Best Survival Knife with Sheath and Compass

Sheath 3 Oct 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Ontario Knife Company 8679 Combat

Ontario Knife Company 8679 Combat

A lanyard hole and a full tang design make the knife very dangerous. It is made of 1075 carbon steel. The overall length is 12.10 inches.

Brand: Ontario Knife Company

👤A good knife can skin a snake. It would wound self again.

👤I paid $26 for it, but I will buy more at $36. It's a combat/working edge, but it's sharp out of the box. 5 minutes on a decent quality stone gave me an edge that was like a dog in summer, with the factory bevel. You don't need to reprofile the edge to make it razor sharp. The total blade length is 6 15/16" long with the edge covering 6 1/2 of that. It is thick at the spine. It isn't bad. Lots of mounting options and good protection. The basic design of the Ka-Bar military combat knife is the same as the one you get for self defense, and the steel is 1095 high carbon, which is good. My balance is on the flat end of a pencil at the blade/handle joint. Great design and execution. I can imagine someone saying "This was my grandpa's knife" in the future.

👤I can't say what other reviewers have said about this knife. I don't want to say the same thing again. If you are on the fence, read the reviews and buy it. It is a bargain at $26. It's a good buy even at $36. I've seen worse with the sheath. There are multiple options for securing it. The blade was sharp. I have the sharpeners. If you use a knife, you need to know how to sharpen it. People who want to cry about getting a dull knife should get a sharpener and learn to use it. A knife that was sent dull doesn't get a good grade because it isn't worth as much. Will it do the job you need it to do? I think this is a medium sized utility knife. Personal defense or camp chores. It is not a chopper or a parring knife. I like the handle more than the leather washer style. Got it through Amazon. It arrived in a timely manner. Well packaged. I wanted to do a triple comparison between the SP 1, SP 2, and the SP 6. The fulfillment center couldn't send to my address. They could send the SP 1. I'm confused.

👤The best 7 inch knife is hands down. You can always spend more money, but you won't ever need anything more than this knife. If you are a knife lover, you may want to get a higher end knife, but this does the job.

👤This knife is very strong. Excellent quality. The handle is very strong. I got it for $26 and it was a steal. I would just pay the normal price. The Kabar like model I bought a while back was a straight POS. Quality control at Kabar is not up to par. The knife is 1000x better than the previous one.

👤The knife was made in the US. Ontario makes great knives. I have several and I would recommend them all. There is a little bit of a grind, but nothing to worry about. It was made from steel. The sheath does its job.

2. Ontario Force Survival Knife Black

Ontario Force Survival Knife Black

pilots carry the 499 survival knife for generations for survival in any environment A carbon steel blade. thickness The overall length is 9. The U.S. Army and Air Force have knives. The blade has a top edge. The sheath and leather handle are comfortable.

Brand: Ontario Knife

👤The survival knife issued by the USAF and US Army flight crews since 1958 is still being used by the US military. The K-Bar has a handle made of tough leather rings and a 5 inch blade with a bolt base for hammering and breaking glass. The battle of Vietnam to the Mid East was perfect length and not unwieldy for defense. What else could you ask for in a survival knife? I have owned a few over the years, starting with my first one that I purchased at the Camp Casey PX in Korea and used after my hitch was up, and it never let me down. Over the last 48 years, I have always owned at least one, even though I lost a couple, one got stolen and I gave a few to family and friends. I bought my wife one, gave my son and daughter one, and bought this one for me. I have a spare in my bag and one on my belt. I am treating the handle with GreaseLP to weather proof it. The leather sheath is dying as well. Almost every other knife competing for your money as a survival knife is trying to be this knife. They are not. The survival knife has been in the military for 60 years. This knife is for sale.

👤I have had experience with pilots survival knives in the past as a soldier and as a knife reviewer, but I figured I would give them another try. I wanted to get a better idea of whether or not these knives would be a good idea to recommend to new users due to their cool styling, history, and super low price. This knife is TERRIBLE for anyone new to bushcraft or survival. The edge is not straight. If you are looking for a user, this knife is not the one for you, it has the worst fit and finish and edge geometry of any knife I have ever purchased. If you thin the edge out to a halfway decent thickness, you can do a decent job, but you can't do it because the edge is not straight.

👤I had a knife in 1973. When my country was taken over by the communists, I had to throw away my military knives. I didn't care about the brands of the knives my father gave me, I was a little boy. I remember the shape of the knife, and the fact that I often used it when going into the woods with my friends. It's funny. It's nice to have it again. Handle it every day because it's a beautiful old friend. Love it. Thank you Amazon and Ontario. I know it's called the Ontario 499 Air force Survival knife. The sheath is the same as mine in 1973. I need the knife, not the sheath.

👤I decided to use the OTK knife after a lot of research. I wanted the USA to be made and not all of them are. These are. I put a few coats of resolene from feibings on the leather after painting it with orange leather dye. I put the O rings in the leather gaps after grabbing the 395 piece O ring kit. I used a razors edge tosharpen it. I haven't used it yet to cut heavy duty stuff, but I will report back when I do. I put the sheath to my liking. Check out the pictures.

3. BlizeTec Survival Knife 5 Magnesium

BlizeTec Survival Knife 5 Magnesium

100% money back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied. Premium 5-in-1 pocket-size survival knife with nylon pouch is the best emergency tool. Serrated saw, bright flashlight, magnesium alloy fire starter, blade lock, window breaker, seatbelt cutter and pocket clip are functional components. The BlizeTec multi-purpose lock blade knife is perfect for all occasions and can be used for camping, hiking, hunting and any outdoor activity. An emergency preparedness item is a great gift. TheOCKET size and light weight are listed. The knife is designed to fit in your hand. It's only 5.46oz, making it easy to avoid carrying a big knife, while enjoying all the benefits of a big knife. The knife can be carried with a belt clip or nylon pouch. The kit is easy to use. The BlizeTec emergency knife is easy to keep. The entire knife is long when open and contains a mini light, seatbelt cutter, window breaker, magnesium fire starter, belt clip, nylon pouch, and Flexible carry options with the included belt clip or just put it in your pocket. The whole unit is only 5 inches when closed, and the blade is 3.5 inches long. Every day you carry a knife, you are assured of quality assurance. BlizeTec is protected by a trademark and your purchase is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Brand: Blizetec

👤I want to add that this knife is still going strong and remains my daily carry knife after all these years. Thanks BlizTec! This knife is an amazing knife, and really lives up to its name as a survival knife. The performance of this knife was amazing when I returned from Nepal. It is not too heavy. Even with repeated daily use, it stays clipped in place because it has a solid feel in your hand. The blade is very sharp, and has kept a good edge after a very demanding month of back country use. The tasks were handled beautifully. The pack mules use the serrated portion of the blade to cut the small shrubs. -- Butchering and skinning a full size goat. Cleaning dirt and grim from fingernails. I like that the belt clip can be removed with the three small screws, since after a month of constant use I needed to crimp it. The blade has a decent edge after a lot of rough use, and the body has held up nicely. I don't have any criticisms or suggestions that would prevent me from buying it again. I would suggest design changes if BlizeTec reworked this blade. This is a good knife. 1) The mini light and fire starter should be reversed. The light would fall into the dirt when the knife was being used on a difficult task. It was almost lost because of this. The textured head of the light makes it easy to accidentally pull the light out while holding the knife. The magnetized back is not enough. The fire starter has a tighter profile against the housing, so I would switch it to the other one. There are two more The strikers are so small that they don't strike very well, and the teeth are not close enough to catch the strikers shaft, which makes it hard to use the knife closer to the hinge. If you have small hands, it's easier, but I have large man hands, and always felt cramped when using it. It's not practical to make the strikers any longer, but it is possible to make a slightly larger final serrated gap where the straight edge starts to give a little better spacing for larger hands. This knife is going into my bug out bag for future use, and is a brilliant knife, besides these two suggestions. BlizeTec gave a great knife combo.

👤The pros: It seems solid and I didn't notice any flaws. Everything is as advertised, and the blade is sharp. The flashlight is held in place by a strong magnet. The cons are 1. The flashlight turns on and off by being screwed in and out. To turn it off, you have to loosen it. Don't loosen it too much, or the bulb part will come off. Is it enough? It might go off for a while, and then come back on its own. I left it on for 3 days because I didn't loosen it enough. 2. The flashlight is not bright. Not as bright as the one on my phone. 3. If the blade isn't completely closed, it can open. You must be careful not to let it go. My pocket knife snaps closed if it's less than a few millimeters, so that was never a concern. It seems too heavy to carry in my pocket. I don't want to get one this heavy in the future.

4. Rambo Knives Masterpiece Collection Standard

Rambo Knives Masterpiece Collection Standard

Overall, 14. The blade is 8 inches long. The handle is black. The bowie style blade has a polished finish. A replica was created based on an actual knife used in the production. The first edition. There is a limited edition of 5000. A certificate of authenticity has a serial number. The buffalo hide belt has a lanyard and leg tie. It was boxed. bowies is a category. China is the country of origin.

Brand: Ramboa Knives Masterpiece Collection

👤I bought this knife from an Amazon seller. You get what you see in the pictures. The Rambo First Blood Part II Knife, Officially licensed and produced by Hollywood Collectibles Group, and the same version, but with the same signature on the blade, are the only two that have the correct movie version. The blade is awesome. The best reproduction version so far and I have had/have all of them including the original Jimmy Lile knife. The cord-wrap feels good in your hand, the compass built into the butt cap is a bit clunky, and the Handle is well made. There is no big deal. There is a The sheath is mint. It's very thick. It might look like it is black online, but it is not. It's a very, very, very dark real leather brown. I love it because it's the same as the original. The gold diamond sharpening rod in its leather pouch is a great addition to make this even more authentic. I like the standard versions more than the signature ones. They have a knife that has Sig on it. I think the same seller has that one as well.

👤This is my favorite Rambo knife, it's very solid and sturdy, and it comes very sharp... I now own all 5 movie knives. The sheath is a good value.

👤The design of this knife is excellent, but it is not good enough to be used. If the design of the knife was as good as it is, then this could be an all in one survival kit, with a knife, saw, compass, glass breaker, screwdrivers, paracord, and hollow handle. I thought that it would be signed by John Rambo, but it may be his hand writing.

👤The sheath is not movie accurate, but this is the best version of the knife to date.

👤The one they advertise is not the one that comes with the diamond rod sharpener on the sheath, and the one I paid for is not worth the money.

👤It was difficult to get dislike out of handle.

👤The best knife for survival.

👤The licence de reproduction du couteau de Rambo II is sous. Mon colis est arrivé plus tt.


5. Morakniv Bushcraft Stainless Fixed Blade Sharpener

Morakniv Bushcraft Stainless Fixed Blade Sharpener

There is a nylon sheath and magnesium alloy Fire Starter. It's ideal for survival, outdoor, hunting, emergency, and tactical applications. The sheath has an integrated fire starter and blade sharpener. The all-weather fire starter works even when wet. The total length is 9.1-inches and the blade thickness is 1/6-inch. The manufacturer's warranty is limited.

Brand: Morakniv

👤The Mora Bushacraft Survival has two versions, black and orange. The orange is made of carbon steel. Both of them are great knives. The orange Bushcraft's blade is a tad thicker. Both of them will perform light to medium tasks very well. They both have the same package with a good sheath, a sharp spine and a sharpening steel plate. Mora should make a version of the Black Bushcraft. I think the steel version is a better choice. I use the Black Buscraft for an event. It works well. I would like to see it on steel. I prefer these knives over the Garberg because of the cost and weight. The Garberg is too expensive for what it is. It is almost double the weight of the Bushcraft. The Bushcraft is a better buy for the money and the weight because it can do more than the Garberg can. Buscraft line knives are some of the best in the business. They are a great purchase. The orange Bushcraft is great for hiking because it is almost florescent and it is easy to see in the grass. One of the Bushcraft knives will work if you are looking for a strong, sharp, long lasting knife. The black is more laid back.

👤Great tool. I will add 2 cents to the MoraKniv fans. I have no fear that the knife will come out accidentally because the sheath is solid. A very firm tug to unsheath is required for a very solid affirmative click on insert. Very pleased with the sheath. I am sure the holder for the ferous rod is secure. The integrated stone is a nice touch, but not as easy to use as a large stone on a bench, but I had no trouble touching up my edge after using it. The knife feels good in my hand, balanced, and not excessive weight, which is very practical. The grip is thought out. The knife is a good fit for me because I wear a glove. I used the knife for a few hours and it didn't hurt. The top of the knife has a square cut that allows for good strikes on the ferous rod and I have started several fires with just dry shavings because the knife produced hit with a shower of sparks. If you don't want to start fires with the ferous rod, then perhaps this isn't the knife for you. When working with a knife, I often have my hand on the back edge, but it was designed that way so that I wouldn't have to use both hands on the blade, it was just a trade off. The traditional size of the ferous rod has a handle for your thumb and finger. The smaller you get at using these, the better. I have several more on order, and the knife is great.

👤I was carrying the Morakniv light edition. I went to this variation so that I could do batoning. The different connection options are a nice bonus. The design is thought out and the craftsmanship is great. I used a Japanese whetstone to put a razors edge on this puppy and so far it has held that edge through batoning and usage. The fire starter is solid and 90 degrees from the tine, which makes it easy to spark the ferro rod. I like the holder for the firestart, but you may want to use the hole they put in it to put a loop of string, since it would be almost impossible for it to work itself out. The blade slides into the sheath and you know it will come out. It is harder to pull out than the Morakniv Light My Fire Edition because it has a thumb rest. I have a bushcraft knife in a HedgeHog Leather Works sheath that is my heavy duty bush craft knife, but I can't carry that in all the places I do.

6. Victorinox Swiss Champ Pocket Knife

Victorinox Swiss Champ Pocket Knife

If you experience any issues with your HPG product, Home Planet Gear will give you a full replacement warranty. If you contact HPG directly through the Amazon messaging system, they will be happy to assist you with any questions, issues or difficulties you have. HPG strives for 100% customer satisfaction. Ready for anything. This multi-tool can be used in a variety of ways, from deep in the wilderness to working around the house. There is a sturdy construction. The redABS scales encased in Swiss Made STAINLESS STEEL provide sleek durability. There is a company called COMPACT CARRY. The SwissChamp pocket knife is like a tool box in your pocket, with a tool for nearly every task. The dimensions are Kene. The length is 3.6” and the height is 1.32”. Trusted quality. Victorinox has a lifetime guarantee against defects in material and workmanship. Making a lifetime commitment has never been easier. Sport type is camping and hiking.

Brand: Victorinox

👤I've been carrying this knife for two years. I had my leatherman stolen. This was my edc blade for a couple of years. I've used every tool in my life. I can't count the number of pieces I've removed with the needle and tweezers. The scissors are strong enough to slice through shipping straps. I've used the magnifying glass to start fires, and the saw to cut a limb from a christmas tree. The pen was very useful. I usually used the large blade for other jobs and the short blade for boxes. The driver in the cork screw was very useful. When compared to leatherman, the screwdrivers are amazing. As a father, the awl was amazing. I used it to punch holes in the tops of my son's drinks to make a sippy cup on the go. I used the toothpick as a tooth pick. I would recommend this tool to anyone. Why don't I carry it now? The scales are coming loose. The tool likes to pick up lint grease and dirt. I spent more time cleaning the tool than I did using it because I carried it for two years. I don't mind dirty tools. This affects performance. The return spring no longer opened the scissors after the joint of the scissors was gummed up. It's not smooth to flip out the knife. I know it can be cleaned. I've never had this many issues before. I carry a new leatherman with me. I wonder if I would have had so many issues if I'd carried the swiss tool. The scales are going to be a problem over time, no matter how you carry it.

👤If you're not sure about the SwissChamp, buy this immediately. I got the black version a couple years ago. It fits perfectly in the little 5th jeans pocket or even easier in a cargo pocket, because of the number of tools for its size. I've used all the tools many times and never left home without them. The amount of work I've done with this tool is astounding. The small size of some of the tools is an advantage. They are so fine that they can do things that no other pliers can. Sometimes you need a bigger tool, and that's normal with any multitool. Sometimes the small version of a tool on the SwissChamp is the best tool I own for the job, as it is much more convenient and portable, and it is also the best tool I own. Pair it with a drill and drill bit set. You feel like you can take on anything. I will own one of these from now on. I have researched Victorinox's entire catalog, and this particular Swiss Army Knife is definitely the way to go if you want a variety of capability in 888-282-0465.

👤I've had a lot of these knives. I have only had to replace one because it got lost while camping. I use them and never had any damage to them. The magnifying glass setup on this one was different, and the previous models had a gray plastic fold out for the glass that was quite rugged. The clear plastic foldout holder was not as sturdy as it could have been. I was waiting for the winter to end so I could take it camping, and this knife has gotten little use. I only carried it in my pocket a few times. I was packing to go on a hike when I discovered that the magnifying glass was lost. I use the magnifying glass a lot to see tiny splinters, read small print, and even start a fire with the sun, and this takes away much of the knife's usefulness for me. I hope that this will be fixed by the seller.

7. Survival Neck Knife Tactical Sharpener

Survival Neck Knife Tactical Sharpener

The knife has a sawback edge on the spine of the blade. The beauty of this knife is that it's just the right size to fit around your neck or belt. The little knife is just 5.5" long and has a fixed blade that won't weigh you down or make you bulky to travel with. Preppers love the convenience of this awesome survival tool. This tactical knife has a variety of lanyard holes for slipping paracord/rope through to string it around your neck. The multi-purpose tool can slice through paracord, rope, and other materials, but it also has a compass and a signal mirror, so you can find your way. The g10 handle of the survival weapon makes it easy to cut, slice, dicing and hack in the rain. They back their products with a 6 month "Any Reason" Refund Guarantee. You can add to the cart now.

Brand: Survival Frog

👤The Survival Frog website says it's 440C, but there is no mark on the blade. That's great, but I have doubts. It is very rugged because it is full tang. I assumed that the "fire starter" rod was a ferro rod, but it's not. There were zero sparks. It looks like a soft magnesium rod that can easily be removed from the ground. That is useful. The knife sharpening rod is diamond coated. It would work well for resharpening a dull blade, but not for putting a fine edge on it. It's fine for survival situations. The compass has a small mirror behind it. It could be useful for signalling or for finding ticks in difficult to view locations. When I get a new knife, I expect to have to sharpen it. It appears to be a good deal. There is an update. It took me a while to "shaving sharp" it. The steel was very hard. I have no doubts that it is probably 437C with a good heat treatment. It seems to have a much higher strength than the Chinese cheap steel used in a lot of small knives. The edge retention should be great because it was not easy to sharpen. I'm impressed!

👤Headline says it all. I had high hopes for this one, I love smaller sheathed fixed blades. The hole spacing on the sheath is not compatible with the t-Lok style, which means the knife is not an excellent every day blade. It doesn't appear that any of your three hole belt clips will fit it. The compass and signal mirror are flimsy and I wouldn't expect them to survive much use or abuse. It is a tough little knife, but only if you want to wear it around your neck or keep it in your pack.

👤A nice knife. Small but strong. Came shaving sharp. The tiny bubble in the compass is accurate. The ball chain was not in the description. Excellent combination of features. I have added a light to the end of the sheath and I will have a complete setup once I find the whistle that will attach. I forget that I am wearing it because it is invisible under my shirt. It is part of my regular event. I am very happy with the purchase.

👤It is very easy to handle. The reason I didn't give 5 stars was because it didn't have any instructions on how to use the fire starter, compass, or anything else. I looked at the website of the mfg, and there was nothing listed. I wanted to make sure my son knew how to use those items since they'll be part of my backpacking kit.

👤The neck knife is small and not practical. The sheath is thought out. The blade is made from a type of steel. There are better options for the money. The Bushcraft Neck Knife is made from D2 steel. The survival knife is on sale at the store.

👤I have had this thing for 2 years and it is still strong. I can't tell you how many times I've pulled the knife out of the sheath, but I can tell you how many times I've held it in my pocket. Even if I shake it, it won't fall out. The compass and mirror work well, but I have never used the sharpener, I think it might work in a pinch. The strikers are not that big. It is a great deal to buy this just for the knife.

8. USA MT 20 35PK Plastic Handle Overall

USA MT 20 35PK Plastic Handle Overall

The compact utility is easy to carry. A SALVAGEDATA A black drop point blade. 3.3 million tons of full tongs. 16 million throats with yard.

Brand: Mtech Usa

👤Sooo... When I saw this knife, I didn't want to give it a chance that Texas would freeze over before I bought it. I finally got one after reading the comments and seeing the positive vibes. I had a feeling that this knife was going to be destroyed at my hand for the price point, so I wouldn't mind tearing it apart piece by piece. I tested the knife at the price point and after several months of doing work with it and trying to damage it beyond repair, it impressed me so much that I decided to buy a new knife. I didn't like the fact that I have large hands, so I had to use the cord on my wrists. I think the issue with the pinkie grip would be solved with some wood/micarta handles down over it. I love the blade and will be getting more for my children when they learn to use it.

👤This knife has an update. I have two of them. Over the past two years, they have proved themselves several times on fishing and camping trips. This handy knife is great for a tackle box, day pack, when you are out hiking or just about anything for everyday use, and it doesn't require much space. I am pleased with the way the sharpening works, it retains an edge that is far better than I expected. A good place to test any knife is with food preparation, since this is the knife that will be used for camp chores and light camp chores. It's not a good idea to build a cabin with batoning logs. A knife is used for cutting not chopping logs. I use these all the time now because they do a great job and I don't have to worry about losing a high dollar knife. I have dubbed them my mini-bushcraft knives. The sheath is adequate. I have both orange and black. I painted the black yellow with a paint that sticks to plastic and found it to be better than the black knives that seem to disappear when dropped in some areas. It scales and cleans large fish, takes on a skinning of a deer, and processes small game. I was impressed by the small knife. Good deal for your money that you don't have to worry about.

👤I was a bit worried about the durability of the Mora knives I picked up because they were small and not full tang. This is a very strong little knife. It's full, has a stout thickness to it, and the plastic scales are strong and not slippery like I had feared. The small handle is comfortable in my hand and provides a good grip. In a survival situation, I would rely on this knife to baton firewood and make feather sticks. I ordered two more so I could put an extra one in each of my vehicles and always have one handy if I needed it, after I got the first one. The sheath is useful for a "just in case" knife that doesn't see a lot of use. I would choose this over the Moras.

9. SOG Tomahawk Pack Throwing TH1001 CP

SOG Tomahawk Pack Throwing TH1001 CP

Their tools are made in the USA using the finest American steel. 3 STAINLESS STEEL TOMALS The tactical hatchet blade in the throwing axe set is 1.75-inch. Flimsy axes and hatchets are dangerous. The SOG tomahawk outdoor set is built to last and comes as sharp as any other SOG tactical tomahawk. The Throw and Stick Easy: 25.4 oz. survival axe set is perfect for beginners or pros with superior grip and full-on fun right out of the box. The all-in-one nylon hatchet sheath has a three-pocket throwing hatchet sheath and a camping axe sheath with straps. If you take care of your axes and hatchets, they will take care of you, and they will consider repairs and replacements for your properly maintained SOG tomahawk throwing hatchets. If you take care of your axes and hatchets, they will take care of you, and they will consider repairs and replacements for your properly maintained SOG tomahawk throwing hatchets.

Brand: Sog Specialty Knives & Tools

👤I put red heatshrink tubing over the paracord handles because I was worried about losing the black hawks on missed throws. If you hit the handle of another hawk, the heatshrink and paracord underneath will still slice instantly, but at least the rest of the heatshrink prevents the paracord from unraveling. The hawks are small and light, and you will have to throw them with more force because they rotation a lot. They are easy to stick to once you get the right distance and release. I can stick the blade at a distance of about 15 feet. The Fasthawk has one rotation at roughly the same distance. I missed many throws with impacts to the hawks during the first session. The hawks are holding up. They are fun for what they are and would like them to be a bit heavier. The steel is holding up well and paracord gets damaged easily. Overall, 5 stars. If you adapt your technique to the light weight, you will have no complaints about this set of hawks. There is tons of fun.

👤These are not as heavy as I thought. These don't have the heft that I was expecting. There is nothing wrong with them. Don't expect to use them to do a lot of light work. These boys are fun to watch. You will be having a great time if you watch a quick video on some tips and tricks. The lighter weight is not the only thing that makes these well made. There is no sign that they are failing, even though I've thrown a couple hundred into them. They are sharp out of the package. The sheath works despite the fact that it leaves a lot to be desired. I put super glue on the knots of the parachord because after a few throws, they started to fall apart. They are still great a few months later. I haven't had tosharpen them yet. They are in need soon. It's still a blast to throw. I highly recommend.

👤I loved these. We had to spray paint them so they wouldn't lose their lives if they missed the target. The people at our wedding enjoyed throwing these.

👤One of my grandsons said I needed another set after I bought my first one. I teach 3, 8 and 9 year old grandsons and a 15 year old granddaughter how to throw and they love it. They can't handle them. These are not toys, they are very sharp edges, and can do terrible harm if used unsafely. If you get 1 to stick in the target, you have to move to the next target because they are sharp and the rope wrap handle cuts very easy. We have had a lot of misses so far. Throw safely and have fun.

👤These are not sharp out of the box. Nothing to break, one piece. One of the hawks cut into the handle of another on the first day. I wrapped them in tan camo. They look better than the original. It took very little time. If you're worried about the paracord unraveling, just burn the ends.

10. MTECH USA MT 20 27F Neck Knife

MTECH USA MT 20 27F Neck Knife

Close your fist and slip your fingers through the steel rings to get a secure grip. 4. 45" Inches as a whole. The steel blade is 35" The bottle opener is made of steel. The nylon fiber sheath has a ball chain. The material type is metallic-Fiber.

Brand: Mtech Usa

👤My girlfriend bought this knife for self defense and she doesn't do reviews so I'll do it considering I'm a knife enthusiast. The blade had no edge at all. I rubbed my fingers against the blade and it didn't do anything to my skin. She was upset about that, but double edge knives are illegal in my state, so they are legal if you don't break the tip. The knife is intended for self defense but there is a huge flaw. The bottom part of the handle that pushes into your hand when you punch is too long for my smedium hands, so you think you can hold it like a knuckle duster from the picture. I think it would break my finger if I hit the attacker with the knife because it makes my finger stick up extra high. The knife is cool but it is not a good self defense knife. I don't like to give it 2 stars but I think it doesn't deserve anything more than that. I haven't used the bottle opener yet, so I can't say anything about it.

👤I was hoping that this tiny blade would be a good self defense weapon for jogging at night, but it is not. There is no practical way to hold it in the ring. It is easy to slip your thumb onto the blade with your index finger. The length of the overall knife makes it very uncomfortable to hold and it would also be susceptible to causing injury if you used it as a push dagger. The unsheathing action is not good. It is difficult to deploy since the sheath covers the finger hole. I wish I could just put it off with one finger, but it wouldn't make sense on a knife that's already impractical to use. I think a push dagger is more reliable and easy to use than a knife.

👤This little knife is your last chance for self defense. You will find many uses for this knife. It's not the greatest of metals, so use it to pierce or slash, open packages, even pry, but be very easy. If you pry with the tip, it will break. It will help you on the day to day, but you will have to sharpen it eventually. The cutting edge is not very sharp. I have been using mine for 3 years. You will have to wrap the handle with para chord because it will hurt your hand.

👤I have a knife in my boot or around my neck. I was looking for a rainbow color and a large size. I was looking for a knife in a case with a clip, so I almost didn't order this. I didn't see a clip in the picture. But it has one. I was very happy with the purchase. The point is not very sharp on the edges. It is also snug in its case. So far, so good.

👤The design has several flaws. The blade can't easily be withdrawn from the sheath. I worry that the chain will break if I pull it in an emergency. The hole that is designed to slip over a finger is far from the handle, making it difficult to grip. In the event of a strike, the back of the handle has square edges that dig into the palm of your hand. A "T" designed handle is more comfortable. The bottle opener built into the back of the handle is a dead giveaway that it was never designed for practical use. If you're looking for something that looks tough, this is it. This is not a good option if you are looking for a self-defense weapon.

11. Rambo Knives Blood Officially Licensed

Rambo Knives Blood Officially Licensed

Years of Enjoyment will be provided by high quality craftsmanship. Overall, 14. The blade is 8 inches long. The handle is black. The bowie style blade has a polished finish. A replica was created based on an actual knife used in the production. The first edition. There is a limited edition of 5000. A certificate of authenticity has a serial number. The buffalo hide belt has a lanyard and leg tie. It was boxed.

Brand: Rambo

👤I bought the knife and the heart stopper. The knives have sharp edges. They'll make good additions to my rambo collection. I recommend both knives to anyone who is interested in knives.

👤A reproduction of a knife from the movie Rambo 5. There is a limited production knife. This is tied with "The Heartbreaker" for value for the dollar, so I rank it as Rambo movie knives. It's well made, practical, and looks great.

👤I bought this knife because of the movie Rambo Last Blood. This is not a knife I would use for bush crafting, but it is an excellent piece and a Hollywood collectible.

👤A great replica of the Last Blood bowie knife. It is a must have for Rambo fans. It was well made. A functional knife is a great show piece. I like it. Can't say enough about its craftsmanship. A great gift.

👤A good reproduction of the #1 knife.

👤Assume a knife.

👤Quality knife, great collector knife, utility knife, and fighting knife are all included. All around the blade. Excellent grips. This knife is an affordable price.

👤A nice replica of the series. It looks like it is very well-made.


What is the best product for survival knife with sheath and compass?

Survival knife with sheath and compass products from Ontario Knife Company. In this article about survival knife with sheath and compass you can see why people choose the product. Ontario Knife and Blizetec are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival knife with sheath and compass.

What are the best brands for survival knife with sheath and compass?

Ontario Knife Company, Ontario Knife and Blizetec are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival knife with sheath and compass. Find the detail in this article. Ramboa Knives Masterpiece Collection, Morakniv and Victorinox are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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