Best Survival Machete with Sheath

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1. Condor Tool Knife Machete Walnut

Condor Tool Knife Machete Walnut

The lanyard hole and recurve blade of the knife make it an excellent weapon for use in any situation. A 100% leather sheath is included. 1075 high carbon steel blade with black powder finish. The blade finish is black. The blade finish is black.

Brand: Condor Tool & Knife

👤I've been swinging machetes for 25 years. I've been through a lot of brands. I've given up on some of them and others didn't hold up. This is the best I have ever owned. The machete was new and in retail packaging. It was well packaged. The machete was wrapped in plastic and not put in the sheath. Everything was inside the factory box and the sheath was wrapped in plastic. I've heard good things about the machetes. I found out that what everyone is saying is true after I decided on the size and shape of the Golok. This will be the last machete I need. I might want one of their larger sizes, so if I ever get another machete, it will be another Condor. The box has a sharp machete in it. It's a good size for throwing a backpack or clearing limbs from a trail. I've been using it a lot in those scenarios. The handle is attached to the blade. You would find a loose handle with cheaper machetes. The blade is strong. You won't make that metal warbling sound with cheap machetes. I like the design of the handle. The bigger and thicker end of the machete keeps it in my hand. It's very comfortable to hold and use. My hand is not tired after a long period of use. The leather sheath is the best I have ever seen. It's well constructed. This is definitely worth it. I don't like the cheap nylon sheath that you get with a machete. A lot of people use this leather sheath. I can either carry on my side or protect the blade from being cut in my backpack. I don't put the sheath on my side if I'm going to be doing a lot of sitting, but it does allow you to sit, but for me it's mostly when I'm out in the woods. I left the machete in the floorboard of my car for one day. We had a hot day and a cold night. The leather sheath retained some of the temperature fluctuations. The edge of the blade was a little rusty when I pulled it out. The rust is gone after a little sanding. This was my fault. I'm not used to the combination of metal and leather. I won't be leaving it in a place where the temperature can change quickly. The floorboard of my car may have had some water in it. I don't know how tosharpen things. The edge is one of the easiest to work with for me. I use honing oil on all my yard equipment. I've been using a puck on the machete to keep it sharp. I can still keep a good edge on it even though I'm not an expert. The machete is still working and everything is holding up, if you are reading this without an edit. I will update this review if something changes. If you have a question, please ask.

👤Are you considering a $65 machete? The quality of materials and craftsmanship is great. The blade stock is thick and the factory edge is good. I didn't like it as a tool because it was too heavy and weird. The handle is too heavy and large to hold on to. I don't like the overall feel of the blade, I think the deep curve increases the inertia of the blade, something that is usually not present in straighter blades. If you want a chopper and a man, the Condor El Salvador is for $58. If you want one expensive machete, I prefer lighter machetes. That's one good pig! You could argue that the Golok is a bargain. The amount of steel, leather, and wood of the Golok is greater than Bushlore. The Golok is too expensive for a machete. The norm in the marketplace is high value. You can choose between the Ontario 18 and "GI" sheath for about $35 or $40, but you'll need to sharpen it. You can still chop like crazy at that point, even though you've lost the appeal of wood handles, brass pins, and leather sheath. I don't think it's a good idea to go with an axe because I find it easier to hit a chopping target with a machete. Users can use an axe. Chopping is not the end-all of machetes, but how much do you need to chop? .... I encourage you to use lighter machetes. They say, "Ting, ting, ting!" You can save money by doing other tasks better than chopping pigs. The Tram is a wood handle and the Okapi is a slim orange polyprop. You can save money by buying a Fiskars X7 and a Tabor curved 8" locking saw. Blow the whole money savings and buy more. Tram wood was handled by Imacas Pata de Cuche polyprop. You should get out in the wilderness and have fun.

2. KA BAR BK21 Becker Reinhardt Knives

KA BAR BK21 Becker Reinhardt Knives

The Kukri machete has a 11 inch blade and weighs 21.16 ounces. The overall length is 18. 75" and the blade length is 13. It's made of polyester. The blade is stamped with the letters KA-BAR. The edge angle is 20 degrees. The design is Becker/Reinhardt.

Brand: Ka-bar

👤This is the best design I've ever used. It is strong enough to chop and split wood if necessary, because it has a thin blade profile. The blade was on the ground. The full blade has a straight edge. This means that with a little skill, you can sharpen this on a flat stone, which is my preferred method. The BK21 has plenty of aftermarket sheaths and handle scales that allow you to modify it to your liking. The scales and sheath are functional. The blade has a factory secondary bevel. It comes with a coarse edge, which is not what this tool calls for. There are custom handle scales, sheath and reground secondary bevel in the pictures.

👤I have an original Becker Reinhart Kukri from 1994 that is very similar to this one. The handle is the same, but sharper and easier to use, and will chop all day long. This is a duller version. This isn't in the same category as the other ones, except for the one that I missed. A miss by Ka-Bar. If you want a nice chopper that costs 1/3rds less and is actually sharp, you should get the excellent value Ka-bar. The finish at the ricasso was badly damaged on three different ones, and I sprayed camo paint on it to make it look better. Becker doesn't know how to coat knives. I have a slack belt grinder, but I couldn't do much with the edge. Not questioning anyone. I don't think anyone will get a sharp edge with this thing. You want the big chopper blades to have good edges so they don't stick in the wood, and this is just a bit better than a butter knife. The steel is not as tough as the original Becker Reinhart Kukri, which was very tough. I just got it for my collection, but it won't be using it.

👤The knife is the apocalypse. It was thick and threatening. It was as you would expect from Ka Bar. I added the micarta handles because I was afraid the stock grips would let the knife fly from my hand. Ka Bar can't make textured grips for their Becker line of knives. You can shave with the blade. A lot of steel in the blade makes it hard to flick around, but the sight of one weilding it will make attackers flee in terror.

👤I got this from delivery about 10 minutes ago. The blade is nice. The sheath and handles are not good. It is awesome. The handles are horrible. Why would Kabar put scales on this? It was not at all comfortable. The sheath is garbage. Either upgrade scales or buy another knife. I was disappointed.

👤You could not ask for more with the blade design and steel quality. The BK 21 is the best Kukri being made that can be used in a variety of ways like Bushcraft,Camping or Martial Arts, and even just a Wall Hanger, although it is built for hard work.

3. Marbles MR12714S Scout Machete Sheath

Marbles MR12714S Scout Machete Sheath

It was made from the highest quality materials. It was built for performance andDurability.

Brand: Marbles

👤For the price, this sheath for my Tramontina machete is awesome. It is very strong. There are two pouches on the outside of the sheath. I wanted a strap to hold the knife in the sheath, but it didn't have it. It was easy to fix, as I had rolls of velcro. One wide strip through the large belt loop. A strap. The sheath was not negative enough for me to remove any stars. I haven't had a chance to use it in a long time, but if there are any negatives I will lower the rating. This sheath is 5 stars all the way.

👤I keep my blades sharp. Within the first two days, the blade was cutting through the top and I had to puncture it at the bottom. The pouch that comes with it is so thin that the stone tore through and was lost.

👤I bought this to use with an Old Hickory butcher knife that will be used as a small machete and it was a great fit. When the knife is fully inserted into the sheath, there is about 1.75 inches of handle exposed. The stone that comes with it is of decent size, but have not used it, so can't say how well it works.

👤The design of this sheath is beautiful. Absolutely recommend.

👤I bought a cheap sheath for my machete online. The cheap sheath was already falling apart. I turned to Amazon because I needed a nice replacement. The Marbles sheath is a great fit for my machete. I was very happy with this one, it's not easy to find 14" sheaths. Came with a sharpening stone. Baller!

👤The upgrade to the scabbard is genuine. The quality is high.

👤For size it's good. It needs a couple of molle straps for carry options. The snap could be used for blade retention during carry. It's a good sheath with materials that are easy to modify.

4. KA BAR KA1245 BRK Black Tanto

KA BAR KA1245 BRK Black Tanto

The knives category has a name. The Tanto blade shape is influenced by Asian culture. It is ideal for penetration. The steel blade is easy tosharpen. The Kraton G handle is comfortable in the hand.

Brand: Ka-bar

👤I really liked this knife and it was my first Kabar, so I felt like I made a good purchase. The blade didn't keep an edge that well, the pommel broke, and with just 1 extra inch of blade, it became very cumbersome. The Cold Steel Leatherneck D2 Tanto can be purchased using the refund. It is large, sturdy and built like a tank. The design is beautiful. It is a Ka-Bar. The sheath is a total garbage design and so busy from the cross that it snaps up. The cross snap is redundant because it clicks under pressured teeth and is so gaudy that it takes away from the simple molle construct. The plastic for the pressure teeth is very high to be able to draw quickly. The belt loop is fully enclosed, so easy to use, and it is very uncomfortable to sit down, because the plastic goes so high. Cold Steel has sheaths that are minimalist. The sheath should hold a knife without instructions. I only give this 4 stars because of the dumb sheath. You can save yourself from having to figure out how this sheath got out of the board room and into mass production by buying the leather sheath.

👤I bought it because it was Tacti- Cool. If I was going to buy a fixed blade knife, I felt it was right to perpetuate stereotypes about me being a multi ethnic Asian American. This thing is great. I wanted something different when I first opened this Ka-Bar. I have used for everything. Gutting fish, cutting meat, batoning, clearing branches, making feather sticks, and it's still going strong. The grip works well in the rain. I used it as a throwing knife while in the woods. I wanted to see how this review would hold up. It's steel at the moment, but it's rusty from the salt water. Most people won't use it the same way I have, but it will handle it. I chip the end of it. The knives I've purchased have been great. There are reviews of knives that are better. The reviews are always extreme, and cost more. My father in law broke a $300 knife after buying it. The Ka-Bar I bought years ago is still kicking butt. This is something that I can trust. This review is for my Tanto and other fixed blades that I've purchased from them.

👤I'm writing this review to show that Ka-Bar fixed the issue with the sheath scratching the blade. It shows that they listen to their customers. I was very happy with the purchase.

👤You'll never need a knife again. I like it. Enough said. Don't hesitate. You will not be disappointed. Buy it now!

👤I think this is a better blade style than the Ka-Bar. The blade is very similar in size and dimensions. The sheath is awkward. I will be removing the locking lugs. I want a knife that is easy to use. I appreciate that the sheath is ambidextrous. The slots and holes in the edges of the sheath make it possible to attach it in many different ways. Unless you want to carry it "knifeslinger" style, the nylon belt loop and snap straps are unnecessary. The sheath is made of nylon and can be changed without much trouble. The edge is usable out of the box, but still needs to be dressed and trained properly. The serrations are good for cutting rope and cord. It is what I expected, but not great. It rarely is.

5. Condor Tool Knife Australian Machete

Condor Tool Knife Australian Machete

The design is Becker/Reinhardt. The overall length of the blade is 18-1/4in. 1075 high carbon steel is heat treated and then annealed. A bare metal look is appealing to well-worn jeans. The walnut handles are finished with a smooth grip and have a nice dark look. A 500lb Paracord is included in the Reinforced Canvas sheath.

Brand: Condor Tool & Knife

👤It's ok, compared to a British army golok machete, it's half the price. The machete has the same style. The Condor is done. The Condor grind is nice. Full strength. Even though it's less finished, I like the Martindale better. Usually, it doesn't come with a sheath. The Martindale feels more balanced in my hand and both have the same performance. If you can't smooth a handle with a piece of paper, the Condor is the item. It's a toss up. The coating on the blade is not perfect. Some reviewers noted that it was thin in some places. The looks dipped and were allowed to dry without any special care. I'm okay with that, but some might not.

👤I got this because I wanted a small machete that would fit nicely on the side of my pack or at my waist, and that would occupy little side to side space. I wanted something that would be easier to use in close quarters work. This works for all of that. The baby is built like a tank but the weight is right. The tip is for chopping and slashing, not jabbing. The steel is not too heavy for hard use. The handle is comfortable in the hand. The sheath isn't all leather, so it's better outside in my area, but it isn't fancy. It has taken its place on my pack. Feel like a Grimm. It's a good thing.

👤I was surprised to see the craftsmanship of the tool that I received. There is a finger smudge and chemical circles on the blade. The leather strap that secures the machete to the holder is poorly designed, as it doesn't allow the blade to sit down fully into the sheath and only fits on the most narrow part of the handle. The strap should have been placed lower on the sheath or larger to allow the machete to sit in the holder. The price of this relative to quality and the thick steel and sharp edge makes me hope it makes up for shoddy craftsmanship.

👤I am very happy with this machete. It's heavy for its size, due to the thick slab of metal it was milling from, and I'm confident I could chop down a tree with it. I would have preferred a leather sheath for the price, but other than that, I think this is a heavy-duty blade.

👤I've been using machetes for over 50 years. I bought this one for my grandson. It looks like it will have a long service life. It fits perfectly. Many of the reviews agree that the sheaths handle retaining strap is not located correctly. My grandson thought so as well, but after putting the machete into the sheath it fit perfectly.

👤It has a good amount of weight. Can clear brush and trees. If you don't want to keep up with the maintenance, I would suggest the El Salvador. This is a nice little guy.

👤The machete is made from high quality steel and has a thicker blade. I have bought machetes as gifts. There is a problem with the leather restraining strap around the handle. The strap on the handle is too high and the strap is too short to allow the snap to close. I took the scabbards to a leather store and had the leather straps removed and the handle re-riveted. The rivet was placed in the wrong location. It took some unnecessary work, but now all is good.

6. 11001 Stainless Tactical Wilderness Survival

11001 Stainless Tactical Wilderness Survival

Have faith that the hand guard will keep the blade from slipping. A surgical tool. The fixed knife is great for cutting, sawing, chopping, and food prep, and it is also great for hiking. Whitney and Bowie Kinfe. Their survival knife has a fixed blade that spells doom for vegetation and is safe to carry with a hard sheath and quick-release function. STURDY FORCEFUL BLADE: Their bowie knives have a black oxide finish, rust resistance, and minimal reflectivity, which makes them sturdy for hard swings. The tactical knife fixed blade has leverage thanks to the fiberglass TPR handle, which allows you to keep your grip while swinging through thick brush, and the quick release function lets you start swinging in a pinch. Safe storage. The survival knife has a 7 inch blade and is a quick release hard sheath that keeps you safe when not in use.

Brand: Reapr

👤Extra protection is what this knife is for. It was almost chopped through the box fold when I tested it. I don't want to be the one who gets the knife. Would buy again. I used the Bowie to chop down the branch that was as thick as the blade's width. It took me about 3 minutes to cut the branch. The black coating on the edge of the serrations has worn out and I have used the serrated part of the blade. The knife has a sharp edge. I think this knife is a self-defense tool first and then a tool last. I would see the knife in the glove box or backpack. If I were traveling out of town, I would only use it as a secondary EDC. I would buy it again, and I would hate for anyone to be on the receiving end of this knife.

👤I saw this knife at the academy for 20 bucks and then on Amazon for 13 and thought I would give it a try. It is not full. It sounds like something is loose if you knock on the handle. It is an 13 dollar knife that I can put in my tractor toolbox and not worry about, it is not a high end knife. Buy with that in mind.

👤When first ordered, the knife arrived earlier than expected. The knife is the same as pictured. The knife is sharp. It is nice. I like to snap to secure my knife. The blade is well-fitting. Only giving 4 stars because the saw is not sharp and only leaves a small dent in wood and does not see past the saw teeth. I was very disappointed in that. I like the knife. It does not slip out of hand.

👤A 100% strong sturdy knife will buy again and have others purchase as well, if you're not careful.

👤The materiales are excelentes.

👤Well designed. The knife was very good.

👤It's just got a cool look, and it's exceeded expectations, especially at this price.

7. 9191 Commemorative Fighting Anniversary Leather

9191 Commemorative Fighting Anniversary Leather

The package is 6.5 cm in length. The package width is 8.5 cm. The package is 35.0 cm high. Product type is sporting goods

Brand: Ka-bar

👤The product was a great gift.

👤Thank you very much, I got my first Kbar and it was awesome.

👤It's a top quality Ka-Bar. I use mine, not a display piece, unlike some others that may be looking at this particular one. Any of their knives would purchase again. All of the variations are still as good as the first day, but I have changed them a bit.

👤I've been collecting knives for a long time and this is one of the best. It's not razor sharp but it's still sharp. The handle size may be a bit large for the average person, but glove wise. I need a different language. The knife is very comfortable to hold because I have large hands.

👤I own a lot of knives. I like the Kabar blade. The dirt bag thief stole this one. But... The anniversary logo is engraved on it. I bought a dogs head for everyday use. This one is a collection. Not engraved on both sides. That would be nice.

👤The objet de rve is a doublement. The production is limited by the légende aura.

8. Luna Tech LTK9500 Survival Machete

Luna Tech LTK9500 Survival Machete

The saw-back machete is the ideal outdoor survival knife for all applications, it is able to handle the biggest tasks, and it is also great for all of your slicing, sawing, piercing and cutting needs. Next time you go hunting, hiking, fishing, camping, or gardening, carry this with you. Dave young design is the founder and director of Arma training, which is taught by professionals with over 50 years of combined Law Enforcement and military experience. The design can be used in camping and survival environments. Can cut, saw, and Puncture. A strong blade has a thick, full length tang and sturdy overmold grip. The handle is made of black TPR and has a diamond pattern. The black sheath is designed for maximum use and storage. It can be used as a field marker. It can be used as a field marker.

Brand: Luna Tech Industries

👤This machete is the worst one you could ever use as a land surveyor. The machete is around 4-5 pounds and feels like you are swinging a log splitting axe all day. The handle is not fat enough, it is not aggressive for constant use, and it tears your hand a new one, and it is very thin and easy to roll. If you are doing a lot of cutting in rural areas, I do not recommend this machete. It is sharp. There is nothing else to this thing.

👤It was easy to handle. The tip broke after about a month of use.

👤Maybe not. I feel like him when I hold the Luna Tech machete. I have a sheath over my back. Over the years, I have used a lot of machetes to trim and cut mangroves on our Southwest Florida property. The Luna Tech model is shown along with three of my favorites. From the left you can see the Esee lite, the cold steel 97DEM, and The Luna Tech. The machetes are about 23" long. The Esee and Cold Steel weigh about 18 and 26 ounces, respectively. The company website is still under construction and there is no information currently published about this machete. The Cold Steel is.0625", the Esee lite is.075", the Condor is.089", and the Luna Tech is.14". The cold steel used in the Esee is 1055 carbon, while the Luna Tech is 440stainless steel. The prices on these four items are very interesting. The Cold Steel model has been discontinued and is no longer available. The Luna Tech is currently priced in Canada at $238.00 Canadian. What do you get for a machete that costs three times as much as the Esee and Condor? You get a large, heavy multi-purpose tool that gives you a lot of options in a survival situation. The blade is long and wide, has a wood saw on top of it, and has a rope cutter on the top and bottom. I was very cautious with everything that came out. If I dropped it on my feet, the blade would go through my foot. I've never felt that way about machetes. This machete is large. I have had rotator cuff surgery on both of my shoulders, but I can use my favorites all day. The Luna Tech would eventually cause me to put it down. This beast really does the job when I use it. The blades of my favorites are very efficient at cutting smaller plants and branches. It only takes a few swings to handle even more difficult jobs, because you can maintain a sharp blade and use a full slicing motion. That is important because of my advanced age. The Luna Tech surprised me that it could cause a lot of damage to large tree limbs. The swing's weight, sharpness and speed are all factors. It wouldn't work on smaller branches if you didn't cut them closer to the tree's trunk. If you tried to cut it elsewhere along its length, the branches would bend and spring back. I was able to cut through various types of wood that were over 4 inches thick with one blow, thanks to the Luna Tech. It creates so much slicing power that you have to be aware of any obstacles that might cause a glancing blow or cause you to cut yourself with your follow-through. This machete would cause a lot of damage if it was accidentally cut. Handle and use it with respect. If I had to take only two blades with me, one would be the Esee lite and the other the Luna Tech monster. The Esee can handle most of the heavy work while the Luna can cut almost anything. The Luna Tech is the obvious choice if I could only take one.

9. Whetstone Cutlery 25 H229 Brute Machete

Whetstone Cutlery 25 H229 Brute Machete

Not all Axe sharpening stone kits are created equal. Whetstones are made from premium quality material which provides superior sharpening performance. If you're not happy with any aspect of the Sharp Pebble Axe Sharpener, just let them know and they'll replace it. The dimensions are 22.75 inches. The blade is black and has a hanging eyelet and partial cord wrap. The Pakkawood Handle has a Slot for additional straps. The carrying case has a belt loop and buttons on it.

Brand: Whetstone Cutlery

👤This is the next generation machete. I've used machetes for most of my 76 years and started with surplus US Army ones. I don't understand the reviews here. Coard came untied, blade bent and the untrue blade chips came from normal use. The obvious rock chips shown on one star complaints can be made out by the competing product staff. Poor strikes in a slap motion cause bent blades. Sword steel is not used for machetes as they have to be more flexible for the type of work you're doing with them. The dual handles make it great for making spear, tent stake points, and shaving fire starter. I used Core Prodigy Fusion Grip Tape to wrap my tool handles, and I highly recommend it. The grip is amazing.

👤A picture is worth a lot of words. This is the result of 3 minutes of cutting. This is an extremely garbagy garbage. How is it possible to make steel that is softer than wood? Who is giving five start reviews to this garbage and what uses do they have for this machete? Butter spreading?

👤This machete is amazing. It feels like it's worth more than the price. It looks intimidating. Wrap the handle work Paracord the way I did it and it will feel better in your hand. Trust me, you will not be disappointed with this blade.

👤I bought this Machete to cut bushes and trees on a small piece of land. I was able to sort it out quickly after ordering two by mistake. He was responsive. The Machete is of good quality and has a nice cover. It starts to become dull after one hour of use. I only use it for one hour at a time, so I just sharpen it. It is made of thicker steel than a knife, so you can use a grinder or a sharpening stone. Either way, I got good results. I only use it with one hand and would not use two hands, the cord part of the handle is better used as a safety not to get cut in case your hand sleeps the handle. The area where other machetes are left sharpened is where the cord is located. The handle isn't super ergonomics. If you use tape for longer periods, you may want to use it as other reviewers have done, but for a short time, it is fine. I use the edge in the back on occasion.

👤I've used this machete extensively to cut brush around my homes and property, as well as a few trail clearing sessions. My first one was great, but I lost in a move, so I just received my second one and it's already been used. The second one has been named George. I like giving scary names to big blades. There were two issues with the units I received. The second is that the paracord wrap is not secured very well, which I fixed by unwrapping a couple of times and then re-wrapping with a better method of securing the end of the cord. The second issue is more problematic than the first. The rivet/posts do not hold the handle in place. I don't remember if I looked at the holes in the tang and the size of the posts, but I'm going to guess that they have a bit of difference between their diameters which results in a pressure fit only. I made a new handle with a stronger one and used a strong epoxy to pull the handle material off and make it more stable. I think I'll replace the material completely with a set of scales that I'll create, and I think I'll do it with my current unit. The metal was treated well and the blades held a great edge even when hacking through heavy brush, as I have learned from using this machete. I would recommend this one for purchase.

10. Ontario Knife Company 8683 Survival

Ontario Knife Company 8683 Survival

Their tools are made in the USA using the finest American steel. It was made in the United States. It was built for performance andDurability. The Kraton handle is carbon steel.

Brand: Ontario Knife Company

👤Wanted one of these. I finally got to tell you, I was without it for too long. It does everything. It chops it. It is on the heavy side but it is not noticeable in the sheath on your belt. It will cut a small tree in half. I have used it as a spatula and a tool for stirring the fire, but it has no give. It has a decent edge and takes very little work to make it better. I wouldn't replace my belt knife for it because it's a little bulky for more intricate jobs. Would recommend it to others.

👤This is a machete for trees and bushes. It can be used as an ax. My skinny hands and wrists are not strong enough to put this puppy to the test, but the more I use it, the stronger I get. I have that goin' for you.

👤I have been wanting a machete for a long time. I was able to get my hands on it. The blade finish and function is outstanding. It is a heavy chopping beast. I cut a 1” limb like butter. I tried my hand at making curls. This thing works. I grabbed a few rounds from the wood pile. I think they were either walnuts or Locust. Put the blade in the middle. Might have been using my axe. This cut through. The sheath is disappointing. The mole is on the back of the new version. The original version has an extra pocket on the front. I'm going to try and sell it as a option. This is going to be a great tool for around the house and for camping.

👤I've used an Ontario fixed blade knife for over 20 years and it has held up well. The machete is the same quality. It was very strong. It came fairly dull, that's my only gripe. If they were facing the other way, the saw teeth would be better used. The saw teeth on the back of the blade are so thick that it is hard to push away from you and still push hard enough to see anything. I bought it for its ability to pry/chopping, not as a saw. It's a good item for money.

👤He is mediocre. It is okay for the price. The center of the grind was the apex. On one side, the grind was higher. The blade was larger on one side. The quality control was terrible. The edge had to be reprofiled. The saw back isn't very good. I have seen better. I would only use it to make a basic notch. Use your money to buy other products that have better quality control. Save and buy a better brand. You can save money by buying a good hatchet. I wouldn't buy this again. I wouldn't give it away.

👤This thing is a beast and lives up to everything you say. It's not a big deal because OKC has started using nylon sheaths instead of the nice leather sheath they used to ship it with. It's still worth every penny.

11. Pudhoms Survival Shovel Multitool Backpacking

Pudhoms Survival Shovel Multitool Backpacking

AXE SPECS The total weight of the Axe Head is 1.9 lbs. The camping shovel toolbox has ShoVEL-AXE-PICKAXE included. High carbon steel. Their survival axe set is made of strong material. All in one includes survival tools like shovel, axe, pickaxe, flashlight, rescue whistle, magnesium rod, cutter, saw, hoe, bottle opener, knife, fork, compass, fire starter, wrench, luminous ring. It's perfect for sawing, cutting, peeling, can opening, chopping, scaling, emergency hammering. The batteries are not included. You can use any tool of tactical survival shovel multitool with axe very easily in a few steps and the length of camping and camping axe is adjusted to 3 different lengths with thicken extension handles. The perfect gift is a survival kit or tactical gear for hikers, campers, survivors, hunters, or anyone who needs it. It's the perfect tool box for your car.

Brand: Pudhoms

👤The product is made of cheap metal. It looks like a cheap toy. After opening the box and charging everything. If you leave the light plugged into the wall, it won't work. I'm not sure how that helps in the woods. Try to dig a hole with the shovel, it bends on a small rock in the dirt. Thanks for being a crook.

👤The whistle and small compass were missing. It was camping and cut a few small wood sticks and axe chip.

👤The shovel and axe work well. I used it 4-5 times and it was not broken. Useful on other small parts. Whistle, knife, fork, flint stone, camping light... There is a can opener. There is a This product has a sturdy bag, which distinguishes it from others. I had purchased a similar product before. The bag was turned off first use. The return trip was difficult. I keep this in the trunk of my car because I always have the tools I need in the event of an emergency.

👤When I ordered one, it only worked when plugged in, so I sent one back and it still works.

👤When I purchased the kit, I was expecting something heavy and bulky, but it is a lightweight kit. It is useful and durable. Before buying it, you should check the dimensions. It is a perfect match for me. You get what you paid for.

👤The product is made nicely and be extra careful when removing the shovel head, all the pieces seem to lock in place really well, only thing I would add in the future is having a camping fork and spoon as part of the system.

👤I am very happy that I placed this order. Will this item have a purpose for me? Absolutely, a short answer. I needed a hatchet and shovel that I could feel comfortable with and handle, and this multitool fit the bill. I would recommend this purchase to a friend or family member.

👤I thought to dig a hole after taking it for a hike. The knife had screws in it and the handle had a flash light. It is a one and almost done.


What is the best product for survival machete with sheath?

Survival machete with sheath products from Condor Tool & Knife. In this article about survival machete with sheath you can see why people choose the product. Ka-bar and Marbles are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival machete with sheath.

What are the best brands for survival machete with sheath?

Condor Tool & Knife, Ka-bar and Marbles are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival machete with sheath. Find the detail in this article. Ka-bar, Reapr and Ka-bar are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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