Best Survival Machete with Fire Starter

Machete 3 Oct 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Morakniv Fixed Blade Pocket Sized Stainless Firestarter

Morakniv Fixed Blade Pocket Sized Stainless Firestarter

There is a new secure-ex sheath with ferrocerium fire steel. The winner of the 2016 award was based on quality, innovation, design, and practicality. The Sandvik 12C 27 blade is a high strength, tough and resistant to rust. The neck kit has a hard plastic sheath, firesteel, paracord and secondary lock. The total length is 146 cm, the blade length is 56 cm, the blade thickness is 0.8 inches, and the weight is 80g. The manufacturer has a 1-year warranty.

Brand: Morakniv

👤I like the knife. A lot. It's great! It works well for small tasks and it feels great in the hand. The sheath was the reason I gave it 4 stars. The knife does not fit securely in it. You can hear the knife moving if you shake it. When I put the knife in the sheath, it doesn't click. My Mora companion fits very securely in the sheath with no movement at all and a nice audible "click" when it slides in. My sheath looks like it's been used, or it's just cheap. There are some scratches on it and one of the retention pieces in the inside looks a little worn, which could be the cause of the first problem. The knife fits securely with the leather strap I bought. I'm not worried about losing the knife, but it's disappointing. It's a neck knife and you can't attach it to your belt, but a pocket clip or belt would be nice. There is a small scratch on the handle of the knife. The knife is very good. It feels great in my hand, it cuts easily. The quality control seems to be not that good. I decided to make a small fire kit out of the video from Ultimate Survival tips. The sheath was wrapped with the survivor cord and the fire steel and SOL tabs were held in ranger bands. It turned out pretty well.

👤To neck knife kit or not to neck knife kit? I love it! I do. I was hovering over this one for a long time and I am happy to have it in my possession. I remembered that on every episode of dual survival,Cody Lundin wore a Morakiv, and that's a pretty convincing endorsement in my opinion. The Sandvik steel is very impressive in person and was a big selling point for me. I don't think you'll be wearing it under a shirt, because it's small and light. You could work with this tool all day. The handle is strong. The handle looks great and adds a lot to the grip. I was very excited to break it out and I love the red color. I also bought my girlfriend a blue one. I'm the best. I like the color of it. I wanted them to be unnatural colors so they would be easy to find on the forest floor, and I almost bought the black one. I went back and forth on the neck knife kit and whether I really needed it since I was buying two. Do you need it? Nope. Am I happy with it? Yes. This thing is not going to fall out of its sheath. It's tight and nice to have. I'm happy with it because I think it may loose over its lifetime, which is one of the reasons I'm happy with it. It comes with a firesteel that is very high quality, the right size to add to the necklace and rains sparks like champ, especially against the spine of the blade. The leather safety strap is very tight and easy to put in place. It holds the knife well. If you want a leather safety strap, you can get it for free if you spend $10 bucks on firesteel. Morakiv has won me over with this one.

2. Schrade SCHMBSCP Priscilla Stainless Survival

Schrade SCHMBSCP Priscilla Stainless Survival

Be prepared. Machete has a ferro rod, sharpening stone and lanyard hole. The overall length is 57.5 cm and the blade is 40.8 cm. It isdurable: The blade is made of 3Cr13. The S.S. has a black handle. It's permissible. It's ideal for everyday carry because of the convenient belt sheath with shoulder strap. The blade will not slip with the security of the finger guard, grommet holes and slots for lashing. The lanyard hole and recurve blade of the knife make it an excellent weapon for use in any situation.

Brand: Schrade

👤I am not sure how a negative review can damage a sword. Either he is an outlier of poor quality or he hit rocks with it. I began testing mine on 1” trees. I was going to remove the tree near my garage, but I found it after these proved no problem. The tree was a 6” poplar. It took many chops, but there was no damage to the blade. This thing has performed well. You should be fine if you stick to wood.

👤I liked the design and shape of this. I've had kukhris before and the weight forward design looked similar. I like the idea of a rubber cushion grip. I used it for light to medium brush clearing, and you can see the result for yourself. I would expect to chip the edge and have to touch it up, but this is more than that. The metal at the top of the break is very coarse and therefore an inferior heat treat. I was very disappointed in the product.

👤You've probably seen this on the internet and are wondering if the production ones are as good. At least mine is. This is a budget sword that is 3/16ths inch thick and has some flex to the blade, less than a machete and more than a knife, and has a knife like edge. The blade grind is very unusual, it's a full flat grind on the top third of the blade that then turns into a gradually increasing saber grind for the rest, and in the videos it looks like it's distal taper goes from thick to thin back to thick again, but it The black coating on the first inch of the blade is meant to dull it. It punches above its weight class, hitting almost the same as my camp 18 and is noticeably lighter. The grip is very comfortable, secure, and similar to the schbolo, but it is better. The plastic sheath on mine fits well and has no rattle, the button strap is the only means of retention, and the baldric style carry is pretty convenient. It has some drawbacks. The tip is very thin, it's as thin as a thumb tack, and it's not as good as any other blade I own. I can't imagine the tip will last long before snapping or bending, but it did hold up to being stabbed multiple times into frozen hardwood and drilling. I'm not inclined to condemn it for something that hasn't happened yet and no star has been taken off. If and when it does. It cut paper, but it couldn't cut thin paper much less shave arm hairs, which all my other thick "machetes" did. I didn't take a star off because it is technically sharp enough for its intended purpose of brush clearing, so maybe I've just become spoiled as to the edges I've been getting on my budget blades and am a little disappointed. It's this! It's ridiculous that you can get this at this price and I would not hesitate to pay more for it. Is it a good woods tool? I don't know. If you get this far in the review, you already know you will love it, so I might buy a second. There is a I got a plastic cover for the clam pack. Just letting you know, not in a box like my other schrades. How would I rate this compared to my other blades? I have to wait for the " newness" of Priscilla to wear off and to use it more before I can answer that, but it's my favorite as of this moment. I don't worry about the tip if you stab it into some seasoned hardwood or lumber and Torque side to side, I don't do that. My advice is to take it out and use it, don't just look at it or tap on it, or any of a bunch of other weird "tests", then judge if it's worthy. I have been able to do a lot of things with it, like breaking down a large tree in my yard, that should be done with an axe. If you get a mid range high carbon steel that doesn't perform like it should be returned. I have no rolls or chips, the blade is still straight, I put a diamond stone on it, and it took a nasty sharp edge, but I kept it straight for a while. The sheath is not as good as it used to be, and there is no good way to carry it without looking like a medieval warrior. The best way to use a sword is to use a sword on your hip, it moves with you and doesn't get in the way in the woods, it is easy to sit down and draw, and it is resistant to rust. You have a sword. I live in the middle of a forrest so I don't care how I look, no one else is around, and that's how I wear it. The blade is fun. Do you remember going out in the woods? When it wasn't all about survival, "primitive skills", "light load outs", "1 tool options" and "your going to die if you don't have a super steel knife"? The blade reminds me of those times when I used to go out to the woods and have fun. Thank you to both of you.

3. SOG Tactical Survival Hunting E37T K

SOG Tactical Survival Hunting E37T K

The company has a limited lifetime warranty on workmanship and materials. The fixed blade knife is made of. 4.75-INCH AUS-8 STAINLESS STEEL. The Navy Seal knife with sheath is 9 inches in total length. There are 5.4 bullets in the holster. The glass-reinforced nylon handle for this type of knife has no maintenance. There is a hard-moled KyDEX SHEATH. The Kydex sheath is great for camping knives, hiking knives, belt knives, rescue knives, skinning knives, boot knives, or military knives. SOG uses a heat treatment to strengthen steel at the atomic level for a stronger fixed blade knife. SOG fixed blade knives with sheath are built to last and they consider all repair and replacement requests. SOG fixed blade knives with sheath are built to last and they consider all repair and replacement requests.

Brand: Sog

👤The box was well made. It was a good fit for the knife and sheath. The edge grind was not perfect, but it was good to go. My sheath was the kydex. The knife is not too tight with the snap. I wore it for a day with the belt attachment, then began looking for an alternative. The lump under my belt was not comfortable when folded over in the high ride position. I was disappointed to find that the mounting holes didn't line up for a small t-Lok, my molle attachment, or any of the belt clips/attachment hardware from my sheaths. I found the belt attachment on my holster to fit. I swapped to those and now everything is fine. You would be hard pressed to find a better knife for the money. If you're willing to do a little work yourself, you can get a good tool.

👤The blade is not equal for a mass production survival knife. Don't be fooled by the cheap mainland China knives that are cast, not forged, and have a thin easily broken handle section. The knife is made in Taiwan, which is almost as old as Japan, which was making deadly blades for a thousand years before Western Europe. Are you going into the field? Take this blade!

👤My own sheaths include 12 & 1/4", 10, and 9 knives, with a belt loop and retainer plate. After months of searching for a lightweight, solid, fixed-blade for backpacking, I finally decided on the SOG Seal Pup Elite with Kydex Sheath, mainly for it's compact 9 & 3/8" overall length and an incredibly lightweight 5.7oz. I plan on lashing the knife to my pack because it fits securely in the sheath. I have removed the belt-loop and retainer plate from the sheath, leaving me with a total mounted weight of 7.0oz. Backpackers are happy! I was able to slice through paper without tearing it with my razor because it came sharp and sturdy. That is razor sharp in my book. The serrations cut me out of the box after little more than a light brush. I asked the reviewer if he had even handled the knife. It is not dull from the box. So what if it were? You wouldn't throw a knife away just because it dulled, because all knives need to be sharpened from time to time. You're not paying for a sharp blade, you're paying for a high quality blade that you keep sharp. You're getting proven steel with excellent edge holding capability with the Seal Pup Elite and it's AUS-8 steel specially treated by SOG. The edge has SOG's original design with plenty of belly, which distributes the workload along the long, sweeping edge. The blade starts at just under 3 inches thick, making it nearly impossible to break, and I've jammed the knife tip into hardwood over and over again, so far it's just fine. I've used it to chip down branches and firewood and the edge is still sharp. Thanks to the Titanium Nitride coating, I have not seen a spot of rust since I left it out in the night. Is it durable? Check. Solid feel in your hand, lightweight and durable. The Elite's handle is slightly longer with a curve around the pinky compared to the non-Elite version. It feels very maneuverable because the balance point is at the index finger. The texture molded into the Zytel is better shown in pictures than I could describe, but it still has an impressive grippiness to it. If you've never felt it before, you'll be amazed at how light and durable it is; it's incredibly hard, harder than any plastic I've ever dealt with, and still not brittle. They say it's a mix of nylon and fiberglass. Whatever it is, it is not negotiable. I don't use the Lanyard hole. Sheth. The Kydex sheath is made of three easily separable parts. The sheath is lighter and 888-282-0465 than any other sheath out there and perfect for backpacking. It can be mounted in almost any direction, and the knife locks in with no rattle. The sheath is molded around the knife and hilt, and the hilt is slightly away from the blade. Retention even when mounted tip-up with the retention strap removed is provided by the larger end of the hilt being able to pass through the sheath. There's no need to press a release mechanism, but it might shake loose under certain circumstances. I glue the expanding part of the case together to tighten the sheath's hold on the hilt. It's stable enough to run with confidence. There's a quick-access cord cutting slot in the sheath, but it's not very useful, so I'm saving that for the "Cons" section of the review. Go ELITE! It's worth the extra money for the Elite version of the Seal Pup, I had the chance to handle the standard version before making my final decision. It's nice to know that, should I ever need "notch" wood, I have better sheath, better handle, longer blade/ shorter choil, and spine rasp. They look cool, and as I'm writing this review, Amazon is selling this knife with the Kydex sheath for $73. This is an outstanding deal for what you're getting. There are limitations to limited hacking. A 5.7oz knife with a 5" blade is a great compromise where larger knives are too heavy and bulky to bring along, but with the saving in weight and length you also lose sheering and hacking ability. It is not practical to hack through branches thicker than 2 inches diameter or baton through logs thicker than 5 inches with the Seal Pup Elite. Hardcore survivalists might want something with a bit more length, but that's not what this is for. The handle of the Zytel is limited in its ability to hammer. The base of the knife was rounded off by SOG. If they had left it a bit flatter, it would have been up to the task, but as it stands, the rounded pommel doesn't strike hard enough. There is a thumb-ramp formed into the Zytel handle to prevent slippage when thrusting the blade, and it does have very slight grooves, but not The first 3/4" of the spine isn't rasped, which makes sense to me as it would be perfect jimping if you were to ride your thumb high. The thumb ramp under actual use is not a problem because there's enough texture and finger grooving in the Zytel handle. Sheth. The sheath is in the Pros section, but it has flaws. Kydex is said to be a top of the line sheath material. The sheath is still better than the nylon one, but it's cheap. It's a sheet of plastic that has been heated and folded around a mold, riveted together. If you don't insert the knife straight in, it'll get stuck on the way in, which is why it's developed a catching point inside. The retainer plate in the middle of the belt loop is different from the screw points in the belt loop. I don't plan on using either of them, but you might want to know. The rope cutter is a joke. You have to pull hard since you don't get the slicing you would otherwise get if you just used the knife, but think about it: when is it going to be quicker to un-lash the sheath from your gear, just to cut a cord? I have never gotten it caught on anything, but I'm still afraid it's a liability. It's all done. I think this is a great lightweight backpacking knife.

4. Schrade SCHPR1CP Parang Full Machete

Schrade SCHPR1CP Parang Full Machete

The overall length is 49.8 cm and the blade length is 34.8 cm. It isdurable: The blade is made of 3Cr13 S.S. and has a black handle. It's permissible. It's ideal for everyday carry because of its convenient sheath with shoulder strap, leg strap and belt loop. The blade will not slip with the security of the handle. A lanyard hole and hollow grind make the knife safe to use.

Brand: Schrade

👤I've been cutting with machetes and cane knives for over 50 years. I own close to a dozen so I have a good baseline to critique this parang. The days of $15.00 Malaysian parangs are over due to the popularity of Ray Mears. I picked up this Schrade parang for under $30 and it is worth every penny. The steel is easy to keep an edge on. The Latin machete has a heavy balance and is thin, making it easier to chop. I like that the sheath with the shoulder strap and leg strap makes hiking with this knife very comfortable, and that it has a full tang. I highly recommend it, it's my new favorite mountain trekking machete.

👤I haven't been able to kill it. It's not bright. A piece of steel. I like this parang for its heavier brush, but I would probably use a thinner blade for my lighter tasks. This parang is great for clearing trash trees that are too heavy for my Tramontina blades. I use this parang instead of an axe for most things here in Hawaii. The blade is easy to resharpen and the handle is comfortable. When I'm too lazy to walk back to the house to get my shovel, I use it to dig holes on my property. I decided to use this blade to dig out the old ohia tree stump. I wanted to see how the steel would hold up against Ohia wood. I turned the blade to put stress on the edge, and bashed it a lot. The blade edge was fine at the end of the chopping session. The blade is one of the best bargains on Amazon. The Schrade barong is labeled as a bolo, but it is more expensive than the Schrade parang, which can do the same jobs. There are no issues with the blade. I've come to appreciate the fact that this bush knife is made of steel. I haven't oiled it or cleaned it. I have to sand and spray paint my carbon steel blades before I put them away. The 3Cr steel in this parang is very resistant to staining and rusting.

👤If you want big limbs and small trees, this is the one. This is only a small piece of metal, which I usually describe as a "hammer", but it's not. I'm pretty sure it won't break when you take it from a limb. If far from perfect is this "hollow grind"? The knife is the same as jeans. It will take you days/weeks/ months to correct them eating out a large chunk of your blade. The metal is strong. I have had modern Asian STAINLESS STEEL produce rust spots, so it's hard to say I'm a true scuplture of it. At this point, I don't really care about the word "ss". I find myself thinking about buying a second one as they tend to double in price once their value is known. The metal is good, the sheath is good, and anyone who thought a shoulder carry was a good idea has watched too many grade B action movies. The balance is perfect, it sits in my hand at any angle. I've used it on bamboo and it's fine, but the thickness makes it a bit reluctant to slice it like butter. Stick with 1/6th for Ontario or Marbles. I only use what works for me because I have a blown right bicep.

5. Amazon Jungle Survival Knife Sheath

Amazon Jungle Survival Knife Sheath

The sawback blade design is heavy and rugged. The blade finish is resistant to oxidation. The handle has a built-in compass. The sheath is made of leather. A mini survival kit is in the handle.

Brand: K Exclusive

👤You won't credit me back my money since you sent it. I thought I'd give it to you without ordering it. It's the worst quality, you are more likely to cut or hurt yourself than anything you might be trying to cut, it did not come all the items, and the compass doesn't read correctly.

👤I wanted to use it before I wrote a review. The knife looks similar to the pictures. The blade was sharp and everything was on time. I have been able to sharpen it multiple times and it still works. I have used this to chop and saw branches. The handle is solid and I haven't had any problems with the blade. There are no signs of rust after I dropped the whole thing in the river. The wrap on the handle has stayed in place. I used my own matches to refill the survival kit. If you're looking for real leather, don't buy this sheath. The belt loop on the sheath is large enough to fit any size belt. This knife is very good for the money. I don't understand why others are having problems with their knives. The compass fell out of the bed of my truck, but it was the only downside. Everything is fine.

👤This may be a good knife. I don't think so. I regretted buying it when I saw it. You can't return it. I will fix that, but it was not sharp. The handle is wrapped with a string that may help you, but don't rely on it. The handle is very difficult to grasp, for me, I have problems with thetrigger finger. It slips in my hand as I try to cut it. Maybe a bicycle grip will help, but why should I do this? The "saw back" on the spine is a joke.

👤The knife is not sharp, but it is very good. It seems to be well made and will work hard. The compass does not work on a flat surface. I would throw it away. It is part of the handle. This is what I wanted. I got a dud compass as I mistakenly ordered the same one from another source and it's compass works just fine, plus the second one was very sharp. The first one must have been a break time.

👤I always wanted a Rambo knife when I was a kid, and this is the one I got. The blade is larger than the handle, but for the money, it's awesome. It looks good. The compass works. I didn't get any matches in the container, but I don't care. The sheath is only one step above a really bad one, but it will work for now.

👤The survival kit has stuff from it, but the knife seems sturdy. I'm going to make my own survival kit. I like getting what I pay for. It's satisfactory. Not great, nor disappointing. Just in the middle.

👤If you are going on a hike or camping trip, this is a great knife. The handle is wrapped with para cord and the compass hilt screws off to reveal a small water tight container inside that includes fishing line, fishing lure, fishing hook, matches with striking paper, and a few other little survival goodies. The teeth on the opposite side of the blade are great for sawing and the blade is very sharp and stays that way for awhile. The sheath that comes with the knife does break if you use it a lot, but it is the only downside to this product. I would recommend buying an all new sheath for your knife. This is a great product.

6. Extraction Evasion Cleaver Machete Survival

Extraction Evasion Cleaver Machete Survival

The overall length with a blade length of 10 inches and a weight of 18.6 ounces is 41.21 cm. It isdurable: The blade is made of reliable 420 STAINLESS STEEL with a black rubber handle. It's permissible. The sheath is black and easy to use. The blade will not slip with the security of the finger grooves and choil. It is possible to achieve dependability. The double sided blade has multiple uses.

Brand: Smith & Wesson

👤It is dangerous because it is what it is. It is dangerous because there is not much room to grasp other than the grip. If there is no medical staff, or lack of antibiotics or other wound treatment assets, one can easily get infections if they have an accident. The piece of leather that was put over the'saw teeth' was designed to be used for more than chopping/striking. I use the saw to remove the wood from the walking sticks and then use the blade near the grip to push the lands away from the high sides of the grooves. There is a Not a carving knife by any means. It is difficult to use the point if you can grip near the tip from the back. There is a The wide, flat blade is great for skinning knots off of walking sticks, chopping fish heads off, and any other quick portioning of meat with one chop. There is a A strong strike is delivered by the weight to size. There is a The leading edge is very fine. If you want to save your life, dulling the saw doesn't outweigh the outcome if you didn't beat on it. There is a The saw is short enough that it doesn't put too much pressure on the wrist like long machetes. There is a It's easy to fit it into backpacks. There is a There is enough room in the sheath to add a tooth brush. Wrap parachute cord around the handle for better grip when it's hot and sweaty. It is easy to hone a new razor blade.

👤This machete was very sharp. I was excited to use it. The blade was damaged on the second use. I need to get to the utility enclosures that customers like to plant bushes in. Again, read that again: bushes. I have used this on limbs that are less than 1 inch in diameter and often used the saw blade on thick limbs due to low swinging clearances. I'm an outdoorsman who takes care of their tools to begin with so this was a huge shock to me. The only redeeming quality is the saw blade on the back of the machete, however, I've got my eyes on a Walmart one that will hopefully survive longer.

👤If you carry it on your belt, the zip will slide down about half an inch if you don't stay on top of it. The saw back is Sharp and a lot of those they put their 4 look on are. The blade is very sharp, like any knife would be. I don't mind it being a little sharper. I have a lot of knife experience so I like them sharp. Overall quality seems to be pretty good considering the prices are so low, but knives are always overpriced, it's just fine. A lot of people buy knives in bulk because they can find good knives for a good price.

👤Each year I buy a new blade to try out for camping trips, I am a bit of a blade junkie. The all purpose blade is one of the most comfortable wilderness blades I have ever bought. The double toothed saw on the backside is superior to any non-dedicated saw that I own, it's great for the branches and brush too thick to hack through, and the size and weight is perfect for medium duty machete work. The wide blade was not meant for this purpose. The first one I owned snapped in half when I was using it. The handle snapped clean off the blade, which is a full tang, but I didn't swing it hard. It had to have been a fault in the metal/manufacturing, that's what my camping buddies and I agreed on. The force I put in that swing will not cause a knife to break. The primary thickness of the blade could be a bit thicker. I liked the features and ergonomics of the second one. I have been hacking through the bushes around my house without any issues.

7. BlizeTec Survival Knife 5 Magnesium

BlizeTec Survival Knife 5 Magnesium

100% money back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied. Premium 5-in-1 pocket-size survival knife with nylon pouch is the best emergency tool. Serrated saw, bright flashlight, magnesium alloy fire starter, blade lock, window breaker, seatbelt cutter and pocket clip are functional components. The BlizeTec multi-purpose lock blade knife is perfect for all occasions and can be used for camping, hiking, hunting and any outdoor activity. An emergency preparedness item is a great gift. TheOCKET size and light weight are listed. The knife is designed to fit in your hand. It's only 5.46oz, making it easy to avoid carrying a big knife, while enjoying all the benefits of a big knife. The knife can be carried with a belt clip or nylon pouch. The kit is easy to use. The BlizeTec emergency knife is easy to keep. The entire knife is long when open and contains a mini light, seatbelt cutter, window breaker, magnesium fire starter, belt clip, nylon pouch, and Flexible carry options with the included belt clip or just put it in your pocket. The whole unit is only 5 inches when closed, and the blade is 3.5 inches long. Every day you carry a knife, you are assured of quality assurance. BlizeTec is protected by a trademark and your purchase is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Brand: Blizetec

👤I want to add that this knife is still going strong and remains my daily carry knife after all these years. Thanks BlizTec! This knife is an amazing knife, and really lives up to its name as a survival knife. The performance of this knife was amazing when I returned from Nepal. It is not too heavy. Even with repeated daily use, it stays clipped in place because it has a solid feel in your hand. The blade is very sharp, and has kept a good edge after a very demanding month of back country use. The tasks were handled beautifully. The pack mules use the serrated portion of the blade to cut the small shrubs. -- Butchering and skinning a full size goat. Cleaning dirt and grim from fingernails. I like that the belt clip can be removed with the three small screws, since after a month of constant use I needed to crimp it. The blade has a decent edge after a lot of rough use, and the body has held up nicely. I don't have any criticisms or suggestions that would prevent me from buying it again. I would suggest design changes if BlizeTec reworked this blade. This is a good knife. 1) The mini light and fire starter should be reversed. The light would fall into the dirt when the knife was being used on a difficult task. It was almost lost because of this. The textured head of the light makes it easy to accidentally pull the light out while holding the knife. The magnetized back is not enough. The fire starter has a tighter profile against the housing, so I would switch it to the other one. There are two more The strikers are so small that they don't strike very well, and the teeth are not close enough to catch the strikers shaft, which makes it hard to use the knife closer to the hinge. If you have small hands, it's easier, but I have large man hands, and always felt cramped when using it. It's not practical to make the strikers any longer, but it is possible to make a slightly larger final serrated gap where the straight edge starts to give a little better spacing for larger hands. This knife is going into my bug out bag for future use, and is a brilliant knife, besides these two suggestions. BlizeTec gave a great knife combo.

👤The pros: It seems solid and I didn't notice any flaws. Everything is as advertised, and the blade is sharp. The flashlight is held in place by a strong magnet. The cons are 1. The flashlight turns on and off by being screwed in and out. To turn it off, you have to loosen it. Don't loosen it too much, or the bulb part will come off. Is it enough? It might go off for a while, and then come back on its own. I left it on for 3 days because I didn't loosen it enough. 2. The flashlight is not bright. Not as bright as the one on my phone. 3. If the blade isn't completely closed, it can open. You must be careful not to let it go. My pocket knife snaps closed if it's less than a few millimeters, so that was never a concern. It seems too heavy to carry in my pocket. I don't want to get one this heavy in the future.

8. Schrade SCHKM1 Stainless Safe T Grip Survival

Schrade SCHKM1 Stainless Safe T Grip Survival

The overall length is 50 cm and the blade length is 33 cm. It isdurable: The blade is made of 3Cr13. The S.S. has a black safety grip. It's permissible. It's the ideal cutting tool because of its convenient sheath with a shoulder pouch, shoulder strap, leg strap and belt loop. The blade will not slip with the security of the front quillon. Be prepared. Machete has a ferro rod, sharpening stone and lanyard hole.

Brand: Schrade

👤I liked the price, shape, and sharpness. During the first use, it cut through its own sheath. It broke on second use. I might have gotten 4 hours out of this toy. Is there a real machete brand that will leave me bladeless in a Central American jungle? Tell me. I can't trust this one. I'd pay more for long-term dependability.

👤It was great for about 10 minutes of cutting the branches from the dead tree, then the blade started to bend and the black coating started to come off. The weight is perfect and the hand feels great. It was bent on the first use. I used a new blade 3 times and it broke in half and almost hit my leg. Do not buy this product. This product is horrable and I want a refund.

👤You get what you pay for. This is a very convincing movie prop. If you try to use it, it will quickly become garbage. I wish I had known I was buying a toy before I used it. The blade was trashed. See the photos. It looks great on film.

👤I've been looking at this for 3-4 months. After reading the reviews, I thought this would be the one. I mean look at it. It's pretty rad looking, no? It comes with a nice sheath and some other goodies as well. I figured I could go wrong. I decided to take action recently. I will not go into the shipping issues I ran into when buying this thing or the review that will make the cut. It took about a week to get here. So much for prime shipping? I think the apology I received via email should cover any hard feelings I have for paying a premium price for services I didn't receive. I noticed how it arrived. Is that what you mean? Everything was made for cheap. The sheath is made of black nylon and has nothing to make it stiff. Without the blade, it flops around. You can forget about the blade with one hand because it is very little stiff. It will never happen, or it will happen and you will end up with a Kukri through your leg. If you use both hands, the brads and stitches holding it together is so hokey, you better watch your fingers or you'll be going to the walk-in clinic to get a finger reattached. The blade was very sharp when it was in the box. It is. It doesn't stay that way very long even under light use, and that's about all it has going for it. I can put an edge on a blade even though I can't do much. The problem is not that of that. I was worried from the start because this blade took an edge. It doesn't last long. I'm only talking about the blade. I can't speak for the parts of the blade that malfunctioned while I was testing it out on the limbs of a tree. I bet they would be very sharp if I could find them. I did not hit a fence. I did not hit a metal fence post. I did not hit any rocks. The blade was under the limbs of a cedar tree. The story is over. I'm going to hang this on my tractor to use while I clean up. I'll buy a different brand when it gives up the ghost. I don't understand why it's so difficult for a blade that's going to be used for something other than slicing butter to get a proper heat treat from the factory. I think it's because they were trying to cover up the mistakes so quality control wouldn't catch them. I will not be buying another one. Troy 47/M/TX

9. Morakniv Allround Multi Purpose Stainless 8 1 Inch

Morakniv Allround Multi Purpose Stainless 8 1 Inch

A lanyard hole and a full tang design make the knife very dangerous. Net Weight: 6.5 ounces. (185g) There are rubber grips with finger guards. A plastic sheath with a belt clip. Lifetime manufacturer's warranty.

Brand: Morakniv

👤This blade is not meant for chopping branches. It's perfect for skinning game, filleting fish and any other kind of use in the kitchen. It's large to carry around for self defense. It would be effective. This has a huge blade with a hunting style point and a soft belt loop. The sheath style and blade style can be seen in the first picture, it is next to another Mora with a 4 inch blade. You can see the total length of the 8.1 inch version in the other picture, it's 13 inches. The handle has a rubbery grip and can be used wet. I only had to touch it up on the whetstone because it came super sharp. The blade is thin for its length.

👤It isn't a battle ready blade you would use to fight off Longshanks' men. It isn't for cutting trails through youpons. There is nothing weak or wrong with this knife; the problem is that too many people have been watching Survivor Man and trying to use knives for something they are not designed to do. A knife with a fine edge is a good one for cutting. It blows my mind to hear guys say that it was destroyed after only hacking through two thick branches. No Joke! That is not what a ground edge is for. It is not what a knife is for. If you want a machete, you can spend the whole 12 bucks at a surplus store. I have been in the woods hunting, fishing and camping since I could walk. Every kid in the country learns that you don't cut paper with a knife and you don't hack with it. It is not a saw, axe, or knife. This inexpensive, but well made gem can last a lifetime if used as such. You can learn how to gauge sharpness by taking the paper test.

👤The 8.1 inch knife is advertised as an outdoor knife, but it is an excellent indoor kitchen knife. It cuts through meat and vegetables in a way that makes me very happy. The knife is thick, thin and long enough to slice through a whole ham or pot roast. The clip point is more used in an outdoor or fighting knife than it is in a kitchen knife. My dad does commercial-grade BBQ and I bought this knife for him as a gift. The idea was that he could use the big 8.1 inch for slicing through ribs, but he prefers this one over the others because he is still able to do precision work with it. He now uses the 8.1 inch knife over all his other knives. This is an absolute steal for a razor-sharp knife at a current Amazon price of around $27. A chef's knife of the same quality and utility will cost you at least $100. I promise that you will not regret buying this knife.

👤I'm enamored with their entire product line. The box was very sharp. The edge is cut with a laser. The blade is polished. ... If I can't find anything wrong with this knife, I'll be damned. I have been using various blades for 30 years and Morakniv is becoming one of my favorites. I was embarrassed that a friend introduced me to them. I have a lot of folders and fixed blade tools that I spent a lot of money on but were too thick to be practical around the campsite. I could hack a tree. I couldn't slice my food. I found myself carrying more than one knife. I believe this knife is a great compromise.

10. Cold Steel Bushman Sheath 95BUSKZ

Cold Steel Bushman Sheath 95BUSKZ

Measures 4.5 inches closed. The Standard andBowie point blade styles feature curved blades that are ideal for skinning and a lot of bushcraft chores. Both come with a sheath which holds a high-quality steel. The Bushman's blade and handles are cold forged out of a single piece of high carbon steel, unlike the majority of hollow handled knives. The knives have withstood over two tons of pressure on their blade/handle transition, thanks to the heat-treated and tempered knives. Every Bushman has been carefully ground to an extra thin edge, and then polished and shaved by hand. There is a new secure-ex sheath with ferrocerium fire steel.

Brand: Cold Steel

👤You only have reason to want this knife in the first place, to make it into a spear. It would be mediocre and boring to use it as a knife. Attach a 4 foot or 5 foot wooden rake pole to this Bushman, and it will transform it into a formidable weapon, 200x better than just using it as a knife. Excellent for fighting, self defence, or hunting, it is also a walking stick. The knife is of excellent quality. A walking stick is used to defend against wild animals. The knife is very hard to bend, and comes with a razor sharp edge. The sheath is made of high quality plastic and snaps on very securely. It must be made into a spear to be fully appreciated. It is the best spear for making money right now.

👤I attached the blade to the spear handle and threw it a few times. The blade snapped off after the 5th or 6th throw. It was a poor throw, with the spear going end over end, and hitting the target flat, but I never anticipated a blade designed for throwing in more than one way would be so unforgiving. The knife is supposed to be useful in a survival situation, so one would expect it to stand up to abuse. It doesn't.

👤The blade snapped after the throw. The blade snapped under its own weight after sticking into the wood. I've owned other cold steel products and they are decent quality, but this unit is awful, probably some issues on the Cold Steel side. The cross section of the blade is discolored and could be a sign of bad temper.

👤It's cold steel, what can you say? It's an awesome addition to any bug out bag. People complain about the grip. I spray the handle with rust oleum truck bed coating to give it a grip.

👤If you misplace this under $20 wrapped glow in the dark guyline, it would be easier to find an extended handle with a deer antler.

👤Bad welding is caused by gas pores along the handle seam. Depending on what else is covering up, may or may not hold up mounted on a spear shaft. If you make the sheath right, it will pop off easily. Cold Steel quality is no longer present. I tried this again and it was even worse, the blade was off center and the handles were not round. There is no change to the rating.

👤I can't give it a full 5 stars based on the sheath alone, but I would like to. The product description describes the blade/spearhead exactly. It's razor sharp right out of the box. It's made from a single piece of steel, so it's a sturdy spear tip, as well as a capable survival knife that is perfect for batoning wood. The "Secure Sheath" is my only problem. It is not terribly secure, but maybe mine is faulty. The blade can slip right out with a small amount of force, and it can be pulled out without much effort, but it's dangerous for anyone who's unaware of where the blade edge starts. I don't feel I should have to use additional bands to secure the blade in the sheath. You need to remove the black coating on the spine to spark the ferro rod. People who are outdoors already know this. It's definitely a bargain buy. I would highly recommend it to anyone who can manage the extra weight.

11. Schrade SCHF27 Extreme Survival Handle

Schrade SCHF27 Extreme Survival Handle

The overall length is 29.2 cm and the blade length is 6.6 cm. It isdurable: The blade is made of reliable 8Cr13MoV. The high carbon S.S. has a black handle. It's permissible. The nylon filled glass fiber sheath is ideal for carrying while working. The blade will not slip with the security of the finger choil. The knife has a pry tool in the handle that can be used with a flat head screwdriver, strap cutter, bottle opener, and a wrench driver.

Brand: Schrade

👤I have had good luck with this blade. Would they survive the odds? Probably not. It is nice to have a knife that can get beat on and not worry about it breaking. The finish on this is nice overall and smooth but it just looks too toyish to me. In the picture it looks like a grey, but in person it is more like a moon rock grey. It is not bad. I was surprised when I opened the box. The knife is very nice and razor sharp, you can shave with it. It cut my arm hair without hesitation, which is pretty impressive for a large knife. The retention is a little tight, but the sheath is pretty good. You have to give the knife a tug to keep it from moving. I don't care much for the tool in the handle, I can give my appreciation to the person who is trying to be innovative and outside of the box, and hey you might be in a bind one day and use the oddly specific tools. The skinner can be used to safely cut seatbelts in an emergency. It doesn't make noise unless it's the little key ring. If you are a covert operator, the noise can get annoying. It is hardly noticeable. I would recommend this knife to friends and family, as well as other schrade products, because my overall impression of the knife is very pleasant. I am pretty sure they have a lifetime warranty, that is excellent, they bring a great bargain to the table.

👤Since this is an item that I use a lot, I thought it would be worth discussing what it does well and what it doesn't do so well. I don't use this as a survival knife, I'm a vehicle dismantler, and this knife and my other knives get a lot of heavy use. The blade steel is better than the S&W fixed blade I used before. The Work Sharp belt drive tool sharpener is amazing at giving a sharp edge in a few seconds, but I only have to sharpen my S&W once a day. I sharpen it in the morning just to be sure, in a lot of cases it feels like it could go longer than that. It holds the edge better than other knives I've used, and it sharpens to a very good edge. The notch on the top of the knife look cool. I don't care. It doesn't matter if they are sharpened so they can be used as a saw in a pinch. The finger hole is well positioned and comfortable for close up work. The flat spot on the top seems to be good for survival applications. The drawbacks are related. The blade guard is only on the bottom, I would have liked to see it on the top, but it hasn't been a problem. The end of the multi-tool is not good for using as a hammer in a pinch like I was able to do with the flat end of my S&W. The handle is comfortable to hold, the material is great and doesn't get slippery when wet, even when it's covered in oil, it isn't difficult to hold and doesn't try to slip out of my hand. Even though this knife is a full tang, the blade has begun to slide inside the handle. I had it for about 2 weeks and it already slides inside the handle. I don't know much about handle construction, but I think there could have been pins put through it to hold it in place. I didn't expect much from the Multitool when I first ordered it, it seemed like a gimmick. The tool is ok, but the blade screwdriver is a bit awkward to use, and it's difficult to get a lot of Torque on the sockets built into it. The retainer broke, the tool slipped out of the handle, and I lost it. I had to throw the retainer in the garbage after I looked at the pin that was completely gone. If you're buying this knife for a multi-tool, look elsewhere. 1/6. The sheath that comes with this knife is very nice. It seems like it's going to hold up better than the nylon sheath I got from my S&W, which ripped so much that it was useless, which is what got me hunting for a new knife in the first place. I have never had an issue with it falling out when I press the knife into it. The part that is a plus is how rigid it is. It will stay locked to your side when hanging off a thick belt, which means you don't have to tie a rope to your thigh to keep it from swinging. It can be difficult to position when sitting, as it tends to dig into my side. It's nearly impossible to get the knife comfortable if I sit down to do computer work, so I usually just take the knife out of the sheath. The balance of this blade is worth noting. I'm used to a knife that balances right where the handle ends and the blade begins, but this knife is blade heavy at that point. It seems like a bit more weight in the end of the handle would have balanced this knife perfectly, but it has taken some getting used to, since it doesn't balance as well as my S&W did. If you're looking for a no-nonsense knife that will hold an edge and cut things, this is a very good knife, especially for the price. I advise you to remove the retainer and multi-tool, since they will break anyways, and that will eliminate the rattling sound when you use the knife. The blade sliding on the handle might be the only thing that will keep me from buying this knife again. I don't know if I'm expecting too much for the price.


What is the best product for survival machete with fire starter?

Survival machete with fire starter products from Morakniv. In this article about survival machete with fire starter you can see why people choose the product. Schrade and Sog are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival machete with fire starter.

What are the best brands for survival machete with fire starter?

Morakniv, Schrade and Sog are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival machete with fire starter. Find the detail in this article. K Exclusive, Smith & Wesson and Blizetec are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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