Best Survival Matches Box

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1. Filfeel Waterproof Shockproof Airtight Container

Filfeel Waterproof Shockproof Airtight Container

The plastic box is waterproof, anti-dust, and has other qualities. The tools inside can be protected from crack and damage with shockproof material. The box is sealed to prevent the water from entering and to stop the small tools from dropping out. Soft sponge reduces the crack of the tools so that they are in the perfect condition. Small items storage can be done with a lightweight and portable size.

Brand: Filfeel

👤Its 10 feet underground. It was the right size for small items. I'll be able to see it when I dig it up, and I'm confident that it can survive the elements.

2. Survival Magnesium Starter Compass Whistle

Survival Magnesium Starter Compass Whistle

There are three different sizes available. The Znden Fire Starter is available in three different thickness options: The Pro at 10mm, the Fatty at 1/200 and the Trad at 8mm. High quality all weather fire starter is weather resistant. Strikes up to 15,000 times to make a fire when you want or need it most. The Magnesium fire starter stick, large scraper, compass, whistle and lanyard are all in one. It's convenient and compact. The fire starter rod can fit in cars, survival kits, and camping gear.

Brand: Survival Spark

👤Great starter! The whistle is loud and the compass is perfect. I'm not sure if others are using it correctly. I warn you that it will not work without a little common sense, but it comes with a set of directions. This thing is pretty durable. I dropped it from a high point and it survived. It's easy to handle and it's bigger than the picture shows. The only thing I would recommend is to remove the cheap rope and put some paracord on it.

👤I love this fire starter. We have a lot of campfires in our backyard fire pit, and it's been fun practicing different ways to start a fire. I bought this to use for camping, but it turns out we use it at home as well. It's easier than matches once you get used to it. We live in a windy area, and matches tend to blow out as soon as we strike them. I tried a smaller product that was similar to the one I tried. The larger size makes it easier to use. I get a lot of magnesium off. If you're having trouble getting it to work, try taking the strikers off the string. Just practice!

👤I usually don't use a firestarter, but I do include a fresh Bic in my bag in case the normal one runs out of fluid. I haven't used one since I was in the Scouts, so I purchased this out of curiosity. It took a bit of work to remove the coating, but once done, I was treated to a pretty impressive spark. I was able to catch a small amount of dry grass on fire without having to remove any magnesium from my bag which is a bonus since this is more of a last ditch item. The lanyard allowed me to secure it within my bag without having to worry about things getting spread out. The included compass seems to work well, but it requires me to tap on it a few times. I will not knock off the rating for that, as I forgot it was included on the device until I received it. It took a while for the whistle to figure out. I'm worried that I may have offended the neighbors when I got it to work at 11pm. The seller e-mailed me with instructions before I received it, and the instructions included in the package were the same. It's something that I appreciate from sellers as the process of purchasing on Amazon feels impersonal. I would recommend it to anyone who needs a firestarter. It takes up very little bag space and works well.

👤Works well. It was easy to start a fire within a minute. For the people who complain about the whistle. I can't imagine how weak their lungs are. It is very loud. I am not complaining because the compass seems to point in the same direction as my real compass, and it works perfectly. 5/5 And. When I need a new one, I will buy again.

3. UCO Stormproof Waterproof Matches Strikers

UCO Stormproof Waterproof Matches Strikers

Light color: Warm White, the package is 6 x solar candle. If you have a problem, please contact them. They will try their best to serve you. The match case can hold up to 40 matches. After being submerged in water, the matches will relight, burning up to 15 seconds each. The case is waterproof and keeps contents dry and protected. The extended length of match allows for added safety. The kit weight is 1.7 oz. (48 g)

Brand: Uco

👤I used these in a bug out bag. I was reviewing the contents of my bag when I decided to test a match. I lit a match while sitting on my bed and tried to shake it off before it burned my fingers. When the red part was burned through the flame, the panic was not necessary. Even though I am concerned, I am impressed that even a small flame in the sink wasn't enough to stop the fire before it got to the red part. After it was held in the water, it sparked back up again as soon as it was removed. It is inconvenient for lighting in a bedroom to be in a damp camping or emergency setting. Thanks for the great matches. I need to air out my studio because it smells like smoke and flame.

👤I wouldn't count on the matches in an emergency. I might use them as a last resort. The wooden stick is weak and skinny. When you strike it, it will break. On the first try. I know that these are flimsy because I'm the guy who never breaks the wooden stick on traditional wooden matches. They only burn for about 7 to 9 seconds. There is no near 15 seconds. If you don't have a stick to hold, it will burn your fingers if you try to get the match where you want it. It should be removed and stored inside the container. You can strike these on any of the material. The cotton tinder is used to keep the matches from rattling around. The container is cheap Chinese plastic, and you can either get a good one or a bad one. I have two bad ones. Garbage is what the o-rings are. I had to replace the o-rings on the two I ordered because they weren't waterproof. I would have just bought the refill and used my own container. You can buy these at wallymart for 5 bucks. A box of kitchen matches is cheaper than foreign made matches, and would probably save your life. So if these aren't great, what is that? The Zippo Typhoon are better than the others.

👤3 of the 5 day trip were in the pouring rain. It was difficult to light a fire due to the soaked matchea. They're great, but they won't save wet tinder. I had to get a good flame by soaking a cotton ball in Vaseline and using a feather stick. The striking surface wears out very quickly, though matches didn't let me down. I wonder if the wet contributed to its quick wear, as I had to replace it after 10 lights. I recommend them. Without them, my fire wouldn't have started.

👤This is a good product. The container is very visible. Extra strips for striking your matches and cotton to help keep the humidity in check are included. The wax seal was ruined by the match stick's protective coating sticking to the cotton. In my case, it's not a big deal. I worry that some containers may have more matches that have not been opened. If you are planning on keeping these for emergency purposes, I would recommend inspecting them closely. This is an excellent product and I will be purchasing more in the future. I have included an image of the two damaged matches with a good match for reference. You could use candle wax to waterproof the top.

4. Coghlans 8746 Plastic Match Box

Coghlans 8746 Plastic Match Box

It's a great gift idea for a business gift, birthday, or camper, because it's light weight, mini shape, space-saving, and easy to carry. The orange plastic matchbox is high visibility. Holds enough matches for a weekend trip. The rubber 0-ring is for a watertight flint seal. The package weight is 3 pounds.

Brand: Coghlan's

👤I have never had to use the matches in my emergency kit while hiking. I don't think I'll ever need them. I don't want to dedicate a lot of space to the precautions, as I want to keep a few on my person. I bought this to use with some patches and paper. The container is large enough to hold about seven survival matches, some striking paper, and a firestarter, and it's not bad. Maybe 30g all told. Would recommend for that.

👤The match container is a great idea for firestarting. The hard plastic holds up to use and the gasket on the lid keeps matches dry. It's easy to see when you drop it in tall grass because it's bright orange. If the container is dropped into a pond, it floats. The matches inside are waterproof, and I suggest replacements when they are gone. If it had a loop for a hook or lanyard, it would be a better product. It would be easier to get it in a belt loop or backpack than it would be to dig for it in a pack or purse. Amazon is a great place to buy this item. Walmart can be found much cheaper if you want to save money.

👤This item is a miss for me. I will keep it for the low price. I don't think the container will hold up long, I think it will be better for medicine than matches.

👤It's a sturdy plastic case that can do what you want it to do. The ferro rod is covered in glue, so don't count on it. The rubber O-ring is loose fitting and will fall off without the cap to hold it.

👤They are good for keeping the contents dry. I tested it in the shower and bucket. Theflint that's in the bottom is worthless. I got 8 of them. The flint is in a spot on the bottom. The case won't be able to set upright and flat. The flint was covered with glue in all but one of them. The one that was exposed was so small that it was hard to use. They're still good waterproof cases and I use them for my medication. There are lots of Ibuprofen in one of these.

👤The containers are great. The ring is very sturdy and waterproof. It is safe to keep everything dry when you really need it. A piece of flint is in the bottom of the container. Very cool addition! I put a piece of the paper into the container and dry it. You could strike anywhere in the case. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤I haven't had it in a really wet situation yet, but it appears that it will function as expected. It's Coghlan. It serves its purpose and is not super quality. It was cheaper to buy it at the big box store.

👤A few weeks ago I found a match box from when I was a Boy Scout and it had some camping stuff. I opened it and found it full of hits. I stuck it on the floor and it lit up. The part that was impressive? I haven't been a scout for 25 years. The matches were perfectly preserved for over a quarter century. What better testimony is there? I decided to buy a few more.

5. WEYLAND Fire Starter Kit Waterproof

WEYLAND Fire Starter Kit Waterproof

Customer satisfaction is their top priority. Zero hassle returns are guaranteed with a lifetime warranty. Buy with confidence. They will be at your service 24/7. The Fire Starter Kit is a great addition to an emergency survival kit. Their fire kit has many waterproof items so you can make a fire in any situation. The Fire Starting Kit has a fat rope stick, fero rod, char cloth, and a match. Also included are fat wood wool tumbleweed fire starters, paraffin wax Fire flash cotton fire starting tinder wicks, water proof camp fire sticks and a pocket sized bellows to feed your fire. Everything is neatly packed into the Fire-starting Kit, which is a nylon MOLLE bag, perfect for hiking, camping, backpacking or on any off grid outdoor adventure. Their off grid tools, bug out bag survival kit, bushcraft pack, military firestarter kit, and the like aren't just made of the best quality materials but also complete, which is why they differ.

Brand: Weyland

👤There are a lot of wood sticks, jute rope, and a steel tube for blowing on coals that are compatible with the Case MOLLE. The wood sticks are not fatwood, and the kit does not include a small wood shaving tool. I make fire starting kits for personal use. It's sort of a hobby. I could have used my home stocks of fire starting bits to make this kit. I didn't. I wanted to see how my fire starting kits compare to the commercial one. I did not. That's okay. I could start many fires with the contents of this kit. I might leave this kit at home or in my vehicle, but it's not so large. Think about it. Why do you have a fire starter kit? To start a fire. You get lost. You hurt your ankle hunting alone. I wouldn't start a fire in the cab of my pickup if I found myself trapped in a snow storm. If they get too big or clumsy they get left behind. I would add a few pieces of fatwood, a small wood shaving tool, and a real char cloth if I were to revise or update this kit. I would recommend this product to a friend.

👤This is a great emergency fire starting kit. There are several ways to start a fire. The included items have a video on how to use them, and you can see it on the postcard. If I'm the one who watches the video and something happens to me in a survival situation and a family member needs to use the kit, will they know what to do? It would be nice if a small waterproof card was included to identify each item and tell how to use it.

👤I bought this for my other half as a gift as he is very picky about survival gear. He really liked everything that was included and said it was a great kit. He mentioned buying another one because he liked it so much. He loves the name and black is an ok color, but he would prefer it to be a neutral color.

👤I bought the Weyland fire starting kit for my pack. The ferro rod is large and has a good spark. The items in the pack are of good quality and make it easy to start a fire. The wood in the pack is not fat wood, but it is good dried wood that will make an excellent base for a fire. I will be purchasing more for family and friends because I am impressed by this little kit.

👤This is the beginning of a comprehensive kit. There is room for a lighter in the pouch. You can have several options to start fires with this kit. You can swap out items in this kit. Good value for money.

👤I was very happy with my purchase. I received everything I was promised, and the best part is that it is small enough to carry around and I can start a fire in the rain or shine. So happy! Thank you! I will be buying waterproof matches next.

6. Lixada Permanent Forever Emergency Matchbox

Lixada Permanent Forever Emergency Matchbox

It's perfect to store tablets, vitamins, money, U-disk, batteries, matches, Flintstones, ear plugs, outdoor seasoning and other accessories for a secure storage on the go. The body of the steel works well in cold or wet conditions. Fire lasts longer with the superior windproof wick. The lighter can be struck over and over again. Attach your backpack with a hook. It's great for camping, tourism, traveling, hiking and other things.

Brand: Lixada

👤I wanted to see if these could be used as an alternative lighter. They were terrible. Weak plastic screw threading, cheap plastic housing, and lousy wick material are some of the things. It's hard to light it without spilling fluid. You have to hold it upright and keep your hands out of the way if you want to hit the side. It's not practical or useful. The money was wasted. Instead of getting a Zippo, you should get a Clipper or Bic. I don't think these will hold up to much use in an outdoor setting.

👤They sent a second set, but they failed the same as the first set. It doesn't work. The review for this terrible product is very simple. It's a worthless item that doesn't work. I bought a 2-pack that was slightly different but failed miserably. The product is so cheap that it feels cheap in your hand. I tried to use it as advertised but it didn't even create a spark. The product should be removed from the site. Simply put... Its just plain useless!

👤cheap plastic and cheap aluminum are used in the housing. The match is terrible. The cheap yarn that burns off when it catches fire is called the wick. You can't take out the strikers and replace them with something else. It's a really bad product. That's what I get when I buy something at this price.

👤I ordered this for a birthday gift, but it didn't work, I need to do something else, and there was no purchase inventory sheet inside the box. I don't want it either.

👤I struck it at least 200 times before I could light it. The arm is sore. Put lighter fluid on it.

👤The item is a great idea, but I couldn't get the flask to light a few times. I have a lot of lighter fluid in there, but I haven't been able to light it. I think this would help get a fire started, because it creates visible sparks.

👤I like this stove. It's well made and collapses very small. It's good for more than wood. It works well with my burner. I put the burner below my pot and left the middle rung off. I can place the burner on a dirt hill to adjust its height. The same applies to using esbit fuel tablets. I have a multi fuel cooking platform. Can't beat that. The price is great. Awesome!

👤If you do it right, it's easy to light up. This does not come with lighter fuel.

👤Absolutely rubbish. There are two square models of pure crappppp. Don't waste your money, it doesn't do anything, it doesn't light, and the only fire you will get is being so mad and fire-d up. You should expect to be cold and starving if you go to the woods or camping.

👤This isn't a piece of steel. The plastic is wrapped around a steel plate. I poured lighter fluid everywhere because one of the two wasn't sealed properly. The other one was so difficult to light that I ended up splashing lighter fluid on my hand and tank, which caused everything to catch fire. I was able to run water to put out the flames because I was doing it over the sink. Came out with a small burn. I can't speak to whether the cylinder is better because I got two of the same.

7. Matches Strike Kitchen Camping Wholesale

Matches Strike Kitchen Camping Wholesale

It's great for camping, tourism, traveling, hiking and other things. Kictchen and home match.

Brand: Spark

👤I didn't think I'd be writing a negative review on Amazon. I felt a nagging obligation to come and review them because they are so bad. 1. 1/3 of the matches break in half as you hit them. The matches have to catch fire and stay together for 10 seconds. The matches fail more often than you would think. 2. As they burn, the matches smell terrible. There is clearly a lot of chemicals. 3. A clear liquid escapes from the wood when it burns. This is leftover water from the rivers that they soak wood in before processing. It was super gross. I have a lot of these left over and am thinking about ways to give them away and buy better ones.

👤It is great for the price but not if there is any breeze. In less than a second. I had to use match sticks to light a cigarette. The work was kind.

👤I didn't buy these to strike because most of them don't look like they would stand up to a strike. I bought them to crush the heads off and use them to make longer burning matches.

👤I've been using matches for a long time. These are the worst matches I have ever seen. I tried to light a candle here, but I had to use three of these to get one that would light. This seems to be an experiment to see if a company can make matches that people will buy. The first candle broke, the second broke, and the third broke, but barely lasted long enough to light the candle. My mom would find out if I made a product like this. The person who made these should apologize and throw them away.

👤Each student needed 8 boxes of matches for the craft I used the matches for. I found out that not all boxes had the same number of matches. We were short of matches because some had 25-28 in a box. The other boxes had broken matches as well. I am not happy with the purchase. I had to use what I had. I had to find more matches to finish the crafts. The matches are not strong. They break easily when the match is light.

👤I was expecting them to be a little heavier. I should have known that box lighting is not as practical because they break easily when trying to light them.

👤It is a good price for the number of matches. Some matches in the box have not stayed lit after I struck the match. I am not sure if it is a problem with some of the matches, but it is disappointing when a match doesn't stay lit.

👤You get what you pay for, made in India. I rated them 3 stars because most of the matches in the box would light up. Most of them do light, but with small splints, they don't have a good burn time for pipe lightning. Next time I go to the local store, I'll use the "Name Brand" brand because they work well for a camp fire or a K-1 lantern.

8. Waterproof Container Keychain Accessory Backpacking

Waterproof Container Keychain Accessory Backpacking

The carabiners with the locking screw are suitable for hanging things on the backpack, as a key ring, holding bottle, etc. The container has a glassbreaker. The container has a waterproof feature. The additional glass breaker function brings it such charm. The glass breaker is made of Cemented Carbide and has a heat resistant 1000C. It will be a sturdy and hard wearing device because it is made of Aerospace aluminum. It's small enough for a pocket or hang on a bag loop, with a perfect size and weight. There is a smooth inner structure and there are some neat anti-slide recesses on the surface. The rubber O-ring seal on the cap helps to keep the water out of the container. The Perfect EDC Kit is a convenient way to store tablets, vitamins, money, U-disk, batteries, matches, flintstones and other items. It's a novel gift for you or your friends. Quality Warranty is a very low price with a 100% manufacturer warranty, there is no worry to give it a try, just click "ADD TO CART" Quality Warranty is a very low price with a 100% manufacturer warranty, there is no worry to give it a try, just click "ADD TO CART"

Brand: Edcfans

👤It fits a good ball.

👤It looks awesome but too large. The two parts have enough threading on them to survive an actual bomb blast which eats up a lot of space and walls/treads are so thick it actually crushes some of your pills if you aren't careful. If you hang it from your belt, it will fit in the pocket, but if you wear baggy pants, it won't fit in the pocket.

👤I bought 2 for myself and 1 for my pops. Both of us are disabled and have to take a lot of medication and this is large enough to keep our medication safe. The cheap plastic ones don't have to worry about the container coming open in our pockets or breaking because we don't have to. It is easier for us to remember to take our medication when we are going somewhere because we attached these to our key chains. It's nice to have one less thing to worry about. Highly recommend this product.

👤I take a lot of pills that are large and all the other containers were not working. I thought the pill bomb was too large, but when I put a day's worth of pills in it, I still had some space for other things. I was very happy. It has an O-Ring rubber seal and a glass breaking tip. It's perfect for caring for my medication. I recommend this for the protection of your pills and other items. It is a great deal.

👤It was much larger than I anticipated. I think I should read the description better. It's still usable, but probably not for a key chain. The medium size is large. A quarter is inside the cap.

👤It has more capacity than I thought and it has a nice weight. I thought it was a small necklace, but it's too big for that. I can wrap my fingers around it and not touch my fingers to the palm of my hand, so it has some girth. It's a nice item. The O-rings seem to do a good job of making this water proof because of the wide threads. A lanyard would have been nice, but it doesn't detract from the high quality of the piece. If you want to make one, you could just pick up some paracord and watch a video on how to make it.

👤I purchased a large size of this unit. Does not come with the carabiner. The standard aluminum cylinder is much cooler.

👤There is a torpedo accessory. The metal doesn't stick to the magnet. If you fold it, you can fit it inside. The product was nice. I'm happy I bought two. Thanks.

👤I replaced an older container with this one. The bomb look is eye appealing and I am satisfied with this purchase. I put the following in the container: generic benadryl, aspirin, prevcids, and ibuprofen. There are some ideas I put in mine.

9. Tamicy Metal Rectangular Hinged Tins

Tamicy Metal Rectangular Hinged Tins

Only the ground. The item cannot be shipped to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico or any other U.S. Territories. These rectangular containers are made of good quality tin plated steel and can be applied for a long time. The round edges are smooth without burs and protect your hands from damage. You can use your own sense of style to decorate it, it is a good size box for secret stashes. These metal tins can be used to store a variety of small items, such as lip balms, mini candles, cosmetics, sample pots, herbs, nail art, and more. 40 pack black metal rectangular empty hinged tins boxes are lightweight and easy to carry. 40 pack black metal rectangular empty hinged tins boxes are lightweight and easy to carry.

Brand: Tamicy

👤These can be used to make mini Halloween dioramas. They're perfect!

👤All of my boxes were in good condition. They're easy to open and close without being too loose. The metal walls are strong and thick. The paint finish is great.

👤I didn't get to check the depth because everything else was wrong, the tin is falling apart and the inside measurement is close to 2.10 in and 3.42in. I need to submit my return now.

👤Great value for the money.

👤Several tins were damaged.

👤The box is really nice. I recommend.

👤The boxes were wrapped individually. Good for me.

👤Clean consistency paint, and nice tins are what make them sturdy.

👤The tins were bought to hold a credit card. The wallet is small. I'll use them if they kill me, but they're too small for that.

👤Los estuches son de las calidad, mucho antes de lo esperado.

10. ├╝berleben Matchstick Anodized Aluminum Waterproof

%C3%BCberleben Matchstick Anodized Aluminum Waterproof

The heavy duty stakes are great for both hard and soft ground. The Tindr Wick is made from KeroDry and will make fire, starting a piece of cake. Get some sparks from a ferro rod by fluffing out the end. It will burn for an hour. Any weather is a good place to grill. When you need to survive, the KeroDry infused hemp is your best bet. Any time, this fiber rope will beat any weather. The Tindr will light even if it is wet. An ornate aluminum clasp can be used to control the burn rate or snuff out the flame. It is made from aluminum and has a profile to keep it cool. Doubles are a knockout. The 3-inch sleeve is perfect for small or solo fires, it weighs less than an ounce and is a minimalist bellow. The Tindr has your back if you pull the wick out. The berleben Tindr has an aluminum box. It's not much, but it's perfect for starting a mini fire or survival kit. Store your ferro rod.

Brand: ├╝berleben

👤This one stands head and shoulders above the rest. I've tried all of them, but recently began looking for a product that would be easy to use, and create usable fire with practically no effort. The closest option to make that grade is Char Cloth. I have experience with the two. If done properly and with extreme care, char cloth can be used to transfer fire from one place to the next. The char cloth negatives are extremely fragile and can only hold a burning ember, and need a secondary tool to light it. Personal negative. I already carry a pocket bellows, so the bellows on this rope becomes redundant, and I will cut way down and leave it on as a slide-over extinguisher. The main function is that it will burn a long time, and if used properly will make a huge amount of fires over the lifespan of just one wicks. Just make a new one! This is a great piece of Effortless Instant Fire. Weightless, waterproof, affordable, and long-burning. This is a survival fire preparation item. If that was an option, I would give a hundred out of a hundred stars. It's a perfect choice for making fire with fire-steel or flint. This is for sale! Nater.

👤The fire starter is slick. It is easy to do. Pull out the aluminum tube and hold the bellows in your hand and you're done. Hit it with a spark once the wicks is damaged. You can direct the fire by holding the bellows. I have used every type of tinder that was invented for fire starting. The Tindar Wick is much better than the pre-fab one because it stays lit in adverse weather and burns as long as you need it to get your fire started up to 60 minutes. The bellows tube is the only thing that makes this product special. It is far to short to be effective. You would get air to a fire if you burned your face. It's not easy to pull a damaged tip out of the tube and force it back into the tube when you're done blowing through it. The tube has a tight fit, and the fraying prevents it from going back in. A nice rigid structure to hold the wick and direct the flame where you need it is what the tube should be. You will love this product for its function, small footprint, and ability to start a fire quickly. You should buy yourself one. You will not be disappointed.

👤We've only tried it once, but it worked well. It took a little longer to light than a cotton ball, but it was lit quickly. It seems convenient. Aftet uses reduced to three stars. ferro rods are awesome. It is not easy to light this thing because it burns to ash fast. Cool. It is not worth $10. I will update the review if I change my mind.

👤I was surprised to see it was so small. I read the specifications, but the pictures are misleading. The size and strength of the jute made it impossible for a large knot to be tied at the bottom. The diameter of the jute is very small. I wouldn't pay $16 for three replacements. The product is overpriced for what you get. I'd be hesitant to use the bellows as a single cylinder because it's only a few inches long.

11. Go Time Gear Emergency Survival

Go Time Gear Emergency Survival

There is a pack of 2 bracelets, one black and one orange+black. There are instructions on how to make a fire. Buy now. The Life Tent is a waterproof and windproof tube tent made from extra-thick tear and puncture resistant polyethylene that locks out rain, wind, and snow. The interior reflects up to 90 percent of your body heat, keeping you warm, dry, and protected from the elements. The 120-decibel survival whistle is designed for emergencies and survival and can be used to cut through wind and trees. The nylon core of Para-synch Technology can be used to tie down or repair gear. The difference between life and death is your tools. The Life Tent is perfect for your bug out bag, hiking pack, survival gear, or car survival kit. It's easy to set up a tube tent with a 20ft rope and a nylon core paracord between it and two trees. The tent's corners should be anchored with rocks or gear. The mylar tube tent can be used as an emergency sleeping bag, emergency bivy sack, pup tent, space blanket, or thermal bivvy. The Life Tent is constructed of heavy-duty 28um extra-thick mylar material with a tear and puncture resistant coating to protect you in the event of a disaster. It can be folded up and placed back inside the nylon sack. The Life Tent is a must have for survival in an emergency. Go Time gear has a better design. Better quality. Customer service is world-class. That is the Go Time Advantage. They were tired of low-quality survival gear and cheap survival tents. They needed a high-quality survival tent for life threatening situations that didn't break the bank. It didn't exist. They built it. If you want to escape to safety in an emergency, you need a Life Tent with your survival gear kit.

Brand: Go Time Gear

👤I add one of the tents to my back pack because I am a member of CERT. My son came upon a wreck. I only had one emergency blanket. There were two people in one car and one in the other. The tent was used to keep the man warm. I need to order 2 more soon. Thank you.

👤I would like to point out how lite this is. It is almost completely weightless in my hand. Very happy with that aspect. It is not true that it is durable enough for multiple use. The product is done. It stretches to the point of wrinkling into worthlessness. When stretched, it gets very thin. I can't imagine setting it up and rolling it around on the inside with no cushion between you and the hard ground would make this fabric mangle over night. That being said. It is an emergency option. I want it to work once. I would buy a new one if I ever needed it. The stuff sack is very large for me. I bought the tent and bivi from a life tent. There was enough room for an Altoids tin fire kit in the stuff sack. This gives you shelter, warmth and fire. Also allows you to cook food with a metal cup and ward off unwanted guests at night. I think it is a great product. This is a one time use, save your life product.

👤If you put a trash bag or two into a bag, it would be better. The cheapest products were high quality. This is for people who want a false sense of security and never look at the products they buy. I would steer clear of it.

👤This is a sheet of plastic that is thinner than mylar and has a piece of string added to it. It is in a pouch. If you really want one of these, you can either buy a piece of string or a sheet of mylar and make one yourself.

👤I was under the impression that this would be a higher quality material. It isn't the case. The tent is just as thin and frail as a standard blanket. I should have spent more money on a nicer one. It comes with rope and it will keep me warm.

👤I haven't had to use this, and I hope that I don't have to in the future. It is a great addition to a camping bag. It would be great to have a taping off so that it can keep wind out.

👤My son and I were so excited to purchase this tent in case of an emergency that it would save our lives. We went to the woods to set up our tent after we received our package. There was a light breeze that day and the tent was blowing and whipping around. After some work, we were able to set up our tent. I noticed a puncture hole in the side of my tent as I entered the tent to see how warm it would be. I stuck my finger in the hole to see if it was a hole, because on the product information on the website it says the tent is impervious to puncture and tear. My finger went through the hole and became even bigger. The tent is very thin. You can see the black bear coming when he runs out of the woods. We know about the dangers of wild life because we live in the woods. When we set up this tent, the wind blew it up into some trees and it looked like a garbage bag had fallen into the tree branches. I think it would be better if you wrapped yourself in a garbage bag and just bought a tent to keep you warm. This is not a real emergency tent, it is a tent that you can set up in your backyard for your daughter to use as a shade from the sun at her tea party. The tent would make a good welcome mat at the front door so guests can wipe their shoes off before entering. If the ship got into a disaster, the tent would be a good emergency flag. If you were on a long family vacation and couldn't find a restroom, this tent would be better used as a pair of emergency pants. If you fall off of your cruise ship vacation raft, it would be a great emergency raft. The tent should be sold as the number one portable on the go emergency sleeping bag/ body bag. Don't die in the woods, remember everyone.


What is the best product for survival matches box?

Survival matches box products from Filfeel. In this article about survival matches box you can see why people choose the product. Survival Spark and Uco are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival matches box.

What are the best brands for survival matches box?

Filfeel, Survival Spark and Uco are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival matches box. Find the detail in this article. Coghlan's, Weyland and Lixada are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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