Best Survival Logbook Mwahs

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1. Adams Activity Spiral Inches S1185ABF

Adams Activity Spiral Inches S1185ABF

For RPLLDLB, RPCLLDLVBP-4, loose-leaf log sheets. The product is perfect for busy offices, walk-in advising centers, call centers, and other high-traffic businesses. Follow-ups and activities should be kept track of. The log contains columns for date, time, name of contact, phone number, subject, follow-up action required, initials of individual completing the log, and a check box to signal completion.

Brand: Adams

👤This is not a two pack because I need a pack of two. I paid for two and I want two, I'm not the only one with this problem.

👤The Adams Activity Log Book, Spiral Bound, 8.5 x 11 Inches, 100 Pages, White should be a two pack. There was only one book in my package. The book is a good size, solid spacing, and what I was looking for. The product name should have been labeled correctly.

👤The book is good for notes. It would be nice if there was a second blank line for more detailed comments. It is a great product to use for telemarketing.

👤I like to record client payments. It works, but not how it was set up.

👤Not as described. You say it's a 2-pack. There is only one.

👤I have used these for years. This makes my life simpler.

👤I use this pad every day to log appointments and payments for my grooming business and it's a little less expensive but I love it.

👤It's a great book to keep track of your prospecting. It is a good size to work with. I will definitely be buying it again and you will only need 100 pages.

👤The product was shipped fast.

2. Rite Rain All Weather Side Spiral 973T

Rite Rain All Weather Side Spiral 973T

The outdoor camping lights are easy to carry and light in weight. The hook can be hung anywhere. It's convenient for camping, night riding, hiking, adventure and survival kits. There are 64 pages on the notepad and 32 sheets on the side spiral notepad. All-Weather paper will repel water, sweat, grease, mud, and even survive accidental laundry. Make sure your pocket notebook stays dry in the rain. The Wire-O binding is impact-resistant and won't lose its shape in your bag. Wire-O keeps your open pages aligned and intact. Write in the rain. If you use a standard pencil or All-Weather Pen, your notes will stay intact. When paper is dry, standard Ballpoint pens work. Water-based ink will bead off the paper sheets. The cover of the water proof book. The outer shell is made of Polydura material. The Polydura Cover material will protect your field notes from scratches and stains, whether you need a hiking journal, police gear, golf journal, or just a shower notebook. ReCYCLABILITY is something that can be done. Wood-based Rite in the Rain is completely recyclable. You can recycle other white or printed papers.

Brand: Rite In The Rain

👤When my brain decides to work, I do a lot of writing. I always found those 3x5 legal pads to be annoying because of the flipped up pages and the folds. Let me tell you about this little guy. This paper is so strong that you won't fear a page will fall put. No longer will you worry about ruining your notes because they are waterproof. That is 100% waterproof. Pens with water based ink will not work on these. They will almost completely disappear. You can use this as a coaster, for you can no longer suffer from the beverage rings from your coffees, sodas, and white claws. At times, I use it for that purpose.

👤I love the products from Rite in the Rain. Been using them for a long time. Found this ballpoint pen that works very well with these products. It works at any angle or orientation. Fisher Space Pens tend to "bleed and cloud" when they get really wet. It was a big disappointment.

👤These notebooks are wonderful. I work in rough environments and these notebooks can't be beat when it comes to holding up. The reason I gave this 3 stars was the BINDING. Making these notebooks for the purpose they are supposed to serve, should be something that Rite in the Rain is aware of. The wire binding on this notebook is not strong enough to hold the notebook in place. These notebooks can be laid flat and I still like them over the hard-bound ones. I would like to see a better binding system. The attached photo shows the binding after being repaired for the tenth time with needlenose pliers, just wanted to give an idea of what the system looks like.

👤A sturdy notebook. The orange cover makes it visible. I don't misplace it. The cover is made of plastic. The binder is strong and each ringlet is individual. I didn't push the envelope, but it does survive in the back pocket. The paper is the most important thing. I was amazed by this paper. I was surprised to discover that it is completely water proof, as in you can submerge it in water! I tested the following inks: Pilot G2.7.38, Signo 307.38, and the ubiquitous Bic. The Bic smeared the least ink when rubbed, followed by the.38 variant. Signo and the Schmidt were the most smeared. When exposed to water, all inks remained legible and steadfast. I'm a big fan of the movie.

👤This is a small notebook. The paper repels water, but is not the same as stone paper, which is hard to tear. I could tear this paper. It's not a big deal, the description didn't claim it was stone paper, and it's definitely hardier than normal paper. It's a little thicker than regular paper. I put water on it. If you want plain lined paper, this isn't it because the paper has printed lines in a grid. Overall very happy. It arrived very quickly.

👤A man with a small hand can sit on a tablet to take quick notes while performing. A double wire side binder is better than a pocket size note pad. The outside is waterproof. The paper is lined heavily on the horizontal and lightly on the vertical. It's the perfect size for notes or drawings. The waterproof pen of the same brand is useless. Instead of using a #3 pencil, use a drafting H lead holder. As you move your hand across the paper, don't use a #2 pencil or a "drafting B" lead as they will smudge. We used to draw buildings with a pencil and paper. We are worried about Viruses in the air and in the computer. Both can't get anything done, and are time consuming.

3. LifeStraw Personal Camping Emergency Preparedness

LifeStraw Personal Camping Emergency Preparedness

Excellent for removing grease, oil stains, tar and label. The microfiltration is able to remove 99% of waterbornebacteria and 99% of waterborne parasites. Removes microplastics and reduces the amount of water in the environment. All claims are verified with laboratories using standard testing protocols. 4,000 liters (1,000 gallons) of clean and safe drinking water will be provided by the microbiological filter. Every LifeStraw product purchased, a school child in need will receive safe drinking water for the entire school year. There are materials that are free of BPA.

Brand: Lifestraw

👤You should get a Sawyer-Mini. I have used both on camping trips. You need steel jaws to suck water. If you use a Sawyer or other filters with pump/squeeze action, you won't have to rip out your filling. You have to lie on the ground, and other filters have a straw if the pouch breaks. You need to watch actual videos of people who use these frequently before voting down this post. Everyone uses a pump or squeeze method of filtration. Lifestraws are a great idea, but it is hard to use.

👤I am sorry to have the first one be so negative but the life straw was a total and utter disappointment. I bought it for my daughter to go to Mexico with strict instructions to not drink anything without the life straw. Had she followed my instructions she would have died of dehydration. We followed the instructions from the video to soak it, but we couldn't get any water to come through it. It was too late to return to Amazon and I did not receive a reply when I contacted Life Straw. Too bad. I was going to have one for each family member to have in an emergency pack. I will not do that after this experience.

👤This thing is serious. I went backpacking on Maine's Bigelow range. I ran out of water when I brought it. Bring a wide mouth bottle and fill it with water. I drank from the most disgusting looking hole on top of a lower peak. I thought it would be safe, but it wasn't. Wrong. It tasted like fresh spring water. Better than a tap. I'm from Maine, and I've tasted plenty of water from the mountain springs. It can be difficult to start. You have to prove it by soaking. Blow into it if it still doesn't work. Everyone should have a bug-out bag in case of a civil war, because the world seems to have gone mad.

👤If you don't clear the water after each use, the water will seize up. I didn't run a gallon through either of the break I had.

👤I dropped it from my mouth to the countertop and it stopped working, which is ridiculous. There was no impact at all. It is dangerous to have a water source out in the woods if it can't take an impact. This bad review is solely about that fact.

👤I've used these in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Works as advertised. The system is safe to use. When we deploy, we use it as a standard procedure to have one in everyone's room. It's called Semper Fi.

👤I drank from a steam. I have become a hippie. I'm in a transformation.

👤We got what we ordered. I've used this product before in Afghanistan, and I'm happy with it.

👤The price was right, so I wanted to get one for a while. The water out of the Lake of Two Mountains tasted good and did not have any ill effects.

4. RoadPro LB 001BK 3 Ring Zippered Loose Leaf

RoadPro LB 001BK 3 Ring Zippered Loose Leaf

The nylon mesh cover is black. A pen pocket with a binder. There is a clear Id/business card slot. For RPLLDLB, RPCLLDLVBP-4, loose-leaf log sheets. For RPLLDLB, RPCLLDLVBP-4, loose-leaf log sheets.

Brand: Roadpro

👤This was a recommended item for J.J. Keller because it looks sturdy enough, but not good for their log sheets. It sounded like it would work if you read the description, but it won't work with mid-size log sheets. I will return the unused item because it is not what I need. I am confident that the small basic log sheets will work for you.

👤The embarrassment was not worth it because I was stuck using a pink mini folder with "2020" in gold because it was hard to find, and I just needed something cheap to hold my log sheets. This pouch has a pocket where I put my carbon paper and it zips up so I don't lose it. The material seems sturdy, so I don't lose it. I'm impressed. There's plenty of space for stuff in there because I was able to put 4 log sheet packets in the binder clips. I would recommend it to anyone who needs it.

👤I have purchased this folder before. The first one lasted about 6 months before it broke. I have one that lasts 3 days. It doesn't close anymore. The size is perfect for carbonless log pages, and it has a few pockets on the left side where you can put your fuel card and receipts. There is a I would give it 5 stars if it wasn't for the bad zippers. If the first one lasted 6 months, it would get 5 stars, but if it only lasted a couple of days, it would go bad.

👤My dad is a truck driver. He had been looking for a new binder for a while. He could only find them at truck stops that cost more. It worked well for him. The contents are enclosed with a full zip. There are card holder slots, pockets, and a 3-ring clip for log sheets inside. My dad was very happy with this item. I will be buying more items for him since there is a wide selection at a reasonable price.

👤My husband loves it, it's perfect when he needs a specific page from his driving log, and the single pages make it so easy.

👤I have had a replacement for 4 years and it has worn out. If you don't fill it with stuff, the 3 ring binder will last for a long time. Absolutely love this. They can't be found in the Truckstops like this style.

👤I've been using it for a while now and it's still working as it should. There were no issues with the binder ring.

👤I had to find a binder that would fit the leaflets for the log booklet sleeves. The binders are not available where the sheets are sold. Was a great find!

👤This is a great product. My husband is a truck driver and he uses it to hold his log sheets. It keeps them clean.

5. Adventure Exploration Backyard Survival Explorer

Adventure Exploration Backyard Survival Explorer

Walkie Talkie is an interactive toy and communication learning tool. It can make communication more fun and allow kids to express themselves better. Parents can use it to keep in touch with their kids. Discover far with binoculars, 4x30mm. The rubber is shockproof and designed for small hands. It's perfect for bird watching, exploring nature, whale watching, sports and more. NATURE EXPLORER The kit encourages scientific exploration and a love of nature. There is always something to discover in your backyard or family trip. If you spend less time in front of screens, your kids will find the beauty of nature. Educational toy. This toy will improve your children's learning skills. Children are taught to read maps, observe bird flight, and spy on wild animals. A camouflage gift box for girls and boys of all ages is an exciting gift. Your children will be exploring the wonders of nature for hours. It's great for birthdays, holidays, name days, Christmas, Easter, etc. A camouflage gift box for girls and boys of all ages is an exciting gift. Your children will be exploring the wonders of nature for hours. It's great for birthdays, holidays, name days, Christmas, Easter, etc.

Brand: Box O' Mart

👤Not worth the money. I went to Walmart to get my own camping kit after I returned the item and got a nicer gift for my nephew. It was cheap to make and look at. Not very nice.

👤My son liked it.

👤My grandson loves playing with binoculars outdoors. He was excited to get his own binos, whistle and walkie talkies.

👤It costs way more than it should, and it looks a lot cheaper than it does.

👤I bought this for my nephew. He loved it! I was very happy with my purchase. I got a lot for my money.

6. Flag Mechanics Daily Ticket JT 12 PSG

Flag Mechanics Daily Ticket JT 12 PSG

There is evidence of tampering to protect the integrity of your records. The size is 4 1/4" x 9 1/2". Part 3, White, Pink, White Tag. There are 12 self-adhesive flags. 500 per pack is the total quantity.

Brand: A Plus

👤It's cheaper to use these in our repair shop than it is to pay a print company or an outside sales guy to send them to us.

👤Some aren't cut all the way through.

👤My husband ordered them for his employees. He always orders stuff from Amazon and seems very satisfied with it.

👤It was fast shipping that worked as expected.

👤The product is way cheaper than my previous source.

7. Coleman Dish Hands Camping Biodegradable

Coleman Dish Hands Camping Biodegradable

The date on each bottle is the manufacturer's date. 50 soap sheets are stored in a small container. The soap sheets use less space than other travel or camping accessories. Travel soap sheets are approved by the TSA. The camping soap sheets are a small addition to the glove box, hiking pack or camping gear. The travel soap sheets should be removed with dry hands. Add water and it will produce a soapy lather. The camping soap sheets work with hot or cold water.

Brand: Coleman

👤We try to pack as little as possible, but some things are just necessary. We always pack a hand cleaner. Nobody wants dirty hands when it's time for lunch or a snack. That's where the soap sheet can be used. After washing up, the soap rinses off with minimum water usage. This is better than carrying a bar of soap or a bottle that can leak. The package is small and does a great job of getting gunk off your hands. I'm very happy with my purchase. Click "yes" if you found this review helpful. I know I'm not wasting my time.

👤I didn't use the product because it contained Triclosan. The description does not list ingredients.

👤This is a great little soap dispensers for when you have a lot of space. It's very small and lightweight. I don't worry about the lid popping open and spilling the sheets everywhere because it closes securely. The sheets are very thin, but concentrated enough to provide soap to clean your hands. The sheets have to be taken out with dry hands because the water on them will clump together and make it useless. If it's going to be put in a container that will sweat with condensation, I would recommend keeping it in a small bag, because it's sensitive to water. The soap doesn't have a smell and doesn't leave your hands or dishes with weird texture after use. There are 50 sheets to each container so you don't have to worry about rationing them out. The price is so cheap that you could buy a few and be set for years to come. They serve their purpose well and are a great way to save space. You can use these outside camping situations as well. I keep a container in my bag for when the bathroom is out of hand soap or when I need to clean my hands before lunch. You can rinse off your hands with some water from your water bottle.

👤Cool stuff. It worked well to clean utensils after eating freeze dried food. If you don't want to put your utensils in a bear canister at night, this is great. If you're on limited water or it's just plain cold, you don't want your fingers to freeze, so make sure you rinse off the soap with a bit of water. I tried to take out a few sheets and use them as travel shower soap at the place that was out of soap. It melted to the tub as soon as the shower water got on it. It was intended to be used for camping.

👤These little sheets were really nice. I brought these with me on my trip to Peru because public restrooms in the country are often not available with access to soap and water. I only used them a couple times and used some antibacterial wipes most of the time, but when I pulled them out at the restroom at the ancient Incan ruin, everyone in my group was very impressed with how easy they were to use. I'll be saving most of them for my next camping trip.

8. Borrum Pease Account Record 66 300 R

Borrum Pease Account Record 66 300 R

It's 8 x 5. The record-ruled, 5-5-8" x 12-1/8" account book has 35 lines per page. A table of contents, 300 numbered pages, and a placemarking ribbon help navigate entries, and the book opens flat so you can read and write the margin to margin. The same construction used in fine books and library volumes is used in the ledger. There is evidence of tampering to protect the integrity of your records.

Brand: Boorum & Pease

👤Duke from the tobacco farm decided to use page 69 to do his inventory, so it was cool and all.

👤I bought 2 more books for my coworkers because I loved my book so much. They haven't told me that they love it yet. I live in my own home and that is what matters. I only use tabs for the most important notes and not for random daily notes. My ugly notebook has those in it. This is my HR bible. I think that's correct.

👤I don't wear a visor or roll up my sleeves, but I still do the old-fashioned way in the Boorum and Pease Record book. The feel and look of the old style record book makes me want to do all the entries cleanly and accurately. I keep a running total for the account and title each page, with plenty of room to keep a small note. The books are sturdy and well made, you can open it to your desired page without having to open the center fold, and the pages are marked on both sides to carry over your columns. Great purchase.

👤They were purchased for record keeping. They were much cheaper on Amazon than on the online office supply store. In the past, my office would order a 500 page book and it would fall apart before we could finish it. Hopefully this book will be what we need and stay intact until we reach the end.

👤I love the old ledger and accounting books. I would have liked to have gotten one with the alphabet in front.

👤If for a log of operation. It works very well. It is cheaper than the competition.

👤I had been searching for a long time to find this log book and finally found it here. It worked out well. We used it as a book of memories for a co-worker. Everybody made a page of pictures, poems and memories for her to take with her after 25 years. Thank you for the product that turned out to be the same as advertised.

👤Sturdy and not too heavy. A table of contents is easy to organize. I use it to plan out my teaching year.

9. Jeppesen Pilot Logbook Student 10001315

Jeppesen Pilot Logbook Student 10001315

It's great for a new pilot or weekend warrior. Green pages are easy-on-the-eyes. Bound in a protective cover. It's 8 x 5.

Brand: Jeppesen

👤I started taking lessons towards my private pilot's license a couple months ago and bought this to log the hours. There are pages to record ratings, medical cert information, 40 pages of log entries, some pages to log groundwork, and finally pages to log endorsements. The cover is small enough to fit in my bag. The remarks section is small and the number of take offs and number of landings is not split. It's useful for night currency, but only if you put a slash through the box.

👤The sticker is held on with strong glue and can't be removed without damaging the surface.

👤I used a piece of landscape timber for a garage stop. This is great because it has enough weight to stay in position. When the vehicle comes into contact, it doesn't move. I can be mounted to the floor using the predrilled holes in the stop, but I didn't see a need to do that.

👤It's a book. You can record flight time in it. It isn't waterproof, fireproof, theft proof, or "I'ma ruin your life" are some of the main complaints. You should log your 8710 with the FAA.

👤I've been using this for many years and it's the same as the Piper branded logbook. It's very convenient to have the same size and column headings. My first logbook lasted me many years, so I will be living with it for a long time, hopefully the quality is as good as the one I bought in 1982. One of the complaints is that it could use a pocket. It would be convenient to carry your medical certificate there. I usually use a paper clip to open it, but it could use a bookmark to make it easier to open. This is a fine logbook that is easy to use and looks like it will last.

👤I wish I'd gone with the larger professional logbook to start, it's a great logbook for when you're starting out. This has worked well for me while I've been a student, and I'll eventually transition over to the large one.

👤It's a standard pilot's log. There were no issues with the badges. The sticker was left behind when the rag was cleaned. Weird.

👤Came early. I don't understand what sheerness and thickness mean in a flight log.

10. Boyfriend Survival Equipment Emergency Accessories

Boyfriend Survival Equipment Emergency Accessories

There are 1 Multi-Functional Mini Knife and Spear Point, 1 Micro Finger Drill, 3 Sewing Needles, 2 Small Fishing Hooks, 2 Medium Fishing Hooks, 2 Double finishing Hooks, 1 Mini Button, and 2 Mini Gig. Christmas Gifts for Men Dad Husband. The survival kit is useful for men, fathers, husbands, boyfriends, and teenagers. It's a great gift idea for any occasion. It is a wonderful stocking stuffer, fishing gift, emergency accessories that is suitable for teen boys or family who like camping, hiking, hunting and mountain biking adventure trips. The Emergency Survival Kit contains everything you need to survive an emergency. There are 30 popular camping accessories in the kit. All professional tactical equipment is made of high-quality, durable and wear-resistant materials, which can be used for a long time without failure, allowing you to enjoy the adventure time of outdoor activity. The emergency survival kit is small and light, with a weight of only 2 pounds. All camping gear is packed in a waterproof box with a sponge inside to absorb shocks. It can be put in pockets, backpacks, drawers, cars, or securely attached to your belt. You can take it wherever you want. This survival gear and equipment set is great for many people. It is an idea for a car, ship, bicycles, motorcycles, workplace, travel, shooting, hunting, camping, hiking, fishing, boating, cycling, outdoor sports, wilderness adventure and other activities.

Brand: Gaazo

👤I didn't get past unwrapping axe multitool. The handle had a leaf spring that was broken. I sent the whole thing back. The replacement had the same issue. I sent it back as well. Quality issues with other components were likely to be a result of that basic issue. I stopped the unpacking at that moment, so I don't know for sure. I'm willing to bet there's more to come if you see the same problem on two separate items.

👤It was a present for my son who is into survival development. He was very excited and appreciative of the package that he received and he said it had everything he was looking for. Highly recommended as a gift.

👤I bought this for my husband for the holidays and some of the equipment was broken. I will change my review if they are able to replace my items. There is a lot in the set. If all the pieces worked correctly, it would have been great.

👤There are items missing from the order. It isn't worth the money spent.

👤I bought this for a friend who is going camping across the country next week. He will really be wanting this. It was nice to have everything in a sturdy case that won't open if you mistake it for something else. It seems to have no water to drink.

👤Aquella persona tiene un Kit de Supervivencia. The calidad de los productos is excelente. No llega el Kit, solo tengo una quija. "Multifuntional Card", falto la tarjeta.

👤Everything was great except for the pen. The ink is broken. The good thing is that all items are individually wrapped.

👤I bought this for my son. It's a nice little kit to start with. My son loves it and says it's easy to carry with him.

11. Coleman 6 Person Evanston Camping Screened

Coleman 6 Person Evanston Camping Screened

For anyone looking for a high quality, great value product for the camping world or bug out bag to enjoy at the cookout with the people you love, the #1 outdoor cooking backpack and camping backpack and hiking picnic set is the perfect gift. The taffeta is made of polyester. Water can't get in because of welded corners and inverted seams. The conventional pitch is set up in 15 minutes. 10 x 5 feet full-floor screen room is Bug-free lounging. The room is 10 x 9 feet and has a center height of 8 inches. The carry bag has easy storage. A limited warranty for one year.

Brand: Coleman

👤First things first, this is a Coleman tent. If you don't understand what that means, I will tell you what it is not. This is not a big name brand. It is Coleman. You can buy these at Walmart or Target. It is like buying a car and getting upset that it doesn't have features, craftsmanship or design, if you make certain compromises in quality right off the bat with this tent. Let's talk about this tent. It sets up quickly, tears down just as fast, and you can still get everything back in the carrying bag it came with without giving yourself a hernia from overexerting. The rainfly off gives you a decent amount of air for those hot summer nights. It is large. The screen porch is an entry to kick shoes off that greatly reduces the amount of sand and dirt that ends up inside the tent itself and therefore inside my sleeping bag. The price is what it is. You can't go wrong for $130. The rainfly does jack squat to protect anything in the screened porch from the rain. It will get wet. The floor will get wet and pool up water. You will step in an early morning pre-dawn haze and slip and fall and completely soak yourself when all you were trying to do was drain your middle aged bladder that can't make it through one night in the flipping woods without waking you up. Maybe you won't. Someone could. Or did. Definitely not me. I bet that would be terrible. The back panel is completely open. The rainfly doesn't provide any additional Ventilation and seems pointless. The fly off allows for air flow but it can't be closed so there is no privacy. You are in a tent. You gave up on the idea of privacy when you were inside the nylon castle with a gaggle of other campers. The 8-person thing is relative. If you cram them in, there will be 8 people. Why not stop there? The whole Thai soccer team could fit in this thing. 8- people are pushing it for us normal, slightly overweight Americans. You will have to get creative, and I would say 6 at best. I had plenty of room for myself and all of our gear, and I was able to fit two queen-sized air mattresses for my four kids. If her bass player ran off with them, there would be room for their mother to join us. It's a bit generous. You have it. This is a good tent. I would buy it again if it got too close to the fire or a tree fell on it. Probably.

👤While Hurricane Matthew was battering North Carolina, I camped out in a park in Maryland. We were under a flash flood watch and our camp site was filled with inches of water. The inside of my tent was dry. It was bone dry. Thank you, Coleman. The picture was taken the day after the storm.


What is the best product for survival logbook mwahs?

Survival logbook mwahs products from Adams. In this article about survival logbook mwahs you can see why people choose the product. Rite In The Rain and Lifestraw are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival logbook mwahs.

What are the best brands for survival logbook mwahs?

Adams, Rite In The Rain and Lifestraw are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival logbook mwahs. Find the detail in this article. Roadpro, Box O' Mart and A Plus are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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