Best Survival Knife with Sheath Gerber

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1. Gerber Infantry Knife Coyote 22 01463

Gerber Infantry Knife Coyote 22 01463

The Lanyard Hole makes for an ideal neck knife. A survival knife was developed to free an aircrew. The break between the butt cap and the tang provides insulated protection against stray wires and absorbs any shock from hammering. The sheath has a built-in sharpener. Overall length is 10.09 It is made in the USA. It is made in the USA.

Brand: Gerber Gear

👤I just received a knife from a store in Coyote, and I am very impressed with the design and quality of the knife. I have been collecting and using bushcraft knives for many years, and I will tell you that the design and quality of this knife and sheath is top notch. This knife is one of the most heavy duty offerings in this type of knife category, and once you factor in the price point, this knife is at the top of the pack. If you are a hardcore owner and outdoor knife user, there is no comparison between the two, even if you own the Strongarm. The LMF II is beefier in both the knife and the sheath, and has a sharpening system incorporated into the sheath system. The nylon on the LMF II is very well sewn and heavy duty. The difference in weight is not noticable when you compare the two sides. If you want something that is light, just to throw into a pack for weekend use, and like the Strongarm, go for it, but if you were ever to be stranded in the wilderness, the LMF II would win every day. The serrations on a combo edge blade are not difficult to sharpen/ re-sharpen, and from all of the tests that have been done, that's a personal choice, but if you are concerned about the lack of a plain edge blade in the LMF II, that

👤The knife is made in Portland. It is a dog. Full strength. The handle feels good in my hands. Even with wet or greasy hands, the guard and quillon will prevent your hand from sliding onto the blade. You can use the holes in the handle to hit your blade. I like the classic blade shape and portion. The blade is buff enough to be used to split wood by pounding on it with a block of wood. The sheath feels very solid. The sheath is locked firmly by the knife. A good tug can pull the knife out of the sheath. I don't have to worry about losing my knife if I were to fall down a hill, drag a military truck or cliff dive to safety. The knife comes with extras, like a harness and leg straps. The sheath has been designed so that you can attach it to things like your pack using nylon webbing, rope or something else. I like the design of this blade.

👤The knife's design leaves a lot to be desired. It would be great for hammering through logs, but it's not that great for the price. The grip is very strong. I'll give credit where it's due. The sheath is made of wood. Well... It's not good. The nylon portion of the sharpener is mediocre, but the plastic portion is well made. It leaves the knife flopping around unless you use all of the retention points which would take up a foot of your body. Leave it for a discount survivalist and get something better.

2. Gerber 31 003114N Fire Starter 31 003114

Gerber 31 003114N Fire Starter 31 003114

There is a patent-pending protection rating. Feuerstock has a protective red coating on your fire starter. If dropped on the ground, it increases visibility. It's important to never lose your most important survival tool. The Survival Fire Starter has a ferrocerium rod and metal strikers. The Fire Starter has a water resistant compartment. The lanyard cord will help secure the set and keep it together. The Fire Starter can be attached to a backpack. There is a limited lifetime warranty.

Brand: Gerber Gear

👤It's easy to use and will be great for starting fires.

👤It's the best fire starter I've ever had.

👤I have a nice spark.

👤I've had the old style strikers for a long time. Always has a bright strike. If you don't know how to do it correctly, you will need to experiment for a while until you get used to it. You have to hold the tool in your hand. I can always rely on it. I'm buying more to keep in my car, house and overnight bag. I already have a few in my backpack. My daughter needs to keep her purse and car keys.

3. Gerber Paraframe Knife Tanto 31 001729

Gerber Paraframe Knife Tanto 31 001729

The fine edge tanto blade is 2.13 inches. The black titanium nitride coating is very resistant tocorrosion. The frame lock has a safety function. Convenient pocket clip for carry. The small size is gone from your pocket. The small size is gone from your pocket.

Brand: Gerber

👤I bought a knife to carry. Things that were important to me and how this knife stacked up were the ones that needed to be light for me to slip into a tight pocket. I forget I have it there. There are two more It's small enough to fit in with my Gu energy gels. I can carry things in my hand. It doesn't have weird parts that would scratch my clothing. There are four The blade is sharp. Really sharp. Very sharp. I think that is what a knife is for. There are five I can easily get a new one if I lose it. Hope this helps.

👤A good looking knife. I tried smaller ones, but they were closeable without a dangerous struggle. The structure of the handle provides stability to the open blade, like other frame-lock knives. You have to press the locking piece to get the knife to close. It can be difficult on the smaller frame-lock knives, but it works well on this model. It is easy to open. It's less likely to slip my hand onto the blade because of a slight bump-out. The blade passed both the fruit and paper tests. There was plenty of sharpness. I'm not sure if I need the "tanto point" on a pocket knife, but it's sharp, small, and light. That works for me.

👤It looks to be light and well made. That is important. I wanted a light weight. I am still looking for a better knife though. The blade is longer than the description says. I wanted a smaller knife. The opening mechanism is difficult to use with one hand. The thumb tab could have been moved to make it more functional. It is easy to pinch your hand. I lost my perfect knife and kept looking for a new one. This isn't it. I don't like a heavy knife in my jeans. Too much weight makes them lose their shape. This one is light in weight.

👤The knife is strong. The knife is strong. This knife is hard to open. It has an open piece. It's not easy to use your finger nail. It's even more difficult to close it. You have to push the side down with your finger. I was in the army for 9 years. I was born in Michigan. I own around 200 knives. Trust me when I say this knife is terrible. The point of a good solid knife is to be able to open and close it. I own many good knifes. Not this one.

👤I like this little guy. I like fixed blade knives but this one is perfect for what I want. It was almost past it up because of the negative reviews. I think that's a good thing since you will have a digit in the path of the blade when it releases, but mine arrived quickly and was very sharp, a little stiff. I have never seen a section of the frame used as a lock before. I had to look for it. It took me a while to find it. You have to be smarter than the knife.

4. Gerber Swagger Knife Serrated 31 000594

Gerber Swagger Knife Serrated 31 000594

The overall length is 7.13 inches, the closed length is 4.17 inches, and the blade length is 2.99 inches. A functional grip is provided by the G-10/Stainless Steel Handle. The handle and blade have the same styling. The frame lock is for function and safety. The blade has a partially serrated drop point. The blade length is 3.25-Inch, closed and open. A functional grip is provided by the G-10/Stainless Steel Handle. The frame lock is for function and safety.

Brand: Gerber Gear

👤This knife is very difficult to use. I don't think this knife is useful in a life or death situation. I can't open the knife with 2 hands, and I can't shut it when I do. I would love to sit and break it in, but my hands hurt after testing it 5 times. The thumb knobs are not in a straight line. The chrome on the side clip was already chipping off. It came sharp, like knives are supposed to. I own the Gerber Swagger Knife, which seems to be better in the opening and closing mechanisms. I won't buy another knife.

👤I love this knife. I got my first knife 10 years ago, but I almost threw it away when I was at the airport. I bought another one and am happy to see the quality is still there. I always use a little bit of WD-40 after I open and close the pocket knife, it makes it very easy to open and close. I like this knife so much because I can open and close it with one hand. If you're looking for a cheap knife that will hold an edge, this is the knife for you.

👤I bought two for my nephew's birthday. A daily carry pocket knife was a must have gift for young men in their twenties. These knives will last a long time. The pocket clip and blade are great. A good knife is made by Gerber. They are slightly heavier than I thought, but that's only because of their heavy-duty construction. We saved $20 on each knife by comparing the price we paid on Amazon to other stores.

👤I bought this knife because it was cheap. This was a good deal because I misplace knives a lot. It feels good in my hand and is sharp and sturdy. It's a good size. I don't like pocket knives that are too small. The clip makes it easy to see. It is not a big deal because it is hard to open and close with one hand. It is not a survival knife. I think it's a great knife.

👤The knife can't be opened with one hand. I can use other knives to open the thumb button, but it is either poorly placed or difficult to open. I have worked it, then tried different things, and kept working it, but it has only gotten better. There are many knives which you can open with one hand, which is just as good as the knife itself. If I had not thrown the box away, I would have sent it back. I don't recommend.

👤The package was sharp and felt sturdy. The blade is not locked closed. I put it in my pocket yesterday and went to open it, but I'm not sure if that's the way it's made for easy opening. I don't feel like it's open. It feels like it is easy to open because it doesn't lock closed.

👤I bought this knife from Amazon for less than fifteen dollars. I was surprised that it cost $41. I used this to cut open boxes and other things. I don't think it's worth anything.

5. Gerber Sharkbelly Knife Fine 30 001409

Gerber Sharkbelly Knife Fine 30 001409

When in hand, the sharkskin grip scales additional traction. The slim profile makes it a good everyday carry knife. The sheepsfoot blade is called the Fine Edge. The pocket clip is scratch resistant.

Brand: Gerber Gear

👤I can't get the knife out of my pocket. I have better knives. I own knives made of better steel. The knife is capable and comfortable. It is easy to open, stays sharp, is light, easy to clean, and has the best pocket clip on the market. I have several 200 dollar knives in a drawer, and I carry a fool knife every day. I'm a scientist. I know how to use knives. I use a knife a lot. I like this knife.

👤There's a lot to like about this knife. The price is the first thing I think of. It is very cheap for what you get. The plastic handle makes it very light. It has a wire pocket clip for a low-snag pocket carry. It's tough but easy to resharpen, and it's made in the USA, which is a big selling point for people like me. I gave it four stars instead of five. If you have larger digits, the narrow and smooth cutout in the blade for a thumb hole is harder to open quickly. I wrapped some tape through the hole to give it a little more grip, but it would be better if the cutout were a little larger or sharper. The plastic handle makes the knife light and economical, but it also compromises strength and rigidity. The texture is a little smooth for my preferences, so it could be more aggressive to aid in grip retention. The smooth surface helps it slide in and out of a pocket. The pocket clip works perfectly for me, but it is only one position, and some would like the ability to change it. This is a great knife for the price. I use it at work because it's less likely to mar paint and upholstery, and I'm not out as much as some of my nicer knives, because I don't abuse it and destroy it. If you're looking for a cheap knife with a lot of good features, you could do a lot worse.

👤It's slick and makes carrying it comfortable. The rounded pocket clip makes me happy. The shape and feel of the hand is great, it's sharp out of the box, and it's light. To open and close one hand is a little difficult. The good: It's not very expensive for just 420hc steel. The starting edge is very delicate because it is ground thin. Overall, I like it. It's the best knife I've ever owned. I don't carry my knives in my side pockets because they're too heavy or they hurt when I reach into my pocket to get something else. The side pocket knife is the first pocket knife to be made of thin and light material. I thought it was D2 steel because I liked the shape. I was disappointed to find out it's a code, but that's on me. I had to smooth the edge to allow it to retain its edge and chip resistance. If you want the edge stability to be high, you should not be sharpening the lower end steels too much or too thin.

6. Gerber Pocket Folding Exchangeable 31 002736

Gerber Pocket Folding Exchangeable 31 002736

The Jukebox has a 2.7 inch fine edge blade and two different colors of handle scales. The orange rubber handle is easy to spot. The razor blade is switched out with a push of a button. The larger finger choil has a comfortable grip. Don't let it go to waste on the big hunt. It's easy to spot the orange handle. It's comfortable, safe and lightweight.

Brand: Gerber

👤I have been using this knife for a long time, and it was introduced to me by a hunting buddy. I use it on moose and caribou occasionally. It is a good knife for getting the hide off an animal. The blades do not stay sharp and the knife is difficult to clean are some of the complaints I have seen. Let's tackle the second one first. I use a stiff bristled toothbrush to clean this knife. There you have the solution to the problem. I don't keep a record of how many times I change blades, but I have never felt that it was excessive. I think I've made it through a whole moose. Keep in mind... This is a single tool. I don't use it for the whole moose. I have a couple of fixed blade knives that can cut through the rib cage and separate the hind quarters. It seems like common sense to me. Those aren't jobs for a thin-bladed knife. One review said it worked poorly for removing the back-strap. He/she needs to re-examine the idea of using this for back-strap. I find it to be a fine cutting tool. I'm happy with my situation.

👤I have been a meat cutter for 12 years. Wanted to try something new. I bought a pocket knife. I'll start with the idea of changeable blades. The blades don't stay sharp. Went through 3 blades to skin a deer. It was difficult to pick up the blade and put it back in its locked position when I could find the loose blade. The job was finished in half the time it would have taken with a vital pocket knife, but it may be good for hobby work, but not for the real hunter.

👤They will most certainly find two things in my pockets when I die, I joke. There is a flashlight and a pocket knife. There is a box full of pocket knives. I moved this one from a large pile of possibilities to the top after ordering it on a whim. It is so light and light-weight that it can be comfortably carried in a T-shirt pocket without pulling it down. It is mechanically sound, the blade locks are well supported and held with a clever system that prevents accidental release of the blade. I like the spine lock mechanism, it's a little old school from the liner locks I'm used to but it doesn't bother me. When it gets dull, it is easy to touch up on a strop or kitchen sharpener. It has a great edge. If you lay it down on the ground, you can see the color. I would order another if I lost it today.

👤We ordered this blade after watching a series on the internet. It is great for skinning after using it. No more. No less. We didn't read any of the other reviews before we ordered, but if you read through the other reviews that's sort of the consensus. If you are trying to use this to do more than skin, you will struggle. I can't imagine doing it with slippery hands because I'm pretty impressed with how easy it is to swap out blades with this. If you hunt frequently, should this be in your arsenal? Absokutely! Don't try to use this thin blade to do a big boy job. It's like trying to peel a potato with a meat cleaver. Don't.

7. Jukebox Straight Flipper Tortoise 31 003761

Jukebox Straight Flipper Tortoise 31 003761

The small size is gone from your pocket. A polished gentleman's knife that can be easily carried in pocket is what the Jukebox is similar to. An extended finger flipper is designed for easy deployment. Modern sheep foot blade is on trend and offers practical utility for everyday tasks. The Liner Lock has a safety feature that provides confidence during use and easy one-handed closing. The Jukebox has a 2.7 inch fine edge blade and two different colors of handle scales. The Jukebox has a 2.7 inch fine edge blade and two different colors of handle scales.

Brand: Gerber Gear

👤I think that other people will be interested in this knife mostly for the cool tortoise shell handle, so I'm going to be critical of the fact that the Jukebox is just much more boring in real life than I was expecting. My knife has a clear yellow and gold swirled plastic handle, which is almost like a bad attempt at gold pearl. My girlfriend says it lookstacky. I'm sure there could be some variation in these handles between good and bad ones, but I have been disappointed in both of the Jukeboxes I've purchased. I don't want a clear yellow and gold pearl handle knife, I want something more similar to the picture product. I'm returning my own. I've included a photo of what my knife actually looks like before I send it back, and I've ordered a second one hoping for something better. When I receive the second one, I will take another picture of what the product looks like. I'll let you be the judge. The second knife has an inch of clear yellow plastic and a brown swirl. Add to that the clunky width and dimensions of the knives and you get an impressive of mass production and cheapness. I will be returning both of the knives I tried after a second attempt. The knives I have look like cheap replicas of what I was expecting. I thought they could be winners.

👤I just purchased a Jukebox and I am very impressed with it. The overall look and feel of this knife is impressive. These handles are really striking. I call myself a knife collector but my wife calls me an addiction. I will go with that. It is true, I am. I have different brands of knives from Giant Mouse, Kizer, Zero Tolerance, Off-Grid, Bench Made, Case, and more. My point is that I like knives for a variety of reasons, some for the looks, others for their durability, some for ease of use, and some because of new material. I would absolutely adore this one. People have commented on how beautiful it is when I have pulled it out. It is a modern design with a tough old school look.

👤How can you dislike a company that only makes knives and baby food? This knife is terrible. I try to collect as many variations as I can of the razor/cleaver blade pocket knives. The liner lock is crude and the Jukebox is slow to open. The scales are not sanitary. It's not what you want in a pocket knife.

👤I agree with the reviews about the handle. The plastic handle is not what I would call a tortoise, but it is very similar to flame plastic you would see at a carnival or bowling alley. There is a yellow and white swirl. The rest of the knife is a bit heavy. The blade came relatively sharp. The action is smooth. The assist lever is on the top, so if you are compact and unlikely to get caught on things, pass. If I had seen the knife in person, I wouldn't have bought it, but it's still a knife with a blade, so it does the job.

8. Gerber Ghoststrike Fixed Blade 30 001005

Gerber Ghoststrike Fixed Blade 30 001005

A lanyard hole is integrated into the handle to protect the knife. The steel frame is compact. The black ceramic coating has a low reflection rate. The rubber handle has a diamond texture. The sheath system can be used for concealed or open carry. Always on hand. Always ready. Never unprepared. The sheath system can be worn vertically or horizontally. The black ceramic coating on the blade steel offers superior resistance tocorrosion.

Brand: Gerber Gear

👤The rubber on the handle is starting to wear off a week after I bought it. I work 24 hours a day and only wear it to work.

👤The blade it self is expected by the company. The handle is my problem. The rubber on the handle has torn and worn since I wore the knife on my belt. It happened almost immediately after a few usages. The sheath was made to fit the knife. I have had a few of their knives in the past and will purchase another but will stay away from a knife of this style until the design and quality is fixed.

👤I don't want you to know what the knife looks like. I can tell you what you need to know. 1. It is very light in weight. Large hands will not like this knife. 2. It's not a good place to put your thumb. You can keep a tight grip on it. 3. Not well balanced, not easy to throw, just in case. Not sharp at all. 5. The hard plastic sheath is too tight for my knife and it's hard to get it out, but it can be fixed. 6. The knife is only good for last resort use. There are 8. Sharpens to a nice edge. Decreased attention! It was an edited version. I will redo my critique after a week of messing with it. The knife was workable in drawing it from the sheath after a little filing and releasing the knife from the sheath. 2. The knife is a thrower. See the video. The tip snapped off after being stuck to wood, so just forget everything I said, it was nothing that a regular knife couldn't do. And for this price? No way! For the last time, I have a Gerber. Butter knives are better in many ways.

👤The knife was bought for a month of training in Southern California. After some use, I had to sharpen it. The knife and holster worked well, even though the cover over the handle did not hold up. The value is great.

👤I've never had any luck with any of the knives I've owned. I've been away from them for 25 years. There is a After reading all of the rave reviews, I thought they'd improved. They haven't. It is a spoon out of the box. A toddler would be safe with it if it weren't for the point. That is not an overstatement. It's seriously. I would have given it to my kids, knowing they couldn't cut themselves with it. What is the size? There is a Well... It's much smaller than what you see in the videos. There is a Yes. I've had some surprises with some knives, even though I know the product description. There is a It would still feel better than expected despite the size. I'm not a big guy. I don't think so, and the knife is too small for me. The only way to save it is to use the spine as a thumb placement point. This thing is so big in my hand that I can't see it. I'm going to give it to my daughter.

9. Gerber 31 001683 Grylls Paracord Fixed

Gerber 31 001683 Grylls Paracord Fixed

The blade length is 10 inches. The construction is full Tang steel. The handle has 60 inches of paracord. The sheath has a belt loop. The overall knife length is 8.25 inches. The blade length is 3.25-Inch. The blade length is 3.25-Inch.

Brand: Gerber Gear

👤The little knife is worthy of five stars. The reviewers said the paracord handle is only tested to hold 550lb and that after cleaning fish or game, the paracord stays wet and smelly, so if you really want to camp, hunt or hike, you should only use the 45" paracord. You should know more. If you like, you can upgrade the handle to 750 or 850lb. cordage after fishing or hunting trips. The little knife does a great job and holds its edge better than the two reviewers said. This little bear is a great camp, fish and game knife. It can be used to cut blisters from trees that have small branches. It cuts vegetables and cordage very well. It isn't in the class with the knives that are in it. The big survival knives are used for more difficult work. The knife has a different purpose, but it will last a long time. Enough said...

👤I got this about a year ago after a number of trips. I really like it! Since I don't do car camping but hiking, I need to be smart about what I pack. This knife has become my favorite because it is often in the "just right" category. I have other knives that are larger and heavier than it, but they don't seem to be as versatile as it is. I carry a larger heavy-duty katana style blade in case I need it for emergency survival, and it would be a lot better for it. I usually put the other one in my pack just in case. This one is the perfect size for any number of uses, the hard sheath is comfortable to wear all day, and it's a horizontal configuration so it's really handy. I was wondering if the grip was paracord, but it actually works. I'm not sure how the blade would perform if you actually needed to use it, but it's for emergencies only.

👤The whole knife was dirty when I received it. The para cord was clean, but the metal parts had something on them. It's hard to get in and out of it even with work, and you have to put it in at the perfect angle or it won't click in. The knife is very durable and cool, I've owned 3 of them so far. My friends wanted them. It helps you guys out. Please make me a product tester, my household buys everything but pet food from Amazon. We rarely go to a store larger than a gas station. You won't be able to regulate it.

👤I would give this knife the highest rating of 5 stars if it weren't for the fact that the sheath was too tight. The sheath was too tight. I tried to holster the knife but it was stuck in the sheath. I couldn't pull it out with my hands. The tension wasn't reduced enough to get the knife out. In order to pull the knife out, I had to wiggle the handle with force to avoid hurting myself, and then sprayed some Silicone lubricant around the blade to make it harder to pull the knife out. To make it easier to unholster the knife, I had to use a small file to sand down the inside of the sheath, so that I could get the grip just right. I'm very happy to have this knife in my collection, it's a great compact survival knife.

10. Gerber Covert Knife Serrated 22 01966

Gerber Covert Knife Serrated 22 01966

The general all-purpose knife is great for outdoor activities. All of their products are rugged and reliable. Can be used in many situations. All products are tested. The titanium coated blade is tough. The titanium coated blade is tough.

Brand: Gerber Gear

👤This item is not real.

👤I'm trying to catch up with the reviews I do on Amazon, but I don't keep up with it. I've owned a fair amount of cutting utensils over the years, but I can't help but notice the amount of ready at the flick of your thumb. It's very well made, and no matter how often you use it, it keeps a nice tight tolerance. The section of the blade that is very sharp is the one that you should use if you're trying to cut something quickly, it should give you lightening quick access to an open and sharp cutting tool for years to come, unless you're purposely trying to go out of your way in I've had many flavors of knives in just as many price classes, from versions like ”Stiletto” and ”Switchblade” to very fast ones like ”Butterflies” and ”OTF's”... The point I'm trying to make is for this price point and what your getting it covers every single aspect of what you could possibly need a knife for, and then for the quality name brand manufacturers. I'm sure you'll be happy to buy one. I hope the opinion finds you and your family in good health and spirits. It was respectfully. J.

👤I have mixed feelings about this knife. I am a fan of Gerber. I have several tools that I love. I used a full auto opening version of the knife at the trade show. The action, balance, and size were amazing. The knife doesn't measure up to that one. It is not bad, but it is not great. I haven't adjusted or lubricated it yet, but it feels a little loose. Don't be afraid to get this knife if you don't usually carry an assisted opener or use cheap ones. The knife is a great size, not too small, and not big. The balance and handle feel is good. If you have used high end Gerber before, you may be disappointed. It is worth $50 as a second or third blade.

👤I got my knife. The blade is very sharp and it's very sturdy. The knife is failing me, I received it a few minutes ago. The safety feature on my knife doesn't work very well, it locks but when I try to take it off it gets stuck. I'm struggling to get the safety up because I'm only supposed to slide up with my thumb. Jesus. This is why I don't like folding knives with safety features. I'll most likely return it. I originally bought this knife as a self defense tool. I usually stick to fixed blades for that purpose because I don't trust this with my life. I got the safety working and now I have a small blister on my thumb. The safety is difficult to take off as it's difficult to remove it from safety. The blade and handle are topnotch and the assist is really nice as it helps open the knife a little fast and smooth. I think I just received a bad product.

11. SOG Fixed Blade Knives Tactical

SOG Fixed Blade Knives Tactical

SOG fixed blade knives with sheath are built to last, and they consider all repair and replacement requests. 4. 75INCH AUS-8 STEEL PARTIALLY SERRATED BLADE The 9 inch overall length of the SEAL Pup outdoor knife is a perfect balance of combat knife, boot knife and hunting knife with sheath. There are five OUNCE WT. W/ black bandana. The military knife has a glass-reinforced nylon handle and a nearly indestructible fixed blade. MOLLE-COMPATIBLE SHEATH ATTACHMENT: The nylon MOLLE knife sheath makes it easy to carry this versatile back pack knife, camping knife and compact belt knife. There is a full tANG, powderATED CO and hardENED. SOG's heat treatment makes the blade steel stronger than your average belt buckle knife. SOG fixed blade knives with sheath are built to last and they will take care of you if you need it. The Seal Pup has nylon sheath.

Brand: Sog

👤SOG traded quality and integrity for cheap Chinese manufacturing. I used to be a big fan of SOG product, but not anymore. The #1 knife that you see on the picture is a Japanese design called the Seal PUP. I used to have that knife for a long time and it served me well for several years. It was very functional despite sustaining a lot of abuse. There were no issues with that one. If you decide to order one now, you will receive a Chinese replica that is not close to the original design. SOG sells cheap Chinese duplicate while customers put a picture of original made in Japan design in the description. If you scroll down, you will receive the knife. Be aware of what you are buying. Don't waste your money, is my personal advice as an OIF veteran and infantry NCO. People who wrote positive reviews have nothing to compare with. You will be disappointed if you know about knives. I'm done with SOG. I'll get a strong-arm knife instead of a knife next time. The quality is not the same. I got a new SOG in the mail and attached pictures of my old one. Look for yourself.

👤This knife is a great survival knife for the price. You'd be hard pressed to find a seal pup for less. The product images are not the same as the product you will get. This knife is not made in Japan or Taiwan anymore, but it is Chinese made. My other one is made in Taiwan and it seems like it's as good as this one. It could be sharpened for a razors edge. The SHEATH is my biggest problem. I don't know who changed the design, but I'm not worried. You will not get the same Sheth as in the photos. The snaps are plastic, and they are no longer metal. If it didn't take two hands to open and close the snaps, that would be great. If you can't get the knife out of the sheath with only one hand, that's useless. They are hard to resnap. After opening and closing them a few times, I noticed that the nylon under the snap was starting to degrade. The Chinese version of the sheaths pocket flap is smaller than the American version. The old sheath was about 1/2 inch wider. If you want a sheath that you can rely on, spend the extra $5 - $6 elsewhere.

👤The review was lowered from five to three stars after 16 months because the sheath it comes with is just plain awful. The sheath is bulky and the retention snap is difficult to open or close. When you can find it in stock, the KYD-M40 Kydex sheath is about $22 to $30. The combination is cheaper with the better sheath. The even better Strongarm, which also comes with a great Kydex sheath, is an even better knife and bargain. The knife was almost given to me by Amazon, but I'd rather pay full retail. It's good.


What is the best product for survival knife with sheath gerber?

Survival knife with sheath gerber products from Gerber Gear. In this article about survival knife with sheath gerber you can see why people choose the product. Gerber and Gerber are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival knife with sheath gerber.

What are the best brands for survival knife with sheath gerber?

Gerber Gear, Gerber and Gerber are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival knife with sheath gerber. Find the detail in this article.

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