Best Survival Knife with Sheath Storage

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1. SOG Tactical Partially Serrated SS1003 CP

SOG Tactical Partially Serrated SS1003 CP

SOG knives and tools are built to last but may require initial tuning adjustments along with regular cleaning, lubrication and sharpening; they consider all repair and replacement requests. The full titanium blade is 49 INCH. The fixed blade knife is a field-tested combat knife, camping knife, boot knife and hunting knife, and measures 9.6 inches in total length. There is a number of OUNCE WT. W/ The handle is made of GRN STAINLESS STEEL. A tough outdoor knife handle for fixed blade survival knives with sheath; glass-reinforced nylon offers great grip. The black titanium nitride coating is black. Fixed blade knives are hardened at the atomic level with SOG's cryogenic heat treatment. DeLUXE SHEATH: A capable hiking knife, rescue knife, military knife or outdoor knife sheath; sharp knife includes line cutter, ferrochromium fire starter and sharpener. Take care of your tactical knife with sheath and they will take care of you; SOG fixed blade knives with sheath are built to last and they consider all repair and replacement requests. Take care of your tactical knife with sheath and they will take care of you; SOG fixed blade knives with sheath are built to last and they consider all repair and replacement requests.

Brand: Sog

👤The knife is nice, but the description does not mention the country of origin.

👤The sheath should have been made better for the ability to remove the knife quickly, so it gets four stars. The knife handle has hooks and attachment high up so trying to grab it is like grabbing a needle with only your fingers. Tactical use of this sheath is terrible. There is a If you practice taking the knife out and putting it back in, it will work if you do that enough. The built in sharpener is decent. The seat belt cutter has a sliding plate that protects it from being exposed when not in use. The end of the full tang handle is better than nothing because it is the only place to break glass if attacked. The plastic handle feels great, but you don't know how it will handle wet hands or sweaty hands. The knife feels really good when my thumb goes to the front of the handle, which is a little curved on the blade. The fire starter rod built in the sheath is a really cool extra but wonder how many uses it will be able to handle before it is replaced. It's a sog. I think you can get replacement parts easy. If you want to use the sheath for future use, you can remove the part that makes it hard to get on it. The knife and sheath combo is giving a thumbs up, but as far as the ease of use in an emergency for quick removal is concerned, it gets a big thumbs down.

👤I like this knife. I knew I wanted a different type of handle when I got this knife, but I was willing to pay the price for it. The para-cord cutter is useless, as others have said it is easier to use the blade. Maybe I'm missing something. I like the built in sharpener. There are lots of reviews that go into detail on this knife. The belt attachment is the reason for 4 stars. The belt attachment is not easy to replace. The knife has a snap in it that pulls the sheath too. I had to tie the para-cord around my leg. Not bad, but not necessary. A better retention system is needed. Now 5 stars. I am kind of stupid. You can put a belt through the slots on the belt clip. I've tried this for a few days and it works. I should have figured this one out since I make knives. I was well for 7 days in country.

👤Is it made in China? No, made in Taiwan? Yes! They do a great job as well. The design of SOG knives is wonderful, and the workmanship is amazing. I've owned a few of their knives, and I have good things to say about them. You have other issues if you don't like them solely because of where they're made. This is my favorite SOG handle. The slight arch makes it fit in your hand.

2. Glock OEM FLD Knife Root

Glock OEM FLD Knife Root

The application is for something. This knife can be used as a hunting knife, skinning knife, survival knife, and self-defense knife for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, fishing and more. The field knife has a 6.5 inch fixed blade. This product is made in the country of Austria.

Brand: Glock

👤This knife is light weight, durable, well balanced, and really holds an edge. It is an awesome bargin, it comes in three colors, mine is the FDE, the same as my GLOCK 19.

👤I'll be generous as I expect it to work well, but I'm torn between a 4 and a 5 on this knife. The blade was dull but didn't have a great edge when it arrived. The overall geometry of the blade wasn't the style I liked due to how thick the blade is compared with the length of the taper. It's easy to improve with a file and diamond stones, as it's only a $30 knife if I mess it up. It took a few minutes to get it sharp. I got this for a general utility knife. Cutting rope, cleaning splinters from lumber cuts, sawing through roots, and cutting branches that are inconvenient to get with a machete are some of the things that can be done. I haven't tried it yet. I expect it to work. I ordered the Flat Dark Earth color, but I think they have some Brown mixed in with FDE in the fulfillment centers. Either that or Glock's FDE doesn't match Magpul. I was just ordering the cheapest color, but something to be aware of if you're looking to match your existing gear.

👤If you are at a friend's wedding party, you end up getting a crystal globe as a gift. * Another stupid gift for being in a wedding! Well, no more! I bought seven of these GLOCK fixed straight blade combat/field knives and had them professionally engraved with the name of the groom and the date of my wedding. They were beautiful and the groomsmen loved them. I would pay $79.00 for a GLOCK knife.

👤This is a great all around blade, will work well for camping and Batoning wood, and it's not a k-bar or a high priced Japanese knife. It's not a great factory edge but it's easy to work with and you are good. If you need that kind of edge out of the box, then you should spend 25 dollars. I have sold 5 of these at work, just people looking at it.

👤Buy it. Do it now. Buy 2. It is dull so be prepared to sharpen it. I made it double edge. It's easy to give a working edge. Edge retention isn't good. Need something done? This will do it. The saw is there when you need it. Do you need a bottle opener? That is also there. Do you need a hammer? The handle is used. The blade that cares. Good luck breaking it. Do you need a hole in something? This will cause holes in it. Do you need a gardening tool? Yes.

👤I love this knife. I have been looking at it for a long time and finally decided to accept it. It is lightweight, feels sturdy and fits my hand perfectly. I love the sheath. It has a clicking sound when you insert the blade. Click. SECURE! I think it will be my go to knife for hiking, camping, and utility purposes. You could mount it and use it like a bayonet. It is plain to see but so bad!

3. Schrade SCHF30 Point Fixed Blade

Schrade SCHF30 Point Fixed Blade

The carrying options of the Lanyard Hole Porvides Mulitple. The overall length with a blade length of 4.9 inches and a weight of 6.3 ounces is 24.6% larger. It isdurable: The blade is made of reliable 8Cr13MoV. The high carbon S.S. has a black handle. It's permissible. It is ideal for carrying while working because of its quick and easy access. The blade will not slip with the security of the finger guard. A lanyard hole and a full tang design make the knife very dangerous.

Brand: Schrade

👤When Imperial Schrade went out of business, it sold its name to Taylor Brands, which sells knives under many different brand names. The Schrade name was besmirched by having its name put on substandard knives. The knife industry has been growing for about a decade now and many of the "crap knife" brands are putting out good products. This has happened with MTech, as I've noted in recent reviews, though a lot of junk has MTech stamped on it. It's impressive that this is my first Schrade in a long time. It is one of the best knives I have. Let's get into the specifications first. The overall length of the blade is 10 and it has a blade thickness of 5/32. Teflon blade steel is 8Cr13MoV. The construction is made of steel. The knife is well designed and constructed, and the handle scales are rubbery plastic. The blade shape is very nice and has a combination of drop and clip points. I was very impressed with the sharpness of the first image. This is one of the few "budget" knives I've bought recently and it was up to the standards of Cold Steel and Kershaw. Being almost as sharp as those manufacturers' blades is a compliment. To be just as sharp is more than you can ask for. For about two years, I worked in a shop in downtown Portland that sold knives, not because I needed the money, but because it gave me access to a variety of the kind of knives I was collecting. I was warned by the manager to be extra careful handling the folding knives because they were the cause of most of the cuts employees had experienced, and one day I cut myself on one despite being warned. The knife passed both the paper test and the thumbnail test, but did the blade catch on my thumbnail enough to keep me from sliding it? My Talwar is dangerously sharp and it sliced paper as easily as it could. I mean that a small mistake closing the Talwar could easily take off a finger. The handle is very comfortable and between the deep forefinger cutout and the thumb jimping your hand is well- protected from sliding forward onto the blade if the knife meet a solid object while thrusting. The lanyard hole is nice. Many people who use knives in military or emergency situations want lanyards, but I don't use them. The type of sheath is secure-ex. I assume it's proprietary to Schrade because I see no trademarking on it. I'll assume it's plastic. The plastic belt loop can hold a belt that's 1-3/4" wide. The thigh straps have a slit. The sheath is pretty good, though I'll talk about it in the cons section. For the few cons. If you have large hands, this knife is not for you. I have small hands for a man and it's the right size for me. A man with big hands will use his finger to hold it. This could be an additional safety factor in addition to the cutout and jimping. The sheath is one of the major con's. The sheath is very tight. It takes a good hard pull to get the knife out, and I can imagine an accident happening if you do that with a sharp blade. I'm pretty sure that if you applied a small file and worked carefully, you could reduce the grip of the sheath, though of course you'd have to be careful not to make it too loose. You don't want this knife to fall out of its sheath. There is almost no way to withdraw the blade silently if you are a spec ops soldier. A loud snapping sound can be heard when you return the blade to the sheath. I would make a more practical sheath of cordura or leather with a snap or Velcro strap if I were a spec ops guy. If you're looking for a knife that's not too big and not too small, and you don't want to spend more than $25, this is a good option. In the photos, I show the knife with two other serious combat/self-defense knives so you can see how it compares in size. Below it in the 3-knife shot is the monstrous MTech MT 20-39.

4. SZCO Supplies Small Skinner Patch

SZCO Supplies Small Skinner Patch

The blade length is 3.25-Inch. The overall length is 4.75 Inches with a handle. The blade length is 2.25 inches and the width is.8-inch. It isdurable: The skinning knife has a full tang blade made from STAINLESS steel and is treated for rust and corrosion resistance for a long- lasting quality. A great hunting knife with a solid burlwood handle is easy to use and has a very sturdy and comfortable grip for maximum effectiveness against the toughest jobs. It's easy CARRY. The patch knife has a slim and simple design that says ready for the outdoors and comes with a solid hand-stitched leather sheath with belt-loop for quick and easy access and safe storage. The application is for something. This knife can be used as a hunting knife, skinning knife, survival knife, and self-defense knife for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, fishing and more.

Brand: Szco Supplies

👤I think it's a cool knife. I paid a small amount of change for it. The sheath strap is a problem that needs to be fixed soon. I wear a tool belt that is as wide as the strap will allow. The stitching on the strap was loose before I tried my belt. It needs brass brads added for reliable belt carry. Remove the strap and add a metal spring. I'll probably stick the whole thing in my pocket. The trapper fit nicely in this sheath. The leather body of the sheath is very strong, and is sewn onto my sheath. I pulled it firmly on it's seam and it held up. Again, for less than $7 with shipping? I'm not picky. The overall size of the knife inside of its sheath is about the same as a wedge of a navel orange or a single twinkie. It's a small knife. If you have ever compared a vintage Schrade Deerslayer to a Schrade Sharp finger, you know that size difference. The SZCO knife is to a Deerslayer. There is a It's small. It was as expected. It is very reasonable for the price point. I put it on an old steel, and I'm happy. I don't want a razor. The handle was a bit sharp on the edges, so I smoothed it up with 220 and hit the wood. Again, pricepoint. I rounded the back of the blade back a bit because it was a little sharp on my finger. I can get 2 fingers on it with a little support from the ring finger. Even though this was a lark purchase, I'm very happy with this knife and will buy more. It will be a great bait knife.

👤The design and look of the knife impressed me. I was aware that it was a small knife and I was not surprised. I pride myself on always carrying a sharp knife with me and I am capable of sharpening most knives to a shaving sharp edge. I can't sharpen this little knife. I intended to use it as a skinning knife for deer hunting. I found that it wouldn't be very useful because it can't be sharpened.

👤This is a small knife. I wanted a knife that would fit in my pouch for cutting up pressed pipe tobaccos. This fits the bill. The blade had a burr, but it was easy to hone off. The knife has a handle. The sheath is made of leather. A reviewer mentioned that his was glue. It's definitely stitched. The stopknots are visible in the threads. No belt I own would fit through the belt-loop on the sheath. For six bucks, you get a nifty little knife. I'll probably pick up a few more to put in my other bags.

👤I needed todefend this little jewel. It's small if you read the description. I don't know what people think about under $7. It's not the same as the Mora that it shipped with. It's nice. Quality construction for the handle. There were no rough spots. You could feel the burr on the blade of the box. I ran it through the pocket sharpener several times, having expected as much from previous reviews. It was razor sharp in under 2 minutes. The sheath is made of oiled leather. The back loop is more decorative than the belt loop. It's sturdy enough to fit in a pouch. I like this little knife because it's easy to use and discreet.

5. Ontario Knife Company 8681 Survival

Ontario Knife Company 8681 Survival

The OKCSP5 Bowie Knife will hold it's edge for incredibly long periods of time before needing to be sharpened. The OKCSP5 Fixed Blade Bowie Knife has a Kraton material on its handle that will give you an amazing grip in almost any situation. The bowie style blade is ground to a full flat taper with a recurve on the SP-5 Bowie Knife. The Kraton handle, lanyard, and finger guard are attached to a lanyard. It has a black nylon belt sheath that can be used for carry or storage. This style was made famous by Jim Bowie in the 1800s and has a long history as a fighting blade because of the Vidalia Sandbar fight in 1827.

Brand: Ontario Knife Company

👤It's a pretty good knife, no doubt about that, but it seems like all these knife makers are selling their returned or faulty products on Amazon. I got one yesterday which had a manufacturing defect, but I got one today which has been used already. I think that's why these are cheaper here.

👤It is amazing! I am not a fan of western blades, but I make an exception for this one. It's a knife that has a lot of weight and can take a beating. The rubber handle allows for a lot of use and the scabbard is large enough to slash with power behind it. It's a knife that will do most other knives well, it's a ladder of speed, power and effectiveness. Powerful, yet does not sacrifice speed, can preform a powerful slash yet can be stopped mid path as a faint and not expensive enough to make me worry about going all out with it if the time comes.

👤This is a great value for money. A pretty good sheath is built with 1095 carbon steel. It holds up well against my custom blades. It is very easy to field sharpen 1095 steel back to shaving sharp. It will roll more often than chip, which I like. Can't say that about S30v or CPM3V or other super steels, if you try to get one out on a camp trip?

👤The size and shape of the blade makes it seem awkward, but it is very easy to wield and control. The plunge line is where the sharpened edge begins. The flat grind of the blade helps keep it from being too heavy. Good point at the tip. It's easy to handle larger tasks with the weight over the chopping edge. The handle is comfortable and the sheath is sturdy. The blade was sharp enough to shave arm hair out of the box, and three passes on a decent stone left it more than sharp enough for any chore. It's everything I've come to expect from Ontario Knife Company's products, and more than the $47 asking price.

👤The -10” blade is light for its size. It is amazing! The USA made Cons were that it was not sharp enough, it was notintimidating, and it was not good build.

👤Another home run from Ontario Knife company! The Ontario Knife Company has a blade that is perfect for the Marine Raider. Even with its 1075 Carbon Steel blade, it moves quickly and correctly. The quality is not comparable to the price paid. I really appreciate KaBar's quality. I paid for the Ontario Knife Company Survival Bowie. This beauty is a bargain at $60.00 This thing is as tough as a Swiss Army Multitool. A big knife can do things a little knife can't and more things that a smaller knife can't. Every bag and emergency kit should have this knife in it. It is as big and bad as any other knife and it is stronger than a country hoss. If you're worried about the clip point of the knife being weak or fragile, RELAX! This was built to be used and used hard. The knife you want at your side when the chips are down is the Bowie. Would I buy this knife again? I'll give you the absolute truth, you'd better believe it!

6. Schrade SCHF9 Outdoor Survival Bushcraft

Schrade SCHF9 Outdoor Survival Bushcraft

The total length is, blade length is, and weight is. It was made in Sweden. The overall length is 30.7 cm and the blade length is 6.4 cm. It isdurable: The blade is made of high carbon steel and has a black handle. It's permissible. It's ideal for everyday carry because of the convenient ballistic belt sheath and storage pouch. The blade will not slip with the security of the front quillon, thumb jimping and finger choil. The knife has a lanyard hole.

Brand: Schrade

👤I love this knife. It's important to keep in mind intended purpose for gear, especially knives which come in a wide variety. The purpose of the knife is all-round. This means it is a master of no blade. What do I mean? 1. Unless you are a guide or bushman, it's too heavy to be used in EDC. 2. It's more difficult than camping or bushcraft. If you have other tools like a saw or a hatchet, you can use a 4-5 inch blade for most wood processing. 3. I would not think of it as a fighting knife. I am not a knife fighter, but it isn't balanced for speed and it is not shaped for thrusting or slicing flesh as effectively as it could be. 4. You would probably want something with even more belly and shorter, so it's not an idea for skinning or hunting. Nobody's first choice for a fillet knife would be this one. 5. It's not ideal for carving or fine up close work. Why are you five stars? This thing is a one-stop shop. If I were going out into the wild and I only had one tool, it would be this, a steel equivalent. It is comfortable to use and can fill many roles. It can support a number of grips, but three of the most noteworthy are the normal grip, with plenty of purchase and friction, and grabbing it way at the end around the "ball" to get maximum chopping force and reach. The thick blade and point are confidence inspiring. If you can break this knife, you are either abusing it or leading a hardcore life that is way more hardcore than I can imagine. The full tang construction of the blade means that you can use pound things with the butt, and the spine is thick for batoning. It was sharp, and it was easy to put a better edge on it. The recurve makes it a little more difficult to get it shaving sharp, but a simple field sharpen is enough. A very well made leather sheath would be more expensive than this whole package. It is easy to strap to your leg, it has a plastic liner so it should last. The pouch is not broken. I keep it separate from the blade and have a kit that is basically a "get out of the dark" kit. If I have a sturdy blade and a reliable way to make fire, I'm good to go. I will be doing better if I have those things. It's hard to imagine a better companion. It doesn't get used as much as my other knives, because I almost always have a knife that does what I want to do better and more conveniently, but if I could only take one knife with me out there. I tried to find a better knife than this one.

👤It was worth 10 times the cost of the knife to test it out as the sole work knife on a camping/hiking trip. It's important to remember that gear/ equipment is not all good at all things, so don't expect one item to be your everything. The daily camp work knife was used by me. If you choose to hike but want to have a fire with wood larger than kindling, then batoning is a necessary skill. If you don't have a serious knife, you will be SOOL in no time flat or hurt yourself with a broken knife. I put a hurting on this thing and it passed with flying colors. The guy was sitting on a shelf all week. I wouldn't grab this knife if I were to do any wood work. I have smaller knives that I can use. A pocket knife won't come close to the strength of the full tang. Don't try to hit a not full tang knife with another object. It will break. If you know what you want to use it for, it is a highly recommended camping tool.

7. Smith Wesson CKSUR1 Rubberized Aluminum

Smith Wesson CKSUR1 Rubberized Aluminum

The overall length with a blade length of 6 inches and a weight of 7.4 ounces is 26.7 cm. The blade is made of 7Cr17MoV High Carbon, Black Oxide Stainless Steel with a black, deep, rubber wrapped aluminum handle. It's permissible. The convenient ballistic sheath has a storage pouch and a sharpening steel. Have faith that the hand guard will keep the blade from slipping.

Brand: Smith & Wesson

👤I'm not a knife. I really like this one. It has a good grip and is very sharp. It should work well for killing zombies. A belt holster that comes with it. I keep this under the front seat of my car in case of an apocalypse, I got this for my bug out bag.

👤This knife was very good. I had to split some wood while camping with it. I did not have an axe. I used my knife and hammer to split the wood. I expected the knife to be dull and chip. I was overjoyed to find out that it held its edge, but it almost seemed to get sharper. The knife held up great despite some paint rubbing off.

👤This is a good knife to use. It is light weight and sturdy, made of good quality materials, and feels good in the hand. The 5.8" black blade is called a "clip point" and has a straight, sharp blade that extends 2 1/2 in. Behind the point. The blade is 1/8" thick and has a slight downward curve. The edge has a slight bend. The rubber cover on the grip material provides a good grip. The blade has a full tang, but behind the cross guard it narrows to about one third the width of the blade and is pinned with an aluminum pin. I like a cross guard and this knife has one that extends above the grip and below the grip. A cross guard protects your hand from sliding forward on the blade, as well as anything out front of the cross guard. This blade is good for cutting small branches and cordage. I don't think it would survive the use of a baton to cut wood or as a pry bar. I would expect a knife made for that purpose to survive use as a pry bar. A rescue knife can be used to break glass or plastic. A tool which is 1/3 in. The aluminum pommel may not be large enough to hold a hammer. This knife is a great choice for camping. It's hard to beat the price and it's just the right size and weight. This knife would be a disappointment for missions or extreme conditions. The sheath is small. The knife is shorter than the longer one. . It has a few useful features that are not found with a knife this price. The belt loop has a design secured with velcro. The fold over allows the sheath to be placed around the belt without having to detach and feed it. It has a strap that can be adjusted with a snap. It is lined with a plastic liner to keep it out of harms way. The tip has a cord that can be used to tie it down. There is a steel loop at one end and a snap closure at the other for the MOLLE attachment on the 5 in. strap. The extendable pouch on the front can be used for accessories, and it has a 1 in. capacity. x 3 in. The stone is shaped like a sharpener. The length of the sheath is long. I'd like to put it on my pack. I like this knife for recreational use, but I want a more robust knife for survival or search and rescue.

8. Morakniv Bushcraft Survival Starter 4 3 Inch

Morakniv Bushcraft Survival Starter 4 3 Inch

It's convenient and compact. The fire starter rod can fit in cars, survival kits, and camping gear. The fixed blade knife has a thick carbon steel blade. Net Weight: 5.4 ounces. The sheath has a diamond sharpener and a rubber grip. The Morakniv Fire Starter works when wet. Lifetime manufacturer's warranty. Lifetime manufacturer's warranty.

Brand: Morakniv

👤I ordered the Mora Garberg at the same time as I ordered this knife. It's time to get that done, I held off on reviewing this one for some reason I don't recall. The Garberg review can be found in my reviews. This review is going to be a bit longer than my Garberg review. The knife is short. I don't like the sheath. I will be more specific in the review. My wife's sister asked me to put together a 72 hour kit, emergency bag, and other items for her, and I bought this knife at the same time as my Garberg. I don't recall if I bought this just for my own sake or if I was thinking of buying that kit. I own it now. Mora's knife was scary sharp. The blade has a black finish and is a dream for a machinist. Perfect Sharp 90. The corners were supposed to do what they were supposed to do. While preserving your blades cutting edge, you should remove your ferrocerium rod, bark from trees for tinder, and process tinder. They are perfectly executed. The grip fills my hand out and feels very comfortable. The knife is well done. The knife is 1/3 or so like most Mora's. If you use your knife as a knife and not an ax, that's not a problem. It will hold up well with proper technique, like the rest of the Mora line. I'm having a hard time quantifying the sheath because I don't feel it. I'll let you make your own decisions, but I'll take it over part at a time. There are two options for belt carry. A clip over attachment and a rigid thread thru belt loop reminds me of a dangler in a way as low as the sheath hangs. Both are functional. I don't like the quarter turn sockets they use to attach the sheath. It seems like a weak point to me. This may be ignorant. I'm not feeling that. The ferrocerium rod slides into it's sockets and is held in place by a nub over the edge of the handle. Simple and effective if the user pulls the handle to the side to clear the nub. It's pretty simple and effective. I like it! A diamond stone is used for sharpening. I should have taken other reviewers more seriously about how coarse this is. It's not really for keeping the blade sharp, it's more for you to do some repair sharpening, you buggered up the edge badly, now you have to do some repair sharpening. It's very coarse. You should carry a fine hone with you rather than rely on the stone. I'm not going to say that the stone is worthless, but I feel that it lacks any real day to day utility. It's coarse enough that you're likely going to get some abrading. There is a I appreciate the sharpener, but I'm not feeling it. I would cover it with gorilla tape and be happy. The knife and ferrocerium rod are the only parts of the system that I feel are important. I will not say I regret buying it. In the future, I will buy a Mora companion HD carbon for$15 and carry a fine diamond steel with a swedish fire steel in my pocket and feel like I have a better package. I'm going to make my own sheath for my knife since it's much like the Garberg. I'll be into it for more than I want to be, but then I'll have a knife system that's usable for me. No two people are the same. Mora put together a package that will be useful for most people. I can't deduct stars when looking at the big picture because this system doesn't work for me. I bought my knife with my own money and did not pay for any of the things that would have helped my review. I try to help others make betterinformed buying decisions by reviewing items I buy and use honestly. I spent the money to help you decide if a product is right for you. It's my hope that I can help someone out. Please let Amazon and others know if you found my review helpful by clicking yes. Please let them know if you think it's a steaming pile. I don't want my review to be one of the worthless ones on Amazon. Thank you for reading. I hope this helps someone.

9. Ottoza Handmade Leather Tracker Bushcraft

Ottoza Handmade Leather Tracker Bushcraft

The knife sheath is made from PREMIUM cow-hide or buffalo-hide leather. The sides of the leather have been smoothed. The sides of the belt are where theVERTICAL knife sheath is worn. BREATHING - DURABLE top grain leather knife sheaths are best for a knife holster belt knife holder as bushcraft knife sheath. The length of the leather knife sheath is 12 and the width is 3.8. The sheath can be used between The sheath of the knife is either 10 inch or 9 inch. Are you looking for a gift for someone? The leather knife sheath is the right choice for a hunting gift, camping gift, groomsmen gift, anniversary gift, or any special day gift.

Brand: Ottoza

👤The leather and stitching is very good. If it fits your knife, it's a great value. The problem with this sheath is that it doesn't have a way of adjusting. None of the knives fit like they should. Hope this helps.

👤It was what I wanted. It looks like a higher end product. It's a good idea to recommend it.

👤Excellent item. It was well made. Good materials. Excellent craftmanship. Double stich is the only improvement I can think of. A very good product. I would definitely recommend it.

👤The belt loop glue came undone, but it was great for the price. It is still great.

👤When the button fell off, I was really sad. The stitching loosened. The leather is of good quality but don't try and cut costs. I carry a knife for work. I need something that can hold up.

👤Excellent quality workmanship and materials. It's perfect for my benchmde arvensis. I own two sheaths from this company and will buy more.

👤I'm going to use this sheath for one of my bushcraft knives. It's a good sheath.

👤I would like to see one in different sizes. This sheath is not a Randall Sullvian. The sheath is great for money.

👤The price for this sheath was great, I needed a rustic looking sheath for my knife. I thought it would be split grain leather, poor quality junk, but would look the part for a few months. This sheath is full grain leather and it fits my Ka-Bar BK2 perfectly. The sheath could accommodate a knife larger than the BK-2. The pocket can be used for a sharpening stone or ferro rod. A ferro rod holder is built into the sheath. You will not get a better quality sheath for this price. It's beautifully distressed brown leather has a great look and feel.

👤I like it because it holds my 6 inch knife with ease and it has a front pocket to hold a small stone.

👤It was a bit big. But strong and thick. Good value.

10. StatGear STAT05 BRK Surviv All Survival Knife

StatGear STAT05 BRK Surviv All Survival Knife

If there is any product issues, each Witharmour knife has a lifetime warranty. If you have a question, please email them and they will be happy to provide you with a solution. StatGear is a survival knife. The knife can handle anything outdoors. The drop point blade has a blade sharpening stone in the back of the sheath so it is sharp and sturdy. The starter and cutter are in a sheath. The cord cutter works well for small cuts so you don't have to remove your knife. If you enjoy hunting and other outdoor activities, you'll find the StatGear Surviv-All outdoor knife to be a convenient and practical choice. If you enjoy hunting and other outdoor activities, you'll find the StatGear Surviv-All outdoor knife to be a convenient and practical choice.

Brand: Statgear

👤The steel used was the only thing that was different about this knife. I bought this knife for my AT section hike. It has a great grip, a nice sheath, a built-in line cutter, and a sharpener. Give it five stars and be done with it. The steel used for this knife is probably A. This steel does not hold an edge for very long. It is a good value for this price point. There are better steels for a survival blade. It is a nice little rig. I decided to use a D2 steel knife and a swiss firestarting rod.

👤Great product. I have not used the knife yet, but if it breaks I will update this review, otherwise it is what I think. The knife feels very solid, good weight, the blade is solid, a slight bit wider than I thought, but not really a flaw, the handle is a little soft and tacky, and the rubber feels durable. Even when wet, you get a really good grip. I can pinch it just where the blade meets the handle, and it has a good overall length to control it, and it is well balanced. The nylon belt loop is thick and nice and the sheath feels very durable. The fire starter works, it is mounted upside down on the sheath, but it takes a bit of effort to pull it out, so I don't see it falling out. I can't say over time. It would have been nice if the sheath had spaces on the side to strap it onto a backpack. The nylon belt loop is screwed onto the back of the sheath, so I might try to rig something up. The sharpening stone on the back is coarse for my liking, I would have preferred something a bit more fine to just put back an edge. I think it is a great knife for the price.

👤I tested the knife in the field, cutting, carving, and chopping, and it has stood up to the abuse. The knife is tough because of the softer steel and it will not chip if you chop hard woods or drop it on a rock. It can besharpened on the included diamond plate once the edge is rolled or dulled. You can get a shaving edge on it in minutes, which is an advantage over harder steel knives. The pummel was damaged from hitting slay rock but is still usable. The fire steel started a fire for me in seconds using brush, dried grass and all I could find in the forest around me, so it definitely works. This knife is a cheaper version of the Ultimate Pro knife, but it is still very strong. If you want a cheap knife to take out to camp or hunting, with a nice sheath and fire steel all in one package, this is the knife for you. It does the job for $35, thats a meal for 2 in a restaurant.

👤This knife is a great buy. It is similar to the Prodigy. Another budget knife is added to the collection. I have a lot of expensive knives, but they aren't that expensive. I decided to remove the paracord with the clip on the sheath to make my hack.

11. Condor K Tact Kukri Knife Green

Condor K Tact Kukri Knife Green

This knife can be used as a hunting knife, skinning knife, survival knife, and self-defense knife for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, fishing, and more. It was made from the highest quality materials. It was built for performance andDurability.

Brand: Condor Tool & Knife

👤I waited for the knife to come back and then jumped on it. It is nice. The knife has a large handle but is fine and I have large hands. The knife I got was in a white box with the knife inside wrapped in plastic. The kidex sheath looks used, but the knife still looks great. It has a very non uniformed look as if it has been damaged. One of the screws is not coated as the others are. It is a refurbished used sheath. The knife and sheath seem to be new as there are no burrs, bends, or scratches on them. The dullness is a common complaint. It does not even think about cutting paper. The knife is still being rated. I graded the product, but I was not sure if it was a refurbished one. This is a substantial tool and a five star one. I am certain that this is refurbished unless condor knives are upgraded to a 50 dollars difference in price, which has no quality control. One of the reasons I spent the money on this is that the sheath doesn't secure all the way. The bottom snatch/buckle/button is useless. The one pictured is the same screw. If I knew the sheath was the same as the original, I would have bought it. Update 2 is here. They responded within a day after being contacted. After sending pictures of the sheath, they have sent the information to quality and will send a replacement sheath. I don't expect shipping to be fast but the customer service seems legit and that is a plus. Will add stars if the product comes from the factory.

👤Excellent design. It was a horrible execution. Had to send 2 back because the steel was chipping in soft wood. Glue over it. Terrible grind. Quality control has been lost by Condor. The company puts out some great designs.

👤I have four condor knives. 3 of 4 times they were very happy. The knife is difficult to remove because the Kydex sheath is not molded correctly. There is a safety issue. See the photo. There was rust on the blade. The blade is dull. The quality of the handle is good. The knife seems to have failed the quality control process and went out anyway. Returning tomorrow. I will include the rust spots and rough polish if more photos are uploaded.

👤There is a lot of confusion about this. It measures both 9.5" and 10" blade lengths, depending on where you measure. The blade is at the bottom of the handle and at the top of the handle. There is a The knife has a full 2 inches wide at the widest area of the blade. The tip is not rounded off. The blade is not a flat grind, it is a CONVEX grind. Even though a thin blade is required for such kitchen duties, a convex blade holds an edge better than a rough blade, so it is common on rough duty cutting blades. There is a The most confusing aspect of all is blade thickness. I've seen 8mm and 5.5mm specifications. The blade is made of thick steel. It's a true.235", which is 5.969mm thick at the spine and through the full handle. I wonder if earlier versions or the larges have 8mm steel. I can't verify the thickness of the Alans blade because it appears to be 8mm thick. It would be great if Alan could advise us. The MI carta handle has a white liner between it and the tang. I would prefer it didn't have this white liner. It's a hefty 1lb 7oz unsheathed and 2lb sheathed in Kydex plastic. The sheath on mine is very secure. It was very difficult to get the first few pieces of this sheath. The hanging strap bolted to the sheath does not lend itself well to horizontal carry and I do not care for it. It would be better if it could be bolted on in a 90 degree rotation to allow easier horizontal carry like the one worn by Alan Kay of Alone. I don't have access to a RH tester, so I can't attest to the steel type, which I believe is 1075hc, but it would be nice to know the hardness. I haven't used this blade yet. I am waiting for proper blade stropping materials and stones to be used to level the edge. There are complaints... Yes 1. The blade was not sharp. 2. The edge has some signs of edge damage. When I held the edge up, I could clearly see the shiny areas of what should be an invisible sharp edge. 3. I think the knife should have a nice sharp edge, since it's $133 for a knife. 4. The blade is a bit rough. I think a belt with a better edge could be used during manufacturing. If it cannot be done and still keep costs reasonable, then an extra mfg step would be required.


What is the best product for survival knife with sheath storage?

Survival knife with sheath storage products from Sog. In this article about survival knife with sheath storage you can see why people choose the product. Glock and Schrade are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival knife with sheath storage.

What are the best brands for survival knife with sheath storage?

Sog, Glock and Schrade are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival knife with sheath storage. Find the detail in this article. Szco Supplies, Ontario Knife Company and Smith & Wesson are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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