. If it's your first time, this would be a good treat, and I thought it would be a good treat after a long day of backpacking. It seems like these things are best used for nostalgia. It tastes decent and is interesting to have a dessert like this in the woods. If you're not concerned about that kind of thing, a chocolate bar with some marshmallows would be a better option.

👤From one package to the next, it has the same taste and texture. We use them in our emergency kits, in bug out bags, and in the cars. I like that it doesn't make a mess to eat. As you break them into pieces or bite them, they get a bit flaky. Not messy.

3. Mountain House Lasagna Backpacking Servings

Mountain House Lasagna Backpacking Servings

SHELF STABLE is the longest proven shelf life in the industry. A 30-year taste guarantee. It's great for emergency food storage. A delicious meal! A favorite Italian entree is pasta with cheese in a rich tomato meat sauce. It is possible to freeze-dried to lock in freshness. There was no need for refrigeration. No artificial flavors or colors are used. Two total serving is contained in the pouch. It's great for one backpacker or a camping buddy. Add hot water to the pouch and eat in less than 10 minutes. The pouch has a bowl-like shape that makes it easier to eat. Don't eat from the dishes! The pouch is lightweight and portable, so you can eat wherever you go. You can eat in your tent. It's great for emergency food storage. TerraCycle uses recycled used packaging to reduce waste.

Brand: Mountain House

👤Mountain House's previous packages were larger than the newly updated ones. The 2 serving dinner is likely to contain around 15 bites of food. It's small. When I finished eating, my stomach was still growling. I understand that it's difficult to maintain constant prices with the cost of goods going up, and this is standard food packaging process to maintain prices and reduce quantities, however, when people are taking these meals as pre-prepared dinners on backpacking trips I feel that most would rather pay an increased After my girlfriend finished her meal, she was hungry. This was not thought out by Mountain House.

👤If you buy the 10 cans, you can divide them into 5 portions and use the plastic zip lock bags to carry your food. If you put them in the freezer for about 4 bucks, you can eat them right out of the bag and have a great meal for the trail. The mylar pouch will cost you more than before. My wife and I buy the cans for our food preps. This is our favorite. I usually have 20 cans of this stuff on hand. There are cheaper ways to store long term food survival. You can buy bulk rice and beans, 5 gallon buckets, and mylar bags.

👤I have eaten the Lasagna on my backpacks for years. It's great after a day hiking in the middle of nowhere. It's great for long term storage in case of a storm. Lower in sodium for older people. They dropped the size of the package and increased the price. If you allow it to sit for an extra 3 to 4 minutes, it will get softer and more delicious. Don't throw the package. I use the empty package for my oatmeal the next morning. There is a little sauce left in the package, but you don't like it, so who cares? There was no cleaning. Limits packout.

👤Mountain House is the best spend a few pennies because they will count when it's time to eat.

👤The six pack was bought. It was shipped fast. The taste was similar to Stouffer's frozen lasagna, but there was a lot of salt. The package is light and compact so you can throw it in your bag for camping or any other activity that you like to do. Just needs boiling water that goes right in the bag for 10 or so minutes and you have a meal that you can enjoy outdoors or just as a snack. Don't forget the spoon.

👤It was ordered in September 2020. It was received within a reasonable time frame. The Lasagna w/Meat Sauce was on the shelf for over a decade, but I was very pleased to not get anything for years. The Breakfast Skillet was supposed to be out of date in June. I have eaten dehydrated meals for 30 years. I have been buying Mountain House for years, but don't remember the brand when I was a child. For me, it is more for emergency food storage, but I will occasionally take a camping trip with my family just for fun. Some people don't like the flavor of one meal type over another. I look at it the same way as any other restaurant - you like some things and not others. You have to see what works for you.

4. Mountain House Breakfast Skillet Freeze

Mountain House Breakfast Skillet Freeze

The kit is suitable for all body parts, it's ideal for removing skin tags on your face, neck, chin, back, and fingers. 30-year taste guarantee. No astrological colors, no astrological foliage.

Brand: Mountain House

👤I sent a picture of the product. The newer formula of Mountain House Breakfast Skillet cans has been complained about as lacking taste. It is a reduced amount as indicated by the weight in the cans and the number of proportions. The amount of product in the can that is listed is significant, even though taste is subjective. The can contents are: 15.0oz/424grams. There is a If you like the new stuff, you will get it. I thought I would get the "old good stuff", but I didn't. I'm sending it back.

👤It is easy to prepare and eat. Positive reviews from 13 guys on a camping trip. The hot water goes in, close it up and serve. If you miss it, the desiccant can be left in. Be careful! You have to use a can opener, there is no pull tab or foil top. It took a while to open because we only had pocket multi tools. Five stars would recommend it. Even though this is more expensive than others, this can has egg, potato, sausage, and chopped veggies, great for starting the day of hiking and swimming!

👤I will try until I really need it.

👤I received the order quickly but there was no tracking. I love this stuff.

5. Augason Farms Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo

Augason Farms Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo

It pairs perfectly with veggies, chicken, and steak. Add water. Ready in 20 minutes. It's perfect for everyday use and emergencies. The shelf life is up to 25 years.

Brand: Augason Farms

👤Get some of the other ones as well. If you ever need to eat emergency food, you'll be happy with the variety. People like me will not feed you if you get some.

👤This is out. T is for T, A is for A, and N is for N. D is for deficiency. I'm not sure. The stuff... Wow, wow... This has a wonderful taste. If you add smoke to it, it just makes it more powerful. It is very easy to make directions on the label. A good food can not say enough about how easy it is to make a very delicious dish. The only thing I have to worry about is the company that shipped it. Is it in the vicinity of the toilet? It would have been a nightmare to fix what they did, if my #10 had not been in that box. Oh yeah... It's a good thing.

👤Add what ever after you re-hydrate with 50% Chicken Stock.

👤It's not so bad. Looks different than the picture.

👤The product is very good and cooks quickly. Those that should reduce their salt intake are the only down side. This is very salty.

👤This is ok. It's great for freeze dried. It is priced right. I found that using my own spices made it better, more suited to my taate.

👤I can divide into small meals. I still have 1/2 a can to go after ordering it months ago.

👤Will give a new review when used.

6. Mountain House Spaghetti Sauce Freeze

Mountain House Spaghetti Sauce Freeze

One size fits most - size 43.3" by 21.6" with hood, suitable height: 3.6-5.25 feet, usually fit for 6-13 years old children. It's easy to put on and take off, and soft enough to be folded into a bag for the next use. It doesn't take up a lot of space and it saves you money. 1 cup per can. The can is packed in a 10 size can. 6 cans per case Just add hot water.

Brand: Mountain House

👤I've tasted several freeze-dried products on the market, and I can say that the best is MH. I've been researching and comparing suppliers for a long time. I don't like this food. I sample before I buy. New emergency food suppliers pop up. The only valid comparison is calories and cost per calories. I have not received anything in exchange for this review, so be advised.

👤It looks good and ready to use.

👤The pro paks are good. These make sense for long term planning.

👤I store them in case. This brand is the best on the market according to reviews. The shelf life is 30 years.

7. Good Go White Single Serving

Good Go White Single Serving

TerraCycle uses recycled used packaging to reduce waste. You can enjoy a delicious meal in minutes if you add water. Backpacker food, hiking food, emergency food, survival food, and camping food. It is similar to freeze dried food but tastes better. It's real food, low in salt, and made from real food. Good To-Go meals are made in Kittery, Maine.

Brand: Good To-go

👤We tested this recipe and others before we went on a backpacking trip. I think this stew would go well at the end of a long day of hiking. The ingredients are healthy and simple. The first ingredient is "onion". A member of the family couldn't eat a second bite because of the onion flavor. I could eat it without objection, but others agreed with me that there was too much onion. It wouldn't be a first choice for the family if I bought this again. The longer you can allow it to sit, the better. 10 minutes may be fine. The beans and other ingredients were completely rehydrated and soft to chew and eat after 15 minutes. There is too much onion in there.

👤I bought this for a backpacking trip and unfortunately my stove broke. I used cold water to make due. I didn't let it soak for the full 15 minutes as I was hungry and frustrated that I didn't have hot water, but this stew was still really delicious. The beans tasted great but I didn't let them soak in enough. It would be amazing if it was hot. I will try it on my next trip with a stove and hot water.

👤I was looking for a simple meal to take on a trip, and this Good To-Go Kale and White Bean Stew was perfect. It's hard to find options that are free of the wheat allergy while traveling, but this fit into my luggage easily. I knew that wherever I went, I would have good food to eat. It provided me with several meals. A different kind of camping. It is very delicious.

👤A very healthy dish with lots of vegetables. The serving was ample. The flavor needed salt. I let it steep in the water for 20 minutes, but the beans were not completely soft. There were bits of the plant that had to be spit out. I would not order this one again because of my taste. I'm pretty sure it's good for you.

👤I received these in a box for my flip flop hikers. They loved the flavor, the ingredients, and the fact that it is Lactose free, so they want more in their next box.

👤The choice was good and the taste good. Quality is very good. It's pretty spicy. Food is rated on a subjective basis. If you're thinking about trying this, just do it before your trip. I try out a few different brands to see which one I like the best.

👤I purchased this product to eat in a stand during deer season in MI, and I couldn't be happier. The stew made me feel warm from the inside out, and kept me full all day long. You're good to go if you pair this with your favorite hot sauce. Will definitely get more of this next season.

👤I would eat this even if I wasn't hiking. It is easy to cook on the trail.

8. Mountain House Scrambled Emergency Gluten Free

Mountain House Scrambled Emergency Gluten Free

A delicious breakfast! Enjoy the comforting taste and smell of bacon and scrambled eggs. It is possible to freeze-dried to lock in freshness. There was no need for refrigeration. No artificial flavors or colors, and certified gluten-free by GFCO. There are 9 total calories in the can.

Brand: Mountain House

👤I wanted to try this after I ran out of eggs. I have never bought the big cans before. The taste is bland and the military used to put condiments on their mre's. The bacon settles to the bottom, something I didn't think of. If you open the can, you should be able to eat it for several days. After opening the can, it's only good for a few days. This would work better if you have a family of 5. These are for emergencies if you are going hungry. Oatmeal may have more flavor. I haven't tried any of the other products yet. I think they will be needed later this year. Gave it a 3 for taste and the need to use it quickly.

👤It's easy to get a quick and easy breakfast. I usually drain the water early so the eggs get the texture of bread, which is a nice change from most camping foods being pretty smushy. It makes you feel like you are eating a sandwich. It is not too salty.

👤Vomit inducing rotten eggs flavor. The taste is so bad that you might vomit if you get the right thickness, warmth and consistency. I obtained a dish of good looking scrambled eggs, but when I put a fork in them, I will thank you. The can is in the trash until the next garbage pick up day.

👤Mountain House is the best dehydrated food out there. I've been using it for a long time.

👤Mountain House is our favorite prepared foods seller. Never any TVP. They don't use cheap "flavor" with salt and/or citric acid. There was noPreservative or any other crud. Eggs are hard to freeze. They don't think they're as fluffy as a fresh egg would be. I like that. I don't like puffy scrambled eggs so I don't add milk. If you do, buy a pouch size and try it. Most of their meals can be found in a pouch. We live in the mountains and are a prepper in general. Being snowed in is normal and part of our preparation for it. You can't beat a shelf life of more than 30 years, they have a large range of meals, sides and breakfasts. Don't forget to use the address. It's an Amazon program where if you buy many everyday things from Amazon, they will make a small donation to the charity of your choice. Here is the information:

👤I might have got a bad batches. I'm not sure but there is no bacon bits, just chunks of egg and it's hard to make it ready to eat. I think dehydrated eggs are better. This will be thrown away.

👤I thought it was in 9 separate pouches. If you don't eat all of it, the expiration would be longer. You have a short shelf life on all the contents after the can is opened, so this is all in one can. I wanted to pay more for the pouch convenience, but it was very expensive.

9. Crumble Dehydrated Dessert Just Add Water 2 Servings

Crumble Dehydrated Dessert Just Add Water 2 Servings

Good To-Go meals are made in Kittery, Maine.

Brand: Alpine

👤It was better than expected when I took it for a backpacking trip. It is the best to have hot berries on a cold trip.

👤I used it as a topping for waffles. It served me one. The sprinkles didn't add much. The flavor is good. The price is high.

👤This was a better product than the others I tried. They used quality ingredients and didn't fill it with unpronounceable chemicals. You could definitely see the real berries. The Alpine Aire Foods products had a similar flavor. The Alpine Aire's tasted different than Mountain House products.

👤Tasty. The Mountain House berry crumble was almost as good. The package is available on the web for less than ten bucks.

👤Delectable treats. Long storage up to 5 years. Will buy again.

👤The engine that powers you through the day and the next day is my philosophy. After the main course, I always made sure to have a dessert to start the next day. The taste and texture are great.

👤Just returned from a 20 mile canoe trip and this was scout tested and approved. They said it was. The chocolate crumble added at the end put it over the top, it was the best dessert by far. The best part of it was the berry PIE. Mmm.

👤It is nice to have a treat when you have been out for a while.

10. Augason Farms Dehydrated Potato Slices

Augason Farms Dehydrated Potato Slices

It is certified as being free of gluten. It's perfect for food storage, emergencies, survival, and everyday use. A 25 year shelf life is possible.

Brand: Augason Farms

👤The craziness of the coronaviruses was heating up. Several other items I've bought from Augason Farms have come as advertised. I've tried them 3 times. Rehydrating them per instructions was the first time. When dry, they are about the same thickness of potato chip. They get to about the thickness of the tortilla chip. I used to cook them in a cast iron skillet. When I looked at them, I thought they would be good for potatoes. My second try was potatoes a la Prepper. I used the rehydrated potatoes, sauted some diced onion in butter, and added about 3 ounces of grated cheese to fill the cake pan, which was about 1/3 of the way deep. I baked it at 350 F for 40 minutes after pouring that over the potatoes, adding a scoop of the water I had used to rehydrate them, and sprinkling it on top. I used the hydrated potatoes left over from the third try to make has browns the next morning. None of these were great dishes. All were ok. They should be a nice change from rice or pasta, if I were a better cook. There is a I'm not thrilled about a couple things, one of which is that they are peeled. In a long term emergency, getting all the micro-nutrients we can will be important, so if they could do unpeeled version without sacrificing much in the way of shelf life. If they could be a bit thicker, I would prefer that, since they are too thin to work well in some dishes. I'll be ordering more.

👤Product tastes good. Nice looking potatoes. The price is too high for what it is. I can get the same potatoes in a box for less at the store. You get the mix. They last a long time if vacuum pack them. It might be worth it for survival situations.

👤I used them in a casserole. They turned out great after following the directions on the can. I couldn't tell the difference between these and fresh potatoes. The price seems to be on point. Will definitely order more.

👤I bought this product for emergencies and everyday use. I only have myself to cook for when I'm a senior. I don't cook a lot, so potatoes tend to spoil before I use them. If I buy dried potatoes and other vegetables for emergencies and everyday use, it's cheaper. I don't have to worry about storage or running to the store when I want to pick up fresh veggies because I only have to hydration what I eat. I was able to get rid of my freezer as well, as I never used the foods I had prepared or bought frozen.

👤I can't go out to shop as most of the time it's not possible to find this product that allows for my favorite dishes and fresh potatoes.

👤The product is not usable because the seal was damaged. I would have to pay for a new one. This purchase is a complete loss because the cost to return exceeds the cost of the product.

11. Augason Farms 72 Hour 1 Person Emergency

Augason Farms 72 Hour 1 Person Emergency

A 20 year shelf life is possible. 2, 667 calories per day. It is easy to prepare. Just add some water. The shelf life is up to 25 years. The net weight was 4 lbs 0. 97 Z is 84 kilograms. The net weight was 4 lbs 0. 97 Z is 84 kilograms.

Brand: Augason Farms

👤Oh my gosh, so much complaining and whining. 1. If preparing for one person, divide the pouch into portions and only prepare 1 portion at a time. 2. Seal in a baggie or jar by rolling the opened top over. Unreconstituted leftovers are not bad in 3 days. 3. The dishes should be beefed up. Add canned chicken, dried vegetables, noodles, instant rice, lentils, or something similar. 4. Why am I looking at this product? Is it for survival or preparation? Is it for disasters? Thousands of books tell you how to get water, store water, and filter water. Food storage is discussed in the same books. The Forstchen book is a good starting point. 5. If you want to survive bad situations, you need to depend on yourself. Reality doesn't care about who you are. You will probably need to save yourself. Ask people who survived Sandy. 6. Today is a great day to start preparing for an uncertain future. Go to the grocery store and buy a box of rice, a jar of chicken bullion cubes, 3 cans of beans, and 2 cans of meat that you will eat. You can eat soup or casseroles for several days for under $10 now. The rest is on you, so remember. Prepare for the future.

👤The money has an outstanding value. The shelf life is 25 years. If you're in the market for long term food, you found the brand. Remember that in a "hunker down" situation, you're not likely to be in a hurry, so just take your time cooking it. My wife was pleasantly surprised by how decent these were. It would be enjoyable to eat this stuff and not die of starvation. Result, compared to normal food, was not bad at all. Result, considering that this stuff has been completely freeze dried and will last into my retirement.

👤Each entree or product is worth 72 hours for one individual but in a single package, so there are no complaints about this. If you want to use this for 9 meals, you need to open each entree and repackage it into three portions or cook it once and save the leftovers. I was hoping it would be packaged in a way that was convenient.

👤A pack of bananas. One pack of oatmeal says brown sugar, but it doesn't taste like it. The other three packs are just soup. The potato soup tastes good, but you want to add vegetables and meat. White soup is what it is. You have to make a huge pot of soup and store it. The humidity can get to open packs. The other packs were not the same as the banana chips. I will not buy it again. I tried to portion out the chicken and rice for a bowl. I got violently ill after eating it.

👤It was deceptive labeling. It's four big packages. If you're by yourself, you'll need a working refrigerator to keep the leftovers in. If you're buying this for a one person scenario, it's not realistic. I have been through an earthquake and I can tell you that grocery stores and electricity won't be there.


What is the best product for survival meals mountain house?

Survival meals mountain house products from Mountain House. In this article about survival meals mountain house you can see why people choose the product. Augason Farms and Good To-go are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival meals mountain house.

What are the best brands for survival meals mountain house?

Mountain House, Augason Farms and Good To-go are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival meals mountain house. Find the detail in this article.

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