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1. Lingito Rain Poncho Family Pack

Lingito Rain Poncho Family Pack

This outdoor toys is perfect for camping games, pretend play, and it encourages kids to explore the outdoors. The 50%ICKER family pack is a good way to avoid the cheap ponchos and get a thick and durable rain poncho with drawstrings. You can save for your trip to Disney. There are 8 ponchos, four adult and four child sizes. It's easy to travel and have fun. There is no need to carry heavy rain coats or umbrellas in Disney. It's in your pocket or bag. Each package contains 4 different contemporary colors and kids can choose from them. lingito is a trusted brand because of it's quality and customer service.

Brand: Lingito

👤The family pack was bought before the trip to Disney world. Great purchase. The sleeves and hood have something on them. ponchos came in handy as we were at Magic Kingdom. I would recommend!

👤The ponchos were light and easy to fold down. The kid size does not have the draw string hood and elastic at the wrists as the adult does. Our family stood out in the sea of clear ponchos at Universal and Disney World, and it was nice to have the colored ponchos. The kid's arm length was smaller than expected. My average size is 6 and 9.

👤The color options for adults and children were great. You can get green, blue, yellow, and red in both children and adult sizes. We used them for afternoon rain showers in Florida and for a few water rides when I didn't want my backpack to get soaked. The quality was good and it kept everything dry. They cause a lot of sweat in humid climates because they are not breathable. These are perfect for places like Oregon, Canada, Ireland and other places that are cooler and rainy. I wrapped my backpack in one at Disney so that I wouldn't have to worry about the rain and the sweat in the poncho. The ponchos the kids wore did not have a hood. I understand that this can be a safety concern, but I didn't want my children to be frustrated by the hood not staying on without a drawstring. The length hit my 4 year old son's shoe tops and my 6 year old at her upper calves, but they are both very tall for their ages and 99th percentile for height. This tells me that the ponchos are made for kids around 5 years old and up, which is appropriate for having a hood with a drawstring. The price was the other con. It was definitely overpriced because we had to ditch it because of the issues with the air. They do the job well and come packed. If you are traveling in a warm or humid environment, I would avoid this set because you will find yourself abandoning them quickly.

👤I ran the Boston Marathon in a poncho. If you didn't hear, there was freezing rain, 30-40 degrees and 30 mph winds. I wore a poncho for the first 10 miles. I gave out the other 3 ponchos to people with other ponchos that were trash. This had elastic around the arms and a hood. This was the best decision I made. The poncho was perfect. I would give 10 stars if I could.

👤We bought this pack for our Disney World vacation. We only needed to break them out once despite the threat of rain. They are easy to store in our backpack. It's nice to keep out the rain with elastic at the wrists. Draw strings are on the adult ponchos only. It was difficult to get them back into the storage bags after we wore them. They take up more space when they put them back in the bags. Good quality. The ponchos were just right for the trip, not the thickets ponchos I've ever worn.

2. REDCAMP Waterproof Multifunctional Lightweight Reusable

REDCAMP Waterproof Multifunctional Lightweight Reusable

You can save 10% on Rain Ponchos when you purchase 4 or more. The REDCAMP poncho is waterproof and designed for outdoor activities. You can keep yourself nice and dry in the rainy days by using hook and loop tapes. It can be used for many things. The camping raincoat with hood is 55"x94"/140x240 cm. The navy is dark. It is made from a waterproof material. All seams are treated with caulking. The rain poncho is waterproof. The rain poncho is waterproof and resistant to tearing and abrasion. Prepare yourself for the rain with this poncho. It weighs only 0.27 kilogram. You can carry each poncho with you wherever you go. You will not be unprepared for the sudden rain shower. It's a must-have for all occasions. ponchos for easy storage A limited manufacturer warranty is offered by REDCAMP. They will reply to you within 24 hours if you contact them immediately.

Brand: Redcamp

👤I'm used to this kind of poncho. I bought this for a camping trip. It served it's purpose well and performed better than my normal ponchos. This is a good poncho for anyone looking for a shelter.

👤It stood up to some bushwacking. When the hood is up, the material makes the 'crinkly' sounds so you won't hear much. The front hem was just above my knee. I wish it was 3 inches longer. The front hem doesn't have a cuff and the rain drips off instead of flowing sideways in a cuff. You need to hire an expert to get it back into the bag. The 2-man tent goes into a bag. Get a small sack. I'd buy it again if it wasn't a problem. I bought two for my pack and one for my ready pack.

👤It was made from a cheap material. The front barely covers a man's crotch. The hood is small and difficult to fit in. My son is happy with it because it allows him to protect his backpack better, but he uses it with an umbrella. I don't see a tall man using it alone and not getting soaked from the crotch up front.

👤So light. I packed this in a small hydration pack. The amount of noise was my only complaint. It's loud when you're wearing it. You have to keep your head down to keep your face from getting wet, because there isn't enough space to use a hat with a bill under the head piece. I didn't feel like I was wrapped in plastic because of the air flow.

👤I picked up a red camp poncho tarp in green for 15 dollars. It is larger than the poncho tarp, but also thicker and more durable. It is stopping. I picked up this poncho tarp with the sleeves for a few cents more. It is a good deal. The fabric is not ripstop. It will go in my large collection of poncho tarps, but will likely not be used as much as the others.

👤I bought a poncho to protect my backpack from the rain while walking in Spain. I was completely dry because of this poncho. It was long enough to cover my backpack and still reach down below my knees. I'm 5 feet 5 inches tall.

👤I need a camo one now because I don't smoke cigarettes and wear this thing. We need a lesson on how to properly refold. I'm a scrub.

👤Strong material and good size. This is used when delivering mail to Canada. It keeps me dry. The product is durable and great.

👤The poncho has sleeves, material, and length, and I like them all. The sleeves come down to the wrists, even on my 6 foot tall husband, and the velcro on the sleeves didn't bother him at all. The material keeps us warm and dry, and the length covers his mid-shin, making rain pants almost unnecessary. I will be ordering one for myself. I wish there were better colors. Maybe a green or blue color?

3. HLKZONE Emergency Reusable Ponchos Coats

HLKZONE Emergency Reusable Ponchos Coats

SAFE AND ECO-FRIENDLY: The rain coats for kids are made of 100% high grade EVA, which is non-toxic, no smell and harmless, an eco-friendly material, and they are lightweight. It is feasible but reusable. Their kids raincoat is quick-drying and can be recycled for a long time. Wrinkle resistant, tear resistant, and reuse. Keep it in the school bag, classroom, home or trunk for emergencies. For outdoor activities. The long sleeves, elastic cuffs and big hood design will keep the children dry. It's suitable for all seasons and outdoor activities, like Disney, marathon, theme parks, shows, school sports, cycling, running, fishing, hiking, camping, rainy days, water rides and etc.

Brand: Hlkzone

👤I received two raincoats for kids and one for adults. They are better than I thought. They have elastic around their arm to help them not worry about pulling them up. The hood has something on it. They are not very thick. If you wore them in the cold, you would need something underneath, but a nice spring breeze with rain will help. My son's favorite color is red, but you can't choose red so I got a blue and white one. I will update once I use them. My seven-year-old boy who is about 50 lbs and 48 inches tall has a raincoat that comes a little below his knees.

👤We used them for a trip to Disney World. My 7 year old is in the child size. My 11 year old chose the adult size because it was a little short. We were 800-273-3217 The tie around the neck and elastic around the wrist was great for the rain. We wore them on roller coasters. The buttons on the front were great. It was raining so I let the air in the jacket. Great product.

👤It was perfect for a rainy day at Disneyland. I wanted something to keep my son dry and this was what I got. These are thin and will only be good for a few wears. Kids can be careless. It is worth the price.

👤I changed the single star to 4 stars after the seller offered to send two more with expedited shipping. They believe the package has been opened or ripped. I returned this because I already purchased it from the local store. We were very unlucky in the original review. There was a big hole on the plastic raincoat we received. I think it is a manufacturing defect since it is not flimsy to tear like that. Quality control should be a priority before packing and sending items. Why only one was promised instead of two?

👤We used them for our most recent Disneyland vacation. My kids were kept dry by them. They are very lightweight and I liked the fact that you can sinch down the hood. The elastic on the sleeves was tight and my kids said it hurt their wrists.

👤I was surprised at the fit of the raincoats. A 5-year-old granddaughter is not gentle with clothes. I was happy that I got two coats. She hasn't destroyed the first one yet. It is easy to put on.

👤We got two packs for our kids to wear to Disneyland when it was pouring. They were dry the whole day. After a full day, their bodies were dry. I put them away for another rainy day. It is worth the price. Think shower curtain weight material.

4. Portable Emergency Raincoats Traveling Backpacking

Portable Emergency Raincoats Traveling Backpacking

Resuable Ponchos are made from high quality EVA material and non toxic materials to protect children's health. It is portable and light, so that you can carry with you wherever you go. It is a Rain Ponchos for kids that they can wear while carrying a backpack on the back to school or go out to play. It's easy to ride a bike or run. The rain poncho is 43x20.8 inch. The thickness is 0.14mm. The range is 3.6 to 4.7 feet. It's usually fit for children up to 12 years old. A practical experience can be brought by wearing a hooded rain ponchos with sleeves.

Brand: Nyicey

👤Kind of thin. Will do. I don't think it will last long because I feel like my little one will rip the strings on the hood or the clips. My little one is small for it, but not too much, and for my twins. The age of the child is 6 years old. Again it will do, I like the fit. Delivery was on time. I ordered it sitting down. It arrived Monday. Over all was pleased.

👤I had 3 raincoats in my cart when I found this product on the Amazon site. My children needed something for camp. I was thrilled when I found this product with three in a package for 1/2 the price of one of the raincoats. Even if they didn't last beyond camp. I saved money and value on an item that was rarely needed. I have twin girls and one boy and the colors worked well for me.

👤El producto is a product. bolsa platica para basura no tienes. Mi hija tiene 12 aos y mide 4'9". Ajusto, el gorro con la cinta dijo. No lo recomiendo ni lo volveria a comprar.

👤These little gems are a great accessory for your child. I put one in the bag so it can be used if needed. Light weight with plastic snap buttons. One has been used many times without issue and is still packed. It's a plus if you have a 3 pack because it could get damaged at worse times. It's a great buy for us, and at a fair price.

👤I was happy with them. It was nice that they have snaps, you can use them multiple times. We needed some for the day camp because of the rain. One of the ponchos was used every day, and it held up well. When my daughter went to the zoo with her friends, I noticed a small hole in the one she had been using. She got 7 uses out of the poncho, which is more than we have used before. I would recommend these for the quantity and cost.

👤I have 2 granddaughters. You never know when it will rain in the Midwest, so I bought these just to have around. We had a shower last week and it was very handy. The sleeves were rolled up for the 6 year old. The girls loved them. I don't think they will last a long time, but they did come in handy. They were perfect for the price.

👤These ponchos are not flimsy. They have enough thickness. They worked well in protecting us during our trip to Costa Rica. They could be a bit longer. My 10 year old is 5 feet tall.

👤They are marketing it to little kids. I am 5'2 130 pounds and it fits me.

5. RAINOUX Pack Disposable Ponchos Adults

RAINOUX Pack Disposable Ponchos Adults

These are made of 0.03mm thick PE plastic and can be used again. Each pouch has an opening of L 43. It's ideal for camping, hiking, traveling, concerts, Disneyland or amusement park trips. There are two styles of coat: poncho style and rain coat style. Their Rain coat style ponchos are waterproof yet convenient to take off, they are a fusion of modern design and practicality. The ponchos will fit over your backpack. If you like your hands free, umbrellas and rain jackets are not for you. Their ponchos are small enough to fit in your pocket, purse, or backpack. There is more BREATHABLE. The wide-open sleeves allow air to circulate through the poncho and create a cooling system. Their ponchos are environment-friendly and tear-resistant. A sunny morning, a rainy afternoon and a snowy evening are always unpredictable. The rain-coat has a drawstring that will keep your hair dry.

Brand: Rainoux

👤We got caught in the rain at a theme park in Florida and these helped. It's easy to store and carry. We folded them back into the package because they were easy to open. Absolutely worth it!

👤These were made from the same material as dry cleaning bags. They were useful during a rainy week. They were small. I could fit all of them in my purse. We were covered with long sleeves to protect us from rain. They could technically be saved, but we couldn't fold them back neatly and most got holes when they were put back on. I wouldn't say they are reuseable, but you could reuse them again if you wanted to. They were used in Disney. For a disposable compact option, I would buy them again.

👤In June...orlando. Exactly what we needed. 10/10 will buy again if you create your own personal greenhouse that is thick enough to not fall apart.

👤This is a great buy for people who commute to work through public transportation, as well as people who go hiking, camping, roadtripping, concerts and other activities. I bought this poncho because I thought it would be a good backup. I have already used it three times, even though it says disposable. The pack size can fit in my bag. Pochos is easy to adjust to and is in a good size.

👤I give it 5 stars for being lightweight, but it is not durable or thick. They were calling for rain so I bought these for our trip. I ripped it as I put it on. It is very thin. The wind kept blowing it up and by the time the rain storm came, my shorts were soaked. The length of the drawstring on mine was not long enough. The rain came into the sleeves and rolled down my arm because I had to hold the hood up on my head. My family's ponchos were a little dryer than mine, but they were able to tie their ponchos and keep their heads dry. I did not expect it to keep me completely dry, but I did expect at least 75% of it to be dry. Not happy with these and wouldn't buy again.

👤I love Amazon because I got delivery before the expected time. I was able to test after delivery. The poncho works as expected. I did not dispose of the poncho because it was nylon and you can reuse it many times. I like the quality of the product.

👤Individually wrapped, I have some for the house, car, and purse. It is best to be prepared when living in Florida. They are lightweight and strong enough to not fly up and away while you are wearing them. I expect to get a lot of uses out of each one by being careful with restoring them. They are in the middle between the flimsy thin ones and the heavy ones.

👤It looked like it would rain during my son's high school graduation, so I bought this on a Sunday. It arrived Monday afternoon thanks to Prime. After Pomp and Circumstance rain and lightning started, we had to take shelter and wait for an hour. I was delighted to see that the ponchos had sleeves as well, and that all five packets fit in my purse. My son's girlfriend's purse was completely dry under the poncho. My husband was able to keep the graduation program dry because he stuck it in his sports jacket. It was humid, but they didn't make you sweaty. It was the best 11 dollars I've ever spent.

6. FROGG TOGGS All Sport Waterproof Breathable

FROGG TOGGS All Sport Waterproof Breathable

The fully seam taped jacket and rain suit is made with a DRIPORE GEN 2 middle layer for waterproof, wind resistant and all day comfort. The jacket has a hood that can be removed, a front zip, elastic cuffs, and a storm flap to keep elements out. Pull on elastic waist, open leg openings, and 4-panel cut straight leg design.

Brand: Frogg Toggs

👤I bought this as a cheap rain suit. A storm came up as we docked at Port Clinton after we went to a boating rendezvous on Lake Erie. I put the suit on. The storm grew to be very large. Waves closed a 4 lane highway. I was trying to keep the boats from breaking free. The water was close to the docks. The wind was so bad that the dock lines were pulling cleats out of the docks. The dock on the next row broke loose and about 20 boats, all larger than 40 feet, were attached and went up the river. I spent the night trying to keep the boats safe. 70 mph winds and storm surge all night. The only part of me that was wet was below the knee where I had been standing in the water. When I bought the amazing suit, I thought it was cheap paper. I would take this thing anywhere.

👤I ordered a large after reading reviews. This thing was huge. I wear large shirts and 34 pants. I could have fit two of you in that thing, no worries, Prime Member, returned it and got a refund in 24 hours. Two days later, it arrived. The medium is great over cloths. I hope this helps answer some of the questions on the reviews. Have not used it in the rain. It does not come with a carrying case. I followed another user's suggestion. Put the pants in half, put the sleeves in, fold each side into a hood, and put the entire suite into the hood. It is easy to fit and small. No ties or straps, it just fits. Excellent recommendation...

👤I was excited to try the Frogg Toggs suit after reading good reviews. It failed completely at what it was supposed to do. I drove 20 minutes on my motorbike to work in a light rain and had a wet shirt all the way down the front. On the way home from work I drove for 20 minutes in a heavy rain and ended up with my front soaked from shirt to pants. The suit leaked so badly that I was not kept dry. I will return my product as soon as possible because I can't recommend it.

👤My husband drives a tractor and is out in the elements for hours a day. We bought a cheap plastic one a few months ago. It ripped and never kept him dry. This one is very high quality. It's super thick. He loves the elastic waist pants that he can easily pull on over his uniform and they are long enough to cover his boots. I decided to go down to the XL because it is a perfect fit and roomy, as he usually wears 2x in shirts. He is 5'11 and weighs 220 lbs.

👤The rainsuits were ordered with the intention of comparing and returning two. SWISSWELL Black Large is a Mens waterproof rainsuit. Result Mens waterproof rain suit (L) (Black) is $23. Frogg Toggs Men's All Sports Rain and Windsuit, Black, Large is $40.00. Swisswell was chosen in the end. Swisswell had the best fit, style, and function. Swiswell has their own pockets, no pass through holes. A quick test under the faucet proved that the material wouldn't absorb water. I am not sure how well these will breathe. I am confident that they will keep me dry. This was the top choice because of its appearance, fit, and draw strings in all the right places. I don't like the left handed zip up. Will update after use. The results were very rubbery and tight. I would have ordered a bigger size if I had liked it. If you have a budget that is below the other two, this one is fine for minimal use, but it came in last place for my preference. It is difficult to get back into the original bag, but only one of the three tested has a storage bag. Has access to the pockets in the clothing. Also has a weird left handed zip up. Get it right China. Frogg Toggs were large and made of a grocery bag material which was the most absorbent of the three, but I didn't like that it didn't have pockets or pass through holes to access pant pockets underneath. If I am standing watching my daughter play soccer, I want pockets for my hands so pocketless top and bottom was a deal breaker for me. The best way to put on quickly was with these. I felt I could have fit a helmet under the hood. Only one of the three had right handed operations. I knew this would be the winner because it would be worn over heavier clothing.

7. CRYSULLY Multi Pocket Outerdoor Tactical Jackets

CRYSULLY Multi Pocket Outerdoor Tactical Jackets

Also, note: The jacket is on the left. The material is 100% Polyester. The fleece hoodie has a double zip and thumb-hole. Military tactical design, total 7 pockets. 2 large pockets in front, 2 small pockets in back, 2 small pockets in left sleeve, and 1 small pocket in right sleeve. It's ideal for outdoor active, Hiking, Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Climbing, Cycling and other outdoor sports.

Brand: Crysully

👤The jacket is warm. It's comforting with material. If you want a warm blanket with good fabric, you will find it here. If you wanted something that fit, or had pockets that were built well, or didn't come with fascist imagery patches, you might want to shop elsewhere. The size is a guessing game. The reviews and charts don't help. The range of sizes is large. I ordered two coats with different sizes and the range between them was between a hammock and a big-top tent. Neither jacket had a zip on it. One refused to work. The other did what it was supposed to do and then split when pressure was put on it. This is out of the box troubles. Not wear and tear. There are pockets. The jacket is marketed as "tactical", which means "pockets in random places" to civilians. There was a pocket on this coat. If a designer was given the problem to make the illusion of function without actually being functional. The job was done and I hope they were paid well. The free patch was the kicker. The green US flag with a blue line is to let the neighbors know you can't think for yourself. Didn't order it. I didn't expect to get fascist gear with the jackets. The Chinese product assumes poorly made, useless clothing will be bought up by morons if they use terms like "tactical" to mock the buyer. They get the second star for laughing. Products were returned. It won't replace.

👤These designers did a good job. It feels like you're hugging. Who doesn't like a hug when it's cold? It has a bunch of pockets. Do you know when you pat all your pockets but can't find your keys because you ran out of pockets, even though you just had them? Problem solved. There are more pockets than a pool table. I didn't like that the wrists didn't have anything to keep you from riding. Wait, are those thumb holes? You bet your money. The cats thought of your safety to make sure you can hitch hike. The issue is how low the waist is because I'm not going to pee in an alleyway dumpster outside my bar. The solution? Zip up from the bottom. If you want to keep it up there, you could run around like that cholo fit guy. If you piss on the bottom of your jacket, you'll get a broken aim bot. If you want to wear that tacky patch your lady hates, there are even velcro strips. These crazy bastards put them on your shoulders. BOOM! We need more pockets because I can't find my keys in my jacket. It has James Bond pockets. You can reach inside if you get carded for modelos at corner by the night shift guy. Is he reaching for his wallet? The kid should be afraid of anyone wearing this jacket. I'm not endorsed by the CDC. I have not caught covid since I got the jacket. That is safe. I carry my gun legally and this jacket knows to stay away from Walmart and I will be a hero if they try to storm the store. I never had a Snuggy do this for me. The world would agree that this jacket can't fix the world.

8. Michael Josh Emergency Survival Lanyards

Michael Josh Emergency Survival Lanyards

The Lanyard Hole makes for an ideal neck knife. Louder sound can be heard for a long distance. stainless steel is strong and durable. Good environmental ability. The whistle has no built-in pea, so it won't mold or breedbacteria. You can use it in a dirty environment. It's convenient and practical to tie on your backpack. The package includes Whistles with a keyring and a lanyard.

Brand: Michael Josh

👤I bought these whistles because of the good reviews. I was happy with the lanyard that came with them. Only one of them works for me. One is useless if you paid for a pair. There is an update! My rating has been changed to 5 stars. I got two more whistles in the mail today. Both work well and are loud. I can only assume that the seller read my review and made my order right. Customer service was excellent. Thank you.

👤I've bought whistles from Fox 40 and British police style whistles. The whistle is so loud that I have never heard it before. I like the safety factor of having a loud whistle and bright flashlight, in case I get injured on a mountain bike, and am too hurt to hike out of the woods. I bike on multi-use trails with joggers, dog-walkers and even horses. I don't try to scare horses, but I try to give them a heads up if I'm coming up behind them. The two whistles I got had different pitches. Both chambers have the same pitch, but one has a slightly different pitch. Both of them are loud. The bonus mini aluminum single chamber whistle came with my 2 whistles. I keep it attached to my car keys because it's small and light and not as loud as the two main whistles. I'm very happy with my purchase.

👤I bought the black whistle because of the photo that shows a machined and hardened aluminum whistle, not the $1 bead blasted whistle shown in the second photo. I wear and collect the whistle everyday. I already have several of the cheese ones. I made these whistles for friends because I didn't want to waste time going to the store. FURA makes a whistle that is much better. I wear the NW20. The seller should stop misrepresenting what they are selling. This piece would get no more than three stars.

👤Only one whistle works, and the seller didn't respond to the letter asking for a replacement. Poor quality, poor customer service, and no response to request are all reflected in my review.

👤I like Fox40 whistles. They get dirty after a while. It's hard to clean when the plastic is badly damaged. A friend recommended Michael Josh to me. I am not disappointed. The whistle is loud, but not as loud as Fox40. I think Michael Josh whistle is easier to blow. A small amount of air can produce a loud sound. Fox40 is piercing and sounds sharp. The sound of Michael Josh reminds me of a British police whistle. It's as light as Fox40 when attached to my keychain. They are so easy to clean. You can just wash under the running tap. Good as new! A very satisfing whistle to add to my collection.

👤A fellow skier mentioned carrying a safety whistle while skiing. It had never occurred to me, but since I mostly ski alone and occasionally get into remote areas it struck me as a really good idea. If you do, it's valuable but you never need it. I looked around and found a simple, effective, and virtually indestructible one. I wasn't disappointed. When I tested it in my kitchen, it was loud. It's not recommended for indoor use. The lanyard and carabiner are great for other purposes, but I didn't use them and removed the little chain to eliminate the most obvious failure points. The whistle body was attached to my jacket using the included keyring. It's close by if needed. I was worried that it would flap around in the wind while skiing. I've had it there for many ski trips, but not once have I been reminded it's there.

9. Juvale Count Adults Rain Ponchos

Juvale Count Adults Rain Ponchos

If you don't like your tactical backpack after you use it, you will get a 100% money back guarantee. They will give back your money. Their customer service wants you to be satisfied with your purchase. Absolutely no risk. The backpack comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Today is the day to get yours for family and friends. Packable rain ponchos are perfect for class field trips, group outings, reunions and family tours. The emergency rain poncho is great for camping, outdoor outings, sports events, and amusement parks. The pack comes with 20 disposable rain ponchos in a transparent color made for adults. You can reuse or dispose of the waterproof material after use. One size fits most adults, the poncho is 50 inches in length and 50 inches in width.

Brand: Juvale

👤I'm trying to do my part in Florida. I see homeless people. I wore rain coats and face masks at stop lights.

👤We caught a rain storm while fishing on the bay of Seadrift texas and these things held up. The coats will fit people over 250 pounds. There is plenty of room.

👤These were perfect for our trip to Disney World. They were light and easy to carry. I put mine in a pocket. We were there for a long time and it rained every day. The hood covered my backpack and it was easy to pull up. I was dry. It's easy to put on and take off. They are very thin and would tear if we were hiking through brush, but they were perfect for an amusement park and didn't tear.

👤I bought these because I like to walk without a rain jacket or umbrella when it rains heavily, and because I don't have to take a rain jacket or umbrella just in case. I bought these ponchos because they are the smallest and lightest one I've seen. They keep me dry, but don't have a hood or sleeves to tighten. If you want a thicker material, buy a bigger one. These are the ones that you can put something light in.

👤I bought these because it rains daily in Florida. I gave them 4 stars because they aren't pocket sized. The pictures are of how they were packaged. I folded it in half and stuck it back in the package to make it pocket sized. There are pictures 3&4. When we use them, will update this review.

👤These disposable raincoats are very thin and do the job. I used mine to cover my clothes while I did a messy clean up. These are large enough to fit large people.

👤The sleeves are too short. Your arms get drenched because they are exposed. I realized that these do not work for someone who works outdoors and is active. The sleeves are too short and you should just put a plastic garbage bag over yourself. These are good for light to moderate rain. I would recommend a poncho for heavy rain.

👤We use disposable Ponchos a lot and they are much thicker than the dollar store ones. They were a good value for the money, and were able to use them twice. I recommend.

👤ils remplissent leur fonction,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Vous pouvez acheter, il n'y a pas de mauvaise surprise.

👤J' ai use de ces ponchos en protections médicales contre le coronaviruses. Legers on s' a facilement aux poignées de porte. Is there an excellente alternative to surblouses?

👤A unique usage. Part grand vent is Peuvent. It's fragile.

10. Washed Cotton Hooded Military Jacket

Washed Cotton Hooded Military Jacket

Lining: 100% Polyester. Functions: This jacket is a perfect fit, it has a zip out hood, and it has a chest and slant hand pockets. It is an ideal jacket for men because of its soft, military style and its full-length zip enclosure, which protects you from wind and cold temperatures. Added warmth. This adds comfort and style to the lining. The materials aredurable. This military style is built to stick with you through many seasons and is made from 100% cotton.


👤A good jacket. If you're getting into temperatures that are literally freezing, you'll need to layer. Those who dropped out of junior high have a temperature of 0C/32F. It retains heat when it's put up. I wouldn't wear this if it was 70+. You will get sweaty quickly. There are lots of pockets. The black will show dirt very quickly. I liked this thing. It is made in China for those who may be concerned. The copulator of maternal figures had to take the jacket away from me while I was in the break room at work. I bet it was the same guy who stole my pizza from the fridge and left it in the box as if I didn't notice.

👤I tried this jacket on a year or more ago, but couldn't justify the purchase. I looked it up and will keep it. I like to leave the house in a t-shirt when it's 70 outside, but the chilly office calls for a jacket that can keep me warm enough to be comfortable, so that's where this is. There is one inside pocket. I wish there were two, but that's the only shortcoming I will bring up. It's snug in the shoulders, but I don't do a lot of flexing with it fully closed, and maybe it will give a bit with wear.

👤It was a return like new and cost $45. When an item is on a wish list and someone returns it without proper packaging, labels or something else that doesn't have anything to do with the item, I always buy it. I have found that the % Amazon is all over the place on different items. I got this coat for $44, which is less than the regular price, so I saved some money. I'm wasting your time telling you how I save money on this coat. I have done this a lot and never found anything wrong with the item, so if it is a great savings, buy it. I saved 45% on a pair of work boots.

👤After reading the reviews, I decided on the 3XT, I'm normally a 2XT. A bit large, but good through the shoulders. It will work out fine when I layer it. It's a bit large through the middle. There is a A very well made jacket. I'm going to wear it outside this morning. This jacket is very good. Your normal size unless you have wide shoulders like me from sports.

👤My personal circle of hell is where I believe clothes shopping with my 15 year old son to fit and likeability in multiple stores is located. There are a lot of exercises for deep breathing. And in comes Amazon. I was impressed by this coat when it arrived. I was not sure if it would be warm. My son hated the Columbia type jackets. I didn't know I lived in style. Think of Beatnik as practical. I told him to keep his clothes shopping to a minimum and was really impressed. The coat is heavy. It's seriously. It was thick and lined. The price is great for a name brand item. We live in Idaho with single digit weather for weeks and keep my nightmare inducing offspring warm. You may want to consider a parka. This won't help. Oh! For reference. He's 5'7" and filled out because of weight training. The medium is perfect.

11. Columbia Watertight Jacket Black Medium

Columbia Watertight Jacket Black Medium

The shell is 100% nylon and the lining is 100% Polyester. The Columbia Youth Boys' Watertight Rain jacket is made of a coated waterproof shell that is durable enough to endure rain at a moment's notice. There areANDY features. The soft shell rain jacket features two side pockets, elastic cuffs, an elastic hem, a hood, and reflective detailing to ensure ultimate security and protection for your little one. COMFORT AND WARMTH: What are they? The boys' rain jacket is made of nylon and lightweight. It's the perfect first line of defense for rainy play dates.

Brand: Columbia

👤My ten year old son is around 96 lbs. I ordered him the large and it is a perfect fit with some room to grow. He will be testing it out on a camping trip. The orange is very bright. I thought the inner mesh liner was gray, but it is a light blue.

👤I found myself in the market for a new rain jacket after I discovered that my rain jacket was no longer waterproof. I was looking for a rain jacket that would fit a small build. The large kids jackets and the xs women's jackets were close to my measurements, based on the size charts for Columbia. I ordered a few to compare and try on. Here are some of my favorites. The Columbia Big Girls' Arcadia jacket is black. The mesh lining prevented the jacket from sticking to my skin. The jacket was secured with a snap at the top. The Columbia Boys Big Watertight jacket is blue. The cut of this jacket was more suited to a boy than a girl, but it was lined with a snap at the top. The girls jacket was a better fit for me. The arms on the xs women's jacket are shorter than the arms on this jacket. The Columbia Women's Arcadia Ii jacket is black. This was over my threshold of $50. I didn't keep it because the jackets were less expensive and the fit was better. The girls jacket had the same lining, but the top of the jacket did not have a snap like the kids jackets. The Columbia Big Girls switchback rain jacket is purple. The build quality of this jacket reflected that it was the least expensive. The mesh lining of the other jackets made it stick to me more. This is a good choice if you want a jacket that folds down small, but it did not feel good to wear and had a plastic feel. The review is posted as a comment for all of the jackets.

👤I bought this for my twelve year old son just before he went to his first Boy Scout camp. He appreciated all the color combinations that he picked out. It arrived in two days. He loves this coat and has said it many times. He had his head and body completely dry. The material is rugged for brushing against trees and rocks and for dealing with straps of a heavy backpack. It's perfect in every way. The only thing I would like to see improved is the arm pits with zippers.

👤A large was perfect for my child. We'll probably have to get an XL in the next couple of years. The material is strong. It holds up well to my kid's daily activities. The inside is lined with a soft mesh that helps to insulate. It's best to use with other layers of clothing because of its lightweight build. My kid likes it because he can layer it on top of his sweatshirt when he's outside. He can put his jacket in his locker when he's inside for classes because of the lightweight build.


What is the best product for survival jacket youth?

Survival jacket youth products from Lingito. In this article about survival jacket youth you can see why people choose the product. Redcamp and Hlkzone are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival jacket youth.

What are the best brands for survival jacket youth?

Lingito, Redcamp and Hlkzone are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival jacket youth. Find the detail in this article. Nyicey, Rainoux and Frogg Toggs are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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