Best Survival Light Sticks

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1. HSGUS Ultra Bright Sticks Strings

HSGUS Ultra Bright Sticks Strings

If you prefer to PEE outdoors, then Circle Care PEE CLOTH is 888-739-5110 is 888-739-5110 is 888-739-5110 is 888-739-5110 is 888-739-5110 is 888-739-5110 is 888-739-5110 is 888-739-5110 is 888-739-5110 is 888-739-5110 The pee cloth is great for travel, hiking, backpacking, outdoor camping, kayaking, running, cycling, and for men, women and children. Cloth can be washed and recycled when it's outdoors. The glow sticks are waterproof, non-flammable and have a non-toxic chemistry, which makes them SAFE and ECO-FRIENDLY. They guarantee a long lasting option for lighting up your party. It's perfect for ecstasy, black outs, survival kits and parties. The green light sticks are a must have item. You will be amazed at how useful they are. They can be given to your child for their night's party, or you can take them for fishing/hunting/boating trips. It's great for parties. The sticks are easy to use and a standard size, which makes them a great choice for Halloween decorations, Halloween party supplies, trick-or-treating bags, Halloween party favors, costume party and more. Premium quality. The Ultra Bright Glow Sticks are made from industrial grade construction which uses a perfect blend of premium materials to provide you Non-Toxic, waterproof and CPSIA compliant party glow sticks that assures a lasting use of up to 12 hours, more fun and 100% safety. They have made these glow sticks from premium materials using industrial grade construction to provide you a distinctive party supply that lights up your special event with safety in mind. They are certain that you will love the effect this sticks will have on your party.

Brand: Hsgus

👤The strings for the glow sticks are so cool. I bought some for our cabin vacation to light up various things, like the dock for fishing, just tie it on, or even using one to make a necklace for my dog so we wouldn't lose her in the woods at night, they would work great. Get what you pay for.

👤These will work for marking but do not give off any light. In a dark room, the stick is the only thing you can see. They come in a big package. The value for money is unbeatable. Just know. You get what you pay for.

👤I bought the 32 all green ones just before I went lobster trapping. I got them at 1:45 PM to 4:30 Pm. Half of its glow has been lost. I will update this tonight to let you know how long it lasts. This is not a cure for me. If it was on the paper, there was no glow.

👤The glow sticks are great. I like to have these on hand for emergencies. I bought two of these packs because my last lot was used up. My kids use a tent in the living room every night. It starts out bright, but is not as bright after 12 hours. I think they're a good deal. They come in a single large plastic bag. It would be nice if they were individually foil wrapped, but at this price, they saved money.

👤I bought these for my daughter's 14th birthday party and the kids loved them. They tucked them in their back pockets and in the pool. They liked throwing them in the air and watching them land. Great product! The cracked one started glowing about 5 hours ago.

👤I don't like giving out candy on Halloween. They were a big hit. I only had about a dozen kids. My kids loved camping. I hung them up by their bunk beds and they lit up the room. The picture was taken after they were over 24 hours old. The kids were not scared of the dark because they were dim. I didn't have to change them the next night.

👤The sticks were wet when I opened the bag. I found that 4 of the sticks weren't completely assembled. The bottom plug fell out. The broken glass would have fallen out with the liquid if I had not inspected them. Attached are photos. If you choose to buy these for a cheap price, please inspect them even if they don't leak. The bottom should be melted into a ring. Less bright than other brands.

👤I bought them for Halloween. They are bright. When the power went out, I grabbed a couple and opened them. They helped me to get to the bathroom and see the green glow. I keep a few in each vehicle so that I can use them.

👤There is an article about emballé et tube. Moyen chose Amazon.

👤Some of the glow sticks leak.

👤Good purchase. It's great for camping or emergencies.

2. Pack Ultra Bright Glow Sticks

Pack Ultra Bright Glow Sticks

Their glow sticks are made in the US under strict quality guidelines, which results in consistent and excellent results. Cyalume has brought light to dark places with their innovative emergency light solutions. The glow sticks are waterproof, non-flammable and have a non-toxic chemistry, which makes them SAFE and ECO-FRIENDLY. They guarantee a long lasting option for lighting up your party. Your party ideas should be spark up. The waterproof party light glow sticks would be a great touch for your party. The party supply is designed to glow brightly for up to 12 hours and contains vibrant colors, which will bring out the creative side in kids and adults of all ages. It's great for parties. The sticks are easy to use and a standard size, which makes them a great choice for Halloween decorations, Halloween party supplies, trick-or-treating bags, Halloween party favors, costume party and more. Premium quality. The Ultra Bright Glow Sticks are made from industrial grade construction which uses a perfect blend of premium materials to provide you Non-Toxic, waterproof and CPSIA compliant party glow sticks that assures a lasting use of up to 12 hours, more fun and 100% safety. They have made these glow sticks from premium materials using industrial grade construction to provide you a distinctive party supply that lights up your special event with safety in mind. They are certain that you will love the effect this sticks will have on your party.

Brand: Hsgus

👤I bought it despite the mixed reviews. They're inexpensive and there's no emergency lighting in my apartment, so we needed something for the short periods of time the power would be out. The package was opened for a camping trip and the contents were seen in the dark. Some people may have had issues with these. I was surprised to see these delivered in an opaque plastic bag, instead of a solid container that would protect them. One of the sticks was glowing when we opened the bag. I activated it and noticed that it was a faint blue like the dagger from the Lord of the Rings. It was expected since it had been partially activated from the factory and we activated a few others in different colors. The rest of the bag is here. We popped an orange. This glowed with its expected brightness, which was not spectacular, but still significantly brighter than the odd one. We activated a pink, yellow, blue, and green. The pink was noticeably brighter than the orange, the blue was noticeably brighter than the pink, the yellow was brighter than the blue, and the green was the strongest of the bunch. The green was able to light the path and campsite. We had to put everything away so we could sleep. It was bright. The lifespan was glowing bright for the first 12 hours or so, and then it faded for the next 24. We used sticks for light one night, and they could be used the next night to help us find our tent, keys, and similar objects in the dark. I will be buying these again when I run out, but will inspect the contents upon delivery to make sure there aren't too many duds inside.

👤The order was shipped and received as expected. These are bright. The bright colors last all night. Gave the kids one each night, and they loved them. The glow lasted for hours and hours after it was gone by the morning. We were impressed with how bright and strong the colors were. The kids were going to have a pool party after dark. The whole pool will be lit up by a few of these. You would need more than a couple for bigger pools, but they do the job. If you keep an eye on the water, you can give the kids good after dark fun, but they can't see you if you are outside of the light circle.

👤When the power goes out, I take these with me to Puerto Rico. The power went out and they only lasted for 15 minutes. I didn't expect them to light up the house but to provide enough light for me to navigate the house at night and go to the bathroom. This is the worst product I have ever purchased on Amazon and I can say with a lot of disappointment and anger. Almost two years after the hurricanes, my small island is still suffering. Your failed to live up to its promise in a spectacular way. For a lifetime, you have lost a valuable customer.

3. UST Waterproof Emergency Camping Survival

UST Waterproof Emergency Camping Survival

The Keychan is made with strong secure snap and quick release making it easy to carry with your other tactical accessories. The 4.95” L x 1.0” W safety strobe is 1.8 ounces. The batteries are not included. LIABLE: Unbreakable light bulb flashes 60 times per minute for up to 44 hours and never needs to be replaced. It isdurable: The waterproof IPX7 protects against water up to 1 meter. The light can be seen up to 2.7 miles on a dark, clear night if you twist the cap on. It is possible to achieve dependability. The lanyard cord and hook and loop are necessary for a secure carry. The waterproof UST See-Me 1.0 led lights ensure you can be found quickly in an emergency. They are an ideal personal locator light, they are visible from a dark, clear night and are great for backpacks, boats, and more. The Steady-On Light runs for up to 17 hours and the Strobe Light runs for up to 44 hours on 2AAA batteries. The lifetime light bulb is not required to be replaced.

Brand: Ust

👤It was purchased with the intention of attaching it to my PFD. It's a little bigger than expected, and the tape that came with it is not of good quality. Does not hold up. It's difficult to operate after installing it. When hands are cold, have to turn just the right way. It's the most important feature when I fish in cold waters. It's designed to be stored in a pocket, as far as I can tell. It is not very bright. It might be fine in a total darkness, but not under any other conditions. Don't recommend until redesign; look for something else. I am looking for a replacement and would not say it was wasted money. If you need to reach for it in an emergency situation, it's not ideal to have it in a pocket. The most important thing for a kayaker is the low battery indicator. It did not claim to have one so make sure you check it before you go.

👤If you ever have to use a strobe light, be careful. If you turn the top one way, it will turn on. If you turn it the wrong way, you'll be stuck in the water with no strobe, which is why it's important to turn it the other way. When I'm in the water trying to survive, there is no way I'll remember which way I am, because I've forgotten which way is which. I hope I get lucky and turn it around. There is a 50% chance of surviving.

👤I bought two of the UST See-Me 1.0 waterproof LED strobes. I read all of the reviews that were available at the time I made my purchase, but one stood out more than the rest. The reviewer said that the product had a manufacturing defect and that to turn it on you had to turn One Direction off and then take the batteries out. When you put the batteries into this strobe, you have to line up the head with an arrow marker on the head and on the body to make it easier to put the batteries in. Once the batteries are in it, you repeat the same steps, lining up the arrows on the head and body, pressing down and releasing the head. You can turn the head on and off, and it won't come off the body. The head and body are made of plastic. The strobe body is very small. This is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast. You should never go into the wilderness without a signal mirror and a signal whistle for your kid.

👤It was made in china. It was designed to fail. Light might come on if you twist it to the right. The battery compartment can be opened if you twist it to the left. Does not have a low battery indicator. Does not come with batteries. Garbage is 28 lumens. That is the same as two whole candles. Good reviews come from people who have not used it. Apparently the USCG approved means nothing. Now returning. It's all made in china.

4. Cyalume SnapLight Green Glow Sticks

Cyalume SnapLight Green Glow Sticks

The wide input voltage is 85-265V. Each product comes with two hooks that are easy to hang on a tent or other place. You can use the bulb like a flash light and carry it anywhere you want, it's a perfect choice for outdoor activities. 12 hours of bright light. Their patented, long- lasting formulas provide bright, high light output for up to 12 hours at a time, ensuring you have the light you need when electric light isn't an option. Industrial-grade construction means their light sticks are high quality and durable, and they are waterproof, non-flammable and have a non-toxic chemistry. They are a great option to add to your emergency preparedness pack. Their light sticks can be used in a variety of situations, including as a flashlight alternative when camping, hunting or night fishing, as an emergency light in your car or home during power outages, for recreational use and much more. There are so many possibilities. Their glow sticks are made in the US under strict quality guidelines, which results in consistent and excellent results. Cyalume has brought light to dark places with their innovative emergency light solutions.

Brand: Cyalume

👤I bought a 20-pack of these thinking that the Cyalume branded sticks would be better than the lesser-known Chinese brand. The package has an expired date of July 24. I bought a 12-pack of Glow Mind Safety Light Sticks on the same order. The expire on July 23. I took an example from each package at the same time and checked it out over the course of 16 hours. The glow mind sticks were brighter at every stage. The Glow Mind stick was 1.5x brighter than the Cyalume stick, but both were quite dim. I was in a dark closet. On the date of purchase, the Glow Mind product is $1.08 each. I had to buy the 20-pack to get the price of the Cyalume product, which was $0.99 each on the date of purchase. One of my kids thought that the Cyalume product had more fluid than the Mind Glow sticks, but I pointed out that the Cyalume sticks have fluid from the bottom up, while the Mind Glow sticks have a short unfilled base. The fluid fill in both products is the same as far as can be observed without breaking them open. The Cyalume product is hexagonal. Both have a hook at the top for hanging. The Cyalume product is labeled "Made in the USA" and the Glow Mind product is labeled "Made in China." The Chinese product was better in initial brightness and residual brightness than the USA product. I bought both of these products to replace a USA-made Ameriglo product that I used during a recent power failure, and those provided useful light over, but I'm not sure that matters much. Going forward, mind glow for me.

👤I bought a 10-pack of these a few years ago for emergency use and they were fantastic, so when they ran out I ordered more. The second pack was terrible, I tried three different sticks and none of them were useful. I lit a stick that was left over from my first order to compare it with a new one. The sticks were cracked within minutes of each other, and the pictures were taken about 15 minutes after opening the packages. I'm going to give Cyalume the benefit of the doubt and assume I got a bad lot, but this is still unacceptable for an emergency product. I'm glad I found this before I had to use one of these.

👤Wow. These exceeded the specifications. After 26 hours after the activation, the pictures still emit useful glow. The photos were taken at 26 hours and 12 hours. At 26 hours there was enough light to see pictures and read text. It is fading but it is rated for 12. That's really good. The stick was kept at room temp for the entire time, so there was no need for artificial chilling or dipping. The life of light can be extended by lowering the temp. This wasn't done. I feel bad for the people who wrote one star reviews because the sticks they received seem to have expired quickly. I believe you. It's a tragedy if a person goes to use one of these in a dire emergency, only to find it fades to zero after 90 minutes or so. That is a crime. I tested one of the ten because of the one star reviews. It glowed as bright as a glow stick. It was strong for 12 hours. I wanted to vouch for this product and also thank the reviewers who prompted me to test it before an emergency. I am so sorry that your sticks were not good.

5. MediTac Green Glow Stick Duration

MediTac Green Glow Stick Duration

A five-year shelf life is an alternative to other lighting. Meditac glow sticks provide instant illumination with a simple snap. When you hear a snap, bend the glow stick until it shines. The glow stick will stay lit for 12 hours after it is activated. It's great for hiking, campouts, working in dim conditions, and any situation where you might need light for an extended period of time. I've been wrapped. Each glow stick is wrapped in a protective packaging to prevent accidental activation. TheHOOK design with strength The glow stick has a hook and loop and a long string. It's easy to hang, great for workshops and easy to tie to clothing or backpacks. TheHOOK design with strength The glow stick has a hook and loop and a long string. It's easy to hang, great for workshops and easy to tie to clothing or backpacks.

Brand: Meditac

👤I replaced the rest of my box of Cyalume snaplights with a pack of these because I gave the rest to other people. I had a spare snaplight that I could use to compare the Medi Tac lights to, so I took one of them and shook them to see if they worked. The Cyalume snaplight was brighter a few minutes after the start of the test, but still produced enough light to read the packaging. After two hours, they were almost the same in brightness, and after six hours, the MediTac light was still producing enough light to use as a marker or to navigate a dark room. The Cyalume snaplight was purchased a year ago, so its performance should not have degraded since it is three years away. In an emergency scenario having a bright light in the first hour is not important, as long as you have useful light for longer. The string included with the MediTac light improves its usefulness for wearing as a necklace or as a signaling device. I will be buying more of these lights in the future in order to be more in favor of Cyalume snaplights.

👤Product advertisements can last up to 5 years. The package will be expired in 2 years. I bought them thinking they would be in my emergency storage for 5 years. 50% of the term life expectancy is bad advertising. My bad?

👤I bought them for the radio station. We have been lighting up green to honor the patients. The glow sticks were superglued to the letters of Waverly to make them glow. You could see them even across the road. The glow sticks were still glowing the next night. Very impressed and will be buying again.

👤The illumination of the area is almost non-existent. I am disappointed! The area of illumination is not more than a foot from the product. This is for you if the product is meant to illuminate. This is not for you if you want to see in a dark room or walk in dark woods. I wanted the tent to be illuminated. Product description is not clear.

👤They opened 2 to see if they were good enough for camping. It was really impressed. A stick illuminates a room at night. If you hold it too close, it will hurt your eyes. It was left in the bedroom and checked again 24 hours later. It was bright enough to see what you held it by. Throw a few in glove box, few in BOB, few around the house for emergency and give one to people you love to put in glove box in case they ever have car troubles at night.

👤These are great. Store away for emergencies. Open one to see what they are. It lasted at least 12 hours. It faded over the next 48 hours, but they still glowed. If you had to mark a path or doorway in darkness, you could get some days out of it.

👤They work well, the cost is reasonable, and the only downside is the length of time "usable" illumination is present. I used one to test them out. The use time is less than the big money light sticks, but they work well for emergencies. It's worth your money.

6. SUBOOS Lanterns Battery Powered Pack

SUBOOS Lanterns Battery Powered Pack

Suboos presents its innovative battery powered LED lantern, which is equipped with the latest Chip on Board (COB) Technology, providing you with 2 times brighter illumination than normal LEDs that lasts for long hours. It's possible for all weather conditions. The camping lantern is made of light-colored material. It can survive natural disasters, such as rain, dust, snow or storms. It's the most reliable accessory for all sorts of situations. There is a built-in hook and magnetic base. Overhead lighting can be created with the battery operated lanterns. Attach the hook from a metal frame, car hood, or toolbox to a stationary light that can be easily detached. Their magnetic base has strong magnets so it will stick to any metallic surface. AA batteries are used. The next best thing to do during a power outage is to use led lanterns. You don't need a lot of things, just 3 AA batteries that will last you all night long, and even when the power goes out, this lightweight device still shines brightly. Suboos is committed to providing a perfect value for money. The set of 2 lantern camping comes with 6 Duracell AA batteries, 1 user manual, and a warranty card. Suboos is committed to providing a perfect value for money. The set of 2 lantern camping comes with 6 Duracell AA batteries, 1 user manual, and a warranty card.

Brand: Suboos

7. Industrial Grade Sticks Inches Bright

Industrial Grade Sticks Inches Bright

The 30 year taste guarantee. Industrial grade glow sticks. Premium materials have been used to create glow sticks that last up to 50% longer than others, can be seen from more than a mile away, and are durable enough to handle the most tasking of outdoor adventures. Long-lasting light, multiPLE uses are perfect for adventure activities. The CHEM lights sticks illuminate your space for hours. You will enjoy the glow in the dark, no matter what you do. A great value pack. The green light sticks are manufactured under strict quality guidelines giving you a stronger, longer glow with a more dependable shelf life. The glow sticks can be used in water. They are wrapped individually to make sure they won't let you down. Children and adults are safe with glow sticks. It is easy to use Ultra-Bright Lighting. The glow sticks produce a bright light output that can be seen from a mile away. Party light, all night: 100% safe, longer-lasting party favors: National days, Halloween, Christmas, birthday party, concert, and sports games. If their glow sticks have a shortage of glow time, they will give you a 100% refund. Most customers buy more than one pack and give it to their friends and family.

Brand: Dream Glow

👤After 8 hours of use, they fade down to the level of a glow stick that lasts 12 hours. If that is the case, that will happen in about 5 minutes. I tested all of them. They do last for 12 hours. If they are used as a last resort they would be very little. If you had a pallet rack of them, your survival rate would increase in an emergency. These are worth about 10 cents each, but in no way would you want them for anything that required light to be safe. A single candle in a storm lantern is better than a whole package.

👤I have had a lot of experience with these light sticks. I have used them for 12 hours before and they were a no-brainer for the price. I activated the box at 7PM and by midnight half of the glow was gone. These are not a big deal but they will last you all night.

👤Yes! I bought a pack and it works. I tested one for 12 hours and it was bright for 6 hours but faded to a slightly less bright after the 1st activated. I was very pleased with the results. On the second test, I held a unit on the table that would go into a glass of icey water for a while, and then I held the unit on my desktop, and it was much brighter than the unit on my desktop. Both lasted 12 and 1/2 hours. I was very pleased with the purchase.

👤I would highly recommend the brightness and money. Longevity is the only issue I have. The few I've used so far work well for a short time then start to dim quickly. It is equivalent to a dollar store glow stick for play.

👤These lights are not for situations with a flashlight. The snap lights lasted 36 hours. I found my way to the dark house at night after the first 24 hours. A night light can be used and can be seen 100 feet away.

👤The Cub Scout Halloween hike these were purchased for was complete duds. At some point they were no longer used. The blue and orange glow was dim. We regret the purchase and wouldn't order again. We have used the military version before and have been happy with it.

👤Does not stay bright for long.

👤The glow sticks were still glowing when I went to bed last night. They started out with a brighter glow than any other stick I have used. They were not as bright as they started out, but still a lot of useful glow after 24 hours. I would get them again.

8. Cyalume SnapLight Red Light Sticks

Cyalume SnapLight Red Light Sticks

Kids birthday parties, dance, glow in the dark party supplies, wedding reception, camping, night-time parade, pool party, decorations, movie in the park, making fun glow costumes, glow marker and safety signs, night time ball games are some of the big hits of the party. The red light stick from the snap light is industrial grade and provides illumination for up to 12 hours. It is 6 feet long and provides a lot of illumination. Attach the light to the hole top with a hook. The plastic body is phthalate free and non-toxic. A five-year shelf life is an alternative to other lighting.

Brand: Cyalume

👤The military term for these 12-hour light sticks is "ChemLights", which I am familiar with having spent 32 years with the military. One reviewer was not happy with the illumination capabilities of the red ChemLights. If you're looking to illuminate a large area or even a two person tent in a safe and secure area, red is probably not the best choice in colors. If you're looking for a ChemLight that is more difficult for animals and humans to see, red is the preferred color. It's for personal use, such as map reading or marking a location without becoming a light house beacon. It doesn't attract as many animal and insect visitors at night. It's suggested that selecting a color in ChemLights should include an assessment of situation, application and desired results.

👤I forgot about them and put them in a bug-out bag, but I found them a few days later. They were two years past their prime. I used one to make a pumpkin on Halloween. It was bright and glowing after 24 hours. There is an order for a new set. The Cyalume sticks are the real deal.

👤These last a loooong time, first of all. mine glowed for over 12 hours. I got a glow stick from the Dollar Store that was bright, but doable for a dollar, and it had neck cordage which the Cyalume ones don't have. I put it up against a battery on/off glow stick from Nite ize and Cyalume, and I thought the military would want brightness over longevity, but who am I? I don't think I'm going to need a glowlight for more than 12 hours, maybe if I'm camping in a cave or something dark. They're good for a buck apiece, but come on, how about some light instead of hours?

👤I was a little worried that the sticks might be too bright for the area we would be in, since the nights tend to be quite dark. These worked well. We used these on the ground as markers to avoid bumping into cameras on tripods or large telescopes. They lasted all night. I bought several boxes just in case, with the plan to use any left over for future trips. I probably used six of them. If you are looking for a simple solution to avoid bumping equipment or marking an area in the dark, this may be a solution for you.

👤They're not as bright as I had hoped. I knew the red wouldn't throw as far, but I use them more for marking than illuminating. The ambient temperature at the time was not cold. They seemed to glow for a long time. There is a mismatch of expectations with the product. They do a good job of marking guy lines in the dark.

👤I used these as a nightlight so we could find our way out of the tent at night. They worked perfectly and after 12 hours they dim below the point where you can use them to illuminate anything, but they are still visible from a distance. 24 hours. I left the glowstick on my truck bumper so we could find it without a light if we needed it, they are dim but are still visible as a marker. 36 hours. They are very dim and only visible in extreme darkness. They are good even though they aren't as bright as green or white glowsticks.

9. UVPaqlite LYSB018HHC0SM SPRTSEQIP Scout Pack


A great last minute gift is the best fishing gift. You can attach glow sticks to items to find in the dark. The UVO necklace makes you or someone else more visible in the dark. The Small UVPaqlite is a battery free night light. The lights are ideal for emergency preparation. Their lights last a long time and are always used every night.

Brand: Uvpaqlite

👤As of May, 17th 2020. I charged it up in the sun. I used my flashlight on it. I've had these for a while now, and I'm not getting the glow charge that they are promoting in all of my testing. If lucky, mine lasts about 10 minutes. Within the first minute, I experience an intensity dimming of it. You can see it fade. It is very faint at 5 minutes. 10 minutes is more of a reach than reality. You can't use it to see where you are in the dark. The company might have cut some product material. I paid too much for a product. This product can't be used or depended upon. Chem lights give off a much more significant glow than the other lights. Emergency crews will still reach for the CHEM light even if there isn't a second chance. It is a good idea. I wish it worked out. But it doesn't... Boo. If this review helped you save yourself from a bad purchase, please let me know by sharing the love and clicking on that helpful button, because I paid for these items with my own money. Thank you for reading!

👤The luminessence does not last very long. I put them out all day in the sun and they were dark after a couple of hours. Chemical glow sticks last a long time.

👤I was hesitant to buy them, but I am glad I did. When you blast them with a bright light source, they will stay bright for a few minutes, then fade to a nice glow. It was like a night-light. I am not sure if I would use them to read in the dark, as they are not as bright as a CHEM glow stick, but hey. They are re-usable. Being in the dark is comforting. Saves your flashlight batteries as well. If your expectations are realistic, you will not be disappointed. I am very happy with these.

👤This is from the first impression I got after I got mine. The item picture shows the bag full, but it is not. I'm sure that will have an impact on brightness. It may be 50% dense. As I use it more, I will update.

👤It works well. The glow sticks and UVO necklace are encased in a substance and the loose crystal is in a sealed bag. It needs light to work. The green cells absorb light and glow in the dark. If you leave it in your bag at night, it won't work unless you light it up. If the light is too dim, I use a UV black light as a flashlight, but if the sun sets, I use a UV black light as a flashlight. A really good purchase. No need for cyalumes/chem lights anymore... It's not made to replace a flashlight. It is not as bright as cyalumes/chem lights but the UVPaqlite work everyday so no need to carry a box for a full week. A normal cyalume/chem light needs to be thrown in the garbage. The UVPaqlite is somewhat eco-friendly and limits the trash. You can put one in the tent and shine some light on it. If you wake up, you will be able to see in the dark, but it won't blind you.

10. Life Gear Reusable Emergency Flashlight

Life Gear Reusable Emergency Flashlight

Everlit is committed to providing the most comprehensive customer service. All original Everlit products are covered by a 1-year satisfaction warranty. There are four light modes: flasher mode, glow mode, glow light stick, and an LED flashlight. You can use your safety light stick as a led road flare, glow stick or flashing light wand. Light has a whistle and lanyard. There is a light life. 200 hours of use in flasher mode. Use when hiking, camping, trick or treating, and walking the dog. Use when hiking, camping, trick or treating, and walking the dog.

Brand: Life Gear

👤I bought multi-packs of the green lights because they seem to be the brighter of the colors available when you use the colored-light function. I've tried blue, red and pink before. The lights are bright, lightweight and can be used with a flashlight, solid green light, or flashlight plus solid green light. The package doesn't say on it that there is an auto-shut-off built in, so it's not the best choice to use. They're fine for walking at night or playing with kids. The battery life is when it's used in flashing mode. I ordered two packages of six each, and they seem to be in perfect working order. I think that the end of a package design is near. See the pic. The package and tube are not the same. I can tell you that the function of both is the same, so don't worry if the photo you see in the listing is not the same as the lights you receive. Different colors are not necessarily priced the same, as the prices of these change a lot. If you're not in a rush, buy when the prices are cheaper.

👤I hope they are a cheaper and longer lasting replacement for chemical glow sticks. They are a little brighter than normal glow sticks so that's a plus. I can't simply turn it on and have it ready to go because I have to cycle through the light settings and it doesn't start with just the glow stick part. The second part of my flaw is that they turn off when they are startled. You can't lightly toss them or they will turn off. They turn back on. The power is turned off when the power is disrupted from the impact. You can't use them to mark anything without walking over and setting it down. I will stick to CHEM sticks in the future.

👤I bought this product to use in Halloween decorations, but the auto-shutoff feature was not in the description. If I wanted to do that, I would have bought the old snap and shake light sticks, they seemed to last more than 30 minutes. I'm not sure if I get the time of 30 minutes. It would have to be a short emergency need, as 30 min later it will turn off, if I were to use this in an emergency. I gave this product a rating of 4 because it is a good product and can meet the needs for other situations, if you planned to buy these for your child to wear as a light, they can always turn it back on as they walk around trick or treating.

👤5 of my lights worked perfectly. The one that didn't have a problem with the red led part was the one that didn't have a problem. The flashlight worked well. When my husband got home, he juggled it a bit and the red went on. I think there was a connection problem. I didn't mind it at all. I used to work in an electronics production line, so I only needed 4 for now. I am aware of how things can be shaken loose during shipping. My 3 year old loves it. I saw them at a church camp and the kids loved them. This will work well for Halloween and my tot's emergency kit. The flash light isn't a "WOW" factor, but I love the whistle and glow stick. If I were to be separated from my tot at a camp-out, she would know to blow the whistle and turn on the red light. Is it heavy duty? No. Is it your only source of light? No. It's awesome that a glow stick can be used over and over again, instead of the regular glow sticks. Very happy with this item.

11. Be Ready Emergency Hurricane Disasters

Be Ready Emergency Hurricane Disasters

ChemLight light sticks are water proof, non-flammable, non-toxic and can be used in the backyard. It's also ideal for underwater and tactical applications. Every day emergency essentials are small, lightweight and deliver 12 hours of bright light to ensure you are not left in the dark. Everyone from first responders to families rely on these 6” waterproof glow sticks with lanyards to help on a hike. Light sticks can be used to mark your route, signal for help, or illuminate your surroundings during a power outage. If you want to keep your family safe, outfit your survival kit, first-aid kit, and vehicles with these 12 illuminating potential life saver gifts. Be Ready includes a dozen sticks, which equates to an extra 24 hours of light. Each safety stick with lanyard can be stored for up to 5 years, and are available in red, orange, yellow, blue, green and white. No batteries needed!

Brand: Be Ready

👤Work was done as expected when the arrived fast.


What is the best product for survival light sticks?

Survival light sticks products from Hsgus. In this article about survival light sticks you can see why people choose the product. Hsgus and Ust are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival light sticks.

What are the best brands for survival light sticks?

Hsgus, Hsgus and Ust are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival light sticks. Find the detail in this article. Cyalume, Meditac and Suboos are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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