Best Survival Knives Tactical

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1. Reapr 11002 Double Blade Knife

Reapr 11002 Double Blade Knife

The knife has a ferro rod, stone and lanyard hole. The ultimate sword. The Fixed-blade tactical boot dagger knife is perfect for self protection. Use while camping, hunting, as a fighting knife or pack in survival gear. The blade is a 4.75 inch, black-oxide finish, dual-edged, 410 STAINLESS STEEL blade, and it has a Sharp out of the package for easy cleaning and rust resistance. The handle is 4.25 inches in length and filled with fiberglass for non-slip comfort and control. The CARRY: The sword hilt is built in for added control, and the 9 inch overall length is military-grade Ballistic nylon. The Tac Boot concealed knife with sheath is the perfect combat knife for when you need it the most.

Brand: Reapr

👤I should have asked the previous owners if the boot knife had a clip on it, but I didn't. It has a belt loop. I will get around that somehow. The knife was sharp. I've bought a lot of low priced and higher priced knives. It's small and doesn't fit in my hand, but it was never intended to be a work tool. It is a defensive tool and should perform as well as the person holding it can. I only have low stars because of the sheath. It's worth it for the price. You'll be happy with your purchase if these negatives don't bother you.

👤The knife is nice, however, this is the most confusing sheath I've ever seen and no instructions or videos to be found. How are you going to attach it to the boot? Money is wasted.

👤This is a 12 dollar knife and has a full tang. I was looking for a cheap item to keep in my overhead truck visor, and this was worth every single dollar. I pulled the plastic sleeve out of the sheath and it slid perfectly in my molle webbing, so I'm not sure why the sheath is negative. I will purchase another back pack if it gets lost. I would rather lose a knife that does the job. Then a 200 dollar bench made. That is my opinion. This knife is a must have for me.

👤The boot knife is perfect for the price. A blade is a must have. I was skeptical at first, but it's really good, from the blade down to the sheath it comes with, double blades and super sharp.

👤The included straps are useless. I don't know how to use this as a boot knife. The sheath, velcro, and bungee parts don't provide a way to secure the knife enough for movement. The bungee/suspender part was so large that it would take my thigh to be taunted.

👤The shoulder carry option did not work for me. It's difficult to know if you can try it on after that because it's very uncomfortable to wear. At times the knife falls out of the sheath. Not what I wanted.

👤It's a good quality blade and is the same as the smith &wesson blade they sell for 3 times the price. It is very sharp. A great price for a blade. The sheath is made of plastic and nylon, so you won't cut through it after use. Thank you!

👤I hope I never use it. It's a good looking dagger. We need a way to hit back at drivers who fail to yield to pedestrians in walk light intersection.

👤Parece bueno, Este producto es bueno. No, resulta fcil obtener un buen filo. The pena was comprarlo. hay un detalle, es pertinente apuntar: es un engao el grosor de la hoja. The base de la hoja is a grosor. Ms delgada, en realidad la hoja. Es un engao. La funda is simple. Ahora excepcional. Considerando calidad/precio is una compra.

2. USA MU 1119BK Tactical 6 75 Inch Overall

USA MU 1119BK Tactical 6 75 Inch Overall

Quickly cuts branches up to 16in. in inches. Add more rope for higher cuts. The chain can be flexible. A black blade. The handle is wrapped in green cord. A lanyard and plastic sheath.

Brand: Master Usa

👤I crept up from behind on the corrugated cardboard box and cut its tape with one swift motion. I sheathed my knife to spare any remaining tactics.

👤The price at less than $3.50ea caught my attention. Overall craftsmanship is not bad, but it looks to be mass produced, powder coated, extremely dull. I ordered a 2nd after I received 1 and was impressed. It needs to be functional. It looked like a fun project as a garage rat. This is a good item for you if you want something to put an edge on, or just have something to play with and the majority of the work already done. I would not allow you to use it right out of the box. A short handle. I wouldn't put my finger through the hole. But. That is the only way to keep it safe. There is enough stock to keep it going. The lanyard and sheath are functional. The handles were unwrapped. Don't buy if you're warned.

👤The knife is very sturdy. I thought it would be illegal to carry a knife around my neck because it's longer than 3 inches, but I asked the police officer if I could show them my knife so they could tell me if it was legal. He asked me to back away from him and put it back in the sheath because he was uncomfortable with me holding it and standing so close to him. It's 7 1/2 inches long and has a handle. You won't be disappointed if you need to defend yourself.

👤I didn't expect the world for $4, but I bought this to open boxes and envelopes without having to use utility blades. It won't do that. The blade is not sharp. I have butter knives that have more of an edge. The tanto point of the blade means it can't besharpened by traditional means. You'll need an angle jig and a diamond rod to sharpen a $4 blade. I may try to improve it at the price point. If you don't have the skills to sharpen a blade of this shape, it won't be of use to you.

👤This is the first product review I have ever written, and I am 27 years old. The knife I received had no edge to it. I tried to cut my finger with the knife I ordered, but it wouldn't cut anything. I was able to use a rotary tool and a ceramic handheld kitchen knife sharpener tosharpen this thing. The metal quality is good, the sheath is sturdy, and I believe the knife will last a decent amount of time, because I had to turn it into a knife myself. I've read reviews from people who were upset with the quality of the string and had to wrap it themselves. It was easy for me to wrap it in less than 2 minutes. The string is cheap. I don't know if they all come with an edge like mine did or if I got lucky. I would recommend it.

3. StatGear STAT05 BRK Surviv All Survival Knife

StatGear STAT05 BRK Surviv All Survival Knife

If there is any product issues, each Witharmour knife has a lifetime warranty. If you have a question, please email them and they will be happy to provide you with a solution. StatGear is a survival knife. The knife can handle anything outdoors. The drop point blade has a blade sharpening stone in the back of the sheath so it is sharp and sturdy. The starter and cutter are in a sheath. The cord cutter works well for small cuts so you don't have to remove your knife. If you enjoy hunting and other outdoor activities, you'll find the StatGear Surviv-All outdoor knife to be a convenient and practical choice. If you enjoy hunting and other outdoor activities, you'll find the StatGear Surviv-All outdoor knife to be a convenient and practical choice.

Brand: Statgear

👤The steel used was the only thing that was different about this knife. I bought this knife for my AT section hike. It has a great grip, a nice sheath, a built-in line cutter, and a sharpener. Give it five stars and be done with it. The steel used for this knife is probably A. This steel does not hold an edge for very long. It is a good value for this price point. There are better steels for a survival blade. It is a nice little rig. I decided to use a D2 steel knife and a swiss firestarting rod.

👤Great product. I have not used the knife yet, but if it breaks I will update this review, otherwise it is what I think. The knife feels very solid, good weight, the blade is solid, a slight bit wider than I thought, but not really a flaw, the handle is a little soft and tacky, and the rubber feels durable. Even when wet, you get a really good grip. I can pinch it just where the blade meets the handle, and it has a good overall length to control it, and it is well balanced. The nylon belt loop is thick and nice and the sheath feels very durable. The fire starter works, it is mounted upside down on the sheath, but it takes a bit of effort to pull it out, so I don't see it falling out. I can't say over time. It would have been nice if the sheath had spaces on the side to strap it onto a backpack. The nylon belt loop is screwed onto the back of the sheath, so I might try to rig something up. The sharpening stone on the back is coarse for my liking, I would have preferred something a bit more fine to just put back an edge. I think it is a great knife for the price.

👤I tested the knife in the field, cutting, carving, and chopping, and it has stood up to the abuse. The knife is tough because of the softer steel and it will not chip if you chop hard woods or drop it on a rock. It can besharpened on the included diamond plate once the edge is rolled or dulled. You can get a shaving edge on it in minutes, which is an advantage over harder steel knives. The pummel was damaged from hitting slay rock but is still usable. The fire steel started a fire for me in seconds using brush, dried grass and all I could find in the forest around me, so it definitely works. This knife is a cheaper version of the Ultimate Pro knife, but it is still very strong. If you want a cheap knife to take out to camp or hunting, with a nice sheath and fire steel all in one package, this is the knife for you. It does the job for $35, thats a meal for 2 in a restaurant.

👤This knife is a great buy. It is similar to the Prodigy. Another budget knife is added to the collection. I have a lot of expensive knives, but they aren't that expensive. I decided to remove the paracord with the clip on the sheath to make my hack.

4. Packs´╝ëMini Zipper Outdoor Survival Pendant

Packs%EF%BC%89Mini Zipper Outdoor Survival Pendant

The flashlight is held in place with a magnet. It won't fall out while carrying, but you can pull it out for use in tight spaces or stick it to something metal for hands free illumination. It's convenient in daily life for emergency, cutting, paper cutting, and unpacking. The key chain blade has a total opening length of only 9.5 cm and a unfolded length of 5.5 cm. It's a good choice for portable knives. The handle is lightweight and has a zip. The carrying preference states that a detaching zip up is attached to increase the flexibility. The blade is fixed by a pad lock when in the open state.

Brand: Vittqsuier

👤I knew it would be small as a key chain, but I was too small to do anything other than open a box. Excellent quality.

5. SOG Survival Cutting Easy Grip ACE1001 CP

SOG Survival Cutting Easy Grip ACE1001 CP

Have faith that the hand guard will keep the blade from slipping. Fixed blade work knife. The hiking knife is 8.25 inch in length and made with 7 CR17MOV steel in stone wash finish. There are outdoor and bushcraft knives. The field knife has a clip-point tip and thick blade jimping. The companion knife is great for camp chores. This is the place to put the knife to work. The SOG survival fixed blade knife has excellent edge retention and rust resistance. There is a light weight belt with her. The 4 oz workhorse has a built-in cord-cutting grooves and is comfortable for long hours of use. SOG fixed blade knives are built to last and they will take care of you if you need it.

Brand: Sog

👤I have never been a fan of SOG products; I always thought their knives were overpriced. It's about half the price of similar SOG knives, and the Ace fixes that issue right off the bat. First impressions are good. It's a light blade for its size, and its design is simple, no-nonsense that I like very much. 50 different attachment points for the sheath are not necessary. It is a knife. A simple tool. It will cut rope, fish skin, and hide deer. I'm pretty sure it will do that for you. I don't have many criticisms. It didn't take much effort to get the edge right. The handle gets a bit slick when it's coated in water, grease, or blood. It would probably help if you put the handle up near the blade. I'll update this as I carry the knife, so if it suddenly snaps off at the handle, I'll just fill the review with poo.

👤I bought this at 12 bucks and it's a full tang fixed blade with a decent sheath and a grippy handle. I think that is enough for 5 stars. Mora makes quality knives at this price point. If you can get it for less than 20 dollars, do it. It's a quality knife and you can beat it up without feeling bad about it.

👤I like the knife stone washed finish, it has a sharp edge, a good large handle, and it is the best size for me. I would carry it uppside, but be careful with wet hands or wet handle, it would slip a lot, and it would be more expensive.

👤I was impressed with the knife. It is balanced and looks good. The handle material feels good in my hand, and it fits my hand perfectly. The grip is so strong that nothing could break it. The sheath is the only negative thing that I could say about it. The sheath clip is too low, which makes the knife a little heavy. I understand that you have to give up some things in order to have a lightweight knife. The knife I got for the lowest price makes it 5 stars all day. What's not there is what I like the most about it. The back of the blade is missing the word "China" when I look at it.

👤The price of the knife went up to $24.95 after I bought it. I thought it was a good deal. It's a decent knife for light work, and it's reasonably sharp. The edge had a nice chunk out of it. I believe I bought a second, which I can live with, but SOG standards have certainly come down. It has a smooth edge after about ten minutes of work. Would I trust my life to this knife? Hardly. It will get plenty of use as a utility knife.

👤It's alright for a small weekend trip, but I won't take this on a week long trip out in the middle of nowhere. I don't think the blade can survive a serious trip that requires serious homesteading and hunting.

6. Smith Wesson SWMP13BS Liner Folding

Smith Wesson SWMP13BS Liner Folding

The knife has a ferro rod, sharpening stone and a lanyard hole. The overall length is 20.9 cm and the blade length is 3.5 inches. It isdurable: The blade is made of reliable 8Cr13MoV. A black and tan aluminum handle is made of black oxide high carbon steel. It's permissible. It's ideal for everyday carry because of its convenient pocket clip, finger flipper and ambidextrous thumb knobs. The liner lock and finger guard will keep the blade from slipping.

Brand: Smith & Wesson

👤I love my Border Guard by Smith & Wesson. I needed something lighter, more compact and versatile, because the border guard is bulky and heavy, and it is a hassle having it as my EDC. I looked for a replacement for my knife for a long time. I have been using the brand that served me well for years and I am not disappointed, it is a great looking knife and it came razor sharp.

👤The ergonomics of the lock feature make it the best pocket knife I've ever owned.

👤A good knife. I have owned knives from both Smith and Wesson and the quality is better than that of Kershaw. The fast back open feature is on the weak side and only draws back that I have about this knife. If you push the lever, the knife doesn't open up all the way. Not a complete deal breaker, all you need to do is snap your wrist and it will open up. We will see how it holds up.

👤The knife has a finger switch that you can use to open it, but it isn't assisted open as I thought it was, and with a little practice you can open it in critical situations. The knife is comfortable to hold and carry. As a sharpener, run it through a couple of times. You get a lot of money.

👤It is very sharp out of the box. It's great for carrying everyday, and I loosened the screw to make it easier to unfold. There are better ones with better locking mechanisms, but those are several times the price of this one.

👤The blade could be .5 inches longer. The knife is great.

👤I'm not a knife expert, but this is a great knife for the price. I will probably buy it again.

👤The clip is the only thing I don't love about the knife. I like to be on the other side. I'm a happy camper.

👤Them ist scharf.

7. Cold Steel 35AN San Knife

Cold Steel 35AN San Knife

The Tac Boot concealed knife with sheath is the perfect combat knife for when you need it the most. Extreme stubbornness. The aim of the construction of the SRK was to create the toughest multi-purpose survival tool in the industry and a knife you can trust with your life. Trusted by special advisers. The standard issue knife for Navy SEALs B.U.D.S. training is the SRK, and it is trusted by the Military and Special Forces community for itsVersatility andDurability. Premium steel is made with their exclusive San Mai steel and features a hard carbon center layer sandwiched between 2 layers of tough lower carbon spring steel. It's convenient, secure and can be done. The handle has a single finger guard and a Kray-Ex grip for a safe, secure hold.

Brand: Cold Steel

👤I got a grind that was way off center when I got the first one. I replaced my knife because it was better to look at the edge and see if the grind is centered. The A1 1 is the biggest difference between the two knives and people keep saying they are the same. Even at the tip 2, it is much thicker. The A1 has a hollow grind and the SRK has a hollow grind. If you can afford an A1, you should buy it, the A1 cuts like the finest 3v steel knife, but the SRK is close but not as smooth as the A1 in cutting. I'll use this knife to keep my A1 in mint condition, because there's a fake expert on you tube named "Survival Lilly" that broke an A1's tip. pry with laminated steel is not something you should do. If you use the knife for something other than a hatchet, don't blame it, it's not designed for that. This is not a 1 tool survival item, it is a knife under a pound.

👤If it wasn't made in Taiwan, it could be a very good knife. If you can make a better handle out of better materials, I would like it. If the knife is lacking a good quality steel handle, you can take it off and make your own, or you can use screws or nuts to replace it.

👤The San Mai steel makes this knife even more beautiful, and I love the line that runs along the bottom of the bevel. The blade made a mess of thin notepad paper when it came out of the box. I know a lot of soldiers that carried this regularly when it was offered in Carbon V. I hope to use this in my regular EDC. It feels lighter and smaller than it really is, even though it has some heft to it. The handle is the same as the Master Hunter, so if it breaks don't fix it. There were no concerns about the way that other reviewers mentioned. The sheath is good, but not great. It fits snug on the blade, but not sure where. It doesn't seem to affect the cutting edge, and I'm not afraid of it falling out. I ran the cord through the holes after removing the nylon belt attachment. It can ride higher, closer, and more discreet under an untucked shirt, and still have an easy replacement from the weak side. This is a big knife that can carry a small object. It is sleek yet stout with just enough heft to take on big jobs yet still be able to perform small jobs accurately. Please don't replace this product.

👤I'm sure the materials are of good quality. The grind on both of these san mai's was pretty even, but I've used the srk in 3v and aus 8 as well. It seems that the person needs to work on the QC.

👤The knife is very sharp out of the box. The two layers of steel that are similar to Japanese swords hold a great edge. Being resharpened reasonable. I use a work sharpener on my knives. These knives are sharp because of a work sharp ceramic sharpener. The sheath doesn't fit well on this knife. The emergency situations use for the knife is slowed down by the sheath. It's great for an emergency kit. A great camping survival knife. It's a good knife for a bug out bag. The navy seals in the US are given a knife standard issue. A great knife. There are some draw backs to this knife.

8. Smith Wesson Executive CK110GL Folding

Smith Wesson Executive CK110GL Folding

The liner lock and safety lock are secured, so you have confidence that the blade won't slip. The overall length with a blade length is 6.8 inches and the weight is 3.5 ounces. It isdurable: The blade is made of 7Cr17MoV Titanium coated high carbon steel with a gold titanium coated handle. It's permissible. It's ideal for everyday carry because of its convenient pocket clip and ambidextrous thumb knobs. The blade will not slip with the security of the frame lock.

Brand: Smith & Wesson

👤I bought this knife for a friend as a joke. The S&W knife 2 is why. It's because of its gold. He was very excited to be a member of the S&W Knife Owners of America Club. There is one issue with the knife, but it is an ok knife. The lock on the knife is not functioning as it should. The blade could slip and boom if you use the knife in a split second and expect it to lock in place. There is a fanger! I took a picture and posted it so people can see what I'm talking about. Also took a full body shot of it for everyone else.

👤I'm very impressed with how well the knife holds an edge. A lot of people use it as a dress knife. I use it at work the same way I would any other knife. It is often used for stripping wires and it folds over the edges of most knives very quickly. Also stands up well. It stays sharp like a $60 knife for a quarter the price. The brass finish has held up well. I've been using it for nearly a year and it has only worn slightly along the clip and on the main hinge nut.

👤I bought this folder to be a box opener, and since it would be enough, I let the aesthetic win. Despite cutting cardboard with it every day, it has performed better than I expected. If you open the liner lock a bit forcefully, it can sometimes be a low review. I use this as a work tool, not under duress, so I can spend the extra half a second to make sure my knife is secure. I can think of a few things I would change to make it better, but I can't believe how good it is. It could have some handle scales of some kind, could have more position options for the pocket clip, a higher grade steel, more secure liner, but it's a budget S&W, not a benchmade.

👤It's a great price, factory sharpness, and it doesn't lock the blade when open, it was a gift for my father, and he liked the finish and weight of it. I liked the blade, but it's only good for opening small packages if you push hard on the blade lock. I might modify it so the lock stays locked. I want to add this to my collection one day and I apologize for the low stars guys.

👤You can't carry an 8 oz SOG assisted opening knife while wearing a tuxedo and not scare people. The cheap body folder with slim profile is light and has the advantage of being pretty slick looking. The only disadvantage is that the body is smooth and could slip in the hand if you were not careful. How many knife fights are you going to get in? If you aren't an International Man of Mystery, this isn't a big deal.

👤I have a slim profile and it doesn't get in the way of my pocket. It looks very nice. The blade seems to be sharp.

9. Smith Wesson Assisted Serrated Survival

Smith Wesson Assisted Serrated Survival

Be aware of the knife's seatbelt and glassbreaker. The overall length is 21.59 cm and the blade length is 3.5 inches. It isdurable: The blade is made of 8Cr13MoV black oxide coated, High Carbon STAINLESS STEEL with a black, rubberized handle. It's permissible. The pocket clip makes it ideal for everyday carry. The blade will not slip with the security of the liner lock and jimping. The knife has thumbstuds, a window punch, a wrench, strap cutter, bottle opener, ferro rod, whistle and screwdriver.

Brand: Smith & Wesson

👤Great knife! I was a little skeptical but I'm glad I took a chance on this one. I had everything I wanted in a survival knife that costs less than four times as much, and it has some great features that rival those found in knives that cost more. The blade was very little wobble. The belt/pocket clip is reliable. There are two more The handle is very comfortable and has a nice black finish. Spring assisted opening. It's easy to close. I prefer not to have one for faster deployment. There are four The features include a partially serrated blade, whistle, fire-starter, glass breaker, bottle opener, cord cutter and partially skeletonized handled. The box could be a little sharper, but that's an easy fix, and the finish on pocket clip is already wearing off, which is annoying but not uncommon. Overall, 5 stars. Features and value are great at a low price point. Get it!

👤It fits my hand very well and was very sharp out of the box. The blade clips on the belt. It has taken the place of my box cutter at work and at home, but I use it for fishing. The blade is so good that I have cleaned fish with it. The finish of Every Day Carry is starting to wear off in places it rubs the most, but given how it almost never leaves my pocket anymore this is to be expected. I have used the sticks as rod holders and fish stringers. The wireless antenna ports have been tightened. I have opened beer bottles with the opener and cut fishing line with a cord cutter. I used a screwdriver to tighten the doors. The whistle and ferro rod are the only things I haven't used in a real situation. Everything is great on this knife. You will not regret it. The ferro rod fell off the whistle when I took it out of its slot on the knife, but it was only the first time. The rod would fly out of the handle and into the ground if you tried to spark it. I used a small amount of glue on the bottom of the rod. I am not sure if this is intentional or not, but the glue works for me.

👤The fire starter tried to take it out of the knife. My son was 14 years old. He was not happy and dissatisfied. I felt like I was watching a Bum as he went from ecstatic to sad in 3 minutes.

👤I thought I was buying a self opening knife because the sellers said assisted opening. The opener screw driver, seat belt cutter, and other small items are not useful. I bought a knife from Smith and Wesson because it was at a very good price. I got a knife with thumb stud openers that I paid for. The knife has a good blade. Bk.

👤A decent selection of multi-tool options. The point, blade and edges are sharp on mine. This piece is very sturdy and easy to hold. The knife's finish will wear out quickly. The knife can dull out quickly depending on how often it is used. The spring between the plate and blade release lever is the major issue I have had so far. When the knife is in the extended position, the lubricated spring/part moves freely. The spring jams the blade release lever when you are in that position, preventing you from withdrawing the blade and closing it up. I need to use something thin enough to reseat the blade before I can close it, because I don't know how it's supposed to be secured. Everything that comes on this knife is usable, but it won't work if a proper tool isn't present. The mechanics are easy to understand, but the parts seem to have trouble doing their jobs.

10. Smith Wesson SWFR2S Stainless Serrated

Smith Wesson SWFR2S Stainless Serrated

Good waterproof performance, can float on the water. It will leak if you can't soak in the water. The overall length is 20.3 cm and the blade length is 3.3 inches. It isdurable: The blade is made of 7Cr17MoV High Carbon Black Oxide Stainless Steel with a black, textured and grooved aluminum handle. It's permissible. It's ideal for everyday carry because of its convenient pocket clip and ambidextrous thumb knobs. The blade will not slip with the security of the liner lock. Be aware of the knife's seatbelt and glassbreaker.

Brand: Smith & Wesson

👤It would be an absurdity to say that this is junk. Totally Disappointed in the knives. You can save money and buy a knife. I've never written a review before. I would like other people to be aware of what they are buying. Everything else is not a good thing. The housing was loose. There are two more It began to rub on the housing after opening and closing the blade. Enough to remove the paint from the blade. I wanted to see how the glass breaker and belt cutter worked. Neither was impressive. It took about 20 hits to get the window to crack. As far as the seat belt. It wouldn't cut through. If you and your family want to see a rapid exit tool, do yourself a favor and go somewhere else.

👤I bought this on a sale for less than $10 on Amazon. The knife is pretty good. It needs to be replaced this year. The pocket clip is the downfall. You just need a mini star driver to tighten the screws. I can't tighten the clip down after five years because the screw holes have stripped out. I carried this for five years. That is a great value for this knife. I have had to replace the clip on my expensive knives due to the horrible quality of the material used to make it. I would purchase this again at full price.

👤I love this knife. It's hard to open it with one hand because it's tight when it's new. After a while it loosens and you can open it. I had a first S&W for many years and only had to sharpen it once. The blade was still solid despite the black on the handle showing wear. The handle has a soft texture. I never had a problem with it getting hung up on. The placement of the belt clip makes it easy to close the knife and store it. I found the original after I received the replacement.

👤I bought this knife because I wanted a backup in case my pepper spray failed, and I also wanted a peace of mind. This blade is compliant with Colorado concealed carry law and I needed it. The knife is either in my purse or pocket. I haven't used it for defense yet. I use it a lot when camping. The knife was sharp when it was out of the box. I don't worry about it breaking on me because it feels sturdy and durable. The seatbelt cutter is a plus. The locking mechanism of the knife is easy to disengage when you want to fold the blade back down. The texturized grips are sufficient for the things I do and it feels good in my hand. It's lightweight and compact, which makes it a good choice for my pack. This is the first knife I've ever bought for such purposes so I don't have anything to compare it to but no regrets on this knife. It's a good all around survival knife, especially for women like me who do a lot of things alone.

11. Special Survival Rubberized Sawback Tactical

Special Survival Rubberized Sawback Tactical

Tactical sheath is included. The blade length is 7 inches (17.78 cm) and the weight is 12.64 ounces. It isdurable: The blade is made of reliable 8Cr13MoV. A black, rubberized handle is made of high carbon steel. It's permissible. The sheath is black and easy to use. Have faith that the hand guard will keep the blade from slipping.

Brand: Smith & Wesson

👤I've ordered 4 knives from S&W in the last 3 months. I was ecstatic when I saw the blade, but I had to attach it to my belt as a drop leg accessory. After curing the button, I decided to let it slide as every thing else was sound, so I used E6000 and it worked. I got this on April 9th. The nylon belt loop was worn around my property and was not taken out in the field. The button that was repaired has detached and one piece is missing, so it is useless in the way in which I bought it. This was the most expensive item purchased by S&W. I expected better quality from them. I'm returning the blade and buying another one.

👤I like the knife, but I didn't like how it came. The package was torn in several places and then returned. The guard for the tip was missing so I was not happy about receiving a brand new knife, but it seems like a good quality knife, but time will tell.

👤It works and looks like it should.

👤The knife has a good feel and weight. At the end, it comes sharp.


What is the best product for survival knives tactical?

Survival knives tactical products from Reapr. In this article about survival knives tactical you can see why people choose the product. Master Usa and Statgear are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival knives tactical.

What are the best brands for survival knives tactical?

Reapr, Master Usa and Statgear are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival knives tactical. Find the detail in this article. Vittqsuier, Sog and Smith & Wesson are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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