Best Survival Items for Home Powered By Solar

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1. Kizen Solar Powered Camping Lantern

Kizen Solar Powered Camping Lantern

Solar powered lanterns are an essential piece of camping gear, so be sure to pack this collapsible lantern for your next outing. It folds to the size of a hockey puck. You don't have to worry about running out of battery. This camping light is both solar powered and portable, and can be used as a phone charge. Their solar lamp can be used as a flashlight for emergencies, as well as overhead lighting for the tent, and more. First of all, safety. The best camping lights are designed to be safe. That's why they have built-in protection to prevent overheating. The gift is ready. The collapsible solar lantern is a great way to upgrade your camping supplies. It will help you find your way through the wilderness at night. The gift is ready. The collapsible solar lantern is a great way to upgrade your camping supplies. It will help you find your way through the wilderness at night.

Brand: Kizen

👤It hasn't been charging by the sun at all after a month and a half. The red light used to light up when it was time to charge. The phone charging claim is false. I took it to the beach fully charged, connected my phone and it didn't charge at all the entire time we were there. I can't bring it back since the 30 days have already passed. It's a waste of money. I am upset by the false claims in this product description. Is that true?

👤It is very effective and very small. A decent amount of light is provided. The small solar collector takes time to replenish. If you're looking for a campsite lamp, I recommend the Hsicly from Amazon. My experience is that batteries are long lived.

👤Returned! The flexiblelampshade part twisted and was unable to be re-folded and continued to get crushed.

👤The plastic of the lantern is damaged when the air crumples when I pull it open. The lantern stayed bright for 3 hours. I have owned these types of lanterns before and never had an issue with the plastic being distorted, they stayed bright for a long time. I'm returning the product.

👤These lights are wonderful! We might order more because they are that good. They are a great value as they can be charged by sunlight or by cord, and you can plug them into any outlet you want to use. They also work as a phone battery separator. They give off a lot of light. The photos are on the lowest setting and they light up the room. You can use it as a flashlight or lantern. You can hang them up with a small hanger. They last for hours and days. These lights are very good.

👤This is great for lighting up a tent. It's small and folds up nicely. I would go with something else if you were using it to light up your campsite. The light doesn't spread very far. If you're a backpacker, the handle isn't very strong and you're going to hang it from your pack, it's not very strong. The handle on ours broke. We will keep it for camping trips. Invest in a better product in the future.

👤This is a great lamp for camping. There is a solar powered port and a port for charging electronic devices. It can be used as a flashlight or lantern and has two brightness settings. My friends were a little jealous of me because I took this on a camping trip. It works well and is small enough to fit in a pocket when it gets dark. I hung it from the top of my tent when I was reading in a storm because it could be set on a table to provide good lighting. I did not need any other light source because it illuminated the entire tent well. I have only 2 negative things to say about this lamp, one of which is that it takes a little practice to get a hang of the opening and closing. I still think this is a great lamp for the price, even though neither of these are dealbreakers for me. It's a must have for your next camping adventure.

2. Camping Lantern Portable Running Electronic

Camping Lantern Portable Running Electronic

There are 8 count packs, 24 packs per case. Ultra Bright and 8 hour play time. The main light can light up for 4 hours of strong light and up to 40 hours of low light. The flashlight can light up for up to 8 hours of strong light and up to 35 hours of low light with enough battery capacity. It's perfect for outdoor and indoor purposes. 3000 large capacity batteries and solar panel are built into the Mesqool camping lanterns. It can be charged by regular 5V charging cable and also by solar and hand cranking when the power is out. The option to use windup power for weather emergencies is provided by the dynamo Crank. The large capacity built-in battery has ausb charging port. The built-in battery in the camping lantern can boost a dead phone, keeping you safe and in touch. You can charge your mobile phone or other devices with theusb port. The lantern is portable and easy to use, you can click the flashlight button to turn on or off the main light. It's only 3.11inch,weighing 0.66LB, so you can hand carry it, hang it, or just put it aside, all easily. The Camping lantern is a great company to work for. No-Worry after-sale service and 18 month warranty. Every purchase has an 18-month warranty. If you have any problems, contact them for a replacement or money-back. They will be happy to answer any questions within 24 hours. No-Worry after-sale service and 18 month warranty. Every purchase has an 18-month warranty. If you have any problems, contact them for a replacement or money-back. They will be happy to answer any questions within 24 hours.

Brand: Mesqool

👤Customer service was great in getting me a refund and I gave it 2 stars. If you have an iPhone, I would avoid this lantern. I think they are being a bit deceptive with their advertising. They don't specify where this lantern will not charge an iPhone, and the only area I could see where it says "charges android phones" is hidden very deep in the description. This made it very frustrating when I took a camping trip out to Utah, expecting to charge my phone at night using this lantern, only to find out it doesn't work. The lantern is okay. It is bright initially, but it does not last the duration advertised. It might last 1 hour before the brightness goes down to useless. The solar charging is nice, but not much else. It would be a good idea to try a different lantern.

👤I was looking for a lantern that could be used as a backup source of light and could also be used for solar charging. If you need more power during the night time, this lantern has a hand-crank. It meets the need beautifully. It is a bright white light. It has a light on the end that can be used as a flashlight or down light. I would prefer a warm hue to the light, but this will meet my needs in an emergency power-down situation.

👤I charged the product and put it aside for normal use. The lantern wouldn't work the first time I tried it, because I didn't hold a charge. I tried to use the hand crank but it broke and is no longer usable. Very cheap.

👤I ordered these for 2 homeless brothers who were homeless due to the end of daylight savings. They were estactic to have light and are really enjoying the ability to charge the light with solar power or with a crank. When the power goes out, I will be adding a few more.

👤The product seems like a good idea with three charging methods but the internal battery can't possibly live up to the claims. The main light can light up for 4 hours of strong light and up to 40 hours of low light, and it has 12 LED bulbs. I timed it twice. It was at zero light for four hours. 1.5 hours of bright light. Returned the two I bought.

👤I like the light. It stays charged for hours because the crank charges it so fast. I haven't used the plug in or solar charge functions yet. It does charge my phone and tablets, all I have to do is crank it up. It's great for emergencies and camping, and no more spending money on batteries that go dead and have to be thrown away. I'm getting one for each of my boys and grandbabies.

👤I bought for camp. The flashlight part works well, but the charging part isn't reliable and didn't charge my phone well

👤I bought one for myself and one for my son-in-law. I was amazed at how easy it was to use. My son-in-law played with it all day. It's great to take out to the barn when it's dark or to the storm cellar during a storm. It is small enough to fit on my night table. I put it in my car when I go on long trips. I can't believe how good this is and how useful it is. I will give this again.

3. Emergency Weather Portable Sources Flashlight

Emergency Weather Portable Sources Flashlight

Whether you're on a 10-day backpacking trip or barbecuing in the backyard, they're committed to helping you be prepared. The National Weather Service broadcasts weather radio. The weather radio is certified by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. You can be prepared for any weather conditions. The radio broadcasts the latest weather information from 7 stations and has clear sound. This emergency preparedness item will keep you and your family safe when there is an emergency. There are five ways to power. The emergency radio has a power backup plan. The 5000 battery has extra long AM/FM radio, flashlight, and reading light. The power for the flashlight radio could be supplied by the solar panel or hand-crank. The hand crank radio can provide power no matter what the situation is. 5000 large caustic battery: The OnLyee battery powered radio has five times the endurance of other outdoor portable solar radios. It has long lasting battery endurance and timeproof battery life. It's easier to provide emergency power to a phone in an outdoor activity with this crank radio flashlight cell phone charger. Since Onlyee got your companion, there is no battery anxiety. READING LAMP, FLASHLIGHT, and SOS AlARM: The flashlight radio is great for the outdoor enthusiasts. If you need to find something in the dark during an emergency power outage, their radios portable am fm has a 2.5 watt reading light and 3 watt flash light. It had an emergency button, which could be held, which could cause a loud alarm and a red signal light. There is a concierge service. The portable radio has a compass. The package includes: a weather radio with a built-in battery, a belt, and a compass. The user manual for the microusb cable. Their customer service is always available for you. Onlyee products have an 18-month warranty.

Brand: Onlyee

👤California has a way of life where power is out. I had an emergency kit with a cheap radio. The power went out for the first time last summer. I got about 30 seconds of radio when I turned it on. I needed to get serious about providing for emergencies after two days of no power, no wi-fi, and no cell phone, so I ordered this model. This model is easy to crank, holds the charge, has a solar panel as a secondary source, and a bright light.

👤This is a small radio. It can be used to charge your phone, flashlight, and reading light.

👤There is a cute little radio. A compass on the handle strap and a reading light are just a few of the unique options this weather radio has. Plug it in with the charging cord or use the crank handle for an instant charge if it's fully charged in less than 30 minutes. When you're out camping, you don't need to worry about a low battery because you can charge your phone from the radio. This is a great gift because of the tough plastic body and easy to use features. The national weather channel is easy to tune in. You can watch the video for more details and a live action review of the features.

👤After testing the solar and crank charging for two days, the radio played for about 30 seconds each time and the crank charging worked only for five minutes, no charge!

👤I'm so happy I got this. I did the first full charge. The light is bright. The radio volume is great. The tuning dial is difficult and may need a secondary knob like a lot of shortwave radios. The alarm will sound and blow out your ear wax. My dog was scared outta my dog. I think this was a great investment to provide peace of mind over the winter, out in the wild, in any weather emergency. It was a good price and product.

👤The radio is large. It has a great sound. It sounds good for a small speaker, and loud so you don't need to be close to it to hear it. The solar feature works well in partial sunlight or ambient light. There is a The 2000mh Li Ion battery has a good amount of power. The solar and Li Ion have been adequate for me. There are two flashlight in it. One is a reading light that can light up a small room with soothing light and the other is a regular flashlight that is better than my mag light. There is a short wave and weather. I don't think a loud siren will be of use to me. It can charge a cell phone. The dial for finding stations is a bit odd, but I don't care about that. You have to turn it slowly and in small amounts. The radio is hard plastic and can break if you drop it. It's important to be careful where you place it. The bottom line. If you are looking for a nice little radio with multiple charging options and quality devices, this is it. I paid a bit more for the others, but I think it was worth it.

4. Emergency Survival Portable Flashlight Headphone

Emergency Survival Portable Flashlight Headphone

Can tolerate temperatures from -40 F to 230 F. The emergency crank radio can receive broadcasts from AM/FM/ SW/NOAA certified radio. The weather alert will emit a sound and red flashing light if there is a life threatening weather event. Even in poor signal areas, the radio has a strong reception. The kit includes a weather radio with 5 way power sources, a hand-crank, solar, andAAA batteries. 5000 large-capacity battery has a lifespan of up to 100 hours. The most efficient way to charge a portable survival radio is with theusb. You can charge your cell phone or portable device with a microusb port. Information about radio Frequency, battery/charging status, time, alert icon, headphone, lock indicator and volume can be seen on the large display. Within 15 seconds, the emergency radio backlight will turn off. Enjoy your private time with a free volume control button and a 3.5mm headphone jack. The enlarges button is easy to use. A bright flashlight and reading lamp. The solor hand crank radios have an extra loud alarm and red light to attack attention and save time. The portable radio as flashlight continuously provides 150 to 250 Lumens bright light; as a reading lamp by a flip-up solar panel with a built-in 6 bright LEDs is designed in 150 to 250 Lumens to meet more needs. A waterproof must-have kit for backpacking, camping, and wilderness survival. The design of the wrist strap/hanging clip makes it very easy to clip your backpack or hold it by hand. The lock button can be used to prevent accidentally touching. You can listen to it while falling asleep with a sleep timer. The weather radio is a must-have survial kit for earthquakes, floods, and other disasters. Feel free to contact them with any questions.

Brand: Mesqool

👤This is a slightly improved version of the Mesqool CR 1009Pro that I bought last year. Better radio tuning. The documentation has been improved with information on battery life and charging times using the hand crank, built-in solar cell, or the fastest cable. This one does not include the AC plug. It would make it 6 ways to power this little guy. The Li-Ion battery level is specified on the display. The flashlight and reading light work well, as does the radio tuner, allowing both single step changes and scanning to the next available station. Sound is okay, but use headphones for better sound and longer battery life. I like the case. A good deal.

👤The Emergency Alert Radio is great for hikers, bikers, walkers, and just plain sitters because of its ability to operate on multiple power sources. If AC power is not available, multiple types of batteries provide the power and as backup, a hand crank and/or solar panel can charge the batteries. Guidance on battery life is provided by the instructions. If the light level is reduced, there are multiple flashlight options. When the cell phone's battery is low, the units can charge it. All in all. What a great product.

👤The emergency radio has a lot of nice features, like a flashlight, different radio frequencies, and different ways to charge the battery, which is really nice if the power goes out. It is portable and has a strap to carry it. There are several ways to charge-crank and plug. There is a spot light and a reading light.

👤The weather radio is easy to use and reliable. I was waiting for some bad weather so I could get an alert. We did a couple of days ago. The radio is working. It seems the volume only goes to "16", it could be louder for us to drown out the excess noise in our house. The flashlight feature is very useful.

👤It is incredibly useful when out and about, like a Swiss army knife. It has a radio, a torch, an emergency beacon, and a 5000 mah battery, which is enough to charge your devices off, and it has a reading light, too. The + - Volume buttons are the only thing that needs to be changed.

👤I put the batteries in the unit. I returned the unit because the flashlight functions worked perfectly. The lighting functions were excellent, especially the broad area lamp under the solar panel. The unit was very strong.

👤Would not be able to power up. We returned it.

👤The features are considering the size. 4 ways to power it is very forward thinking. I can't wait to see what this company comes up with. Nice job!

5. Flashlights Rechargeable Collapsible Emergency Hurricanes

Flashlights Rechargeable Collapsible Emergency Hurricanes

You can charge the camping light through the sun or ausb port. The lantern will provide bright light for 3-6 hours after being fully charged. 2 In 1 Lantern Flashlight Design You can use it as a lantern or flashlight with a foldable design. Hang the lantern on the tent or take it away with the handles. The lantern'susb output design allows you to charge mobile phones and other devices when needed. The flashlight lantern is portable and durable. It is space saving and lightweight. The lantern light is bright enough for indoors or outdoors, such as: camping, reading, fishing, power outage, hurricanes, storms or emergency backup light. The lantern light is bright enough for indoors or outdoors, such as: camping, reading, fishing, power outage, hurricanes, storms or emergency backup light.

Brand: Jmadenq

👤Initially, it worked great. Considering a camping trip. I was confident that leaving it out in the sun would charge the lights. The lights are bright. It lit up our site after it was bought. I found out that it doesn't hold up and I don't know why. It died after my 4th camping trip. It's not certain if it would charge through solar. I love the idea of a lantern and spot light, but without being able to charge it through the sun, it was useless to me. The product material is good but not great. The ones from bass pro shops did not feel rubber like I expected. The solar panel has an anchor on it. The solar panel fell off after light usage and a slight tap. I had to glue the solar panel. It's great when operational! It doesn't charge through solar, so it has not shown usefulness.

👤I put the other unit outside in the sun after opening the box. The one on the computer was fully charged after 4 hours. I connected the other one to the internet. I was concerned about the solar charging ability because it took another 4 hours to reach full charge. It should have taken less than three hours to top off from theusb and 10 hours to full charge from solar. I looked at the output. I was able to charge my phone from about 60 percent but I don't know how much battery was left in the lights battery. The flashlight and lantern were on for about 2 1/2 hours before the lantern was very dim and the flashlight was barely glowing. The flashlight and lantern only last for about 3 hours, but the flashlight was starting to go off after 4 hours. Now to see how solar charging works. I pulled out my multimeter. The battery was dead after discharging the unit with a lantern and flashlight. The battery still read 2.85V when I brought the light into the sun, so it looks like no solar charging was happening. I connected the battery directly to the light points after removing it. I never saw more than 2.2V when the solar panel aligned directly into the sun, and it was obvious that the solar charging does not function at all. The manufacturers were dishonest. Returned for a refund.

👤The electricity went out. I grabbed one of the lanterns I keep by the window. I was able to read and see everything in the rooms. I pushed the top down when I got to bed. These are wonderful. I didn't bother with candles. What a great purchase! These are so lightweight that this old granny needs them.

👤I like these. Hurricane season is coming and I live in Florida. The lanterns can be charged with solar or my phone's battery. They can use a lantern or flashlight. It was nice and bright. The batteries were with it. I can charge my phone. They have a charge for a long time.

6. Etekcity Portable Camping Lantern Batteries

Etekcity Portable Camping Lantern Batteries

Christmas Gifts for Men and Women. The lantern makes you feel safe as soon as you open it. The lantern is bright without being blinding when you look at it. The lightweight lantern is easy to carry in a backpack or emergency kit because it is collapsible into a small size. Simply expand or collapse the lantern to turn it on. Even children can use it. The lantern should be partially collapsed to adjust the brightness. The lantern is water resistant and durable. The lantern can handle bad weather. FCC is compliant. The top lid of the lantern has a compartment for storing keys, change, or spare batteries. The lantern is versatile and reliable and is perfect for emergencies such as a power outage. Up to 30 hours of bright light can be provided by the 3 x AA batteries. Up to 30 hours of bright light can be provided by the 3 x AA batteries.

Brand: Etekcity

👤I spent a lot of time and money buying different brands and learned that they were the worst and the best. The Vont and Etekcity lights are powered by electricity. * They have the lowest brightness. * They only turn on or off. Everyone's eye adjusts after they adjust, so most people can dim their emergency lights to help them last longer. * They use a full power Eveready & Duracell tie for the best and have a fake dimmer feature, but the LEDs are just put into the housing to dim the lights. We have both in my home. They each have weaknesses and strengths. Eve ready. The Vont and Etekcity are not as bright. The Duracell is brighter. These are more useful because they have multiple hanging points. * There is a built in flash light in these. * It has a red emergency blinker, but when are you going to use it? * The flood light is turned on or off. Everyone's eye adjusts after they adjust, so most people can dim their emergency lights to help them last longer. * They use FULL POWER Duracell and have a fake dimmer feature, but the LEDs are only used to dim the lights. These are the ones that are the brighter out of all of them. You can only put them on a flat surface. * They have a swimming feature. Most people can dim their emergency lights to help them last longer. The standard AA batteries used by all of them are much longer lasting than the ones used for the LEDs. I don't buy any light that uses a battery that has more capacity than AA batteries. I bought 2 Duracell models for my home.

👤I picked up a 4-pack because they were a great deal. The lanterns are bright, compact and have an on/off action that is cool. They come with alkaline batteries, not the zinc-carbon cells you get in this sort of thing. They seem to fall under the idea that you get what you pay for. All of my boxes worked out of the box. I was very happy with the purchase. After not having touched them, one of the lanterns wouldn't light. I tried other batteries. I decided to disassemble it for the purpose of making a video on the internet. There are 3 circuit boards that support the LEDs inside the clear section. The boards have poor quality traces. There is no continuity on the tracks and jumpers were soldered on at the factory as replacements. The soldering is poor. Dry joints, half-full pads, and awkward gaps. It was just bad. When the lantern is closed, the contact switch gets depressed, which is the reason for the failed lantern. The switch was faulty and the LEDs were not on. I'll admit that I could have received a bad copy, but I doubt it due to the quantity and quality of the problems. The top part of the lanterns slides up and down smoothly, and with a comfortable amount of friction, as they are inherent to the design. The O-rings were pinched between the rails on the bottom section and the plastic on the top section. Even though the lantern was brand new, there was already wear on the O-rings. I don't think those O-rings will last long. Rub the rubber band against the edge of the table. Same idea. The lanterns are sold as "camping" lanterns. If you're using them in Arizona or New Mexico, there is no attempt at waterproofing at all. The rain is going to cause the poor connections within to get worse. I think the one I opened may have been a bad one. The fact that these are sold as " outdoor" is worthy of a one-star review. The only factor differentiating an outdoor and indoor lantern is water resistance. The product doesn't meet the expectations of the manufacturer. If it were waterproof, I would still give it a bad review for the terrible build quality. If you want to keep these around at emergency lights, then I suppose they are fine. Out of the four of them, one will work during a power failure. I wouldn't bet on all of them in a pinch. I'm not sure why these have 900+ reviews at the time I'm writing this, other than mine. Out of 900 reviews, there are at least a few bad reviews for high-quality products. I'm not saying there's anything going on here, but that seems too good to be true from where I'm sitting. Pick any product on Amazon that you think is of good quality and have more than 900 reviews. You will find a few bad ones.

7. FORTECLEAR Emergency Flashlight Portable Hurricane

FORTECLEAR Emergency Flashlight Portable Hurricane

The Night Goggles come with all the accessories you need to operate them straight out the box. Emergency weather alert radio. The portable weather radio can pick up both radio and weather channels. You can be prepared for tornadoes, hurricanes, winter storms, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, wild fires, and more if the weather forecasts, warnings, and other emergency messages issued by the NOAA are not broadcasted on AM/FM. The built-in 5000mAh batteries of the AM/FM/NOAA Radio can keep you up-to-date on weather conditions, provide a reassuring flashlight and reading light, and even double as a phone charger or power bank. The weather radio can deliver up to 20 hours of radio time or up to 8 hours of flashlight use on a single charge. You can use the built-in reading light or the built-in flashlight. You can choose from 3 brightness settings to suit your needs. The lamp can allow up to 40 hours of reading time. If you need help, you can use a separate button that will flash a beacon and alarm. The portable hand crank solar emergency radio has three different power sources. You can quickly charge the radio with its charging port. It is a great option if you are hiking or camping under the sun. A minute of cranking can deliver up to 50 minutes of light or 6 minutes of radio. An emergency kit is a must have. The portable radio is small enough to fit in a backpack or emergency kit and can offer the up-to-date news and weather conditions. It is a must-have emergency gear that can be used at home, on the road, or in the great outdoors. A lanyard and charging cable are included. Friendly customer service is offered by them.

Brand: Forteclear

👤The price was good for a backpack.

8. FosPower Emergency Portable Household Flashlight

FosPower Emergency Portable Household Flashlight

The power bank will keep the power on. The power bank in the emergency radio can provide emergency power to any small device. The emergency weather radio has 3 power sources that you can use when you need a boost of power or a refill. The radio's crank lever and solar panel are both capable of regenerating enough power to keep the radio, lights, and alarm ready to go when you need it most. When you can't regenerate power, you needAAA batteries. There are always power sources. Light can be provided by the emergency crank radio. If you and your loved ones are in an emergency situation, the 1W flashlight and 4 LEDs reading light will keep you out of the dark. The radio will get up to the second emergency weather forecasts and emergency news broadcasts from the National Weather Service. A limited lifetime warranty is included. Please visit the website for more information.

Brand: Fospower

👤We lost all power when Hurricane Florence came into North Carolina and couldn't even use the generators for a few days. Local radio reports that during that time, we kept our phones charged in hopes of getting cell service and light back, and that the little hand crank radio was our main source of weather information. I must have turned that crank a million times, but it never failed us, and when it was all over, it went into the emergency supplies to be ready for the next one.

👤My husband received this as a Christmas gift. I should've researched it better, but we discovered there was no jack on the unit. There is no way to listen to the radio in private. The second disappointment is that when you tip up the solar panel, the light panel underneath it turns on. The solar charging purpose is defeated by totaly. There is no way to turn off the light panel. It turns on when tilted up and off when laid flat. The radio and flashlight work well. It is early to know how durable the unit will be.

👤I was sleeping when this device caught on fire.

👤You need to have a weather radio that is on all the time in order to get notifications. Apparently, this one. If you live in a part of the country where the weather is unpredictable, you should be used to hearing the drone of the National Weather Service all the time. Nope. This device has a lot of useful things, like a solar panel, but it really falls down on its main purpose, which is to sit in silence until there is a weather alert. Sending it back. No instructions come with it. The on-line manual is sub-par. My calls were dropped by the customer service line. I'm in the middle of a dangerous storm pattern and I'm annoyed and disappointed by this product.

👤One of the larger battery backups is available for it's size, about the size of your hand. The solar panel has a charging light. The crank handle is unlikely to break in use. The radio reception was good. Not all weather radios have sirens and red lights. You may get different prices for this radio because it is marketed by more than one seller.

👤If you're working on a small budget bug out bag, this is a good thing. The radio has a battery that can be charged by crank or solar power. One of the lights is bright, but the other is decent. The radio can connect to local weather broadcasts and AM or FM radio, for $20, which is pretty good. This little thing is for twenty bucks and can charge a variety of devices. This would be great for a bug out bag, or even hiking and camping, because it also has an emergency mode. If you get separated from a group, you can emit a loud sirens and flash a red light.

👤This was purchased for a trip to Philmont. The unit never worked. At one point, the scouts took turns cranking it. It's complete waste of money. The unit is light and flimsy. It was impossible to charge anything with it. It wouldn't hold a charge, so it couldn't be used for the radio. Customer service was a joke, argued with me that there were so many other "neat" specifications on this piece of junk that I should have been happy to just put batteries in it and enjoy the radio. Great. I paid almost 40 bucks for a radio. It was a disappointment. It was too late to send back the item my kid got back from the camping trip. Customer support was not good. Do. Not. Buy. I went to Walmart to get one. We did that for our first Scout who went to Philmont. It at least worked. It worked well. We tried to save money with this thing. I only gave it one star because you have to write a review. 5 stars for this piece of junk.

9. Emergency Radio,4000mAh Solar Portable Flashlight Lamp,Cell

Emergency Radio%EF%BC%8C4000mAh Solar Portable Flashlight Lamp%EF%BC%8CCell

The material is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. They've upgraded a lot of features based on customer feedback and the newest Design MD-090P. The most powerful lighting functions include a motion sensor reading lamp and a super-bright 3 mode flashlight. External antenna, electricity label, comfortable hand crank, tap switch fit all your needs. The MD-090P is the best value for emergency radio. Nature is unpredictable, but you can be prepared in the face of her fury. The emergency crank radio with weather band and phone charge can be used to get the latest weather broadcasts and hazard information for your area from 7 stations at a crystal-clear sound. It's a critical time for you to get full preparation, so you and your family are safe. The solar radio has 888-405-7720 888-405-7720 The flashlight radio could be supplied for days after the storm had passed until the power came back on. The hand crank light never runs out of electricity, no matter what emergency situation you find yourself in. A motion sensor reading lamp. If you need to walk in places without lights, the flashlight radio with 3 modes flashlight is a great alternative, it has a longer lighting range than the most other solar emergency radio. A reading lamp with a Motion sensor will help you get up in the evening to avoid waking your family. You will never regret purchasing this crank flashlight radio. They care about you and your loved ones. In the past years, their emergency radio has helped more than 10,000,000 Americans to survive hurricanes, tornadoes, and snowstorms. Your voice makes them the best. The emergency weather radio has an 18-month warranty. If you don't like the weather radio, they can give you a full refund. Their customer service is always available for you.

Brand: Runningsnail

👤This device is amazing. It does everything it claims to do. The hand crank is easy to use and effective because there is almost no tension. The solar panel can be used to charge the device, and when you lift it up, it becomes a very strong beacon of light. Awesome feature! The light has an optional sensor that turns it on when it senses movement. The batteries can be charged using a wall outlet and a cable. Radio: no static! The weather band works well. The radio stations near me are great. Considering the size of this powerful unit, the sound is pretty darn good. The antenna is easy to use and tune into. The alarm is so important. The alarm is loud and clear that you're in trouble. The power status light is easy to see and understand. You can crank to 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100%. I have a cell phone and the cord that comes with the light doesn't fit it. I use my own cord. The picture in the description is correct. I am very happy with the power house of an emergency light and radio.

👤I asked for Made in USA. The box says it's made in China. Don't be deceived. Wonder what other items are not.

👤The emergency radio is amazing. It picks up all of the radio channels. This radio has a Weather Broadcast option so you don't have to waste time searching for it on the AM station. After a minute or so, the hand crank charges the radio and the flashlight is bright.

👤It does what it says. I don't use it often because I think it's just something I need in case of an emergency. There are two things I have noticed with my unit. The blue battery level lights are not consistent. I was playing the radio with all the lights on. It showed 3 when turned on the light. The radio came back on after everything was turned off. The battery lights seem to wipe out the AM radio. I get a lot of static when those blue lights are on, even if it was already set to a local station. The station can be heard as soon as the lights go out. It takes 30 seconds or more for those lights to go out. It is more extensive than that. The blue lights can come on for another 30 seconds depending on what you do. If you are listening to the radio, turn on the headlights. You can't hear the radio until the blue lights come on and they go back off. It does the job, but you will need to be prepared to deal with the quirks of mine.

👤I like the fact that this radio uses standard batteries, which means I already have a bunch of replacements, and I got longer lasting batteries to put in it. The crank charge is not something I like because it takes a lot of cranking to charge it full, however in an emergency it does charge and per the manual one minute of cranking equals 6 min of radio or 30 min of light. The batteries don't drain due to the bright lights on this. Radio reception is terrible inside. I think it is deserving of five stars. I will have to change the rating if it isn't durable.

10. Butterfly Color Changing Waterproof Colorful Decoration

Butterfly Color Changing Waterproof Colorful Decoration

The package includes a portable toilet, handy bag, and 12 toilet replacement bags. You can put the bag over the bucket for quick clean ups. Mosteck wind chime is equipped with sensitive light sensors and high quality and durable material, so it won't get faded or warped. The solar-powered supply design is energy-saving. The solar panel can last up to six hours when fully charged. The lights last up to 150,000 hours. The Amazon photo shows the colored lights after the sun sets. The colors change at night between Red, Green, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Purple, shine and colorful butterfly. Your home will be more romantic because of the brilliant colors they will change. The unique outdoor gifts are easy to hang. The hook can be hung from trees, fences, patio, garden, lawn and other features. A garden decoration. Installation is easy. The switch should be set to "on". The solar-powered supply design is user-friendly. There is no need for wiring or an external power supply. At dusk, the mobile solar lights will come on to illuminate the area you want. This mobile is a great gift for a Yankee swap, Mother's Day, Christmas, Birthday, Holiday, Thanksgiving, Halloween, or any other day.

Brand: Mosteck

👤The bird wind chime is awesome. We sit on the deck and watch it at night. It was very durable through some bad thunder storms. It's worth the money.

👤My porch is covered with solar lights and charms and I love them. I love my solar wind chime. It took an hour for it to be fully lit up. You need to take them down during windy days or bad thunder storms so they don't break. This is on my porch.

👤They look cheap in the daytime and it shows. All green for mine. Not what I ordered. They are beautiful, multicolor, but the charge doesn't look plastic at night. I keep them up because they are stunning at night.

👤Depending on how much solar power it is able to obtain during the day, it may last for a few hours. I have bought one of these before. The first one lasted for over a year, which is longer than I expected. My parents love it and it's a gift.

👤The lighting effect on the porch is pleasant. I had to remove the battery and put in a battery charge when I received the item as the solar panel was not able to charge it. I think the battery ran out of juice at a point where it needed more intense charging. Since I charged it, the panel seems to adequately replenish it on a daily basis.

👤I bought this for my boyfriend's mom. She recommended her friends to other family members because she loved it so much. They look better than the pictures. The back yard is very dark and these do a good job lighting it up. I'll be buying them for him as well. I highly recommend them. They are a bit over priced for what you get, but you will be happy with it.

👤I gave this to my mom for Mother's Day and she loved it. It lights up well and is very nice. I thought. Is it glass? It makes sense if you want it to survive outdoors. Very happy.

👤These are pretty and peaceful to look at at night and day time. I'm really happy I bought these. I thought I would keep one of the brands I bought. I liked them so much that I kept them. They are still working after I left them up in Michigan. Hopefully they will continue to work as long as they claim. I gave one to my mom as well.

👤I am not very happy with the stars I bought. They are not chimes, but bits of plastic on a nylon cord. They just show as a light green, not a great color. I left them up because I needed something to fill in between taking down Christmas decorations and when I can get out to buy hanging flower baskets.

👤They may change their color for a bit, but only green. I've noticed that when the charge is running out, they do that.

👤They would blink off and back to green if they changed colors. They only do that when the charge is low.

11. Led Tactical Flashlight Rechargable

Led Tactical Flashlight Rechargable

There is a city called BRIGHT. The S1000 is a perfect all-around flash light for everyday use and outdoor activities because of its narrow beam. It's durable. The flashlight is very strong. It's water-resistant and strong enough to survive a 10-foot drop. It is possible to fit a small flashlight in your pocket, backpack or purse for easy storage. It's ideal for use around the house, dog walking, or camping. There is value. The set includes two S1000 flashlights, two battery holders, two lanyards, two holsters, and a user manual. These small flashlights are outdoor, camping and hiking essentials and measure 6.1 x 1.57 x 1.57 inches. They work well as an emergency light. These small flashlights are outdoor, camping and hiking essentials and measure 6.1 x 1.57 x 1.57 inches. They work well as an emergency light.

Brand: Gearlight

👤My husband has a flashlight. I want nothing less than the highest quality when using it. I found what I was looking for in this flashlight. My husband was so jealous that he took my second flashlight. This product is easy to use. I tried the brightness on a few people. Its performance was better than I expected. I highly recommend this to anyone who needs a small, bright flashlight. I am having issues with the light after several months of use. I've tried replacing the batteries and making sure the connections are tight. This thing doesn't work well in heavy use. Sometimes the light doesn't come on at all. Sometimes the light flickers with movement because it is so weak. I would love to return it.

👤I was on the farm. I like to see what I'm getting into when I go out in the fields at night to check cows. I bought these because of the good reviews. I was disappointed because they are small and only take 3 batteries. I didn't think they would do it. I can see over 1000 feet with these. I saw a mammal over 1000 ft. I would recommend them. I bought a set for everyone.

👤One of the two I bought did not work. The response is pending. I like the one that works. I am really happy with the speed of the resolution of the problem, and I am impressed with the company that cares about the customer. The customer service manager sent a note and two replacement flashlights to me. I am knocked out, thanks so much for that. The flashlight is small, it fits in your hand, and it widens the beam by extending the front part. There are different modes, including a strobe for self defense. They are bright and the beam widens out a bit, the details are on the site. I now have an extra for a stocking stuffer because I am very happy with these lights. Thanks for a great product and great customer service.

👤The flashlights were delivered the day after I ordered them. The holsters for the flashlight are a nice touch and the only reason for my reluctant 4 star-rating is because of the quality build and the fact that the flashlight has a 18650 battery inside. A 30% coupon is included in the seller's offer. I have an unfavorable remarks. There are scratches on the flashlight lens that cannot be removed. Each unit has a generic light bulb. The tactical flashlight I purchased used a CREE T6 Wick bulb, which was not as bright as the GearLightLED. You will see the difference in the image. The left illumination is from the tactical flashlight that cast a brighter white illumination onto my office wall. It's not a bad purchase for a flashlight to have around the house, given what the seller provides. The light source in these units can be better.

👤Not worth the time or money. A flashlight body with cheap parts and components. One firm press of the power button will cause it to turn over or pop out.


What is the best product for survival items for home powered by solar?

Survival items for home powered by solar products from Kizen. In this article about survival items for home powered by solar you can see why people choose the product. Mesqool and Onlyee are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival items for home powered by solar.

What are the best brands for survival items for home powered by solar?

Kizen, Mesqool and Onlyee are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival items for home powered by solar. Find the detail in this article. Jmadenq, Etekcity and Forteclear are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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