Best Survival Knife with Sheath 10.5

Sheath 10 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Ontario ASEK AircrewTM Survival Egress Knife

Ontario ASEK AircrewTM Survival Egress Knife

China is the country of origin. The knife has a 5-inch carbon-steel blade. Serrated edge with saw teeth on the spine. The handle is high strength and insulated. The nylon sheath and multi-tool are flame-retardant. The Air Warrior Equipment System was Chosen by the U.S. Army.

Brand: Ontario Knife Co

👤I'm very disappointed that I have to return the knife. The blade was not straight when I received it. It looks like a manufacturing defect. I had the same experience with trying to get a USAF survival knife. I had to return 2 of them and give up on getting one from Amazon because of quality issues. I finally found one in a store. Is Ontario selling seconds to Amazon? I think I'll go with the LMF II.

👤If you have ever seen someone stuck in a car and need to get out, this knife/tool is very useful, it is heavy and can break car glass and windshields in emergencies.

👤It's a great knife for just about anything. The cover is the only thing I have. If you need to carry something, it's difficult to attach.

👤I think it's the best. There are two types of seration. You can always carry it on your belt or calf.

👤I have seen many knives, but this one is the best. The us army liked this knife.

👤I bought this for my husband. He loves his knife and it fits nicely in his vest.

👤I collect knives all the time and this one was great. A little pricey. It was worth it in the end.

👤I learned how important a quality survival knife is after watching a marathon of Fat Guys in the Woods. I've had some Rambo style survival knives with all the stuff in the handle. They were cheap and you got what you pay for. I was looking for quality knives for my bags and backpack. It is a good knife with some heft. The bottom part of the blade has a cutting edge of only 2-1/2". The small edge of the blade would be good for cutting through bone. The upper edge has serrations that are more aggressive. The heavy end cap can be used as a hammer. The end is likely to be able to break glass. The sheath can be mounted in many different ways. If you don't want or need the leg straps, they can be removed. There are straps that go around the handle to keep the knife in the sheath. If you are looking for quick deployment, it might slow you down. You could leave one strap undone. The extra security of having 2 straps to hold the knife is something I like.

2. USA MT 20 39 Handle 14 Inch Overall

USA MT 20 39 Handle 14 Inch Overall

5mm thick black STAINLESS STEEL blade. A black point blade. The black G10 handgun has a carved design. The handgun has a yard hole.

Brand: Mtech Usa

👤I would have told you that MTech was junk two or three years ago, but now I find that they are producing many fine knives, as well as many of the bad and laughable ones I used to base my opinion on. Anyone going on a wilderness trip would want a knife like this with them. It's large enough to chop, chip, and slice wood. It's long enough to split wood. Which reminds me of the specifications. It's 14.25" long and has a sharpened blade. The blade is blackened with black paint, not one of the more expensive coating like Teflon or oxide. The blade has a description of "440" without a suffix of a, b, or c, which may mean it's 440a. This blade is the least desirable of the three because it is less dependent on size and weight for its effect. This knife might be better with a better steel. It's heavier and bigger than most soldiers would want to carry in the field, but it has advantages for hand-to-hand combat. If the opponent has a long blade, the reach of an 8 blade can be crucial. The tip is sharp because it's a clip point. For piercing flesh, the clip point beats the tanto, but I might not want to try to pierce a car door with it. There's the weight. It is nearly a pound and a swing could do very serious damage. Inexpensive knives are often not sharp. It's a bit shy of Cold Steel but it's plenty sharp. It passed the test with flying colors. Fixed blade knives are often called "full tang" because the blade metal goes all the way back to the back of the handle. This is a perfect example of a full tang knife. The handle grip is created by the blade/handle metal and two plastic plates. The sheath is nothing to write home about. It did not come with a plastic sheath. If it came with one, I would have paid more. The belt loop is generously-sized. It might look like I didn't line up the tip of the knife with the zero point of the measuring tape in the photo. I took a photo while looking at the knife, but I stepped back a bit to make it look like a perspective effect. It's a good knife and well worth the price.

👤The knife seems to be a really good one, and for the money, it is superb. After 45 seconds on my home made strop, it is hair popping sharp. The edge is even and shiny. I have bought knives for over a hundred dollars that weren't sharpened. The knife was fine as it arrived, but I used a small diamond file to extend the edges of the grip scales. It is very comfortable to me now. It is just a matter of taste. It took me two minutes. I have no reservations in giving this a five star rating. MTech seems to be getting better at these. The sheath is made of nylon and has plastic sleeve reinforcement inside. I might make a Kydex sheath for it in the future, but this isn't a pressing concern. I have been satisfied with the knives I have bought from MTech. This may be the best of the bunch. Time will tell. I would give this knife 6 stars now. A lot of makers exaggerate their blade thickness. This one is close to the five millimeter claimed here, according to my digital calipers. Good for MTech. The jimping is not aggressive or uncomfortable. The choil here is very comfortable when you choke up. I don't think there is a need for a separate guard for the knife, it is secure in its hand. MTech should lose the slogan "handcrafted in China" on these blades. I wouldn't consider any of them to be "hand crafted" because they are factory produced. I don't really begrudge them for making a knife that is good for such a low price. If you buy the 096,151, and the MX8090, you will have a good collection of camp knives for a very low price. There is a little tip for making it your own. I thought the G10 grips looked good, but I always want to screw with my knives, so these grips seemed a bit unfinished. I rubbed the grips with the oil and then used a hair dryer. The grips are black. I have good control over them. It took all of five minutes to do, but I think it looks better. The heat from the hair dryer helps the oil penetrate and it is not slippery. I didn't have to remove the scales since linseed oil wipes off the steel.

3. SOG Tactical Knife Sheath FK1001 CP

SOG Tactical Knife Sheath FK1001 CP

SOG knives are built to last, and they will take care of you if you need it, and they consider all repair and replacement requests. The knife blade is made of 4INCH STAINLESS STEEL. The Field Knife is a full-tang outdoor knife, camping knife, boot knife, and combat knife with sheath. Overall length is 5 inches. There are 8 ounces. The TPR grip is made with a grippy, hunting survival handle for hand tools, utility knives and military knives. The full-tang knife point design is great for all-weather camp knives, fixed blade belt knives and lightweight field knives. Notched grn sheth. A very versatile carry; great as a hunting knife, camp knife or fishing knife sheath with a notch for cutting cord or fishing line without exposing the sharp knife blade. SOG fixed blade knives with sheath are built to last, and they consider all repair and replacement requests.

Brand: Sog

👤The seller contacted us and sent a replacement. Five stars for customer service. We do appreciate it. The second knife seemed to work well, but my son was cautious with it. It fell into the murky depths of a fishing pond, never to be seen again. Oh, womp, womp. I don't want to damage the ratings of the seller, who clearly has great customer service and cares a lot, but I still have concerns about safety. I hope that our knife was one in a million, because I want a star for customer service. SOG has a good reputation, so I bought this because it should mean a strong knife. Not true. The blade flew up his arm and missed his face as my son was using the knife. So dangerous! See photos for detail. My son was not hurt. Please, SOG, fix the flaw or recall the knife. We don't want anyone to get hurt.

👤What a great knife! I have finally found the best fixed blade knife I have ever purchased. It was almost. I wish I had found this sooner, I would have saved money and a lot of grief, but I didn't. I will be giving many out in the future as gifts at such a great price. The slight negatives... The Sheath rides high on the hip. It's enough, but nothing to write home about. The blade is very sharp and great. Even though it could be longer, the handle is the most comfortable I have ever held. I have large hands. The rubber handle is very comfortable to work with. Its a great deal at 30 bucks. SOG! If you are listening, please enlarge the design to a 5 and a half or 6 inch blade, with the handle extended to 5 or 5 and a half inches, and you would have the perfect knife. I would be happy to pay 60 bucks for many. I recommend this knife without reservation.

👤This knife is very good. It was a cheap option to hone my skills without fear of ruining a really expensive fixed blade. I have become best friends with this blade after 3 months of regular everyday use. I clipped it through my belt loop. It's a great location to carry. I dropped it into the deep snow after I fumbled up on my ladder. It will not be found until the spring thaw. I immediately ordered another because I have to have this knife on me at all times. The plastic sheath was held up and never cracked or split, even at -16 degrees, where everything else on my job was breaking.

👤I buy cheap knives to use. The $26 knife has a great blade shape, a well-shaped grip, and is easy to use. It worked well on camp tasks, such as preparing food and gutting a fish. It has kept its edge and came sharp. It is easy to put on my belt or pack with the Kydex sheath that holds it securely. I'm very pleased with my first experience with a SOG knife.

4. SOG Survival Cutting Easy Grip ACE1001 CP

SOG Survival Cutting Easy Grip ACE1001 CP

Have faith that the hand guard will keep the blade from slipping. Fixed blade work knife. The hiking knife is 8.25 inch in length and made with 7 CR17MOV steel in stone wash finish. There are outdoor and bushcraft knives. The field knife has a clip-point tip and thick blade jimping. The companion knife is great for camp chores. This is the place to put the knife to work. The SOG survival fixed blade knife has excellent edge retention and rust resistance. There is a light weight belt with her. The 4 oz workhorse has a built-in cord-cutting grooves and is comfortable for long hours of use. SOG fixed blade knives are built to last and they will take care of you if you need it.

Brand: Sog

👤I have never been a fan of SOG products; I always thought their knives were overpriced. It's about half the price of similar SOG knives, and the Ace fixes that issue right off the bat. First impressions are good. It's a light blade for its size, and its design is simple, no-nonsense that I like very much. 50 different attachment points for the sheath are not necessary. It is a knife. A simple tool. It will cut rope, fish skin, and hide deer. I'm pretty sure it will do that for you. I don't have many criticisms. It didn't take much effort to get the edge right. The handle gets a bit slick when it's coated in water, grease, or blood. It would probably help if you put the handle up near the blade. I'll update this as I carry the knife, so if it suddenly snaps off at the handle, I'll just fill the review with poo.

👤I bought this at 12 bucks and it's a full tang fixed blade with a decent sheath and a grippy handle. I think that is enough for 5 stars. Mora makes quality knives at this price point. If you can get it for less than 20 dollars, do it. It's a quality knife and you can beat it up without feeling bad about it.

👤I like the knife stone washed finish, it has a sharp edge, a good large handle, and it is the best size for me. I would carry it uppside, but be careful with wet hands or wet handle, it would slip a lot, and it would be more expensive.

👤I was impressed with the knife. It is balanced and looks good. The handle material feels good in my hand, and it fits my hand perfectly. The grip is so strong that nothing could break it. The sheath is the only negative thing that I could say about it. The sheath clip is too low, which makes the knife a little heavy. I understand that you have to give up some things in order to have a lightweight knife. The knife I got for the lowest price makes it 5 stars all day. What's not there is what I like the most about it. The back of the blade is missing the word "China" when I look at it.

👤The price of the knife went up to $24.95 after I bought it. I thought it was a good deal. It's a decent knife for light work, and it's reasonably sharp. The edge had a nice chunk out of it. I believe I bought a second, which I can live with, but SOG standards have certainly come down. It has a smooth edge after about ten minutes of work. Would I trust my life to this knife? Hardly. It will get plenty of use as a utility knife.

👤It's alright for a small weekend trip, but I won't take this on a week long trip out in the middle of nowhere. I don't think the blade can survive a serious trip that requires serious homesteading and hunting.

5. Kershaw Concealable 8Cr13MoV Stealthy Non Reflective

Kershaw Concealable 8Cr13MoV Stealthy Non Reflective

SOG knives and tools are built to last but may require initial tuning adjustments along with regular cleaning, lubrication and sharpening; they consider all repair and replacement requests. 8Cr13MoV The high carbon blade is heat treated for performance. Reinforcement provides increased strength, rigidity and stability. Tech rich black oxide coating makes steel look better. The high performing sheath provides a clip for belt or UWB carry and slots for leg carry straps. Fans claim that the first edition of Blade slices through plastic, aluminum, seaweed, rope, and fiberglass.

Brand: Kershaw

👤It's hard to miss out on the price. Let's do a quick review. Fat in the middle handle. The tried and true method of preventing your hand from slipping up is to make it fat in the center of your hand. The hand-guard's width is small but adequate. The profile is good, and follows the traditional fairbairn-sykes idea. The price is correct. The sheathe has some drawbacks. More on that later. The finish may be a negative for some. This is great if you like to show off your knife after you've put it through the paces. The steel is a little softer than AUS-8 but it is very sharp and you can put a very sharp edge on it. The sheathe has no blade wiggle. The manufacturing lines and screws are obvious. The sheathe makes it difficult to mount a different clip onto it. It's edges to put a different sheathe on. The biggest con is that it only sharpens one side. I had to manually grind the other side down into a sharp edge, which should be stated on the box, that this is the "updated" design and is only single-edged. The steel doesn't retain sharpness for long. Edge retention isn't as important as it should be because this isn't really a knife that you can use for a lot of things. It's one of the best chinese steels you can get, but it's not a Chinese steel. It won't be confusing for Elmax any time soon. Didn't come out of the box. This is an easy thing for the company to do, and no one would mind spending an extra dollar to pay the quality control guy to do his job. This is the first one that didn't have a great edge on it already, but that's usually the case. You might have a different experience.

👤They didn't bother to read the description of a single edge boot knife, because it was dull on one side. daggers are not allowed in most states. Most boot knives are illegal due to the fact that a dagger is a spear pointed blade. This knife is returned as a result of searching for a single edge. Don't be fooled by the reviews of those who bought it. Is the knife asymmetrical? Yes. The unsharpen side is smaller than the edge. Is there only one edge that is sharp? Yes. As expected, a single edge knife. The unsharpened side is not dull. The back of most knives is squared off. Is the edge sharp? Definitely! I shaved the hair off my arm. The sheath is made of plastic. It has a clip on on the back, but no straps. It's what you expect from him. Is it better made knives? At a much greater cost. The single edge boot knife produced by Kershaw is a quality one. I give it five stars because it is described. It is what it is.

👤The knife is only made to stab. Edge retention and sharpness are not important. Is the knife straight? Yes. Is the steel flexible enough that it won't break on a rib and you won't have to open your hand? Aim for the squishy parts. Will it be able to take a good edge? Put it back in the sheath and leave it there until you need to stab something. My box wasn't very sharp. Others say it was. Welcome to Chinese mass production! The grind is off-center. No! It looks like it's a single edge knife. The center line would line up within a millimeter of the new tip if the edges were sharpened like they used to be. If you want to, you can sharpen that edge. They didn't put a finished edge on the blade. It's just 8Cr steel, and you can easily put a clean edge on it yourself with a decent knife sharpener. Should you use this knife? Only if you want to break it. The handle is much heavier than the blade. Throw it and it will probably break. Simple as that. I like the sheath. It's solid and it doesn't rattle around. I don't know how well carrying this thing on a boot works. It won't stay on a boot when you try to pull the knife out, but there's plenty of room to thumb it out, simultaneously holding the sheath in place while you pull the knife out. I don't know what people expect it to do, it doesn't have blade retention or a strong belt/boot clip. Just hold it out. It's a solid 4 stars from me. A well-made, singular purpose defensive weapon priced at a point that won't break your heart if you lose it or break it, is a well-made, singular purpose defensive weapon. It should be fine because it could be a millimeter thicker than it is. Is it the first thing I've "tested"? I know what the knife is designed to do, so hopefully I won't have to. I know the characteristics of the steel that it's made from, and that's why the performance of this knife is easily deduced. It's a very poor choice to use that performance as a cutting or pry tool. I'll probably strip the coating off, sharpen the blunt side, and call it a custom.

6. Ontario Force Survival Knife Black

Ontario Force Survival Knife Black

pilots carry the 499 survival knife for generations for survival in any environment A carbon steel blade. thickness The overall length is 9. The U.S. Army and Air Force have knives. The blade has a top edge. The sheath and leather handle are comfortable.

Brand: Ontario Knife

👤The survival knife issued by the USAF and US Army flight crews since 1958 is still being used by the US military. The K-Bar has a handle made of tough leather rings and a 5 inch blade with a bolt base for hammering and breaking glass. The battle of Vietnam to the Mid East was perfect length and not unwieldy for defense. What else could you ask for in a survival knife? I have owned a few over the years, starting with my first one that I purchased at the Camp Casey PX in Korea and used after my hitch was up, and it never let me down. Over the last 48 years, I have always owned at least one, even though I lost a couple, one got stolen and I gave a few to family and friends. I bought my wife one, gave my son and daughter one, and bought this one for me. I have a spare in my bag and one on my belt. I am treating the handle with GreaseLP to weather proof it. The leather sheath is dying as well. Almost every other knife competing for your money as a survival knife is trying to be this knife. They are not. The survival knife has been in the military for 60 years. This knife is for sale.

👤I have had experience with pilots survival knives in the past as a soldier and as a knife reviewer, but I figured I would give them another try. I wanted to get a better idea of whether or not these knives would be a good idea to recommend to new users due to their cool styling, history, and super low price. This knife is TERRIBLE for anyone new to bushcraft or survival. The edge is not straight. If you are looking for a user, this knife is not the one for you, it has the worst fit and finish and edge geometry of any knife I have ever purchased. If you thin the edge out to a halfway decent thickness, you can do a decent job, but you can't do it because the edge is not straight.

👤I had a knife in 1973. When my country was taken over by the communists, I had to throw away my military knives. I didn't care about the brands of the knives my father gave me, I was a little boy. I remember the shape of the knife, and the fact that I often used it when going into the woods with my friends. It's funny. It's nice to have it again. Handle it every day because it's a beautiful old friend. Love it. Thank you Amazon and Ontario. I know it's called the Ontario 499 Air force Survival knife. The sheath is the same as mine in 1973. I need the knife, not the sheath.

👤I decided to use the OTK knife after a lot of research. I wanted the USA to be made and not all of them are. These are. I put a few coats of resolene from feibings on the leather after painting it with orange leather dye. I put the O rings in the leather gaps after grabbing the 395 piece O ring kit. I used a razors edge tosharpen it. I haven't used it yet to cut heavy duty stuff, but I will report back when I do. I put the sheath to my liking. Check out the pictures.

7. Glock OEM FLD Knife Root

Glock OEM FLD Knife Root

The application is for something. This knife can be used as a hunting knife, skinning knife, survival knife, and self-defense knife for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, fishing and more. The field knife has a 6.5 inch fixed blade. This product is made in the country of Austria.

Brand: Glock

👤This knife is light weight, durable, well balanced, and really holds an edge. It is an awesome bargin, it comes in three colors, mine is the FDE, the same as my GLOCK 19.

👤I'll be generous as I expect it to work well, but I'm torn between a 4 and a 5 on this knife. The blade was dull but didn't have a great edge when it arrived. The overall geometry of the blade wasn't the style I liked due to how thick the blade is compared with the length of the taper. It's easy to improve with a file and diamond stones, as it's only a $30 knife if I mess it up. It took a few minutes to get it sharp. I got this for a general utility knife. Cutting rope, cleaning splinters from lumber cuts, sawing through roots, and cutting branches that are inconvenient to get with a machete are some of the things that can be done. I haven't tried it yet. I expect it to work. I ordered the Flat Dark Earth color, but I think they have some Brown mixed in with FDE in the fulfillment centers. Either that or Glock's FDE doesn't match Magpul. I was just ordering the cheapest color, but something to be aware of if you're looking to match your existing gear.

👤If you are at a friend's wedding party, you end up getting a crystal globe as a gift. * Another stupid gift for being in a wedding! Well, no more! I bought seven of these GLOCK fixed straight blade combat/field knives and had them professionally engraved with the name of the groom and the date of my wedding. They were beautiful and the groomsmen loved them. I would pay $79.00 for a GLOCK knife.

👤This is a great all around blade, will work well for camping and Batoning wood, and it's not a k-bar or a high priced Japanese knife. It's not a great factory edge but it's easy to work with and you are good. If you need that kind of edge out of the box, then you should spend 25 dollars. I have sold 5 of these at work, just people looking at it.

👤Buy it. Do it now. Buy 2. It is dull so be prepared to sharpen it. I made it double edge. It's easy to give a working edge. Edge retention isn't good. Need something done? This will do it. The saw is there when you need it. Do you need a bottle opener? That is also there. Do you need a hammer? The handle is used. The blade that cares. Good luck breaking it. Do you need a hole in something? This will cause holes in it. Do you need a gardening tool? Yes.

👤I love this knife. I have been looking at it for a long time and finally decided to accept it. It is lightweight, feels sturdy and fits my hand perfectly. I love the sheath. It has a clicking sound when you insert the blade. Click. SECURE! I think it will be my go to knife for hiking, camping, and utility purposes. You could mount it and use it like a bayonet. It is plain to see but so bad!

8. SOG Pillar Survival Micarta UF1001 BX

SOG Pillar Survival Micarta UF1001 BX

The old swords of old are brought into the new era with a sleek and sharp design. Please use it with care. Made in the U.S. CPM S35VN STEEL OUTDOOR KNIFE. The ultimate bush craft knife, camping knife and hunting knife is made in the U.S. A boot knife and a perfectly balanced fixed blade belt knife weigh 7. Measures 9 ounces. 9 inches overall. The MI carta handle with finger choli is ideal for any knife with a full tang blade. The Kayden sheath knife has an easy to use locking mount for fixed blade knives. Take care of your tactical knife with sheath and they will take care of you; SOG blades are built to last and they consider all repair and replacement requests. Take care of your tactical knife with sheath and they will take care of you; SOG blades are built to last and they consider all repair and replacement requests.

Brand: Sog

👤If you're looking for an excellent tactical knife in the under $200 dollar range, I found two very similar choices. I bought both for comparison purposes because my knife collection isn't quite complete after many years. The SOG Pillar is a brand new knife that is not a lot of people have seen yet. On the right side of the blade, there is a sign that says "USA made". The CPM-S35VN premiumstainless steel blade is highly durable and will resist the effects of harsh conditions. The five inch blade has a heavy duty jimping at the grip for enhanced retention in wet or bloody conditions. The clip point keeps a nice width at the tip for piercing without worry of breaking. The knife has a distinctive look that is all business, and it has a curved blade. The skull popper has a lanyard hole. This is a tactical design that will serve hunters well. I've seen a man field dress a caribou with a knife blade on his Leatherman tool, which proves you can do that if you are experienced, but some knives will be better suited for the task than others. The SOG Pillar's blade has enough belly on it to be a decent skinning blade for any hunter. The knife is light on the back end, but it feels natural and balanced in the hand, and the canvas handles are very comfortable. The knife is instantly accessible no matter how you rig it, because the sheath uses a very tight fit to do away with safety straps. The locking mount on the sheath is low profile. Some might shy away in sticker shock but a knife of this quality is worth every cent, especially when you come to depend on it over time. This is a great blade. The tale of two knives is continuing with my review of the Benchmade fixed Contego 183 reverse tanto.

👤It is difficult to know where to start. I have been looking at this knife for several weeks because of its perfect size, CPM S35VN steel, and attractive blade design. I am a knife lover and avid collector, but I shy away from the expensive ones because I would become homeless quickly if I bought all the ones I wanted. Since there was no guarantee that the price would stay that low, I was willing to gamble on it. I opened the box after the blade arrived. I was worried about the color of the handle since the description said it was black, but several reviews said it was grey. I was happy to see that it was mostly black with a little grey mixed in. The handle is comfortable and solid, but I have felt better on less expensive knives. The look of the blade steel is amazing, with a mixture of stonewashed and satin finishing. The S35VN steel is of high quality. The knife is 5 stars. The sheath left something to be desired. The knife doesn't sit firmly when sheathed despite the fact that it comes with a variety of carrying options. If carried sideways or blade up, it would probably fall out. I would expect a better quality sheath to match the excellence of the blade at this price point. I have included in the provided pictures some of the other knives and sheaths that are of the same size that I have purchased for comparison. None of those blades cost more than $50. I still give this knife a five star rating because the blade is good enough to make up for the drawbacks of the sheath, and it is easier to find a better sheath at a cheaper price than it is to find such an excellent knife and quality sheath together for a cheaper price. The knife itself is worth it if you are on the fence about it. You will not want to drop or lose a knife in this price range, so be prepared to find a quality sheath or use the one provided in tip down configuration.

9. Smith Wesson CKSURT Bullseye Extreme

Smith Wesson CKSURT Bullseye Extreme

Have faith that the hand guard will keep the blade from slipping. The overall length with a blade length of 6 inches and a weight of 7.9 ounces is 26.7 cm. It isdurable: The blade is made of 7Cr17MoV black oxide high carbon steel with a black, aluminum handle. It's permissible. The convenient ballistic sheath has a storage pouch and a sharpening steel. Have faith that the hand guard will keep the blade from slipping.

Brand: Smith & Wesson

👤The knife is nice. I received a well packaged box and it was easy to split the paper. I don't know how it would do in a self defense situation because I haven't used it. I used it to cut through the leather strap and it was easy to use. I used it to cut through the zip ties on my patio fire place. Also done with minimal effort, as well as debate a few small branches to make pokers. No issues again. I will update if any.

👤I like this knife because of the money. Taylor Brands has made some changes to their steel and sheath design. The knife is shown in the S&W catalogs to be 7Cr17, which is a change from the old 440c knife. There is a Chinese 440a. The knife I have is not a steel designation, but has some 440c characteristics. The new style sheath must be the 440a since it is fine with me. The older sheath was heavier because of the larger plastic insert. The newer sheath has a better pouch and molle system. I have several S&W knives with both sheath designs and I like them both for different applications. I was hoping to get the old style with this knife. The knife and sheath were in good condition when they arrived. It has a sturdy feel due to the full length tang and well attached butt cap, handle and guard. The guard is held against the blade by the pressure of the handle and not fastened in any way. The butt cap is attached to the tang by an aluminum pin. The guard is cut at a 90 degree angle. The picture is here. The knife is a solid one but it can snap off if abused too much. The weakest point is this. The tanto blade has a lot of steel at the tip. The front end of the spine is not very delicate. If you need to add it to your bench sharpener, the start of the grind at 50% of the blade's width is ideal because it gives you a strong flat at the spine. The cutting edge is strong and the grind is flat. It came utility sharp and responded well to my Lansky ceramic rod. There is no problem here. The coating on the sandpaper sticks well but will wear out. The extra protection doesn't hurt, so it doesn't need to be coated. The main reason for the coating is to be in line with the tactical design. The coating can be easily removed with a number of products. This knife is a copy of many other famous fighting knives. It should last a lifetime if carried for this reason and medium utility use. Some people like to use it for bushcraft activities and will chop with or baton this knife... take caution and remember the weak spot... I would suggest light batoning and chopping. The law of physics cannot be overcome. I wouldn't use the aluminum butt cap/pommel to hammer nails. Tent pegs... Yes. Why? It's aluminum. The purpose of the design is for tactical grip. Something to keep your hand from sliding off the end when you pull the knife out. The pommel can be used as a non-lethal weapon. The handle is designed to hold different tactical grips. If you have large hands, the grip may be small. There is a small unsharpened part of the knife after the guard that you can choke up on. To rest your thumb on the blade spine, you will have to reach your thumb over or around the guard. The upper guard could be ground off to make it easier to grip. The new style sheath has a belt loop system so you don't have to remove it. They put a small diamond sharpener in the pouch. If your guard or butt cap loosens over time, you should change it. Wrap mono-filament around the guard and rubber handle and tie ends together, then wedge it in between. Black nail polish will do the job, but be creative. I have done this to many knives. Good luck and enjoy!

10. Special Survival Rubberized Sawback Tactical

Special Survival Rubberized Sawback Tactical

If you are not 100% satisfied with the product, you can get a full refund. The blade length is 7 inches (17.78 cm) and the weight is 12.64 ounces. It isdurable: The blade is made of reliable 8Cr13MoV. A black, rubberized handle is made of high carbon steel. It's permissible. The sheath is black and easy to use. Have faith that the hand guard will keep the blade from slipping. The knife has a sawback edge on the spine of the blade.

Brand: Smith & Wesson

👤Unfortunate. I liked this knife, but... It's dangerous. The blade snapped off. I was lucky that it didn't hit my face.

👤HOLY CRAP! Went back to order another one and noticed the price had gone up. Only reason I didn't like it. This knife is a good one. It seems well constructed and has a great balance. A well trained individual could do a lot of damage. The butt end is good for hitting people. It has a similar texture to a meat tenderizer. This is a preliminary review, since I haven't field tested it myself. A tough guy and blade enthusiast. The sheath kept 5 stars away. The button popped, but that's beside the point. If you want to do any kind of MOLLE setup with it, you'll want a better sheath. It's flimsy and feels plastic. That's the only complaint I have. Someone who doesn't do reviews is very good at complaining. Cheers to you, patriots.

👤I carry a knife with me in the woods. It is easy to carry on a belt, molle strap or inside a pack. The knife was sharp. The back saw spine is only used for looks. It's not very functional, but it's a big knife.

👤The knife is modeled after the Ka-bar fighting knives based on its length, profile and weight. I returned a knife that was very toy-like with a bent hilt and a hard plastic handle and it was very slippery. The knife is better at night and day. The grip shape and texture is better. Is the bar good? No. It's over $20 instead of $100. If you use it for defense, it will last just fine. The saw-back is not worth much. It's worth the money and a keeper for my collection.

👤I received my knife and it was what I was expecting. The knife is five stars, but I have an issue with the sheath. The button snaps on my belt are not very tight, so when I pull it out or put it back, the snaps tend to come loose. I will fix it myself, but S&W will give it 5 stars. My wife told me to order her one the day it arrived, and my coworker bought one two days later.

👤A nice knife. Really strong steel. The ship was moving fast. After I cut it, it became really sharp.

👤It is relatively inexpensive to have a full tang steel blade. This knife can cut with the best of them, so don't waste your money on 'tactical' or 'cool' call of duty knives.

👤A quality build feels sturdy. That's not an issue, it's a little bigger than I thought. The saw teeth side is thick. It's not meant to be used as a saw.

👤The sawback works better than the one on the bottom because it moves 1/6in if you move it but that does not mean anything. (-):

11. Ontario Knife Company 8680 Survival

Ontario Knife Company 8680 Survival

The blade finish is black. The Sp2 has a large blade coated in a black powder finish. It has a Kraton handle that provides comfortable ergonomics and a rubberized grip. The handle is round. A full-guard for safe and secure use is what it is. The blade of the knife has a black powder coated finish. The use of high carbon steel makes it a tough blade that will take a very sharp edge. The Spec Plus Sp2 Air Force Survival Knife is an excellent tactical knife. It is ideal for general field use. And camp staff.

Brand: Ontario Knife Company

👤Pictures are compared with RC6 and A1 My knives are rough because I actually use them. I keep those edges sharp. This is a lot of knife with great features for a steal. The double guard handle is really nice. If you don't like the top guard, you can easily remove it with a saw. Keep both guards if you're pushing this blade into a tactical role. The handle is a little slippery. The shape locks your hand into it. The rubber O-rings fill in the gaps in the handle to increase grip. The edge can be sharpened if desired. Better option for people who can't carry knives with sharp edges, or who want to baton it through smaller pieces of wood. The black coating on the blade is very rough and does affect slicing potential, but at the same time it seems to wear quickly. The blade is not as sharp as a butter knife, but with a sharpening system you can easily reprofile it and get it to be very sharp within an hour. It's a $35 knife. It's worth it. I haven't been able to get the edge as sharp as my Fallkniven, but it's pretty darn close. The grip is the most comfortable out of the two more expensive knives. My ideal blade would be the A1, with the ESEE 6 blade thickness, and the OntarioSP2 handle. The updated molle sheath is better than the older one. I taped the gorilla to the pouch with a DC4 sharpening stone and ferro rod. This is a great knife for someone on a tight knife budget. I've been batoning tons of hardwood logs with it to see what it can do. A more capable blade. It's a great option for a chest rig. It's just enough knife for serious work.

👤The new sheaths are better than the old ones. You don't need the top snap if you jump out or mount it upside down. I'm thinking of using the guard's cross strap to remove mine. You could mount it in a number of different ways with the sheath. I like that they aren't sharpening the edge to make it better for buttoning. The edge was dull and there was no snap on the belt. The old school way of taking off the belt and sliding on the sheath is what you have to do. I don't expect everything to be perfect. The knife, sheath and price are great.

👤It is crazy for anyone to give this knife less than five stars. For the price, it can't be beat. I feel like I ripped off OKC by paying only $25 on sale. It came out of the box and was very sharp. It was sharp and easy to clean up. I wanted to see how well it would hold up being as cheap as it was, so I was outside beating the heck out of it, and it took it all with ease. It is holding up well and I have used it a bit. I like this knife. Anyone who buys this knife will be happy.


What is the best product for survival knife with sheath 10.5?

Survival knife with sheath 10.5 products from Ontario Knife Co. In this article about survival knife with sheath 10.5 you can see why people choose the product. Mtech Usa and Sog are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival knife with sheath 10.5.

What are the best brands for survival knife with sheath 10.5?

Ontario Knife Co, Mtech Usa and Sog are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival knife with sheath 10.5. Find the detail in this article. Sog, Kershaw and Ontario Knife are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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