Best Survival Lantern Candle

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1. UCO Original Candle Lantern Repair

UCO Original Candle Lantern Repair

The candle's weight is 8.8 ounces. Works on all UCO candles. The cleaning kit has a spring, base, piston, heat shield, chain, hook, and sticker.

Brand: Uco

👤My only animal is beef. I would be happy to pay more for this package, but UCO has decided to charge us more. You can buy a complete UCO lantern for about 20 bucks, but they will charge you 17 bucks for the replacements parts. My wife threw away the candle plate. To get the small plate, I had to buy all the eternals. If you are smart, you can buy thin washers at your local hardware store for less than a dollar. I contacted UCO and was told that the part was only for a complete kit. If you have a UCO candle. It's nice to have a rebuild kit in case you need to service your UCO. UCO wont sell individual parts, but it is an original equipment kit from the company.

👤The parts are original. All fit in the same way. The springs tension under compression was the same as the one I purchased with the kit, and it appeared to be of the same quality. If the need arises, it should work.

👤Everyone knows that everything breaks. Murphy's law says anything that can go wrong will eventually go wrong. It will go wrong at the most inopportune time. Why don't you have a spare parts kit? The kit has everything you need to keep your candle lantern running. Only 4 stars are given because where is the globe? You have to purchase it separately.

👤I bought several of these kits to rebuild my large collection of candle lanterns. Yes... These are the tools of my craft, I am a candle lantern dork.

👤I love the citronella candles and use them a lot. Sometimes your stuff breaks and you need parts.

👤The rebuild kit or the lantern is the one that matters. It's all worth it for its purpose. Can keep a small tent warm. Enough light to get by. It was quite happy with it.

👤Fast delivery, wrapped nicely. I love the different candles and the UCO lights. I have several originals that I can use to make repairs. I wish they would include a chimney glass in the kit.

👤I bought a candle lantern many years ago. It was made in the USA. The second model. It sat in the camping box without a spring for a long time. It is good now with the kit and some cleaning. UCO, thanks!

👤I only wanted a single disk, I now have spare disks that I will probably never need, but they come from the USA, so there is no difference in cost.

👤Everything you need for repairs to a lantern. It takes a while in the Uk for shipping to come from the States.

👤I bought the repair kit to make sure I have spare parts for any repairs I might have to make. I have not had to use any of the kit pieces yet, but they appear to be the same components used in the assembled lanterns. It would have been nice if these were an improvement from the original components, like being titanium, but that is more of a suggestion for a different product for UCO - the titanium UCO candle lantern! It doesn't include a replacement glass cover, so someone doesn't purchase it thinking it covers all the bases. It is what it is and will do what it is intended to do. If you need to replace the UCO candle lantern, it is recommended that you do so.

2. Stansport 135 36 Hour Survival Candle

Stansport 135 36 Hour Survival Candle

It would be a perfect gift to your family, friends, and yourself on special days, like Christmas, Birthday, Thanksgiving, Anniversary, and so on. Can be used with one, two, or all candle three wicks. Candle light and heat are provided in survival emergencies. Up to 18 hours of protection can be provided. For a burn up to 6 hours, light all three wicks. A metal case and wax for camping or backpacking.

Brand: Stansport

👤I haven't used it yet. I can't say how it will work or how long it will burn. It's good to have and keep stored with blackout supplies, there are cheaper alternatives. Would purchase again.

👤We lost power for 48 hours because of the storms, they gave us a good amount of light. I wanted to replace them.

👤It should get the work done, but is a little smaller than I thought. I haven't used the Bug Out Bag yet.

👤I bought this candle to try it out in my emergency pantry. I hadn't realized that it shouldn't be used inside. The package says that the lead level in the product might be problematic. If I needed to boil a small amount of water, it would come in handy.

👤Have not heard anything about the gift.

👤I would buy it again.

3. Vont Camping Lantern Portable Addition

Vont Camping Lantern Portable Addition

The lantern has 30 crazy bright LEDs and cuts through the darkness on the stormiest, dimmest nights. The entire tent or room can be lit up. The collapsible design reduces or increases the light as you collapse the lantern. It's as small as your phone when it's collapsed. It's possible to fit it in your backpack or emergency kit. Waterproof is made of aircraft grade materials and is able to survive a 10-foot drop. The original version is hand-crafting each lantern with strict quality control to give you the best gear you deserve. Don't equip yourself with inferior lanterns. You can rest assured that this camping lantern is of the highest quality. It is covered against loss, theft, and defects in workmanship for as long as you own the product. It is certified by the CE/EMC. You can rest assured that this camping lantern is of the highest quality. It is covered against loss, theft, and defects in workmanship for as long as you own the product. It is certified by the CE/EMC.

Brand: Vont

👤3 AA batteries are required. Surprisingly light for the size. It's not cheap to use China plastic. It's ridiculous how bright this thing is. I hang this and put it on the table like a regular lantern. It is black and folds up compact. It looks like a tactical move. It's easy to turn on. Simply open it and it will be on. It's not necessary to misplace a small switch or button in the dark. We had a cabin fire and I threw the broken window out to break it. I am sad that my lantern is missing. If you've read my review so far, this is a test. If so, well done. I am going to give you lunch. I apologize for lying to you.

👤I bought this lantern almost a year ago, but VONT has started sending me emails that are not related to the lantern. I would not recommend anyone buy anything from this company. If they're selling your email address and other information to other people for a few pennies, you're probably right. This needs to be fixed by Amazon. There is a The lantern worked for a while, but then the lights started flickering, making it useless.

👤I dropped it and it didn't break. The plastic doesn't seem to crack or break, and they both light up very well. The batteries are included. It's a straight forward approach. These will help when the power goes out, light up a tent well, and provide a work area. The handles are strong. There is no flashlight feature. Straight forward lanterns are what these are.

👤We are camping. The lanterns are easy to use and have a good price. These put off a good amount of light. The led bulbs are used in them. The hanging feature is great. We can either hang from the interior hook built into the roof of our tent or place it on our picnic table. It gave us plenty of light to take care of things before bed. The camping bins have these additions. After my husband got our generator going, we grabbed one of these and were no longer sitting in the dark. These are better than a flashlight in those situations as they are directional light and they light up a room quite well.

👤There are many good things about these mini L.E.D. lanterns. Value For The Dollar is one of the most important criteria when I rate a product. These lanterns deliver. They are light and bright. There are others on the market that are less expensive. I decided to purchase these because they were plastic. The base and the body were not damaged. The batteries seem to last a long time. If you lock your eyes on them, they will be bright enough to make your vision blurry. At $7. I feel like I have great value for the dollar. Some of the brands with metal bases were reviewed and commented on, and they were found to be rusting up after contact with water.

4. SDS Candles Survival Burning Emergency

SDS Candles Survival Burning Emergency

There are long lasting emergency chemicals. The survival candle in a can 3-pack is a package of emergency oil candle light cans that can be used as power outage candles, oil lamp, liquid votive candles, fuel cells, and prepper supplies. These liquid candle fuel cans can be used in everyday life as they add a touch of warmth and sophistication when lit on restaurant dining tables, decoration displays, in large votive candle holders, wedding reception centerpiece, and more. Remove the lid on the liquid wax candle and use a long match or long handled lighter to ignite the candle, then blow out the candle lamp oil smokeless odorless indoor can and replace the cap; it's easy to use. The votive oil lights are smokeless, odorless, soot-free and constructed with a plastic container and screw-top lid to prevent spills, because the liquid wax fuel cells are made of liquid paraffin, which is safe for indoor and outdoor use. There are package contents. There are three oil votive candles for emergencies with a total burn time of 115 hours for 1 candle, which is about 14 days.

Brand: Sds

👤Hopefully the survival situation you find yourself in will be above 43. The main reason for purchasing this product is for warmth and light in a grid down/ survival situation, like most other people, I am in Washington state. These things are not usable if I wanted to. I recently bought a 9 day candle and I believe it will be better than this product, because it will suit anyone's needs, like mine.

👤The first time I bought these candles was in 2000 when we were unsure of what was going to happen. I used them all the time. Our power provider has burned down our state because of their mismanagement, and they are working to replace a nineteenth century grid, so I needed to replace. We have had our power turned off several times. It felt better with light. These are much safer than the other candles. I would not be without them.

👤There is a warning caner and reproductive harm in these. I would not have bought it if I knew that.

👤The packing smelled bad. I thought it was the candles. I let it go for a few months. A very good product. The candles have a distinctive smell. Not scent free. The smell is like poor attempt at rose scent. It smells like a pesticide. There is no faith in safety with off-gassing. CandleLife Emergency Survival Candle - 115 Hours is scent free and excellent. I will leave a review with the information. 1 out of 5 stars. Will wait to hear from you.

👤I live in a area with frequent power failures. The candle didn't give off enough light. This isn't for a table decoration but when you need a light that doesn't need batteries, I believe you will be happy with these.

👤They've been used in California blackouts. Is it possible they will last as long as they claim? They work as expected. The package was packaged with no leaks.

👤I didn't expect them to be plastic. I expected something stronger. I was expecting them to be a little higher quality, but they work fine and it doesn't seem to be an issue. I'm a little worried about where I store the emergency kits because they were bought for emergencies.

👤The candles are small and easy to store on a shelf. After you remove the plastic lid and the wick cover, it's easy to use. It's nice to have something that will last a long time.

👤It took a long time to get here. They were bought to support a neighbor with cancer. The fuel cell was cold. The flame went out. There was no support for Deb. Damn. Regular candles are back. It's probably my fault. Don't buy them in the winter. They are not worth anything in the cold.

5. Exotac CandleTIN Emergency Beeswax Candle

Exotac CandleTIN Emergency Beeswax Candle

Premium quality leather. SLOW BURN: The candleTIN is a long-burning candle. Burn time is 10:00. The Large Slow Burn candleTIN contains three wicks, each one rated for 10 hour melts and combined for 30 hour melt time. The candle burns for 30 hours, ideal for hiking or emergency situations. Reusability TIN: The candleTIN has a slip-top tin to cover when not in use. The candleTIN is made with the highest quality beeswax. Each candle is made in-house by using a process that has been used for 5000 years and is free of petroleum. All of their products are made in the USA.

Brand: Exotac

👤There are no worth to the cocks. I used my bore cleaning pads as wicks on my hunting trip. This candle would have been thrown out of my pack. If you buy this, buy better wicks. If you need this in a real emergency, it's dangerous.

👤This thing is small and doesn't make much of a difference. I should have checked the dimensions, but it's important to remember that "large" is just an inch taller than "smaller" and otherwide the same in diameter. I'm pretty sure it will burn for 30 hours, but if you want to save money, buy a bulk pack of regular candles instead.

👤I had some difficulties with the burning away of the wick and not being able to re-lit it because it was too small. I had to let the wax burn for fifteen minutes because I had to remove some of it. It seems to burn well now. The amount of heat/light/flame can be chosen from the three wicks. It's small, but it puts out a lot of fire. I think it will last a good while because it doesn't burn too quickly. I wouldn't get a smaller one than this. I like the container. The lid doesn't need to be waterproof. The container has a friction fit to the lid. The price was reasonable. It smells good. I usually light it with a butane jet lighter, but it's difficult to light it with one as it wants to blow out the flame. I have learned to keep a few popsicle sticks inside the can to light the can and then transfer the flame to the candle wicks. It will be a great addition to my survival kit and I'm very pleased with it.

👤The candle is slow burn and has a small flame. The next one will be the strongest.

👤It was half a baseball size. I purchased the lid because of it. Good quality. It will be able to reuse several times. When electricity goes out, plan for camping and light. You can light more than one. Like this advantage.

👤The smell of beeswax is nice and it lasts for a long time. Ambient light is decent for a long time.

👤This is a bug out bag. I liked the price, format and compact size. It was tested out. It burns slowly. One of the wicks became useless after burning a quarter of the way. A weak key chain led light will put out more light than a single wick. The light department doesn't make a difference if all three wicks are going at the same time. I didn't bother to wait to see if this would last for 30 hours since the only one that worked was broken. It lost 7.5 hours by default. The product fail because of the wicks. Even if this one is a dud, it is not reliable for a light source. Can't take chances like this for an emergency. You can buy better candles and have more space to store them at home. If you intend to use this item for emergencies, you will want to test it out. Take my word for it and avoid it. It's up to you.

6. Coghlans 36 Hour Survival Candle 6 Ounce

Coghlans 36 Hour Survival Candle 6 Ounce

The width is 3.8 cm and the height is 2.4 cm. All tea light candles holders are compatible. The candle can burn for up to 36 hours. The candle is protected by a metal canister with a cover that weighs 6 ounces. essential gear for camping, backpacking, emergency preparedness, and more

Brand: Coghlan's

👤Emergency equipment is excellent. The flexibility of the three wicks gives you the ability to burn one for minimal light and heat that they claim will last 36 hours, or up to three for corresponding more heat and light and would last 12 hours, or any combination in between depending on your need. It would be useful in a car stranding, a camping trip, or a blackout. I don't think it's a special wax, just a normal candle wax in a case. The instructions say that if you are burning one wicks, you should switch the wicks every 3 hours so that the wax will melt more evenly and prevent big differences in wax height which would mess up burning the other wicks. The candle is in a round tin and has a diameter of 1 5/16". The label said it was 6 ounces, but mine was 7.3 ounces. The container is very water resistant and could leak, but it is a good tin. I only rated it four stars because I didn't get the promised matches. I could fit a standard book of matches between the closed lid and the wicks if I wanted to. It's a great idea to put matches in there.

👤This is in your bag. If you store the bag in the house, the wax will melt in the car in the summer. It burns clean and bright.

👤I have purchased these candles many times and they are great to have on hand in case you get stuck on the highway in the bitter cold. You can also set a can of food over the candle and warm up your meal at the same time, if you have a rack with you. I keep them in the vehicles and on hand for power failures.

👤If you only light one candle at a time, it will be advertised as 36 hour candle. If you use all three you will get 15 hours total. You have to use one wick at a time and move it around a lot to get the advertised 36 hours. If you are using it for heating food, it would be fine. The wicks can be moved. I used a sterno 55 hour candle for seven nights in a row and it was only half burnt. I'll stick with the sterno.

👤I hope I never have to use them, though I am glad that Coughlan's makes them. In case of car trouble, one of these live in each of our cars. That is a possibility in Iowa. I like the fact that this candle is in a sturdy container, so it will fit on the dash. It would last for 12 hours with all three wicks going. There were 24 with two and 36 with one. They're good in case of a storm power outage, which is what they're kept handy for during the summer months.

👤It was burned, loved it. The "36 hour" claim is a little deceiving because each wick is only good for 12 hours. 36 hours with 3 wicks. It's most likely true that they claim 36 hours, but it's deceiving to advertise that in the product title and display a 3-wick candle. The photo and caption make you believe that all three of the wicks burn for a full day and a half. Nope. If you burn each one separately, the 36 hours can be achieved. It's a standard 12-hour candle if you burn all 3 at the same time. If you don't mind just one flame at a time, you could get 36 hours out of this candle.

7. Vont Hurricane Emergency Collapsible Batteries

Vont Hurricane Emergency Collapsible Batteries

A basic first aid kit includes bandages, alcohol pads, wet wipes, and antibiotics. The lantern has 30 crazy bright LEDs and cuts through the darkness on the stormiest, dimmest nights. The entire tent or room can be lit up. The collapsible design reduces or increases the light as you collapse the lantern. It's as small as your phone when it's collapsed. It's possible to fit it in your backpack or emergency kit. Waterproof is made of aircraft grade materials and is able to survive a 10-foot drop. The original version is hand-crafting each lantern with strict quality control to give you the best gear you deserve. Don't equip yourself with inferior lanterns. You can rest assured that this camping lantern is of the highest quality. It is covered against loss, theft, and defects in workmanship for as long as you own the product. It is certified by the CE/EMC.

Brand: Vont

👤This thing is bright. Like crazy bright. It's like staring into the sun in the middle of the night when you open the sucker. They are not fooling around when they say this is a bright lantern. The only complaint I have is that when you open it, you only get one setting. As the sun or darkness. There is no in-between. It's meant to light up the world, not just your campsite, so you can close it a little to reduce the brightness. I've had mine for a year and haven't changed the batteries. I bring a lantern with me when I go camping in the summer. Everyone else's site is within 10 miles. The lantern is bright. It's great. I plan on using it again. Just as soon as my eyesight comes back from the last time I used it.

👤Double boxed for safety, arrived on time. Save a smaller box for lanterns. The light is very bright. I can't comment on battery life until I use it. It's perfect for my apartment during a power failure. I don't think the lanterns are strong enough for heavy use, such as camping, but in the safety of your home. I recommend.

👤The lights were used for the first time after the power went out. They are bright, but not as bright as they could be. They are bright and painful at the same time. The only use for them is hanging high. Placing on a coffee table or dining room table will not work. Maybe a frosted shade would help diffuse the intensity. These will not work for us so we will need to look for something else to use during rare power outages and hurricanes. I can see why they are called camping lanterns. Hanging them from trees around the camp site might work out. It's not recommended for table use where they will be in close proximity to people during hurricanes.

👤Everyone needs a reliable light in an emergency, camping, or a black out. This is a great solution. It is bright and can light up a room. It pulls open for light and pushes to turn it off. The body of it is nicely constructed and easy to use. The metal handles can be folded down to make it easy to store next to a bed. A young child wouldn't have a problem using it. The light is very bright, but it doesn't get hot to the touch. Everyone in the house can now have a reliable light when they need it.

👤The camping lanterns with batteries were delivered. The lanterns are sturdy and bright enough for what I need. I was required to let a third party update my software when I tried to get the lifetime warranty activated. I couldn't get to the next step without the update. They don't know how dangerous this can be. I don't think I'll have a warranty.

👤Don't let them fool you, it's still decent. These aren't Pelican Case material. I think the lamp would be smarter and just light up the LEDs on the exposed side as I open it. It would use a bit of energy when I opened it. All of them light up when you open it a little bit. It uses the same amount of energy no matter how much light you need. Hope these help someone.

8. Energizer Waterproof Lantern Weatheready Folding

Energizer Waterproof Lantern Weatheready Folding

The lantern light is bright enough for indoors or outdoors, such as: camping, reading, fishing, power outage, hurricanes, storms or emergency backup light. Energizer power has 4 Energizer max D batteries that can last up to 350 hours on low, perfect for hurricanes storms and power outages. The light is powered by theRIGHT led light. The lantern has a high mode that puts out 500 lumens of light, which is bright when you need it from hiking to camping. Use high mode for the brightest light and low mode for the lowest light and 350 hours of run-time. It runs for up to 350 hours in low mode and can be used for a handheld light that lasts through storms. The IPX4 water-resistant construction is rugged and durable, so it can weather a storm and be the perfect companion for a camping trip. The lantern folds out for full-view lighting that will fill the room or the campsite, or it can be retractable for more illumination. The Energizer brand has the power visibility and reliability you need for any situation. Environmental camping is a category. The ultimate lighting solution for camping trips and outdoor activities is the LED Lantern.

Brand: Energizer

👤I bought one a few years ago and was very happy with it. The light was bright. This one is a cheap imitation. Energizer has changed how it's made. The older and much better version had a frosted glass, but there were three columns of light, and a reflector on the back panel that made the light even brighter. The new version doesn't have any of these features. This is definitely a case of newer being not better. I was very disappointed in my purchase and returned all 4 of them.

👤I bought a newer version of the lantern in the past. I got this one as an addition. They are not the same. This lantern is not as good as the older one. It has a frosted lens and a white plate. The older model had a silver plate behind the LEDs. This gives more light. This is a good lantern. The older one is very good.

👤The lantern can be turned off. I found lanterns on Amazon that can't be turned off, making them useless for emergencies where they sit on the shelf for years. It has high energy density and lasts through a storm. The batteries are easy to replace. Storage space is saved by the light weight folding design. Very affordable, pleased as punch. I spent a lot of time on Amazon researching lanterns that failed essential features and were only for camping. Buy it if you need it.

👤You don't know you need it until you have it. I was one of the people who used her phone light. When I needed to light up a space and use both hands at a task, I thought the lantern would be great. I use it every other day. It helped me see what kind of coverage I was getting when I was painting in my pantry. I used it in the last few days. When I was trying to hook up cables on the back of the TV, when I dropped a screw and it rolled under the couch, and when I was trying to read a serial number on an appliance. I'm going to get it all the time. It provides a bright light on its highest setting, but also has lower lights for other uses, like sitting on the patio in the evening.

👤I liked him the first time. I went back and bought another one. I got it for power outtages. The power goes out when we get a lot of wind. I turned off the lights in the room and switched the setting to High to see if it worked. Very happy!

👤I picked up three of them at Lowe's when they were on sale for about a dollar more than the Amazon price, but I didn't buy this lantern on Amazon. This is the lantern for hurricanes down here on the Gulf coast. I think they sell well because all the hardware stores have a constant supply of them. Four D size batteries are very secure. To get to the battery compartment, you need a dime or small screwdriver to turn the unlocked type. There is a metal mirror behind the main twin columns which can be used to project the light from the lantern forward. You can swing the light "tubes" upward and the light will come out of both sides of the tubes. This light is similar to a fluorescent lantern. I had a fluorescent lantern that my dad gave me as a Christmas gift but I never opened it, so I gave the fluorescent one to a neighbor and we compared the output. The 4 D batteries will burn longer on the LEDs and they seemed as bright or even slightly brighter. The amber night light in a motel is a great way to find your way to the bathroom. When I have to go to the bathroom at night, I keep a night light by the bed. I give you enough light when your eyes are adjusted. If you want to call it that, you should know that the Hi power and the Low power seem almost the same, but if the low power makes the battery pack last longer, that is a good thing. Both high and low compare favorably to a Coleman butan lantern for camping. I think that butane lanterns are almost a thing of the past since the mantles are so fragile. You don't want to burn candles or oil lampts in storm country. If you had a fire, your house would burn to the ground. By now, every kind of light should have been replaced with fire. The battery life is good and they have changed the third worl. I would recommend this lanter for any lantern or light you need. Throwing out a high powered beam to search would not be good for navigations at midnight. I like my Coleman, but the light has less glare.

9. Vont Collapsible Illumination Hurricanes Flashlights

Vont Collapsible Illumination Hurricanes Flashlights

Vont's COLLAPSIBLE led lantern has a light throw of over 300. It will illuminate your home during power outages with 300 and 100 light bulbs. Enjoy 4 levels of sunshine. The light is intermittent. The camp can be lit up with lantern mode, red night vision mode, and a flashlight mode. There is a strobe light for emergencies. An extremely long battery life. The lanterns have 3 AA carbon batteries. There are 16 hours for lantern mode and 9 hours for flashlight mode. The run is using alkaline batteries. It is a reliable lantern for indoor and outdoor use. The heavy-DUTY magnetic base can be used to mount the light for camp activities or hang it inside the tent with its convenient hook. CARRY as a lantern or flashlight. It has a built for versatile placement and is made of IPX4 WATER-RESISTANT. LIFETIME WARRANTY is covered for life if you own the product. As long as you are alive. LIFETIME WARRANTY is covered for life if you own the product. As long as you are alive.

Brand: Vont

👤Returning today. If I only saw the pro version, I'd give it 5 stars. I bought the older model first and tested it for USABLE light duration, but I can't see what I'm doing because the lights are still burning. The old model lost 1-2% of light output in the first hour, but held it up for the next 6 hours, before losing 10-15% in the 7th hour. The only factor I'm considering is the duration of usable light. 5 stars for a lamp. A really good lamp. There is a But. The old model had 3 stars when compared to the new model.

👤I first saw these lanterns on camping trips. The major features were that you could carry them by the handles and that you could moderate the brightness by sliding them up or down. The new design adds a new twist to those features. The lantern handles clip in place when not in use, so they don't go flying out when you don't need them, and there is a flashlight front and red lights for safety. It's similar to the design you've seen before. Emergency kits are great for camping, and there are disaster kits at home. You will have enough for all those applications if you have a 4-pack. You might want to use higher quality batteries if you need to use them in the future. I'm happy to have them. A team brought a good set of ideas to fruition.

👤Vont has all of the innovative, reliable and sensibly priced electronics I need. Their lanterns were one of my favorites. I've given them as gifts to many friends, and I've used them for emergency backup lights all around the house. I was skeptical when I saw that they had a new model. I was very happy that I got the latest version. It has a red flasher, a magnetic base and a spotlight. They come with batteries so you don't have to buy anything else. It is very likely that you will lose power when you least expect it, no matter what area of the country you live in. Even if you have a backup generator, you need these lanterns by VONT so you can find your way around in the dark if only to flip the switch. If you go camping or need a bright, led lantern, this is the one.

👤I've purchased previous iteration of these lanterns and they are a huge improvement over the original ones. The originals are at least 5x brighter. I like the added features that allow it to be used as a flashlight. The handles lock the lantern down. I've had fun sticking a lantern to metal things with the strong magnets. The hooks on the bottom are really useful, as they allow you to hang the lanterns from a lot of things. I don't have to worry about dropping them because the case is solid. The previous models felt like I would break them if they had a good drop. The price is reasonable. I think it's a good value. I plan on buying more for my home and gifts.

10. Lantern AGPtek Rechargeable Camping Emergency

Lantern AGPtek Rechargeable Camping Emergency

After collecting customers' suggestions, they have upgraded their CR 1009 emergency solar hand crank radio to 5000 watt, added a 3.5mm headphone jack, and changed the 2000 built-in battery to 5000 watt. They also provide a 24H message response. Please contact them via email or Amazon if you have a question. There are five charging methods: solar powered, crank Dynamo, car, AC and 3 xAAA battery. Green Power: Hand crank solar 36 light. The Polysilicon solar panels are brighter than the other camping light and use less energy. A universalusb charging port for charging mobile phones and other devices Bright mode is adequate for reading and most normal activity.

Brand: Agptek

👤We bought the A GPtex 5 Mode Hand Crank Dynamo Solar Lantern because we thought it would be a great deal. The light lasted 3 hours, but it was so dim that it was useless. The solar feature on the one we got does not work at all. It only gives a few minutes of light. We used the three AA batteries hoping to use them for a few nights. The light only stayed bright for the same amount of time as charging it, three hours max, then it dims severely. I regret purchasing this because it takes more energy to charge it just to get a few hours of light, and will use more battery's in trying to sustain enough light that it is not worth it. I have battery powered flashlights that use only two AA's and keep bright light for months with one set of battery's. We did not like this product and could not recommend it.

👤The lantern can be charged by sun or hand crank. It can be charged by AA batteries, wall sockets, and car cigarette lighters via theusb cord. The design of the ergonomic handle that has a swing out hook that allows for easy hand carry while walking or hanging to use a light over a table is impressive. The hand crank can be used to charge other devices. It is larger than any other lantern I have owned, and its brightness makes it less suitable for close up use, like sitting on a table where you are reading, because you need to hang it to diffuse the light to a comfortable level. Amazon arranged a replacement for me after it arrived without an AC adapter. If this device holds up over time, I will let my rating stand, even if it becomes unreliable or less powerful. Instructions are clear and understandable, but not written by a native-English speaker.

👤I like the lamp a lot. It is easy to use and has a nice weight. We use it at night in the backyard, and we can see, give or take, about 10 feet in all directions. It is too bright to look at, like many of the other reviewers had commented. We're going to hang it above our heads. If we lose power, I'm going to order a few more. It's great in a room. I had no problems reading it. There are different options for charging it. You can charge it through a cigarette lighter in a car. It holds a charge for a good while, but it lasts about 3 hours using 3AAA batteries. I bought it for the hand crank. I don't need to keep replacing batteries if there is a tornado or weather situation where all the stores are sold out. The manual says it can be seen 10 miles away on high lighting and 5 miles away on low lighting. I use it for 30 minutes every night.

👤It works great. On a low setting, last over 20 hours. The power went out for a few hours because of a lightning storm. I used the Lantern to charge my phone because I didn't have to use the phone's battery, but I could still see around the room since the Lantern is bright on high setting. I really like this lantern. I ordered a second one. I showed my mom how impressed I was with the win and she ordered one too.

11. Camping Lantern Portable Running Electronic

Camping Lantern Portable Running Electronic

There are 8 count packs, 24 packs per case. Ultra Bright and 8 hour play time. The main light can light up for 4 hours of strong light and up to 40 hours of low light. The flashlight can light up for up to 8 hours of strong light and up to 35 hours of low light with enough battery capacity. It's perfect for outdoor and indoor purposes. 3000 large capacity batteries and solar panel are built into the Mesqool camping lanterns. It can be charged by regular 5V charging cable and also by solar and hand cranking when the power is out. The option to use windup power for weather emergencies is provided by the dynamo Crank. The large capacity built-in battery has ausb charging port. The built-in battery in the camping lantern can boost a dead phone, keeping you safe and in touch. You can charge your mobile phone or other devices with theusb port. The lantern is portable and easy to use, you can click the flashlight button to turn on or off the main light. It's only 3.11inch,weighing 0.66LB, so you can hand carry it, hang it, or just put it aside, all easily. The Camping lantern is a great company to work for. No-Worry after-sale service and 18 month warranty. Every purchase has an 18-month warranty. If you have any problems, contact them for a replacement or money-back. They will be happy to answer any questions within 24 hours. No-Worry after-sale service and 18 month warranty. Every purchase has an 18-month warranty. If you have any problems, contact them for a replacement or money-back. They will be happy to answer any questions within 24 hours.

Brand: Mesqool

👤Customer service was great in getting me a refund and I gave it 2 stars. If you have an iPhone, I would avoid this lantern. I think they are being a bit deceptive with their advertising. They don't specify where this lantern will not charge an iPhone, and the only area I could see where it says "charges android phones" is hidden very deep in the description. This made it very frustrating when I took a camping trip out to Utah, expecting to charge my phone at night using this lantern, only to find out it doesn't work. The lantern is okay. It is bright initially, but it does not last the duration advertised. It might last 1 hour before the brightness goes down to useless. The solar charging is nice, but not much else. It would be a good idea to try a different lantern.

👤I was looking for a lantern that could be used as a backup source of light and could also be used for solar charging. If you need more power during the night time, this lantern has a hand-crank. It meets the need beautifully. It is a bright white light. It has a light on the end that can be used as a flashlight or down light. I would prefer a warm hue to the light, but this will meet my needs in an emergency power-down situation.

👤I charged the product and put it aside for normal use. The lantern wouldn't work the first time I tried it, because I didn't hold a charge. I tried to use the hand crank but it broke and is no longer usable. Very cheap.

👤I ordered these for 2 homeless brothers who were homeless due to the end of daylight savings. They were estactic to have light and are really enjoying the ability to charge the light with solar power or with a crank. When the power goes out, I will be adding a few more.

👤The product seems like a good idea with three charging methods but the internal battery can't possibly live up to the claims. The main light can light up for 4 hours of strong light and up to 40 hours of low light, and it has 12 LED bulbs. I timed it twice. It was at zero light for four hours. 1.5 hours of bright light. Returned the two I bought.

👤I like the light. It stays charged for hours because the crank charges it so fast. I haven't used the plug in or solar charge functions yet. It does charge my phone and tablets, all I have to do is crank it up. It's great for emergencies and camping, and no more spending money on batteries that go dead and have to be thrown away. I'm getting one for each of my boys and grandbabies.

👤I bought for camp. The flashlight part works well, but the charging part isn't reliable and didn't charge my phone well

👤I bought one for myself and one for my son-in-law. I was amazed at how easy it was to use. My son-in-law played with it all day. It's great to take out to the barn when it's dark or to the storm cellar during a storm. It is small enough to fit on my night table. I put it in my car when I go on long trips. I can't believe how good this is and how useful it is. I will give this again.


What is the best product for survival lantern candle?

Survival lantern candle products from Uco. In this article about survival lantern candle you can see why people choose the product. Stansport and Vont are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival lantern candle.

What are the best brands for survival lantern candle?

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