Best Survival Knife with Sheath and Fire Starter and Compass

Sheath 28 Sep 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Gerber Gear Ultimate Firestarter 31 003941

Gerber Gear Ultimate Firestarter 31 003941

The Texas Bushcraft steel flint has a convenient and portable design that fits in your pocket, backpack or auto glove box. Quality crafted knives and tools for every task: Whether saving time, the day, or a life, Gerber delivers professional-grade pocket knives, multitools, and equipment. A Gerber blade has you covered. The Ultimate Survival Knife and sheath features a half-seraded blade that is ideal for edge retention and cutting rope, a hammer, an emergency whistle, sharpener, and firestarter. The sheath is made of nylon and has a sharpener, Fire Starter locks into the sheath and the blade has an ergonomics rubber handle. It's built to handle any task. You can operate like an expert with the partially serrated knife. Whether used to explore, work, defend, or survive, Gerber knives tackle the tasks of daily life head on. The ultimate fixed blade survival knife is 10 ounces. Theitarian drop point blade is 2.2 The steel is made ofstainless steel. The knives for men and women are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. The ultimate fixed blade survival knife is 10 ounces. Theitarian drop point blade is 2.2 The steel is made ofstainless steel. The knives for men and women are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Brand: Gerber Gear

👤I bought this knife because of the good reviews, but I was wrong to think it was a USA made product, it is engineered and designed in China, and I am going to rethink all my purchases. The knife is strong, has a good grip, but could have been sharper, but it is ok. There is a whistle on the lanyard and a fire starter rod that is on the back of the blade that makes sparks. I wish the descriptions pointed out that it was made in China.

👤The Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival has taken a lot of abuse over the years. It is one of my favorite economic knives. I was looking for a spare since it was discontinued, and luckily the non-advertised version came out from Gerber. It came with a great color. See the pictures. I recommend this product for hikers who need a good economic knife.

👤I read and watched many video reviews before buying this knife. A lot of people don't like the fact that this knife is made in China. Most of the things they own are made in China. I don't think so. The craftsmanship of this knife is not as good as that of a handmade $200+ knife, but it is a pretty good knife. It is tough as nails and holds an edge. Whatever you throw at it, it can handle it. I keep it in my emergency kit when it's not in use. Fire and earthquakes are the biggest natural disaster risks in my area. I would recommend this knife to anyone looking for a heavy duty knife.

👤The knife has been good. Within the first few uses, the firestarter broke. I returned the fire starter to the store. I haven't received the replacement or a response. Terrible customer service.

👤I just got a knife and I like it. This is the same as the Ultimate Knife but without all the markings. The subdued colors of this one make it much more appealing to me, even though I like the Bear Grylls style in general. The nuts and bolts are sturdy and you can feel it right away. The flint won't fall out if it hangs upside-down, and it snaps right into a sockets on the front of the sheath. It snaps firmly into place, but it's not easy to remove. It's much easier to pry loose the flint on my official Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro than it is to use the knife blade. The sheath can be worn vertically or horozontally. The sheath has a sharpening stone under it and can be opened with a strap. Since this isn't a Bear Grylls item, it's expected that this knife doesn't have a pocket in the sheath to hold it. Even though I haven't taken this knife out into the woods yet, I will not hesitate to rely on it for my needs when they arise. This knife is also available under a different listing with a custom engraving on the blade. I went with the original because I wanted the free prime shipping, but both knives are the same price.

2. Lifesaving Flashlights Wilderness Adventures Preparedness

Lifesaving Flashlights Wilderness Adventures Preparedness

The kit contains 12 essential tools that a survivalist or outdoor enthusiast would need in a portable sturdy case. It's a must to have survival gear for hiking or outdoor adventures. The compact kit has a hard plastic case that protects all the tools in it from rust and decay. Natural disaster preparation, survival and emergency situations, and outdoor survival kit for camping, hiking, climbing, adventures, survival and emergency situations are some of the things that can be found in an outdoor survival kit. In case of emergency or natural disasters, you could put in a car or truck. It's also an important and practical gear to help develop your children's ability to survive, and it's a gift for lover. The total weight is less than 1 pound, which will not increase the burden for long-distance travel, and outdoor activities become easy, reduce your travel backpack weight now. There are 12 types of survival tools that will meet your needs.

Brand: Alritz

👤Here's the deal... The product was in good condition when it arrived. I'm surprised by two things. I'm surprised that this survival kit comes with so much gear and tools in a small case, and a draw string bag inside a rugged plastic storage case. The kit came with all of the items listed by the seller, and they all exceeded my expectations at this price point. I was expecting some useful items and cheap junk. I found them to be useful and decent quality. The saws and knives are in good working order. The compass was dead on when I checked it against my app. You need a spare battery for the mini flashlight, but I'd give you two light sources and a spare battery. The flashlight can help you see and be seen as it has strobe, flood, and zoom functions. The fire starter works. The credit card tool comes in a protective sleeve and is versatile and sharp. Some of the negative reviews surprised me. This is an emergency survival kit and not intended for continuous use. Maybe some buyers received a bad item, but that was not my experience. I think it's worth every penny. I put everything back together and didn't have a problem. You have it.

👤The survival kit was a great pickup and all the items inside were great for the price. The kit has a metal credit card thing, a pocket knife, a tactical pen, a whistle, light, compass, band aids, rescue blanket, hand saw and carrying case. I haven't used the blanket. I can support the other products. The pen is light and heavy, it writes well, the whistle is loud, the card fits in my wallet, and the light is small. I was surprised at how bright that thing is, the hand saw cuts well and while there are better alternatives it will definitely do and the pocket knife is light and cuts well. The case is subpar but the carrying case should be able to hold everything and more. It is a great pickup and I would recommend it.

👤It has a bandaid. It's important that you have it first time you open the knife. The second time as well, and each time after that. Pull open the blade and hold in the locking spring at the same time, as you put your thumb in the path of the opening blade. There are no other ways to hold it.

👤A young friend received this item as a gift. The compass didn't work from the beginning, but most of the components seem fine. If the pen didn't write, that's not bad. That's not the worse thing if the flashlight malfunctioned. Someone can get in trouble if a compass doesn't work. The item should have been of good quality. There is a The kit was okay. You will need to upgrade the compass if you purchase this kit. I couldn't give my friend a bad compass.

👤I got a kit for my car. If I were ever stranded, I would need an emergency kit. This is great to have if there is an emergency. It has a lot of different tools and accessories. There were broken bits of plastic in the side of the box. I couldn't find where the plastic pieces came from when I looked closely at the box. There were no signs of damage. The top brace is a bit difficult to close, but the case is prettydurable. There was nothing broken from it. Everything can be stored inside the kit. There are no pockets for your information. It's pretty much everything inside. There is no big bag for everything, they are all wrapped in plastic and some are in mesh bags. The blanket should be kept in the wrap as it would be the most difficult to store. It's only needed in an emergency. The saw and pocket knife are very sharp and will cut through anything. The compass is pretty accurate, but do not hold a magnet up to it. The fire starter is easy to use. There aren't a lot of bandaids. I only saw six bandaids and they are not big. They are for small cuts. It has two flash lights. One is a bright one that runs on an AA battery and the other is a small one that runs on an AA battery. The flash light can either be focused or wide. The flash light is small. If you need a whistle, there is one. If you are looking for first aid more, this is not the kit for you. This product gives me all the tools I need, and I think it's great.

3. Survival Emergency Professional Earthquake Adventure

Survival Emergency Professional Earthquake Adventure

The exclusive 90-days hassle-free return over all products and180 days After-Sales Service is what YEGRUEB Trauma Kits is committed to. If you have received a kit damaged, you can message them and they can offer you a replacement or compensation at a fast pace. Emergency survival tools, fishing gear, medical supplies, and a large nylon pouch are included in the 84 in 1 gear emergency kit. The bag was made of 600D nylon, which is water resistant and light-weight. This kit can be placed in a car, backpack, drawers, pocket. Attaching your Belt, rucksack strap, climbing gear or mountain bike is also securely attached. Their survival gear is top quality. eg. The multi-tool folding pliers have 11 function and are durable. Everything you need is in the survival gear kits. This is needed in many situations. Their must have survival gear makes camping easy and enhances children's survival in hiking and camping. Please contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Xcynns

👤As I opened the bag, it fell apart. It seems failing. Don't waste your money here.

👤I bought it for a person as a Christmas gift. Excellent quality.

👤It was cheap because the bag was ripped and the flashlight didn't work. Not a good product.

👤The nylon was well made and the kit came with everything in the picture, so it was a good value for about $20, but I thought it would be cheap. Well made and I liked it.

4. Bayite Survival Drilled Ferrocerium Keychain

Bayite Survival Drilled Ferrocerium Keychain

This rod produces fire whenever and wherever you need it. The diameter of the rod is 8mm. The backup fire is starting. They drilled a hole in the rod. Comes with a key ring. You can put it on your keys or other places that are easily accessible. Very portable. Works in any weather condition. The rod is rust-free. Up to 3000 degrees C spark can be provided at any altitude. It is durable. There are piles of dry grass, paper, and other materials. The bayite 6 Striking Edges Striker-Pro is made from tool grade steel and maximizes a shower of hot sparks, no matter whether you prefer to use your left or right hand. Buy them together.

Brand: Bayite

👤The are short. If you want to use it as an emergency flint, pack it into a small emergency kit, and if you want to use it as a general flint, use a longer one with a handle. This one definitely works. The pack has two. You could re-use the metal box they come in. You have to get through the outer black coating before the shiny part starts to light up. It would be great if this came with a small saw-blade for striking, but it doesn't. You get what it says you get. I would buy again. I might buy again. The only concern with buying flint rods is finding a good iron for sparking. Cheap scissors work well. My solution is that. Buy cheap scissors. Cut them to size using bolt cutters. Use the edge of the blade to create a spark. This way you don't hurt your knife.

👤It doesn't sound like much to grab on to, and if you have an inefficient strikers, it may not be. I use either my Amazon orNexLand ceramic mini knife and these make it very easy to get things lit. I'm using the video clip I submitted for the reviews because it also includes the ferro rod. I think the ferro rod is top notch in terms of its metal composition and will produce lots of hot sparks. I have a belt loop with a 2 inch rod attached to it. A great combination!

👤I have larger rods and they mean business to me. They are heavy. Too heavy for an event. These are small and easy to slip on my key chain. They spark when the coating is removed. My pocket knife has a wide back edge that I can use to spark, so that is not a problem. In an emergency situation, I don't think putting scratches on these things is going to be a problem. If you are looking for something that strikes and you can keep with the rods, look at the Bayite Striker-Pro High Speed Steel Strike for the Fire Starter on Amazon. They work well, can be hung on your key chain, and you can get three for the price.

👤The package they came in is perfect for making into a tin for carrying items such as char cloth, and is one of the reasons I would have given these a 5. I spent the past hour with "Goo Gone" cleaning off the sticky mess from the cheap ass labels and tape. You know people are going to reuse that container, so don't make it hard to clean it off. Let's face it, it's not easy to hold. What can you expect from the size? It's very usable if you put the key ring in and paracord through it.

👤I've been looking for a firestarter that will fit on my keychain so I always have it with me, and also that it won't contain any flammable liquids, so I can go through the security at the airport. I've bought a few to try and they're either ineffective or huge. This one is small enough that I can just leave it on my keychain, and it will make serious sparks with a steel striking surface with an edge. Will I ever need it? I don't know. I know that it's a basic piece of emergency equipment that I'll have with me if I need it.

5. VViViD Emergency Tactical Flashlight Adventure

VViViD Emergency Tactical Flashlight Adventure

Paracord bracelets and lanyards are easy to carry and are used to make different survival gear. Birthday or Christmas gift for Dads, boyfriends and any outdoor nature lover! A survival knife, a wire-saw for camp-fire wood gathering, a flint fire-starter that works even when wet, and a flashlight are all in a waterproof box. You can trust the gear you have. These tools are built tough using quality materials that are designed to endure the punishing conditions of survival in forests and mountains. It's ideal for hikers, hunters, survival training, climbing, camping holidays, bush-craft, and plain old having fun! This survival kit is lightweight and compact, and can fit into your backpack, car glovebox or trunk. Attach the attached D-loops to your pack or mountain-bike and you'll be able to access it in the event of an emergency. The waterproof box is perfect for rafting, kayaking or fishing. If trouble happens, you don't know how long you'll be out there or how far you'll need to hike, so it's essential not to be weighed down with unnecessary, stocking-filler quality items. This kit of life-saving tools is designed to cover all your needs, with many items serving double-duty, such as the pen, blanket, and reflectors, which can be used as weapons, and keeping your pack light. Quality survival gear that will help you safely enjoy your outdoor adventures is what they pride ourselves on. If you have any questions, please contact them.

Brand: Vvivid

👤My son had the set and the case broke within 5 minutes. The knife and band were close to the paper.

6. Professional Equipment Essential Accessories Adventures

Professional Equipment Essential Accessories Adventures

Birthday and Farther's Day are ideal for a special gift for yourself, family, friends, father, son. Enjoy a safe and relaxed adventure with it. Each tactical gear bag contains 13 tools made for outdoor adventures. You can find a fire starter, wire saw, tactical knife, survival blanket, multi tool card, compass, and other items for camping. Their survival kit comes with a whistle that can produce sound as loud as 120 decibels. The kit includes a tactical pen for breaking car glass. Their waterproof military gear kit is built with hard-wearing metal and can endure rough handling. It is reliable for hiking and camping. Compact and lightweight The box only weighs 0.98 lbs. It fits in your backpack or your car's compartment for quick access, measuring only 4.1 x 1.8 x 6.3 inches. Do you know a person who loves to explore the great outdoors? Make sure they have their survival kits. They are a thoughtful present for the adventurer in your life.

Brand: Colsen

👤This was a gift exchange gift and granddad picked it. He uses it all the time. The man has a dozen flashlight, but he goes to the one included in this instead. He loves the pocket knife because it's a switchblade and he doesn't have to open it with his hands. He likes the pen because it's cool. There is a He was messing with the flint and almost set the house on fire. 10/10 would give again.

👤The pros of this kit are the price point, the amount of items inside and itsVersatility. The case is very flimsy, it does not close completely if you move one item that is inside, the water resistant seal of the case is tested due to the fact that there are so many products shoved inside. This is a good product if you take everything from the case and put it in a different one.

👤I bought this for him as a gift and he loved it. The box is super durable and he forced it close because the stuff in there has some issues. I really like it.

👤This is for the grandson. We love it! The kit looks good. Would buy again. Only problem... No instructions! What is the strap used for?

👤I gave some of these to my family. The company replaced the whole kit after I had an issue with one item. The items are well made and useful. Great product.

👤This small container contains everything that may run into problems.

👤I keep the knife in my back pack and take it with me on hikes because the case is water proof.

👤I was surprised by the quality of these kits. We ordered two for our boys because they had fun going through them. The kit is large enough to hold necessities, but small enough to be portable.

7. Morakniv Bushcraft Survival Starter 4 3 Inch

Morakniv Bushcraft Survival Starter 4 3 Inch

It's convenient and compact. The fire starter rod can fit in cars, survival kits, and camping gear. The fixed blade knife has a thick carbon steel blade. Net Weight: 5.4 ounces. The sheath has a diamond sharpener and a rubber grip. The Morakniv Fire Starter works when wet. Lifetime manufacturer's warranty. Lifetime manufacturer's warranty.

Brand: Morakniv

👤I ordered the Mora Garberg at the same time as I ordered this knife. It's time to get that done, I held off on reviewing this one for some reason I don't recall. The Garberg review can be found in my reviews. This review is going to be a bit longer than my Garberg review. The knife is short. I don't like the sheath. I will be more specific in the review. My wife's sister asked me to put together a 72 hour kit, emergency bag, and other items for her, and I bought this knife at the same time as my Garberg. I don't recall if I bought this just for my own sake or if I was thinking of buying that kit. I own it now. Mora's knife was scary sharp. The blade has a black finish and is a dream for a machinist. Perfect Sharp 90. The corners were supposed to do what they were supposed to do. While preserving your blades cutting edge, you should remove your ferrocerium rod, bark from trees for tinder, and process tinder. They are perfectly executed. The grip fills my hand out and feels very comfortable. The knife is well done. The knife is 1/3 or so like most Mora's. If you use your knife as a knife and not an ax, that's not a problem. It will hold up well with proper technique, like the rest of the Mora line. I'm having a hard time quantifying the sheath because I don't feel it. I'll let you make your own decisions, but I'll take it over part at a time. There are two options for belt carry. A clip over attachment and a rigid thread thru belt loop reminds me of a dangler in a way as low as the sheath hangs. Both are functional. I don't like the quarter turn sockets they use to attach the sheath. It seems like a weak point to me. This may be ignorant. I'm not feeling that. The ferrocerium rod slides into it's sockets and is held in place by a nub over the edge of the handle. Simple and effective if the user pulls the handle to the side to clear the nub. It's pretty simple and effective. I like it! A diamond stone is used for sharpening. I should have taken other reviewers more seriously about how coarse this is. It's not really for keeping the blade sharp, it's more for you to do some repair sharpening, you buggered up the edge badly, now you have to do some repair sharpening. It's very coarse. You should carry a fine hone with you rather than rely on the stone. I'm not going to say that the stone is worthless, but I feel that it lacks any real day to day utility. It's coarse enough that you're likely going to get some abrading. There is a I appreciate the sharpener, but I'm not feeling it. I would cover it with gorilla tape and be happy. The knife and ferrocerium rod are the only parts of the system that I feel are important. I will not say I regret buying it. In the future, I will buy a Mora companion HD carbon for$15 and carry a fine diamond steel with a swedish fire steel in my pocket and feel like I have a better package. I'm going to make my own sheath for my knife since it's much like the Garberg. I'll be into it for more than I want to be, but then I'll have a knife system that's usable for me. No two people are the same. Mora put together a package that will be useful for most people. I can't deduct stars when looking at the big picture because this system doesn't work for me. I bought my knife with my own money and did not pay for any of the things that would have helped my review. I try to help others make betterinformed buying decisions by reviewing items I buy and use honestly. I spent the money to help you decide if a product is right for you. It's my hope that I can help someone out. Please let Amazon and others know if you found my review helpful by clicking yes. Please let them know if you think it's a steaming pile. I don't want my review to be one of the worthless ones on Amazon. Thank you for reading. I hope this helps someone.

8. StatGear STAT05 BRK Surviv All Survival Knife

StatGear STAT05 BRK Surviv All Survival Knife

If there is any product issues, each Witharmour knife has a lifetime warranty. If you have a question, please email them and they will be happy to provide you with a solution. StatGear is a survival knife. The knife can handle anything outdoors. The drop point blade has a blade sharpening stone in the back of the sheath so it is sharp and sturdy. The starter and cutter are in a sheath. The cord cutter works well for small cuts so you don't have to remove your knife. If you enjoy hunting and other outdoor activities, you'll find the StatGear Surviv-All outdoor knife to be a convenient and practical choice. If you enjoy hunting and other outdoor activities, you'll find the StatGear Surviv-All outdoor knife to be a convenient and practical choice.

Brand: Statgear

👤The steel used was the only thing that was different about this knife. I bought this knife for my AT section hike. It has a great grip, a nice sheath, a built-in line cutter, and a sharpener. Give it five stars and be done with it. The steel used for this knife is probably A. This steel does not hold an edge for very long. It is a good value for this price point. There are better steels for a survival blade. It is a nice little rig. I decided to use a D2 steel knife and a swiss firestarting rod.

👤Great product. I have not used the knife yet, but if it breaks I will update this review, otherwise it is what I think. The knife feels very solid, good weight, the blade is solid, a slight bit wider than I thought, but not really a flaw, the handle is a little soft and tacky, and the rubber feels durable. Even when wet, you get a really good grip. I can pinch it just where the blade meets the handle, and it has a good overall length to control it, and it is well balanced. The nylon belt loop is thick and nice and the sheath feels very durable. The fire starter works, it is mounted upside down on the sheath, but it takes a bit of effort to pull it out, so I don't see it falling out. I can't say over time. It would have been nice if the sheath had spaces on the side to strap it onto a backpack. The nylon belt loop is screwed onto the back of the sheath, so I might try to rig something up. The sharpening stone on the back is coarse for my liking, I would have preferred something a bit more fine to just put back an edge. I think it is a great knife for the price.

👤I tested the knife in the field, cutting, carving, and chopping, and it has stood up to the abuse. The knife is tough because of the softer steel and it will not chip if you chop hard woods or drop it on a rock. It can besharpened on the included diamond plate once the edge is rolled or dulled. You can get a shaving edge on it in minutes, which is an advantage over harder steel knives. The pummel was damaged from hitting slay rock but is still usable. The fire steel started a fire for me in seconds using brush, dried grass and all I could find in the forest around me, so it definitely works. This knife is a cheaper version of the Ultimate Pro knife, but it is still very strong. If you want a cheap knife to take out to camp or hunting, with a nice sheath and fire steel all in one package, this is the knife for you. It does the job for $35, thats a meal for 2 in a restaurant.

👤This knife is a great buy. It is similar to the Prodigy. Another budget knife is added to the collection. I have a lot of expensive knives, but they aren't that expensive. I decided to remove the paracord with the clip on the sheath to make my hack.

9. Survival Neck Knife Tactical Sharpener

Survival Neck Knife Tactical Sharpener

The knife has a sawback edge on the spine of the blade. The beauty of this knife is that it's just the right size to fit around your neck or belt. The little knife is just 5.5" long and has a fixed blade that won't weigh you down or make you bulky to travel with. Preppers love the convenience of this awesome survival tool. This tactical knife has a variety of lanyard holes for slipping paracord/rope through to string it around your neck. The multi-purpose tool can slice through paracord, rope, and other materials, but it also has a compass and a signal mirror, so you can find your way. The g10 handle of the survival weapon makes it easy to cut, slice, dicing and hack in the rain. They back their products with a 6 month "Any Reason" Refund Guarantee. You can add to the cart now.

Brand: Survival Frog

👤The Survival Frog website says it's 440C, but there is no mark on the blade. That's great, but I have doubts. It is very rugged because it is full tang. I assumed that the "fire starter" rod was a ferro rod, but it's not. There were zero sparks. It looks like a soft magnesium rod that can easily be removed from the ground. That is useful. The knife sharpening rod is diamond coated. It would work well for resharpening a dull blade, but not for putting a fine edge on it. It's fine for survival situations. The compass has a small mirror behind it. It could be useful for signalling or for finding ticks in difficult to view locations. When I get a new knife, I expect to have to sharpen it. It appears to be a good deal. There is an update. It took me a while to "shaving sharp" it. The steel was very hard. I have no doubts that it is probably 437C with a good heat treatment. It seems to have a much higher strength than the Chinese cheap steel used in a lot of small knives. The edge retention should be great because it was not easy to sharpen. I'm impressed!

👤Headline says it all. I had high hopes for this one, I love smaller sheathed fixed blades. The hole spacing on the sheath is not compatible with the t-Lok style, which means the knife is not an excellent every day blade. It doesn't appear that any of your three hole belt clips will fit it. The compass and signal mirror are flimsy and I wouldn't expect them to survive much use or abuse. It is a tough little knife, but only if you want to wear it around your neck or keep it in your pack.

👤A nice knife. Small but strong. Came shaving sharp. The tiny bubble in the compass is accurate. The ball chain was not in the description. Excellent combination of features. I have added a light to the end of the sheath and I will have a complete setup once I find the whistle that will attach. I forget that I am wearing it because it is invisible under my shirt. It is part of my regular event. I am very happy with the purchase.

👤It is very easy to handle. The reason I didn't give 5 stars was because it didn't have any instructions on how to use the fire starter, compass, or anything else. I looked at the website of the mfg, and there was nothing listed. I wanted to make sure my son knew how to use those items since they'll be part of my backpacking kit.

👤The neck knife is small and not practical. The sheath is thought out. The blade is made from a type of steel. There are better options for the money. The Bushcraft Neck Knife is made from D2 steel. The survival knife is on sale at the store.

👤I have had this thing for 2 years and it is still strong. I can't tell you how many times I've pulled the knife out of the sheath, but I can tell you how many times I've held it in my pocket. Even if I shake it, it won't fall out. The compass and mirror work well, but I have never used the sharpener, I think it might work in a pinch. The strikers are not that big. It is a great deal to buy this just for the knife.

10. Tigergo Portable Survival Multi Tool Tactical

Tigergo Portable Survival Multi Tool Tactical

There is outdoor survival gear and equipment. The axe tool is easy to use with one hand. It's an indispensable tool for home and outdoor use. It is suitable for camping, hunting, hiking, fishing, exploring or indoor activities. The multi-tool camping axe kit has functions such as axe, hammer, bottle opener, fish scaler tool, fire starter, emergency whistle, compass, glass breaker, etc. It can be used as a tactical axe, tactical folding axe with sharp blade, and a sheath. The axe head and extension bars are made of thick aluminum alloy. It was designed and produced for the outdoors. You can adjust the length of the handle according to your needs. The axe has a nylon sheath to protect it from the elements. The outdoor camping hatchet is a great gift for friends and family who love hiking or hunting. They will be impressed by your choice if you give them this gift.

Brand: Tigergo

👤I tried to sharpen it because it came dull. The blade is wobbly even though I have tightened it many times. The compass fell out. The knife is the only positive thing about it.

👤This thing is cool. We will see how well it holds up.

👤I love it! I ordered this two days ago and it arrived here. It was lightweight and great for me as I am pettite. It is so small that it can be removed into three pieces. It fits in my purse. It has a sturdy cover, a smaller knife, and a compass that works, and it also has a small knife. Excited to go camping with the kids.

👤It's lightweight but durable. It's easy to put together and take apart. I don't know why I bought it. I am excited.

👤Excellent product! It's small and wouldn't be used as my main axe.

👤It was a gift for my husband and he loved it.

11. Sunkoon Survival 19 2 37 8inch Lengthened Shovelhead

Sunkoon Survival 19 2 37 8inch Lengthened Shovelhead

Men and women have stockings. The shovel head is made of high-quality thick steel, surface hardened and heat-treated. It's hard enough, wear-resistant and rust-proof. Enough to deal with all kinds of outdoor adventures. The shovel handle is made of aviation aluminum alloy. The grip is comfortable. The safety rope is sufficient to make your use safer. The Sunkoon Camping Axe is made of 3 CR13 steel, which is ultra-strong and rust resistant, and is made by a special process. It is easy to use because of the sharp blade and reasonable angle. You can defend yourself and chop, split, hammer, etc. The protective cover can help you carry it safely. Sunkoon folding camping survival shovel Axe Set includes shovel, axe, cutter, saw, hoe, hook, stick, wrench, screwdriver, bottle opener, hunting spear, whistle, fire starter, ice piton, window breaker. Perfect. shoveling, chopping, cutting, sawing, digging, hammering, bottle opening It's ideal for camping, hiking, off-roading, SUVing, backpacking, fishing, hunting, and gardening. Sunkoon folding shovel Axe Multitool gear is composed of shovel, Axe, extension handles and other accessories. The Storage Pouch can be easily stored after folding. It's easy to carry. It is easy to assemble. The shovel can be extended to 37.8 inches, which can be used for any emergency situations. 3 screw-in threaded extension handles can be assembled freely, lengthen or shorten the length of the handle according to your needs, and then screw the shovel, axe or other accessories to the handle. You can use shovel, axe, knife, hunting spear, screwdriver and other functions more easily and comfortably.

Brand: Sunkoon

👤The quality and heft of the kit impressed me, I just received it. It's nice, I assembled all the pieces. The magnesium bar is coated with metal and the quality of the steel is not good. Yeah. The edge of the knife was sharp until savesay There are dents on the edge of the kit after someone tried to hit the magnesium bar. The magnesium bar is coated with steel so that it won't work, and after a few attempts with the knife it created dents. The shovel and axe is large enough and works well. I'll try to update the review a few months out, but how long the kit lasts will be determined by how long it lasts. I'll use the kit this weekend when I go camping.

👤The whole thing was awesome. After about 15 swings, the axe broke clean off. I was not doing anything crazy and I am very disappointed that this happened. Do not recommend.

👤The shovel and axe are very handy to use outside. It is easy to carry and apply to different situations. I used the axe to chop the camping woods. I wanted to dig a hole in an area with a lot of tree roots. It was hard for me. The shovel and axe made my job much easier. I would recommend the tools. I hope you enjoy them.

👤You can't do better if you aren't fighting Cerberus. All metal construction can be used.

👤The product is worth the money. It's amazing how versatile it is. It feels very sturdy. I like that it's not light weight, so I can still get some good swings on some logs. I think a lighter would lose that ability. The bag is small and can fit in a backpack. The compass is the only downfall I have found. It doesn't work. The location of the north keeps changing. I am in Alaska, but I am still far away from the center of the world. A well rounded product with many uses.

👤I love everything about it except for the glass breaking knapper. Will contact them to see if they will ship it out. I can break a window with a hammer on axe, but I paid for all of them.

👤I am very pleased with this awesome survival tool. It must be very high quality for any one to travel, camping, hunting, or fishing. I will not leave home without this tool, it can be used as a weapon and protection device.

👤It's cool to have, but not all that practical. It won't do any of the jobs as well as the tools would, but that is expected.


What is the best product for survival knife with sheath and fire starter and compass?

Survival knife with sheath and fire starter and compass products from Gerber Gear. In this article about survival knife with sheath and fire starter and compass you can see why people choose the product. Alritz and Xcynns are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival knife with sheath and fire starter and compass.

What are the best brands for survival knife with sheath and fire starter and compass?

Gerber Gear, Alritz and Xcynns are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival knife with sheath and fire starter and compass. Find the detail in this article. Bayite, Vvivid and Colsen are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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