Best Survival Meals for Kids

Meals 21 May 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Peak Refuel Traverse Backpacking Survival

Peak Refuel Traverse Backpacking Survival

If you are unhappy with their product, you can return it within 60 days. Any questions can be answered by customer support. The taste is amazing! You don't need to compromise taste for convenience anymore. Their freeze dried meals are made with high quality ingredients to make them appetizing. They have gone to great lengths to create a meal with non-GMO ingredients so you can experience a delicious water backpacking meal, whether on the mountain or at your favorite campsite. Their meals contain 100% real meat, with no meat fillers. They provide a meal that is high in calories and low in fat. Their meats are inspected by the USDA. This results in a superior quality. Premium Freeze Dried is freeze-dried to lock in important vitamins and minerals, just like it came from your house. Whether you are camping deep in the wilderness or on a day hike along your favorite trail, a delicious and easy to prepare meal loaded with important nutrition is available. Their products are packaged in the USA. The pack has 10 total pouches. There are 2 of the following; Breakfast Skillet and Chicken Alfredo Pasta.

Brand: Peak Refuel

👤The Fettuccine Alfredo portion in this pack seemed very much out of line from the other packs. The packs I had were the same size and felt like 1 portion. Other packs had more than 2 people.

👤Good flavor! I like all of the ones I've tried. Right on Chad Mendes.

2. Skeleteen Realistic Hatchet Axe Toy

Skeleteen Realistic Hatchet Axe Toy

The overall length is 19 inches, the blade edge is 3.5 inches and the weight is 29 ounces. Skeleteen Jack Tomahawk toys are great for accessory costumes. The Fireman Axe Knife is made of plastic that is not sharp and is child safe. The axe is ideal for use at a birthday party. While wearing a hat, coat, and hatchet, make the firemans theater costume worthy. Skeleteen items are made of non-toxic materials.

Brand: Skeleteen

👤Sturdy and authentic. Saved us from having to make one.

👤This is the perfect size for my 9 month old son's costume. If you're looking for a small axe toy, definitely recommend it. It's a good thing.

👤This is a toy axe for a small child. I got it for my husband's costume and it's more of a hatchet than an axe.

👤A good prop for a costume.

👤15 of these were used to put on a front yard display. It was light enough that my skeletons were able to carry the weight. Great prop.

3. Survival Equipment Supplies Christmas Adventures

Survival Equipment Supplies Christmas Adventures

Emergency survival first aid equipment is a good gift for men. Their survival kit can make you feel more relaxed and safe. If you and your family are not happy with their product, please contact them in time. Christmas Gifts for Men Dad Teenage Boy. The survival kit is a unique gift. It's a great gift idea for any occasion. The Emergency Survival Kit is a gift that can reignite father-son bond when they are camping, hiking, hunting and adventure together. When there is an emergency like a natural disaster or wilderness adventure, 28 in 1 Christmas Stocking Stuffers is needed. The emergency kit contains the most popular camping accessories: pen, compass, flashlight, pocket bellow, bottle hanging Buckle, knife, 8 in1 Multi-use Spork, fire starter, Fire Starting Stick, Multifunctional Saber Card, wire saw, emergency blanket, fishing equipment kit. This survival gear and equipment set is widely used in outdoor adventures. It's a practical tool for many people, including doctors, military personnel, police, firefighters, first aid personnel, hikers, campers, outdoor sports enthusiasts, etc. All survival gear and equipment is packed in a large waterproof box. It can be put in backpacks, drawers, cars, or fastened to a mountain bike. You can take it wherever you want. Professional equipment is made of high-quality materials. Your satisfaction is their top priority. If the 28 in 1 Emergency Survival Kit doesn't live up to your expectations, or you have any issues, contact them. They will make sure that you are happy with your purchase. This is a wonderful gift for the man you love.

Brand: Luxmom

👤My son is going on a three day survival course for his marines program. The knife is not sharp. The compass in the braclet does not work. The whistle doesn't work, but it works on the brackets. The fire starter is working. The box isn't big enough to hold everything. The pen looks good. The wire saw and so does the wire. The emergency blanket looks good. There are basic fish hooks. It's cool. I wish I had spent more money to get better quality.

👤I bought this for a gift. I opened it to see what was inside. I tried to put it all back in. It took me over half an hour to re-pack, and I had to force it to shut. I almost feel like I need to either find a different case or apologize with the gift knowing they will go through the same thing trying to get it all back in the case after looking at it. The items are what they were described, but I'm not really happy with the case size.

👤I bought it for my brother's birthday. He's excited about using it. His job has him working outside and he has used it a lot. A lot of useful items are included in the set. Everything is made to last and seems to be durable. A great gift! I plan on buying Christmas gifts for other family members.

👤This was a small kit. It had a lot of different items. My son likes the knife. He clipped it to his pocket because he was good about knives and didn't mess around with them. The knife opened in his pocket and cut through his pants after the latch broke. Praise God it was not in his leg. There is a I wouldn't use it as a daily pocket knife, but I would keep it in the kit.

👤I bought this for a gift, opened it, and it looked like a joke, not organized like the pictures suggest. It is as if the mindset was "how much can I shove into this case?" without a thought of the buyer being able to close it back up after opening. I wondered how the gift receiver would feel after making it happen. I was also upset. I wouldn't recommend this product.

👤The case is too heavy and doesn't need to be used for hiking, and the items are crammed into the box it hardly closes. If improved and a good idea, I would not recommend this product.

👤I bought this as a gift but when I wrapped it, I realized the black case was cracked and broken below one of the clips. It's not a gift anymore. There is a lot in this. The quality of the contents was in line with my expectations. A lot of the contents were re-used.

👤This item is a gift I will give this Christmas. The container is small and not as large as I thought it would be, but it is a plus if you are backpacking or something. I looked inside and it was full of useful items. The gift will be received well.

4. Kinder Joy Chocolates Surprise Inside

Kinder Joy Chocolates Surprise Inside

A 15 count package is great for a surprise treat, Chinese New Year gift, and party favors for boys and girls. There is a treat on one side of the egg and a toy on the other. Two delicious cream layers, one sweet milk-cream and one cocoa, with two delicious wafer bites. Mystery toys are designed to engage kids through imagination and interaction, for play that goes beyond the moment of discovery. It may be the sweetest idea yet, to have candy on February 14th. The sweetest gift for kids on February 14th is the sweet cream and milk chocolate toy called "Kinder Joy". A great gift for Chinese New Year.

Brand: Kinder Joy

👤I like eggs. I am pretty much hooked on them. I thought I was getting more than what I ordered. The shipping update I received said they would arrive on Monday. Why should I wait for them today? They sat in my mailbox for a while. It was well over 100 inside my mailbox. That is what the picture is for, and that is after they have been in the refrigerator. My daughter and I both ate one with plastic taste. We are in September and these eggs are from Easter. You should just spend the extra money in the store. They look worse than they taste. I wasted money. I should have put a $20 bill on fire. I would have had to watch the flame.

👤Eggs were delivered broken and crashed, very disappointed. I tried to return the items, but the seller doesn't accept returns and doesn't issue refunds. There is nothing in the description or pictures that says it will be gender neutral. I was looking for a gender neutral option.

👤It said that packaging may be different. I did not expect to get Christmas eggs. The ornaments on the eggs were Christmas themed. It is Easter after all. There were newer toys on the box. It is possible that packaging may vary. I didn't expect to get old Christmas inventory. Just what my kids want... Christmas ornaments for Easter. It was a dirty trick.

👤I was happy that the eggs arrived on time and in good condition, but I was disappointed that the product I ordered was for standard eggs. I have a daughter that loves Avenger eggs, so I'm not upset about them. I ordered the standard eggs so I wouldn't have to buy "princess" eggs for my other daughter. I thought Standard would work for both, but now I have to order princess eggs or send them back. I would have said 5 if I had given this 3 stars. I got a better product, but it wasn't what I ordered.

👤The item was "shipped" to arrive around 3 weeks ago, one of the 15 was still recognizable. The rest were all messiness. It shouldn't make a huge difference. She doesn't like melted/broken foods and they are my 4yr olds "potty treat". They don't like the change, it doesn't look right and is upsetting. It's not worth it to buy them at a local shop.

👤Some reviewers have stated that the eggs are Christmas eggs. I would have no problem with this if I ordered them in December. The kids were disappointed. It's a gamble that you may get stuck with, so probably wouldn't order them again. The candy was not melted and the eggs were not crushed so that's a plus.

👤No lo recomiendo the producto. Se venci en Abril del 2019. No money.

👤These eggs were once great. The toys that they have are of decent quality. It is getting worse these days. The price is reasonable. We got 8 very tiny cheap paint brush sets and we only opened 10 of them. Eggs of any theme have been loaded with them. My child is so disappointed every time. He was allowed to open one every Friday to reward him for his hard work. He loves the dessert. The so-called paint set is not very good.

5. Liquid I V Multiplier Super Charged Supplement

Liquid I V Multiplier Super Charged Supplement

Energy Multiplier is a great-tasting, non-GMO energy drink mix with a refreshing Lemon Ginger flavor. The green Energy Blend and Premium Matcha provide sustained energy throughout the day. Liquid I.V. products are designed to enhance rapid absorption of water and other key ingredients into the bloodstream with the use of Cellular Transport Technology. The Energy Multiplier Powder Drink Mix contains 100mg of natural caffeine, comparable to 1-2 cups of coffee. It's free of dairy, soy, andgluten. Convenient single-serving packets are easy to enjoy on the go. Pour one packet into 12 ounces of water. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please message their store through the marketplace messaging interface and they will give you a full refund. They donate a serving for every purchase you make. In disaster zones, hospitals, impoverished communities, and emergency living quarters, Liquid I.V. provides much-needed hydration. They have donated over 19 million units.

Brand: Liquid I.v.

👤I have been using Liquid IV hydration multiplier for a couple years now, and I love it! It has been a lifesaver when I have gotten sick. I was excited when they came out with the new energy multiplier, but after asking three times, and waiting two weeks, they will not reveal the source of their Matcha. Depending on the source, Matcha has high levels of metals. This made me sad. I understand privacy, but you have lost a customer. Thankfully, another company with a similar product disclosed exactly where they get their Matcha and that they test it 3x for metal levels before packaging, all within an hour of me asking. I will continue to use the hydration multiplier, but I will not use the energy multiplier.

👤I don't understand negative reviews. The taste is similar to the yellow Gatorade. My daughter gave me a pack because I couldn't drink coffee due to gut issues. The IV Energy made me want to take a nap, but I had enough energy for the rest of the day. The miracle part is what this has done for my chronic stress, which causes so many physical and mental issues. I'm so calm, my bloated belly is going down and my skin is clearer. Stress depletes potassium and causes many health problems. I saw my mailman limping. I told him that he was probably deficient in magnesium and potassium and that he was in a lot of pain. I gave him a pack of the IV and another without it. I saw him the next day and he said he was pain-free. He said that he took the energy one in the morning and the one in the night and his pain was gone. If a young healthy person eats clean and has zero stress than you probably don't need this, but if you have a stress filled life, you need to try this right away.

👤I'm out if they don't talk about where they get their matcha source.

👤I usually drink a small cup of coffee and a cup of tea. oz. Can for a day. Pushing 400mg of caffeine every day. I was attracted to Liquid I.V. and their Triple Hydration Formula because of this routine. Water alone wasn't providing hydration relief, but rather on a constant loop of water-out. I was confused by the results of the Triple Hydration Formula. I'm impressed with the results thus far, and I purchased their Liquid I.V. 'Energy Multiplier' packets. I replaced my small cup of coffee in the AM with a single packet of the 'Energy Multiplier' in 12 ounces of water. The flavor is reminiscent of a light green juice, does not taste artificial or syrupy, and provides great energy throughout the day. This cut down my daily intake of caffeine, in fluid ounces, by 75%, left me with enough time to focus on hydration.

👤The taste of lemon and ginger is amazing. I like to drink as a hot drink with some heavy whipping cream. I would love to see a 0 gram sugar in this product. I could definitely tell a difference in my energy after one use.

6. Emergency Survival Keychain Carabiner Activities

Emergency Survival Keychain Carabiner Activities

The double-tube design of survival whistle requires the lightest blow to work and produce loud attention-grabbing sound up to 120 decibels. Whether you are jogging, hiking or standing at a distance from your loved one, it is there at your convenience. Alpinism loud whistle is made from high quality aluminum and is waterproof and rust resistant. It is safe to hold directly from mouth under harsh conditions. It's important to have safety gear. The bear whistle is perfect for fishing, hiking, boating, and any other emergency situation. The portable design of your safety kit is incomplete without the high-pitched metal whistle. It's easy to attach the bag or wear around the neck with the carabiner and lanyard. It fits perfectly in the pocket. A blow in a rape whistle will draw attention to the rescuer with the loud sound that can be heard a mile away. It's great for crime prevention, survival situation, natural disasters, workplace safety and scaring animals.

Brand: Alpinism

👤I bought this whistle because of one reason. I have a surprise for the telemarketers when they call me every morning. The price was good and it serves its purpose well.

👤I'm happy to have a whistle. It's easy to use and lightweight. It comes with a lanyard, should you want to wear the whistle around your neck, you can attach it to your purse or backpack, and it will be ready to clip onto your keychain. I like having all the options and will likely pick up more for other family members. A great safety device!

👤The whistle is easy to carry. There are no moving parts so that is helpful. It came with a lanyard and hook that I didn't expect. I don't think this is meant to replace the other "survival" type whistles, but it is a great whistle for the price and loud. Everyone should be whistled on at all times.

👤I decided to blow as hard as I could for a second to make sure the whistle was loud enough in a life-or-death situation. It is loud, so don't blow as hard if you want to keep hearing. I guess you get what you pay for with the metal and plastic inside, it seems like it was painted silver. I am not complaining about the rest of the items, as I was more focused on the whistle.

👤I needed some sort of protection while walking, but I didn't want a big whistle or a small one to ward off offenders. I use this whistle to get people out of the way of cars and scooters. It is loud enough to get a driver's attention. The whistle is easily revealing a black plastic type material if it is scratched. It doesn't affect the quality. It is a great price and I highly recommend it.

👤If I had bought whistles at the dollar store, I could have saved money. The level of quality is the same. The short chains on them are a joke. I replaced the short chains with 12mm split rings. They would have been lost on our first outing if they had come off.

👤The whistle is very loud. It really needs this when you arrive late at night.

👤We got this for our daughter. It is loud and discreet. She can't blow a sport whistle easily but this doesn't take much to make it loud.

7. Orgain Organic Green Superfoods Powder

Orgain Organic Green Superfoods Powder

Orgain Organic Berry Superfoods All-In-One Super Nutrition Powder is included. Each scoop of Orgain's original organic super sprout contains 50 superfoods. 6 grams of organic fiber is high in anti-oxidants. There are no added sugar or artificial ingredients in USDA organic, vegan, and non dairy products. Enhancing your diet with supplements will help support your gut health. This powder has many different types of vitamins and minerals in it. It's ideal for men, women, and kids. This is a great addition to your meal replacement shakes or pre and post workout drinks if you are a busy professional, mom, dad, athlete or student. You can mix it into water, juice, or your favorite smoothie recipe. It's great for overnight oats.

Brand: Orgain

👤My husband wanted to get a very expensive version of this for our daughter who has special needs. With seven kids, I can't spend more than $50 on this type of thing. I did my research and found this. We love the brand and want to try it. It is amazing! My daughter lost her hair due to her meds, but since starting this, she has no more hair loss! She had very dry skin. I halved the scoop and added it to 4oz of water and 4oz of her Bolthouse multi vitamins juice because it doesn't give a dose for kids. I started to take it as well. My skin was dry. My lack of energy... You guessed it was gone! I love it. This product will continue to be used.

👤I only took the powder for a couple of days so my review is based on ingredients and taste. I bought the book on Amazon. The author states that there are 60 different strains of the disease. I was inspired to follow his protocol because I could identify with his descriptions. Twenty different fruits and vegetables are recommended to assist the body in moving the virus out of the system. There are 11 of them in this powder. None of the other powders had as many as this mix. If I thought I could eat all of them, I would be crazy. I eat a lot of them, but I have to think about which ones I still need to eat in order to get all of the items on the list. Orgain Organic Superfoods is all-in-one super nutrition. It's like Apple Jacks cereals. I was taken back to my childhood when I opened the can to get a sample of the powder. You never forget some things. I like one of my favorite breakfast cereals. There is a I used almond milk and a banana in my shake. It tasted pretty good after being mixed in the blender. I wanted to try this with almond milk because it wasn't as thick as my other vegetables. I was happy with it. There is a Put it in a bottle with 8 ounces of water and shake it. It tasted good. I like it better with water than I do with milk. There is a The last time I mixed it up, I put the scoop in a glass and poured the water over it, then mixed it with a spoon. It didn't mix up as well. It tastes pretty good despite being a little clumpy and requiring more vigorous stirring. There is room for improvement and I say it's pretty good. I am sure that there is a can of Stevia. The ingredient list is called "Natural flavor". When it hits my mouth, I know about it. I don't like it. I have never been a fan of the product because it is not pleasant and it is just a little sweet. It is a false sweet to me. I will take raw, cane sugar or honey on any day of the week. I like this drink. I get all of the benefits of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, as well as healthy greens and grains. I can drink it on the go, drink it for a snack and fill in the gaps in my diet. If it supports me in clearing out any pathogens and detoxing the body without having to create a new diet, then it is a winner for me.

8. ReadyWise Emergency Freeze Dried Survival Food Gluten Free

ReadyWise Emergency Freeze Dried Survival Food Gluten Free

The essential surgical kit. There are 5 different food options in each bucket. It is easy to prepare an entree using just water. There is a long-lasting storage. Food pouches keep food fresh for up to 25 years. There are 5 unique ready-to- eat freeze-dried, gluten-free entrées in the vegetarian packs. They have shelf-stable food for hiking and camping.

Brand: Readywise

👤I looked at the individual description labels on the back of the bucket and found wheat and soy. The first ingredient is wheat. The code for the bucket bar says it's free of wheat. I paid more money for this product. The time has expired for me to get my money back. I trusted this company to not sell fraudulent goods, but they have deceived people who need to eat wheat. This product can cause death if people have a sensitivity to thegluten.

👤It is not recommended for anything other than emergency use. Food items could not have been selected by anyone with a food allergy, but in an actual emergency, it's better than no food at all.

👤My husband is a prepper. Every family member has a bag that is designated for bug-out. We've tried many of these types of dry packed foods, so when we saw the chance to try this bucket at a discount, we agreed. I did not get this bucket for free and we prepared one of every meal to give a fair and honest review. There are 3 Teriyaki and Rice packs, 3 Chicken Pot Pie packs, 4 Loaded Baked Potato packs, and 7 Yogurt Flavored Desert Mix packs. There are 17 packs, with only 10 being actual meals. I couldn't rate this at 5 stars because of this. I assumed from reading the description that they would be individual meals or at least meals designed for 2 people. Each packet contains 4 calories. This works out for my husband and sons, but not for a single person. They would have to split the packets or make all of them and try to save some for later. I would split the packets, but you have to worry about the stuff spilling or mis-measuring. Not good. The food is pretty good. I'm not expecting a 5 star restaurant quality flavor in my meal, I'm speaking from experience of eating many similarly packed meals. We had my sister-in-law over for dinner and she made a lot of food, so we had another taste tester in the house. The individual reviews are listed below. The soup has tomato Basil. The bucket is the house favorite. My husband had a few small bowls. I don't think we mixed it well enough, there were little clumps of powder in it while we were eating. It was still the favorite in my home. When we go hiking in the cold months, we had a discussion about mixing it into thermoses. I would boil it longer, and use a whisk instead of mixing it with a soup spoon, because that would be the only thing that would be different. 2. Potato casserole. My favorite. My husband and my sister-in-law both rated this as their number two. I can't tell if it's bacon or ham, but it's delicious. It tastes like potato soup. You need a bowl and a spoon for soup, not a casserole. I might boil it a little longer next time, the ham/ bacon chunks were a little hard, but still tasty. If I'm going to make this while camping or something. I would add some shredded cheese to it. Maybe some green onions. 3. The chicken pot pie is made with chicken. The one that had mixed reviews was this one. I thought it was okay, husband didn't care for it, and sister-in-law couldn't eat it. My sister-in-law couldn't handle the texture, but we all agreed that it needed salt and pepper. It was very sticky. This was my toddler's favorite, but he doesn't talk, so I can't tell you why he loved it, just that it disappeared from his plate faster than any other entree choice. I can tell you that it had a very strong flavor, and that may be why I liked it more than everyone else. 4. Both Teriyaki and Rice are made with teriyaki sauce. Yuck. They can't all be perfect. I felt like I was eating ginger when I chewed it. I was unable to finish mine. My sister-in-law admitted that she ate too much ginger. My husband added a healthy dose of soy sauce, which toned down the ginger, but not enough for me to eat anymore. He said he almost liked the soy sauce more than the potato casserole. It isn't all bad, so plan to doctor it a bit. My toddler ate a good chunk of his portion, so he didn't dislike it. 5. There is yogurt. This was unexpected. We thought it would be thick and creamy, but it was very thin. Thinner than the soup. I used cold tap water to mix it with, but I think it would be better served in the cold. We might put it in the fridge next time. I'm not sure. The yogurt was divided into 3 mugs. It was about 1 1/2 to 2 inches deep per mug. We all agreed that it smelled amazing, like a cake batter or ice cream. The flavor was a bit less intense and the aftertaste was a bit too strong. It's not a terrible desert type. It's calories you can get through a straw. It could be worse. The bucket was pretty good, but I'm not sure which one was supposed to be the breakfast. We have plenty of meals to keep in our shelter, and we might use some of them for camping or hiking trips. We have time to eat them because they are good for 25 years.

9. S S Food Labs Millennium

S S Food Labs Millennium

There is a watering can. The Stker Flatpack Stove comes with a natural canvas sleeve. This sleeve can be used as storage for your stove and also as a bag. The perfect accessory for an adventure. It is made with a long shelf life so that the taste is the same even if you stock up for a long period of time. Each bar has over 400 calories. There are different fruit flavors in the Venetian pastries, such as Lemon,Raspberry,Cherry, Tropical fruit, and Orange bars. It will not make you thirsty or dry out your mouth. You will get 6 different flavors. The packing material isdurable. The packing is vacuum packed and free of the harmful chemicals that can be found in food. The packaging is very well sealed. If you are in an emergency situation like calamity, out of food, camping, boating, hiking, or more, these are a good substitute. They are ready to eat for adults and kids. Excellent gift for your friends, kids or anyone in your life. There are survival tips inside for you and your family.

Brand: S.o.s. Food Labs

👤I understand that this is not a snack food. You can live on dandelions, boiling tree bark, and eating worms. Survival food doesn't have to taste like filet mignon, but it should at least keep you going and not make you want to stop eating. The taste is my main complaint. Oh God! The taste... The taste is amazing. The flavors are reviewed. We all know that you buy this food because it is pre-made and is supposed to be usable. It's true, but I wouldn't choke down one of the sugar bricks if anyone else was available. The taste deserves 100 stars. I have given it 2 stars because it is survival food, but there are many better options. Let's get to texture and taste. It is a texture. Imagine if you mashed a cup of sugar, a cup of sand, and a cup of flour and oil into a meal, and then colored it with sand. That is the most appealing description I could give. The texture was universal. There is a The reviews on taste are from the first bite to the last. There is a It's a fruit. It tasted like the shipment didn't show up. They put the air freshener in the mixing bowl after taking it out of the men's restroom. I felt like I was eating a cake. It doesn't describe it very well. It's a third trimester abortion. I feel like I made a mistake. There is a First blush... I thought maybe not. The artificial cherry flavor tasted like cherry Twizzlers and dry sugar cookie dough, and the baby that was put up for adoption grew up in a Detroit inner city orphanage. I swallowed it. There is a I'm not happy with this so far, but it's lemon... who could possibly make a mistake? Yeah... I was back in hell. It was like eating powdered kitty litter. It was oily, horrible, and long after taste... The person who signed off on this should be ashamed of themselves. I tried to spit it out. I cried a little thinking about having to continue. I put these things in my mouth, even though I didn't want to. It wasn't bad. It was like eating a poptart, if you dropped it in the sand, but were still hungry, you picked it up and ate it. This was the best of the bunch. There is a I had hopes after the berry, but they were dashed. The apricot was almost tasteless at first, but then it became like those sugar covered apricot rings. Artificial doesn't even begin to describe it. Bishop from Aliens was more natural than this. I spit it out. It wasn't good as a berry. It was disappointing. You might be able to maintain your nutrition. You will want to kill yourself by the third bar if you want to get another one. It makes you want to kill yourself. It was hard, hard pass.

👤The ratings for the 3-star and below are for laughs. The complainers won't eat these because they won't survive the emergency. These are very good. Those who eat candy bars and Twinkies will find the sawdust comments fair. The texture is standard for this type of bar. They don't taste like sawdust. It's a good idea to put this in the family car for emergencies. I would eat these as a treat if I were watching a video. The first 36 bars were for $47. You can get these for 6 bars. That is an increase from the previous price of $1.30 per bar. Is it possible for CV-19 to be priced too much? I will not buy these for those prices because I still have 2 years left on my last order. Uncalled for when pricing in inflation. They are very good. I don't want to pay the price. I have several options in my plan. I hope they can be replaced with cheaper options.

10. Jack Links Jerky Multipack Original

Jack Links Jerky Multipack Original

Jack Link's Original Beef Jerky is a good source of good source of protEIN. It's a snack that the whole family will enjoy. The pack contains 20 ounces. You always have a meat snack on hand. Pack in lunches, bring to work, and keep them at home for an after school snack. It is made with 100% beef. Their Original Beef Jerky is made of premium beef. It is fat free and has no added nitrates or nitrites. Full on flames. They created the flavor that made it on the map. Their Original Beef Jerky is slow cooked over hardwood smoke and has a mild smoky taste that kids love. LUNCHBOX READY : Ready to eat packs are a great way to get your kids' lunch to eat. No leftovers. They wouldn't be surprised if they asked for two bags.

Brand: Jack Link's

👤The picture of the product and the package is nice, but the picture of the package spilling out is deceptive because it appears to be the contents of the package on top. The amount of jerky you see in the picture is not as large as you might think. The second package was mostly bits and pieces. To see the perspective of my picture, look at it with a quarter in the middle. My first package was mostly together, but I felt cheated because I only saw three of the nine pieces, which means they aren't entire squares. Jack's Links is using this product to get rid of their crumbs. Buying a bigger package with larger chunks would be better for you. I didn't buy to eat crumbs, there's enough in the bigger bags as it is. I bought 20 packets of crumbs for $24, but I feel cheated.

👤I received the 20 ct package of the original Jack Link's beef loin. I would have ordered it if I had wanted it. The original flavor was what I wanted. I wonder if the people filling the orders can read the order in a timely manner.

👤Jack Link's beef jerky shipments have lost their quality recently. Small shreds of meat are contained in the packages. We were shocked at the quality and limited content of the beef jerky we purchased for our camping trip. Not worth the money.

👤My grandson is 4 years old. Sometimes we go to the store to get a bag of jerky. I think it is a great thing to order this product for us. Please pay attention to the picture I submitted. The product is rotten and smelly. If I didn't think about what could have happened to my grandson, I would have given him this garbage. The company should be ashamed of themselves because they sent a dangerous bull to me. SMAME ONE YOU, it's ridiculous that this slipped through any crack.

👤I opened a package and was hit in the face with mold. It's so disgusting. I refuse to open the other packages because they are not from my husband's account. It was gross. Beware.

👤My husband has a snack drawer in his desk. I put healthy snacks in a large baggie each week to keep him healthy while he is too busy to take lunch. We love these!

👤I wanted to let you know that I received a replacement order and it was the same item. The teriyaki beef jerky has a label that says original beef but not teriyaki beef. I have two boxes of teriyaki. The labeling on the cartons is not correct.

👤My kids don't like teriyaki, so I ordered the original. It is smaller than the snack bags I have used in the past at Sam's club. If they were the right flavor, I would have been happy with it.

11. Tiny Survival Guide Preparedness Micro Guide

Tiny Survival Guide Preparedness Micro Guide

Simply sorting your items will make it easy to organize and classify items of different shapes. Great for school supplies. CARRY IT WITH YOU EVERYWHERE. Credit-Card Sized to fit. In Your: wallet, pocket, survival kit, glove box, purse, pouch. One tough guide. Special Tear and Weather resistant material is used in maps. There are 101 illustrations, 67 lifesaving survival skills, 175 expert tips, 24 gear and 10 "Killer" mistakes. You should keep the tiny survival guide on you at all times. It's a quick reference when you're caught in an emergency or disaster. It is like a life insurance policy in your pocket. You should learn to survive these threats. Civil unrest, surprise attacks, natural disasters, nuclear, biological and chemical events, abduction, Hostage and terror threats, active shooter situation, vehicle accidents, hiking, camping and hunting emergencies are a lot of things. The guide to develop your mindset, skills, and gear is a pro active learning tool. It makes a great gift. The Digital Details can be scanned with the QR code.

Brand: Ultimate Survival Tips Be Prepared-because You Never Know

👤This is one page and it is folded up to be a pocket size. Many important things had to be so compressed that a person with no knowledge or even a little survival knowledge will not have enough basic information in several areas that are covered but not well enough to be useful. It is just one page folded up. The additional info that you can find is helpful, but sometimes in some of the apps the video or info is not as complete or as well produced as it could be, and it may not be available to look at when you need it. Being prepared for an emergency is serious. It is great that you are looking for information to be prepared. If you want to buy the necessary equipment for your home and car, you should buy a full and complete Survival book. Is this page better than nothing? .... Yes... If you buy this, you will think you are prepared, but you will not buy a full and well written survival book.

👤This is one of the dumbest things I have ever bought on Amazon. The idea of a pocket-sized survival book is a great one, but one of the first things it says is that you need to carry things with you and not depend on electronics, and the entire guide is full of QR Codes for you to use your phone. It's even more stupid that they lead you to the internet. The diagrams on how to set traps, gut a fish, and tell what different tracks are all useful to look at, but they could be better described in a book. The details are so small that you can't really understand what is happening, and everything is so simple that you can just remember the information. One thing I read that made me want to write this review was that at the end of the "Worst Case Scenario" section, it says that one of the essentials to check off, following a gas mask, is a Bible. I don't know if that is put in as a joke. I understand that people are religious, but the fact that you had to add this to a manual small enough to fit in your pocket is ridiculous. This was the dumbest thing I have ever read, and I have nothing against religion. Don't waste money. You can buy a survival guide. I only give it a star because it does some of what it tells you, but nothing else you wouldn't find in a basic survival guide.

👤The product is resistant to water and tear and has good information. It was possible to put a hole in it accidentally. The water resistance is pretty good. All this info can be found online for free. I don't think 10 bucks is worth it.

👤I like this guide. I can't believe the amount of information in this manual. It's better than most survival books that are full sized. I give away survival kits as gifts to my family members, and this guide is going into every one of them. I notice something new when I look at it. The authors teach the skills in more depth in the videos that you can find with the QR codes. The value is not ordinary. If I choose, I can use the magnifying lens to start a fire. The guide went into my wallet and replaced the $10 I spent for it.


What is the best product for survival meals for kids?

Survival meals for kids products from Peak Refuel. In this article about survival meals for kids you can see why people choose the product. Skeleteen and Luxmom are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival meals for kids.

What are the best brands for survival meals for kids?

Peak Refuel, Skeleteen and Luxmom are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival meals for kids. Find the detail in this article. Kinder Joy, Liquid I.v. and Alpinism are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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