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1. Kids Polly Woggs Rain Large

Kids Polly Woggs Rain Large

The rain suit has a jacket and pant. Frogg Toggs fabric is waterproof, wind-resistant, and lightweight. The jacket has elastic wrist openings for a snug fit.

Brand: Frogg Toggs

👤I was hoping the kids size would work out for me, as I often aim for a 14-16 in youth for stuff like this. I ordered a large and it looks like it will work out. I bought them to fish in and throw wet cast nets so I don't want it to be too restrictive so it's perfect. I am not sure how it will hold up to water, but I am sure it will be worth it.

👤These are over-sized and a good valie. I ordered a large for my daughter, who usually wears a girls 16 or womens clothing. They are too big. The coat may be a woman. At least the pants are womens L. My husband wears a 32/30 in pants or a mens small or medium. The pants fit him. The coat is close to fitting on the shoulders and width work. The sleeves are not long. So... We are going to try something small for my daughter. I hope a kids S is the same as a women's small...

👤I wore his frog tog when I poured down rain to get on the roof and clear the gutter. I was soaked when I arrived. Frog Toggs did nothing. We can't return them. Oh well. I liked the fit and color. They are meant to be that way. They have not been used in the rain. The material and brand that we were advised to buy is here. They seem thin and flimsy, but they are special light weight, water proof material meant to keep you dry, and easy to carry in a backpack.

👤These offer good wind and rain resistance. I have worn a fishing set for a long time. I bought 3 sets for my kids. My 8 year old years were good. A medium swallows her. A small is large on her. The smalls will not fit my 6 year olds. They are so large that they are not even usable. They wear a 6x or 6/7. The jackets come down.

👤My wife is very petitie so we bought these for her. We had to wait until 2pm to check into our hotel after we arrived. We didn't want to waste a day sitting inside because it was raining and sleeting. My wife stayed dry all day when she put these on over her coat and pants. The product held up great that day. It can fit in a backpack or suitcase.

👤It's perfect. They need to be baggy since you are wearing them over other clothes. I got these for my scout who wears a size large. He is likely to have them this year and next. They fit in a gallon zip lock bag and fit into his backpack if they folded up nicely. If you have a child that is in the 16-18 size range, you may have to step up to the adult small.

👤I got a small for my girl. The jacket is too big but the pants are usable. I'll be holding on to these until she grows a bit more. I won't have to wait long because they are designed to go over regular clothes. It feels like a stiff papery windbreaker and is hard to describe. I don't think it will rip since I'm not using them in harsh conditions. It doesn't seem like much. I put my arm under the kitchen sink and it took me five minutes to get my arms dry. The outside material was damp for a while but the inside never regenerated. I don't know how well they hold up in the woods. They are going to keep a kid dry on the way to school. They don't look warm. I don't think they would be worn over something warm if I tested them outside. I like the ribbed cuffs on the jacket and pants, they stay in place even if they are too big. The pants have a waist that is elastic. The jacket snaps shut. The hood is large enough to cover the front of the head or a hat, and it's a good size. The only drawbacks I see are that the pants and jacket don't have pockets, and the hood of the jacket doesn't have a drawstring. I can see it blowing off. I have been looking at adult sizes for myself and I like that I can wear them.

2. Wealers Disposable Emergency Raincoat Waterproof

Wealers Disposable Emergency Raincoat Waterproof

It is easy to unpack, use, dry and reuse. Will last you across a lot of trips and vacations. The Poncho Rains are perfect for sporting events, camping, travel and outdoor activities. It's about time you stopped using the umbrellas. The poncho has a full sleeve and hood to make sure you don't get drenched. Universal fit. The poncho's fit will cover your entire body while providing full and unrestricted coverage that won't hinder your movements regardless of your body type. The travel size is. It's portable size allows you to carry it with you when you go outside. The package is only 7 inches by 4 inches and it can be found virtually anywhere. ThICKER THAN OTHERS. Their ponchos are made from stronger material that will not get ripped and punctured before the rainy season ends.

Brand: Wealers

👤The homeless population in our area were purchased before the rain storm.

👤These fit well. We bought rain coats at our favorite theme park for $12 a piece. They were tight and ripped around the neck area when you put them on. I bought a package of 20 for $28 and they last for 3 to 4 uses. They fit nicely. I will not buy rain coats from the theme park again.

👤We gave these to the homeless at our shelter. I found that most others were like a big bag with three holes. The elastic on the wrists and the thickness of the plastic make these better. They are a homeless shelter. I found that most others were like a big bag with three holes. The elastic on the wrists and the thickness of the plastic make these better. The feedback from the shelter was very positive, and they included a storage pouch for people who are less fortunate than us.

👤It is very difficult to find disposable rain coats that are larger than the size we will use on the Alaska cruise. My friend and I are 3X with a light weight jacket. We look like Kenny from South Park. It is well made and will keep us dry. The belly area is large and the sleeves are good. It was nice and long. If need be, it could be shortened.

👤I was pleased with the quality. It covers well. Definitely fits a 2X.

👤Didn't use yet, but it looks sturdy as it rains in Disney.

👤I tried on one and it was perfect for a one and done rain situation.

3. Frogg Toggs Ultra Lite2 Waterproof Breathable

Frogg Toggs Ultra Lite2 Waterproof Breathable

The Ultra-Lite2 rain suit has a jacket and pant. Frogg Toggs fabric is waterproof, wind-resistant, and lightweight. The jacket has a hood with cord locks and a storm flap.

Brand: Frogg Toggs

👤My husband is a conductor for the Rail Road and has to get off the train in wet conditions many times. He needed a rain suit that he could carry with him in his backpack. I found this one by Frogg Toggs and he loves it. The price was correct. I bought it. It is very light and takes up little space in his back pack. He likes the Khaki color more than the normal banana yellow. It fit him perfectly over his work clothes. We ordered a 2XL because we thought he would need the extra room since he's a 2XL in clothes. He's 6'0 tall and weighs about 230 lbs. The XL fit him well, not tight or loose. The Frogg Toggs is a well-known brand and the quality is better than expected. It comes with a nice bag that you can fold the suit into when not in use. We found the set to be pros and cons, but still got a 5 stars from us. There are many sizes and colors available. Very, very wonderful. The material is lightweight and can be moved around. There are no pockets in the jacket or pants. That will help keep the rain out. There is no access to the bathroom with a zip up. There is a possibility that a drawstring could be used on the pants. If the material gets caught, it can be repaired with duct tape, but no elastic bottoms on pants would be helpful. This is our second rain suit purchase. Frogg Toggs wrote Dri-Ducks. This set is better for us. I don't think so. First suggestion. Don't order a bigger size thinking you'll need it bigger to fit over your clothes. The product has a design that allows for clothing underneath. I would suggest this for working conditions where there is not a lot of movement. I wouldn't suggest it for motorcycle gear. I paid full price for this product and hope you find it useful.

👤I read a review about the size of the product. I ordered a rain suit based on the reviews. The medium is perfect for me. I wanted to help others choose a size. I am a female with a weight of 200 lbs. I wear a 14-16 pant and a 38-40DD bra. The pants fit perfectly, I purchased the MEDIUM size suit. I live in a tropical area. I wear shorts and a t-shirt most of the time. I tried the pants on over the shorts and they were perfect. The legs were a tad long for flip-flops, but would be perfect if I had sneakers or other "real" shoes on. Again, the jacket is perfect. The sleeves were short, which can be an issue for me. I would want to get a large size for a suit to wear overICKER clothes. The MEDIUM is perfect for what I need.

👤I used them for backpacking. There are pros and cons. The light is super. The light is super. This rain setup saved me a lot of weight in my pack, over a pound. 2. It does a good job of keeping your heat in while you sleep. 3. It works great to keep you dry and works better at blocking wind. They had a cons- 1. It's ugly as butt. Someone tried to name me Blueberry. 2. Not strong. The crotch was torn on day 2. They were repaired with duct tape and now are even worse. If you are a hiker who is trying to save weight in your pack and willing to make a questionable fashion statement for it, this is great. It is an extra layer of wind protection while sleeping. I don't like carrying heavy things that I only use once a week, and this fixed that. If you are looking for a sturdy rain getup, look elsewhere.

4. Carhartt Quilted Flannel Active Jacket

Carhartt Quilted Flannel Active Jacket

Carhartt Company gear. A split pocket at the front of the jacket. The cuffs and waistband are made of rib-knit. There is a quilted lining in the body.

Brand: Carhartt

👤A lot of people recommend going down a size. It fits. I have been getting my regular size as well. A lot of people are ordering this as a fashion piece and have never worn Carhartt before. There are lots of complaints and confusion about size. I love all of the Carhartt shirts I have. They are a little larger than a typical t-shirt, but that gives you room to move around and work. I went a size down for this and I think it's good for how a jacket should fit. It doesn't cover my ass, which would be nice in the cold.

👤So... Stocky or big people are thinking about going to 2XL. Don't! I am 5'7 and 2XL was 800-211-2519. I V E was baggy at the bottom, baggy at the cuffs, and baggy in the shoulders. The other 2X Carhartt clothing fits me well, but this jacket in 2X does not. I swapped my 2x for a 1x tall and it was the perfect length, my shoulder area is not bunched up, cuffs and jacket are just right, no drafts like with the 2x, and it is the perfect length. Agree with all the other reviews of the jacket's build quality and feel. Very happy with it.

👤I received my Carhartt jacket yesterday and almost immediately noticed a small stain on the right shoulder, it almost looked like a hard water stain. I washed the jacket according to Carhartt's recommendation. I removed the jacket from the dryer and found the veins were all over the jacket from the hood to the waist. It looks like a stone wash or acid wash finish. It is terrible. Carhartt was willing to inspect the jacket for defects, but stated that my size wouldn't be in stock for 9 months and offered no other solution. If you buy this jacket for work, it will serve you well, if you buy this jacket for aesthetic reasons, you will be sorely disappointed. I was left with a jacket that looked as if it was 10 years old after I was screwed out of $109.

👤I'm 6'2 205 lbs and my pictures are for medium size, but I have a big puffed up butt in the front, which might be better for those with long jackets. My search for a perfect fit resulted in a Med that fit right below the belt and covered my upper body to hold in heat. I ride my road glide with a sweater under 40 degrees and it's cold but not dying. Give it 3 washes and you're good to go. A jacket that is comfortable. Hopefully you don't go through 3 orders before you get the one you want.

👤It is very warm and comfortable. The main zipper and mine were made in the USA. Would definitely recommend this jacket.

👤After reading reviews and trying one on in the store, I knew I needed to order a smaller size. The long, cold winters of North Dakota made me want to wear something other than black for my daily wear jacket. I need something that can hold up to the cold we've had recently. This jacket does it. It is a bit stiff at first. I have no doubt that it will change over time. The red color is very comfortable. I expect to last for a long time in Carhartt fashion.

5. TACVASEN Classic Outwear Softshell Tactical

TACVASEN Classic Outwear Softshell Tactical

Also, note: They have adjusted the size based on feedback from their customers. The outershell is made of 100% polyester and the inner is made of soft fleece. Two shoulder pockets, a forearm pocket on the left arm, two front slash, two chest pockets, two back pockets, and a vent zip under each arm are part of the Multi-Pockets. Drawstring waist and hood. Wrist cuffs are elastic, hook and loop.

Brand: Tacvasen

👤I wanted to write this review to clear up some confusion you see around feedback from other reviews and the lack of good description from the seller/manufacturer. This is not stated clearly enough by the seller, so I will clarify: the size you select on Amazon is already adjusted for the smaller size from the manufacturing country of origin. If you choose a size L on Amazon, you will get a jacket labeled XL. The size I chose on Amazon fitted me perfectly. I had to return the jacket as it was too large for me, and I regretted getting one size larger. 2. I would consider this a heavy jacket. It is not a light weight soft shell intended for more athletic activities. It is a consideration for outdoor people to not consider this clothing item which can be folded down. 3. The jacket has a lot of features that are not described on Amazon. Four of the pockets have their own interior cord openings which allow people to thread headphones through to their music players. The two torso pockets have their own pen pockets. The two torso pockets have their own plastic D-ring tabs, which can be used to clip keys or other items to it. The D-ring is missing in my jacket. The jacket's shell is water resistant. The torso pockets have a threaded elastic drawstring to keep the hood from swinging. There is a back pocket with a zip on the left and right. The hood can be rolled up and held in place by a big flap on the inside of the collar. 4. The jacket from the seller is wildly inconsistent. The D-ring in the torso pocket of the jacket which I ordered was not included in the other jacket. One of the jackets had a bare Velcro patch base, while the other one had a one-inch x 1-inch Velcro patch. One was shipped to me in a giant plastic envelope with a ripped interior bag, while the other one was perfectly packaged. Since many of the features aren't described in detail, I don't mind that it's missing some things, but can't you keep these things consistent so people know what to expect? I was not able to give the jacket 4 stars for my review. The poor product description and the inconsistencies in features put me off. This jacket is cheap and has a lot of feature, which is typically pricey. I'm opting for 4 stars because I believe I'll get my money's worth out of this product. I would give it 3.5 stars if I could.

👤I would like the company to know about my order. I have worn many brands of soft shells for work and I am so disappointed. Quality and pockets are terrible. The forearm pocket is the only pocket tactically useful. Please contact me before I return and write a more honest review about how disappointed I am that I'm expecting tactical to mean it's a capable and efficient quality jacket which it isn't.

6. Adults Rain Ponchos Hood Disposable

Adults Rain Ponchos Hood Disposable

A total of 20 ponchos in blue, green, pink, white and yellow with 5 pieces for each color made especially for adults, one size fits most adults These raincoats are great for camping, outdoor outings, sports events, and amusement parks. The value pack is perfect for your class field trips, reunions, and family tours. It's your choice if you want to reuse or dispose of it. The rain ponchos for adults are 50 x 50 inches and are one size fits most.

Brand: Juvale

👤I need to cover up my allergies when I clean so I bought these for that. I have long hair and can use it in the last few days. I can say that they are very light. They cover a lot. I am not sure how well the hood will hold up in the rainy weather because they are thin and I am not sure how well the wind will hold up.

👤When done with the rides, purchased to use at amusement park water rides. It worked well and didn't take up a lot of space. People kept asking where I got them. The quality was better than I expected. It could be used on additional trips back to the park. After one trip, no need to toss.

👤I got these for a food fight birthday party and they held up great.

👤These hoods are light weight and long, with a variety of colors.

👤Just what I needed. There are emergency ponchos. There are times when you need something to protect you. They should be in the car just in case.

👤The poncho is perfect for a day bag.

👤The colors are cheerful. The material is strong enough to last more than one shower. There is plenty of space to fit over a wheelchair. The price per unit was very good.

👤It's good for storing in the car for rainy days but I haven't used one myself yet, but I'll give them to family members when they get caught out.

👤These were great for a large group of us at Disneyland, they were great quality for the price, we didn't have any rippages and they were reuseable, which worked well.

👤It was perfect. So happy with the delivery and quality.

👤This product is very useful for decorating and hot for a jacket in the garden when it's raining.

7. Washed Cotton Hooded Military Jacket

Washed Cotton Hooded Military Jacket

Lining: 100% Polyester. Functions: This jacket is a perfect fit, it has a zip out hood, and it has a chest and slant hand pockets. It is an ideal jacket for men because of its soft, military style and its full-length zip enclosure, which protects you from wind and cold temperatures. Added warmth. This adds comfort and style to the lining. The materials aredurable. This military style is built to stick with you through many seasons and is made from 100% cotton.


👤A good jacket. If you're getting into temperatures that are literally freezing, you'll need to layer. Those who dropped out of junior high have a temperature of 0C/32F. It retains heat when it's put up. I wouldn't wear this if it was 70+. You will get sweaty quickly. There are lots of pockets. The black will show dirt very quickly. I liked this thing. It is made in China for those who may be concerned. The copulator of maternal figures had to take the jacket away from me while I was in the break room at work. I bet it was the same guy who stole my pizza from the fridge and left it in the box as if I didn't notice.

👤I tried this jacket on a year or more ago, but couldn't justify the purchase. I looked it up and will keep it. I like to leave the house in a t-shirt when it's 70 outside, but the chilly office calls for a jacket that can keep me warm enough to be comfortable, so that's where this is. There is one inside pocket. I wish there were two, but that's the only shortcoming I will bring up. It's snug in the shoulders, but I don't do a lot of flexing with it fully closed, and maybe it will give a bit with wear.

👤It was a return like new and cost $45. When an item is on a wish list and someone returns it without proper packaging, labels or something else that doesn't have anything to do with the item, I always buy it. I have found that the % Amazon is all over the place on different items. I got this coat for $44, which is less than the regular price, so I saved some money. I'm wasting your time telling you how I save money on this coat. I have done this a lot and never found anything wrong with the item, so if it is a great savings, buy it. I saved 45% on a pair of work boots.

👤After reading the reviews, I decided on the 3XT, I'm normally a 2XT. A bit large, but good through the shoulders. It will work out fine when I layer it. It's a bit large through the middle. There is a A very well made jacket. I'm going to wear it outside this morning. This jacket is very good. Your normal size unless you have wide shoulders like me from sports.

👤My personal circle of hell is where I believe clothes shopping with my 15 year old son to fit and likeability in multiple stores is located. There are a lot of exercises for deep breathing. And in comes Amazon. I was impressed by this coat when it arrived. I was not sure if it would be warm. My son hated the Columbia type jackets. I didn't know I lived in style. Think of Beatnik as practical. I told him to keep his clothes shopping to a minimum and was really impressed. The coat is heavy. It's seriously. It was thick and lined. The price is great for a name brand item. We live in Idaho with single digit weather for weeks and keep my nightmare inducing offspring warm. You may want to consider a parka. This won't help. Oh! For reference. He's 5'7" and filled out because of weight training. The medium is perfect.

8. GLORYFIRE Technical Soft Shell Multi Use Backpacking

GLORYFIRE Technical Soft Shell Multi Use Backpacking

The ACU uniforms have foliage green on them. 1. It's not pleasant to work or go through your day in wet clothes. Ponchos can be used to prevent the problem. The poncho is made of a soft shell fabric with waterproof fully-taped seams. The GLORYFIRE Poncho has a generous size to fit over packs/bags/chest-packs, a hood with brim section fits over head-wear and a zip front to chin for full rain coverage. Bring along the GloryFire. Stay dry with a poncho on your next camping trip. 2. It has a soft shell fabric construction to keep the rain off. It has snaps to close the sides so it can be strung up as a makeshift tent. The Poncho has a Hook-and-loop fasteners field on the front for displaying patches or ID. There are Hook-and-loop fields on the shoulders, back of the head, and back. It can be put into its own front pocket for easy storage. 4. It takes just 1 minute to get to the tent. It can be used as emergency sleeping bags. 5. They'll be glad to help you if you have any questions.

Brand: Gloryfire

👤If you need room for your solar phone charge in your hiking pack, listen if you're trying to save weight. This poncho is not for you. If you have a full beard and are going to build a log cabin in the woods with an axe and no hands, this pancho is for you.

👤I'm a mail carrier and I need something to keep me dry on rainy days. I used it a few days ago on a day when it rained all day. I found no leaking through the seams, and the stitching and material seemed soft and durable, so it was pleasant to walk in. I had some sweat on my shirt at the end of my walk, but I think it was because it was warm under the poncho. I felt no water build up under the poncho and there were no leaks in the seams. I was able to fold it back into itself by the end of my shift because the water slides right off the material. I'd buy it again, but hopefully not soon.

👤I bought this poncho because of the rainy season. The Gloryfire had better reviews of water resistance than the Hazard 4 2020 poncho, so I decided to try it. My first day of testing this poncho was at my outdoor rifle and pistol range. I was exposed to the elements but stayed dry under this poncho. The button snaps when I move it. I'm sure a little oil will take care of that. $65 is the best price for a poncho.

👤I like the poncho's quality and the fact that it folds up into a pouch. This is what I was looking for to either put in my range bag or under the back seat of my truck. The poncho's eyelets are nice if I need to tie it up as a makeshift shelter or keep some gear dry. I would recommend this item to anyone.

👤The Pancho is very durable, it is cheap and can be strung up as a tent ortarp, it keeps you dry, and it can be used as a tent ortarp. The material is thick and stiff, and when I turn my head, it stays out, which can be annoying. It can get really hot inside if it's cold outside. If it's going to be a heavy rain, I still need rain pants because I'm 6'3 and with a pack on it covers my lower thighs. It can save you a lot of weight and space in your pack if you bring a separate tarp and Pancho. I like to stay dry when setting up my shelter, but sacrificing a layer to do that isn't worth it when I can be fully soaked in a minute. It can take a while to setup. It's not very practical to setup a tent shelter with my feet or head exposed. Hunting/hiking/backpacking isn't one of the uses for this product.

👤It was made in China. It is small for a small person. Not large enough for a normal American man. It doesn't cover the arms. See how it works out for you. It won't. Not if you plan on spending the day in the rain. I'm tired of it.

9. RAINOUX Pack Disposable Ponchos Adults

RAINOUX Pack Disposable Ponchos Adults

These are made of 0.03mm thick PE plastic and can be used again. Each pouch has an opening of L 43. It's ideal for camping, hiking, traveling, concerts, Disneyland or amusement park trips. There are two styles of coat: poncho style and rain coat style. Their Rain coat style ponchos are waterproof yet convenient to take off, they are a fusion of modern design and practicality. The ponchos will fit over your backpack. If you like your hands free, umbrellas and rain jackets are not for you. Their ponchos are small enough to fit in your pocket, purse, or backpack. There is more BREATHABLE. The wide-open sleeves allow air to circulate through the poncho and create a cooling system. Their ponchos are environment-friendly and tear-resistant. A sunny morning, a rainy afternoon and a snowy evening are always unpredictable. The rain-coat has a drawstring that will keep your hair dry.

Brand: Rainoux

👤We got caught in the rain at a theme park in Florida and these helped. It's easy to store and carry. We folded them back into the package because they were easy to open. Absolutely worth it!

👤These were made from the same material as dry cleaning bags. They were useful during a rainy week. They were small. I could fit all of them in my purse. We were covered with long sleeves to protect us from rain. They could technically be saved, but we couldn't fold them back neatly and most got holes when they were put back on. I wouldn't say they are reuseable, but you could reuse them again if you wanted to. They were used in Disney. For a disposable compact option, I would buy them again.

👤In June...orlando. Exactly what we needed. 10/10 will buy again if you create your own personal greenhouse that is thick enough to not fall apart.

👤This is a great buy for people who commute to work through public transportation, as well as people who go hiking, camping, roadtripping, concerts and other activities. I bought this poncho because I thought it would be a good backup. I have already used it three times, even though it says disposable. The pack size can fit in my bag. Pochos is easy to adjust to and is in a good size.

👤I give it 5 stars for being lightweight, but it is not durable or thick. They were calling for rain so I bought these for our trip. I ripped it as I put it on. It is very thin. The wind kept blowing it up and by the time the rain storm came, my shorts were soaked. The length of the drawstring on mine was not long enough. The rain came into the sleeves and rolled down my arm because I had to hold the hood up on my head. My family's ponchos were a little dryer than mine, but they were able to tie their ponchos and keep their heads dry. I did not expect it to keep me completely dry, but I did expect at least 75% of it to be dry. Not happy with these and wouldn't buy again.

👤I love Amazon because I got delivery before the expected time. I was able to test after delivery. The poncho works as expected. I did not dispose of the poncho because it was nylon and you can reuse it many times. I like the quality of the product.

👤Individually wrapped, I have some for the house, car, and purse. It is best to be prepared when living in Florida. They are lightweight and strong enough to not fly up and away while you are wearing them. I expect to get a lot of uses out of each one by being careful with restoring them. They are in the middle between the flimsy thin ones and the heavy ones.

👤It looked like it would rain during my son's high school graduation, so I bought this on a Sunday. It arrived Monday afternoon thanks to Prime. After Pomp and Circumstance rain and lightning started, we had to take shelter and wait for an hour. I was delighted to see that the ponchos had sleeves as well, and that all five packets fit in my purse. My son's girlfriend's purse was completely dry under the poncho. My husband was able to keep the graduation program dry because he stuck it in his sports jacket. It was humid, but they didn't make you sweaty. It was the best 11 dollars I've ever spent.

10. Juvale Disposable Emergency Fashion Poncho

Juvale Disposable Emergency Fashion Poncho

Emergency Poncho, Emergency Rain gear. It is lightweight and easy to store. One size fits all. No more getting drenched! The poncho is light. Each poncho is wrapped individually so it's very convenient to carry in your pocket, purse, or backpack. The hood is attached for maximum protection.

Brand: Juvale

👤These were perfect if you understood what you were buying. These are disposable and not made to last like a nice poncho. 2. We ranged in height from 3'5" to 6'3" when we took them to Disney World. She only had to tie the knots at the bottom and hold the front up so she wouldn't trip, because it was too long. The sleeves were too short to cover his whole arm, and it was not going to cover his legs. We didn't need to make any changes for my 4' tall child. At 5' tall, I was fine. 3. These are less expensive than $2. They are thin and light weight and may not have the quality you are looking for. The ponch can whip around when the wind blows hard. The hood doesn't protect you from the rain. The hood on an adult's head won't hang over their face like a baseball hat would. The things are out of the way and they are perfect for one or two time use. We didn't have to worry about losing them because they were cheap. There were two days when it was raining. We didn't have enough room in our hotel room to store the ponchos so we threw them away. It was cheap to do. These were light enough to not be a problem to carry. For another Disney trip, I'm buying these again.

👤They saved our trip when we took these to Disney World. They unfold easily if you toss them into a bag. Good coverage once on. You can re-fold and reuse them multiple times if you have access to hang them.

👤I bought ponchos to use on the subway. I didn't have to worry about my clothes being laundered when I get home. They're okay, but not what I wanted. The poncho makes me sweaty and it doesn't feel comfortable. I would like it to be a bit longer.

👤They are a trash bag with arms and a hood. They are amazing. They help to keep you dry. You want to remain dry when you expect rain, and these are essential. I only have praise. They are great for the price, but be warned, they are not reuseable.

👤This is a must if you are going to an amusement park. I would add places where a quick fix might be needed. This is a one time use and I only worry about how green they are. My 10 year old son is fit.

👤They worked well for our trip to Disney World. They are small and easy to carry with you. We accepted that they were a little flimsy but that they served their purpose. We had a couple that were torn, but if you treat them carefully when putting them on or taking them off, they work perfectly. I would buy them again. The bottom of my husband and son's shorts got damp, as an added thought. It would be great if they were a bit longer.

11. Opret Disposable Emergency Transparent Waterproof

Opret Disposable Emergency Transparent Waterproof

It's perfect for both women and men, and a pack of 5. The poncho is made of super waterproof PE material, attached with a hood and elastic cuff, and it protects you from getting wet. lightweight and compact Keep the ponchos in your pocket, backpack, and car for emergencies. Great for camping, hiking, theme park, outdoor concert, sport events and daily use. Design to be single use. If you have any questions about the product, you can contact them and they will help make it right.

Brand: Opret

👤These are ponchos. There is elastic on the wrist. I bought them for use in a health care setting. Has a hood. Good quality for a disposable product. The price point is decent. I was satisfied with the purchase.

👤They worked well but one ripped and I wouldn't give them 5 stars. They are disposable. We would have been able to reuse if we had been more careful. The poncho was long to the knee area and kept us dry.

👤The ponchos are perfect for your glove box. It's perfect for your purse or back pack. Don't get caught in the rain again.

👤Poor quality. It's better to get one from a local 99 cents store.

👤The purpose of this set is to keep workers dry. These are not all adult sizes. The child and adult are different.

👤The price is a great value. It's good that size is good. When I pull at the edge of the plastic it doesn't feel like it will tear too easily.

👤I ordered this product to have in case of an emergency and we have had over 2,000 earthquakes in a month and a half. It was very good quality and was shipped very fast.

👤It was used at Disney. They were great. Will buy again.

👤This is a good value for money pack of ponchos. The sleeves are full length and elastic at the end, which is better than some others, and it's also more convenient. There is a hood that has a button on it to tighten it. It seems very tough and durable. If you need them quickly, the pocket they come packaged in is small and portable, so you can use it in your bag or pocket. They don't go back in once out of the bag, but they are not single use and are re-usable. We have not had any problems with them. They are very thin and lightweight, so you don't notice, yet they protect you very well. If you need a quick pullout poncho when caught in the rain, this is a great product. It makes reviewing worthwhile if you hit the helpful button.

👤These were light enough for me to keep in my bag and strong enough to cope with being taken off and put back on multiple times. It was large enough to comfortably cover me and the backpack I was wearing was not restrictive in any way. Will buy again. I felt a little bit guilty pulling them out of my bag while I watched everyone else run for cover or spend ridiculous amounts of money on Disney branded versions.

👤I went to a local gig over the weekend with my friends and they weren't sure of the weather. I picked them up. They are pocket sized and lightweight, so we didn't notice they were in our pockets. The design is a simple one or two time use item but for the price and the use I had in mind was perfect. 99% of me was dry, like with any waterproof poncha.


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