Best Survival Lantern Rechargeable

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1. Westinghouse 3 Pack Power Failure Night

Westinghouse 3 Pack Power Failure Night

3 night light setting The emergency light from Westinghouse is designed with three settings to choose from, auto-dimming, motion sensor, and off mode, and is a handy companion to have during power outages or simply as a night light for daily use. Light and motion sensor technology. You can keep your energy costs down with this power failure night light as it automatically turns the unit on at dusk and off at dawn through an advanced light sensor technology, and it can also be activated in low light conditions when movement is detected. No batteries are required. The emergency night light doesn't require batteries to power up, instead each unit features a rechargeable battery that powers up while plugged into any standard outlet, and it's soft white color with no glare. You can use this as a table-top light, a night light, or a flashlight if you remove the unit from the outlet and fold the plug in for portable use. The power failure night light is safe to use indoors for many things. One-year warranty. For a period of one year from the original date of purchase, Westinghouse warrants the power failure night light against defects in material or workmanship. One-year warranty. For a period of one year from the original date of purchase, Westinghouse warrants the power failure night light against defects in material or workmanship.

Brand: Westinghouse

👤I bought my first pack several years ago to provide some light at night. They were useful, but indispensable during the recent rolling blackouts. We spent four nights without electricity and temperatures were in the teens and single digits. The little lights were the only light we had. The flashlight feature was great. Our lights would come on twice during the day and it seemed like it would be enough to charge the batteries. I ordered three more just in case Texas politicians are stupid enough to perpetuate the mess they made.

👤I put them in the kitchen and two bathroom after buying a three-pack. We've been very pleased with them. I bought them because I wanted to be able to use the bathroom when the lights went out, and I thought it would be awkward to be in the middle of a shower when the lights went out. Even after one of them went POOF in a power surge, we're so pleased with their performance that I just ordered another three-pack.

👤These seem to be really nice. They are a little brighter than I would prefer, but having the motion option allows them to be completely off, which I like better than the constant on nightlights I had before. They make decent flashlight as well. I haven't tested the battery life yet, but as long as we can see to get to our other lights, these will do their job.

👤The motion is good in front of the sensor. It doesn't cast hard shadows when watching TV in the dark, so it's a nice option. When power goes off, emergency lighting comes on. The motion sensor can prevent the battery from draining. There is a flashlight reflecting a cone on the device. I only have one plugged in that is turned off during power loss. There are two other lights that have a nightlight.

👤Existing 2 piece units were replaced. RF charging units were out within two years. They looked neat, but they didn't hold up. The simplicity of plugging the units into a wall sockets made them a good choice. The units do the same things as the original units, you just need to flip the 120v prongs into the unit. It's handy to have during power failures. The original RF units went bad. I directed them. The charging bases were plugged into the outlet. Even though each unit had a fuse, the resistors burnt to a crisp. The fuses were working. The cover was covered in smoke. The house was not on fire. The seller no longer sells them, but I see a number of other sellers who still sell them. I'm not sure if those will have the same problem, but I won't buy them. Since they are one piece, the new units don't use RF to charge the light or battery.

👤These night/ emergency lights are very nice. If it's dark in the room, nightlight won't wake someone up, but it will illuminate where you're going. The emergency light is brighter and you lose power. The flashlight is bright, but nothing to write about. I haven't had a chance to check out the battery life yet, but I am very pleased with them. They are well made and perform as advertised.

2. PARTYSAVING Portable Camping Collapsible APL1424

PARTYSAVING Portable Camping Collapsible APL1424

Product dimensions are 10”H x 4”L and 5.25”W. The Lantern Standard 36 bulbs have a 180-lumen rating. There are 3AAA batteries that are optional. The solar charging time is about an hour. 6 hours. It provides up to 20 minutes of light per minute. The light is VIVID. 30 brightLED lights provide a wide coverage for maximum light output. The COLLAPSIBLE DESIGN is a design. Asible feature powers light off. The metal handles fold down to make it easy to travel. Long lasting is when low power consumption stretches battery power. It isdurable: Drop proof materials are designed to last through the toughest conditions. GRAB & GO. You don't need to worry or waste time because of the 3 AA batteries. Grab and go!

Brand: Partysaving

👤I wish I had these when the power went out. The value is great. The amount I needed is 4 packs. We have a lot of AA's that run on batteries. These are ready for the next power outage. They can last about 5 hours on a set of batteries. You won't have to look directly at them if you put them where they will illuminate the room. bright leds!

👤Just opened and was very pleased. It seems like high quality. There is plastic outside. Under 12” there are about 4-5 closed and open. The light is bright and can be seen on the walls. The slide up and down has resistance which is good in the event of hanging from a tree. The extra storage on top of the unit is a bonus for camping trips that last longer. It's cheaper than competing on Amazon. The light is made of plastic and it's unclear if it's weather resistant. Two thumbs up, and highly recommend this product and brand!

👤I bought two sets. Two of the eight lights were not good, because they lit up when closed. A bad contact. The light goes off if you open them slightly. It's a pain in the ass. It's a quick fix and you expect it to be in perfect working order. You get what you pay for.

👤I purchased a pack of these. 3 of them work well, but the fourth one will not turn off. I can see the light through the crack when I put the batteries in. I tried to open and close it several times to see if it would turn off, but the only way is to take out the batteries. I tried to contact the seller. There was no response.

👤I bought this for the last storm we had, and now another is on the way. These light up a room and give it enough light to take care of it. The batteries are easy to use. They are a must for any Hurricane supply package. The lower you shut them, the softer the light. I would recommend these to anyone looking for a reliable light.

👤They are great for when the power goes out, but also great for any time you need a mobile source of light. They can be used for camping. They are easy to store and weigh very little. They are easy to operate. They come on when you pull up the cover. If the lights go out, be prepared.

👤The storms and earthquakes stopped after I got a set of two. I always test everything I get right away, they work good, but not bright enough if you really need them. It might work during a storm, but not a disaster.

👤The portable lamps arrived on time. The lamps are bright enough to light up a 10ftx10ft room. I bought 16 lamps and 2 of them were faulty, one was missing leds and the other was not turning off. The seller was going to send 2 new lamps to me by the following day after I contacted them about the problem. I plan to purchase more lamps from Eachpole.

3. Energizer Rechargeable Flashlight Resistant Hurricane

Energizer Rechargeable Flashlight Resistant Hurricane

TheCamping Lantern has a handle and two-way hook, which can be hung on a tree branch, roof of a car, or top of a tent, and be hung high for help in case of emergency. It's very easy to carry for kids. Stay prepared for any situation with this Energizer Rechargeable Led Lantern. It's great for outdoor activities like camping, fishing and hiking, and it makes life easier during emergencies. The ion battery can deliver five hours of light. The lantern's brightness is not affected by the built-inusb port. Energizer lantern is ideal for power outages, emergency kits, camping and other outdoor activities. A powerful lantern shines up to 12X brighter than standard led technology. The dimming feature can be used to adjust the brightness, or nightlight mode can be used to illuminate the area. This lantern is water resistant, making it safe to use in a variety of weather conditions. The easy grip handle makes it easy to hang or carry the lantern. A sturdy base allows for hands free operation. The easy grip handle makes it easy to hang or carry the lantern. A sturdy base allows for hands free operation.

Brand: Energizer

👤It is too heavy for backpacking and works great for camping. It's still super lightweight, but it's a must for us. It is bright without being blinding. I chose a new lantern because that was my number one necessity. We fell in love with this lantern after we first used it. There are no circumstances where I wouldn't recommend this lantern. Will keep you updated when needed. The lantern is still the best. I bought two more.

👤It illuminates a large room. It is easy to carry. And store. And charge. A clever design starts with a row of powerful LEDs and diffuses their light on two large side panels that are translucent white. I do photon for a living. I can't afford to fall if my power goes off. Good value for money.

👤I bought this for my son who is going to college on the east coast, which is prone to harsh rains and occasional black outs. He can keep his phone and tablets charged while he's out of town with this lamp. I bought him two.

👤This is for an emergency light. Is large, but fine with keeping in the closet. The middle seems to be good for general use. If power goes out, it should light up a room. Light weight. The charging cord fits in the base so it doesn't get lost. It's too early to know how long the unit will stay charged.

👤Current cell phones can't be charged by the charger. This is not a charging station.

👤The light is bright when I charge it over night. I worked for 10 minutes. It's too late to come back.

👤June 2021. Was fine until the Microusb port loosened and pushed all the way inside the lantern. The port broke off when it was opened and was loose inside. The port broke off because it was poorly soldered on the main board. It is unfixable and now trash.

👤Es una lmpara. Para adaptarse acualquier situacin, Tiene tres tonalidades. Me encanta ya, y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y Estoy contento con la compra.

👤La lmpara tiene una intensidad de luz, realmente la compre por qué se est marca es reconocida. No son, aparte es recargable. Dado, me acaba de llegar, Es el primer da. Es una recomiendo, pero realmente. Es recargable, tiene una iluminacin, a pesar that est pequea, tiene una gran intensidad de luz. There are contraceptives. Pues hasta ahorita.

👤Es una lmpara, una emergencia. Pros. 3 modos de dimmer. La forma de la lmpara is ahorrar espacio. Duracin de la batera is perfect. There are contraceptives. El modo de carga is a man. Se carga por microusb, se fuera fast charge. THe es excelente, para uso continu o frecuente hay mejores opciones.

4. Operated Lantern Adjustable Emergency Whetstone

Operated Lantern Adjustable Emergency Whetstone

guarantee is :12 months. There are 4 ways to power up. The lantern has options to power the light. The solar panel absorbs natural light while the hand crank maneuvers to store power. The battery compartment and AC port are included. Adjustments to the setting are available. The high, medium, and low settings are available for the high, medium, and low settings. Convenient and flexibility are added by the power options. The charge devices are related to this. The 180-lumen lantern has an improved lumen-per- watt ratio and saves energy. This lantern is ideal in an emergency because it has ausb port to plug in phones, tablets, and other devices to charge. Multiple use- The lantern has a carrying handle and hanging hook so you can hang it from a tent, carry it with you, or stand it on a flat surface. It's ideal for camping, hiking, auto repair, and emergency kits. Product dimensions are 10”H x 4”L and 5.25”W. The Lantern Standard 36 bulbs have a 180-lumen rating. There are 3AAA batteries that are optional. The solar charging time is about an hour. 6 hours. It provides up to 20 minutes of light per minute.

Brand: Whetstone

👤There is no logo on the paper inside the box or on the bottom of the lantern, just a upc with "Made in China" on it. I have a lantern that I bought 20 years ago and finally bit the dust with a compass on the top, and it was also made in China. The new one is brighter than the old one. I will update this review after some use. I will post a picture of the new one next to the old one. It was in a box so it wasn't damaged during shipping. I'm curious about how to charge the lantern. I will try them all. The first night it stayed bright for about 15 hours, but then it was dim. I used solar to charge it. It was on all night in my closet. Then... I found a 1 Amp phone charging station in an old ac house. It was plugged into the wall and charged for several hours before being unplugged. I turned it on so it wouldn't charge with the wall 1 Amp charge. Next day. We did a lot of cranking. My husband took a turn for several minutes. It was bright when you turned the light on. It is dim as soon as you stop cranking. We tried the light and it was very dim. The cranking didn't help. It was sunny the next day. I put the light outside all day long and turned it on as the sun set. The light was turned on after a long day of sunshine. It was very dim. The light was very dim for hours. The dollar store had a dc charge. No one was able to find one with the right connection. I saw a lamp that came with a DC charge and was for more money. Someone says it is cheap. Today is the next day. The batteries were tried. So far, it's very bright. How long they last will be updated again. I am lowering my rating to 2 stars because I am disappointed after the initial excitement. About an hour and a half later. The lights are already going dim because of the three batteries I put in. New batteries. I went out in the dark with the light and it was hard to see where I was. It isn't adequate for anything very useful. I am dropping the stars to a single star. I'm very disappointed. :

👤I got around to testing it out after buying it a while back. The internal batteries wouldn't charge with either the crank or the solar cells, even though the lights flashed while I turned the hand crank. I cracked it open to look at the internal batteries, hoping they were just bad. The AA cells were wrapped together. The batteries were attached to the circuit board with wires and metal that were very thin. The battery package was not designed to be replaceable. The batteries were heavily corroded and the reason it wouldn't charge was worse. I never charged the batteries or used this item. There is a The internal materials of this item are poor. This unit will fail with no easy way to replace it, because all rechargeable batteries will fail eventually. I don't want to depend on it. I don't recommend buying something. Since I waited beyond the warranty, my money was wasted. I will purchase a unit that is more reliable and cost less.

5. Rechargeable Eventek Floodlight Hurricane Emergency

Rechargeable Eventek Floodlight Hurricane Emergency

A 20,000 mAh portable power bank can be charged via ausb charging cable, but it's also a portable camping lantern. It lasts up to 144 hours under normal brightness and will be perfect for your outdoor activities. It can be used as a power bank supply to power your devices. The camping lantern has the same power as a 60 watt light, but has 40 high brightness LEDs to illuminate an entire tent or room on a dark night. It is suitable for more scenes, such as camping, running, fishing, mountain climbing, reading, car repair, and so on. The camping lantern has an emergency mode. You can long press the button for 5 seconds to switch to emergency strobe mode when you encounter an emergency. When you are in danger, this mode can make you more likely to get help. The lamp can be hung on your backpack with the carabiner. You can enjoy full light in the tent with the hanging design and hook. The metal stand is 90 degrees. You can choose the lighting angle. All ports have a charging protection function. The built-in ultra-reliable A+ battery and high-quality chip can make you and your device safer, and the perfect charging protection function makes you and your device more reliable. Professional Support and Worry-free Shopping: (1)LED Camping Lantern 20000 mAh (2) Hook (3) Storage bag(4) Microusb cable(5) User's Guide. The warranty will be for 2 years. Let them know if you have any quality or other issues and they will give you a satisfactory solution. Professional Support and Worry-free Shopping: (1)LED Camping Lantern 20000 mAh (2) Hook (3) Storage bag(4) Microusb cable(5) User's Guide. The warranty will be for 2 years. Let them know if you have any quality or other issues and they will give you a satisfactory solution.

Brand: Eventek

👤Like Holy S**t! The bad boy is bright. I was not sure if I should read the comments before ordering one. I would have liked to have bought three more. Warm white, white, and a mix of warm + white are three light colors. Dimming on all the colors. It comes with a sturdy hard protection case, which is very nice, and no more buying batteries for me. I was spending over $60 on the weak push lights that I got from Walmart. In the day time on a sunny day, this light over shines that, no Bull S**! If you look at it on full brightness, it will blind you. This is the light that will keep you alive if that movie was real. It's funny. But seriously buy this light. It's a good deal at the price. Trust me to buy this light.

👤This is light and bright, and does the job. Night 1 ran for around 6 hours full brightness and night 2 didn't use/ didn't charge from 0 to 100%. You should be able to cover 3 nights of camping at full brightness with a charge of 12 hours. At lower brightness setting, it is longer. It is portable and well built. The temperature allows for choosing light that is useful. Definitely recommend it!

👤I have tested and used the Eventek power banks for myself and for gifts, and purchased four of them this year. I can confirm that the power bank capacity is 20,000 lmrs and that it can be run for over 50 hours. The light output does not dim because the power bank delivers constant voltages and current. It's refreshing to find a power bank that doesn't exaggerate storage capacity. I have used these lanterns as video and photo lights where the different color temperatures are useful. The lanterns are very sturdy and should last a long time while being protected in a sturdy storage case. Why only three stars? I did not receive my lantern on my last order, and Amazon had to cancel it. The price had suddenly increased by $10 when we tried to reorder. Amazon tried to get the seller to honor the price. I got a $10 coupon from Amazon. I can't use it on an item that isn't on Amazon. The seller should allow me to re-order a lantern at the original price and not be protected by Amazon. I hope the seller will read my review and accept my order.

👤I bought a number of theselanterns, including its nearest competitor, in green, 3,5 x 3.5. If it holds up as expected, this is the one you want. It is a bit larger and heavier, but it is worth it. It feels very solid, and is the best in this class. I like them around the house and in the car, so I will probably buy another one. Enjoy a good value.

👤This is a great light. It is bright. I find it very important in an emergency light that it hold its charge. One of the best features is that you can change the color temperature of the light from daylight to yellow, which is more pleasing to some. I bought 4 more because I liked it so much.

6. KOKOIN Waterproof Rechargeable Dimmable Emergency

KOKOIN Waterproof Rechargeable Dimmable Emergency

Prepare for emergency by going camping, hiking and prepared. You can use it up to 15 hours after it is fully charged. No need to charge it after use. A 30 watt decorative hanging light is a great way to illuminate an outdoor event. It's time to upgrade your outdoor atmosphere with a birthday party light or yard light. The dimmable light bulb has three different lighting modes. To meet you whenever and wherever, choose from High Light, Middle Light, and Low Light. The durable emergency light is built with superior plastic that is safe and reliable to provide maximum durability and water resistance. Stable camping lights can illuminate your camping and hiking for a long time. If you have a problem with their exterior lighting bulb, just contact their reliable Customer Service and they will send a replacement or full refund. If you have a problem with their exterior lighting bulb, just contact their reliable Customer Service and they will send a replacement or full refund.

Brand: Kokoin

👤After about a month of use, the lamp no longer takes a charge. This is because of a design flaw. It no longer accepts theusb cable as a result. The lamp is useless because it cannot be charged. I contacted the seller to ask for a replacement. If I hear back from them, I'll update this review. I don't understand why manufactures still use outdated plugs. They have always been problematic. Replacing micro-usb plugs with the much more reliableusb-c connections is a good idea. There was an update on01.29.22. I got a second lamp, but it has stopped working because the micro-usb connection got loose again and won't accept the charging cable. KOKOIN will start using theusb-c if these LAMPS are not removed.

👤This light is sweet. Excellent value. I used for four hours over the weekend and it was still as bright as when I first charged. The batteries have a plug in. You can put batteries in a jam.

👤The laws of Truth in Advertising do not apply here. The bulb is advertised at over 5000 lumens. It is not close. At full charge and full brightness mode, the tops are more like 700 or 600. I compared it to a standard light bulb. The light bulb is brighter. I compared it to 4 - 850 light bulbs and it barely lit the same room to the brightness of the 3400 light bulbs and the seller claimed 5500 light bulbs. It should have been equal to almost 7 - 850 watt bulbs. This bulb claims 30 watt but the 850's are only 15 watt. The box didn't say the Lumen value. Very disappointed to say the least. If the power goes out, they are good for inside a tent or small room.

👤I have four of them. Only one person stays on. Even though they're fully charged, the other three turn themselves off after 15 to 20 minutes. I can turn them back on, but they'll go off on their own. One of them flickers and then goes dark. I don't expect camp lights made in China to be very good. 3 out of 4 lights are not working. There are 4 versions of this that work without a problem. The new model is a rip-off. Don't waste your money. The Siivton Tent Light Power Bank 4 Light Modes - 8800mAh IP65 memory and portable outdoor camping lamp, which I also have, have been consistently reliable and are waterproof. I recommend those lamps over them.

👤Very happy with the light. It was bright for the size. I've been impressed with the light. I use it every day.

👤A nice back light full score all around.

👤The brightness is easy to see. I let it charge for a day and a half to give it time to reach full capacity, but it only lasted me about an hour or two. I tried using others, but they seem to have a problem reaching the port to charge, so I'm going to try to get a replacement. I would have rated them 5 stars.

7. Rechargeable Waterproof Hurricane Emergency Survival

Rechargeable Waterproof Hurricane Emergency Survival

It is guaranteed for life. The manufacturer has a lifetime warranty on your purchase. For more information, see the manufacturer website. The camping lantern has a long illumination distance of 300m, which is bright enough for outdoor searching and emergencies. Their camping lantern have built-in batteries that can be used to charge a mobile phone in an emergency, so you don't have to worry about losing the power of the phone during the camping trip. There are six different light modes for camping, including a flashlight, lantern, red light, andsteady and strobe red light. It can help you prepare for darkness, power outage, and emergency situation. Waterproof and drop-resistant are included. The Led lantern is waterproof and suitable for indoor or outdoor environments, and adverse weather conditions. TheCamping Lantern has a handle and two-way hook, which can be hung on a tree branch, roof of a car, or top of a tent, and be hung high for help in case of emergency. It's very easy to carry for kids.

Brand: Apluste

👤My daughter thought this lantern was awesome. When we go camping this summer, we are going to love it. I love the clip it comes with to hang it up. My little one thinks the lantern is the best thing ever. Can't wait to go camping with this lantern! You will not be disappointed with this purchase.

👤The lantern feature on the product is excellent when walking with someone through a campsite, and the forward facing light is very bright, excellent for walking in dark areas. The high and low features make them easy to use in a tent. I use my battery over the weekend without charging it. It will charge your cell phone about 60 percent. It is very light and has a can of beans. I would recommend this product to people who enjoy the outdoors. The red light function has an option to use a steady light source that won't dilate your pupils in low light settings, as well as an option to use a red light function. I will buy more of these to place around my camp.

👤I have only had this lantern for a few days and it's not as big as I expected. I can't fault the company. The actual measurements are listed. Some of the pics were not real. The person might have had small hands. It's a solid lantern. Very bright. I like the emergency red blinker light. It's rechargable. It seems great. Since I have only had it a short time, I will update my review if it changes. I think it's small. It's funny. Good!

👤We usually evacuate for hurricanes, but this year with the Pandemic we are preparing for the possibility of having to stay. We had to shelter in place for tornados in our area, and realized how unprepared we were. This little light is bright as a flashlight and also has a red light or flashing red light option. You can charge your phone off of it. I think it would be great for camping. It is very light, which makes me question its resilience in an emergency. If you had to carry it for emergencies, that's good.

👤I picked this up for the red light so I can see where I am taking photos. I will be buying another one after moving this to our primary flashlight. I like the rechargable batteries. I've had this for several months and have not seen any issues with the capacity of the battery. I have always hated scrounging around to find batteries and throwing them out. I have had issues with flashlights in the past that were not used often and batteries were bad, so I had to throw it out. Not with this.

👤I bought this because of the frequent power failures we experience. It's nice to have a two-in-one light source so you can use it as a flashlight or lantern. It can be plugged into a wall outlet with a power bank. It is easy to carry and attach to a backpack. There are six modes, including the bright flashlight and dimmer flashlight. Dimmer Lantern 5) Night Vision and Emergency Signaling are protected by red. It looks good so far.

8. Rechargeable Detachable Flashlight Hurricane Emergency

Rechargeable Detachable Flashlight Hurricane Emergency

The whole lamp has 2 individual flashlights that can be used as main lights. The hook can be used as a tent lamp after the flashlight is removed. The magnets at the bottom of the flashlights can be used as a lamp. The camping lamp has four modes, with maximum brightness up to 1000lm, medium brightness 500lm, red light and red light blinking function. Three ways powered are powered by a built-in rechargeable battery or three 1.5V D batteries. Each of the two flashlights has 6 xAAA batteries that can provide 200 and 150 watt hours of light. This camping light can save energy and is perfect for power out, emergency, hurricanes, earthquake survival kit and many other purposes. Before using, please read the user manual. Before using, please read the user manual.

Brand: Lepro

👤The concept is good according to others. I think this is an ok price. It is bright but it would be nice to have an option that would leave light on but not make you uncomfortable. The directions say to put 3 D batteries in the base for optimal performance, but I didn't think so. Outside the base the side flashlights need 3AAA batteries. The description and instructions for the lantern don't mention this at all.

👤It is hard to find dual power like this. It's bright and has a flashlight on the side that requires batteries. The charging port is poor. The first one I ordered wouldn't charge without pushing the cord hard on the connecter, and it would stop charging as soon as I let go. The same thing happened when I received a replacement from Amazon. Everything else is great about the lantern. A rechargable lantern won't charge. I contacted the company directly about the problem, but never heard back.

👤The bright light is warm and not as bright as most lanterns. It's own internal battery for back up has a decent run time and it runs on D Cell batteries. After not charging it for a while during the last power outage, I got over 3 hours out of it. The side lights are great with a clever hanging hook integrated into the body that folds away. Great lanterns at a great price.

👤I am very happy with this purchase. I looked through so many options for an emergency light and finally decided on this one. It seems like a decent purchase. I was so glad I did. I could not have imagined the light was more versatile, bright, and useful. It didn't know it had two flashlights included in the sleek unit. The main unit of the rechargeable battery has three D's, so you have to buy them separately. You will need to buy threeAAAs for each flashlight, so make sure you have enough on hand in the event of power failures.

👤I was looking for a light that could work with batteries. I have not been tested in camping yet, but I have tried. The light is bright. You can charge it with a cable and add batteries. It has 2 flash lights that work with 3 batteries. 3 1.5V D batteries are required for the full thing. I didn't have batteries. It comes charged and the light is good. It has scales and a red light for emergencies. This product is very good.

👤Nice idea. I was disappointed that the mini lanterns didn't have batteries. They need their own batteries to work when they're not in the base. I was under the impression that they were being charged while in the base. You can't use the base as a power bank to charge other devices like you can with other lanterns.

👤This is an alternative to the more expensive one. It is a good lamp. It does not have a red light or a dimming feature. It was too bright for a campground situation and we don't want to have too much bright light that could be disturbing to other campers. This is what you want. The brightness is the same with theremovable flashlights.

9. Vont Hurricane Emergency Collapsible Batteries

Vont Hurricane Emergency Collapsible Batteries

The lantern has 30 crazy bright LEDs and cuts through the darkness on the stormiest, dimmest nights. The entire tent or room can be lit up. The collapsible design reduces or increases the light as you collapse the lantern. It's as small as your phone when it's collapsed. It's possible to fit it in your backpack or emergency kit. Waterproof is made of aircraft grade materials and is able to survive a 10-foot drop. The original version is hand-crafting each lantern with strict quality control to give you the best gear you deserve. Don't equip yourself with inferior lanterns. You can rest assured that this camping lantern is of the highest quality. It is covered against loss, theft, and defects in workmanship for as long as you own the product. It is certified by the CE/EMC. You can rest assured that this camping lantern is of the highest quality. It is covered against loss, theft, and defects in workmanship for as long as you own the product. It is certified by the CE/EMC.

Brand: Vont

👤We did not have any real emergency lighting supplies after experiencing a long power outage and had to hunt down a camping lantern in the garage. I went to Amazon to find some battery operated lanterns that we could use for emergency use. The reviews of the lanterns seemed decent so I bought them. They arrived in a timely fashion. There were no issues there. I had to fiddle with the lantern to get it to light up after I took it out of the box. I was able to figure it out despite there being no instructions in the box. The lantern I tested was not very good if it didn't light up. Making me think that there might be a problem. It did light up. The lantern I tested seemed to work better than the first one. I put the batteries out of the lanterns and put them in a box with a large package of extra batteries. I bought some emergency candles from a local store and put them in a Rubbermaid tote under the stairs in our basement so that we could have emergency lighting in case of a power outage. Are we prepared for a zombie apocalypse? No. For a few days, we might be okay lighting wise. We have a family of 6 so we could all have a lantern and light up the main living space. This works for us. I may buy another package of batteries and store them with the lanterns in order to make sure my teenagers don't find the batteries for their controllers when they get home from school. The lanterns would work for camping. We haven't gone camping since 2008.

👤I bought the first 8 for my parents because they always get caught in the Public Safety Power Shutoffs. It's not safe for them in their 80s. One of these lights up a huge family room in their large home. The amount of light that can be controlled is a big plus. I ordered more for my home and son.

👤These are the best emergency/camping/work I've seen yet! It was a perfect choice for the next power outage. The basement rec room is 12 x 28 ft. and I can maneuver around it without any problems. They will be in a storage spot until I need them. I took the batteries out after testing and found that they fit in the top compartment as seen in the photo. The handles make it easy to carry and hang.

👤I was told by my best girlfriend that she was going to order the lanterns for my parents and my daughters family, so I thought I would also get them for myself. This is a great product. Get it! They have very bright shining lights, great for when you have a Blackout. They are very light and lightweight, and they come with starter batteries to get you started, as they have a very strong brightness to their lights. They gave me batteries to start me off, what more can you ask for? Very happy customer.

10. Rayovac Virtually Indestructible Waterproof Flashlight

Rayovac Virtually Indestructible Waterproof Flashlight

You can keep one in your car, one in your home, or gift one to a friend or family member. Wsky has a one-year warranty on every genuine Wsky Lantern. Ultra bright. On high mode, illuminate your workspace with up to 600 lumens. It was dropped tested. Droppings of up to 15 feet can be sustained due to shatterproof components and a shock absorber. The waterproof is called IP67. The camping lantern is waterproof in up to 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes. There are changeable modifications. You can choose between three light modes with a press of a button and get up to 260 hours of performance. It is guaranteed for life. The manufacturer has a lifetime warranty on your purchase. For more information, see the manufacturer website. It is guaranteed for life. The manufacturer has a lifetime warranty on your purchase. For more information, see the manufacturer website.

Brand: Rayovac

👤The lamp feels like a brick to me. It was heavier than expected. That's not a complaint, it's just an observation. At night, it lights up a room. It really lights up a room. It was brighter than expected. You can control the amount of light generated by pressing the power button a few times. The lamp has three power levels. The lifespan of the battery is affected by the power levels. That's not a mistake. It was almost 10 days of light on low-power. The lamp has a hook on it so you can hang it. I feel like a brick when I come back to this lamp. It is made tough. The box says you can drop it from 15 feet. I have not tried that. It's waterproof up to 1m deep. The lamp will resist water for up to 30 minutes. I haven't tried that either. The lamp comes with 3 D Cell batteries. The battery compartment has a plastic insert. The lamp is called the "Workhorse Pro" and it lives up to its name. It's a big lamp.

👤The Rayovac Virtually Indestructible Led Camping Lantern Flashlight is reviewed by Geezer Speak. November 18, 2020 isn'tTILE as it should be for the price. I examined one of the Rayovac's I ordered. I used the same brand of batteries. I decided to return them for a refund. It's a very bright lantern, and it's well built. I have to think about use on a duck blind, deer stand, or campsite. They didn't offer as much flexibility as my favorite camp lantern. Some of the differences are listed below. The Rayovac has a drop-test rating more than double that of the Streamlight. It could survive a serious trauma. When you hold the Rayovac in your hands, you'll know why it's called "virtually indestructible." It's like a beacon in the Gulf. This is one of the selling points for the Rayovac. The Streamlight has a more versatile light output. It does not have a battery level indicator. It is dust proof and floats in water. There is a hanging hook on the bottom. The illumination is bright but can be hard on the eyes at close quarters. There is only one way to use the illumination. The globe cannot shine directly downward when hung inverted, or directly upward when placed atop a cabinet. The hanging hook and top handle are hard to get around with your hands. You will need a coin or blade to pop them up. They'll get more supple as they get older. There is no red-light mode and no SOS mode. A deer stand has a red light. The Streamlight is heavier than it is. It weighs more than the Streamlight because it has D cells. November 4, 2020 is my original review. Also, note: I have deleted most of my previous review. I covered the basic comparisons. I may have given the impression that the Rayovac Lantern was made in the US in my original review. Rayovac makes its D,C, AA,&AAA batteries in the U.S., but the Lantern and Streamlight are made in China. There are some things that are related to this I have a flashlight. I collect things. I purchased two of the Rayovac 600 Lumen Lanterns when they went on sale. I feel that it is well built and durable, but not as versatile as the Streamlight 44931 Siege Compact Lantern. I have nine Streamlight lanterns, and I'm going back to my first model. If you click on my name, you will see a detailed review of that lantern. The Rayovac has a light output and is durable. If you want a very bright, heavy-duty lantern, the Rayovac will broadcast more light than the Streamlight because it places the LEDs so they shine directly outward. The Rayovac was a full stop brighter when I measured it with my camera. I prefer the reflected indirect lighting approach of the Streamlight. If the lantern is to sit on a table where the gang is playing cards. The Rayovac is too harsh for that. The Rayovac can be used above eye-line-of-sight or on the floor to illuminate a large area. The Rayovac is excellent for this task. The Streamilght is better for more intimate locations. The Streamlight can be hung upside down in your tent, but you must remove the globe and hang it from the pole. When the globe is removed and the Streamlight placed on a cabinet or refrigerator top, the up-lighting reflects off the ceiling and gives a nice illumination in the room. I like this method when there are power cuts. The Streamlight minus globe is perfect for tent-top suspension because it has a very bright downward broadcast lighting pattern. The Streamlight is a camper's lantern, whereas the Rayovac is an emergency work light. The Rayovac would survive on a job site. I would expect it to survive if it fell through the floor and bounced off the floor below. I believe that was Rayovac's intentions. It is top of its class for that. I have no idea how Rayovac calculates their run- times. Streamlight estimates their capacity at 10%, which is conservative. The Rayovacs have burned a long time so far. Both Rayovac and Streamilght claim to have 40 hours on high, but Rayovac claims 30 hours. There is a photo of the two lanterns side by side. The Rayovac is larger. There are two photos of a lantern. The Rayovac has three light-points arranged in a vertical column. You wouldn't be looking at the lantern if you had it on high in front of you. It is very bright. The Streamlight is bright, but not as harsh at eyeball level. The old Geezer is trying to be balanced and honest, and I never get compensated for my reviews. Thank you for reading.

11. Camping Waterproof Flashlight Hurricane Emergency

Camping Waterproof Flashlight Hurricane Emergency

All ReadyWise Adventure Meals are made in the USA. Long press the button to adjust the brightness up to 1000 lumens, which is suitable for reading or illuminating the whole space. Short press the button to switch light modes. It can last up to 12 hours even under 1000 watt brightness. Not powered up. It could be used for outdoor activities in rainy or snowy days. Hanging Hook and a cover. It can be hung back and forth with a hook on the bottom and metal handles on the top.

Brand: Lighting Ever

👤On the same order, I purchased the lighting Ever 1000 lumens lantern and the Rayovac sportsman 240lm lantern. Having both in hand allowed me to make a comparison between the two lanterns. This could help someone decide which one to buy. The Rayovac I purchased on this page has a light of 240 lux, but the one that arrived clearly states that it has more than 300 lux. Both the RV and LE are manufactured in the same way. 3 D sized batteries are required to operate. The RV is one ounce less than the LE, but it feels and looks better. When describing each lantern, I will use both RV and LE, but keep in mind that I am comparing the Rayovac 305 lumen that arrived, versus what is advertised on the Amazon page. The RV's highest mode is at 305 and the LE's highest mode is at 1000. The RV has a run time of 70 hours, while the LE has a run time of 18 hours. The second mode of the LE reduces the dimmer and increases the temperature. The RV has an option to dim the output to 140 lumens for its second mode, which can run 140 hours, and it does not have a color temp variable. The option to change to preferred temperature color gave LE the win. When the LE is on mode 2 it will increase the operation to 25 hours. The third mode of the LE dims the light and combines the warm and daylight temperatures to somewhere in between. The paperwork for the LE shows that mode 3 will only last 12 hours, which makes sense since it shortens the life by the most. The last mode for both is a blinking light of the daylight and a cool white color. This mode doesn't seem relevant to me at the moment. The last feature of the RV is a dim green light on the power button that blinks slowly to help the owner locate it during periods of darkness. I don't like this feature and would either remove the batteries or dim the light. I'm not a fan of idiot lights with or without power. These are both cut from the same mold and have battery compartments in the base of the lantern. The cover's slot must be aligned correctly to close the battery compartment, because the LE has a stem mounted in the base. The RV has a slot on the rim of the base to fit the cover's slot opening. The batteries in the unit make it easier to close the LE cover. You have to push down and close the base after the alignment is met. Push the pill bottle's lid to open it. Do the same on the lanterns. The RV's numerous attempts to get the LE base to open ended in failure. LE won on battery replacement procedures. The LE won hands down. I paid 17 dollars for a 15 ounce lantern with more features. The 14 ounce RV cost $24, but the list price was $34 and the buyer was getting a $10 discount. The 4 watt RV runs for 5.8 days on mode 2 and the 10 watt LE runs for.75 days on mode 2, but I am not using them for camping. This was purchased for power failures to be used as part of an overall emergency preparedness plan, and bright is what we need indoors during power failures. The hours will be broken up over a number of times. For the money, the same battery requirements, and the ability, LE is the one to go to. I've never heard of Lighting Ever before, but the product packaging shows they have their home base in Las Vegas, as well as one in the UK and one in China. The instructions are the most accurate I've seen in a long time, and it comes with a 1 year warranty. It was refreshing to receive the correct documents in the box. The RayOVac came in a plastic transparent bag and had a limited lifetime warranty. The product packing on the RV has a wrapped label with specifications, but the product presentation on the LE was more important. It wouldn't hurt to have some type of protection during delivery. If they produce a product like this one, I will buy again.


What is the best product for survival lantern rechargeable?

Survival lantern rechargeable products from Westinghouse. In this article about survival lantern rechargeable you can see why people choose the product. Partysaving and Energizer are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival lantern rechargeable.

What are the best brands for survival lantern rechargeable?

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