Best Survival Knife with Fire Starter In Handle

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1. Smith Wesson SWA24S Serrated Aluminum

Smith Wesson SWA24S Serrated Aluminum

Happy eco-friendly gentrification The best way to get water is to use water tablets. CrazyCap helps keep your crew healthy by replacing plastic bottles. Their 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is backed by a limited LIFETIME warranty. The overall length with a blade length of 3.1 inches and a weight of 3.5 ounces is 7.1 inch (18 cm). The blade is made of 7Cr17MoV black oxide high carbon steel with a black aluminum handle. It is reliable because of its convenient pocket clip, finger flipper and ambidextrous thumb knobs. The blade will not slip with the security of the liner lock.

Brand: Smith & Wesson

👤I got a knife today and immediately needed to review it. I picked this knife because it had features I was looking for and it was in top reviews. I went back to read the reviews and they scared me. The locking mechanism didn't come down far enough to lock the blade in place, that's the biggest one. You can see this knife in the pictures I'm including. It's a good build. It was much better than I expected. I paid $22 for a knife that wasn't as nice as this one. The edges are razor sharp. The frame is made of heavy duty metal. It's good metal, but it's still light enough to make a great pocketknife. The ultimate mark of a great knife is the weight being balanced towards the center when it's open. The top part is not sharp. I didn't expect it to be so sharp. The top part of the blade is not sharp, and why. The lock works reliably. It doesn't move all the way to the other side because that would make the blade more likely to slip down. It should be positioned right below the blade. This is an absolute steal, for the $12 I paid. It could be a $30 knife. Please. The reviews are detailed here. Those are the people who know what they're talking about. Most of them use this knife for work. You need to pay attention to those reviews on Amazon. I have been trained in knife fighting for self defense since I was 5 years old. My grandfather was a Korean war vet with medals and honors, and he was into knives both as a collector and as a defense weapon. I like to carry a good pocket knife on me because people get nervous when I carry a buck knife strapped to my hip. If I have to defend myself, I have a knife in my hand, no matter what the attacker does. I know that one doesn't need a $100 knife to stick it to someone. A good metal, balance for throwing, and a good blade design which allows for one to twist it so a wound doesn't close back up when it's removed are some of the things that make this a good choice. This is how you take dinner down, and with a serrated edge, you can see small things. If you get pinned down by a seat belt, the edges of the seat belt will allow you to cut yourself free. This knife is good for all of that. If you're looking for a cheap knife, this is a good choice.

👤It's not great. It has a cheap look. It is not as easy to open and close as written. I don't know why it's labeled a survival knife. It wasn't sharp out of the box. It wouldn't cut through cotton braided rope. The knife got dull very quickly after Isharpened it. You hear about knives that won't cut through butter. I didn't expect a special price for the item, but I didn't want to carry a sharpening stone with the knife. If I had not sharpened it, I would have returned it. Purchase something better if you spend a few more bucks.

2. Frost Cutlery Watertight Compartment Compartment

Frost Cutlery Watertight Compartment Compartment

The Air Warrior Equipment System was Chosen by the U.S. Army. A long black blade. A compass and a cannister are in the hollow handle. The overall knife length is 16 inches. A snap compartment with a sharpening stone is included in the nylon sheath. The blade length is 10 inches.

Brand: Frost Cutlery

👤The blade is only half an inch into the handle. The knife is fun but never used for anything. Look at it and laugh at it.

👤Quality is what we paid for.

👤A good knife for the money. The quality of the sheath wasn't great. It's worth the money even though it was cheap.

👤This knife is one of the best in my collection. The Rambo knife is very well balanced.

👤I bought one for each of my nephews because I liked the knife so much.

👤Great knife size. Not very sharp out of the box. It is easy to sharpen. And stays sharp.

👤The survival kit has a fishing hook go figure that I would recommend buying again, but the blade is the most impressive part.

👤The knife was received quickly. It was of good quality and construction. If you sharpen it correctly, it holds a razor sharp edge.

👤A very nice knife for a very low price. It looks intimidating. There is a safety snap on the sheath and a sharpening stone. The compass is cheap but who bought that knife for it? The blade is very sharp and large. I like the solid rubber handle which will prevent my hand from slipping and the blade seems to be fixed very well on the handle. I am very satisfied with this knife, it looks cheap. I would recommend that people who don't want to pay 100$ for a nice bowie knife. This one will do the job.

👤Arrivé avant la date. Bon couteau pour le prix. Avoir un couteau 200$ en payant 35$. Mais surpris par la bonne qualité de ce couteau. Theimpressionnante. J'aurai mis 5 étoile, et je n'avais pas envie de le retourner pour a. C'est un method de use. Reste l'aiguire. Bon achat, pas de regret, surtout!

3. SOG Pillar Survival Micarta UF1001 BX

SOG Pillar Survival Micarta UF1001 BX

The old swords of old are brought into the new era with a sleek and sharp design. Please use it with care. Made in the U.S. CPM S35VN STEEL OUTDOOR KNIFE. The ultimate bush craft knife, camping knife and hunting knife is made in the U.S. A boot knife and a perfectly balanced fixed blade belt knife weigh 7. Measures 9 ounces. 9 inches overall. The MI carta handle with finger choli is ideal for any knife with a full tang blade. The Kayden sheath knife has an easy to use locking mount for fixed blade knives. Take care of your tactical knife with sheath and they will take care of you; SOG blades are built to last and they consider all repair and replacement requests. Take care of your tactical knife with sheath and they will take care of you; SOG blades are built to last and they consider all repair and replacement requests.

Brand: Sog

👤If you're looking for an excellent tactical knife in the under $200 dollar range, I found two very similar choices. I bought both for comparison purposes because my knife collection isn't quite complete after many years. The SOG Pillar is a brand new knife that is not a lot of people have seen yet. On the right side of the blade, there is a sign that says "USA made". The CPM-S35VN premiumstainless steel blade is highly durable and will resist the effects of harsh conditions. The five inch blade has a heavy duty jimping at the grip for enhanced retention in wet or bloody conditions. The clip point keeps a nice width at the tip for piercing without worry of breaking. The knife has a distinctive look that is all business, and it has a curved blade. The skull popper has a lanyard hole. This is a tactical design that will serve hunters well. I've seen a man field dress a caribou with a knife blade on his Leatherman tool, which proves you can do that if you are experienced, but some knives will be better suited for the task than others. The SOG Pillar's blade has enough belly on it to be a decent skinning blade for any hunter. The knife is light on the back end, but it feels natural and balanced in the hand, and the canvas handles are very comfortable. The knife is instantly accessible no matter how you rig it, because the sheath uses a very tight fit to do away with safety straps. The locking mount on the sheath is low profile. Some might shy away in sticker shock but a knife of this quality is worth every cent, especially when you come to depend on it over time. This is a great blade. The tale of two knives is continuing with my review of the Benchmade fixed Contego 183 reverse tanto.

👤It is difficult to know where to start. I have been looking at this knife for several weeks because of its perfect size, CPM S35VN steel, and attractive blade design. I am a knife lover and avid collector, but I shy away from the expensive ones because I would become homeless quickly if I bought all the ones I wanted. Since there was no guarantee that the price would stay that low, I was willing to gamble on it. I opened the box after the blade arrived. I was worried about the color of the handle since the description said it was black, but several reviews said it was grey. I was happy to see that it was mostly black with a little grey mixed in. The handle is comfortable and solid, but I have felt better on less expensive knives. The look of the blade steel is amazing, with a mixture of stonewashed and satin finishing. The S35VN steel is of high quality. The knife is 5 stars. The sheath left something to be desired. The knife doesn't sit firmly when sheathed despite the fact that it comes with a variety of carrying options. If carried sideways or blade up, it would probably fall out. I would expect a better quality sheath to match the excellence of the blade at this price point. I have included in the provided pictures some of the other knives and sheaths that are of the same size that I have purchased for comparison. None of those blades cost more than $50. I still give this knife a five star rating because the blade is good enough to make up for the drawbacks of the sheath, and it is easier to find a better sheath at a cheaper price than it is to find such an excellent knife and quality sheath together for a cheaper price. The knife itself is worth it if you are on the fence about it. You will not want to drop or lose a knife in this price range, so be prepared to find a quality sheath or use the one provided in tip down configuration.

4. Schrade SCHF56L Frontier Outdoor Survival

Schrade SCHF56L Frontier Outdoor Survival

7-inch overall length, 3-inch blade length with 4mm thickness. The overall length with a blade is 9.1 inches and the weight is 8.4 ounces. It isdurable: The blade is made of 1095 High Carbon Steel with a black, ring textured, thermoplastic elastomer handle. It's permissible. The black belt sheath with ferro rod holder and included ferro rod is ideal for everyday carry. The blade will not slip with the finger guard. A lanyard hole and a full tang design make the knife very dangerous.

Brand: Schrade

👤Finally! I've been waiting for a knife. Simple, clean design, full tang, no jimping or choil, grippy handle, 90- degree spine, blade is sharp, and the spine is thick to easily handle batoning. It's inexpensive. This works just as well as a $150 knife. I would have preferred a 4/32 (1/8") or a 5/32 thickness. It would be lighter and still handle batoning, but I'm happy with it.

👤I wasn't sure about this Schrade but it looked good and I'm fine. I checked it out and it was all good. It was sharp. I dressed it up and it was nice. My primary knife is a little "Morakniv Craftline Basic 511". I wanted something that I could pound on. I wouldn't feel bad if it broke. I wanted to use it to make a mallet. I need to take off 2 inches from the oak. The sheath is not very strong. I used glue on the inside of the strap to stiffen it. I put coats on both sides of the att.achment and on the end of the strap. I blacked out the glue to make it look different. I trimmed the ferro rod to fit deeper in the tube, then honing the blade back at the tip to make it sharper. I'm happy with it so far, I've trimmed some of the oak. I think a cheap knife is fine. I would buy it again.

👤I bought this knife to be a lightweight one that would not be a burden to carry, but still could be used in survival situations to cut and chop wood and be a good strikers with my magnesium fire-starter. The knife was made with a 4-1/4 inch blade which made it easy to carry, but it's still tough and strong and a true 1095 steel knife. The blade is strong enough to hold up to hard chopping and batonning and is sharp enough to create feather sticks or other detailed carving. The drop point makes it easy to drill. I find the scales comfortable for my mens size 10 hand and the full-tang handle is designed for a range of grips from choke up to the finger-groove for detailed cutting to a secure "half-grip" at the comfortable pommel for leveraged chopping. The scales fit perfectly and are easy to remove and install with a right-sized Allen wrench. I don't need to use the lanyard hole yet. The blade backbone was about 5/32" thick after it was removed. The hollow blade has a sharp edge and is strong. The sheath has a plastic blade protectors insert. The price for a fully functional knife is ridiculously low. I think Schrade hit the mark with this knife as I am both cost and quality conscious.

👤I have a "big brother" version of this, the SCHF52, which comes with a ferro rod and an effective sharpening stone, and it's nearly like having a pack axe, but for less burly chores. It needed a little sharpening on arrival, but is now more than sharp. The blade, grind and edging are all true. It's a nice thick spine for wood work. It is an effective keeper that holds the knife and fire starter, even though it only comes with the standard Schrade nylon sheath. I prefer sheaths of this style because they will hold up well in the field, and I am not a fan of the Kydex type that puts the hilt above the belt line. The SCHF52 has the same kind of textured rubbery design as the SCHF52, but the handle is more pleasing for forward or rearward grip. The knife held up well when I took it out for a spin over the weekend. It is definitely a welcome tool on the trail, as a companion piece to the larger SCHF52. I can keep the larger beast in my pack, and wear this one, and not have to worry about anything. I think this one is an ideal size and weight, with a great balance. Smaller knives are less powerful, but this one gives bigger knife capability in a smaller footprint and, on those trips when I don't want to carry a larger blade or pack axe, there's a lot I can still accomplish with this smaller knife. The fire stick was not great, but it was effective for real world use and can be left behind if you have other systems at hand. It's an easy five stars because I factor in the price. It's a decent knife at a good price point. I could spend more but a capable blade at an affordable price is always a good find. I still have my ESEE, Fallknivens, Benchmade, etc., but as a bang around knife that can get the job done, I'm really happy with the mix here of tidy size and strong performance. It was a perfect spot for my camping/hiking loadout. I'm quite happy with this purchase. Highly recommended.

5. Smith Wesson SWA24SCP Extreme Ops

Smith Wesson SWA24SCP Extreme Ops

Their design was made with genius and good quality. The knives they use have a lot of key feathers and are well-sharpened. White oil must be used on their knives. Don't put the Damascus Steel Knives in the original Cow leather cover for a long time. White oil or wax can be put on the Damascus blades. You like their Damascus steel Knives. The overall length with a blade length of 3.1 inches and a weight of 3.5 ounces is 21 cm. It isdurable: The blade is made of 7Cr17MoV black oxide high carbon steel with a black aluminum handle. It's permissible. It's ideal for everyday carry because of its convenient pocket clip, finger flipper and ambidextrous thumb knobs. The blade will not slip with the security of the liner lock.

Brand: Smith & Wesson

👤The knife is a good value. The finger flip and thumb knobs are not functional. The thumb knobs are difficult to use, and the finger flip is too short.

👤It's still going strong, use a lot.

👤I got it for Christmas a couple years ago and have been using it for warehouse work for the last 3 months. It works great if you sharpen it every week. I didn't like how hard it was to open when I first got it, but it loosened up after a bit of use.

👤I have had it for almost two weeks now and it's dull in comparison to the condition it was in when it was shipped.

👤No tan bromoso tienes seguro para abrir, buen filo. Ahora, por el precio, con su funcin.

6. Morakniv Companion Outdoor 4 1 Inch Military

Morakniv Companion Outdoor 4 1 Inch Military

Quality and customer satisfaction are their first priority. They are here to make your purchasing experience the best it can be. Contact them if hammer multitool doesn't meet your expectations. They will make sure you are happy with your purchase. The fixed blade outdoor knife has a high carbon steel blade. The manufacturer's warranty is made in Sweden. The pattern of the grip makes the knife easy to hold. The blade length is 4.1 inches. The blade thickness is 0.08 inch and the overall length is 8.6 inch. There is a total of 120 g.

Brand: Morakniv

👤Morakniv blades is one of the best choices if you are new to the knife world or planning on getting anyone a knife as a present. You can never go wrong with buying and owning one of these, you can buy 2 and 1 for each member of your family. I ordered these for my brother and he already had 2 of them. The smile on the face was priceless because you can never have enough Morakniv knives. It was cheap during my time of purchase. I bought myself another one. Morakniv is a well known knife brand. It's famous in the Bushcrafting world and is also a collector knife. The sheath is light and easy to re-sharpen, the grip is okay, and the knife is very affordable and collectible. If you like my review, please hit the Yes button on the bottom so that I know what to review again. Thanks.

👤This is a good deal for the price. Well made with good materials. Quality doesn't always have to be expensive. This little guy is excellent at camp, hunting, and over all woodsman knives. It's great for use around camp. Good quality high carbon steel is a pros. I think it is a 1095. Which is a popular and well received steel, and is wonderful if heat treated proper which these knives are. A sharp edge is retained. I used it to carve a walking stick and a few other items. Still had a sharp edge. The edge is still very usable. Excellent price. You can easily buy knives of similar quality. These are great if you are on a budget or looking for an excellent knife to give as a present. It will rust if you don't oil it and maintain it. If you want to be serious about bushcraft and survival knives, you need to get used to the fact that most carbon steels are not able to do the job. The steel doesn't go through the whole handle, but a good portion of the way there. Light bushcraft is why I say that. I wouldn't do any heavy batoning with this. The part that leads up to the belt clip will get bent and warped over time. This isn't that big of a deal since it works just fine. It is not as nice as it was. I love this knife. It's an excellent addition to my collection.

👤I've seen people talk about how it rusted after they left it in the shed. The people have never had carbon steel blades which are top quality steel. After every use, you should put a coat of oil on these. Before buying carbon steel knives, you should research how to care for them. There are a lot of videos on this. I don't buy carbon steel knives because I like the sharp blades that hold an edge. If you are going to use one to process food, then you will want a steel blade. The knife came out of the box and it was an unbeatable price. Great knife! Great price! A good sheath to go with it. I will be buying more.

7. Special Survival Rubberized Sawback Tactical

Special Survival Rubberized Sawback Tactical

If you are not 100% satisfied with the product, you can get a full refund. The blade length is 7 inches (17.78 cm) and the weight is 12.64 ounces. It isdurable: The blade is made of reliable 8Cr13MoV. A black, rubberized handle is made of high carbon steel. It's permissible. The sheath is black and easy to use. Have faith that the hand guard will keep the blade from slipping. The knife has a sawback edge on the spine of the blade.

Brand: Smith & Wesson

👤Unfortunate. I liked this knife, but... It's dangerous. The blade snapped off. I was lucky that it didn't hit my face.

👤HOLY CRAP! Went back to order another one and noticed the price had gone up. Only reason I didn't like it. This knife is a good one. It seems well constructed and has a great balance. A well trained individual could do a lot of damage. The butt end is good for hitting people. It has a similar texture to a meat tenderizer. This is a preliminary review, since I haven't field tested it myself. A tough guy and blade enthusiast. The sheath kept 5 stars away. The button popped, but that's beside the point. If you want to do any kind of MOLLE setup with it, you'll want a better sheath. It's flimsy and feels plastic. That's the only complaint I have. Someone who doesn't do reviews is very good at complaining. Cheers to you, patriots.

👤I carry a knife with me in the woods. It is easy to carry on a belt, molle strap or inside a pack. The knife was sharp. The back saw spine is only used for looks. It's not very functional, but it's a big knife.

👤The knife is modeled after the Ka-bar fighting knives based on its length, profile and weight. I returned a knife that was very toy-like with a bent hilt and a hard plastic handle and it was very slippery. The knife is better at night and day. The grip shape and texture is better. Is the bar good? No. It's over $20 instead of $100. If you use it for defense, it will last just fine. The saw-back is not worth much. It's worth the money and a keeper for my collection.

👤I received my knife and it was what I was expecting. The knife is five stars, but I have an issue with the sheath. The button snaps on my belt are not very tight, so when I pull it out or put it back, the snaps tend to come loose. I will fix it myself, but S&W will give it 5 stars. My wife told me to order her one the day it arrived, and my coworker bought one two days later.

👤A nice knife. Really strong steel. The ship was moving fast. After I cut it, it became really sharp.

👤It is relatively inexpensive to have a full tang steel blade. This knife can cut with the best of them, so don't waste your money on 'tactical' or 'cool' call of duty knives.

👤A quality build feels sturdy. That's not an issue, it's a little bigger than I thought. The saw teeth side is thick. It's not meant to be used as a saw.

👤The sawback works better than the one on the bottom because it moves 1/6in if you move it but that does not mean anything. (-):

8. Morakniv Companion 3 9 Inch Fixed Blade Outdoor

Morakniv Companion 3 9 Inch Fixed Blade Outdoor

The manufacturer has a 1-year warranty. A fire starter and knife with a 3. The blade is 9 inches hardened and is ideal for carving, food prep, and cutting. The spine of the blade is especially suited for use with a fire starter because of the high-friction, anti-slip rubber handle. When wet, the magnesium alloy fire starter produces a 3, 000 degree C (5, 400 F) spark and lasts approximately 3, 000 strikes. The blade length is 3. The blade thickness is 0. The total length is 9. 5 ounces (128 g) A reflective lanyard, plastic sheath, and belt clip are made in Sweden. The sport type is camping and hiking.

Brand: Morakniv

👤The good first. The handle feels nice and the knife is sharp. The blade is locked in to the sheath and it clips to your belt, which is hard to get off sometimes. The bad. The built-in flint is a clever idea, but it has some drawbacks. I was most worried about the handle coming loose during heavy use. The answer is yes. The locking clip for the flint stopped working after about a week of heavy use, and it would sometimes fall out or be undone. I would have to check it before I put it back on. The flint doesn't last very long. Someone who is more skilled at fire starting could make it last longer. After two weeks of use, the flint was showing signs of wear. I think it would last a season at this rate. This wouldn't be a problem if the flint was a replacement for the original, but unfortunately it is. Unless MoraKniv sells replacements for this knife, it will be no better than the MoraKniv companion which is half its price. Don't get this knife. The Companion and fire starter kit are better for you. It will be nearly the same price, if not cheaper, and you won't be SOL once your flint wears down.

👤A typical Mora knife is this one. The knife is functional and has a top notch blade. If the lanyard went through the knife and the firestarter, they would stay together.

👤All of it. The KNIFE is amazing. I tried to use the ferro rod and cut my finger. I sliced my finger while I was being safe. I can tell you that this knife is sharp. I couldn't get a spark from the knife and rod. The knife alone is good, the sheath is good, and the price is right. I paid for the spark knife because I wanted to use it.

👤I was surprised to see that I received the wrong color sheath, dark green instead of black, with a sticker on it. How do they jack that up? They let me down in Mora because of the true scandi grind they offer. My companion spark came with a secondary bevel on both sides of the blade. I own a few of your knives and love them all, but you really messed up with this one. I will not order this knife model again.

👤A companion blade is almost a week early. I will do an update if there is a problem with the ferro rod. I am confident in the quality of a Mora. I wanted the feature on the 15 dollar knife, but I'm not sure why it's $29.

👤A great knife. The less-polished finish is what I like. It is better to have a Garberg finish for the 90 degree spine. I like the options on this series. It was a little different than other models. It gets dinged a little bit with the size of the grip and holding the fire steel handle. It is not the toughest to handle. I think this knife is best used for hiking or camping where you don't need the fire steel to start fires, as many places forbid them in the Summer months anyway. It is a good idea to have a propane stove or alcohol burner as a backup info room source. It's good for small tasks and outdoor food prep.

9. Ocean Supplies Handmade Hunting Sharpener

Ocean Supplies Handmade Hunting Sharpener

The steel blade. The top of the line knives are made from high-quality material. On a scale of HRC to 58, the blade is hard. They put all of their experience and legacy into making their product a master piece of art. Their Knives have the best feel and confidence you need. You are at the right place if you have a passion for knives. The blade has exceptional strength and Durability. The handle of the knife is made of walnuts and it is very comfortable. The buttons on the genuine leather sheath are of the highest quality. It is designed with passion to enjoy the Tactical, Survival, Camping, Hiking, Hunting, Fishing, and outdoor situations. This multi-purpose hunting tool is built for precision and control. Quality is a guarantee. If you don't like their product for any reason, they offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

Brand: Gneric

👤The knives are wonderful. The wood is beautiful. These are thick, full tag blades that are sharp with a little work. I will keep both ferro rods for a life time.

👤The value is there, however the larger knife is only sharp about 4.5" into the 6 inch blade. The type of use you could get out of this knife is gone because of this. I will have to spend a lot of time getting this knife where I want it. The buyer is willing to put into it. I would have returned it if I hadn't started working on it.

👤This is an initial impression, I received my knives today. These knives are very nice. I can't tell you how good the steel is, but they were sharp. The handles are pretty and the craftsmanship is good. I am happy with my purchase and consider them to be a high value. Would recommend to buy.

👤Me parece de una calidad. Me decepcion, solo, una lima de afilado, todos de las 2 Cuchillos. No lo vi, embargo el iniciador de fuego dice.

10. Smith Wesson Response SW911B Assisted

Smith Wesson Response SW911B Assisted

The total length is 9.1-inches and the blade thickness is 1/6-inch. The manufacturer's warranty is limited. The overall length is 20.8 cm and the blade length is 8.6 cm. It isdurable: 4034 Black Oxide High Carbon STAINLESS STEEL has a black nylon fiber handle. It's permissible. It's ideal for everyday carry because of its convenient pocket clip, ambidextrous thumb knobs, finger actuator and M.A.G.I.C. assisted opening. The liner lock and safety lock are secured, so you have confidence that the blade won't slip.

Brand: Smith & Wesson

👤The lever that releases the blade broke inside the knife, so it no longer restrains the blade. If I slide off the blade lock safety switch, the blade opens all the way under the opening assist spring tension, which would cause physical harm if I had it in my pocket. The lever doesn't keep the blade locked until I pivot it. I discovered the problem before the blade opened. The glass breaker still works, but I no longer carry the knife. It's not safe for on-body carry. It doesn't seem to handle pocket carry well, so I don't recommend it. The lever for the blade release is not strong enough for carrying a pocket. This is disappointing for a knife that had good reviews and appeared to have great quality out of the box. I replaced it with a fully manual opening knife with a seat belt cutter hook. It looks odd with the handle and blade design, but it is very easy to operate one handed, and it is easy to grip. The opening mechanism is very fast and responsive. The release process of the glass breaker rod is odd at first, but once you get used to it it makes sense. I carry a knife and a seat belt cutter with me all the time. I have a cheaper one in my kit. This knife has a safety switch that prevents accidental blade release while in one's pocket, which is important because the blade has a strong opening mechanism when tripped. It takes one to remember that the safety is there, but once you get used to it, it's second nature to release it under stress. It isn't cheap and might make one pause before buying it. It has a good balance of utility, brand reputation, and price. I'm not sure if the models and brands that are more expensive are any better for practical purposes. If you want a seat belt cutter that works with the blade closed, this isn't your knife. The cutter is a blade that will rip through a belt. It will make the cutting go faster. This isn't a general purpose knife as it is designed for seat belt cutter and glass breaker uses. I use it with a tanto point everyday carry smooth blade folder so I have better use of it.

👤My husband had his knife taken from him at a comedy show because of the venue restrictions. We decided to give him a new one because he was unable to return to our car to store it. Since joining the military, he has generally had the same knife. He wanted something with a punch in the event of an emergency and his knife had to have a certain aspect. His last knife had a punch but this one is spring loaded. He injured himself when he accidentally activated the punch when opening the knife. The knife is light and has a safety. It can cut seatbelts. It's a great knife for anything. The price is reasonable for all of the uses. You will love it!

11. Schrade 1100052 Survival Starter Outdoor

Schrade 1100052 Survival Starter Outdoor

Lifetime warranty. 3 inch (7.62 cm) overall length with a blade length of 2 inches (5.08 cm) and a weight of 1 ounce It isdurable: Black oxide is used in the blade. It's permissible. The tool is small and ideal for carry. All tools snap into a compact body to ensure safe storage and that they are there when needed. Be prepared. The tool has a pocket clip, money clip, bottle opener, whistle, fire starter and lanyard hole.

Brand: Schrade

👤I was looking for a small knife that was easy to use. I got half of the equation. The knife is small. There is a clip on the side that needs to be manipulated with both hands. One to remove the clip from the blade handle. The blade can be pulled out by the other hand. I'll keep it in my pack. It's nice to have the ferro rod for starting the fire. You can also find a look at the Money Clip with Built-in Fixed Blade Knife on Amazon.

👤Great product! Surprisingly, a very good quality. There are some additional features that were not listed in the descriptuon.


What is the best product for survival knife with fire starter in handle?

Survival knife with fire starter in handle products from Smith & Wesson. In this article about survival knife with fire starter in handle you can see why people choose the product. Frost Cutlery and Sog are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival knife with fire starter in handle.

What are the best brands for survival knife with fire starter in handle?

Smith & Wesson, Frost Cutlery and Sog are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival knife with fire starter in handle. Find the detail in this article. Schrade, Morakniv and Gneric are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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