Best Survival Lighter Solar

Lighter 16 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Indicator Windproof Rechargeable Flameless Adventure

Indicator Windproof Rechargeable Flameless Adventure

A full charge can last up to a week. The high-quality battery cycle lasts 500600 charges and the power indicator and battery lights can remind you to charge it in advance. It makes it easier to light candles and cigarettes by using a dual-arc lighter that is 5 times faster than a single-arc electronic lighter. It is weather resistant, flameless, and can work well on a windy day. This is a perfect gift for birthday, friends, family, lover, business and more. The lighter has a large capacity battery that can be used more than 200 times and is safe and durable.

Brand: Ilevar

👤Excellent quality, works well, and came as described. I bought this for someone who smokes and is always outside. They love that it works in wind. I bought another one for myself.

👤It's super cool! It's a cool lighter. It's easy to use out of the box. It doesn't have a loud ear piercing that is migra material. It was high pitched. It is similar to an alarm that stores use to keep young people away. I only have it on for a few seconds at a time, so it won't bother anyone.

👤I'm tired of the newer BIC lighters stopping at halfway through, with half the fuel left. It's almost impossible to find a refillable butane lighter now. The cheap Clippers allow refilling and also replacing flints. They don't work well. I was going to try the newer electric lighter. I've had other electrics, but they have a coil that gets hot, glows, and you press the cigarette against that. Not good. This seems to be a typicalplasma lighter, also known as anarc lighter, because it shoots anarc spark across two contacts. The lighter has two sets of contacts. I bought it because it has indicator lights that show when the battery is low. I'm not happy that I need a port and a power source to keep the lighter charged. It's better than having a can of butane around. The packaging is beautiful. I don't know who makes it, but it's from China. I started using it because it was 1/3 of the way charged. Not great. The four arcs of the lighter are facing up from the top. They are not at an angle like other arcs. The instructions suggest holding the cigarette tip above the sparks, but that doesn't work. It looks like the heat from the Arc lighters is not going to go up, but is going to be within the sparks. When I touched the end to the sparks, I had success lighting the cigarette. You need to learn a new habit or system if you're used to a visible flame. The space between the four contacts is very small, which is a problem with this lighter in comparison to others. It's not as big as my cigarette end. If you're smoking anything larger than a cigar or a pipe, forget it. I can see that the sparks being shown seem to bend upward, offering a "flame-like" contact for the cigarette. They don't! They're flat, so you have to be very precise in how you make contact with those sparks, while holding a cigarette in your mouth or the other hand. The price is about average, and I like that it's mostly windproof. This won't work for driving a car with a window open and lighting a cigarette one-handed. I would have to focus on getting the end of the cigarette in the right place to start the fire. It's a problem while driving. Although the technology is interesting, and I don't have to buy butane or lighter fluid, the actual purpose for the lighter isn't being accomplished. It has 4 lights, which light up whenever you open the lid, and I can see when the charge depletes, because the lights go out as charge depletes. Most lighters don't show anything about the fuel or fluid, so you run out when you can't refill them. It's crazy. I charged the lighter with the micro-usb cable because it was down to 2 LEDs. It took about an hour. When it's fully charged, the lights blink in sequence, then hold steady. I like that. It was easy and quick to refill. There were some reviews for larger arcs lighters. The contacts are raised and spread out. It looks like lighting a smoke would be easier with those. Maybe next time.

2. EXOTAC TitanLIGHT Evaporation Proof Emergency Campfires

EXOTAC TitanLIGHT Evaporation Proof Emergency Campfires

It is built for adventure, made of military grade aluminum and completely waterproof, so you know your first aid gear is ready and usable when you need it most. The high-sPARK FLINT WHEEL. The replaceable flint wheel makes the titanLIGHT generate a high-spark. This lighter is more reliable and effective than other lighters on the market. O-Rings are designed to protect against rain and humidity. In traditional butane lighters or traditional zippo, fuel can be evaporated. Quality design. The titanLIGHT has an internally threaded cap with an O-ring that makes it waterproof up to 1 meter. You can refill this lighter with up to 2 liters of fuel or more, light an emergency fire, candle, or replace your traditional bic butane lighters with this built to last essential tool. All of their products are made in the USA.

Brand: Exotac

👤I was excited to use this. I was very let down after planning to use this for my Search and Rescue gear and it looked very solid in construction. It leaks between the case and the wick. When you open it, you're going to see lighter fluid spill out of the lid. If you don't wipe it down, you'll have to ignite the top of the lighter. After a few evolutions, the cotton balls are dried out and wont light up. The strikers to the flint is too easy. It's great for thumb grip. It wears down the flint like crazy. Changing them is easy if you pack a few extra in the base. The execution of the function needs to be improved. Is there an O-ring seal to help seal?

👤Excellent concept and nice quality over all. The function leaves a lot to be desired. If you're not paying attention, it can catch you off guard if it leaks under the cap. Carbon build up sticks everywhere in the ignition area due to excess fluid. It needs to be cleaned constantly for it to function decent. Only one strike produces a flame. You go throughFlint quite fast with this combination. The build quality is top notch. It costs 50 bucks to make it in the USA. It's a real shame that it doesn't do its job without constant tinkering.

👤The gasket is dry in your pocket. The lighter fluid is everywhere when you remove the cap. It leaks through the air. It is soaked when you open it. I gave up on this thing.

👤It is well built and works well. I received a flint and oring kit for free after I contacted customer service, but I am not sure it will last long enough to be worth 50 dollars. Is it worth the money? If you're in a place where your lighter must work, and you need it for occasional lighting a candle, then you should order the oring and flint kit for your bag.

👤It is better than a standard Zippo. I like how I can fill it up and store it for a month and then come back to it and it lights up. If the lighter gets hot, some lighter fluid can leak into the flint area, which is fine and easy to overlook, but if you go to light up and produce a larger, it's a bigger deal. It was made in America.

👤Lighter leaked and got lighter fluid on my hand. I lit the lighter.

👤He loves it and filled it for me. It stays lit until you blow it out.

👤The flint roller is hard to turn with your thumb, so it's hard to get a spark. It would be nice if it was designed this way. It was a little pricey for this issue. As advertised, it seems like durable aluminum and waterproof.

👤I over fill it and make sure that when you light it the fuel is gone from the top. I keep spare flints in the bottom. It is not the most exciting piece of kit, but it could be a life saver.

3. Waterproof Windproof Rechargeable Flameless Electric

Waterproof Windproof Rechargeable Flameless Electric

The Extremus Carabiner Survival tool is a multi-purpose tool that should be in every person's pack. The tool can be used hundreds of times. It is light and thin, so it can be packed easily. The waterproof lighter flashlight is an essential life-saving tool because of its sealed rubber O-ring and locking clasp cover. A great partner when you go camping, travelling, tactical survival, BBQ, candles, cooking, fireplaces, fireworks and so on. The 2-in-1 design combines a light with a flashlight. It is a great flashlight for emergency lighting. It is easy to carry a pocket size with a lanyard. The aluminum alloy body is more durable. The Windproof Arc Lighter works for more than 7 seconds and can be activated automatically. The flashlight has two modes, one for normal lighting and one for flash, which you can switch between by pressing the switch. Plug in to a computer, car or power bank with the included cable. No gas, no fluid, no flame. It can be fully charged in 2 hours. Easy to use and safe. 30 days free replacement and 1-year service for any quality problem is an excellent after sale service. Email them for help. 30 days free replacement and 1-year service for any quality problem is an excellent after sale service. Email them for help.

Brand: Morisk

👤I like the size and it fits in a pocket. It was put in a drawer for a week. The flashlight is still working after 40 minutes. It will ignite a piece of paper if you don't have much experience with the lighter. The contacts were accidentally touched. It's d sucks!

👤The light is bright, small and convenient. I'm sure I'm voiding the warranty by saying that the lighter works great, but to shock people. It's not a stun gun, but it's a bit stronger. I had a different brand with a compass on it but the light was unpredictable as to what mode would come on when you pressed the button. This flashlight is the next one in a series. The high and low are Strobe.

👤The lighter is a nice accessory. I use a flashlight a lot and this allows me to not carry a lighter as well. But. The little rubber cap fell out on the first day. This is not good. The whole thing would be useless if I had lost it. I recommend using a bit of superglue around the hole to glue it in. If a drop of superglue were to fall on the switch beneath it, I'm sure it would ruin it. Less is more. I'm not sure why the factory would fit it with a rubber cap that would fall out easily, it's a cool device for a reasonable price.

👤Lighter seems to work well. The flashlight doesn't remember the last setting. You have to cycle through each setting. It's not sure if it's faulty or not. Repeatedly, tried quick press off, hold to turn off, and always cycles. It makes it hard for me to use.

👤The lighter arcs were expected to be more powerful. I know it is a balancing act between a strong battery life and strong arcs, but it wasn't great lighting a candle. The light part of the flashlight is a bit weak, but it's perfect for an everyday carry flashlight.

👤It is wonderful for the price. When I go camping, I bring a small solar charge with me so I don't have to bring any extra batteries. It holds up to camping and is lightweight.

👤Light and small. The time between charges could be longer.

👤I am very pleased with the device I have purchased.

4. REM FACIO Waterproof Rechargeable Camouflage

REM FACIO Waterproof Rechargeable Camouflage

The waterproof lighter has metal-ring sealed lighter cover and safety locking clasp design, which is very useful for you to use in the rainy day, and is suitable for outdoor activities, adventure, camping, hiking, hunting, travelling etc. It can be charged in 2 hours with the included cable and no gas or butane required. It's very safe and easy to use. You can hang it on your neck or put it in your pocket, it's very easy to carry. The material is very durable. 60 times per charging to use helps ignite a 220-mAh battery cell. 1x Windproof Arc Lighter, 1xusb. 60 days warranty service is provided for 1x Hanging Lanyard, 1x User Manual, and 1x Gift Box. If you have any questions about their lighter, please contact them at any time, they will solve the problem for you.

Brand: Rem Facio

👤The first good charge took about two weeks to run down. It can last a month. It seems to be very strong. The flip cap makes it water resistant. It would be great if the latch was better. It doesn't have an edge inside for the latch to grab and hold tightly. Since getting it, it has been working well. It seems like an okay value. Lighters are used for smokes less. Once in awhile use cotton swabs with alcohol to clean arcs. They will accumulate things. The battery is showing some wear. Five months after purchase. Not sure if they can be replaced. The battery still holds the same charge.

👤A great lighter. It works in the wind. Holds a charge. The cheap plastic makes it lighter for a "lighter" pun. It's a good recommendation!

👤It's an awesome lighter. I wish the arcs was bigger, but it works well.

👤We use this on the motorcycle. The lightest ever.

👤It's perfect for camping or a day on the boat. It's easy to secure so it doesn't get lost.

5. Freedom Goods Waterproof Lighter

Freedom Goods Waterproof Lighter

A slim and handyusb lighters is strong. It's easy to store a flameless lighter. The better choice than any electric lighters in the market is a non-slip electronic lighter. They designed the lighter to be waterproof. The high voltage double Arc is splashproof and is produced by this lighter. The lighters have overheating protection. The flameless lighter is safe, but it doesn't lack power. It's perfect for grills, stove, campfires, or candles. The water-resistant storage bag is what keeps your new bbq camping lighter ready to go. Their survival lighter has a powerful battery that can last up to 800 charging cycles. There is no need to worry about your lighter running out of power outdoors. The battery in the arch lighter can be charged through a power bank or computer. The only tactical lighter you'll ever need is their dual Arc plasma lighter, it's lightweight, non-slip handle and it's 888-282-0465 888-282-0465 888-282-0465. This is an amazing gift for yourself or a loved one today. WINDPROOF is a movie. The wind and splash proof design of their lighters make them a favorite for traveling and outdoor use. You can bring your portable electric survival lighter with you on your next hiking adventure. Their electric lighter works great for grills and fire pits and is wind proof, so you can use it in your own backyard for your next BBQ. You deserve a lighter, get yourself one! It's economical to refill lighter fuel for disposable plastic lighters. Today is the day to switch to a lighter. You can buy a flameless lighter today. It's better for your wallet to have a cool, ecofriendly option. You can reuse one of their lighters over and over again with a one-time purchase. Buy with confidence from the USA company. You can return the lighter for a full refund if you decide it isn't for you. If there are any issues, they can send you a replacement lighter. If you send them a message at any time, they will always respond with a friendly response from one of their amazing team members. You can trust a company that makes a wind proof lighter.

Brand: Freedom Goods

👤Love everything about it.

6. Rechargeable Flashlight Windproof Flameless Home Black

Rechargeable Flashlight Windproof Flameless Home Black

A lanyard is better for better carrying during camping, tactical hiking or other outdoor adventures. There is a lanyard under the black cotton pad. They stand behind their product. If you have a question about the product or service, please contact them. They will always provide a solution. To start a fire, all you have to do is slide up on the power switch and press the button. Their lighter can be used to avoid accidental ignition. Extra safety is added by the 8-second automatic cut-off between uses. The Arc lighter is flameless and windproof and works in humid or windy environments. A lighter that is better for outdoor use. Imagine if you were in a dim area, the built-in light would come in handy. The COMLIFE lighters have a unique plus flashlight and solid build, which makes them stand out from the regular electric lighters. It was born for an emergency. The battery can be charged hundreds of times on a single full charge, with indicators showing real time battery volume. No fuel, no butane, clean and energy saving. It's ideal for candles, BBQ, campfire, hiking, fireworks or daily household uses. It's a cool gift for everyone. If you click the Add to Cart button, you'll get the most user-friendly lighter ever. Buy now to get: (1) Electric arcs lighter, (2)usb cable, and (3) user manual, and reliable and timely customer service.

Brand: Comlife

👤I can't believe how useful this is. I haven't charged the lighter since I got it. We have a lot of lighters around the house, but with this one, I don't have to spend money buying more because it's only a charge. It looks nice and it's very easy to use. I love it!

👤This is an excellent lighter, I've only used bic lighters before, and this is much more advanced and ecological. It works well. I was curious as to how a tiny electrical charge could cause a fire. It's lightweight but has a good quality feel to it. I thought the cable wasn't included because it wasn't clearly packaged. The lighter is in the interior packaging. It's a very short cable, but I don't think it needs charging often. They say to charge at least every 3 months.

👤This is going to sound crazy. I bought these for my husband and when I lit a candle they all screamed in pain and had ear ringing. I thought they were joking when I went in another room and lit a candle. I think the sound of the lighter can cause ear damage. We tried again and it had a broad range. Returning. But buyer beware! It was an odd product. Btw- I did not feel any ringing or ear pressure.

👤When I received the product, I was expecting it to produce a spark that would be enough to light a candle. It produces a steady electrical charge that also makes an intimidating sizzle sound as I press down on the button. It has a sliding power on/off button. I can feel safe storing it indoors because it won't light up the house. I can use the flashlight to see in the dark without a candle. The product is lightweight and the perfect length to light candles without burning my fingertips, as matches and regular lighters always does to me.

👤Everything must be lightweight and functional for a short moto camp trip. You have to leave no trace of where you were. The device is useful for starting a fire, camp stove, and more. The unit is rechargeable so you will always have a fire source. I recommend this product to anyone who is in the wild. If it rains, it works very well.

👤When I got this, I thought the electric lighter wouldn't work, but I was wrong. I thought I got a Harry Potter wand when I first opened it. It's cooler. It's easy to light candles and other things with it. The price is amazing, and definitely would recommend this bad boy.

👤The lighter is built so well that it's easy to grip and much better than using a regular lighter or matches. It is user friendly. It turns on with a single click. The electric charge will light the candles. It is a good quality charging device. The product also comes with a charge. The lighter has a long battery life. It is great for camping and birthday candles. It has a nice look. This lighter is better than matches. We recommend it. You will be very happy if you purchase this.

7. Zippo Orange Matte with Logo

Zippo Orange Matte with Logo

A genuine Zippo lighter with a distinctive click. The Windproof design works virtually anywhere. For optimum performance, they recommend genuine Zippo premium fuel, flints, and wicks. Lifetime guarantee that "it works or they fix it free" The fuel is sold separately.

Brand: Zippo

👤If they sent me a lighter, I would have liked it. I received a lighter made by Star1. There is a It seems to be a Chinese company. A fine lighter. I ordered what I asked for. I will include the link. There is a notice where it says "Ships from and sold by" "Genuine Zippo windproof lighter with distinctive Zippo "click" All metal construction; windproof design works virtually anywhere for a lifetime of use; for optimum performance, we recommend genuine Zippo premium lighter fluid, flints, and wicks Made in USA; lifetime."

👤Don't buy this product. I paid a lot of money for the lighter, but it isn't worth it. The logo on it was different than the original one.

👤The new lighters are cheaper than the ones I have owned before. The lighter won't close completely with the bottom. You can see the silver in the insert. The metal is thinner than it used to be, and it is not brass like the listing says. I am very disappointed in the lower quality that is being produced by Zippo.

👤I bought this hoping it wouldn't have the same issue I had when I bought one from acutal. I got it a few days ago. I opened and closed the lighter lid a few times to make sure it was in line with the body. I put in another insert after taking out the insert, but when I tried to close the lid it was not straight, and I had to push hard to get it to close. The lid is not aligned in the photo. The lid is catching on the wheel. I put the original insert back in. I made sure I got the correct case for the insert, I don't know why this happened. The bottom of the case said "Zippo". I will be returning it.

👤The line up front. No, just no. Don't do it. A lot of Vietnam-era infantry I bought a Zippo. It served me well for a long time and deserved its reputation for quality. These aren't the same as the Zippos. I wonder why they didn't have it in a case like all the other Zippos I've come across... I think I know. The info on the Amazon page says that it doesn't fit slim or 1935 replica cases. I wanted to swap out the lighters that come in them with the ones that come in the inserts, so I bought two of them. I checked to make sure it was not one of the "Slim" or "1934" model cases and that it was the same size as a regular lighter case. It's not the case, and we owe it to you to make it clear in the description. The case will not close because the Zippo 65826 fits in the case. Trying to make it close is a sign that it won't work for this or the regular lighter that comes with it. I had to open the Yellow case and try to close it again on the lighter that came in it, but it bent to the point that it wouldn't close again. I am 1 for 2 with having the model that comes in these lighters being unusable as a result of simply opening the top of the lighter, and the Zippo 65826 won't fit in a "regular" Zippo case. I'll dig through my footlocker and see if I can find my old Zippo. I'll go to eBay if that's the case. It's fair to say that these are made in China and that Zippo is up front about it. I own and use a lot of Chinese products that are very good. I have noted that a lot of hardware, fasteners and other products are just enough "off" from U.S.-produced versions to make the fit not quite correct. It's rarely off by a lot, but enough that holes that should line up exactly, don't; or bolts that should take U.S. spec nuts/bolts don't do so reliably. I don't know how to explain it. Maybe they're using equipment built for metric production, adjusting it to produce U.S.-spec products and it just doesn't translate well? The lighters are not off a lot, just enough to not be as interchangeable as Zippo claims. I will not buy another product from the company.

8. Tesla Coil LightersTM Rechargeable Windproof

Tesla Coil LightersTM Rechargeable Windproof

The Lighters are made by theTesla Coils Arc Lighter. 3” x 1.75” x 0.25” The weight is 3 ounces (Arc length: 5mm). The lights are safe and easy to use. A full charge can last up to a week.

Brand: Tesla Coil Lighters

👤There is a new thing on Facebook called coil lighters. I don't know why Facebook gets all the ads for these things, but it does. The one on Facebook has a cross current, which is cheaper than the one that only has a single current. Why should you buy one over the other? This review hopes to answer that question. Does this thing work as a lighter? Yes, it does. Sort of. Being a lighter is a big sticking point as you might want to own such a thing. There are some real bonuses to the lighters, but they come with some real draw backs. As an electric powered lighter, you are getting something that doesn't need fuel, and the battery lasts a long time. If you have use, you can use the solar power to charge this, and you won't have to worry about not having a lighter. I'd probably avoid submerging it just to be safe, though I can't say how well it functions if it gets wet. It does an okay job of lighting things up. The object in question needs to be set in the current between the little metal and the light in order to light it. The sticking point is this. It's easier to light stuff with a traditional lighter than it is with one of these things. It's hard to explain, but imagine lighting a candle and the wax is melted and you can't get it out. Imagine lighting a bigger stick than a small twig. Second hand items that fit between the lighter's leads are what you'll end up relying on. It's a little annoying. This thing is nice, portable, and rechargeable. If you want an electric lighter that doesn't have an x current, this one will be a great cheaper alternative. There are real bonuses that this lighter doesn't rely on fuel, but it is a little harder to use. It makes sense to have something like this around as a backup, but you might want to keep a traditional lighter around too.

👤I bought this for my husband on January 26th, but didn't give him it until February 14th. It doesn't work. It won't charge. It is only used for lighting cigarettes. I don't think this is a good idea. This was the highest, best rated lighter I've ever researched. Don't waste your money.

👤I was really happy with this lighter for the first 2 hours, after un boxing, lit a cigarette or two, did not over use it or hold the button for longer than needed, because I know a friend that has one, and went to bring my dog for it. I really liked it, but it didn't clean the electrical points, a button or battery was too bad.

👤It is a nice device, but it has some drawbacks that are not present in any lighter like this. 1. You can't light a cigarette with it. The opening is small. This is probably because a larger gap would require a more powerful battery and may be dangerous. You can light a cigarette with it, but it's not a good idea to do it with a lighter. 2. It should light candles if it doesn't light cigs easily. Unfortunately no. The flip style cap doesn't fold back completely. You end up burying the cap into wax in order to light a candle in glass. It's still cool because of the design flaws.

9. Lighter Windproof Lighters Quality Without

Lighter Windproof Lighters Quality Without

The fuel is sold separately. Top quality metal body lighter with fuel level window and universal refill valve. Butane is refillable. Butane fuel can be reloaded. Lighters do not come with Filled Butane due to mailing regulations. The large flame base and strong flame are what make it strong. The Large Flame Base gives you a wider surface area that has no issue lighting objects in any size, suitable for occasions like kitchen, BBQ, hiking, camping, cigar, cigarette, etc. Strong 2 Jet Flame Butane Torch Windproof Lighter. The gift box was elegant. It is a perfect gift for any occasion.

Brand: Guevara

👤After opening the box, it looked amazing. There were more than one issues that started the next day. 1st It was hard to fill. I tried to get this filled, but I wasted almost a half a can. It was not clear what the issue was. I went with it. I used that night and started the next day. I don't have to be hard on my stuff anymore. I kept it in a felt pouch. The second day began with a little bit of a fright. I took it out of the pouch and it was loose. The screw on the bottom fell out. I screwed it back in with a small screw driver because it was inside the pouch. OK feels good again! Went to start it up! No spark, no flame, no death. I dropped it off for a refund. My advice is to get a better device and spend a bit more money. This thing is junk.

👤They only worked for a month. I decided to give it another try. I might have got a bad batches. I am disappointed.

👤It's my favorite and the only one still working.

👤I like the bright yellow, the quality is great. If I get up and get in a hurry, I can spot it on the cluttered table or bar, I have left a lot of lighters and I'm sure they were right in front of me. The capacity of the fuel is a nice surprise, I have to get a couple more at the price, and I will gift one of them to my father who is not one to pay the price.

👤I needed a lighter for my cigars. They would stop working if you kept losing them. I didn't want to spend a lot on a new one. I wanted a torch style, butane window, and cigar cutter. This fit the bill. Two flames are good. The fuel window works the way it should. The retractable cigar hole puncher also does. I only smoke once a week and this is my weekly driver.

👤I don't understand why some people are saying it's not good or it dies in a week. If you don't use it as a welding torch, you should be fine. If you use this lighter under normal use, you will be fine. It's built well, so it could probably take a beating.

👤This lighter is great. A nice box with a bag was what I got. I like this lighter but it has a few flaws. The lighter is great. A nice box with a bag was what I got. I like this lighter but it has a few flaws. The build quality is great. It feels heavy. It feels well put together, with no loose parts. It feels very fancy, with the top yellow part flipping up when you push down to ignite the flame. The amount of fluid left is visible from the side. The flame is high and there is no way to lower it. It consumes lighter fluid like no other lighter I have seen. You can have your refill on stand-by. I still think this is a great lighter.

10. USB Rechargeable Dual Plasma Lighter

USB Rechargeable Dual Plasma Lighter

The built-in compass is great for backpacking, hunting, and hiking. Waterproof: The lock on the lighter cover prevents water from entering. Before submerging in water, the clasp must be locked. It's permissible. The included cable can be used to charge a laptop, power bank, car or other power source. It gives up to 2 hours of use per full charge. There is no fuel required. The lanyard has an emergency whistle with a clasp and life-saving fire tinder in it. It's accessible. The lighter is small and light. Attach it to your neck with a lanyard or place it in your pocket. The ideal gift is built with high quality materials. The perfect gift for lovers of the great outdoors is the built-to-lastusb lighter.

Brand: Elk

👤I love that this can be charged with ausb connection. I have a folding solar panel that I can use for camping or hiking. I can't wait to see how it stacks up against other things. I won't have to worry about running out of matches now.

👤Operates in a straight forward manner. It is easier to light a candle than a small piece of paper, so choose the version with the electrodes on top. I don't have enough time to use it in a camping situation to determine battery life. It would be enough for a weekend backpacking trip. Can't say if it would last a week.

👤I used it this weekend to light my camp stove and it worked great. I'm quite happy so far, but I'm going to test it on a few other things. After my bag took on water, it continued to work.

👤She has not said anything bad about it. I had to think about the battery life.

👤I have not found anything to dislike. It is something I have wanted for a long time and was not disappointed.

👤I like the fact that I can light a cigarette in the wind. It is easy to use and charge.

11. Waterproof Rechargeable Windproof Flameless Paratinder

Waterproof Rechargeable Windproof Flameless Paratinder

Environmentally Friendly Lighters use clean and low-carbon electrical energy to charge, instead of using gas and fuel. The package includes Anglink Arc Lighter. The gift packaging has a 1 xusb cable. Friendly Customer Services and 90days warranty are offered by them. It is a perfect outdoor lighter,camping fire starter tool, an emergency fire starter tool,suitable for outdoor activities, adventure,camping, The waterproof lighter has metal-ring sealed lighter cover and safety locking clasp design, it's useful for you to use in the rainy day. It can be charged in 2 hours with the included cable and no gas or batteries required. It's easy to carry, you can hang it on your neck or put it in your pocket, it's lightweight and convenient. The material is very durable. 60 days warranty service is provided for the gift package. If you have a question about their lighter, please contact them at any time, they will solve the problem for you.

Brand: Jinlun

👤I bought this to put in my carry bag. I wanted to start fires with something other than smoke. After a month of lighting a napkin by my coffee table, this lighter can hold a charge. Will it hold a charge and work for a month? I'm buying another one.

👤It was easy for me to keep my pack organized because it was the size and shape of a small flashlight. I liked that it worked as a flashlight, as I used it to find my headlamps when it got dark on me. I liked that it was easy to light a fire in my stove, but I was worried about the lighter being able to reach in my stove to light my tinder, but it turned out to be no problem and I got my fire started quickly. I don't recommend using this as your main source of light or fire if you are on a long camping trip. It is hard to follow a trail in the dark, but the light is strong enough to help me find my stronger flashlight in my pack. I wouldn't trust it on a long trip because it is batterie powered and can go dead. I like having it in my pack to help me keep organized.

👤If you are tired, a lighter is a good choice. It works well for lighting a fire and for melting synthetic fabric when you cut it. It works well in the wind. The button is uncomfortable and the battery life is short, but I would recommend this lighter for its price and convenience.

👤Don't shoot me, I'm a smoker. I think this is a good lighter. It's waterproof and windproof. If you charge it while you're sleeping, you should be fine. I got a lighter that has a flashlight in it. It's bright. It comes with a lanyard, a charging cable, and a lock that makes it hard for little kids to light it.

👤This is a great product. Everything I need is starting to ignite. The product is very durable. I am getting 30 lights on a full battery charge. The price is very reasonable. I bought 1 for myself and 1 for a gift. I highly recommend this product and seller.

👤The waterproof top is still tight, the clasp needs better metal to maintain integrity, but I would buy again and again. I had it for two months.

👤I bought this for my husband because he works outside a lot. The lighter has been great so far, it only needs one charge despite almost daily use. The case is very strong. My husband is happy with it.

👤The flashlight is very bright. I use it for estimating jobs. I can use it like a laser. I have not had to use the flasher to scare away anything, but it is definitely blinding. The lighter is very cool to look at and will do a nice job of heating up the end of whatever. Not a smoker myself. This would be great for lighting cigarettes and cigars.


What is the best product for survival lighter solar?

Survival lighter solar products from Ilevar. In this article about survival lighter solar you can see why people choose the product. Exotac and Morisk are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival lighter solar.

What are the best brands for survival lighter solar?

Ilevar, Exotac and Morisk are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival lighter solar. Find the detail in this article. Rem Facio, Freedom Goods and Comlife are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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