Best Survival Knives Fixed Blade Full Tang

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1. SOG Pillar Survival Micarta UF1001 BX

SOG Pillar Survival Micarta UF1001 BX

The old swords of old are brought into the new era with a sleek and sharp design. Please use it with care. Made in the U.S. CPM S35VN STEEL OUTDOOR KNIFE. The ultimate bush craft knife, camping knife and hunting knife is made in the U.S. A boot knife and a perfectly balanced fixed blade belt knife weigh 7. Measures 9 ounces. 9 inches overall. The MI carta handle with finger choli is ideal for any knife with a full tang blade. The Kayden sheath knife has an easy to use locking mount for fixed blade knives. Take care of your tactical knife with sheath and they will take care of you; SOG blades are built to last and they consider all repair and replacement requests. Take care of your tactical knife with sheath and they will take care of you; SOG blades are built to last and they consider all repair and replacement requests.

Brand: Sog

👤If you're looking for an excellent tactical knife in the under $200 dollar range, I found two very similar choices. I bought both for comparison purposes because my knife collection isn't quite complete after many years. The SOG Pillar is a brand new knife that is not a lot of people have seen yet. On the right side of the blade, there is a sign that says "USA made". The CPM-S35VN premiumstainless steel blade is highly durable and will resist the effects of harsh conditions. The five inch blade has a heavy duty jimping at the grip for enhanced retention in wet or bloody conditions. The clip point keeps a nice width at the tip for piercing without worry of breaking. The knife has a distinctive look that is all business, and it has a curved blade. The skull popper has a lanyard hole. This is a tactical design that will serve hunters well. I've seen a man field dress a caribou with a knife blade on his Leatherman tool, which proves you can do that if you are experienced, but some knives will be better suited for the task than others. The SOG Pillar's blade has enough belly on it to be a decent skinning blade for any hunter. The knife is light on the back end, but it feels natural and balanced in the hand, and the canvas handles are very comfortable. The knife is instantly accessible no matter how you rig it, because the sheath uses a very tight fit to do away with safety straps. The locking mount on the sheath is low profile. Some might shy away in sticker shock but a knife of this quality is worth every cent, especially when you come to depend on it over time. This is a great blade. The tale of two knives is continuing with my review of the Benchmade fixed Contego 183 reverse tanto.

👤It is difficult to know where to start. I have been looking at this knife for several weeks because of its perfect size, CPM S35VN steel, and attractive blade design. I am a knife lover and avid collector, but I shy away from the expensive ones because I would become homeless quickly if I bought all the ones I wanted. Since there was no guarantee that the price would stay that low, I was willing to gamble on it. I opened the box after the blade arrived. I was worried about the color of the handle since the description said it was black, but several reviews said it was grey. I was happy to see that it was mostly black with a little grey mixed in. The handle is comfortable and solid, but I have felt better on less expensive knives. The look of the blade steel is amazing, with a mixture of stonewashed and satin finishing. The S35VN steel is of high quality. The knife is 5 stars. The sheath left something to be desired. The knife doesn't sit firmly when sheathed despite the fact that it comes with a variety of carrying options. If carried sideways or blade up, it would probably fall out. I would expect a better quality sheath to match the excellence of the blade at this price point. I have included in the provided pictures some of the other knives and sheaths that are of the same size that I have purchased for comparison. None of those blades cost more than $50. I still give this knife a five star rating because the blade is good enough to make up for the drawbacks of the sheath, and it is easier to find a better sheath at a cheaper price than it is to find such an excellent knife and quality sheath together for a cheaper price. The knife itself is worth it if you are on the fence about it. You will not want to drop or lose a knife in this price range, so be prepared to find a quality sheath or use the one provided in tip down configuration.

2. Schrade SCHF38 Frontier Point Fixed

Schrade SCHF38 Frontier Point Fixed

A lanyard hole and a full tang design make the knife very dangerous. The overall length with a blade length of 5.8 inches and a weight of 13.4 ounces is 28.3% larger. It isdurable: The blade is made of 1095. A black, ring textured thermoplastic elastomer handle with a powder coated high carbon steel. It's permissible. It's ideal for EDC because of its quick and easy access. The blade will not slip with the security of the finger choil and jimping. The knife has a ferro rod, sharpening stone and a lanyard hole.

Brand: Schrade

👤I like the knife. The Schrade fixed blade knife is unique to me. The blade is thick and wide. It has a small ricasso. The knife is described as having a "drop point", however, the spine of the blade is only about a quarter of an inch from the tip. A heavy duty field knife with a serious grip is made for by the heft of the knife, the non-slip TPE handle slabs, and grip jimping. In the winter and spring, I hike in the Arizona desert. When winter arrives, I'm anxious to see what this knife can do. The powder coating covers all the exposed carbon steel surfaces. The plan is to remove it from the blade to make it less resistance. The powder coating is similar to coarse sand paper. I removed the handle scales using two 4mm wrench and the powder coating on the blade was removed using paint stripper. The scales and the edges of the handle and pommel were left out. I found the blade under the powder coating to be slightly pitted on the flat sides of the blade and machine marks on the grind between the kerf and the edge of the blade. Unless you're concerned about appearance, neither is a significant issue. The coating should be left on the blade. I made a Kydex sheath, a lanyard, and a sheath tie from paracord. The finished result is shown in the photos. I expect this knife to do everything that's needed in camp or on the trail. I live in the desert, so I'm not worried about rust. If the knife is taken to a humid or damp environment, you should keep the bare steel lightly oiled.

👤I got more than I expected. My sample had a nice even grind and a perfect coating. The knife is well balanced and feels good in the hand, but I think the handle could be larger. I usually wear gloves when using a knife like this. The diamond sharpener and ferro rod add value to the package. The sheath is basic but functional. The grind is not as aggressive as some other knives. Unless I'm in a pinch, I don't baton with any knives. The tip seems to be able to handle the job. I don't like bending the tip into a log and trying to break it as a test of strength. That is a lot to ask of a knife. I can either smooth out the coating on the blade with some sandpaper or I can strip it and make it look bad. I haven't made a decision yet. The blade style on this knife is more functional than other Frontier models. It is thick enough for batoning but also good enough for self defense. It is a hybrid bushcraft/fighting knife blade. It wouldn't work for skinning game. Who can say about the quality of the steel? It depends on how well it was treated. My main survival knife would never be this knife. My Esee 6 is responsible for that duty. The Schrade is good for camping in the woods around the house. If I were going on a deep forest expedition away from civilization, I would want a knife with a proven track record of dependability and quality control. I removed the paint from the blade. I will leave the paint on the handle. I will probably use cold blue on the blade as it is too brawny for food prep. The metal is not completely smooth. There is a texture to it. The bare metal can be seen in the photo. I rubbed the paste on the blade with 0000 steel wool and then washed it. It helped blend the color.

3. Schrade SCHF57 Outdoor Survival Everyday

Schrade SCHF57 Outdoor Survival Everyday

Be aware of the knife's seatbelt and glassbreaker. A blade length of 2.6 inches and a weight of 4 ounces are included in the dimensions. It isdurable: 65Mn High Carbon S.S. is used in the blade. It's permissible. It's ideal for everyday carry because of the convenient black, multi-carry option thermoplastic belt sheath. Securing the blade with the thumb rest will ensure it won't slip. A lanyard hole and a full tang design make the knife very dangerous.

Brand: Schrade

👤This knife is very sharp. The blade is sharp. I find that the knife is almost useless as a cutting tool, as it is dull and easy to misplace. A knife is always useful. I have had this knife for 4 months and have not taken it off my belt. I found the mount to be inferior. It was not avoided after a screw was lost in under a month. The belt mount I made using the 550 cord had worked perfectly. I'll include some pictures but keep in mind I've used it daily since I got it and it's a bit worn already. I will continue to wear this knife. I'm a soldier. The knife is very useful. It was better to have a few serrations at the bottom. I added them with a file. The two serrations make up for the fact that it lost its edge so quickly. This knife is great for someone who doesn't need flashy or brilliantly clever knives. It's a metal knife. It works well for most tasks. I love this knife and the fact that it was so heap compared to a few soldiers that carry around knives worth 80 to 250 dollars is something that makes me happy. This is a great choice.

👤I'll take any Mora. I will reprofile the blade if I need to. It's cheap to do that. The sheath is the only positive thing about this knife. A state that I recently vacationed to requires a knife blade of less than 3 inches. The tip can drag on the ground if you want, my home state does not impute evil. I used this knife for 5 weeks and I'm not impressed. It rusts if you pull it out of the sheath. If you use the edge, it leaves a trail. I could spend more time cleaning and honing this knife. Wait a second, I did. I carry scout style and the leather sheath of the knife I am comparing doesn't permit scout style without building my own sheath. The Schrade Old Timer Small Pro Hunter is what that knife is. It's $7 more, but worth it. I didn't expect much from 7Cr17Mov, but when I batoned three, foot long chunks of spruce into about 5 pieces each, I was pleasantly surprised. I found that the knife I had only sharpened once, when I got it 2 months before, could still pushcut the paper with it's 25 degree edge. Someone treated that steel well. Schrade would have a knife if they offered a plastic sheath with the OT capable of scout style carry. I'm familiar with the Ontario Rat-1, the Real Steel Bushcrafter 2 and the Byrd Cara Cara. The OT and SCHF57 are more expensive than the Byrd. The lack of quality of 65Mn makes me glad I didn't buy a knife from the camp. I will stick to 1075, which will give me less trouble. The SCHF57 is a nice idea, but it doesn't match up as a useful knife. If you kept the sheath, you would have something. I stripped the coating off to try and rust proof the edge and then added apple cider vinegar to make it look better. I didn't remove the heat treat. The Patina wiped off along with the edge. I can't find a use for this knife other than as a paper weight to keep a paper plate from blowing off a table.

4. SOG Tactical Survival Hunting E37T K

SOG Tactical Survival Hunting E37T K

The company has a limited lifetime warranty on workmanship and materials. The fixed blade knife is made of. 4.75-INCH AUS-8 STAINLESS STEEL. The Navy Seal knife with sheath is 9 inches in total length. There are 5.4 bullets in the holster. The glass-reinforced nylon handle for this type of knife has no maintenance. There is a hard-moled KyDEX SHEATH. The Kydex sheath is great for camping knives, hiking knives, belt knives, rescue knives, skinning knives, boot knives, or military knives. SOG uses a heat treatment to strengthen steel at the atomic level for a stronger fixed blade knife. SOG fixed blade knives with sheath are built to last and they consider all repair and replacement requests. SOG fixed blade knives with sheath are built to last and they consider all repair and replacement requests.

Brand: Sog

👤The box was well made. It was a good fit for the knife and sheath. The edge grind was not perfect, but it was good to go. My sheath was the kydex. The knife is not too tight with the snap. I wore it for a day with the belt attachment, then began looking for an alternative. The lump under my belt was not comfortable when folded over in the high ride position. I was disappointed to find that the mounting holes didn't line up for a small t-Lok, my molle attachment, or any of the belt clips/attachment hardware from my sheaths. I found the belt attachment on my holster to fit. I swapped to those and now everything is fine. You would be hard pressed to find a better knife for the money. If you're willing to do a little work yourself, you can get a good tool.

👤The blade is not equal for a mass production survival knife. Don't be fooled by the cheap mainland China knives that are cast, not forged, and have a thin easily broken handle section. The knife is made in Taiwan, which is almost as old as Japan, which was making deadly blades for a thousand years before Western Europe. Are you going into the field? Take this blade!

👤My own sheaths include 12 & 1/4", 10, and 9 knives, with a belt loop and retainer plate. After months of searching for a lightweight, solid, fixed-blade for backpacking, I finally decided on the SOG Seal Pup Elite with Kydex Sheath, mainly for it's compact 9 & 3/8" overall length and an incredibly lightweight 5.7oz. I plan on lashing the knife to my pack because it fits securely in the sheath. I have removed the belt-loop and retainer plate from the sheath, leaving me with a total mounted weight of 7.0oz. Backpackers are happy! I was able to slice through paper without tearing it with my razor because it came sharp and sturdy. That is razor sharp in my book. The serrations cut me out of the box after little more than a light brush. I asked the reviewer if he had even handled the knife. It is not dull from the box. So what if it were? You wouldn't throw a knife away just because it dulled, because all knives need to be sharpened from time to time. You're not paying for a sharp blade, you're paying for a high quality blade that you keep sharp. You're getting proven steel with excellent edge holding capability with the Seal Pup Elite and it's AUS-8 steel specially treated by SOG. The edge has SOG's original design with plenty of belly, which distributes the workload along the long, sweeping edge. The blade starts at just under 3 inches thick, making it nearly impossible to break, and I've jammed the knife tip into hardwood over and over again, so far it's just fine. I've used it to chip down branches and firewood and the edge is still sharp. Thanks to the Titanium Nitride coating, I have not seen a spot of rust since I left it out in the night. Is it durable? Check. Solid feel in your hand, lightweight and durable. The Elite's handle is slightly longer with a curve around the pinky compared to the non-Elite version. It feels very maneuverable because the balance point is at the index finger. The texture molded into the Zytel is better shown in pictures than I could describe, but it still has an impressive grippiness to it. If you've never felt it before, you'll be amazed at how light and durable it is; it's incredibly hard, harder than any plastic I've ever dealt with, and still not brittle. They say it's a mix of nylon and fiberglass. Whatever it is, it is not negotiable. I don't use the Lanyard hole. Sheth. The Kydex sheath is made of three easily separable parts. The sheath is lighter and 888-282-0465 than any other sheath out there and perfect for backpacking. It can be mounted in almost any direction, and the knife locks in with no rattle. The sheath is molded around the knife and hilt, and the hilt is slightly away from the blade. Retention even when mounted tip-up with the retention strap removed is provided by the larger end of the hilt being able to pass through the sheath. There's no need to press a release mechanism, but it might shake loose under certain circumstances. I glue the expanding part of the case together to tighten the sheath's hold on the hilt. It's stable enough to run with confidence. There's a quick-access cord cutting slot in the sheath, but it's not very useful, so I'm saving that for the "Cons" section of the review. Go ELITE! It's worth the extra money for the Elite version of the Seal Pup, I had the chance to handle the standard version before making my final decision. It's nice to know that, should I ever need "notch" wood, I have better sheath, better handle, longer blade/ shorter choil, and spine rasp. They look cool, and as I'm writing this review, Amazon is selling this knife with the Kydex sheath for $73. This is an outstanding deal for what you're getting. There are limitations to limited hacking. A 5.7oz knife with a 5" blade is a great compromise where larger knives are too heavy and bulky to bring along, but with the saving in weight and length you also lose sheering and hacking ability. It is not practical to hack through branches thicker than 2 inches diameter or baton through logs thicker than 5 inches with the Seal Pup Elite. Hardcore survivalists might want something with a bit more length, but that's not what this is for. The handle of the Zytel is limited in its ability to hammer. The base of the knife was rounded off by SOG. If they had left it a bit flatter, it would have been up to the task, but as it stands, the rounded pommel doesn't strike hard enough. There is a thumb-ramp formed into the Zytel handle to prevent slippage when thrusting the blade, and it does have very slight grooves, but not The first 3/4" of the spine isn't rasped, which makes sense to me as it would be perfect jimping if you were to ride your thumb high. The thumb ramp under actual use is not a problem because there's enough texture and finger grooving in the Zytel handle. Sheth. The sheath is in the Pros section, but it has flaws. Kydex is said to be a top of the line sheath material. The sheath is still better than the nylon one, but it's cheap. It's a sheet of plastic that has been heated and folded around a mold, riveted together. If you don't insert the knife straight in, it'll get stuck on the way in, which is why it's developed a catching point inside. The retainer plate in the middle of the belt loop is different from the screw points in the belt loop. I don't plan on using either of them, but you might want to know. The rope cutter is a joke. You have to pull hard since you don't get the slicing you would otherwise get if you just used the knife, but think about it: when is it going to be quicker to un-lash the sheath from your gear, just to cut a cord? I have never gotten it caught on anything, but I'm still afraid it's a liability. It's all done. I think this is a great lightweight backpacking knife.

5. Smith Wesson CKSUR1 Rubberized Aluminum

Smith Wesson CKSUR1 Rubberized Aluminum

The overall length with a blade length of 6 inches and a weight of 7.4 ounces is 26.7 cm. The blade is made of 7Cr17MoV High Carbon, Black Oxide Stainless Steel with a black, deep, rubber wrapped aluminum handle. It's permissible. The convenient ballistic sheath has a storage pouch and a sharpening steel. Have faith that the hand guard will keep the blade from slipping.

Brand: Smith & Wesson

👤I'm not a knife. I really like this one. It has a good grip and is very sharp. It should work well for killing zombies. A belt holster that comes with it. I keep this under the front seat of my car in case of an apocalypse, I got this for my bug out bag.

👤This knife was very good. I had to split some wood while camping with it. I did not have an axe. I used my knife and hammer to split the wood. I expected the knife to be dull and chip. I was overjoyed to find out that it held its edge, but it almost seemed to get sharper. The knife held up great despite some paint rubbing off.

👤This is a good knife to use. It is light weight and sturdy, made of good quality materials, and feels good in the hand. The 5.8" black blade is called a "clip point" and has a straight, sharp blade that extends 2 1/2 in. Behind the point. The blade is 1/8" thick and has a slight downward curve. The edge has a slight bend. The rubber cover on the grip material provides a good grip. The blade has a full tang, but behind the cross guard it narrows to about one third the width of the blade and is pinned with an aluminum pin. I like a cross guard and this knife has one that extends above the grip and below the grip. A cross guard protects your hand from sliding forward on the blade, as well as anything out front of the cross guard. This blade is good for cutting small branches and cordage. I don't think it would survive the use of a baton to cut wood or as a pry bar. I would expect a knife made for that purpose to survive use as a pry bar. A rescue knife can be used to break glass or plastic. A tool which is 1/3 in. The aluminum pommel may not be large enough to hold a hammer. This knife is a great choice for camping. It's hard to beat the price and it's just the right size and weight. This knife would be a disappointment for missions or extreme conditions. The sheath is small. The knife is shorter than the longer one. . It has a few useful features that are not found with a knife this price. The belt loop has a design secured with velcro. The fold over allows the sheath to be placed around the belt without having to detach and feed it. It has a strap that can be adjusted with a snap. It is lined with a plastic liner to keep it out of harms way. The tip has a cord that can be used to tie it down. There is a steel loop at one end and a snap closure at the other for the MOLLE attachment on the 5 in. strap. The extendable pouch on the front can be used for accessories, and it has a 1 in. capacity. x 3 in. The stone is shaped like a sharpener. The length of the sheath is long. I'd like to put it on my pack. I like this knife for recreational use, but I want a more robust knife for survival or search and rescue.

6. Smith Wesson SWF6CP Fixed Blade

Smith Wesson SWF6CP Fixed Blade

The knife has a lanyard hole. Ti-Nitride was coated. The drop point blade is made of high carbon steel. The lanyard hole has a black handle. A belt sheath. The handle length is 4.70 inch (12.40 cm). The overall length is 23.11 cm and the weight is 0.50 lbs.

Brand: Smith & Wesson

👤I use it to cut ivy. It works well for this purpose. It is quicker than pulling and clipping. The grip is more comfortable than I have tried before. The quality seems fine and the balance is good.

👤Remove the package. Will order again, it makes a great gift.

👤Excellent quality. The spine is very thick. The grips are comfortable. The case is well made. There is a small pocket on the case that can hold a small sharpening stone or bic lighter.

👤Looking for a budget knife that will fit your needs. This is the hilt of the knife. The handle is non-slip and makes for great control. It's perfect in my grip. I bought two for my bags. I love it!

👤This is my favorite knife. Good grip, sharp, and can handle a beating.

👤The knife is great for the money. The sheath is a typical nylon, but it does the job. You can't beat it for 20 bucks.

7. Schrade SCHF59 Outdoor Survival Camping

Schrade SCHF59 Outdoor Survival Camping

SOG fixed blade knives are built to last and they will take care of you if you need it. The overall length is 21.3 cm and the blade length is 3.8 cm. It isdurable: The blade is made of 65Mn High Carbon Steel and has a black handle. It's permissible. The black belt sheath with a ferro rod attachment is ideal for everyday carry. The blade will not slip with the finger guard. A lanyard hole and a full tang design make the knife very dangerous.

Brand: Schrade

👤I watched brands and models for my first fixed blade knife and the SCHF59 catch me since the first time I saw it, but at last minute I went for the Gerber brand, but the idea of the SCHF59 still were, but I spent many days and nights watching brands and I don't have big hands, but it's not easy to fit the grip, the edge is not sharper, and the weight is not great, but it's good. The Schrade is perfect for the daily tasks, and the Gerber will be the star of those fishing days.

👤I love that Schrade made a universal sheath. Thank you. The steel is supposed to be 65Mn high carbon. The blade length is close to 3.8 inches. It comes with a ferro rod and a strikers too. There were some initial questions as to whether this knife could be used as a fire starter. If you make a few minor adjustments to the blade, it can be done. Light weight at 6 ounces is the pro's. The handle is textured. It fits my hand like a glove and I'm not sure if it's Micarta or not. There is no slipping yet. A lanyard hole at the top end. It was sharp. You will need to do some tuning. A non issue for me. It is a perfect size for general tasks and so far it is very sturdy. The gimping on the blade feels good. Don't try to cut red woods with it. Smaller limbs are not a problem. The wood is decent. A good balance. The ferro rod holder can be removed. This knife is not a bad knife. The sheath is a tad tight but that will change over time. If you prefer smaller and more controllable knives, I recommend this.

👤I have to put this out in front of my initial thoughts when I use this knife. I took off the belt loop, made one of leather, and carried it nice, despite the blade edge being discolored, it held a good edge, and I beat on some tin and aluminum cans with it. It is as close to perfect as you can get. It will give a lot back if you put a little time into the knife to fix the small flaws. The only complaint so far is that the sheath dulled the blade, which is really annoying because I just put my whetstones away from honing the edge. The 'Fix' is for the sheath. A thin strip of tooling leather, silicone caulk for the glue, was slid into the sheath along the edge of the blade. The material that should not dull the blade was used because it was available. The sheath for my BK2 has been fixed for two or three years. The blade of the knife was sharp enough to featherstick a piece of dried silver maple. Everything seemed to have gone well. Will update if things change. The knife was stored out of the sheath and not in a bucket of water. I wanted to use this knife as an edc. If the knife is starting to rust in my dry as a bone house in the middle of winter with the forced air heat blasting, there is no way it will survive the hot humid PA summer.

8. KA BAR 1213 Black Straight Sheath

KA BAR 1213 Black Straight Sheath

The knife has a lanyard hole. The material of the blade is Carbon Steel, Black. Overall Length (inches): 11.75; Carry System: Kydex Sheath; Handle Material: Kraton. Special features: N/A.

Brand: Ka-bar

👤I want to address the "disformation" or "casting proof" comment, which everyone seems to be incorrect about. The little dot on the knife's pommel is the pin that holds the blade to the base. The pin on the KA-BAR was left rough and exposed so that you know which way your blade edge is in low to no light conditions. If it was smooth or rough, your mind will register. The knife is a true 1211 model, stamped KA-BAR. It will last me. Put it on your camel's back for hiking. The nylon legstrap is held onto the kydex by the 4 rivits. Now pull the handle down and out towards your weak side, and all you have to do is use the shot line to get it to your pack strap.

👤Replacing my old one with this item. I thought I would respond to the negative reviews. This is a genuine Ka-Bar. It is stamped USA, but on the other side it is marked "Ka-Bar Oleans, NY." This is not a Chinese knock-off. It is the same as the original except for some minor design changes. The reviewers mentioned the pommel pin. It has always been there. The sheath is great and it came sharp. I haven't tested it yet. Will update when I do.

👤I ordered the knife even though I was a little skeptical after reading some of the other reviews. The instructions and literature were in the factory box. It is made in New York. The knife is locked in with a solid click and a strap that goes around the handle, it is a good quality Kydex. I have an original USN issue called Kabar that I compare to this one and it is almost the same. I think I will like the rubber grip better than the stacked leather blade because the leather gets a little slippery when wet. The Kydex sheath has more options than the leather. The original Kabar blade is a high carbon one, and this one says it is 1095 carbon steel the same as the original only powder coated to protect it from rusting. Everyone knows that high carbon blades have a dark tint from the carbon. The dark tint does not affect the blade in any way. This looks to be a top quality knife and I will review it after I put it through a trail period.

👤I like to use knives and weapons, but it was a bit pricey for a good one. I got some extra money and did a lot of research and found this blade. I think it's the best part of my collection. When you open the box and hold it in your hand, you know it's quality. This is a piece of steel. The workmanship that goes into a Ka-Bar is felt when you hold it. The weight and feel of this is amazing. If you are a true patriot, this blade is for you.

👤I bought this knife for my boyfriend after doing a lot of research. I was looking for a good knife for camping or survival. This knife was very good. It is not too heavy. The weight and balance is spot on, and it fits in the hand. There is a reason that this is the Marine issue knife. The sheath is made of plastic and is great for EDC. The perfect gift was the custom made survival sheath from KY Lake Leather. I wanted a gift for my boyfriend that was similar to this knife. The craftsmanship is topnotch. It has all of the essentials to keep him alive for a few days. Ky Lake Leather is making me a custom sheath for my knife and I purchased the Ka-bar Short knife because I love it so much. Look up Ky Lake Leather on the internet. You will not be disappointed.

9. Smith Wesson Karambit Tactical Survival

Smith Wesson Karambit Tactical Survival

Fans claim that the first edition of Blade slices through plastic, aluminum, seaweed, rope, and fiberglass. The overall length is 21.59 cm and the blade length is 8.25 cm. It isdurable: The blade is made of reliable 8Cr13MoV. A black nylon handle is on the Stonewashed High Carbon Stainless Steel. It's permissible. The nylon fiber neck sheath and chain are easy to access. The blade will not slip with the security of the finger choil and pinky hole. It is comparable. Multiple holes give users Cary options.

Brand: Smith & Wesson

👤This is a good product. I'm leery of products that have a prestigious brand name. The Smith and Wesson name and logo were used by these guys. It is a low cost blade. A bushcraft knife is not a skinning knife. The "star" question about comfort is very base. It is said that a handgun on one's person should be "comforting" and not necessarily "comfortable". As a neck knife, you won't be able to use it to slice a carotid artery or puncture a lung or heart. The primary purpose of this knife is to disembowel someone. I won't use it to cut cardboard because it destroys my stropped edge. I stropped the knife to razor sharp after it came from the box. I will order another and dull the edge for deployment practice as I've lightly sliced myself in practice several times. The curved top makes the pijnt needle sharp as well. I may shorten the blade to avoid confusion with a cop as to the exact length of the blade, as there is a lot if "non-sharp" length that a cop might interpret as "blade length"! This was a close call as I could find in a modest price range with a Karambit retention ring and a useful blade design, but a little too long to pass muster with squad car cops in Hawaii. What is that? Twice in the last two months, I've been in danger of attack by a street person or low life, because I'm in a wheelchair and waiting for ParaTransit. I was ready and didn't project alarm or fear, so each time they changed their mind, I was ready. The world will be a nicer place without anyone that will attack or rob an elderly or disabled person in a wheelchair. I am very confident in this knife.

👤The knife is made from high quality materials. I bought it because it had a reversed curve and a straighter blade. I wanted something that I could use to grab someone's wrist, but that could also be used to stab them. I researched the type of steel and found it to be a recommended steel in many blade forums. I hope I never use this knife. I wanted something strong. I used a 4.5" grinder and a sanding disk to make sure the blade didn't get hot. I used a Lansky knife sharpening system to put a razor's edge on the back. I like it. A lot. I put four stars because I had to put the top edge on it. A real carambit would have had an advantage.

👤The knife is fine. Nothing to write about. One very important detail for all of you that have never dealt with Kydex holsters and the way they are made. Retention is used by them. The ability to adjust retention. This is how you will sheath the knife. It is what keeps a knife from bouncing out of its holster. Don't try to force the knife out of the sheath when you get your knife. One of the reviewers will end up at the ER. Do you see the screws that attach the belt clip to the holster? The screws need to be loosened to adjust the retention. There should be a big red warning label around the knife and holster to make sure others don't cut themselves. Unless you are a concealed carry individual, you don't know the retention needs to be set to unlocked the knife from the holster.

10. Smith Wesson Tactical Survival Everyday

Smith Wesson Tactical Survival Everyday

The knife has a lanyard hole. The 9 inch overall length with a blade length of 4 inches and a weight of 5.1 ounces is larger than the 10 inch overall length. It isdurable: The blade is made of reliable 8Cr13MoV. A black, rubber overmold handle is on the black oxide coated high carbon steel. It's permissible. The nylon fiber sheath makes it ideal for everyday carry. The blade will not slip with the finger guard.

Brand: Smith & Wesson

👤I like Smith and Wesson. The knife is very thin and light and I like it that way. The knife blade, handle and sheath are of the highest quality. However, Smith & Wesson stopped there. The company didn't pay attention to how bad the clip was before mass production. If you want to carry the knife on your belt, the clip is useless. If you want to look at the knife on the wall, the clip is good. When you pull the knife out, it doesn't have retention because the sheath clips down but doesn't have a way to get it out. I ordered a different clip from a different company and wanted to take the Smith & Wesson clip off the sheath. Another problem came here. I was unable to remove the clip using the correct tool. I was able to remove one of the screws. No matter what I did or how I tried, the rest two would not change. I had to stop them with the clip. If you give me a perfect product, I will appreciate it more. Smith& Wesson is a shame because they started a good job and made an excellent knife, but didn't finish the job right. When you have to spend more money on a new clip, what is the benefit of the good knife price? Lesson learned: I will not only look at a good quality knife, but will also look at the smallest details, most importantly the clip, in order to make sure the whole package is a high quality to the smallest details.

👤I bought this for the duty belt. In a duty belt, a knife is used as a tool, but also as a weapon. The knife is the best bang for the buck. I run drills with guys that spend hundreds of dollars on custom knives and in all fields, including looks. This thing surpasses all expectations. This feels very nice in the hand, it has a kydex handle. A lot of companies put too much meat on the handle of tactical knives, making them bulky and awkward. This knife has a low profile and features saw like teeth at the bottom of the blade for additional uses. There is a metal clip on the back of the sheath that can be used for vertical mounting. I was able to use the holes in the sheath and the shock cord to mount it. The design from S&W makes this thing stay on my belt. This blade has two big thumbs up for me. I will purchase more Smith&Wesson blades in the future.

👤This knife is perfect. It is very sharp and very thin. The belt clip is an aftermarket add on. I carry it on my belt. The sheath is tight and secure.

👤Smith & Wesson does it again. I was skeptical of the knife at first, but it was amazing. I have been carrying the M&P Shield 2.0 Folding Tanto for a few years, and bought this fixed blade for work/camping in the wilderness. If someone handed me a knife and asked me how much it cost, I would say $60+. The sheath is snug and the handle and blade are high quality. The knife is the perfect size for my large hands and the grip feels great. I was able to shave some arm hair off as a test, the blade came very sharp. I love the blade and serration. The belt clip on the sheath is a problem, I plan to modify it to fit on my belt. This is a crazy low price for a knife that will blow away all expectations.

11. Schrade SCHF37M Frontier Point Fixed

Schrade SCHF37M Frontier Point Fixed

The sheath is made in Sweden and has a limited lifetime warranty. The overall length with a blade length of 7 inches and a weight of 15.9 ounces is 12.4 inches. It isdurable: The blade is made of reliable 8Cr13MoV. The high carbon S.S. has a grey and white handle. It's permissible. It's ideal for EDC because of its quick and easy access. The blade will not slip with the security of the finger choil and jimping. The knife has a ferro rod, sharpening stone and a lanyard hole.

Brand: Schrade

👤The blade seems a lot harder than reviews give it credit for. The thick blade material came with a ferro rod and a sharpener. A knife is a great size for wood processing. The curved shape of the sharpener's surface has been mentioned by others. I think this is intended to help with sharpening knives like the SCHF9 and 10, which have a curve to their bellies, but don't include a sharpener. I don't think it's a problem. The sheath is better than my SCHF10 sheath if the retention strap has a snap instead of the Velcro one. This knife has a decent drop point and is very sharp. The coating looked cool, but was not appropriate for the purpose of the knife. I stripped it immediately as I thought it would have felt like the blade was wrapped in 80 grit sandpaper. Schrade fixed blades have the edge ground off-center. I had to take a file to the edge to fix it. The file didn't want to be left to its own devices. I wanted the edges to be soft, but they were all sharp. Dremel, a file, and a sander all fixed that. I rounded the edges of the finger choil and the jimping on both sides of the grip to make it nicer in the hand. I added a bit more of a curve towards the point. The steel is hard, but it still dulls a bit more than I would like. I hated the look of the knife after it was stripped of it's textured coating. I hit it with a few coats of black Rustoleum and it looked like it was back to normal. If the paint is a complete failure, I may look into powder coating. If I had to do it again, I would probably use the 1095 carbon steel blade, and just cold blue or vinegar-patina it to the desired shade of black, and save a nice chunk of change in doing so! I kicked the shit out of my SCAXE2 and my SCHF 37M when I took them out into the back yard. I processed a bunch of old wood I had cluttering up the back yard, to include chopping, carving, and battoning through logs. There are pictures of the aftermath. Several of the logs were very hard to include near petrified cedar. I filled a thirty gallon trash can with wood and started burning it in the fire pit. I beat the shit out of this knife. I battoned a lot of the wood, which was hard and wet. I keep my knives sharp enough to shave hairs off my arm, but this knife didn't keep the edge, so I had to use a diamond sharpener to get it back to its original sharpness. If you're considering buying a Shcrade, you're wondering if it will hold up as well as a carbon steel blade. Don't worry about it. I own a few smaller carbon steel knives, and they dull just as much as this knife when used hard. The only blisters I got were on the hand I used to hold the log, and I chopped it up with a knife. I don't like the bare look, but I have complete faith in this knife to last and function like a large knife should. I removed the handle scales and soaked the knife in acid to "etch" the surface. The last picture shows the finished product. The acid finish is still hard to clean, even though it is more resistant than the paint was. If you don't like the stripped look or factory finish, acid washing is an option.


What is the best product for survival knives fixed blade full tang?

Survival knives fixed blade full tang products from Sog. In this article about survival knives fixed blade full tang you can see why people choose the product. Schrade and Sog are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival knives fixed blade full tang.

What are the best brands for survival knives fixed blade full tang?

Sog, Schrade and Sog are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival knives fixed blade full tang. Find the detail in this article.

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