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1. First Aid Only Smartcomplianc Medications

First Aid Only Smartcomplianc Medications

The case is 7.25" x 2.125" The survival refill kit has a total of 237 essential first aid supplies, enough to refill a SmartCompliance cabinet for up to 50 people. Medical supplies include bandages, Antibiotics, BZK antiseptic towelettes, burn cream packets, aspirin, ibrufen, wipes, and other most commonly used items. The cabinet design with the SmartTab ezRefill system tells you when and what to order, preventing you from ordering unnecessary supplies. SmartCompliance Cabinets: Innovative cabinet design with the SmartTab ezRefill system, tells you when and what to order, avoids you from ordering unnecessary supplies. It's ideal for first aid to clean, treat and protect injuries.

Brand: First Aid Only

👤My First Aid kit is in need of a refill. The medicines in it will all be gone in 2021. That is a lot of money for medicines that are going to be out of date in a year. I will be buying a new kit when it is time to replace it.

👤I made an advanced first aid kit incomplete for my cheerleading squad. I was looking for a all in one but it was too expensive. The refill kit was enough to start the bag off. I would purchase again.

👤Been used many times by workers.

👤The amount is given in a neatly organized way. I can make a few first aid kits for that price. This product is worth less than $20 to me.

👤It was the cheapest and easiest way to refill our first aid cabinet. The cost of trying to buy individual items was more than the cost of buying a refill. If you have items you don't need right away, it's better to pay less.

👤It's a perfect refiller for the first aid cabinet.

2. Be Smart Get Prepared Active

Be Smart Get Prepared Active

Immediately heals all types of burns. It's user-friendly. It's easy to remove Hydrogel. There are dressings to protect burned areas. It's great for home, office, restaurant and other industries. It is easy to store.

Brand: Be Smart Get Prepared

👤The first aide kit was the best one ever. It has the best burns creams. The kit I ordered for our 2.5 year old was soaked in burn cream and a sheet of gauze the next day, but he still hasn't recovered from the horrible experience. I have never been impressed or thankful.

👤It is ok. There are bandages and WhT not. The amount of burn cream was disappointing. It came in a small pack. The cream works well.

👤This is more than a burn kit. It's small and it's my hand. You should buy the burn silver cream separately. This isn't worth the money.

👤I was deceived by the picture. It is a small box. You can make your own box for half the price.

👤I thought there would be more burn treatment related items in the kit. It's mostly a first aid kit, with a few burn items thrown in.

👤The case was a pain to open, but I haven't used the product inside yet. It's not clear if you slide the cheapo chipping paint covered chrome-mimicking plastic tabs out to the side to open the case. You pull them this way and the metallic paint chip off. Makes a mess. Finally, you know that you have to slide the handle away from the center handle, because one of the plastic tabs breaks. Not good packaging. The contents look good and I expect that the other tab will keep this shut for me, even if one tab is broken. Can use a couple twist ties to keep it closed. Being prepared is always good.

3. Emergency Survival Tactical Supplies Adventure

Emergency Survival Tactical Supplies Adventure

The emergency survival kit combines 106Pcs first aid supplies, 14 powerful survival tools, which can get you well-prepared in any emergency situation. It will be a good help while camping, hiking, car travel, climbing, boating, outside adventure, etc. The emergency kit contains a flashlight, military knife, 8-use-in-1 spork, Survival Bracelet, Folding Shovel and Pick, Bottle Hanging Buckle, Parachute Cord, Pocket Bellow, and Multifunctional. Emergency supplies can be used to meet any medical or emergency need of a single family. The emergency medical supplies and camping tools are made of high quality materials, which can provide you with effective and lasting protection. All the cool gadgets are neatly arranged in a 600D nylon bag that has three large compartments and plenty of rooms to add your own gear. It's portable and perfect for any outdoor activities, it can be attached to other bags or your belt with its compatible straps on the back. Perfect Christmas gifts. The Emergency Survival Kit is great for medics, military personnel, police, firefighters, first aid personnel, hikers, campers, outdoor sports enthusiasts, etc. It will be a great christmas gift for someone you care about. Their top priority is your satisfaction. If you and your family are not happy with their product, please contact them in time. Give the man in your life a cool gift this Christmas.

Brand: Dozavi

👤This didn't come with a "spork" pictured. I was not happy with that. Everything else was included.

4. Tactical Emergency Survival Compatible Tourniquet

Tactical Emergency Survival Compatible Tourniquet

The first-aid survival kit. The universal tactical first aid kit can be used in the field or out of the field. It is important that you have this kit on hand because it will save you time when you need it the most. The contents of the kit. The kit includes: 1 pair of trauma shears, 1 tourniquet, 1 molle pouch, 1 straight hemostat, 1 curved hemostat, and 1 pair of bandage scissors. There is a sturdy CLOTHE POUCH. The Bi Fold cloth pouch is lightweight and durable, with straps to hold all the minor surgi- tools organized and in place. Attaching to molle vests and other gear for easy access is easy. STAINLESS STEEL INSTRUMENTS: high value. The high quality instruments in this set are easy to clean, long lasting, and reuse. This kit is a good choice for someone looking for value and affordability because they can be fully autoclaved without degradation. It's great for EMTS, hunters, fishermen, campers, law enforcement, hikers, and more. Brand new, never issued, is a risk free buy. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all of their products because they are so sure about the top quality and performance. Order yours today and give yourself peace of mind.

Brand: Asa Techmed

👤Not as good as I wanted but not as bad as I thought. It was like a blind date. I set my standards for this very low, as I knew what to expect from other reviews. Even though it was expected, it was almost a disappointment. It's a back-up to my back-up. I'm not counting on it. I have it if all else fails. It is all I have left. I kept it. I might be able to use it for something other than medical, since it's not worth trying to return.

👤The emergency survival first aid kit has excellent tools. Great steel! The carrying case for the tourniquet is its own.

👤It's a good addition to any first-aid kit.

5. Swiss Safe Survival Lightweight Compact

Swiss Safe Survival Lightweight Compact

There is a durable NYLON. The Mini First Aid Kit can be found in your pocket, hand, or travel bag. The 64-piece kit has more room for more medical items. It'sTILE: A great emergency kit is used for daily use or outdoor adventures. The mom was approved. It's convenient for everyday carry and includes cartoon bandages for kids' wound care. Sting Relief & Alcohol Pads, multiple sizes of Bandages, Gauze, Gloves, Tweezers are the first aid items. If you're not 100% satisfied with the product, you can get a full money back guarantee.

Brand: Swiss Safe

👤The things that it comes with are basic. It has sting relief pads, alcohol pads, tweezers, scissors, bandages, and other cheap stuff. The bandages are very bad. They don't stick. The alcohol pads are dry, and the scissors are cheap. The bag is pretty nice. It's a nice size, and the kit isn't all that bad, but really, for about the same price. It has more items, and more useful creams, as well as good bandages and pills. If you want something more portable, get a bag or a small box. I think some of the reviews are fake. I wouldn't recommend this kit to anyone.

👤The mini first aid kid had what I was looking for. I need a first aid kit that is small but effective, and that is what this item is. The advice notebook in the first aid kit holds directions for how to help some of the most common injuries. The owner of the small business that makes this product was going to reach out to me before my product arrived to make sure I knew I could contact them with any questions, comments, or concerns.

👤That is a good thing. This is a must have in your purse, along with the usual items. It's a great size and not too heavy. No surprises were advertised.

👤Since we purchased it last month, we've used it a few times because we have an active toddler. It's small enough to leave in a diaper bag and not take up a lot of space, but it's well stocked and worth the purchase. Really like it. We're set after adding some more bandaids.

👤It's a small bag that's very light and I wanted that for my backpack. I've added a few more items to it, including a whistle. I wanted a dedicated bag that I or anyone else in my pack would be able to identify as a first aid kit, so I put a small makeup bag in my pack. Hopefully, I never need it.

👤I bought this kit for our RV travels as it was highly recommended by an independent travel critic who rated it as the top 4 basic first aid kits for RV camping. It is not overstocked with non-essential items but it has the most commonly practical items used for camping injuries.

👤The red color of the first aid kit makes it easy to remember to pack. If you move the zippers all the way to one side, they are hard to use. I added my favorite band aids and antibiotic cream. I added my favorite tape as well. I took out a few items, but overall I like the kit.

👤The Swiss Safe Survival First Aid Kit Pocket Sized Pouch is lightweight and compact. The picture says "64 pieces". It's 64 pieces, not 200. med stuff can be replaced with stuff from Dollar Tree. It's ok for the price.

6. Be Smart Get Prepared Injuries

Be Smart Get Prepared Injuries

First Aid Kits are manufactured by the #1 company in the USA. There are 100 pieces of first aid treatment products. The Kit is a medical device. It's ideal for most businesses and perfect for family use. Quick access is provided by the fully organized interior compartments. The high density plastic case is impact resistant. The compact size case is portable and can fit anywhere. The Easy Slide Latches lock into place.

Brand: Be Smart Get Prepared

👤I can't wait to cut myself.

👤You get what you pay for. A plastic box broke upon opening it, 55 bandages, 12 alcohol pads, 6 antiseptic towelettes, 2 small "non woven sponges, 1 large "non woven sponge", 2 antibiotic ointment, 4 tongue depresses, 10 q-tips, and a pair of med tape. It wasn't what I expected. It all adds up. I can see myself buying a better kit in a couple months.

👤The First Aid Kit does not include burn relief gel. If you want this First Aid Kit for around the house or apartment, you won't be able to use the Tongue Depressors. I don't think the First Aid Kit is very good. I have had better times in the past. I can't recommend this.

👤This includes an instant cold compress, which was a valuable addition to a travel first-aid kit. The bottles of kids' liquid and adult were able to fit in the removed bandaids. There are pink'stomach relief' tabs. The case made it easy to pack for our trip. We didn't need to use anything but the separately- purchased stuff, but having this comprehensive kit along for the ride gave us great peace of mind. It will be packed on all future trips.

👤This is a starter kit. Band aid, a cold pack, and other basic emergency items are included. It's great to have someone around for your children who are very rambunctious. The container is small. I was planning to add more items. This is not for you. I am happy that I have educated my kids on how to use the kit and when to use it. I put theCPR kit next to each other on my book.

👤When an airplane is about to crash into the earth, no one wants to be in it. The difference in the world was made by the first aid kit in my carry-on bag. I almost had to check my bag because I had a small airline approved carry-on bag and a computer bag which I could fit into but I wanted to bring my first aid kit and the sky cocktail waitress was like, "Oh my!" This one can go in that one. I have a first aid kit. This first aid kit saves lives. Period. The story is over.

👤Just what I needed. When you have 4 kids under 5 years old, you need a stroller that is big enough to hold it all, but small enough to keep in the car. Will purchase again when necessary.

👤We put them in our emergency bags after opening and checking everything. It has been a blessing that I bought one early on. I don't use band-aids often, but I'm glad to have this around for bloody messes.

7. Rapid Care First Aid 93645

Rapid Care First Aid 93645

This is an empty medical travel case with first aid print, need to buy another contents together to use. The components in this package are of high quality and are used to refill first aid cabinets and kits. Up to 75 people can receive refill kit services. There are essential items such as bandages, medicines, and eye injury treatment components. The boxes are unitized for easy identification. It is possible that the standards meet or exceed Federal OSHA Regulations. It is possible that the standards meet or exceed Federal OSHA Regulations.

Brand: Rapid Care First Aid

👤I read some reviews and was concerned, but the comments seemed too negative. I took a chance because it looked like a good deal for what you got. If something was wrong, I could always send it back. I was happy with the purchase. We need a lot of things to refill our cabinet. We will be back for more.

👤A lot of stuff is about to expire. Aspirin expires in a month. Aspirin lasts 4 months. Most of the stuff is going to be out of date in June.

👤I was going to replace items that were going to expire in a few months, but found out that some of them will be gone for 6 months. So not helpful. I have to order new items in a few months.

👤Two of the eight ordered had to be returned because the shelving wasn't welded down. One was damaged in transportation. I returned two and two more that were different sizes, but both had three shelves. The product has sharp corners that were not leveled or folded down, so be careful with taking out the box or installing. You get what you pay for.

👤Un artculo daado no vale la pena.

👤My only complaint is that it seems like it is the correct size to be placed between the two studs in my wall. I used an extension to get it over my stud.

👤It's nice to be able to replenish or stock a first aid kit with out having to wonder if you have everything. Just as it describes. It is quite sanctified.

8. Johnson All Purpose Portable Compact Emergency

Johnson All Purpose Portable Compact Emergency

140 piece Johnson & Johnson All-Purpose portable and compact emergency first aid kit can be used at home, in cars, outdoors, dorm rooms, camping, offices and on-the-go. Minor wounds, cuts, burns, itches, pain, skin rash, and insect bites can be cared for. The all-purpose, compact first aid kit includes essential first aid and wound care supplies. Band-Aid Brand Bandages in various sizes for minor wounds are included in the emergency kit. First Aid Products have rolled and non-stick pads for larger wounds. Extra Strength Benadryl Itch-Stopping cream is included to help soothe itching and prevent infections. The travel first aid set contains a helpful first aid guide, as well as 2 pairs of gloves and a Bengay Non-Medicated Instant Cold Pack to help ease minor aches and pains.

Brand: Band-aid

👤Can someone tell me how to use the non stick pads without medical tape? It makes no sense that they included all of the bandage supplies and nothing to stick the bandages to the skin. I assumed there would be a complete kit for 140 items, since it has some great stuff in here. I have to buy my own tape.

👤My daughter is in college. Was surprised there wasn't any rubbing alcohol pads. It does contain a lot of bandages, but the gauze roll is useless unless you buy bandage tape to go with it.

👤The kit seems to be a sample pack of Johnson and Johnson products. There is no antiseptic to clean the wound as well as tape for the included gauze. I bought this after using my wife's first aid kid to clean my son's knee when we were in the park. If you can't clean a wound before putting a bandaid on it, what's the point of a first aid kit? At least it is a case. To make it useful, I had to order more items.

👤If you have an injury bigger than a regular bandage, you will need to buy a roll of medical tape. This is the second J&J first aid kit I've purchased. Pros - comes ready to go, has a "basic first aid" booklet, has assorted wound care wipes, bandaids in common small sizes, even a box of waterproof bandaids, a tube of first aid cream, an instant cold pack, and 2 sets. The basic first aid kit is a decent price. If you want to add extras, there is more than enough space in this box. It is a basic first aid kit. If you are at home or on a camping trip, this will help you get any small cuts and scraps. I like having a pair of tweezers, a pair of scissors, a tube of lip balm, a small spray bottle of hand sanitizer, a few folded paper towels in a sandwich bag, a small pocket knife, a tube of lip balm, and a 5 foot length of paracord. Those are my preferences. I guess it's not really a cons. Saving space in your first aid kit is a useful tip. * Get rid of the boxes. A quart-sized bag is enough to hold all of your bandages. The tubes have all the information on them. You'll find that there's a lot of extra space once you downsize. I hope this helps.

👤This product is amazing. My Dad asked me to research first aid kits for his Jeep because I am a nurse. The amount of supplies it came with was very impressive. I decided to purchase an additional kit to leave in the family vacation home should there be a need. It made me feel more comfortable getting this for my son. After recirculating them, I received an email from the company with a PDF of basic first-aid instructions. After reading through and finding it to be helpful to someone without first-aid knowledge, I thought it might be a good idea to print off the PDF, laminated and attach to a keychain to have on hand for anyone in the Jeep or vacation house to use. The result and the first-aid kits made my Dad happy. Thank you for making a great product. I would have liked to have gotten a kit for myself. I would recommend this kit to anyone.

9. Adventure Medical Kits Advanced Clotting

Adventure Medical Kits Advanced Clotting

The product is eligible for both theHSA and theFSA. The trauma kit includes a trauma pad, triangular bandage, and other key supplies. Natural clotting is sped up by the non-allergenic QuikClot first aid. Hospitals, first responders, military, law enforcement, general public, and outdoor enthusiasts use it. It works in any first aid kit, medical kit, iFAK pouch, and survival kits. In your car first aid kit, camping essentials, and backpack emergency kit, you can travel safely.

Brand: Adventure Medical Kits

👤I keep these kits in my active shooter bag when I'm not on duty. I have to pay for it myself. The Quick Clot has a shelf life of 3 years, but the last two times I ordered it from AMAZON, it expired at half that time. The kit I got is older than the one I was going to replace. I spoke to the LE product division to make sure the 3 years shelf life was correct. He asked if it was a kit and if I ordered it through Amazon. I told you that it was from Amazon. He said that he gets a lot of calls about this. He gets calls from other online retailers, but Amazon is the most common. I'm done. My subscription will be canceled when this kit is returned.

👤I bought mine about a year ago and it had about 3 years left. I put it in my range bag and forgot about it. I bought it because I thought it might be bad. I was wrong about the reason it was needed. I used a machete to clear the cactus along my fence line. I lost my grip when the machete tip caught the fence. The machete hit my leg. I thought it was the handle. I had a small gash in my shin when I looked down. I don't feel much pain because I have a disease. The kit was in my range bag, so I sent my wife in to get it. It was well worth it to live 25 miles from the hospital. I have a new one in the range bag.

👤Check the date. The quickclot should have been good for at least 3-6 years after purchase.

👤The Quick Clot package has a "Use By" date on it. I always read negative reviews when I'm interested in a product or book, and a particular negative review alert me to a potentially crucial deal killer: the Quick Clot could be out-of-date when you need it most! I went ahead with this purchase so I could see for myself, and I am very pleased with the product. If the Quick Clot were to be out of date, it would be pointless to open the bag the kit is packaged in. The waterproof integrity of the storage bag is destroyed if the "Use By (year-month)" date on the Quick Clot package is not checked. How would I know when the Quick Clot needs to be replaced if there was no "Use By" date on the kit? The manufacturer can fix this problem. How? If the "Trauma pak" is packed by hand before it is sealed, an inspector label identifying who packed the kit and what the "Use By" date of the Quick Clot is could be stuck to the outside of each "Trauma pak". There are two If the manufacturing process has automated the packing of the contents into the kit, then the printing of the waterproof storage packs should be coordinated and batches sized to coincide with the lot number of the Quick Clot products that will be placed in the storage packs so that the storage packs can display an identical This product is excellent. Too bad it has a serious caveat. Hopefully the Tender Corporation will fix the problem.

10. M2 BASICS Emergency Outdoors Workplace

M2 BASICS Emergency Outdoors Workplace

When you buy an original first aid kit from M2 brands, you'll get a carabiner, emergency backpack, and spatula. There are survival accessories. This complete first aid kit has been reviewed over 7,700 times. Protect your family and friends. Be prepared with the essentials. Most minor injuries and medical emergencies can be prevented with the M2 Basics 300-Piece First Aid Kits. 300 PIECES are the most protective kit available. It's ideal for baby and newborn, earthquake preparedness, household, dog, pet, puppy. There is a sturdy case and light weight. The bag has clear pockets to organize your equipment. Ready for adventure: sports, camping, hiking, backpacking, college, boating, hunting, outdoor, travel or vacation. Prepare for common injuries and emergencies. For businesses and families alike. For home, office, vehicle, workplace, industrial, kitchen, outdoor, tactical, athletic, business, auto, sport, emt, first responders, RV, daycare, work, boat, motorcycle, osha, hsa, marine, military.

Brand: M2 Basics

👤I keep my first aid kit in the house and in each vehicle. I had to replace the one in my house because I didn't have any burn cream or anything left in my First Aid Kit. Burn cream, benadryl, tylenol and any of the basic over the counter items you expect to be in a first aid kit are not included in this 300 piece First Aid Kit. Don't put this in a vehicle and expect to have everything you need when something happens. I am very disappointed. I can buy a box of bandaids, but the majority of what is in here is bandaids.

👤This product is amazing. My Dad asked me to research first aid kits for his Jeep because I am a nurse. The amount of supplies it came with was very impressive. I decided to purchase an additional kit to leave in the family vacation home should there be a need. After recirculating them, I received an email from the company with a PDF of basic first-aid instructions. After reading through and finding it to be helpful to someone without first-aid knowledge, I thought it might be a good idea to print off the PDF, laminated and attach to a keychain to have on hand for anyone in the Jeep or vacation house to use. The result and the first-aid kits made my Dad happy. Thank you for making a great product. I would have liked to have gotten a kit for myself. I would recommend this kit to anyone.

👤It's a great emergency kit. It is worth the cost to have it in your car, home, boat or whatever. It will do the trick as a first aid kit. It is not comprehensive but if you are an EMT you will be able to do this until an EMT or Paramedic can get to you.

👤Great kit! A lot of dogs are in my care. My current one had a leg amputation and developed a lot of problems, including a hematoma and excessive bleeding. This kit saved his life. I was able to apply pressure to the bleeding until I could get him to the emergency vet. I got this at the right time and will be ordering a few more for the car and house.

👤The product is under 5 stars. It is a good start for a comprehensive first aid kit. The scissors and the tweezers are made of cheap metal and that's why I took off the point. The rounded ends of the scissors make it difficult to cut heavier paper. I will replace them with better quality items. I have also added an array of bandages and seals to the kit. I would buy again and add one to my car.

👤A collection of useful first aid items is perfect for most needs. My plan is to keep it in the trunk of my car, just in case. I use the emergency supplies a lot. When you're at a state park, the only facility is an unstocked portapotty, and you have a roll of TP and bottle of hand sanitizer. This package has a great selection of basic items, as well as some "WOW, I hope I don't ever need that" stuff. The kit is at a reasonable price because the manufacturer put a lot of thought into it.

11. Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight Watertight

Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight Watertight

This kit is easy to identify because of the Embossed cross logo. The first aid kit is approximately 3.68 ounces. Accommodates one person for a few days. A wide array of medical supplies are used to treat pain, inflammation, and common allergies. Support is provided by bandages and wraps. Antiseptic wipes and butterfly bandages help close wounds.

Brand: Adventure Medical Kits

👤I bought this product 4 to 5 years ago and was very pleased with the contents, the quality of the outer bag, and the quality of the inner compartment bag. It did not match up to the quality of what I purchased previously, so read on for more. I decided to purchase a second kit for a second bag and contents because our party has grown to 3-4 people consistently. I had a choice of getting a bigger first aid kit or abandoning the smaller Ultralight 5 kit and getting a second Ultralight 5 kit and splitting two smaller kits between multiple backpacks. I decided to split the kit between multiple packs and buy a second smaller one. Backpackers can relate to split up the weight when you have a lot of people in the party. The kit I received was not as good as the one I bought. The outer bag is thinner and not as durable as the previous version I bought a few years back. The bag from the previous version is very well made and is a joy to use. - The quality of the bag's zip is not close to the previous version I own. The zip up is hard to open or close without fits and starts. Terrible. The inner compartment bag has a poor seal. I have low confidence that my kit will be protected from water because I realize this inner bag is what provides your waterproofness. The medical contents look cheap and not the same quality as what I already own. The bandaids seem cheaper. The same product you bought a long time ago has been cheapened, with corners cut to save costs and increase margins. I find this very disappointing, especially when it's in the area of first aid, or something you use in case of injury or emergency. Wrong place to cut corners. I will look elsewhere next time because of the Shame on Adventure Medical. Thank you for reading.

👤I have been carrying a first aid kit for a long time. The same kit goes from car to backpack. I decided to get this one because I was getting sick of carrying such a heavy kit around. It has everything I would need to train as a Personal Trainer. There were two items missing, a Skin Tac and a Triple Antibiotic. I'm not sure how it was missing those items. I've never heard of a company called AfterBite, but they cheaped out and don't use a brand name anymore. *shrug* Can't stop progress. Let's see what the company responds to me regarding the missing items.

👤The med kit was recommended to me by an avid hiker. There is a lot of medical supplies in a small package. I always have it with me when I go hiking, mountain biking or backpacking, as it stays on when wet. This kit is very close to the AMKs SOL Origin Sirvival tool kit which I really like and carry. It's a bit pricey but you need this for long hikes.


What is the best product for survival kits first aid?

Survival kits first aid products from First Aid Only. In this article about survival kits first aid you can see why people choose the product. Be Smart Get Prepared and Dozavi are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival kits first aid.

What are the best brands for survival kits first aid?

First Aid Only, Be Smart Get Prepared and Dozavi are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival kits first aid. Find the detail in this article. Asa Techmed, Swiss Safe and Rapid Care First Aid are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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