Best Survival Knife Smith and Wesson

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1. SMITH WESSON SWMP4LBS Assisted Serrated


The liner lock and safety lock are secured, so you have confidence that the blade won't slip. The overall length is 8.6 inches and the blade length is 3.6 inches. It isdurable: The blade is made of 4034 Black Oxide High Carbon Stainless Steel with a grey and black aluminum handle. It's permissible. It's ideal for everyday carry because of its convenient pocket clip, flipper/finger actuator and M.A.G.I.C. assisted opening. The liner lock and safety lock are secured, so you have confidence that the blade won't slip.

Brand: Smith & Wesson

👤It's not a benchmade. It's a good knife for the price. I thought I would get the grey one. The black one is usually more expensive. The blade is sharp. The thumb stud and lever on the spine can deploy the blade with force. The lock works well with a positive feeling. Loc-Tight already had it when I put it on the screws. It's big and heavy. I like it because it is what it is. I would just get another for this price, I don't know how well it will hold up.

👤I have the largest combat/hunting knife I have, so I can't say much about this. There is still build quality up there. The safety feature is nice, but I prefer something that requires more of a deliberate step to open than something that will accidentally fire a hairtrigger. I like the look and quality of the blade, the handle, the assisted flip out action, and even the click you feel when you push in the blade to hide it. If you like Smith & Wesson knives, you'll enjoy adding this to your collection.

👤The knife has some good things going for it. It's nice and heavy, and it seems sturdy. If you pull it out of your pocket the right way, it will deploy. The opening could use a stronger spring. I can't for the life of me get this knife sharp, it's the dullest knife I've ever purchased. I used the sharpener that I had, but it didn't work. I bought another one with one more stage. That one didn't make it sharper. I have never had a problem sharpening my other knives. If you need to puncture something, this knife is a good choice. I can't recommend it otherwise.

👤The knife I received was a plain, black one, not the one shown in the listing. There is only a return option for inquiring about a replacement. The knife is of good quality. The spring assist is very stiff.

👤It looks like all my other knives because it is not the same color as advertised. No big deal. It's nice and sturdy and sharp, but if it's not in the lock position, it opens inside my pants pocket. If you don't have it in the lock position, it's dangerous. It seems to be a nice one.

👤I lost the screws on the clip when I got this knife, so it has no clip now. The safety lock switch is moving to red in my pocket, but it hasn't opened yet. I like how it looks and it's easy to open with one hand, but I wish I could keep it clipped to my belt.

👤The product shown on the listing was not as good as what I received. It feels sturdy and heavy duty. The finish is impressive. If it gets loose, it can be tightened. The item was made in Taiwan. Once you figure out how to handle it, the spring assist function works perfectly. I liked it a lot. My first impression is positive, so I will update my review if something goes wrong.

2. Smith Wesson SWBLOP3S Stainless Assisted

Smith Wesson SWBLOP3S Stainless Assisted

The blade will not slip with the security of the frame lock. The overall length with a blade length of 3.4 inches and a weight of 4.8 ounces is 7.7 inches. It isdurable: 4034 Black Oxide High Carbon STAINLESS STEEL has a silver, aluminum handle. It's permissible. It's ideal for everyday carry because of its convenient pocket clip, ambidextrous thumbs knobs, flipper/finger actuator and M.A.G.I.C. assisted opening. The liner lock and safety lock are secured, so you have confidence that the blade won't slip.

Brand: Smith & Wesson

👤The knives were tested in the same configuration. This one is about $30, The Anvil Bullshark is about $40 and the Benchmade Barrage is about $130. All of them had the same lengths and shapes. The knife used for emergency rope cutting on a boat needs to be fast and safe to open and needs to get the job done quickly. The S&W was the fastest and safest knife to open in that it has a one hand control on top of the knife. The Benchmade is effective but the blade has a mechanism on it that makes me wonder how I have opened it so many times. The Anvil is the most difficult to open with one hand. The S&W was the best open with a two hand approach. The S&W has a very nice safety, but with the safety off, it did not seem any less safe than the other two. The lightest of the three is the S&W, followed by the Benchmade with the Anvil. The S&W still felt strong and sturdy, and this is a benefit. The Benchmade blade is the lightest followed by the S&W and the Anvil. The S&W weight advantage appears to be due to the thinner metal in the handle piece. The S&W had a more textured feel with the handles, which appeared to be equally comfortable for longer term work. The Benchmade was the most sharp, followed by the Anvil and S&W. Unless you are attacked as you open the box, I don't think this is important. The Anvil has the most aggressive serration followed by S&W. The best blade lock was the Benchmade trademark top of blade lock. The S&W and Anvil had conventional bottom of blade locks, but the other two wouldn't budge. This is a No Go defect. Even if it wasn't the most expensive, the quick and safe opening of the S&W coupled with its much lower weight made this my choice even if it wasn't the most expensive.

👤I've been using this knife for two years. I am a truck driver and use it to cut shrink wrap, plastic banding, as a screw driver, hammer, etc. It is still rock solid despite being abused. The safety switch is plastic and I have not had any issues with it. It is a good looking knife. The blade is painted so that it will scratch the metal and wear through the paint. Even though the handle is worn, it still looks nice. It is clipped in my pocket and it isn't too thick to bulge out and catch on things as you move around. The clip is strong and doesn't allow the knife to get pulled by your seat belt or if you brush up against things. After two years of daily use, the clip hasn't lost its tension. The handle is built with an open back bone so dirt and debris won't build up inside it. A great knife. The recipient always loves it when I give them a few away as gifts.

3. Smith Wesson Bodyguard Stainless Tactical

Smith Wesson Bodyguard Stainless Tactical

The overall length with a blade length of 2.75 inches and a weight of 2.6 ounces is 6.5 inches. It isdurable: The blade is made of reliable 8Cr13MoV. A black, glass filled, textured nylon handle with a black oxide coated high carbon steel. It's permissible. It's ideal for everyday carry because of its convenient pocket clip and finger/flipper actuator. The blade will not slip with the finger guard. Be prepared: knife has jimping on it.

Brand: Smith & Wesson

👤Over the years, I've accumulated about a half dozen assorted pocket knives. I bought this one to replace a lost S&W knife that I had purchased at the Autozone store. Since my wife used to have a S&W Bodyguard revolver, I was unable to find an exact replacement. I wanted to get a knife with the same name. It was put in a drawer in favor of a better option after being used off and on for a while. The knife does not open like it should. The knife only opens partway if you press the nub on the back. I have multiple pocket knives that have the same feature but they flip all the way open when you flick that little nub. The blade stops before it's even open so that the wrist-flick can assist the opening. - The ergonomics are terrible. It has a nub on the side of the blade that is supposed to allow you to open the blade with your thumb, but the handle is so small and shaped that your thumb ends up riding the edge of the blade. The flip assist on the back of the knife is inadequate, so you have to finish the job with this side assist, so you are always at risk of cutting yourself. The tip of the clip is too large. I have a lot of scratches on my car door and furniture from this stupid clip. None of my other pocketknives have clips on them.

👤My sister asked me to order a bodyguard for her because she liked it so much. It should arrive on 2/09/22. This knife is very expensive. There is a lot going for it. You can attach a light weight clip to a pocket. The blade is about 3 inches long. The blade can be opened and closed with one hand, but it's not as comfortable as the one I planted in. The blade is made from a Chinese steel that holds a decent edge if memory serves, and it appears to be slightly ground. I gave this knife a score of 4.5. The edge is sharp but it has a wire edge on one side. It can be fixed in a few minutes with a ceramic sharpener. The blade has black powder coating. What will it look like when the coating starts to wear? This knife is recommended by me. It is a good knife that will serve you well unless you start using it as a pry bar or a screwdriver.

👤S&W makes a lot of great tools. It is a solid knife from tip to grip. For around $10, there was no play or wobble. This is a tool that can be put in your tacklebox, clove compartment, utility draw and pocket. I am very impressed. I have S&W M&P knives that cost between 40 and $65. I didn't expect to get the same quality for a low end knife. It has the same limited lifetime warranty as high end products.

4. Special Survival Rubberized Sawback Tactical

Special Survival Rubberized Sawback Tactical

Tactical sheath is included. The blade length is 7 inches (17.78 cm) and the weight is 12.64 ounces. It isdurable: The blade is made of reliable 8Cr13MoV. A black, rubberized handle is made of high carbon steel. It's permissible. The sheath is black and easy to use. Have faith that the hand guard will keep the blade from slipping.

Brand: Smith & Wesson

👤I've ordered 4 knives from S&W in the last 3 months. I was ecstatic when I saw the blade, but I had to attach it to my belt as a drop leg accessory. After curing the button, I decided to let it slide as every thing else was sound, so I used E6000 and it worked. I got this on April 9th. The nylon belt loop was worn around my property and was not taken out in the field. The button that was repaired has detached and one piece is missing, so it is useless in the way in which I bought it. This was the most expensive item purchased by S&W. I expected better quality from them. I'm returning the blade and buying another one.

👤I like the knife, but I didn't like how it came. The package was torn in several places and then returned. The guard for the tip was missing so I was not happy about receiving a brand new knife, but it seems like a good quality knife, but time will tell.

👤It works and looks like it should.

👤The knife has a good feel and weight. At the end, it comes sharp.

5. Smith Wesson SWATLB Assisted Aluminum

Smith Wesson SWATLB Assisted Aluminum

Materials: It helps ensure that the knife is Corrode or Stain free. The overall length is 21.7 cm and the blade length is 9.2 cm. It isdurable: 4034 Black Oxide High Carbon STAINLESS STEEL has a black, aluminum handle. It's permissible. It's ideal for everyday carry because of its convenient pocket clip, ambidextrous thumb knobs, finger actuator and M.A.G.I.C. assisted opening. The liner lock and safety lock are secured, so you have confidence that the blade won't slip.

Brand: Smith & Wesson

👤I have owned this knife for more than 5 years. It's an awesome design. I carry it every day, use it every week, and were it not for the fact that the tip broke a few weeks ago, I would still carry that knife. The quality seems to have changed since I bought a new one. 5.11 clothing has gone downhill as if companies release an initial version of a product with high standards, build the brand, and then swap out the manufacturing layer for the cheapest Chinese factory they can find. The volume of customers makes up for people who notice that the quality has changed. The grip was changed out for a non-stick one. It caught on my pocket when I used the clip because the edges of the glue protruded from above the recess. Within a few days, the entire glue had balled up under the clip. The old knife's glue is still attached at the corners and edges despite being worn down from use. That's good. The areas on the knew knife where the glue protrudes from the recess have been indicated. The design and performance of the knife are worth five stars. The construction of this knife is very good. I recommend that you don't purchase it. I'm almost positive that S&W has nothing to do with this knife. They may have licensed their name for the branding, but the instructions and warranty are from another company. Sorry for the large image size of two of the photos, but it's necessary to demonstrate the portion of the glue that protrudes.

👤I own one of these and it works great. I wanted to get a backup in case I wear my old one out. I have been hard on this knife for a long time. It's easy to operate and sharpen and it holds an edge very well. I carry it in my deep right leg pocket on my carpenter jeans. I don't like to use the clip to attach it to my pocket because the knife is exposed and it tends to pop out of my pocket when I am squatting down. I practice pulling it out and opening it with a lever. I didn't put the safety button in the safe position because I wouldn't want to be in a situation where I needed it in seconds. I always use the safety on the nug when carrying my semi- autos, but with my semi- autos, without a safety, I carry with no round in the chamber.

👤I've been on four SWAT tools in the last 10 years. I've used it as a pry bar and not as a tool fault. I lost one in a river and another in the normal way. I have had every good brand of locking blade and none has stayed in my pocket better. The inside of the pocket is what the scales grip on to. This knife is the only one I have ever owned that has never bent. The blades are strong. The factory edge is not strong. It needs to be re hone after a break. I've never broken a blade. It slices and dices through seatbelts, racing harnesses, thin metal, wood and even concrete. If I lose it, I replace it with another.

6. Special Survival Rubberized Sawback Tactical

Special Survival Rubberized Sawback Tactical

If you are not 100% satisfied with the product, you can get a full refund. The blade length is 7 inches (17.78 cm) and the weight is 12.64 ounces. It isdurable: The blade is made of reliable 8Cr13MoV. A black, rubberized handle is made of high carbon steel. It's permissible. The sheath is black and easy to use. Have faith that the hand guard will keep the blade from slipping. The knife has a sawback edge on the spine of the blade.

Brand: Smith & Wesson

👤Unfortunate. I liked this knife, but... It's dangerous. The blade snapped off. I was lucky that it didn't hit my face.

👤HOLY CRAP! Went back to order another one and noticed the price had gone up. Only reason I didn't like it. This knife is a good one. It seems well constructed and has a great balance. A well trained individual could do a lot of damage. The butt end is good for hitting people. It has a similar texture to a meat tenderizer. This is a preliminary review, since I haven't field tested it myself. A tough guy and blade enthusiast. The sheath kept 5 stars away. The button popped, but that's beside the point. If you want to do any kind of MOLLE setup with it, you'll want a better sheath. It's flimsy and feels plastic. That's the only complaint I have. Someone who doesn't do reviews is very good at complaining. Cheers to you, patriots.

👤I carry a knife with me in the woods. It is easy to carry on a belt, molle strap or inside a pack. The knife was sharp. The back saw spine is only used for looks. It's not very functional, but it's a big knife.

👤The knife is modeled after the Ka-bar fighting knives based on its length, profile and weight. I returned a knife that was very toy-like with a bent hilt and a hard plastic handle and it was very slippery. The knife is better at night and day. The grip shape and texture is better. Is the bar good? No. It's over $20 instead of $100. If you use it for defense, it will last just fine. The saw-back is not worth much. It's worth the money and a keeper for my collection.

👤I received my knife and it was what I was expecting. The knife is five stars, but I have an issue with the sheath. The button snaps on my belt are not very tight, so when I pull it out or put it back, the snaps tend to come loose. I will fix it myself, but S&W will give it 5 stars. My wife told me to order her one the day it arrived, and my coworker bought one two days later.

👤A nice knife. Really strong steel. The ship was moving fast. After I cut it, it became really sharp.

👤It is relatively inexpensive to have a full tang steel blade. This knife can cut with the best of them, so don't waste your money on 'tactical' or 'cool' call of duty knives.

👤A quality build feels sturdy. That's not an issue, it's a little bigger than I thought. The saw teeth side is thick. It's not meant to be used as a saw.

👤The sawback works better than the one on the bottom because it moves 1/6in if you move it but that does not mean anything. (-):

7. Smith Wesson SW8 Filled Handle

Smith Wesson SW8 Filled Handle

Convenient fishing will allow you to enjoy your fishing journey easily. A 5-prong harpoon is suitable for fish. The overall length with a blade length of 4.2 inches and a weight of 8.5 ounces is 27.2 centimeters. It isdurable: The blade is made of 3Cr13 STAINLESS STEEL with a black nylon handle. It's permissible. The nylon belt sheath makes it easy to access. The blade will not slip with the security of the handle grooves.

Brand: Smith & Wesson

👤Nothing special. I hope I never need it, so I will put it in the truck's toolbox. I hope someone shoots me if life has gotten so bad that I have to rely on this thing. Why did I purchase a spear tip? It will probably kill a few times before it breaks. I think it could kill. Probably. What would you do if you only had a broom stick and this thing? 20,000 years ago, this would have been an awesome weapon. Today... Let's be realistic. It is better than nothing, but it is more of a comfort blanket than a weapon. If things have reached the point where you are going to use this weapon, your death is imminent. Hey... If you have 20 bucks, you can help the economy and buy stuff. You'll never use it. It's only 20 bucks. It costs more than that to get drunk.

👤I hike where it's still wild. Bear spray can be effective, but not always. Sometimes guns aren't always needed. Mountain Charlie fought bears with a knife. I keep this on my belt. My staff has a thread. The snap-strap can be too short if you try to keep the sheath on. I use Amazon'sExtender snaps for your boat cover, black, add one inch, Finger loop built in, 5 piece set to secure mine. It's not a slash-slash setup for spear-chucking. It was recommended.

👤Like most kids 67 years old, I like to take things apart to see how they are made. The lanyard hole is large enough to hold a biner clip and the handle is made of metal head threads. The sheath is very good. The stitches are good. The head will not damage the sheath. The strap is strong. The edges of the tip needed some attention. They are very good at taking a good edge. Even with a poll pushing it, I believe the steel will stand up to throwing. The belts are tight enough to hold things without slipping. There are no rattling noises. If I had an idea that this was as nice as it is, I would take it. I don't know anything. I can't see how anyone wouldn't be happy with this purchase.

👤Thanks to this, I can stand on my front porch in my towel every morning and proudly proclaim "This is SpartaAAA!", because I found a way to release my true inner warrior.

👤The Genuine Joe GJO60468 Wood Floor Broom Handle, 1-1/8" Diameter x 60" Length, Oak was $7.41 as an add on item through Amazon prime. I like to appear threatening in town, but can lock on with threadlock or gorilla glue. It's perfect for a walking stick. I put a rubber chair leg cap on the end of the broom handle and put a 5 finger easy up cane end on the threaded end of the broom handle for walking in the city. If necessary, the spear head can replace the easy up cane cap for self protection. It's great for protecting kids and wife from dogs.

8. Smith Wesson SWA24S Serrated Aluminum

Smith Wesson SWA24S Serrated Aluminum

Happy eco-friendly gentrification The best way to get water is to use water tablets. CrazyCap helps keep your crew healthy by replacing plastic bottles. Their 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is backed by a limited LIFETIME warranty. The overall length with a blade length of 3.1 inches and a weight of 3.5 ounces is 7.1 inch (18 cm). The blade is made of 7Cr17MoV black oxide high carbon steel with a black aluminum handle. It is reliable because of its convenient pocket clip, finger flipper and ambidextrous thumb knobs. The blade will not slip with the security of the liner lock.

Brand: Smith & Wesson

👤I got a knife today and immediately needed to review it. I picked this knife because it had features I was looking for and it was in top reviews. I went back to read the reviews and they scared me. The locking mechanism didn't come down far enough to lock the blade in place, that's the biggest one. You can see this knife in the pictures I'm including. It's a good build. It was much better than I expected. I paid $22 for a knife that wasn't as nice as this one. The edges are razor sharp. The frame is made of heavy duty metal. It's good metal, but it's still light enough to make a great pocketknife. The ultimate mark of a great knife is the weight being balanced towards the center when it's open. The top part is not sharp. I didn't expect it to be so sharp. The top part of the blade is not sharp, and why. The lock works reliably. It doesn't move all the way to the other side because that would make the blade more likely to slip down. It should be positioned right below the blade. This is an absolute steal, for the $12 I paid. It could be a $30 knife. Please. The reviews are detailed here. Those are the people who know what they're talking about. Most of them use this knife for work. You need to pay attention to those reviews on Amazon. I have been trained in knife fighting for self defense since I was 5 years old. My grandfather was a Korean war vet with medals and honors, and he was into knives both as a collector and as a defense weapon. I like to carry a good pocket knife on me because people get nervous when I carry a buck knife strapped to my hip. If I have to defend myself, I have a knife in my hand, no matter what the attacker does. I know that one doesn't need a $100 knife to stick it to someone. A good metal, balance for throwing, and a good blade design which allows for one to twist it so a wound doesn't close back up when it's removed are some of the things that make this a good choice. This is how you take dinner down, and with a serrated edge, you can see small things. If you get pinned down by a seat belt, the edges of the seat belt will allow you to cut yourself free. This knife is good for all of that. If you're looking for a cheap knife, this is a good choice.

👤It's not great. It has a cheap look. It is not as easy to open and close as written. I don't know why it's labeled a survival knife. It wasn't sharp out of the box. It wouldn't cut through cotton braided rope. The knife got dull very quickly after Isharpened it. You hear about knives that won't cut through butter. I didn't expect a special price for the item, but I didn't want to carry a sharpening stone with the knife. If I had not sharpened it, I would have returned it. Purchase something better if you spend a few more bucks.

9. Smith Wesson Tactical Survival Everyday

Smith Wesson Tactical Survival Everyday

The knife has a lanyard hole. The 9 inch overall length with a blade length of 4 inches and a weight of 5.1 ounces is larger than the 10 inch overall length. It isdurable: The blade is made of reliable 8Cr13MoV. A black, rubber overmold handle is on the black oxide coated high carbon steel. It's permissible. The nylon fiber sheath makes it ideal for everyday carry. The blade will not slip with the finger guard.

Brand: Smith & Wesson

👤I like Smith and Wesson. The knife is very thin and light and I like it that way. The knife blade, handle and sheath are of the highest quality. However, Smith & Wesson stopped there. The company didn't pay attention to how bad the clip was before mass production. If you want to carry the knife on your belt, the clip is useless. If you want to look at the knife on the wall, the clip is good. When you pull the knife out, it doesn't have retention because the sheath clips down but doesn't have a way to get it out. I ordered a different clip from a different company and wanted to take the Smith & Wesson clip off the sheath. Another problem came here. I was unable to remove the clip using the correct tool. I was able to remove one of the screws. No matter what I did or how I tried, the rest two would not change. I had to stop them with the clip. If you give me a perfect product, I will appreciate it more. Smith& Wesson is a shame because they started a good job and made an excellent knife, but didn't finish the job right. When you have to spend more money on a new clip, what is the benefit of the good knife price? Lesson learned: I will not only look at a good quality knife, but will also look at the smallest details, most importantly the clip, in order to make sure the whole package is a high quality to the smallest details.

👤I bought this for the duty belt. In a duty belt, a knife is used as a tool, but also as a weapon. The knife is the best bang for the buck. I run drills with guys that spend hundreds of dollars on custom knives and in all fields, including looks. This thing surpasses all expectations. This feels very nice in the hand, it has a kydex handle. A lot of companies put too much meat on the handle of tactical knives, making them bulky and awkward. This knife has a low profile and features saw like teeth at the bottom of the blade for additional uses. There is a metal clip on the back of the sheath that can be used for vertical mounting. I was able to use the holes in the sheath and the shock cord to mount it. The design from S&W makes this thing stay on my belt. This blade has two big thumbs up for me. I will purchase more Smith&Wesson blades in the future.

👤This knife is perfect. It is very sharp and very thin. The belt clip is an aftermarket add on. I carry it on my belt. The sheath is tight and secure.

👤Smith & Wesson does it again. I was skeptical of the knife at first, but it was amazing. I have been carrying the M&P Shield 2.0 Folding Tanto for a few years, and bought this fixed blade for work/camping in the wilderness. If someone handed me a knife and asked me how much it cost, I would say $60+. The sheath is snug and the handle and blade are high quality. The knife is the perfect size for my large hands and the grip feels great. I was able to shave some arm hair off as a test, the blade came very sharp. I love the blade and serration. The belt clip on the sheath is a problem, I plan to modify it to fit on my belt. This is a crazy low price for a knife that will blow away all expectations.

10. Smith Wesson SWF606 Full Knife

Smith Wesson SWF606 Full Knife

A lanyard hole and a full tang design make the knife very dangerous. The 8.6 inch (22 cm) overall length with a blade length of 4.4 inches (11.1 cm) and a weight of 5.8 ounces is the same as the one shown. It isdurable: The blade is made of reliable 8Cr13MoV. A black, thermoplastic handle is made of high carbon steel. It's permissible. It's ideal for everyday carry because of its convenient leather boot or belt sheath. The blade will not slip with the security of the finger guards.

Brand: Smith & Wesson

👤This knife is worth buying for a sub $25 price. The handle of the smaller knives should be quite durable, and they use the same type of steel as the bigger knives. The only flaw I can see is that the spine is not centered at the tip, which is less than a millimeter. I don't believe that the blade's thickness affects strength or function. You can see it. I'm comfortable making that call because I'm a machinist. There are some statistics that might help people decide. The knife has a 4.5" long blade and 4.25" long handle, and is usable for 3.25" of it. I have large hands and I have 3 fingered grip on the handle with the fourth wrapping around the lanyard loop behind it. It is easy for me to have a firm grip because the handle is a uniform.68" thick and the full tang is.95). I like the fact that the handle rides inboard of the full tang by 1/16th. I'm sure it will help with durability. The knife has a blade that is just under 3 inches thick and a spine that is.35 inches wide, making it heavy and strong. I can see breaking the tip off with misuse, but I can't imagine breaking the blade to use it as a pry bar. The edge grind is straight and sharp enough to shave my arm hairs. The knife in the sheath is about 9 inches long. The sheath has a belt clip and is fairly simple but also well made with repairable stitching and has a metal braced snap tab. If the weight or handle size isn't a deal breaker, you should buy it. I don't think you'll regret it for the cost. I know I don't.

👤A great knife. The jimping is a small issue and can be found under the hand guard. There is a defect where two of the notch on one side are messed up. I decided to keep it rather than send it back and wait for a replacement because it wasn't a major issue. The metal clip on the sheath is very strong. It was easy to draw the knife because it was tight on my boot top.

👤This is my 4th knife purchase. The purchase was good, except for the sheath. I usually choose a leather sheath or stimulation. Unless the S&W logo is facing away from you, it's difficult to re-sheath the knife. I bought two knives and they are the same. The knives are sharp. If you have large hands, the handle might not be a good fit.

👤The package is sharp and the size is just right for me. It is a great knife and I would not recommend it for IWB carry if it was a little smaller.

👤Excellent value. The sheath is built well and works as intended. Comes with a sharp point. The sides of the blade are dull. If you spend an hour or so with it on a wet stone, you will have a decent knife. Especially at this price point.

11. Smith Wesson Assisted Serrated Survival

Smith Wesson Assisted Serrated Survival

Be aware of the knife's seatbelt and glassbreaker. The overall length is 21.59 cm and the blade length is 3.5 inches. It isdurable: The blade is made of 8Cr13MoV black oxide coated, High Carbon STAINLESS STEEL with a black, rubberized handle. It's permissible. The pocket clip makes it ideal for everyday carry. The blade will not slip with the security of the liner lock and jimping. The knife has thumbstuds, a window punch, a wrench, strap cutter, bottle opener, ferro rod, whistle and screwdriver.

Brand: Smith & Wesson

👤Great knife! I was a little skeptical but I'm glad I took a chance on this one. I had everything I wanted in a survival knife that costs less than four times as much, and it has some great features that rival those found in knives that cost more. The blade was very little wobble. The belt/pocket clip is reliable. There are two more The handle is very comfortable and has a nice black finish. Spring assisted opening. It's easy to close. I prefer not to have one for faster deployment. There are four The features include a partially serrated blade, whistle, fire-starter, glass breaker, bottle opener, cord cutter and partially skeletonized handled. The box could be a little sharper, but that's an easy fix, and the finish on pocket clip is already wearing off, which is annoying but not uncommon. Overall, 5 stars. Features and value are great at a low price point. Get it!

👤It fits my hand very well and was very sharp out of the box. The blade clips on the belt. It has taken the place of my box cutter at work and at home, but I use it for fishing. The blade is so good that I have cleaned fish with it. The finish of Every Day Carry is starting to wear off in places it rubs the most, but given how it almost never leaves my pocket anymore this is to be expected. I have used the sticks as rod holders and fish stringers. The wireless antenna ports have been tightened. I have opened beer bottles with the opener and cut fishing line with a cord cutter. I used a screwdriver to tighten the doors. The whistle and ferro rod are the only things I haven't used in a real situation. Everything is great on this knife. You will not regret it. The ferro rod fell off the whistle when I took it out of its slot on the knife, but it was only the first time. The rod would fly out of the handle and into the ground if you tried to spark it. I used a small amount of glue on the bottom of the rod. I am not sure if this is intentional or not, but the glue works for me.

👤The fire starter tried to take it out of the knife. My son was 14 years old. He was not happy and dissatisfied. I felt like I was watching a Bum as he went from ecstatic to sad in 3 minutes.

👤I thought I was buying a self opening knife because the sellers said assisted opening. The opener screw driver, seat belt cutter, and other small items are not useful. I bought a knife from Smith and Wesson because it was at a very good price. I got a knife with thumb stud openers that I paid for. The knife has a good blade. Bk.

👤A decent selection of multi-tool options. The point, blade and edges are sharp on mine. This piece is very sturdy and easy to hold. The knife's finish will wear out quickly. The knife can dull out quickly depending on how often it is used. The spring between the plate and blade release lever is the major issue I have had so far. When the knife is in the extended position, the lubricated spring/part moves freely. The spring jams the blade release lever when you are in that position, preventing you from withdrawing the blade and closing it up. I need to use something thin enough to reseat the blade before I can close it, because I don't know how it's supposed to be secured. Everything that comes on this knife is usable, but it won't work if a proper tool isn't present. The mechanics are easy to understand, but the parts seem to have trouble doing their jobs.


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