Best Survival Jacket for Women

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1. Michael Josh Emergency Survival Lanyards

Michael Josh Emergency Survival Lanyards

The Lanyard Hole makes for an ideal neck knife. Louder sound can be heard for a long distance. stainless steel is strong and durable. Good environmental ability. The whistle has no built-in pea, so it won't mold or breedbacteria. You can use it in a dirty environment. It's convenient and practical to tie on your backpack. The package includes Whistles with a keyring and a lanyard.

Brand: Michael Josh

👤I bought these whistles because of the good reviews. I was happy with the lanyard that came with them. Only one of them works for me. One is useless if you paid for a pair. There is an update! My rating has been changed to 5 stars. I got two more whistles in the mail today. Both work well and are loud. I can only assume that the seller read my review and made my order right. Customer service was excellent. Thank you.

👤I've bought whistles from Fox 40 and British police style whistles. The whistle is so loud that I have never heard it before. I like the safety factor of having a loud whistle and bright flashlight, in case I get injured on a mountain bike, and am too hurt to hike out of the woods. I bike on multi-use trails with joggers, dog-walkers and even horses. I don't try to scare horses, but I try to give them a heads up if I'm coming up behind them. The two whistles I got had different pitches. Both chambers have the same pitch, but one has a slightly different pitch. Both of them are loud. The bonus mini aluminum single chamber whistle came with my 2 whistles. I keep it attached to my car keys because it's small and light and not as loud as the two main whistles. I'm very happy with my purchase.

👤I bought the black whistle because of the photo that shows a machined and hardened aluminum whistle, not the $1 bead blasted whistle shown in the second photo. I wear and collect the whistle everyday. I already have several of the cheese ones. I made these whistles for friends because I didn't want to waste time going to the store. FURA makes a whistle that is much better. I wear the NW20. The seller should stop misrepresenting what they are selling. This piece would get no more than three stars.

👤Only one whistle works, and the seller didn't respond to the letter asking for a replacement. Poor quality, poor customer service, and no response to request are all reflected in my review.

👤I like Fox40 whistles. They get dirty after a while. It's hard to clean when the plastic is badly damaged. A friend recommended Michael Josh to me. I am not disappointed. The whistle is loud, but not as loud as Fox40. I think Michael Josh whistle is easier to blow. A small amount of air can produce a loud sound. Fox40 is piercing and sounds sharp. The sound of Michael Josh reminds me of a British police whistle. It's as light as Fox40 when attached to my keychain. They are so easy to clean. You can just wash under the running tap. Good as new! A very satisfing whistle to add to my collection.

👤A fellow skier mentioned carrying a safety whistle while skiing. It had never occurred to me, but since I mostly ski alone and occasionally get into remote areas it struck me as a really good idea. If you do, it's valuable but you never need it. I looked around and found a simple, effective, and virtually indestructible one. I wasn't disappointed. When I tested it in my kitchen, it was loud. It's not recommended for indoor use. The lanyard and carabiner are great for other purposes, but I didn't use them and removed the little chain to eliminate the most obvious failure points. The whistle body was attached to my jacket using the included keyring. It's close by if needed. I was worried that it would flap around in the wind while skiing. I've had it there for many ski trips, but not once have I been reminded it's there.

2. Wealers Disposable Emergency Raincoat Waterproof

Wealers Disposable Emergency Raincoat Waterproof

It is easy to unpack, use, dry and reuse. Will last you across a lot of trips and vacations. The Poncho Rains are perfect for sporting events, camping, travel and outdoor activities. It's about time you stopped using the umbrellas. The poncho has a full sleeve and hood to make sure you don't get drenched. Universal fit. The poncho's fit will cover your entire body while providing full and unrestricted coverage that won't hinder your movements regardless of your body type. The travel size is. It's portable size allows you to carry it with you when you go outside. The package is only 7 inches by 4 inches and it can be found virtually anywhere. ThICKER THAN OTHERS. Their ponchos are made from stronger material that will not get ripped and punctured before the rainy season ends.

Brand: Wealers

👤The homeless population in our area were purchased before the rain storm.

👤These fit well. We bought rain coats at our favorite theme park for $12 a piece. They were tight and ripped around the neck area when you put them on. I bought a package of 20 for $28 and they last for 3 to 4 uses. They fit nicely. I will not buy rain coats from the theme park again.

👤We gave these to the homeless at our shelter. I found that most others were like a big bag with three holes. The elastic on the wrists and the thickness of the plastic make these better. They are a homeless shelter. I found that most others were like a big bag with three holes. The elastic on the wrists and the thickness of the plastic make these better. The feedback from the shelter was very positive, and they included a storage pouch for people who are less fortunate than us.

👤It is very difficult to find disposable rain coats that are larger than the size we will use on the Alaska cruise. My friend and I are 3X with a light weight jacket. We look like Kenny from South Park. It is well made and will keep us dry. The belly area is large and the sleeves are good. It was nice and long. If need be, it could be shortened.

👤I was pleased with the quality. It covers well. Definitely fits a 2X.

👤Didn't use yet, but it looks sturdy as it rains in Disney.

👤I tried on one and it was perfect for a one and done rain situation.

3. HLKZONE Ponchos Emergency Reusable Drawstring

HLKZONE Ponchos Emergency Reusable Drawstring

SAFE AND ECO-FRIENDLY: Compared to the PE one, the HLKZONE waterproof rain poncho is made of 100% high grade EVA, which is non-toxic, no smell and harmless, an eco-friendly material, and a lightweight and durable rain jacket. It is feasible but reusable. Their outwear rain jacket can be recycled for long periods of time, unlike disposable ponchos. Wrinkle resistant, tear resistant, and reuse. Keep it in a backpack, house or car for emergencies. A must-have is a lightweight, big hood design that will keep you and your backpack dry. It's suitable for all seasons and outdoor activities, like Disneyland, amusement parks, hiking, camping, fishing, shows, sports, rainy days, water rides and etc. The thickness of the translucent rain jacket is almost 50% thicker than most others. Sub translucent and bright colors look useful. This emergency rain gear can be used as a tent, ground mat, picnic or beach blanket. Size 53" by 49.2" with hood, waterproof plus size rain ponchos is perfect for men, women, youth and teens. It's a good protection for both travel and general purposes. What are you waiting for? Bring this poncho back to your house.

Brand: Hlkzone

👤If you're overweight and wondering if this rain pancho will fit your size, I'm 5'5" and weigh over 400 pounds and it fits me perfectly. It hangs down to my mid thigh and drapes nicely over my clothing. I thought the material was thin and flimsy. It seems to be durable for the price. I haven't tried it out in the rain yet, but I'll wear it and update my review when it rains again.

👤It was perfect! My job provides rain gear, so I bought these to use. I can wear it even when I sprinkle because it is lightweight in the Florida humidity. The snaps on the side are less restrictive and can accommodate plus size people. The neck hole is small.

👤These ponchos are well worth the investment. The ponchos are collapseable, but the plastic is more water resistant. It is easy to fit a backpack underneath the ponchos if you have a hood with drawstrings. This is a simple item, so there isn't much more to say, except that a poncho for $5 is more valuable than disposable ones. It's logical to think that a poncho with thicker plastic is more friendly to the environment than a large disposable plastic bag.

👤It's not heavy duty but comfortable to keep in the car in case. Trying to hold an umbrella in a windy storm and holding whatever else you need is nothing worse than. Life is made easier by the Poncho.

👤These ponchos are of good quality and are very easy to reuse. They were able to view the eruption of Old Faithful geyser in the pouring rain. We had them on hand because of that.

👤I wore the poncho when I was in Italy. It worked well to cover my head and backpack. I was covered down to my knees and kept dry. Good product.

👤We might as well have walked in the rain. The place is blowing all over. Being black we don't like our hair wet and it did keep our head from getting wet, yet our hair had sweated so bad under it that we all were embarrassed. 5 women. Didn't cry.

4. Arcturus Lightweight Weather Multi Purpose Ripstop

Arcturus Lightweight Weather Multi Purpose Ripstop

The rain poncho is light and portable, and it can be put into the included stuff sack. Extra long hood and large hood. The large hood allows you to comfortably wear a baseball cap or thick beanie. The poncho is 54" wide x 48" long and will cover the knees of a 6ft tall person. Heavy-DUTY and waterproof is made from Ripstop nylon and coated with 2 layers of waterproof polyurethane. There are steel grommets in each corner. Rain gear is great for hiking, backpacking, and camping. This poncho can be used as a shelter, tent, or ground cloth. Either tarp or shelter. This poncho has a large amount of coverage when used as a ground cloth or lean to emergency shelter.

Brand: Arcturus

👤I have used ponchos from a dollar cheapos to 15 dollar thick plastic ones that can still rip. This poncho is better than all of them. I was hesitant about paying 21 bucks for a poncho. I thought I'd give it a try when I saw they had a real tree for 27. I'm happy I did. This thing is not made of plastic or rubber. It's the same stuff that a tent is made out of. It is light and doesn't get hot. I tried to rip it in a place that was hidden. It's pretty much expected that a knife would rip it to shreds if I put in some hard-core effort. It takes up less space than rubber ponchos. I rolled it up differently than it originally was and reduced it's height in the bag by 25%. I ordered 3 more to keep in our cars because I like it so much. I will be taking this thing with me to all outdoor activities. I haven't used it in the rain yet. I'm pretty sure it will work just as well as the cheapo ones. It is the right size for me. I'm 195 and have a good build. I haven't tried it with a backpack, but it has enough room to hold a large pack. I highly recommend it. Pros: Rip stop material, light weight, not hot, Draw string on hood, multiple uses for survival, great color, not as expensive as others, Nice storage bag, Cons: A little bit more. I think it's because of the rights to the pattern. I received my ponchos in the mail. I bought 3 different colors. The camo is OD green, Gray and woodland. The colors are nice. The camo one is very nice. They haven't rained yet to try them out.

👤It appears to be a light weight poncho. It comes down to about 4 in the air on my shoes body. There is a The waterproof is hot. The thin plastic sheet is professionally applied but has a few circles where it is unbonded. The hood and neck is large enough to allow a head warmer, but there is no visor. This poncho is not a backpacker's poncho. The hood was not located equidistant to the front and back edges. The length would allow a generous extra lenght in the rear for a back pack, and when no back pack is worn, the extra length could be tied/snapped up to equal the front length. Maybe my sewing error is the reason these are quality rejects? It is hard to compare the quality of this product with similar products, but they are about half price, and you have to order a lot to get free shipping. There is a It comes tightly rolled in a cute little bag, but I don't think it will fit there again. I will be returning this item because I wear a back pack a lot. I don't think this is bad for a 6 foot person without a back pack.

5. Waterproof Jacket Winter Hooded Raincoat

Waterproof Jacket Winter Hooded Raincoat

The men's winter coat is made of waterproof fabric, which can prevent rain from entering the ski jacket, and also eliminate sweat in time. The windbreaker jacket shell has a high density of textiles, which can prevent the cold wind from entering inside. A perfect windbreak system is built with lightweight warm cotton filled locks. The ski coats shell is scratch and wear resistant. The strong textile fiber fabric shell can reduce the risk of accidental injury by avoiding being scratched by rocks and branches and at the same time protect your body. There are two side pockets, one waterproof pressing glue breast pocket, and one inner pocket. The winter jacket has a standard fit. It is true to size. Please order the usual size.

Brand: Suokeni

👤You get what you pay for. The size chart is not accurate. Chinese manufacturers can't figure out how to convert sizes. It is not rocket science. I'm 5'8" 170. The jacket is large on me. See the pic. Maybe it's me, I like clothes that are slim and tight. The jacket has no waist draw-string so the wind goes straight up. I was freezing last night. I wore a tight goose-down vest and it was better. The fabric is cheap. It is shiny and slick. I have a 100% waterproof coat by Diesel and it feels like butter. You get what you pay for. The hood is huge. I could fit 6 heads in it. It's useless.

👤My son is 5'4"/110 lbs and the jacket he bought fits him great. He played in the snow for over an hour while wearing it. He said he was warm and the jacket was water proof. He likes the look of it. We washed it and the filling stayed where it was supposed to be. We can recommend this jacket.

👤The new zipper is working well. If it had to be done over, I would have had a 2 way zip up installed as I bend over a lot. I am very pleased with the coat, it's second winter. It's like wearing armor against the elements outside. Went through 5 degrees F in the winter and was never cold. Our winter winds are cold, but still warm. This coat is tough. It looks new after 2 years of wear and machine washing. It's a good idea to be outdoors during the cold winter months. It was in time for the first cold snap. The nylon lining is very warm and is easy on and off. The neck flap keeps the cold air off of your neck, and the hood and pockets are filled, so are extra warm. The zips and unzips are very smooth. There are lots of pockets. Warm but not heavy. I love it so far. I love this coat even more! It is 20 degrees with a wind chill of -2 degrees. I have to feed my horses 3 times a day. It's much easier to go out in this coat. Warm, warm! It's like armor against the cold and wind with the hood up. The fabric looks great. They should make matching insulated pants.

👤The product fits in the size that it is. Very comfortable with a great look. This jacket is good.

👤The jacket is perfect. I am a size large, but my arms are too long and I am a little large even if I layer. I swapped it for a medium and it was perfect.

👤I wore this coat on opening day. I love the coat. Will probably buy another color as well.

👤I like the color and look of this jacket, but it is not as durable as a wet napkin. I have had it since the end of November and even though it is warm, it is already falling apart. I decided to wash the white parts of the sleeves after I noticed that they were getting dirty. I washed and dried this thing and it was not any cleaner than before. When I leaned on one of the seats in my SUV, I heard a tear in the coat. The hole was closed in hopes that it will last a few more months. The thing is falling apart. I wear it maybe 3 times a week. There is proof in the pictures. It's junk. Again, thanks to China. I know I can have the sleeves sown back together, but I don't think it's worth it. I'm going with this because the sleeves don't wash out and the holes in the coat make it easy to get them.

6. PREPARED4X Emergency Blanket Poncho Activity

PREPARED4X Emergency Blanket Poncho Activity

The machine is washable. It's easy to care for your new blanket. They get softer with each wash. You can scroll down for care instructions. PREPARED4X created its emergency poncho using tough mylar and NASA- engineered tear- resistant material, so you can keep warm. Their patent-pending PREPARED4X wind-resistant and waterproof blanket poncho hybrid is a great way to keep your hands out of harms way. The mylar blanket poncho is roomy and convenient, and you can fit your backpack underneath it to keep it safe and dry. It is ideal for your survival kit, hiking gear, earthquake kit, bug out bag, or car emergency kit because it has a poncho and thermal blanket in one. It's important to have an emergency survival poncho in your bag so you can protect yourself from critical heat loss in an emergency situation.

Brand: Prepared4x

👤I bought these out of all the others. I bought this for a homeless man. I understand that it isn't durable like a winter jacket, but it is 888-282-0465, 888-282-0465 He said that the wind went underneath and through the opening that it did not have arms, so he did not feel warm. I thought it was more durable than some of the others, but it wasn't. I wanted to help him. What if it was an emergency case? It didn't do what it said it would do.

👤They are rubbish bags that are silver in color and tear very easily. They cost me $30.96 because they are not mylar and are not warm. They are a scam.

👤Shipping was late. The poncho was light weight but had a hole in it when I opened it. See the photo. The box itself wasn't damaged, and two others didn't have any holes. I would not wear this on a backpacking trip. It is very thin, and with the tree branches it would tear. It wouldn't fit in a large backpack. I am not sure how many uses you would get, but luckily you get three in the package. It is a good value for the price, but I am not sure I would be willing to take it on a multiple day hike.

👤These emergency ponchos are great! I used to use thin mylar blankets, but they are not as thick as the one I tried, and they are not as good as the one I tried. My phone would recommend these over regular mylar emergency blankets because of the smaller bag size. I am ordering more for gifts and putting them in vehicles.

👤I gave away three of these to medical volunteers at the protest. They thanked me very much. I stayed outside in the rain for about six hours thanks to this thing. Don't think you can reuse them. The orange paint was sticking to itself the next day. It didn't seem like it was in good shape for another outing. Even though I had a backpack on over it, it was fine until I took it off. It was perfect.

👤The jacket is twice as thick as a typical Mylar blanket but will tear easily if caught on anything. The arm sleeves are short and come down to my knees. It is too big in the waist to allow heat to escape. I believe the price is too high for a 4 pack. I would pay fifteen dollars for them after touching the product. It will work under a poncho. The hood is a good feature and the seams are not torn. It was easier to repackage than a blanket. To make the arms and total length a foot longer, add a waist strap and double the thickness.

👤I took this on a camping trip and loved it. This blanket kept me warm when I was a small person. These blankets are very small. I keep 2 in my car and one in my camping gear. I would buy this product again.

7. Anyoo Waterproof Military Lightweight Reusable

Anyoo Waterproof Military Lightweight Reusable

The bracelet is easy to remove and adjusts with one hand thanks to a system that keeps it tight. It's less than 1 ounce and has enough resources to keep you safe. Regardless of whether you are hillwalking or cycling, their Anyoo Adult Rain Poncho will keep you dry. It is hooded with a cord adjustment to protect your face, hook and loop fasteners along the sides, and a perfect fit. This rain poncho is waterproof and made of ripstop fabric. Each poncho is made from a piece of cloth sewn together with a hood. The overlock is made of glue. It's Breathable and comfortable, so don't worry that it will make you very hot, the arm holes and bottom are loose enough to allow air circulation. The poncho has a display size of 86" X 55". The size is large enough to cover a backpack. It is very comfortable to wear and it offers excellent freedom of movement. You can adjust the hood and side bolts to your liking. This poncho from Anyoo is lightweight and packable, and it folds into a small size of 9 x 3 x 3 in. It can be stored away in a bag and used as an emergency rain jacket when needed. It's easy to carry it around with you, saving you from carrying a bulky raincoat. The weight is only approx. There is 11 ounces in a carry bag. The rain poncho is made from a rip resistant material and is extremely resistant to abrasion and tearing. This emergency rain poncho is for when there is a storm. It's a must-have for camping trips. A multi-use item has hooks on the sides and on the hem for use as a sleeping bag cover, as well as a shelter on the hem. The sleeves are formed so you can handle equipment easily. The Anyoo Adult Rain Poncho is perfect for travelers, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone who wants to enjoy the outdoors.

Brand: Anyoo

👤A great poncho. It was going to be a lot of room to maneuver.

👤It's easy to set up as a tarp if you know what you're doing. It's 8.4 ounces. A budget rain gear combo is definitely a good choice.

👤This is a great buy for anyone who likes hiking, camping, roadtripping, etc. I rigged the poncho as a cover for a small tent after I bought it because I thought it would be a good backup. I went camping in the desert and didn't plan on much rain, but I was caught off guard by the 18 hours of almost steady rain. I was able to use the poncho to cover my tent because it was not the best for a rainy evening. It was the most valuable equipment I had packed. Every trip I go on, this poncho is with me. I highly recommend it for the price.

👤I was traveling internationally a week ago and wanted to have something that was small enough to fit in a rain jacket. Unless you have complete confidence, wearing it in the city is completely goofy and I was wearing it over some nice clothes. It started to rain. It kept me dry and warm when it rained. I want this poncho to cover my backpack when I hike this fall.

👤I have not puked since I was a sophomore in high school. The rancid smell that this thing put off was enough to make me gag, even though I bragged about my ability to stomach the worst smells and foods. It reminds me of when I came across a fish corpse. The quality of it feels great, but I don't think it's good. The size is perfect, the hood looks nice, and I would love to have it as a poncho/tarp, but the smell... Holy Christ that is unnatural... Like from a different realm of possibility. I thought I was getting a return from someone who used it on a meth binge until I read some of the more recent reviews. There is a So no. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. I don't know what to do with it. Is it possible to air it out? I can't wash it. The smell is too strong to be covered with a spray. Do I use it to wrap a lot of bass? Maybe it would be better to cover the lawnmower or the boxes in the truck. It beats me. I can't praise this enough for you if you are single and don't have a sense of smell. I tried it on and it fit me. I wouldn't bother with this one if I found myself outside of that population.

👤My son and I took a backpacking trip in Virginia. The ponchos worked great in keeping us dry after the big storm. I used a cord to attach a poncho to the top of my tent because the rainproofing on my tent wasn't working. Light weight, useful, and versatile. Great product. The flimsy attachment points are my only complaint. I think I'll replace them soon.

8. FosPower Emergency Waterproof Lightweight Resistant

FosPower Emergency Waterproof Lightweight Resistant

When bad weather strikes, the rain poncho from FosPower will keep you dry and safe. The 28m thick thermal rain coat can be used as an emergency blanket, which will retain most of your body heat, and is waterproof and windproof. The rain poncho is made of PE material that is tear- resistant. You don't need to worry about it ripping apart with the reinforced seams. The poncho is light and flexible, keeping you comfortable in the rain. One size for everyone. The poncho is suitable for both adults and children and is 51.2” x 39.4” / 130 cm x 100 cm. It is large enough to hold a backpack. The rain ponchos can be shared with family members and friends, or kept as backups for yourself. Environmental outdoor accessories. The rain ponchos are packed in an individual bag, which is only 3.8”x5”x0.8” in size and 2oz in weight. You can keep them in your car, purse, or pocket. They're a must-have when you go to a theme park, camping, or sporting event. Their limited lifetime warranty is backed by their experienced and dedicated USA based customer service.

Brand: Fospower

👤I bought it for my local emergency aid service center. People need protection from the cold weather. These are a great solution for people who don't have a place to go but want to go north during heavy weather. Purchase a pack for your friends. Recommended.

👤These were perfect after I was caught in a rain storm. We were kept warm and dry. I'm so thankful I bought them.

👤I was expecting them to be thicker. I think they will do for emergencies.

👤I haven't used yet but it seems like a good product.

👤The waterproof rain ponchos are better than those flimsy plastic ponchos for several reasons. 1. They keep you warm and dry. 2. They are not single use. You can use them several times. Not as long as a military poncho. 3. Search & Rescue will find you if you have orange and silver. 4. They are lightweight and compact, and one can easily fit in a large pocket. One for daypack, one for car, one for cargo pants, and one in your survival kit is what this set of four means.

9. FROGG TOGGS Standard Ultra Lite2 Poncho

FROGG TOGGS Standard Ultra Lite2 Poncho

A packable poncho is included in the Ultra-Lite2 Rain Poncho. Frogg Toggs fabric is waterproof, wind-resistant, and lightweight. Poncho has side snaps for extra protection. The sack is easy to tote. It's perfect for rain emergencies, sports sidelines or outdoor adventures.

Brand: Frogg Toggs

👤There was a storm in Greece. Three of us had ponchos. It worked perfectly over backpacks. We were dry when others were wet.

👤There was a hole in the back of the item when we opened it. A hole occurred during production. I requested a refund from the seller as I like the item. I have not heard from the seller or been reimbursed for the poncho that had a hole in it.

👤I used this for my son's football practices and games in the rainy Pacific Northwest, after buying it in 2014. It has not leaked once. It has a small bag that it comes with. I look like a yeti with it over my winter clothes, but I am dry and warm. I wear a baseball cap under the hood because it tends to flop into my eyes. It will fit over a camp chair to keep it dry, and my backpack will stay dry beneath the chair. It has to create arm holes to keep it from flying around in the wind. I keep my hands in my jacket pockets with Hot Hand hand warmers, so I rarely use the armhole snap. Stop looking and buy this.

👤I like it. Frogg Toggs products have been in my possession in the past. I was thinner. I'm six feet tall and I push three and a quarter. I was concerned that this might be too small or too short. Not true. It's large enough. Light weight as well. The packs are quite small and have a bag with them. I am very pleased with the Frogg Toggs FTH101-05 Bucket Hat that I ordered. Both would be great for any activity that involves dogs.

👤This poncho met my expectations. I used these to carry in our packs at WDW in order to use in sudden downpours. They are light, quick to throw on, and cover the upper body as well as the packs we were wearing. The material doesn't make you feel like you're in a hot tub, as you would with a plastic poncho. It was suitable for the hot, humid and rainy weather in August. When a wind gust blew rain sideways, I got really wet. dumb luck is not the fault of the product. This product is perfect for quick deployment and usage, unless one plans on wearing full expensive gore-tex gear in 90 percent humidity to stay dry.

👤The poncho has great value. I used it on the Colorado Trail and it was better than the expensive jackets and ponchos of my hiking companions. I'm 5'2'' and this poncho covers me and my pack, and hits me in the knee. My fiancée is 6'0'' and he loves his shorter brother. The snaps down the size of the poncho makes it easy to adjust the airflow, which always seems to be a problem with ponchos. I didn't feel like wearing it. It's worth every penny.

👤I haven't hiked yet but I've used the product a few times. The ponchos whip around in the wind and blow up, like Marilyn Monroe's skirt. I can't imagine how this item wouldn't catch on in the Northeast, where we're constantly hiking through brush and tight trails. I will take it out in the next month and report back. The poncho is loose around your body and allows a lot of air to escape when it's raining and the heat and humidity are high, so it's not a bad poncho, but it's not a good one. I can put this into a ball and fit it into my back pocket or belt when the rain stops.

10. FROGG TOGGS All Sport Waterproof Breathable

FROGG TOGGS All Sport Waterproof Breathable

The fully seam taped jacket and rain suit is made with a DRIPORE GEN 2 middle layer for waterproof, wind resistant and all day comfort. The jacket has a hood that can be removed, a front zip, elastic cuffs, and a storm flap to keep elements out. Pull on elastic waist, open leg openings, and 4-panel cut straight leg design.

Brand: Frogg Toggs

👤I bought this as a cheap rain suit. A storm came up as we docked at Port Clinton after we went to a boating rendezvous on Lake Erie. I put the suit on. The storm grew to be very large. Waves closed a 4 lane highway. I was trying to keep the boats from breaking free. The water was close to the docks. The wind was so bad that the dock lines were pulling cleats out of the docks. The dock on the next row broke loose and about 20 boats, all larger than 40 feet, were attached and went up the river. I spent the night trying to keep the boats safe. 70 mph winds and storm surge all night. The only part of me that was wet was below the knee where I had been standing in the water. When I bought the amazing suit, I thought it was cheap paper. I would take this thing anywhere.

👤I ordered a large after reading reviews. This thing was huge. I wear large shirts and 34 pants. I could have fit two of you in that thing, no worries, Prime Member, returned it and got a refund in 24 hours. Two days later, it arrived. The medium is great over cloths. I hope this helps answer some of the questions on the reviews. Have not used it in the rain. It does not come with a carrying case. I followed another user's suggestion. Put the pants in half, put the sleeves in, fold each side into a hood, and put the entire suite into the hood. It is easy to fit and small. No ties or straps, it just fits. Excellent recommendation...

👤I was excited to try the Frogg Toggs suit after reading good reviews. It failed completely at what it was supposed to do. I drove 20 minutes on my motorbike to work in a light rain and had a wet shirt all the way down the front. On the way home from work I drove for 20 minutes in a heavy rain and ended up with my front soaked from shirt to pants. The suit leaked so badly that I was not kept dry. I will return my product as soon as possible because I can't recommend it.

👤My husband drives a tractor and is out in the elements for hours a day. We bought a cheap plastic one a few months ago. It ripped and never kept him dry. This one is very high quality. It's super thick. He loves the elastic waist pants that he can easily pull on over his uniform and they are long enough to cover his boots. I decided to go down to the XL because it is a perfect fit and roomy, as he usually wears 2x in shirts. He is 5'11 and weighs 220 lbs.

👤The rainsuits were ordered with the intention of comparing and returning two. SWISSWELL Black Large is a Mens waterproof rainsuit. Result Mens waterproof rain suit (L) (Black) is $23. Frogg Toggs Men's All Sports Rain and Windsuit, Black, Large is $40.00. Swisswell was chosen in the end. Swisswell had the best fit, style, and function. Swiswell has their own pockets, no pass through holes. A quick test under the faucet proved that the material wouldn't absorb water. I am not sure how well these will breathe. I am confident that they will keep me dry. This was the top choice because of its appearance, fit, and draw strings in all the right places. I don't like the left handed zip up. Will update after use. The results were very rubbery and tight. I would have ordered a bigger size if I had liked it. If you have a budget that is below the other two, this one is fine for minimal use, but it came in last place for my preference. It is difficult to get back into the original bag, but only one of the three tested has a storage bag. Has access to the pockets in the clothing. Also has a weird left handed zip up. Get it right China. Frogg Toggs were large and made of a grocery bag material which was the most absorbent of the three, but I didn't like that it didn't have pockets or pass through holes to access pant pockets underneath. If I am standing watching my daughter play soccer, I want pockets for my hands so pocketless top and bottom was a deal breaker for me. The best way to put on quickly was with these. I felt I could have fit a helmet under the hood. Only one of the three had right handed operations. I knew this would be the winner because it would be worn over heavier clothing.

11. Anyoo Waterproof Lightweight Reusable Activities

Anyoo Waterproof Lightweight Reusable Activities

Ski jackets for women set with double poly heat system are perfect for rock climbing, hiking, mountaineer, tourism, winter skiing, camping at sunny, snow, wind, cloudy or rainy day. It's 3 in 1 design and that you can wear the fleece jacket or the waterproof coat separately, makes it suitable for a not very cold day. Anyoo stylish rain poncho is made from high quality cloth + coating and heat sealed at the shoulders and head to prevent water from leaking in. It's soft touch gives you the optimum cover you expect for a poncho and keeps you dry in the rain or snow. The poncho has a lot of additional features that make it stand out. They are all Anyoo rain capes. The poncho has elastic thumb loops to keep it from blowing away. The hood is heat sealed and can be adjusted to fit your head for added wind or rain protection. Double protection is provided by the front upgraded waterproof zip and piece of interior cloth. Reusable and fashionable. It has an attractive silhouette and nice color. There are 3 pairs of snaps on each side to create sleeves. The media pocket was attached to protect electronics. This poncho has enough space for a backpack and other clothes. It is easy to use and portable. There is a small circle loop inside the poncho that can be hung on the hook. It won't stain the house or occupy the place. It's a great choice of poncho for daily use that is shipped with a nice pouch that is easy to pack away when not in use. It's perfect for expected or unexpected rain at any time of the year as a practical and lovely accessory. Ponchos can be used in emergency situations while hiking or in daily life. It's stylish and practical make it a good gift. Good item is suitable for rainy/snowy day, hiking, camping, riding, commute, theme park, music festival, sports events and any outdoor activities.

Brand: Anyoo

👤I'm not sure if I'm going to give this product a good review. Where do I get my cred? I live in Portland. I had to return the product because of 1. I wear glasses. I only wanted the product to come with a bill to protect my eyes. That could've made it a keeper. 2. I didn't get made fun of by my partner. It looks great on the models, but why do I look like I live in a tent? The bag it comes in. Trying to get this back in the bag is like trying to get those memory foam mattresses back in their box. It could be folded up into a small purse. I would advise the manufacturers to shrink wrap the product and provide a larger bag, but I wouldn't want to spend an hour trying to get this thing back in the bag.

👤I haven't traveled yet. Just got it and tried it out. I'm 5' tall or short. It hits me below the knee and in front and back. I would have been happier if I had it on my trip to Japan last October. It looks like a very well made poncho. Even if you don't open the zip, it's easy to put on. The Hood fits well. The sleeve is narrowing to the hand. Another great detail is the elastic loops at the end of the sleeve. I have a suggestion for the manufacturer, the storage case should have been a bit bigger or more stretchy, because it is hard to fold when it arrives. The storage bag is going to tear soon. I will use a bigger bag for storage.

👤I liked it, and it did the job it was hired to do. The fabric is unraveling and tangling in the teeth, so the zippers weren't entirely functional. It was like that right out of the box. If they'd rolled the fabric over to sew it down, there wouldn't be a problem, but alas, not the case. If I hadn't missed the window, I'd swap it for something else, but I'm stuck with a semi-functional product at this point. I will yell at Amazon to see what happens. I will update after I check the quality of the new one to see if my first one was a mistake. If the replacement is good, they'll get another star.

👤The poncho arrived today. I am happy that it is large enough to carry a backpack. I can wear it with my work out clothes. It zips all the way to the neck and the hood stays on. The snaps on the arms allow it to be adjusted to what you are wearing. I like that it has a pocket in the front for easy access. We will see how dry I stay this weekend when there is some heavy rain. The pink with white polka dots is softer than the picture would suggest. If it holds up to the heavy rain, I will be buying other colors.


What is the best product for survival jacket for women?

Survival jacket for women products from Michael Josh. In this article about survival jacket for women you can see why people choose the product. Wealers and Hlkzone are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival jacket for women.

What are the best brands for survival jacket for women?

Michael Josh, Wealers and Hlkzone are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival jacket for women. Find the detail in this article. Arcturus, Suokeni and Prepared4x are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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