Best Survival Light and Charger

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1. Collapsible XTAUTO Lightweight Waterproof Rechargeable

Collapsible XTAUTO Lightweight Waterproof Rechargeable

The lighting coverage uses 6+1 high-intensityLED chips, energy efficient and with a wide range of visibility. Doubles as both a lantern and flashlight, and adjust the brightness by how high you pull up the lantern, which will provide tons of light at full open, easily light up an entire room. The collapsible design is easy to carry. You can hang it on a tree with a folding handle. Everyone can have a reliable light when needed, the design is extremely lightweight. durable and waterproof Made of high quality material, ensures a long time of water resistant and trouble-free in tough environment. It takes more than 25 hours for the last lighting to come on. The upgrade led lantern has two charging methods: solar and 220V. Don't worry about overcharging. The lantern can be used as a power bank in an emergency. A necessary survival equipment for outdoor activities is a great kit for camping, hiking, fishing, hunting or night walking. There are emergency lights for home power failure. Everyone needs a reliable light. A necessary survival equipment for outdoor activities is a great kit for camping, hiking, fishing, hunting or night walking. There are emergency lights for home power failure. Everyone needs a reliable light.

Brand: Xtauto

👤I was looking for a back up solar/duel purpose light if a storm knocked out power. Good reviews are what I write. I rely on reviews for my purchases and come out typically with A grade experience myself because its not just the product, but the packaging, companies, the shipping companies, Amazon etc... and this has been a disappointing buy all around. This is a better purchase for kids in a fort. I was used, dirty, sticky, and not all working lights were in heavily re-taped boxes. I think the only one that was brand new never used was because it had no sticky mess from the stickers, handles and glass protectors. Some already worked. Cheap. My hopes for the solar to work enough to hold a charge are very low, as far as I have found, these do not hold a charge from the cord attachment. Cords will not last long. Plugging into the wall is great for a work bench or back light. Don't buy.

👤I was hoping these lanterns would be durable. Nope! Two lanterns would never be able to keep up with demand. The flashlight on one of the two that did work doesn't work. The cords are cheap and fall out of the sockets. I had to find a way to keep them from falling out. Two people are charged. I tried different cords and sockets, but the other two never did. These are cheap. I had a brand that held up well. The brightness is not very bright. The lanterns from another brand were not as bright. These lanterns are disappointing.

👤These were bought for when there is a power outage. Light us with enough light and a flashlight. It didn't charge my phone. The other reviews stated that charging was slow but in my case it took 90 minutes to charge my phone. For me, it's not a big deal because I wasn't planning on using this feature.

👤Two of the four lights have broken and are similar to cheap china lights.

👤The light is very bright. I bought some for every room in the house. During a recent power outage, they were very useful.

👤What I was looking for. TX was put on notice. Bright light and flashlight.

👤There were no instructions for the odd cord that came with these. Possibly European? Not a typical charging cord. I know they are solar, but no instructions for charging other than that. It was charged under an indoor lamp. I'm sure the sun works best. They don't know how long the charge will last. Nice lamps.

👤I bought these on a whim. I have been pleased with them so far. They charge in the sun. They are not as bright as the posting says, but they will be good if I need them in a power outage. The flashlight feature is very bright. If you could use batteries in them, these would be better.

👤I have no idea what the plugs are used for. There is no indication whether or not the charging is actually charging. The indicator is malfunctioning. I don't know. It's not a product that makes it easy to use.

2. Energizer Flashlight Hurricane Emergency Resistant

Energizer Flashlight Hurricane Emergency Resistant

High-quality materials are built out of strong food-grade plastic, which ensures water safety and delivers a better drinking experience. The smaller frame of the water filters from Membrane Solutions makes them more convenient to use. Energizer MAX D batteries can be used for maximum power, or 3 Energizer MAX AA batteries can be used for lower power, but only one battery size can be used at a time. This camping light puts out up to 500 lumens in high mode, which is enough to illuminate a large area, from the campsite to the house. You can switch between high, low, and night light modes with the click of a glow-in-the-dark button. A portable, handheld light that lasts up to 650 hours in low mode. The water-resistant construction is durable and rugged. The push of its glow-in-the-dark button provides a panoramic view of extraordinary room-filling area lighting indoors. The ultimate camping lantern is bright, reliable, and weather-proof, so it is ready for the outdoors and the elements. The ultimate camping lantern is bright, reliable, and weather-proof, so it is ready for the outdoors and the elements.

Brand: Energizer

👤The 1 star reviews are funny because you can't cram 6 batteries in a flashlight. If you do as the manufacturer intended, you should put the D batteries or the AA batteries. If you're out of one size or the other, the option to use either size is really useful. The batteries won't get stuck when they're used correctly. There is no chance of them being close to each other. Ignore the reviews from people who don't know how to install batteries. The light is bright and solid. I will buy again if necessary.

👤It's seriously. They suggest 3 D and 3 AA batteries, but they don't fit in the lantern. You can force them in tight, but you won't get them out and the connection won't work. I am not sure why the batteries they tell you to use do not fit in the lantern. Is anyone else having this problem?

👤I've been building a cabin in a remote area. I needed to install drainage plumbing in the crawl space under the cabin. My lamp is on high for a couple of hours. I have lamps that are bright for an hour then die off. It was frustrating. I decided to buy an Energizer waterproof lantern and some batteries after reading reviews. Problem solved. I was able to complete the plumbing project quickly because of the lantern that runs for hours at full brightness and provides plenty of light in the crawl space. I liked the lantern so much that I bought two more and eight D cell batteries. These lanterns are my go to light source when I need good lighting for hours.

👤We spend minimum of 1.50 on mantles for each lantern and we seem to loose a glass globe every trip or 2 with the coleman propane lanterns. tinkering with coleman propane lanterns is a drag. We want an alternative. The max lumans of this lantern is 500, so it gets 4 stars out of 5, but we've tried the cheaper lanterns and they are more rugged than the el cheapos. The things we liked about this lantern. It seems that this lantern is pretty sturdy compared to the cheap options that are out there. 2. The unit takes either 3 x Ds or 3 x AAs. We already have rechargable AAs for other equipment. We have them on hand. The Ds are where we think this will work best. 3. It takes a complete 180 degree turn to get to the battery compartment, we think this means that it's less likely that the kids will loose pieces.

👤I was excited to use the first one. When I put batteries in, they don't fit. I lost batteries trying to get them back out after the replacement. That's not worth the energy.

👤This is a traditional lantern. It's a very sturdy hard plastic lantern that's light in weight, but bright in the bright mode. The lantern has different light modes. The nightlight is a single light bulb that emits a light at a very low level. The flexibility to take D or AA batteries is what I like the most about this. I decided to use batteries that last longer than alkaline batteries. The light modes are the same for both AA and D batteries. This product doesn't take D and AA batteries at the same time, so it will end in disaster for you. Only put three 3 D or 3 AA into the battery compartment. Adding more batteries to the lamp will not make it brighter or last longer.

3. Emergency Radio

Emergency Radio

If you don't like the weather radio, they can give you a full refund. Their customer service is always available for you, and they will always be responsible for the products they sell. An emergency kit with a weather radio and battery backup is essential for any good kit. Their radio also includes all other local frequencies, as well as the NOAA stations with weather forecasts. The long antenna gives a boost to reception for clear sound. No matter what emergency situation you find yourself in, you will never run out of electricity. Their multi-powered emergency radio can be powered by either a wall outlet or a car cigarette lighter, or it can also be powered by a SOLAR PANELS and a HAND CRANK. There's an internal rechargeable battery that keeps it running for hours after charging. Most emergency radios have an internal battery capacity of between 600-800 mAh. Some of the higher-end solar radios have 2000 mAh. But ours? It will last a lot longer, which is exactly what you need in an emergency situation. Cell phone charging, flashlight, and loud sirens are all things that you can keep your family safe during an emergency. This device can charge your phone directly from the power it creates, and it also has a flashlight and an emergency alarm. Purchase with confidence, because of the 100% money back guarantee and world class customer service. The portable am fm emergency essential is easy to use and works well out of the box. If you don't like it for any reason, just contact them and they'll make it right or give you a refund. That is a promise!

Brand: Zurio

👤This is a small radio. After using the carry handle for a while, I found it quite handy. The buttons are easy to use, the display is easy to read, and the unit is easy to use. The flap that protects the micro andusb connections is typical for this price point. One doesn't notice the engineering in the triangular shape at first. The large bottom houses the battery pack, which allows for a low center of gravity, unlike rectangular designs. The radio is isolated from heat, humidity and vibration by the nubs on the bottom. The triangular shape of the radio allows the solar panel to face upward in the direction of the sun. The rectangular designs fail. Well done! The crank is on the bottom, which keeps it out of the way, and allows a secure grip and good leverage when using it. The crank handle is snug into the bottom and is less likely to pop out at an opportune time. The crank is easy to move and has a confident feel to it. Don't try to use "King Kong" the crank generator. This applies to all radios of this type. The other features worked as well. The on/off button is on the lower right, the alarm button is on the upper right, and the other buttons are on the bottom. All in the right place! The sound quality of the emergency radios I have is better than any of the other emergency radios I have owned. When facing the sun, a red light at the top of the display column shines brightly, even though the light is low. There is a green light in the middle of the light column that can be seen when the signal is good. When the power is on, the blue light comes on close to the power button. This is thoughtful engineering. I was surprised by how well the solar panel works. The panel seems to be of high quality and the charges are higher than I expected. The panel will keep the battery topped off if it gets some light. It charges even when it is overcast. One can see this because of the red light. Under a bright indoor light, it will charge. The red light blinks when wall charging and then stops blinking when fully charged. The manual doesn't make it clear. I understand why, because the red indicator doubles. I prefer a red light when charging. The bar indicator in the display works well. I can forgive this pick. I don't like these little antennas. If one doesn't take care, they are prone to break. It works as expected. The local weather station was the only one that didn't change. I would have preferred that the fold down area where the antenna fits was not used, so that all of the antenna was protected. The antenna can be easily removed when moving the radio. A bright engineer could design a fractal antenna that doesn't have to be deployed. Figure out how the antenna works. Keep it clean. The display has a shiny surface. It's prone to finger prints and smudges but that's probably asking a lot from a device at this price point. The light is not very bright. This could benefit from an upgrade. The output is just okay for hunting in the dark. It won't light up a campsite or room. It is very easy to use and it doesn't draw down the battery. I highly recommend this radio. It serves its purpose well and is designed well.

4. 5000mAh Digital Emergency Shortwave Flashlight

5000mAh Digital Emergency Shortwave Flashlight

The masks cannot be washed. The new digital weather radio is easy to use and has a backlit screen that makes it easy to read. When important updates from the national weather service are released, it will auto- Scan all the 7 weather channels to alert you with a siren and red flashing indicator. When timer ends up, the WX function will be disabled. 5000 Replaceable/Rechargeable Built-in battery. The weather radio comes with a Li-ion battery that can charge more than one cellphone, and it will power off when it's not needed. It's essential for emergencies, back out or power failure, it works not only as a weather radio, but also an emergency cellphone charge, a handy outdoor camping 3W flashlight or 2.5W reading light. You can emit a loud siren and flash a red light if you use the SOS alarm. The lock button on the newest model is designed to make sure you don't accidentally change your settings.

Brand: Mesqool

👤I was given a radio by the vendor hoping I would write a review. This is an honest review. The radio is 7 inches wide and 3 inches deep and has an antenna that is secured and retracted. The tuning knob is stiff, making tuning difficult. The speaker is small. It doesn't give you a high fidelity sound, but you can hear voice communication and music. A residential room has a lot of volume. I am in a small bedroom listening to a country radio station with the volume turned to 25% of the dial rotation and it is louder than a face to face communication. I pick up lots of stations on AM radio. It was difficult to tune any station as it was difficult to not be interfered with by an adjacent station. I don't listen to a lot of AM radio so I can't give a good evaluation of this function. The radio seems to listen to our local stations. It was clear that the local stations were good enough, even though it seemed a little difficult to tune in. The dial is not very accurate as there are no graduation marks on it, but the frequencies are written on about every 4 Mhz, so it was possible to find the desired station. SW radio. I wasn't able to get many clear stations. I didn't listen to it because it was in English, my only language. WB radio The weather band does not need to be adjusted. There is a switch to choose one of the weather bands. I only received the seventh station. It worked well. I understood the information being received. There are many ways for the device to be powered: built in a Li-ion battery, disposable batteries, crank, solar, and microusb. There is a switch to switch between the li-ion power source and theAAA batteries. I haven't tried anything yet, but the li-ion power source is. The other three power sources are connected to the li-ion batteries and can be used to power the radio. I believe it powers its type Ausb port so you can charge your phone or whatever from its internal battery. I don't know if it powers the battery. There is a flashlight beam on one end of the radio and a reading light behind the solar panel. There is an emergency function that emits a very bright red led and a siren sound. It is loud in a small room. It had a small carabiner and a small compass on it. Is this something I would buy? I live in Florida. I would buy this radio as part of my Hurricane Preparedness because I believe it would come in handy if we lost power. You might take it with you on a camping trip. I have not evaluated the value of this device compared to any of the other ones, so I can't say it's a good deal.

👤With the coronaviruses on the loose, I decided my house needed a nice solar radio. I don't think the coronaviruses will kill our electric, but you never know when you need a radio anyways, so good as any to get one. It seems very durable after I tested it. There are 4 ways to power it: batteries (yours), solar to charge the internal 2000 mAh, crank to charge the internal 2000 mAh, and charging with miniusb. It's always good to have the ability to charge the radio under a variety of circumstances. It has a good flashlight, a good compass, a good radio, and an excellent and very loud sound. I bought a second for my car because I liked it so much. So. You could say that I like this radio.

5. Rechargeable Flashlight Charges Indoors Included

Rechargeable Flashlight Charges Indoors Included

Make sure fires are fully extinguished and never leave them unattended. You can prevent forest fires. Polysilicon Solar Charging is more Convenient and Energy-saving, and also support a computer, car, and a power source. For Home Emergency, Camping, Hiking, Construction, Ordinary Maintenance, and Mountaineering are all multi-functional. Sidelight COB can be used as a portable desk lamp. The recycling can be adjusted by the Long Press switch. The built-in 1200mAh can be used as a power bank. The built-in 1200mAh can be used as a power bank.

Brand: E-shidai

👤Excellent brightness. It is difficult to turn on in the dark with gloves on. I use a flashlight for 6 months a year and walk in the dark for 45 minutes in the morning.

👤I was expecting a little bit bigger, but it actually works out great. I keep it in the corner of my truck dash. I use it every night. I was surprised at how light it is. There was no battery weight.

👤I ordered 5 of them but one flashlight does not have a charging cable. I tried to communicate with Amazon about the complaint, but it was not user-friendly.

👤The light was bright and would surpass most others. I only owned it for about a week, but a bag of mine was stolen and my light was missing.

👤I can't tell if the wall charge connection works or not because I can't test the water or part. Don't want it to fail.

👤Super lite is the best lite ever bought. So far, I have bought three.

👤Can't speak for longevity.

👤I hope I can return it for a refund because it isn't that good.

6. Crank Emergency Weather Bluetooth Speaker

Crank Emergency Weather Bluetooth Speaker

It is more practical outdoors and in emergency situations. Life-time Money Back or Free New Replacement guarantee if there is a defect in the product. One key auto scanner is updated. A weather radio and speaker. All 7 WB/NOAA channels are contained in no delay reception. The IPX5 is waterproof. Radio works well in the rain. Get the latest weather broadcasts and hazard information. Your family is safe. Only KAYINOW's radio comes with a 5000mAh LiPo battery, more reliable and safe than the other battery. 72h play time, 5000mAh capacity. Your cell phone will never be power off, keep you safe when you are alone or traveling, and you can charge it with a solar battery, hand crank power source, or 3 ways. If there is a power outage or if you are outside at night, a strong flashlight and reading lamp will light up your night. 24h customer services and 2 years replacement warranty are included.

Brand: Kayinow

👤The vendor reached out to me and told me that the advertisement was incorrect and that they were going to give me a new product. I can keep the product as well. They are going to update their advertising for this product. The device is described in the ad as IPX6 waterproof compliant, but the instructions that came with it are false and only IPX5. Don't use this product in humid conditions. This is an emergency radio for hurricanes. The device was only charged at 69%. There are three ways the item is advertised as charged. If possible, avoid using the Solar or Hand Crank. That is the reason someone buys this device. None of the 7 stations pull in any information, I am not familiar with them. I can't really test this out until I need it. I live in South Florida, and I am pretty sure that the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration should be a priority location here.

👤One of the better emergency radios I have ever seen should be owned by every person. I already owned one upstairs. I wanted one for the den, and this one looked like it had everything I could ever want. It does it all, it does it well, and the speakers were crystal clear, but I forgot about the line in. The weather radio station was easy to find, it will Scan the stations if needed on the radio, and I could not think of a better way to use my phone than with a solar backup and hand crank.

👤The emergency radio is small and convenient. There are three ways to charge it; a mini solar panel, a back up crank and ausb plug. The weather station is clear. I was able to clear the channels. It has a compass and emergency lights. Everyone should have one for emergencies. I am glad I bought this item because Hurricanes are a real threat in my area.

👤The product was undamaged and works well. The hand crank emergency weather radio is well worth the cost. It's built to last and has a lot of useful features. There is a crank in the photo that charges the battery. There is a light on the side of the building. It's also powered by the sun. It has a compass and blue tooth. Sound quality is good. My wife and I like this product. The buttons on the front are volume and channel buttons. Would definitely recommend this.

👤It is very easy to use and lightweight. The blue tooth hook up is very easy if you keep your battery charged in it for a long time. The light was bright and easy to use after the power was out for 15 hours because of a tornado. This is the best for your home, trailer, camper, camping and more. I liked how clear The Voice was and how loud the speakers were. I put my foot in the picture to show how small it is. Love it.

7. Vont Hurricane Emergency Collapsible Batteries

Vont Hurricane Emergency Collapsible Batteries

A basic first aid kit includes bandages, alcohol pads, wet wipes, and antibiotics. The lantern has 30 crazy bright LEDs and cuts through the darkness on the stormiest, dimmest nights. The entire tent or room can be lit up. The collapsible design reduces or increases the light as you collapse the lantern. It's as small as your phone when it's collapsed. It's possible to fit it in your backpack or emergency kit. Waterproof is made of aircraft grade materials and is able to survive a 10-foot drop. The original version is hand-crafting each lantern with strict quality control to give you the best gear you deserve. Don't equip yourself with inferior lanterns. You can rest assured that this camping lantern is of the highest quality. It is covered against loss, theft, and defects in workmanship for as long as you own the product. It is certified by the CE/EMC.

Brand: Vont

👤This thing is bright. Like crazy bright. It's like staring into the sun in the middle of the night when you open the sucker. They are not fooling around when they say this is a bright lantern. The only complaint I have is that when you open it, you only get one setting. As the sun or darkness. There is no in-between. It's meant to light up the world, not just your campsite, so you can close it a little to reduce the brightness. I've had mine for a year and haven't changed the batteries. I bring a lantern with me when I go camping in the summer. Everyone else's site is within 10 miles. The lantern is bright. It's great. I plan on using it again. Just as soon as my eyesight comes back from the last time I used it.

👤Double boxed for safety, arrived on time. Save a smaller box for lanterns. The light is very bright. I can't comment on battery life until I use it. It's perfect for my apartment during a power failure. I don't think the lanterns are strong enough for heavy use, such as camping, but in the safety of your home. I recommend.

👤The lights were used for the first time after the power went out. They are bright, but not as bright as they could be. They are bright and painful at the same time. The only use for them is hanging high. Placing on a coffee table or dining room table will not work. Maybe a frosted shade would help diffuse the intensity. These will not work for us so we will need to look for something else to use during rare power outages and hurricanes. I can see why they are called camping lanterns. Hanging them from trees around the camp site might work out. It's not recommended for table use where they will be in close proximity to people during hurricanes.

👤Everyone needs a reliable light in an emergency, camping, or a black out. This is a great solution. It is bright and can light up a room. It pulls open for light and pushes to turn it off. The body of it is nicely constructed and easy to use. The metal handles can be folded down to make it easy to store next to a bed. A young child wouldn't have a problem using it. The light is very bright, but it doesn't get hot to the touch. Everyone in the house can now have a reliable light when they need it.

👤The camping lanterns with batteries were delivered. The lanterns are sturdy and bright enough for what I need. I was required to let a third party update my software when I tried to get the lifetime warranty activated. I couldn't get to the next step without the update. They don't know how dangerous this can be. I don't think I'll have a warranty.

👤Don't let them fool you, it's still decent. These aren't Pelican Case material. I think the lamp would be smarter and just light up the LEDs on the exposed side as I open it. It would use a bit of energy when I opened it. All of them light up when you open it a little bit. It uses the same amount of energy no matter how much light you need. Hope these help someone.

8. Rechargeable 1500Lumens Waterproof Impact Resistant Collapsible

Rechargeable 1500Lumens Waterproof Impact Resistant Collapsible

The lantern flashlight has a main light, side light and tail light. The main light has two light modes, it can reach a distance of 2500 ft. Side Floodlight can be used as a camping light. There are 4 modes of taillight, which are suitable for an emergency light. The main light of the flashlight uses L2 beads, which can provide 1500lm brightness. The taillight has red and white lights. A large area can be illuminated by the floodlight. You don't have to worry about being in a dark place. There are redemption and redemption charges: The portable led camping light has batteries. It can offer more time. Spot light can be used as a portable charger. You can charge your devices in an emergency. Waterproof and resilience are important. The camping lantern is made of plastic and rubber. It is waterproof and impact-resistant, so that it is suitable for various outdoor activities. The led spotlight flashlight has a convenient handle and can be changed 180. It is easy to carry. You can work alone if you don't have the help of others. The led spotlight flashlight has a convenient handle and can be changed 180. It is easy to carry. You can work alone if you don't have the help of others.

Brand: Favourlite

👤This lantern is for use during camping trips. First impressions were that this is not flimsy. Very similar to most work lights that have to deal with a lot of beatings. The waterproofness of the overall case is perfect for use in rain and snow. This item can be held steady and provided sustained lighting in whichever direction it is needed with the tripod mounting. It makes sense that the light illuminates a wide open area if it's ideal for camping. There is a red light mode for low profile situations and a red strobe to alert others nearby to an emergency or safety issue. A quality light that feels solid in hand.

👤I received a replacement lantern ftom customer service who reached out quickly. Very bright. It was much better than the first one. Happy so far and working well. I was expecting this light to be bright but was disappointed. I wanted to use this for fishing. The 10 watt buildusb gave me more light. I'm going to upgrade and buy a better one. This works for you if you want minimal light. I will come back.

👤It's nice for camping. There is a flashlight, area light, and reading light.

9. Camping Portable Flashlight´╝î30 35 Rechargeable Emergency

Camping Portable Flashlight%EF%BC%8C30 35 Rechargeable Emergency

The dimensions are 478 inches x 1.77 inches x 1.26 inches. 3 ounces is the weight. 100,000 hours is the lifespan of the flashlight. The solar powered lantern has two modes: a collapsible lantern and a solar flashlight. Simply move up/down to turn on/off the 12 led lights. The solar lantern can run for up to 35 hours. The flashlight has a great focus and brightness. Don't worry about old people or kids knocking it over, the camping lantern is safer than candles, perfect for power outage, night dog walks, hiking, fishing, and earthquakes. Emergency lanterns can be used as a mobile power supply, not only used as emergency lantern charging for your phone through the USB output port, but also as a mobile power supply. Their led lanterns for power outages have a built-in battery with 3 charging methods, including a solar panel and hand crank, so they don't need to replace batteries to save more money. There is an indicator to show charge status and the 5V/2A adapter can only be used for 2 hours. Emergency lanterns can be used for power outages, hurricanes, and snowstorms. The IPX4 waterproof mini lantern has a hanging hook and is only 3.1x 3.1x4.9 inches. You can put the solar lantern in a tree. Light rain and water droplets will not affect the lighting of the led lantern. The use of the material improves shock resistance. The solar hand crank lanterns are great for outdoor activities. They support a 1 year warranty, 30 days free return and 24 hours customer service. Feel free to contact them with any questions. This is a great gift for car camping, travel essentials, or survival gear for your parents, neighbors, or kids. Get rid of the problem of no electricity by lighting up your life. They support a 1 year warranty, 30 days free return and 24 hours customer service. Feel free to contact them with any questions. This is a great gift for car camping, travel essentials, or survival gear for your parents, neighbors, or kids. Get rid of the problem of no electricity by lighting up your life.

Brand: Mesqool

👤These were taken this past weekend. The units barely lasted for a short time before they were fully charged. They needed to wind up a lot for them to stay on for more than 5 minutes. After leaving the sun hoping for a solar charge, they only lasted 10 minutes, which was not long enough for us. Not so happy.

👤I bought them for our emergency kits. We use 4 lanterns because we are a family of 5. 2 with a computer and 2 with a computer and a power source. These are easy to use. They give decent light at the lowest and are bright at the highest setting. I got 7 hours out of the charge. 3 hours bright and 4 at the lowest. It takes 8 hours of light and 4 hours of electric to get a full charge. I have a bad thing about them. They are very difficult to crank. The location of the handle and the angle it's at causes a bit of pain in the hand/wrist after a few minutes. I tried to see how long I could last, but couldn't go after 5 minutes. I gave up. If it was the only way for me to charge it, there were other options. It would be easier to crank if they made the handle straighter. These are a great add to any emergency kit at a great price.

👤I was not impressed with the run time. I wanted to know how long I could rely on this light so I charged it and turned it on. It lasted less than 10 hours. It was light and easy to use.

👤It looks nice, but it's too small for its price.

👤I would buy this product again. I was not aware that I could not fully charge the unit using the built-in solar panel until I received it. The product information on the Amazon page states that this information is buried in the product detail. I wanted to use solar as a method of charging. It is a well designed product that is bright.

👤The lantern was dead when I received it. I plugged my phone in. If my phone had been dead, it would have been enough to use it. The battery life is checked now. Will try to update when that test is over. After fully charging via outlet. I left the lantern on for 3-4 hours and it started to dim. It worked up to 6 hours but then stopped working. The lantern was turned off. It was dead when it was opened again. This was done without a solar or crank. This will make a good lantern in a power outage.

👤The package says that the solar must be outdoors and that the phone can't be fully charged. The flash and lantern work well.

👤The triple-charge emergency light arrived quickly and works great, we have had a lot of power down recently. It puts out a lot of light and charges my phone. Can not beat it for the money.

10. Led Tactical Flashlight Rechargable

Led Tactical Flashlight Rechargable

There is a city called BRIGHT. The S1000 is a perfect all-around flash light for everyday use and outdoor activities because of its narrow beam. It's durable. The flashlight is very strong. It's water-resistant and strong enough to survive a 10-foot drop. It is possible to fit a small flashlight in your pocket, backpack or purse for easy storage. It's ideal for use around the house, dog walking, or camping. There is value. The set includes two S1000 flashlights, two battery holders, two lanyards, two holsters, and a user manual. These small flashlights are outdoor, camping and hiking essentials and measure 6.1 x 1.57 x 1.57 inches. They work well as an emergency light. These small flashlights are outdoor, camping and hiking essentials and measure 6.1 x 1.57 x 1.57 inches. They work well as an emergency light.

Brand: Gearlight

👤My husband has a flashlight. I want nothing less than the highest quality when using it. I found what I was looking for in this flashlight. My husband was so jealous that he took my second flashlight. This product is easy to use. I tried the brightness on a few people. Its performance was better than I expected. I highly recommend this to anyone who needs a small, bright flashlight. I am having issues with the light after several months of use. I've tried replacing the batteries and making sure the connections are tight. This thing doesn't work well in heavy use. Sometimes the light doesn't come on at all. Sometimes the light flickers with movement because it is so weak. I would love to return it.

👤I was on the farm. I like to see what I'm getting into when I go out in the fields at night to check cows. I bought these because of the good reviews. I was disappointed because they are small and only take 3 batteries. I didn't think they would do it. I can see over 1000 feet with these. I saw a mammal over 1000 ft. I would recommend them. I bought a set for everyone.

👤One of the two I bought did not work. The response is pending. I like the one that works. I am really happy with the speed of the resolution of the problem, and I am impressed with the company that cares about the customer. The customer service manager sent a note and two replacement flashlights to me. I am knocked out, thanks so much for that. The flashlight is small, it fits in your hand, and it widens the beam by extending the front part. There are different modes, including a strobe for self defense. They are bright and the beam widens out a bit, the details are on the site. I now have an extra for a stocking stuffer because I am very happy with these lights. Thanks for a great product and great customer service.

👤The flashlights were delivered the day after I ordered them. The holsters for the flashlight are a nice touch and the only reason for my reluctant 4 star-rating is because of the quality build and the fact that the flashlight has a 18650 battery inside. A 30% coupon is included in the seller's offer. I have an unfavorable remarks. There are scratches on the flashlight lens that cannot be removed. Each unit has a generic light bulb. The tactical flashlight I purchased used a CREE T6 Wick bulb, which was not as bright as the GearLightLED. You will see the difference in the image. The left illumination is from the tactical flashlight that cast a brighter white illumination onto my office wall. It's not a bad purchase for a flashlight to have around the house, given what the seller provides. The light source in these units can be better.

👤Not worth the time or money. A flashlight body with cheap parts and components. One firm press of the power button will cause it to turn over or pop out.

11. Rechargeable Tactical Flashlights XHP90 Flashlight

Rechargeable Tactical Flashlights XHP90 Flashlight

The package contains a Rechargeable spotlight X1, foldable Tripod X1, and a worry-free 2 years of free replacement service. If you receive a faulty product, contact them and they will send you a replacement unit for free. 90000 watt high power light. The Tactical Flashlight has a built-in XHP90 Super BrightLED for a maximum output of up to 90000 lumens, and it can illuminate a bright light over the length of two football fields. A power bank and a flashlight. The high Lumen flashlight could run for up to 12 hours. The led flashlight has two ports, one for the flash light and one for the output port, which allow you to quickly charge the light. The P90 high-lumen flashlight has 7modes and is the Brightest flashlight with 7modes. Combine the COB modes with the zommable function to make this Tactical flashlight more tactical, spotlight for long range and floodlight for large area. The 90000Lumen tactical flash light is great for emergency situations. Flashlights for police and everyday use. This flashlight is waterproof and non-slip and is made of aluminum alloy. One key turn off function means long press the switch 2 seconds to directly turn off the flashlight at any modes. It's practical to charge the flashlight in time. Their promise is that you will get the best tactical flashlight and user manual. Within 24 hours of customer service, there is a replacement service. Their promise is that you will get the best tactical flashlight and user manual. Within 24 hours of customer service, there is a replacement service.

Brand: Hoxida

👤It's not close to 92,000 lumens. It is 10% brighter than my streamlight. I have a micro- flashlight with a single battery that puts out more light. I wanted a flashlight that could be used in a pinch to charge my phone and that had a strong battery life. Time will tell if it fits the bill or not. The flashlight will last quite a while on a single charge if it has 10000 mAH batteries. The eye piercing, cornea melting, light up the whole roadway like an airplane strip, and produce an average of 3500 lumens. The Flashlight claims it is as bright as 30 cars. Let that be your reference point.

👤I see a lot of this on Amazon. They have a light that can light up a cornfield and act as a Bat signal. A lot of products say they're bright. This one is the real one. You could use the low function for everything. It will mess with your eyes if you don't look directly at it. I think the side light is called COD. If needed, could act as a road flair, but also good for daily use. I used this when I was camping in Joshua Tree. It was dark, so I was really happy to have it. Should it come down to it, it could easily be used as a self defense tool. A good investment for a good price.

👤I bought one of these seven months ago. It worked well initially. The fault was caused by the tiny bumps that would shut off the light. I contacted the seller through Amazon, and they immediately replaced it. The replacement is working. I am perfectly happy with the purchase because of their quick, efficient warranty service. I have only beef with it because it uses expensive and hard-to- find batteries, but it came with Duracells and hopefully I won't have to replace the batteries anytime soon.

👤I don't claim to be an expert in flashlight technology, but I do have a lumen meter. This isn't a lot of light. I bought a smaller flashlight at Lowe's for $19. The body is very nice and durable. The multi-click functions and blinking lights are nice. The light is bright but not as bright as it claims to be.

👤You can buy an equivalent Fenix that is fully waterproof for less than the price. I think it would be a better product, however my experience with this light for a month has been great. The price is spectacular. In flood light mode, anything within 20 feet is as bright as daylight, and you can focus the light all the way to match the circuit. It would be nice if this issue could be solved one day, but it is not important for most use cases.

👤Not for me. I need light for my job as a mechanic. The item did not come with an electrical plug, just a charging chord, and these are the problems I found with it. I was able to charge it with my phone. It took all night to be charged. The way to turn on and off the light is not comfortable. You can either cycle it through the three stages or hold the button for a second and it will turn off. Both features were annoying. Why can't you turn it off? If you can figure out how to do it, the side bar will light up. It's done by pressing twice on the button. It will turn red if you're not careful. When you need light and don't want to be bothered by small things like "oh, I have to cycle the light correctly to get the light I need", it's hard to see why you're annoyed. The charge lasted only two days. Regular batteries can last a month. I had to bring the flash home to be charged or find a compatible plug since this thing didn't have an electrical plug. The light was bright, but it is a bad feature. If you need to use it in close quarters, you will be blinded by it. I threw it against the wall after two days of using it and trying to turn it on and off. It was quite satisfying to watch it shatter. I went to Walmart and got a flashlight with nine batteries, loaded it with them, and pressed the button. I was in awe of the simplicity. I'll never buy a battery-operated item again.


What is the best product for survival light and charger?

Survival light and charger products from Xtauto. In this article about survival light and charger you can see why people choose the product. Energizer and Zurio are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival light and charger.

What are the best brands for survival light and charger?

Xtauto, Energizer and Zurio are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival light and charger. Find the detail in this article. Mesqool, E-shidai and Kayinow are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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