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Lighter 3 Oct 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. RONXS Electric Rechargeable Flexible Fireworks

RONXS Electric Rechargeable Flexible Fireworks

It is easy to store and maintain. You can keep it in the corner of the kitchen. If you have a problem with your lighter, please contact them. Certified SafeRONXS's leading tech and multi- protect safety system ensures complete protection for you and your lighter. The RONXS lighters are flameless and can be used to illuminate under bad weather. You can charge the RONXS lighter whenever and wherever you want with the portableusb charging cable. Lighters make less noise than butane. The lighter is fully charged when 5 lights on the barrel turn on. One full charge can provide over 500 uses. A gift box, a lighter, and a charging cable are included.

Brand: Ronxs

👤You need a light! You need it for real. This lighter does everything you would want a lighter to do. It is the most useful feature because there is no fuel to refill. It isn't like matches where you have to hurry up or like lighters that time out before you're done. This is a lighter that has a microusb for you. It is too hard to light a bottle or glass candle. Not a problem with it's neck! There is a safety switch that can be used to prevent accidental lighting. It has an indicator light that will let you know when you need to charge again. The customer service for this company is excellent. Don't hesitate to contact them. They will be kind and courteous.

👤I have purchased two of these lighters. One of the models has the same technology as the other one. When you receive it and charge it up, it works well for a long time. It only works a few times when you charge it again. The batteries used in these devices are cheap, don't have overcharge protection, and are good for one full charge. I kept the lighter next to me as it was charging and unplugged as soon as it was fully charged. This and all like it are disposable lighters that will last for a month. I am only giving one star because of deceptive advertising. I would have given more stars if they had been honest. It works well when it functions.

👤For a week of lighting candles, the lighter holds a charge. The indicator will go from 3 to 4 before it dies. I am changing my review to one star. The seller is trying to get me to remove my review for an Amazon giftcard. Someone who relies on reviews to choose products is upset.

👤We can click it as many times as we please, but mine was either a back door model or Q C was on vacation that week. It won't work. I would return it for a second try. I missed the return window because my mom had a stroke. If you do buy one, I would suggest you push it hard and make sure it works for the first day, then after that you should get a Butane lighter. I have had a few. I had the old Marlboro ones 30 years ago and this did not even come close to them. If you want it to work more than 50% of the time, pass it. OK... If you take this one down, this is my 3x. I will never answer people questions again. The old man is old.

👤I can't get over my excitement at something small, so I'm laughing as I write this review. I just needed a long lighter for my fire pit, and realized that one of these costs about as much as a 4-pack of plastic, fuel kind, so why not? It's brilliant. The box is fully charged and has all the features I needed. Being able to light things without having to produce an actual flame of my own is wonderful, I'm extremely uncoordinated and burn myself lighting candles way more than any human should, the on/off switch and auto shutoff alleviate my worries about running out of power, and anything I can charge My new favorite purchase.

2. Waterproof Rechargeable Windproof Flameless Paratinder

Waterproof Rechargeable Windproof Flameless Paratinder

Environmentally Friendly Lighters use clean and low-carbon electrical energy to charge, instead of using gas and fuel. The package includes Anglink Arc Lighter. The gift packaging has a 1 xusb cable. Friendly Customer Services and 90days warranty are offered by them. It is a perfect outdoor lighter,camping fire starter tool, an emergency fire starter tool,suitable for outdoor activities, adventure,camping, The waterproof lighter has metal-ring sealed lighter cover and safety locking clasp design, it's useful for you to use in the rainy day. It can be charged in 2 hours with the included cable and no gas or batteries required. It's easy to carry, you can hang it on your neck or put it in your pocket, it's lightweight and convenient. The material is very durable. 60 days warranty service is provided for the gift package. If you have a question about their lighter, please contact them at any time, they will solve the problem for you.

Brand: Jinlun

👤I bought this to put in my carry bag. I wanted to start fires with something other than smoke. After a month of lighting a napkin by my coffee table, this lighter can hold a charge. Will it hold a charge and work for a month? I'm buying another one.

👤It was easy for me to keep my pack organized because it was the size and shape of a small flashlight. I liked that it worked as a flashlight, as I used it to find my headlamps when it got dark on me. I liked that it was easy to light a fire in my stove, but I was worried about the lighter being able to reach in my stove to light my tinder, but it turned out to be no problem and I got my fire started quickly. I don't recommend using this as your main source of light or fire if you are on a long camping trip. It is hard to follow a trail in the dark, but the light is strong enough to help me find my stronger flashlight in my pack. I wouldn't trust it on a long trip because it is batterie powered and can go dead. I like having it in my pack to help me keep organized.

👤If you are tired, a lighter is a good choice. It works well for lighting a fire and for melting synthetic fabric when you cut it. It works well in the wind. The button is uncomfortable and the battery life is short, but I would recommend this lighter for its price and convenience.

👤Don't shoot me, I'm a smoker. I think this is a good lighter. It's waterproof and windproof. If you charge it while you're sleeping, you should be fine. I got a lighter that has a flashlight in it. It's bright. It comes with a lanyard, a charging cable, and a lock that makes it hard for little kids to light it.

👤This is a great product. Everything I need is starting to ignite. The product is very durable. I am getting 30 lights on a full battery charge. The price is very reasonable. I bought 1 for myself and 1 for a gift. I highly recommend this product and seller.

👤The waterproof top is still tight, the clasp needs better metal to maintain integrity, but I would buy again and again. I had it for two months.

👤I bought this for my husband because he works outside a lot. The lighter has been great so far, it only needs one charge despite almost daily use. The case is very strong. My husband is happy with it.

👤The flashlight is very bright. I use it for estimating jobs. I can use it like a laser. I have not had to use the flasher to scare away anything, but it is definitely blinding. The lighter is very cool to look at and will do a nice job of heating up the end of whatever. Not a smoker myself. This would be great for lighting cigarettes and cigars.

3. RONXS Electric Rechargeable Flexible Fireworks

RONXS Electric Rechargeable Flexible Fireworks

Certified SafeRONXS's second generation leading tech and multi- protect safety system ensures complete protection for you and your lighter. The RONXS arcs lighter can display real-time battery volume and is an upgrade over the old 180-mAh RONXS. The lights on the barrel are fully charged when they turn on. A full charge will provide over 700 uses. Their lighter has a long flexible neck and is lightweight. It is easy to rotation for different lighting needs. The lightweight size is suitable for daily use. The wind and splash-proof design will protect the electric pulse from being blown out by strong wind or wet weather. The RONXS lighter is a great tool for lighting. No butane, no hassle. The RONXS candle lighter will make less noise than other lighters. Premium storage box, 2*RONXS lighters, 2*USB charging cables, 2*gift boxes, 2*user manual, 2*cleaning brush, 2*head cover are what you get.

Brand: Ronxs

👤You won't need a lighter fluid again. This is a great replacement for a lighter. The package comes with two different models but the same colors. You can either use it as a spare or give it to someone. Since it is powered by a Li-Ion battery, it is always ready and easy to carry. You can charge it through your laptop or power bank. There is no messy butane or fuel. There is a safety switch and push-button. Very high tech. I think it's a reasonable price. If something happens, I will update. I think it's well made. You will be happy to have it. The two RONXS Lighters were packed and ready to give away. You should buy one of your own.

👤There is an update. My wife and girls love candles, so I got them a bunch of these. My girls started asking for lighters again, because only my wife uses them. They couldn't stand the sound. The sizzle sound is what my wife and I can't hear. All my girls up to age 22 say there is a loud high pitch scream. She says she can hear it, but not as loudly. I removed a star because of all the complaining. I bought a total of 5 of them and they have all worked as expected. Some reviews are duds. I was surprised by how powerful they are. They burn anything you think will burn. The 600 lights on a charge are not far off. I've used my main one in the kitchen for a few weeks to light multiple candles and have run them more than a few times and long durations while trying to light candles where we broke the wicks or covered in wax. It has only dropped one bar. Also used to light cigarettes. It wasn't ideal that you need to pinch the end of the cig to get it to fit, but my guests have all said it works. I would stick to a butane lighter if I were a smoker. I will keep one of these in my camping kit on windy days. When a light won't, lights dipped cotton in the wind. My natural gas stove and propane stove are on. I'm concerned about the longevity of the tip as I light the stove. Time will tell if it is damaged by too much heat. It starts fires with needles and dry sticks. It works when wet. It won't light anything that is wet. Light a paper towel and dunk the tip in water. It's impossible to light a damp paper towel. If you need a starter that can dry to the point of lighting, this isn't it. I like these things. I don't have to worry about how much gas I have left, I don't need to carry a bottle of butane, and I don't have to toss disposable lighters.

👤I changed my rating to one star because the other won't work with full charge. How can I get a new one?

4. Zippo Orange Matte with Logo

Zippo Orange Matte with Logo

A genuine Zippo lighter with a distinctive click. The Windproof design works virtually anywhere. For optimum performance, they recommend genuine Zippo premium fuel, flints, and wicks. Lifetime guarantee that "it works or they fix it free" The fuel is sold separately.

Brand: Zippo

👤If they sent me a lighter, I would have liked it. I received a lighter made by Star1. There is a It seems to be a Chinese company. A fine lighter. I ordered what I asked for. I will include the link. There is a notice where it says "Ships from and sold by" "Genuine Zippo windproof lighter with distinctive Zippo "click" All metal construction; windproof design works virtually anywhere for a lifetime of use; for optimum performance, we recommend genuine Zippo premium lighter fluid, flints, and wicks Made in USA; lifetime."

👤Don't buy this product. I paid a lot of money for the lighter, but it isn't worth it. The logo on it was different than the original one.

👤The new lighters are cheaper than the ones I have owned before. The lighter won't close completely with the bottom. You can see the silver in the insert. The metal is thinner than it used to be, and it is not brass like the listing says. I am very disappointed in the lower quality that is being produced by Zippo.

👤I bought this hoping it wouldn't have the same issue I had when I bought one from acutal. I got it a few days ago. I opened and closed the lighter lid a few times to make sure it was in line with the body. I put in another insert after taking out the insert, but when I tried to close the lid it was not straight, and I had to push hard to get it to close. The lid is not aligned in the photo. The lid is catching on the wheel. I put the original insert back in. I made sure I got the correct case for the insert, I don't know why this happened. The bottom of the case said "Zippo". I will be returning it.

👤The line up front. No, just no. Don't do it. A lot of Vietnam-era infantry I bought a Zippo. It served me well for a long time and deserved its reputation for quality. These aren't the same as the Zippos. I wonder why they didn't have it in a case like all the other Zippos I've come across... I think I know. The info on the Amazon page says that it doesn't fit slim or 1935 replica cases. I wanted to swap out the lighters that come in them with the ones that come in the inserts, so I bought two of them. I checked to make sure it was not one of the "Slim" or "1934" model cases and that it was the same size as a regular lighter case. It's not the case, and we owe it to you to make it clear in the description. The case will not close because the Zippo 65826 fits in the case. Trying to make it close is a sign that it won't work for this or the regular lighter that comes with it. I had to open the Yellow case and try to close it again on the lighter that came in it, but it bent to the point that it wouldn't close again. I am 1 for 2 with having the model that comes in these lighters being unusable as a result of simply opening the top of the lighter, and the Zippo 65826 won't fit in a "regular" Zippo case. I'll dig through my footlocker and see if I can find my old Zippo. I'll go to eBay if that's the case. It's fair to say that these are made in China and that Zippo is up front about it. I own and use a lot of Chinese products that are very good. I have noted that a lot of hardware, fasteners and other products are just enough "off" from U.S.-produced versions to make the fit not quite correct. It's rarely off by a lot, but enough that holes that should line up exactly, don't; or bolts that should take U.S. spec nuts/bolts don't do so reliably. I don't know how to explain it. Maybe they're using equipment built for metric production, adjusting it to produce U.S.-spec products and it just doesn't translate well? The lighters are not off a lot, just enough to not be as interchangeable as Zippo claims. I will not buy another product from the company.

5. Exotac FireSLEEVE Ruggedized Waterproof Lighter

Exotac FireSLEEVE Ruggedized Waterproof Lighter

Their Kind Service is committed to creating high quality and great design products. Please contact them if you have any questions. They will give you the solutions and reply to you with 24 hours. Quality design. Flexible materials protect your classic bic lighter and provide a hands-free functioning gas lock strap to engage the gas as needed. The fireSLEEVE design allows you to attach your lighter to a lanyard or pack for easy access. Waterproof: The fireSLEEVE was born when the classic Bic lighter and waterproof materials were combined. It's a good idea to use this in an emergency situation because it will protect you from up to 3ft of water. The safety cap blocks the gas button from being pressed when you have it in your pack, so you can store your lighter safely. When using a bic lighter, store the cap on the fireSLEEVE. It is possible to meet the basic requirements of survival. The classic bic lighter has been combined with the theory of survival and compatibility of everyday accessories by Exotac. You can use the fireSLEEVE at home to light your items. All of their products are made in the USA.

Brand: Exotac

👤I am shocked that this company has the nerve to charge such a high price for a product that doesn't work or serve the purpose it was created for. The product just doesn't work for me. The cap won't stay on so it's not water proof. The rubber piece that is supposed to keep your lighter lit is very difficult to operate. This product is worthless because it slides off the igniter. This product was very disappointing. You can see my video of this product. Fix the product and lower the price. Rip off!

👤I wanted to like this item and was willing to pay a high price for what it was and supposedly provided, but this was an epic failure for me, because I am always willing to try new things that would improve my wilderness survival kit. It is not worth anything in my opinion. You can only use the BIC Classic as a lighter. It was almost impossible to get the lighter out of the holder, and the built in strap that you are supposed to use to keep the lighter lit would never stay on. I had the lighter all the way down into the holder. The worse part was that the dang cap wouldn't stay on. It popped off when I pushed it on, no matter how many times I tried and used different lighters. The cap is hard plastic and the holder body is soft. Use a plastic ZIPLOC freezer bag with a rubber band around it to keep your lighter waterproof and save time and money. Final grade is the final one. F-

👤I paid 15 dollars for a sleeve that protects the lighter from slipping out, but it cost $1.10 to protect a full size Bic lighter. The lid doesn't fit as snug as I would like and if it were attached with a paracord, I would lose the lighter in the process. It passed the dunk test. I dropped my lighter in a glass and let the water run over it for a moment. The lighter lit on the first strike after it came out dry. If you are okay with the price and want to make sure your fire starting kit is bullet proof, then you may want to consider this as an option. The fire sleeve lid needs to be looked at to make it fit more snug.

👤The orange case is just a rubber-like sleeve, not really providing much crush protection, the lid does not stay on well, and there is no latch or click when it is closed, so I expected more from this thing. The feature where it keeps the fuel button pressed for you so you don't have to hold it once it's lit is useless, as I can barely get the rubber part over the button. It is now more of a stunt and more work than it is worth. I think a fair price would have been around 5 dollars, not a penny more, especially in its current form.

6. Extremus Waterproof Carabiner Rechargeable Adventures

Extremus Waterproof Carabiner Rechargeable Adventures

The torch lighters can easily be used against strong blue flames. It's easy to carry, just put it in your pocket. The lighter is stored in a beautiful gift box, it is a unique gift idea for a friend, Father's Day, Birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas etc. Their product has a 5-year warranty. DOT and USPS safety caused this flame lighter to contain no butane. IPX7 waterproof design, safe flameless Windproof design, Rechargeable batteries, survival whistle and paracord are some of the key features. The Extremus windproof lighter has a battery that can be used up to 300 times on a single charge. The quick charge battery can be charged in 1.5-2 hours and will stay charged for up to a week. They have included a paracord lanyard with a whistle if there is an unexpected survival situation. The paracord material can be used to start a fire, create a fishing lure, and make a survival bow. Their flameless design means you can start a fire in almost any weather conditions. It reduces the chance of forest fires. A fire is started by a high temperature arcs produced by the plasma electrodes. The Extremus Carabiner Survival tool is a multi-purpose tool that should be in every person's pack. The tool can be used hundreds of times. It is light and thin, so it can be packed easily.

Brand: Extremus

👤I waited a long time to buy the more expensive version of this lighter. I like this one better than the expensive one. The case is more rugged. I recently realized that the jeep has a hidden feature. Our 11 and 12 year old girls are very annoyed by it. They say it's worse than finger nails down a chalk board. They can hear it from more than 30 feet away. I don't plan on abusing this feature, but imagine the benefits.

👤At an inexpensive cost, it's quite impressive. It's compact, lightweight, waterproof and reliable. It took about 30 minutes to fully charge after I plugged it in, but it worked great out of the box. Impressive performance and well worth the cost. I bought 2 of them to use on a daily basis and the other for a camping bag. Happy with both of them. I left this in my pocket after lighting some leftover fireworks, but I didn't realize where it was until I got home. On the first press of the button, it was still lit. It did not have any issues after being washed in hot water and detergent, but it was dried off to see how it performs. The price is impressive.

👤It's suspicious how they can offer this for so little. After a day of testing, the lighter seems very effective. It's not like a bic lighter where the flame can blow out or flutter against your finger, it's a small electric charge, and that's nice. It won't run out of fuel, but it will run out of battery life if you're in the field. It seems great to add a lightweight add-on to a hiking pack or emergency kit.

👤These lighters are not good for metal one-hitters or pipes. It's simple to charge the lights. It's like a dog whistle to my daughter. She can hear it from across the house and it hurts her ears. No one else in the family can hear it except for being close to it and the normal crackling of the Plasma.

👤I gave one of these to a friend because I didn't think he could start a fire in an emergency. It was found in one of the "Recommended items" on Amazon. The impulse buy comes here. I really need to have a "156th" way to start a fire in an emergency, because it's a cool device. I'm sarcastic, but it's a cool "must have" device. I got this one and put it in with my other fire. " Tools." I have never smoked. This is one of the "must have" fire starters. It's cool. And it works! It's a good thing.

👤This is an electronic lighter. It is solid in the hand. The top is kept closed with a sturdy latch. You have to press a release button to open the top when you open the latch. An electronic flame is created between the four posts when there is one button to push. I used it to make fire starters out of cotton, dryer lint, melted paraffin wax and Vaseline, and it worked great. It started the fire. When we hosted a birthday party, I was the only one who had a lighter. It started the candles. I have it in my backpack, ready to go on a trip. I let it charge after it arrived. I don't know how much it cost when it arrived, but it took about an hour to charge. There is a blue light on as it is charging. When the blue light goes off, it's overcharging. This is a must have lighter.

7. Waterproof JiaDa Rechargeable Flashlight Camouflage

Waterproof JiaDa Rechargeable Flashlight Camouflage

2*RONXS candle lighters, 2*USB charging cables, 1*gift box, 1* user manual, and 1*cleaning brush are what you get. The aim is to provide better products and service for you. One end is designed as a lighter and the other as a flashlight. A great product for lighters. The small size of the Jia Dausb electric lighter, which weighs 1.79oz, is very suitable for home, camping, travel and hiking, and can be put into your pocket. It is a great gift for a business. Waterproof roofing. There is a combination of aluminum alloy and a type of material. Even in heavy rain, this flashlight can operate. The build-in battery can be charged in about 1.5 hours. Environmental protection includes low-voltage protection, high-voltage protection and over-charge protection. A lighter that doesn't need oil and gas is very safe. Their Kind Service is committed to creating high quality and great design products. Please contact them if you have any questions. They will give you the solutions and reply to you with 24 hours.

Brand: Jiada

👤This thing is awesome. It catches fire immediately if it touches anything. I love the idea of having a lighter that I don't need to refill or exchange, all I have to do is charge it once in a while. It is child-proof. The button will turn on the flashlight if you click it while the cap is closed. The lighter will turn on if the cap is open. It's great.

👤It worked fine after it was charged at the end of February. It was used a few times a week. I used it this morning and it was dead, so I connected it to a charge. It was used half an hour later. It's still dead. I let it charge for another six hours. The problem isn't that I put my phone up to the charge. A disposable butane kitchen lighter can be used to get that level of product life for less money.

👤I like the lighter and flashlight. The item is very light. It has a whistle and a lanyard that you can keep around your neck. This is great for people that love the outdoors. It is flameless and waterproof. I don't have to worry about refilling butane because it is rechargeable.

👤Excellent product. It was very sturdy and durable. I had expected the flashlight to be dim. I was impressed. I bought this because I'm a smoker. I charge it daily at home, so I haven't tested its longevity per charge. It lasts all day using both features. It may be the best deal I've had on Amazon. I advise you to buy it if you're interested in it.

👤This multi-purpose lighter works well, I do a lot of camping and when the season comes this lighter will work out perfectly. The electronic lighter is great for windy days and the light is brighter than I was expecting. The package was very nice and it was very durable. There is a whistle on the lanyard. I would recommend a great windproof lighter to anyone that goes camping.

👤I didn't notice that the bottom of the thing was a flashlight. Added bonus! I'm going to buy another one. The lighter part is very cool. I use it to light candles and incense, but the purpose is to throw in my survival kit in my truck for firestarting.

👤The lighter was well packaged and received on time. It's a medium priced model. Solid construction with a nice feeling and ease of operation. I don't rely on Butane powered lighters so I bought this type of lighter.

👤This thing is awesome. It catches fire immediately if it touches anything. I love the idea of having a lighter that I don't need to refill or exchange, all I have to do is charge it once in a while. It is child-proof. The button will turn on the flashlight if you click it while the cap is closed. The lighter will turn on if the cap is open. It's great.

👤Para el creo, sin embargo el peso. No, tiene unas prestaciones.

8. Zippo ZO30072 Emergency Fire Kit

Zippo ZO30072 Emergency Fire Kit

A perfect size for backpacking, hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, boy scouts, BBQ, and everyday emergency preparedness. flint spark wheel The cotton spark tinder is easy to use and burns up to 5 minutes. The design has a textured grip. There are floats in water. Comes in a pack. Instructions for hand wash.

Brand: Zippo

👤I don't know why people don't like this device. It is waterproof and self contained. I did not read the instructions. The provided roll was pulled out by me. It was loosened by poking it on a stick. Put the flint wheel against the tinder and hit it. The wheel burst into flames after a second spin. I smashed it to extinguish the flame after it was burned for about 5 minutes. I have used a lot of different firestarting methods, but this is the only one that works. I understand that it would be difficult to light a tinder pile with the amount of sparks it throws, but that isn't the point of this device. It has its own way of lighting up. The device is a small, packable, waterproof, self contained fire starting device. It is all those things. If you get cold and tired trying other methods, you're welcome to rest and warm up by the fire, I started it in the time it took you to shave off some magnesium chips. The real test of this product isn't the ease of use or how well it works, it's the proof that is there. If you can find a refill?

👤The emergency fire kit is from the company Zippo. There are 5 fire starters that fit inside the tube. The rubber gasket keeps the starter dry. The red cap on top has a seal that keeps the strikers dry. The EFK is in the water. The EFK was weighted to see if it is waterproof. The replaceable flint in the Zippo Lighters is similar to the one in the strikers. I found them hard to light after field testing. To make sure it wasn't old stock, I ordered a new one. Same poor results. The ferro rod won't light with it. Douse them in lighter fluid and they will light up. The char cloth does not create a hot enough spark to create an ember. They're fun to play with, but don't trust your safety to this product.

👤The idea has been done a hundred times. The tinder is what sets this one apart. The word "cotton" means something. "donuts" work by pushing a stick into the hole which will push out fibers to catch a spark and then use the stick as a "handle" to get the lit tinder to where you need it under your fire. It's much easier to get your fire where you need it to get things going, and no burning fingers trying to get a burning tinder placed between your fingers.

👤If you follow the instructions, it will be easy to start a fire. You are supposed to pull the fire starter from the center of the roll. Works like a champ when done this way. Only 5 fires can be had with the supplied tender rolls, so either you get more or you will get something else soon. I saw a video on the internet where the "reviewer" couldn't get the tender to start and gave a very critical review. He admitted that he was at fault after a lot of critical comments about his performance. He did not correct his initial video. There is a program called "RTFM."

9. Green Vivid Lighter Dual Rechargeable Windproof No Butane Ideal

Green Vivid Lighter Dual Rechargeable Windproof No Butane Ideal

The locking clasp with metal ring sealed design is waterproof and windproof. It works well in windy or rainy days. It's perfect for any outdoor activities. The Green Vivid waterproof lighter can be charged with the help of theusb cable. The ligher could last up to a week after 2 hours of charging. The dual arcs technology design makes it easier to ignite. Butane is a harmful chemical and can be eliminated with the use of a tech. Green Vivid windproof lighter has multiple protection, such as short circuit protection, connection protection, low voltage protection, high voltage protection and over charge protection. It's perfect for camping,hiking, travelling and any outdoor activities. It's easy to use for gas stove, BBQ, camping trip fire starter accessory, emergency fire starter tool, etc. They guarantee a 100% refund within 3 months of purchase. If there is a quality issue, you should get a 100% refund or new replacement within a year.

Brand: Green Vivid

👤It seems like the build quality is pretty good. It weights about 48 grams on my scale. It's impossible to open it while it's in your pocket because of the mechanical outside latch. The flip top has a charging port under it. It's a good idea since the flip top will help to keep water away from the port without requiring a rubber dongle. It produces an X shaped double plasma arcs, which are easy to illuminate. I put it on a napkin and a cotton ball and both lit up quickly. It's pretty obvious that instructions are missing. When you charge it, a blue light will turn on and eventually turn off. If it's plugged into ausb charging device, you won't be able to turn on the plasma arcs. This is a good feature. The lanyard has a hole for the lanyard to attach to. I'm happy with it. I will try to update this review if I run into any issues.

👤This is a great lighter to use. If your candle doesn't stick up, it doesn't work. You can light your smoke in the wind. You will need a charging point. I used one of the ones I had. It was a nice gift. You can put a clip on it to hold it in your hand. You can do it all with one hand because it has a push button. The mine was charged. The price is reasonable. I hope this helped. I owe the company an apology because I didn't take everything out of the package when I got my lighter. I didn't lift the mold, but under it was a rope and a cable to hold the light up. I put up updated pictures of the rope and cable for you to see. I apologize for not doing right by you all. Thank you.

👤Wait, what am I reviewing? I have lost count of the number of these I have done. Yes, a controller cable. Nope. A magic eye book... It's an electronic lighter. The sweat is wiped off the forehead. The piece of tech was amazing. It takes awhile to light everything from paper to logs, but I do it. This beauty is so beautiful that it makes everyone lighter out of the water. Couldn't live without it. It makes julian fries. I bought a knife. Back to the car. No book... I don't remember anymore. No matter what you do with it, it's a great product. The makers of Easy Bke Oven brought it to you.

👤I was a little bit skeptical about how well this would work. It has happened to me many times, where we tried to light a fireplace, camp fire, or camping stove, only to find our lighter was out of fuel. It's not expensive to replace a lighter or match, but when you don't have access to one nearby, it can be really annoying. A lighter that doesn't need fluid? That looks like science fiction. There is a I'm happy to report that it works, and is cool too. I feel like I'm controlling a mini ball of lightening. It makes a satisfying ZAP noise and seems quite efficient at lighting candles and more. Charge it up when it runs dry. I always have spare battery power for our phones, emergency equipment, etc., so I feel like I'll never have a use up lighter with us again, because I always have access to spare battery power when I'm out camping. Excellent tool!

10. Rechargeable Flameless Waterproof Windproof Adventure

Rechargeable Flameless Waterproof Windproof Adventure

There is no butane refilling. It only takes 1.5-2 hours to charge the 220mAh battery, which provides up to 200 lights between charges. It is ideal for camping, hiking, fishing, skiing, hunting and exploring because of its double plasma arcs design. It is an ideal outdoor fire starter due to its impact resistant and durable nature. No more refilling or disposing of plastic lighters, no more gas or butane required, and a built-in rechargeable battery makes it an economical and eco-friendly option. The gift box with the charging cable and lanyard is a great gift for anyone who loves outdoor sports.

Brand: Radion Lighters

👤I want to know how many charges it takes before it dies. It should be hundreds because battery charging is a solved problem. I think that this little device will not last. The plastic case is flimsy and I can already tell that the port for charging it is not the worst thing. It has a waterproof look, but there's no rating to tell you everything you need to know. If I get a few hundred lights out of it, I'll be happy. It is easy to set fire to a single sheet of paper. If the thing to be burned isn't flammable, you don't have the option of turning a flame up and holding it against an object for a short time to dry it out. As soon as you get it, charge it. It doesn't come full.

👤I think this is a cool lighter. I don't smoke and don't need to light a fire, but if I ever do, I'll be ready to use my lighter. I put it in a lighter-size pocket.

👤You can find a lot of prices and package deals on Amazon. I gave these to my family and friends because I got them at a great price. It's no longer necessary to find a match and can be charged over and over again.

👤The locking cover is water resistant. A waterproof Arc of combustion. The lanyard requires no fossil fuels. It's a universal charging port. Great product.

👤This lighter is great for my car go bag, it's nice size and color, but must be charged.

👤I'm very happy with it, just go today. ERRY was happy with it.

👤It works in a way that is winding.

👤If you burn a plant it will make you angry.

11. Exotac FireSLEEVE Waterproof Lighter Lighter

Exotac FireSLEEVE Waterproof Lighter Lighter

60 days warranty service is provided for the gift package. If you have a question about their lighter, please contact them at any time, they will solve the problem for you. Quality design. Flexible materials protect your classic bic lighter and provide a hands-free strap to engage the gas. The fireSLEEVE design allows you to attach your lighter to a lanyard or pack for easy access. Waterproof: The fireSLEEVE was born when the classic Bic lighter and waterproof materials were combined. It's a good idea to use this in an emergency situation because it will protect you from up to 3ft of water. The safety cap blocks the gas button from being pressed when you have it in your pack, so you can store your lighter safely. When using a bic lighter, store the cap on the fireSLEEVE. It is possible to meet the basic requirements of survival. The classic bic lighter has been combined with the theory of survival and compatibility of everyday accessories by Exotac. You can use the fireSLEEVE at home to light your items. All of their products are made in the USA.

Brand: Exotac

👤The cap will not stay on. It is easy to fix this problem by pressing the cap on at an angle. The excess pressure on the cap will cause it to pop back off because there is no way to relieve it. I tried to squeeze the cap to allow air to pass by, but it didn't work. It wasn't until I installed it at an angle that it stayed on nice and tight, this allows air to escape before completely closing the cap to the case. The only way to prevent water from entering is to install a rubber relief valve. It's easier to put the cap at a tilted angle than it is to push it on. I deduct a star for the hassle.

👤This isn't a good idea to keep your lighter dry. This is in my kit. A Bic is a great way to make fire. I feel like I have been taken advantage of by the marketing and price point of this item. It's a hard plastic cap and a Silicone sleeve that is specifically for the Bic classic. It is made to keep your lighter dry. I knew it was going in and was hoping it would be a good utility. The feature that holds down the gas lever on the lighter doesn't work. It slips off with a lot of tension. If I'm supposed to soak this thing in alcohol to get it to work... I think that should have been done before packaging. The cap and body are closed. There is no mechanism to keep it in place, just some raised silicone ribs on the sleeve that hold it on. I used paracord to attach the two together. How much does this cost? Another point would make the price more reasonable. I am not sure where this is made. Cell phone cases use twice the material as much as half the price. I can't justify the price I paid for the product I received, so they must be doing something. It doesn't give me that good feeling when you add a new piece to your kit that is supposed to make it better.

👤I can't help but question the price for a piece of gear that keeps the lighter safe very dry. If you are putting together a survival kit, I would recommend putting the money toward lighters or a dry bag.

👤The cap won't stay on so what is the point? I bought it on impulse, even though I thought it was $16. It would be too much if I had it in my hand. It is a piece of plastic and Silicone which costs about 5 cents to make. The rubberish silicone just pops the hard plastic cap right off because it is two different materials. Press the cap on as hard as you can and the cap will come off. Pointless. There should be a lawsuit against this company.

👤Okay... So it works. It's a piece of plastic and Silicon that holds a Bic lighter and protects it. That makes it worth $16. I put a lanyard on it because of that. It gets 4 stars and not 5 because they should have told consumers how to keep the cap on. I've spent a few cold nights camping and my bones didn't like it a lot, so I got one. Can't beat a Bic for starting a fire. I might get another one.


What is the best product for survival lighter tesla?

Survival lighter tesla products from Ronxs. In this article about survival lighter tesla you can see why people choose the product. Jinlun and Ronxs are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival lighter tesla.

What are the best brands for survival lighter tesla?

Ronxs, Jinlun and Ronxs are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival lighter tesla. Find the detail in this article. Zippo, Exotac and Extremus are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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