Best Survival Knife Sharpener

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1. Smiths Adjustable Manual Knife Sharpener

Smiths Adjustable Manual Knife Sharpener

Sharpal headquarters in CA, US with overseas branches in Germany and Australia aim to provide consumers with an easy and cost-effective way to obtain a sharp edge. It was manufactured and field-tested to the highest standards. Sharpens a wide variety of knives. Serrated blade sharpener is fixed angle. Can be used to keep the edge of knives that are already sharp. The easy adjust knob allows sharpening at a wide range of angles. Replacement abrasive components, soft grip handle, and rubber feet. Replacement abrasive components, soft grip handle, and rubber feet.

Brand: Smith's

👤I bought this knife sharpener for my son as a Christmas present a few years ago and recently used it on my utensils. I let my knives lose a bit of their edge because I was a little lazy. I borrowed my son's sharpener because I didn't feel like getting out my stones and oil to do a proper job. It works great, but it feels like a cheat as it is a fraction of what I spent on stones. I need to buy one for myself, so I looked around to see if there was anything better, but I could not see anything that looked better. I need this one to be adjusted. The knife edge chatters as the blade is pulled across, which is a common theme in the 1 star ratings. If you don't use it correctly, it can. If your blade is dull, you will need to pull with a very light, steady, and quick motion. You don't have to push down hard as you pull. Even pressure. Don't be a brute! Finesse is what is needed. I will buy another one for you.

👤Clever idea, but poorly made. Too much play in the adjustment mechanism causes the two stones to move around as the knife blade passes through, so you're never really getting a consistent edge on the blade. After a month, pieces started falling off.

👤I use this on my benchmade. You can draw a line across the full length of your blade with a sharpie and then use just the weight of the knife to make a few passes. If you want to find your angle, you can adjust it until the ink on the blade is gone. You can make 10 on each stone once you find it. Make sure the spine of your knife is straight and don't drag it or it will be unbalanced. This tool is great for sharpening knives that already have an edge. If you need a tool for the right job, look somewhere else. If you press on our blade too hard, you will ruin it.

👤The idea of three sharpeners adjusting to different angles on the blades made me happy. The reality is that when you drag your knife through the sharpener, the little blades pop out. They will no longer be in place once this happens. This happened to two different units. I sent the first one back. I threw the second one away. This sharpener is junk and I recommend you not to use it.

👤I love the idea that you can easily sharpen your knives with one device. They thought it would be ok to do only 2 degree intervals with a limited range, and completely miss the point. Most of my knives are 15, with some of them being 25. I have the same options as before, I can either break out the whetstone or buy a single-angle sharpener for each angle. It was not useless, but frustratingly shy of what it should have been.

2. Retractable Sharpener Multi Functional Portable Sharpening

Retractable Sharpener Multi Functional Portable Sharpening

Get to know their small team and let them support you with product use, application, and education. They are proud to provide you with superior tactical gear and survival tools and offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY. The pen shaped sharpener is easy to grasp, lightweight, and can be applied with many ceramic and standard knife, and the diamond rod edge is suitable for making jagged objects pointed. The retractable knife sharpener is made of a diamond coated steel rod, which is sturdy, and the aluminum shell protects the sharpener rod, making it easy to work. The package includes a bag that you can carry with you wherever you go, and the handle is designed with a pocket clip for easy access and carrying. The portable knife sharpening steel rod can be used for many purposes, such as sharpening kitchen tools, hunting, outdoor adventure, fishing, camping, workers and archers. The package contains 2 pieces of pen retractable sharpeners, the length is about 5.5 inch, and the retractable knife sharpener can be extended to approx. 9 inches.

Brand: Honoson

👤I wanted to re-sharpen my steak knives. The price was reasonable. It was Way Way Too Coarse. It doesn't leave a polished edge. It had scratches on it. A chainsaw file leaves a more refined edge than a diamond tool. I think the size is about 120 grit. It is suitable for an emergency use, but will not produce a keen edge. I don't think it would make a difference to a small fish hook. Live and learn... I will put it in my tool box.

👤I had a pen sharpener that was great, but I lost it, these looked like it. The coating was not smooth or cheap. I tried to use them on my pocket knife, but it dulled it and I know how you use them. The finish is very difficult to get a sharp edge on. I can still use this in some way because I make knives. Not for final finish sharpening or anything close to that... I would say these are closet to a 100 grit, in that ballpark, and I wish it had some kind of description of the coursness.

👤The sharpeners are what I needed. Some complain that the texture is too coarse, but I think it's beneficial because it's their primary purpose. A knife with a design that allows it to cut past a regular edge is usually in need of significant work for which a coarse tool is required. As coarse texture diamond rod can be used for a number of other tasks, mine stands in regularly as a small file on the spot tasks. As this pack contains two rods, it is relatively easy to keep one as-is, while dressing the other with a spare stone, sandpaper, or an old beater knife. This is a solid purchase which any crafter or outdoors person will be able to use immediately.

👤These are great. I was about to throw out the scissors I was about to use, but I was able to use an old knife tosharpen the serrations. Both of them work well now. I gave the second one to a friend. He liked it as well. I have no complaints. These are a must have if you know how tosharpen a blade.

👤Every day I wear a knife sharpener in my bib overalls. I used this tool to keep my knives sharp while butchering 4 deer.

👤I have several of these and they do a good job at sharpening.

👤It's easy to touch up different size edges.

3. Kitchen Knife Sharpener Sharpening Cut Resistant

Kitchen Knife Sharpener Sharpening Cut Resistant

Straight edge blades, serrated edge blades, and household scissors are included in the blade guide. They are revolutionizing the art of knife sharpening with their incredible 3-slot system. The 1st diamond sharpening rod is used to repair damaged blades before the 2nd slot is used to restore its V-shape. The 3rd slot is fine for a clean polish. The handle is easy to use and allows you to restore your knives in a matter of seconds. Simply place the blade in each of the slots and gently pull the knife through a few times for fast, effective sharpening. Atchell Kitence puts the safety of their customers above all else. The kitchen knife sharpener is made with a non-slip base. They include a glove that is cut resistant for added safety. Premium quality: With their professional knife sharpener kit, you don't have to be a chef to cook like one. It is strong, durable and designed to last a lifetime. The knives are made with high quality materials. They are so confident that you will love their knife sharpening kit that they are giving you a money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, return the product within 30 days and they will give you a full refund.

Brand: Kitchellence

👤A 3-stage knife sharpener is a good value. It is much easier to edge a blade with a sharpening steel. If possible, I would recommend using eye protection outside or over a waste bin. Fine metal shards can be harmful if they get into your eye. As a precautionary measure, wash your hands after.

👤I was looking for a good knife sharpener for a long time, and all I could think about was not doing a good job. I gave up on my set of knives and was looking for a new one. My friend recommended this knife sharpener because she saw my frustration with dull knives. I'm very happy I bought it. After a month after the purchase, I'm happy to say that my kitchen is a happy place again. The sharpener has 3 stages, it looks cool and does a good job. It is easy to grip and comfortable, it doesn't slip on the counter top. A glove included in a package was a nice touch. I'm very happy with this purchase, and I highly recommend it!

👤It said it could be used for ceramic knives. It is not compatible for ceramic knives. The instructions came with the sharpener. Only the 1 slot was pulled through. I was sad over the loss of my knife.

👤Save your money. This is bad. I tried and tried. This is a piece of junk. I don't pay attention to the other reviews. At best they are not guilty. You can learn from my mistake.

👤When I bought my first home almost 20 years ago, my mother gave me a knife set that came with a long sharpening rod, but I never sharpened them in any other way. It was not surprising that I was having trouble cutting tomatoes with the blades. I liked the three step process of this knife sharpener. All my knives were sharpened in less than 15 minutes. They glide through tomatoes again.

👤A brand new mercer knife was bought along with a tgis sharpener. I bought this sharpener because I am tired of dull knives. I bought a new knife to compare. There is no comparison. The knives are sharper but have a different look. It can only cut a few hairs on my arm. My hair is being removed by a knife. Buy new knives instead of using this product.

👤It's easy to use, comes with a protective glove, it fixes the cutting edge of the knife, and it works for porcelain knives as well, I highly recommend it.

👤This is perfect for an average dunderhead like me. I worked as a cook in a prime rib restaurant in the last century and spent hours and hours honing my blades on a stone. I don't have the time to do that these days. I like sharp blades. This is an effective solution. It is very good in my kitchen and RV. It works well for me. I think long life is just a bonus, we will see how it performs over time. They put in a bonus glove for rookies. It's a good thing.

4. SHARPAL 103N Scissors Multi Sharpener Sharpener

SHARPAL 103N Scissors Multi Sharpener Sharpener

Work Sharp is part of a family owned company in Oregon. They have been engineering sharpening tools in the USA for over 40 years. The most versatile sharpener in the market is VersaTILE, it can hone and sharpen both single and double beveled blades, including knife, mower blade, pruner, loppers, hedge shears, axe, machete, hatchet, scissors, edging tool, etc. This item is constructed of 5 sharpening parts and has 3 different slots of preset optimal sharpening angle to fulfill the best sharpening performance for each blade. All sharpening abrasive materials pass a field use test. NEVER WEARS OUT. The Oversized handle allows for use with gloves. A large hand guard is used to protect your hands. The rubber base and handle provide a comfortable grip. Sharpal headquarters in CA, US with overseas branches in Germany and Australia aim to provide consumers with an easy and cost-effective way to obtain a sharp edge. It was manufactured and field-tested to the highest standards.

Brand: Sharpal

👤I bought this to make my mower blades sharper. I am writing this on the driveway as soon as I finish climbing under the tractor because I am so impressed. The blades were 3 years old and were dull from being knicked up from rocks and stumps. They feel sharper than before. I couldn't believe how easy it was. I used the ax sharpener for the first few strokes and then went to the sheer one to get a sharper edge. I'm looking forward to sharpening my yard tools now that it was so easy.

👤I'm not a person who is intuitive. I rely on clear instructions and diagrams. How complex is a sharpener? The instructions that came with the All in one Sharpener are hard to understand. The print on the instructions is small. Is it possible that no money could be spared to print the instructions on a large enough piece of paper to read them? And diagrams large enough to comprehend? The sharpener does not work on the tree trimmers without the trimmer heads breaking down. Sorry.

👤I bought to sharpen my lawn mower blades. The first set was sharper. Straight forward and very easy to use. The blades were off the mower. I prepared the mower blades with a vise and hand file to make sure they didn't have any chunks in the cut surface. I will post a picture when I am done with the second set.

👤This is the most common tool in the home. This item surpasses any other sharpener and the need for multiple sharpeners to do the same job, because of the clever embedded multiple sharpeners at different angles. I have never realized how many items need sharpening. I didn't realize how dull the blades were, even though they didn't look like it. No spare razor blades on that utility knife? From knives, scissors, to shovels, axes, chisels, mower blades, pruners, clippers, machete's and more. It will be better if you use this sharpener a few times. It will handle any straight wavy or curved blade you can find. It's not designed for a blade that's serrated. That's correct... The manufacturers should add a missing fold-in tapered rod to make this sharpener perfect.

👤I know about unorthodox use. It's a great chew toy. When I went to the grocery store, my dog bent her cage door to get to it on the table, but she was trying to hide it from me. It was mostly intact, even though I was gone longer than I expected. Despite some serious damage, it still felt good in the hand and it was built to last. Does anyone want a dog who has killed several birds, a baby, a dog leash heavier than her, and a tree that fell on my house? She was deemed untrainable by her dog trainer in York and since she's here and not in Hell, I'm guessing Satan was done with her as well.

👤I have used it on my expensive knives and garden tools. It is pretty much proof. I was told to return to the factory for regrinding and sharpening several garden tools and shovel blades to make life easier after I took a nick out of a Wusthoff blade. Definitely recommend.

5. SHARPAL 191H Scissors Sharpener Sharpening

SHARPAL 191H Scissors Sharpener Sharpening

We are so confident that you will love their knife sharpening kit that they are giving you a money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, return the product within 30 days and they will give you a full refund. A sharpening tool. There are ceramic blades for fine honing and special tungsten carbide blades for scissors grinding. You need 3 parts to meet your sharpening needs. The strong prediction base. The product's force of attraction is twice that of other similar products. The sharpening process increases your safety. It's easy to use, just put it on a smooth desktop and press the black switch. It will suck very hard on the table. You can start sharpening the knife. You don't have to hold it with your hands. Your hand is very safe. You can hold it with one hand. You can conveniently store it in this small size. It won't take up a lot of space in the kitchen. Sharpal headquarters in CA, US with overseas branches in Germany and Australia aim to provide consumers with an easy and cost-effective way to obtain a sharp edge. It was manufactured and field-tested to the highest standards.

Brand: Sharpal

👤I think this product is worth five stars. I was worried that this would be a poor quality product, but it turned out to be very good. The flat surface has a very strong suction cup. When you use it, I will give you some advice. It will suck better if you add liquid. I use a spray to clean it. Good results! If you have good skills, you can use it in a vertical position. It has 3 stations that are incomparable to other similar products. It has a grooves of the metal. Excess metal can be removed from your knife with the help of a hard metal. You can use a very blunt knife. This product has a ceramic edge. The texture of the ceramic is very delicate. The ceramic slot won't hurt your knife, you can use it to grind your knife. I like the function of its sharpening scissors. The function of this grinding scissors is not found in any of the sharpeners I have. My scissors become very blunt when I use them in the kitchen. It has become even sharper.

👤This is a great product. I have one arm. It's difficult to sharpen a knife with only one arm because you can't hold it down without something, and this one works great because it's cups to the counter or smooth surface, and it's saved me from many accidents.

👤They only use ceramic rods to edge scissors when I look at a scissor sharpener. Don't cut it with leather shears or kitchen scissors. The cutting edge on scissors is put on by this sharpener. It has a ceramic edger and a rough repair tool for knives. It's a great tool for the money, but not an electric sharpener, it's just a one horses rear end power. It does its job.

👤I am an activity director at a senior living facility and a craft nerd. I own a lot of scissors. At least 20. I am on a tight budget and they get dull over time. A few months ago, I tried another brand. This one is far superior to that one. I like the control I have on the blade to make it sharp. It only took me a few minutes. I'm curious to see if anyone comments on the cutting ease at our next class.

👤What a shock. I didn't think it would do the job when I received it. It was a surprise. The counter was getting cluttered. I had to twist it a bit to get it off. I have a lot of things. Everything I threw at it was sharpened in a very short time. I was blown away. The little sharpener is small and it took me several hours to sharpen everything in the house, but it did an outstanding job and I have lots of places to store it.

👤I already have 3 knife sharpeners, but none of them do a good job at sharpening scissors. I saw this product and thought I would try it. I'm impressed. They worked on my scissors after I followed the online instructions. I'm very pleased with the results of sharpening 4 pairs of scissors. I didn't try this product on hair shears or sewing shears, but I would give it a "B+" for regular everyday scissors. I now have sharp scissors. I will have to wait and see how long this product lasts. Hopefully, this product will keep sharpening my scissors.

6. Lansky Puck Multi Purpose Sharpener Blade

Lansky Puck Multi Purpose Sharpener Blade

Sharpal headquarters in CA, US with overseas branches in Germany and Australia aim to provide consumers with an easy and cost-effective way to obtain a sharp edge. It was manufactured and field-tested to the highest standards. works with all blades and axes.

Brand: Lansky

👤This thing is amazing. Many of my employees don't know how to use a knife, and there are several knives that don't go to the sharpener every week. No matter what I do, they destroy the edges. I bought this puck to hold us over until knife sharpening day, as I hate using dull knives and I have to cut sometimes. I decided to test it on a butter knife. The result was impressive. There was nothing in the paper after a couple minutes. It was like butter. It was wonderful. BUY THIS PUCK. You won't regret it.

👤It was too coarse even on the "fine" side. It would be helpful to have an actual size in the description. If you need a "field stone" to do some serious shaping on an edge or to take a nick out, it will take a lot of time, but that's a job for home. This won't make a difference on your axe. If you want the kind of edge you want, this should work. It seems to be made as well as any decent manufactured stone I have. It's nostalgic, but it's not enough for the kind of work I'd do to an axe. If you want to finish your edge after using this, leave it on the bench and have a few fine grits.

👤I had this for 5 minutes. It makes a very packable trail clearing tool kit with my Estwing axe. I have been using my axe to break the trail. I am chopping a lot of trees down near the ground, and the dirt strikes and rock strikes wreak havoc on my edge. I stop to take a rest break and pull out a puck to make my axe edge look better. Works well. A sharp axe. The amount of strikes is reduced to chop down downed trees. Look at my photos. There are big wood chips with every swing of this small axe. The fine side brings the edge right back after a few passes. The coarse side is not coarse enough to remove the chips from the axe edge. Still need a file or disk to remove those. I use spit to wet the stone on the trail, and it works well to move away from the fine grindings to keep the stone clean. Use what works for you. I use oil at home, but it's for trail use. The little puck is great. Simple, cheap and effective.

👤This is a good stone. I like the dual grits because they don't need the same kind of edge or start from the same degree of dullness. You can use it wet or dry. My father taught me that water works best with a coarse stone, and I just verified what he told me over the years. It will not last as long if you dry it. Do you prefer honing oil or water? This stone is called a medium grit, but it is not as smooth and hard as an Arkansas stone or something of that nature. If you use oil on this stone, it will cause a problem with the pores and affect how well it does its job. The water does just as well or better than the other way around. The stone can stay clean if it washes out. I have not found that being messy to be a problem. A small amount of oil or water is all you need. Just enough to cover the surface of the stone is all that is needed when it rains or soaks in. It's not complicated. Get rid of metal particles that will collect after each use to keep the surface fresh.

7. Smiths PP1 Pocket Multifunction Sharpener

Smiths PP1 Pocket Multifunction Sharpener

What you need in the outdoors are jackets and coats, backpacks, luggage, and accessories. The Rod is made of Diamond and is used for sharpening Serrated and Standard Edges. The CARBIDE Slot has Carbide Blades. Set your edge quickly with ceramic stones. You should get a razor sharp edge. There are replacement and reverse ceramic stones for extended sharpening. Lanyard hole for carrying. Sharpening Angles provide guaranteed results. Sharpening Angles provide guaranteed results.

Brand: Smith's

👤I received this based on other reviews and thought about opening it. It wasn't that it didn't look impressive or that it was too expensive, but in the past I would just get out a few stones and oil to spend some time sharpening knives while camping. I decided that the Pocket Pal was still worth it. I ripped it open, read the instructions, and grabbed a dull pocket knife. This knife wouldn't have been able to cut through cables ties because it was hard to open lately. Instructions suggest you use your blade for at least 10 minutes. I used the "Fine" side and it was noticeably sharper after the first pull through. After the 4th pull, I stopped. This all took less than a minute, didn't include any messy oils, and anyone could use it to sharpen a knife without having to worry about their skill level. I applied pressure to the knife to make it sharper. The Pocket Pal was comfortable to use with both my left and right hands. The piece is light. It doesn't feel cheap and doesn't seem like it will fall apart, I'm big into high quality products and expect any item I purchase to be such no matter the price point. It is very light. I am happy that I used it. I'm taking out the heavy stones and oil from my camping pack. I don't have to spend my spare time sharpening knives anymore, so I'm wondering what to do with my time. I'm going through my house, bug out bag, and vehicles to find more knives to sharpen. Highly recommended. I paid full price for this item and it was not discounted or free for review, unlike many other reviews we read on Amazon.

👤"Rust?" If you don't understand this concept then you should probably have someone else sharpen your knives for you. The "rust" that you are complaining about is not that. There is a technic called "brazing". It is a technic used to join two pieces of metal. It's quite different than soldering or MIG welding. The visible joint between the two metals makes it obvious that the metals have been welded together. Take a look at the circuit board. It's time for brazing. The benefit of brazing is that it doesn't have a joint. It's similar to putting two pieces together and then joining them close together. The benefits of brazing should be obvious. If the sharpening pieces had a gap between them, it wouldn't work to sharpen a blade. You should be very happy that the metals are joined that way. It is a great review of the product. You can't ask for a better product for a pocket sharpener. I have used it many times and it always works. I am happy with the rod sharpener. The rod works as you would expect and I have always liked blades with serration at the base. I have recommended this product to many of my friends without fear of them going astray, and every one of them has thanked me for introducing it to them. There is a If you want to keep a small blade sharpener in your bag, you should purchase it immediately.

8. Sharpener Survival Tactical Emergency Sharpening

Sharpener Survival Tactical Emergency Sharpening

If you enjoy hunting and other outdoor activities, you'll find the StatGear Surviv-All outdoor knife to be a convenient and practical choice. There are three ways tosharpen a knife blade. Emergency tools. The emergency whistle is built-in for hiking, outdoors, and survival situations. It is easy to repair, Hone, and Sharpen Dull or damaged blades. All-Weather Construction for Straight, Serrated Edges, Gut Hooks and Fishing Hooks. If you are not 100% satisfied with the product, you can get a full refund.

Brand: Swiss Safe

👤Don't waste your money if you're interested in the fact that it has a compass. The compass is next to the tungsten carbide which makes it useless. The magnetic material next to the compass is what made it fixed relative to the sharpener. It could make a survival situation funnier. The sharpeners are too narrow for anything other than a kitchen knife. It is larger than all the other pocket sharpeners, which makes it easier to fit a useless compass in it. It's bigger and thicker than a pocket knife. I recommend this product to anyone who has a sense of humor, or someone who would be missed.

👤I ordered this because I wanted to sharpen my knives. The difference between having this tool and not is amazing. Since I already own a mine, I wouldn't mind paying a little more for the product, but the price and being a beginner helped with the decision. The company sent a Thank You and brief history letter from the founder, but they also auto generated a letter or dropped personal emails after each purchase.

👤Put it to work immediately after receiving it yesterday. I brought a dull knife out of retirement and made quick work of honing others that were in better shape. I say that because I have struggled with knife sharpening over the years, and I think that the price and user friendly are great. The seller has immediate contact with them. Can't go wrong here!

👤The perfect sharpener does fine for straight blades and has a foldout for serrated blades. My pocket knife was brought back to life. It has a hole that can be used to add para cord or a carabineer.

👤The knife sharpener isn't good. Just ok. If you want to get lost, this will work perfectly, the whistle is so quiet it is useless, and the compass is very good, a 5-star rating. I recommend trying another brand.

👤The look and feel of this knife is appealing to me. Light weight and durable. The star emblem fell off and I became lost. Without any use. I hope this isn't a sign of things to come.

👤The item is light. Good carrying weight but not very durable. Time will tell.

9. KitchenIQ 50009 Stage Knife Sharpener

KitchenIQ 50009 Stage Knife Sharpener

Coarse for knives that are dull and damaged. It's fine for polishing the knife and for quick touch-ups. The edge of the table or counter top has a patented edge grip feature that prevents the tip of larger knives from dragging over the surface of the counter. It's small for easy storage. The ceramic rods are used for the final edge honing. The base is non-slip. The rubber handle is soft. Straight edge blades, serrated edge blades, and household scissors are included in the blade guide.

Brand: Kitcheniq

👤I decided to review it again nearly two years later because it got lost to me when I first reviewed it. I've heard my husband talk about it since I bought it. He said how much he still loves knife safety after he went over it with my daughter. This is the only thing I've heard of that still gets praise nearly two years later. I thought it was worth going back to my orders and looking for sharpness. I'm very pleased with it.

👤I'm surprised by how well this product works. I use a Japanese wet stone or belt grinder tosharpen my knives. Whenever I visit my mom and grandma's, I sharpen their knives with stone. I decided to buy this product because I wanted to teach my mom how to use a honing stick, but she couldn't seem to get the hang of it. It takes about 10 strokes on the course grind and 10 strokes on the fine grind to get a sharp enough edge to slice printer paper without tearing. It takes less than a minute to sharpen a knife for kitchen use. I can get a sharper knife by using a stone or belt grinder, but it's not good enough for a normal kitchen use. My mom and grandma can sharpen their knives whenever they want. This product is very good.

👤The headline says it all. The product may cause cancer or reproductive harm with no other information. The company didn't give me any helpful information when I called. Unless the exposure is low enough to pose no significant risk of cancer or is significantly below levels observed, a warning must be given if you have significant exposure to chemicals that cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. The fact that there is a warning means that the exposure isn't low enough to pose a significant risk. I couldn't throw it out fast enough.

👤I am a mechanical engineer. The metal coarse sharpening side is actually made of an alloy that is used to 'braze' on the carbide insert that does the sharpening. This is stated in the description. Look up brazing on the internet. The bronze colour surrounds a rectangular block, which is the sharpening material. It is set in place because the surrounding bronze colour always fills out a circular arcs.

👤I am a professional chef, I just received a $60 dollar knife, and I wanted to try different sharpeners to see which was the best one. I use a diamond strike in my kitchen. This sharpener ruined the blades edge, ruining the rest of the testing on my 3 other sharpeners. The Damascus knife was hipped in 3 different locations, which caused a inconsistent bite, and the edge sharpener couldn't cut or skin paper or a tomato. I would file a claim for a refund on my knife or the sharpener, but why bother with a cheap and inconsistent product?

👤I bought this sharpener because it was cheap and had a lot of good reviews. The first few sharpenings were very good. My knives were sharper than they have ever been. I noticed that my knives never got that much sharper after using this product. The capability of the sharpeners went down as well because they wore out. It was great.

10. Work Sharp Pivot Knife Sharpener

Work Sharp Pivot Knife Sharpener

A fast way to create a durable cutting edge on any knife or steel is with the use of convex-carbide. The pivot-response follows the curve of the knife for a consistent angle and edge across the entire blade. With just a few passes, ceramic hones can be used to hone any blade steel. A wide range of edge tools are available. On the go, easy to use knife sharpener to quickly and easily maintain any knife edge anywhere.

Brand: Work Sharp

👤All of the Work Sharp products have surpassed every other knife sharpening product I have used for over 40 years. For the price, this is a decent and useful item. It doesn't have the ability tosharpen a blade. Since it is a square, it is easy to steady it on a flat surface, making it easy to get the right angle for a knife or other implement. The over all 4 star rating is due to its being a bit bulky, but you can't sharpen a serrated edge. For the price, you could add a 5th star for your own purposes.

👤I put a decent edge on my knives in about 2 minutes after I brought it home. It might not do as well as stones. It does well for me. I see it costs $13.40 now. The knife was sharpened and it was a pleasure to use it. I didn't know how dull it was.

👤Wow! Wherever you go, take this with you. I have taken many types of sharpeners with me, but none have been as versatile as the pivot knife sharpener. It seems like there is a different type of sharpener on this device every time I use it. The device is surprisingly light for what it has. It's well engineered and durable. It has slip resistant pads on the contact surfaces to help secure the sharpener. It has a notch to help secure the sharpener. There is a lanyard hole that you can use to keep it with you wherever you need it. 1. The edge was quickly restored with the aid of ciscombes. The Ceramic Rods are used to hone the edge. Diamond plate is used to place an edge on hard to sharpen edges. This would be a perfect present for a person on your list that already has everything. I keep mine in my truck or pack when I go outside. If you care about a sharp edge, then this should be with you as well. I use it to touch up my machete, which I use to clear brush and cut kindling. It allowed me to return to work without having to go back to the shop for another type of sharpening device. This is my favorite device. I received one of these from Work Sharp and will be testing and reviewing it. I bought 2 more as gifts.

👤After an hour of trying, cheap knives couldn't get s30v sharp.

👤I was very skeptical about this sharpener before I tried it. I was curious as to the quality of the edge that it would produce from the price point and method it used. Since opening the package, I have been able to perform a number of tasks. The first task was to make the paring knives sharper. My initial response was, wow. The edge was very fast and easy to use. The knives are carbon steel, but the pivot pro really made quick work of the group. The knives were very sharp with no more than a right pass on the cutter and three on the ceramic. This is a huge plus because they cut on dinner plates quickly. I had to sharpen our knives at the Firehouse. At first, I was only going to do a few, but at the end, I sharpened all of them because it was so easy. Who is this sharpener for? I would say everyone. I collect knives and some of them will only besharpened by a certain method. I have used the Work Sharp Ken Onion edition with the blade grinding attachment before and it works great. It's usually a small event setting it up and working through the different grits. The pivot pro is dirty and down, so it gets done quickly. The kitchen drawer, shop, the truck, or wherever you need a quick razor edge, the sharpener is perfect.

11. Lansky 3143 PS MED01 BladeMedic

Lansky 3143 PS MED01 BladeMedic

Three or four strokes will restore your blade. The Ceramic Sharpening Rods can be used in three or four strokes. The serrations are designed to get inside. The rod is made of diamond. For quick reconditioning and maintenance. The sharpening angles are set at 22. To get a 45o inclusive angle. You will get your blade back with three or four strokes of the twentieth

Brand: Lansky

👤There was no real change in my opinion. I found an old piece of arkansas stone and tried it out. It worked better than this thing. I'd stick with a "normal" sharpener at home and a flat stone or ceramic in the field because it's compact, well built, and is adequate only for light to moderate duty service. I'm attaching a picture of the tool that was opened up. The instructions say "3 or 4 strokes using moderate pressure will restore a blade." I don't think this is the case. It takes more than 3 or 4 strokes to restore a dull blade. Check the instructions for the medium ceramic. If these things are round, the sharpening surface would fill up with filings even faster. All sharpening takes place at one narrow area. You can disassemble the BladeMedic with an allen key, but there's no advice about maintaining it. The advice in this section is to use the medium ceramic surface, not the fine ceramic surface. The fine surface is recommended for edge maintenance. Users are advised that the surface will need cleaning. It's up to the user to know that this advice is more specific for the ceramic surface. I read it this way: "It is recommended that the Diamond Rod be used sparingly..." Don't waste the diamond rod because it wears out quickly. The shiny wear marks from the blade tips are visible in my other picture. The points on the blade will not sharpen here. The fine and medium ceramics. There is a build-up of metal in a narrow area. Cleaning is necessary here. The diamond rod can be held in both the closed and open position with the help of Neodimium magnets. I can't say that it gives a huge advantage. I would just use a flat stone.

👤Wow! My father and grandfather were both carpenters. I used a whetstone, oil, and a leather strop to sharpen my blades. It works great when you are at home. It's not an option when you're far from home. It takes me about 10 minutes to put a razor sharp edge on a blade. It's not worth the time to use a whetstone for some tools. I bought this as my first pull through sharpener, not knowing if I would like it or not. It's great! I used it to put an edge on some cheap steak knives and a couple of cheap chefs knives. I just bought a couple of Smith & Wesson assisted folding knives. How did it work? Fast! If you need to put a quick edge on a dull blade, this bladeMedic will do that. The ceramic can polish it with a few more strokes. The ceramic for serrations and the diamond rod work as advertised. Is it like a whetstone? No. The blade is a bit wavy because of the aggressive nature of the carbide. The final result can be polished quickly with the ceramic. A whetstone is used to make a razor sharp blade, and the end result is probably less than 10%. This takes less time and less skill. The thing is small. This thing is great for putting an edge on a work knife. I'm not throwing it away. I'm keeping this in my pack or pocket. This is perfect when time is up. Whether it's a survival situation or a chore around the yard, you need an edge. It is well made and solid. It's big enough to hold onto. The metal frame makes it very heavy. You can use any of the four different sharpening tools. The ceramic rods can be replaced easily. It is a great value for less than 10 bucks. I recently ordered the Lansky QuadSharp and C-Sharp because of the good service I've received from the blade medic. I received them today. The Blade Medic has a single fixed angle at 22.5 degrees for both the ceramic and the carbide, but these two tools ditch the fold out diamond rod in favor of 4 different sharpening angles, 2 on the top and 2 on the bottom. The 4 sharpening angles are 17 deg, 20 deg, and 25 deg and are recommended for kitchen knives and most pocket knives. For big heavy cutting tools where durability is more important than sharpness, you should trade some sharpness for 30 deg. The C-Sharp has 4 angles in ceramic sharpening rods. Lansky calls the bench stone on the Blade Medic a bench stone. That can be used tosharpen a blade. I use it more often to remove the burr from a blade and put a final polish on it. I'm not a salesman for Lansky. I liked the blade medic. I can sharpen anything in the house with the three tools, even if it's in the kitchen, garden shed, or backpack. If I want sharpness, I can hone my pocket knife to a sharper edge. My whetstone is an inheritance from my father. I may be getting lazy, but that whetstone is not being used as much. I pull it for nostalgia and to keep my skills.


What is the best product for survival knife sharpener?

Survival knife sharpener products from Smith's. In this article about survival knife sharpener you can see why people choose the product. Honoson and Kitchellence are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival knife sharpener.

What are the best brands for survival knife sharpener?

Smith's, Honoson and Kitchellence are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival knife sharpener. Find the detail in this article. Sharpal, Sharpal and Lansky are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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