Best Survival Lighter Butane

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1. Lighter Adjustable Refillable Lighters Portable

Lighter Adjustable Refillable Lighters Portable

The gift box was elegant. It is a perfect gift for any occasion. The gas butane lighter is portable. The gas can be used 300 times. The flame height can be adjusted by rotating the lighter wheel. The torch jet flames can easily handle any breeze. The design is easy to put in your pocket. The blow torch lighter is a great gift for Birthday, Father's Day, etc. 30 days money back guarantee and 1-year manufacturer's warranty. The lighter will not be filled with butane when you receive it. There are multi- functions. For Cigar, Candle, BBQ, outdoor using, and more.

Brand: Promise

👤There is a torch that is missing something. When you let go of the switch, the torches don't shut off. After putting the torch down, they continued to burn. This could cause a fire.

👤Lighter is small and thin compared to torches. I like it. The tank inside is small, which is the only con I have with it. It doesn't hold a lot of fluid and there is no rubber seal so you have to watch your hands when you refill. Give it a three star rating.

👤I love this thing. There is a It was perfect for a week, but I wish it came with a lanyard or wrist strap. I tried to refill it and put my ear to it, but it was empty and leaking.

👤I have not had any issues with this since I got it. If you don't know how to properly fill your torches, you can have user error. I would recommend this for sure. I'm very clumsy. I've dropped it a few times and it's still working. It has a small tank so it needs to be refilled often. That isn't uncommon. Buy this!

👤It's a very good lighter. The only thing is when you refill it. Whatever you want to call it, the nipple or nozzle. Get stuck. You have to warm it up and then tap it to seal it. It is not as good as the more expensive one. The canister is small. You have to refill it constantly. It doesn't light as much when it's cold, but it lights up almost every time.

👤Do not spend your money on these. I never lit one. I suppose the lighter was defected and it wouldn't fill up with butane. Get a better one if you pay a few bucks extra.

👤This is the 4th or 5th lighter from Honest that I have added to my collection. Each of them is unique in their styling and function. I can only speak to the fact that they have held up with no sign of malfunction, look nearly new, and show no sign of any future issues, because I have seen them in the rest of the product line. The lighter could be confused for a flashlight at first glance. The fuel level window is nice to have. The flip up level makes adjustments simple. It is easy to fill and the ignition is consistent. The one I bought does not have the stickers, but it looks great on its own. It's not too heavy and can live in a pocket for the day. It isn't built with the cheapest materials that could be found so it isn't too light. The flame that is produced is just as intense as you would expect from a lighter of the same style.

👤I initially bought these to use with my projects as I needed something that would be more cost effective and I was going through lighters too fast. We always have a candle burning, so why not have a couple of lighters around the house? The flame is strong, so that might take some getting used to, but I'm impressed by the quality of these despite the price. There's no safety options. Most lighters nowadays require you to push/ pull two different buttons to ignite it, and these are a simple slide. Make sure you keep these out of the reach of children. The kids and dogs won't be able to get to it because it's in a kitchen cabinet. I will add a note to the instructions. I found that they would fill in less than 5 seconds. I ended up wasting a little fuel because I was careful with that.

2. RONXS Lighter Indicator Windproof Portable

RONXS Lighter Indicator Windproof Portable

100% risk-free and 1-year warranty. Their product comes with a one-year warranty, as well as an 8-month free replacement policy and 60-day money back guarantee. Please contact them if you have any questions. They are always here for you. The design is called Triple Safety Design. Before lighting, you have to remove the safety design cover. 2. The on/off button should be moved forward. The spark can be generated by pressing down the switch button. It's safer for your kids. The display of the battery is larger. The upgraded Ronxs arcs lighter can display real-time battery volume. The lights on the barrel are fully charged when they turn on. A full charge provides over 400 uses. It is made of plastic and is small. It's easier to use and smaller. It's easy to carry around in a pocket-size. It's perfect for travel camping, hiking, BBQs, candles, cooking, fireplaces, fireworks and so on. The wind and splash-proof design will protect the electric pulse from being blown out by strong wind or wet weather. The RONXS lighter is a great tool for lighting. No flame, no butane, no hassle. The RONXS candle lighter will make less noise than other lighters. It's a great gift for Father's Day and Christmas. RONXS Rechargeable Lighter, a User manual, and a gift box are what you get.

Brand: Ronxs

👤You owe it to yourself to try this stuff. Great product! It's safe to use and has ausb to charge it. I love mine!

👤The seller of this product reached out to me and sent a new metal design that fixes the flaws I mentioned in the original review. The all metal tip version of this product fixes the melting plastic issue and has an easy flexible neck, so I recommend it. The plastic version is still for sale and has a design flaw. This is a really great product, but it has one major flaw. The plastic tips around the arch are easy to melt. The plastic tips melt when lighting candles. If they get too hot and melty, it doesn't smell great. It is a cool product.

👤This is useful. I wanted to see how well this works so I bought one. It is easy to light like a lighter. The safety is good. You have to slide the cap on to get it to start and then press the power button. I used it to light my candle and it was really quick.

👤Candles are lighter! I know when to charge with the low battery indicator. This candle lighter is great for our needs since we always love to have candles around the house to build a nice working atmosphere in our home office, and it gives me the chance of not having to burn my fingers when the candle is deep in the jar! Simple to use and lovely design!

👤Within a couple of days, I received two units. They had a box with their own lighter, a cleaning brush and ausb cord. The lighter has a nice cap. The units were ready to use. To use them, you need to slide the safety switch forward and press the ignition button. The candle is easily lit by the arcs. The safety switch required a strong thumb for the first time and was a little stiff. It became easier to use after the first use. It is important to read the charging procedures because the instructions are in a small booklet. I bought this product for my wife who has a hard time with the bic fireplace type lighters that have a safety switch that is hard and awkward to use. She lights her candles happily because she loves this product.

👤The little device is fun to play with. I've never had so much fun lighting a candle, I'd blow it out just to relight it. Did you know that if you blow on the end of the candle lighter, it will make a whistling sound? It does. The blue electrical arcs is very cool. I got this lighter because my gas grill's electronic igniter stopped working, but it's not long enough to reach it safely. I thought it was 7 inches long, but the button you press to start the electric arcs is halfway down the shaft, which is not long enough for lighting a gas grill. It is plenty long enough to light candles, fireworks, or a napkin in the kitchen sink.

3. RONXS Electric Rechargeable Flexible Fireworks

RONXS Electric Rechargeable Flexible Fireworks

It is easy to store and maintain. You can keep it in the corner of the kitchen. If you have a problem with your lighter, please contact them. Certified SafeRONXS's leading tech and multi- protect safety system ensures complete protection for you and your lighter. The RONXS lighters are flameless and can be used to illuminate under bad weather. You can charge the RONXS lighter whenever and wherever you want with the portableusb charging cable. Lighters make less noise than butane. The lighter is fully charged when 5 lights on the barrel turn on. One full charge can provide over 500 uses. A gift box, a lighter, and a charging cable are included.

Brand: Ronxs

👤You need a light! You need it for real. This lighter does everything you would want a lighter to do. It is the most useful feature because there is no fuel to refill. It isn't like matches where you have to hurry up or like lighters that time out before you're done. This is a lighter that has a microusb for you. It is too hard to light a bottle or glass candle. Not a problem with it's neck! There is a safety switch that can be used to prevent accidental lighting. It has an indicator light that will let you know when you need to charge again. The customer service for this company is excellent. Don't hesitate to contact them. They will be kind and courteous.

👤I have purchased two of these lighters. One of the models has the same technology as the other one. When you receive it and charge it up, it works well for a long time. It only works a few times when you charge it again. The batteries used in these devices are cheap, don't have overcharge protection, and are good for one full charge. I kept the lighter next to me as it was charging and unplugged as soon as it was fully charged. This and all like it are disposable lighters that will last for a month. I am only giving one star because of deceptive advertising. I would have given more stars if they had been honest. It works well when it functions.

👤For a week of lighting candles, the lighter holds a charge. The indicator will go from 3 to 4 before it dies. I am changing my review to one star. The seller is trying to get me to remove my review for an Amazon giftcard. Someone who relies on reviews to choose products is upset.

👤We can click it as many times as we please, but mine was either a back door model or Q C was on vacation that week. It won't work. I would return it for a second try. I missed the return window because my mom had a stroke. If you do buy one, I would suggest you push it hard and make sure it works for the first day, then after that you should get a Butane lighter. I have had a few. I had the old Marlboro ones 30 years ago and this did not even come close to them. If you want it to work more than 50% of the time, pass it. OK... If you take this one down, this is my 3x. I will never answer people questions again. The old man is old.

👤I can't get over my excitement at something small, so I'm laughing as I write this review. I just needed a long lighter for my fire pit, and realized that one of these costs about as much as a 4-pack of plastic, fuel kind, so why not? It's brilliant. The box is fully charged and has all the features I needed. Being able to light things without having to produce an actual flame of my own is wonderful, I'm extremely uncoordinated and burn myself lighting candles way more than any human should, the on/off switch and auto shutoff alleviate my worries about running out of power, and anything I can charge My new favorite purchase.

4. Thyrm PyroVault Lighter Compatible Inserts

Thyrm PyroVault Lighter Compatible Inserts

A lanyard is better for better carrying during camping, tactical hiking or other outdoor adventures. There is a lanyard under the black cotton pad. They stand behind their product. If you have a question about the product or service, please contact them. They will always provide a solution. The housing is compatible with many brands of torch. There is a warning The height of the Arc and Zippo Torch inserts makes them not comparable. There is no insert with the PyroVault. The elements are kept out by the O-ring seal. The MOLLE/PALS cap has a low profile. It is made of reinforced nylon. "Frequently bought together" or "Compare with similar items" do not mean compatibility. Amazon has a list of these and no one has control over what is listed.

Brand: Thyrm

👤!! Wow! I paid for a plastic lighter case. Don't waste your money if you want to buy this case. The regular fluid Zippo style inserts are useless with this. It is very difficult to roll the wheel. The lid catch is in the way. I should have read more reviews before buying.

👤It took 11 days for the order to be shipped from Florida to GA. The two gas lighter inserts that were ordered will not work with the PyroVault. The top cannot be closed because the insert fits in. I thought I was doing something wrong. I went to Walmart to buy a zippo lighter and tried the insert for the fluid type lighter. The zippo fits without any issues and the gas insert does the same. The Pyrovault can be found in the add with a zippo insert and a gas lighter insert. There should be a list of compatible inserts for the PyroVault. I guess I'll use the zippo and throw the plastic in the drawer. I don't like using lighters that leak in your pocket. It seems like the issue with PyroVault is that it's top is shorter than a standard lighter and gas insert. There is a reason the top won't close. I'm not happy to say that the least expensive case I've ever used was a plastic lighter case.

👤My daily carry has been for about 6 months now and I couldn't be happier. This case has held it's own beautifully, I'm an avid outdoorsman and have dealt with foul weather before. My fuel consumption has decreased significantly. I used to refill my zippo once every 5 days. I get over 2 weeks per fill with the pyrovault. It's a thing of the past. It's not uncommon to get a wet flint, but this is the first time. You have to dig out your ferro rod if you want your lighter to strike and it isn't much more annoying than that. No more. I can still catch a flame with damp hands even though the flint is wet and the residual heat is drying it out. To address some of the things I've read. That's true. You won't get a full rotation like you would in a standard case, but I never noticed that until I read it here. I have not had to reload a new flint in a long time, even with the limited rotation. I'm thinking about less rotation and less wear. The lanyard hole on the hinge side of the case is my #1 peeve. This product is for outdoor use. That's right. The old "camp zippo" hinge pin lanyard point would be an improvement. I'm sure you can come up with something better. My lanyard will interfere with the button being opened. I don't like keeping my lanyard out of the way. It hasn't been a problem, but in bad weather it seems more natural to have the opening side pointed down rather than up. The latch hinge pin is a minor issue. I've seen it walk a few times and it's way out now. It's good to go for a long while again, but I wish it wasn't something I had to check on. The cost is the last one. Yeah... It's a little steep, but it's serving a valuable purpose making my life easier and I would imagine, over the life of the product, my fuel savings will more than make back what I spent on it. I just have to laugh at those who give low star ratings because of price. Everyone knows what you're buying and how much you're going to pay before you place your order. There is no reason to slam a ratings. Would I buy it again? Yes, Sir! I came back to the listing to get another one. That's right.

5. Extremus Waterproof Carabiner Rechargeable Adventures

Extremus Waterproof Carabiner Rechargeable Adventures

The torch lighters can easily be used against strong blue flames. It's easy to carry, just put it in your pocket. The lighter is stored in a beautiful gift box, it is a unique gift idea for a friend, Father's Day, Birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas etc. Their product has a 5-year warranty. DOT and USPS safety caused this flame lighter to contain no butane. IPX7 waterproof design, safe flameless Windproof design, Rechargeable batteries, survival whistle and paracord are some of the key features. The Extremus windproof lighter has a battery that can be used up to 300 times on a single charge. The quick charge battery can be charged in 1.5-2 hours and will stay charged for up to a week. They have included a paracord lanyard with a whistle if there is an unexpected survival situation. The paracord material can be used to start a fire, create a fishing lure, and make a survival bow. Their flameless design means you can start a fire in almost any weather conditions. It reduces the chance of forest fires. A fire is started by a high temperature arcs produced by the plasma electrodes. The Extremus Carabiner Survival tool is a multi-purpose tool that should be in every person's pack. The tool can be used hundreds of times. It is light and thin, so it can be packed easily.

Brand: Extremus

👤I waited a long time to buy the more expensive version of this lighter. I like this one better than the expensive one. The case is more rugged. I recently realized that the jeep has a hidden feature. Our 11 and 12 year old girls are very annoyed by it. They say it's worse than finger nails down a chalk board. They can hear it from more than 30 feet away. I don't plan on abusing this feature, but imagine the benefits.

👤At an inexpensive cost, it's quite impressive. It's compact, lightweight, waterproof and reliable. It took about 30 minutes to fully charge after I plugged it in, but it worked great out of the box. Impressive performance and well worth the cost. I bought 2 of them to use on a daily basis and the other for a camping bag. Happy with both of them. I left this in my pocket after lighting some leftover fireworks, but I didn't realize where it was until I got home. On the first press of the button, it was still lit. It did not have any issues after being washed in hot water and detergent, but it was dried off to see how it performs. The price is impressive.

👤It's suspicious how they can offer this for so little. After a day of testing, the lighter seems very effective. It's not like a bic lighter where the flame can blow out or flutter against your finger, it's a small electric charge, and that's nice. It won't run out of fuel, but it will run out of battery life if you're in the field. It seems great to add a lightweight add-on to a hiking pack or emergency kit.

👤These lighters are not good for metal one-hitters or pipes. It's simple to charge the lights. It's like a dog whistle to my daughter. She can hear it from across the house and it hurts her ears. No one else in the family can hear it except for being close to it and the normal crackling of the Plasma.

👤I gave one of these to a friend because I didn't think he could start a fire in an emergency. It was found in one of the "Recommended items" on Amazon. The impulse buy comes here. I really need to have a "156th" way to start a fire in an emergency, because it's a cool device. I'm sarcastic, but it's a cool "must have" device. I got this one and put it in with my other fire. " Tools." I have never smoked. This is one of the "must have" fire starters. It's cool. And it works! It's a good thing.

👤This is an electronic lighter. It is solid in the hand. The top is kept closed with a sturdy latch. You have to press a release button to open the top when you open the latch. An electronic flame is created between the four posts when there is one button to push. I used it to make fire starters out of cotton, dryer lint, melted paraffin wax and Vaseline, and it worked great. It started the fire. When we hosted a birthday party, I was the only one who had a lighter. It started the candles. I have it in my backpack, ready to go on a trip. I let it charge after it arrived. I don't know how much it cost when it arrived, but it took about an hour to charge. There is a blue light on as it is charging. When the blue light goes off, it's overcharging. This is a must have lighter.

6. Butane Lighter Insert Single Torch

Butane Lighter Insert Single Torch

A genuine single torch insert. The flame height is adjusted to 2,300F/ 1,260C. It can be reloaded with butane fuel. Does not fit Slim, Armor, or 1935 replica cases. The famous "click" sound is retained.

Brand: Zippo

👤I want to say to all manufacturers who send their work to China. Quality control of your products can be lost, which can damage your company's reputation. Don't use outsourcing. This is a short fix. The only thing you need is a screwdriver. 1. The screws on the bottom of the box should be taken off. 2. The bottom cover needs to be removed. 3. The flame adjustment knob has something on it. 4. The brass limiter needs to be removed. 5. The flame adjuster knob should be turned clockwise. 6. Test the lighter and increase flame height. 7. At the highest setting, you can re- install the limiter. Everything else should be reinstalled. Quality control is a problem with the butane lighter inserts that are made in China. The flame knob is set too low on most of the inserts and that causes it to not work. It works for a day or two when it is topped off. The pressure fails when it is not 100%. Make sure your spark is hitting the bottom of the lighter well where the butane comes out. If it's too high, it will hit the top of the case and not the bottom of the well. Hey, Zippo! Most people who have bought these have ruined your reputation. Make them in the USA.

👤It's disappointing to see a product made in China. It only has a one year limited warranty that requires proof of purchase. The USA made lighters have a lifetime warranty. It seems to be well made and reliable.

👤I was going to give a one-star review for this single flame insert, but I wouldn't stay lit for more than 2 seconds. I decided to give the butane a refill and bingo. Problem solved. I can't see the butane level, but I won't knock a star off for that. Since the refill, the lights stay lit as long as you leave the button depressed, and it's been working well. I would suggest giving it a short fill up on the first try, and then letting it go before filling it.

👤Zippo finally made their own insert. I have a soft flame Thunderbird insert with the flint wheel for many years and will continue to do so. This is huge to me. The jet flame is very similar to the zippo blu lighters. You can stay lit till you let off. Quality is very good for 11$. This is a buy if you own a zippo. This is a must have for anyone who likes zippo quality and their name, and I wish they made another one like the Thunderbird and the Blu with the flint wheel.

👤I was going to give this a 1-star review before I read the answer to the question. I had a problem lighting the torch and keeping it lit. I tried it after reading a review that said to fill it once and vent it completely. The button should be pushed down for ten minutes. For most of the time, it will be ventless. I couldn't light the exiting gas using another flame source because there was some inert gas in there. The gas poked a hole through the flame of my other lighter. If you do it that way, you can check if it's venting. The flame on my soft flame BBQ lighter got smaller when I put it into the venturi, the place where the butane pulls air into the butane stream so it can burn properly. This is consistent with inert gases because they reduce the rate of heat in the gas mixture. This issue was not realized in testing.

7. Refillable Windproof Waterproof Adjustable Fireplace

Refillable Windproof Waterproof Adjustable Fireplace

All of their products are made in the USA. The butane lighter is built with a rubber seal and safety lock. It can be used in any weather. Tactical gear is needed for the outdoors. A high-pressure jet flame with a temperature of 2850F is easily resist wind. The lighters are suitable for camping. You can adjust the flame without tools with refilling gas lighters. To find out how much gas is left, take the tank out and look at the light. The Torch Lighter is portable and durable. A lanyard is better for carrying. Exquisite gift boxes, creative gifts for men are covered by a lifetime warranty. If you have an issue with their item, please contact them.

Brand: Jaerdhs

👤The push button is easy to use. The flame containment area is made of metal and has a rubberized case that can be opened with a button push. I like this lighter because its flame is not as strong as the larger torch lighters. It can be adjusted with a small screwdriver on the bottom. It lasts a long time. The button push is very easy, and it has a flame that stays as long as you hold the button down. Even if you hold it down for a while, it won't get too hot or burned. Unlike most other small torch lighters, the parts that get hot are all made out of metal, so they don't melt or wear out quickly. It's still lighting on the first push and stays lit as long as is needed. It needs more butane gas if it fails to light or stay lit. This is the torch lighter you want.

👤This is a great product. It would make a great gift for anyone who has ever used a lighter. It is easy to use. I would give a 10 star review. Dennis.

👤Very disappointed. I read the instructions. It was filled with butane. It wouldn't lite after working about 5 times. I turned the flame level up and it was the same as before. You can see the spark, but it doesn't do anything. It spit butane out when it was filled. If you can fix it yourself, I wouldn't recommend this product.

👤It doesn't seem flimsy, but time will tell. I had one that lasted 5 years before the hinge snapped. This feels like it will last half as long.

👤The lighter has a strong flame. The blue flame is wind resistant and easy to refill. This lighter was bought for backpacking and heavier outdoor use.

👤The control valve doesn't work. The Lighter opened on its own in my pocket. The plastic nozzle area will quickly melt. The product is an accident waiting to happen.

👤It's a great torch, but not the tank. I don't know how to see what the fluid level is on the tank. I had to return to my old torch. It's hard to be out and have it die. I couldn't tell if it's empty.

👤For a day, worked ok out of the box. It's consistently over 20 attempts now. Matches are way faster than light ones. Don't buy it.

8. Freedom Goods Waterproof Lighter

Freedom Goods Waterproof Lighter

A slim and handyusb lighters is strong. It's easy to store a flameless lighter. The better choice than any electric lighters in the market is a non-slip electronic lighter. They designed the lighter to be waterproof. The high voltage double Arc is splashproof and is produced by this lighter. The lighters have overheating protection. The flameless lighter is safe, but it doesn't lack power. It's perfect for grills, stove, campfires, or candles. The water-resistant storage bag is what keeps your new bbq camping lighter ready to go. Their survival lighter has a powerful battery that can last up to 800 charging cycles. There is no need to worry about your lighter running out of power outdoors. The battery in the arch lighter can be charged through a power bank or computer. The only tactical lighter you'll ever need is their dual Arc plasma lighter, it's lightweight, non-slip handle and it's 888-282-0465 888-282-0465 888-282-0465. This is an amazing gift for yourself or a loved one today. WINDPROOF is a movie. The wind and splash proof design of their lighters make them a favorite for traveling and outdoor use. You can bring your portable electric survival lighter with you on your next hiking adventure. Their electric lighter works great for grills and fire pits and is wind proof, so you can use it in your own backyard for your next BBQ. You deserve a lighter, get yourself one! It's economical to refill lighter fuel for disposable plastic lighters. Today is the day to switch to a lighter. You can buy a flameless lighter today. It's better for your wallet to have a cool, ecofriendly option. You can reuse one of their lighters over and over again with a one-time purchase. Buy with confidence from the USA company. You can return the lighter for a full refund if you decide it isn't for you. If there are any issues, they can send you a replacement lighter. If you send them a message at any time, they will always respond with a friendly response from one of their amazing team members. You can trust a company that makes a wind proof lighter.

Brand: Freedom Goods

👤Love everything about it.

9. Urgrette Lighter Refillable Adjustable Included

Urgrette Lighter Refillable Adjustable Included

The 6-inch long neck design protects you from burning your hand. You can use it in a variety of ways, such as grill, candle, BBQ, camping, baking, soldering or jewelry. A great gift idea for a friend is to have a gift box with a 2 Pack URGRETTE lighters in it. This torch lighter is made of full metal and has a surface plating technique. The lighter has three layers of safety protection. Quality inspections are more safe and durable. The butane lighter has a capacity of 2.8g. You don't need any tools to adjust flame size. Their lighter has a fuel visible window. You don't have to worry about running out of gas if you check and refill butane gas at any time. The jet flame lighter can create a single flame up to 2.8 inches with a temperature of 2800F. They have added 2 cooling holes to allow it to recover quickly and cool faster. 100% risk-free and 1-year warranty. Their product comes with a one-year warranty, as well as an 8-month free replacement policy and 60-day money back guarantee. Please contact them if you have any questions. They are always here for you.

Brand: Urgrette

👤The two color two pack works well for both of them, but the inlet for butane is very cheap and fresh out of the box, and will not do a large flame. If you want a yard stick, the dollar store is comparable to the torch store. It's worth the price of admission, but keep in mind you're going to lose 1/3 of the butane you use to refill it, so buy accordingly.

👤The price is a great value. I got free overnight shipping. It was here in less than 24 hours. I got an alert on my phone that your package was delivered to your front door at 11:00 this morning and I will recommend this product to anyone. You can either give one as a gift or have a back up, it's still a killer price. I was impressed by how well you could adjust the flame. It can go low or high. It is more than I anticipated. It is very easy to use if you fill them and use a good brand of butane.

👤The product is easy to use, but it is hard to remember which direction you are supposed to hold it in, and it is lit in a different way than other torches. This can cause a serious injury if it is held in the wrong direction. If you are holding it in the wrong direction, it will cause you a serious burn and make you very weak. It is a great torch, but only if it is not broken. I don't like the fact that it doesn't have a lock to keep it on while in use, which can cause you to get a cramp in your hand if you already have an injury to that hand. I actually do... Nerve and tendon. The lock would be great for people with disabilities. My crafting is very important to me. I can't physically hold a job, but I can still feel like I have accomplished something useful in life and that gives me a reason to get up with a purpose, which keeps depression at bay. I need a flame torch on some projects and an electric soldering iron on others. I am having to stop and refill it often because it uses so much fuel. It's not good when I'm stuck at home and someone else has to get fuel for me... It's really easy to adjust the flame for me. Very rare! It is easier than any other torch I have ever seen. It uses an awful lot of fuel. Since it can't be delivered through the mail, I have to ask someone to pick it up for me. I live 5 miles out of town and it's almost as painful as lighting it upside down.

👤There is a viewing window for the fluid and the lighters were easy to fill. I knew when to stop filling the second one because the first one had a blow back of fluid. The lighters are larger than the pictures show, but my hands are long and large, so it was not a problem. The flame can be lit from an inch to 4 inches. The flame must be held in position for the switch to work and it is easy to engage on the thumb. A nice set of two butane lighters. If they stop working before a reasonable time frame, I will update, but I haven't owned them long enough to attest to their longevity yet.

10. Rechargeable Flameless Waterproof Windproof Adventure

Rechargeable Flameless Waterproof Windproof Adventure

There is no butane refilling. It only takes 1.5-2 hours to charge the 220mAh battery, which provides up to 200 lights between charges. It is ideal for camping, hiking, fishing, skiing, hunting and exploring because of its double plasma arcs design. It is an ideal outdoor fire starter due to its impact resistant and durable nature. No more refilling or disposing of plastic lighters, no more gas or butane required, and a built-in rechargeable battery makes it an economical and eco-friendly option. The gift box with the charging cable and lanyard is a great gift for anyone who loves outdoor sports.

Brand: Radion Lighters

👤I want to know how many charges it takes before it dies. It should be hundreds because battery charging is a solved problem. I think that this little device will not last. The plastic case is flimsy and I can already tell that the port for charging it is not the worst thing. It has a waterproof look, but there's no rating to tell you everything you need to know. If I get a few hundred lights out of it, I'll be happy. It is easy to set fire to a single sheet of paper. If the thing to be burned isn't flammable, you don't have the option of turning a flame up and holding it against an object for a short time to dry it out. As soon as you get it, charge it. It doesn't come full.

👤I think this is a cool lighter. I don't smoke and don't need to light a fire, but if I ever do, I'll be ready to use my lighter. I put it in a lighter-size pocket.

👤You can find a lot of prices and package deals on Amazon. I gave these to my family and friends because I got them at a great price. It's no longer necessary to find a match and can be charged over and over again.

👤The locking cover is water resistant. A waterproof Arc of combustion. The lanyard requires no fossil fuels. It's a universal charging port. Great product.

👤This lighter is great for my car go bag, it's nice size and color, but must be charged.

👤I'm very happy with it, just go today. ERRY was happy with it.

👤It works in a way that is winding.

👤If you burn a plant it will make you angry.

11. Rechargeable Flameless Waterproof Stormproof Windproof

Rechargeable Flameless Waterproof Stormproof Windproof

The internal battery is able to be easily charged via anyusb port using the included cord. It can be used at all altitudes. A waterproof wilderness lighter with an O-ring sealed cover and locking clasp can hold a flame up to 80 mph. The top clips are closed to keep out water and the elements. The lighter has a push-button operation for quick fire. It is easy to use and has a blue indicator that will light up when it is not in use. Even in wet conditions, the waterproof electric lighter ignites a flame. The compact lighter is great for hiking and backpacking.

Brand: Q&g

👤I want to be happy with this little thing. I thought I was hearing something when I first caught it, but when it is plugged in and charging, it will randomly fire for 30 seconds at a time. The charging port must be open while it's charging because anything that's flammable around it can cause a house fire. I stopped using it because of the obvious safety concern and will rate it 1 star. I heard it for a long time and finally caught it in the act. It was charging while laying on the counter. I only had the cord for a few days. I like the little thing because it could burn my house down. That is a show stopping thing for me.

👤How do you light a cigar? I couldn't figure out how it would light a cigar, so I purchased the lighter.

👤I really wanted to hate this lighter. I'm a bit of a lighter person. I don't smoke but the need to have a source of fire is ingrained in me by my rural upbringing. I've always carried a lighter. It had been a high altitude for a long time. I filled it up every few days, only to have it leak into my pocket when I overfilled. It would be hard to light because the triple mixture ratio would be incompatible with elevation changes. I was ready for a change and this weird lighter seemed like an option. It is rugged and waterproof. I have used it many times since I purchased it. There were no stinky fuel or leaking problems. I can travel to 12K feet and back to my home at 7.5K without having to use compressed gas. It works to start fires. I could see it being able to light a cigarette, but not a cigar. The small arcs is hot enough, but the width between the electrodes is too small to fit a cigarette. This is about the perfect lighter for people like me.

👤I used this for cigars and it worked great for a week. It didn't do well in cold weather, but other than that, there were no complaints, until I went to charge it again and it stopped working. The charge light does come on, but nothing, after trying numerous chargers. Absolutely useless item. Will be coming back.

👤I bought both versions of the Arc-lighter. I only bought the Arc-lighter. There are no external buttons on it. It's nice to know that you won't accidentally turn it on when it's closed. I also bought the flashlight with the light. I bought this one because I think the design is better. The probes on this one face out and it would be easy to light it on fire. I want to be able to put this thing in a bag or pocket with other items, but I don't want to accidentally turn on the flashlight draining the battery, which is my main issue with this one. If the cap is off, the flashlight is turned on, but if it is closed, it is only activated. I accidentally drained flashlight batteries when it turned on inside my bag. That is the only worry I have with this device. It's still good for the price.


What is the best product for survival lighter butane?

Survival lighter butane products from Promise. In this article about survival lighter butane you can see why people choose the product. Ronxs and Ronxs are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival lighter butane.

What are the best brands for survival lighter butane?

Promise, Ronxs and Ronxs are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival lighter butane. Find the detail in this article. Thyrm, Extremus and Zippo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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