Best Survival Heater Without Electricity

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1. Dr Infrared Heater Portable 1500 Watt

Dr Infrared Heater Portable 1500 Watt

The model can heat up a large room. Overheat protection and tip-over protection. There are two heating systems with a 12 hour automatic shut-off timer. The IR remote control has a low noise level. For a large room, heating can be used. The thermostat can range from 50 to 85 degrees. Caster Wheels and lifetme filters. The weight is 24 lbs and the power is 12.5 Amps. 1500 Watts. The electric cord is 72 inches long. The power source is corded electric.

Brand: Dr Infrared Heater

👤I appreciated using two of these heaters to help offset the cost of having baseboard heat firing full blast all winter. The Thermostat worked well to only have the units run when needed. I didn't use extension cords or do anything that I wasn't supposed to. I unplugged it after I had to move one of them because the plug on the heater unit melted. I will not be using these again since I am afraid of what this could do to the wiring of my home. My safer heating sources are not worth the cost savings. I got about 3 months out of these before I realized they were going to be giant paper weights. Too bad...

👤It worked well for 2 weeks. It stopped working. I called the number on the heating unit. The person who answered the phone said the problem was the front circuit board. She said she would mail me a new board. I was worried about her readiness to send a circuit board and instructions. The circuit board had no instructions. She sent me the instructions after I called again. The instructions were not very helpful, but I figured it out and did the replacement. The only thing that it has is the heating element. I can't set the thermostat. It runs and runs until we turn it off. It's possible to get a heaters with that function for less money, and without having to replace a circuit board.

👤The heat from the furnace doesn't flow well into the girls room. It gets cold in there during the fall and winter. I've been looking for a space heater that would work in her room during the night while she sleeps. I've read reviews, research material, and fire statistics about the different types of space heaters. I could find no reason to be afraid of using the infrared heaters. It's impossible for a space heater to say it's 100% safe. Anything that uses electricity and generating heat has the potential to start a fire. You can prevent fires by reading the instruction manual. Most fires created by space heaters are caused by user error, which include material too close to the heat exhaust, power strips, surge protectors, and the improper electrical receptacle. The majority of the negative reviews on Amazon that have pictures are due to people plugging them into the wrong electrical outlets. The people should read the manual. You must plug the unit directly into the wall outlet. There are pictures of melted power strips and splitters on the internet. Don't take that chance because those devices are usually not rated for that much power. Enough of my rant. I highly recommend this heater. I put it in the door facing into my daughter's room and left it running all night. I set it to the desired temperature, then set it to auto mode, and the heater cycles on and off to maintain that temperature. My wife and I can't hear it from our room, it's right across the hall. The only part of this unit that gets hot to the touch is the metal grate where the heat comes out of it. I've read reviews where people complain about how hot this part of the unit is. It's going to be very hot from this part of the heater. The room is warm all night because of this little heater. I would buy another one of these.

2. Heat Storm Deluxe Infrared Heater

Heat Storm Deluxe Infrared Heater

Their space heaters warm objects instead of cooling them. This will help keep your room warm. A safe touch grenade. Their grills are made from material that doesn't burn. If the heaters tips over, it shuts off the power. Modern design means you don't lose floor space. It's perfect for bedrooms, kitchens, offices and more. The ambient temperature is shown on the display and helps regulate the temperature. After 5 minutes of no activity, the mode is dark. You can control the temperature with the included remote control. The COMPACT uses less than 2 square feet of wall space and plugs into a normal outlet. You can hide the cord behind the heater if you install it over the outlet. This heater is made by a 1 year manufacturer.

Brand: Heat Storm

👤I am a mechanical engineer with 4 patents, certified mechanic, 35 years as a handyman, and a small boat builder. I have a few comments about the product, but I am usually reluctant to praise a product. It is a well designed and executed heater. Most likely accidents and fires are prevented by wall mounting. The 1000 watt power requirement is less likely to cause electrical problems with older or poor wiring, with a nearly unnoticeable reduction in heat output. The filters are easy to remove and replace. Controls are easy to use, comes with a remote, batteries, and even a mounting template. It took approximately 2 minutes to mount. I am using it to heat the bedroom and bathroom only in a 32 foot RV and it only took 5 minutes to heat a 170 square foot area. The thermostat has a low setting of 40, which is perfect for preventing freezing in the whole motorhome. The output air is warm. I can comfortably hold my hand 6 inches away from the vent. Will help prevent accidents by overheating the surfaces nearby. It is quiet. Sound isolation feet and pads are used. The first unit had some damage. I had a return shipping label the next day after I called customer service. The new unit was delivered 5 days later, but not before customer service contacted about the disposition of the refund. Customer service is perfect. I wish all companies were like this. Thank you!

👤I bought three of these and a portable big brother to add surgical heating points to an old, poorly insulated home, which has burned up $500 or more a month in heating oil costs during the bitterly cold New England winter months. I can use the remote control app to keep an eye on the temperature in the house and change it from time to time to keep my energy bills down. You have to mount them on a wall or other flat surface first. It comes with two screws and two plastic wall anchors and a disposable level with screw holes premeasured so that you can easily mark where to install the screws. I was able to mount two of the units using the screws because they are very lightweight, even though our house is so old that it has plaster walls. I tried using the included anchors with the first unit I installed, but it turned out to be a waste of time, because the heating units are so lightweight. If you are going to have plaster walls, I recommend you go to Lowe's for some mollies because plaster walls and plastic anchors don't always mix well and can lead to nasty holes in the wall that won't hold the anchor. I was lucky enough to avoid this outcome, but I decided to use the included screws with the next two units, which resulted in a more stable insulation with less damage to the plaster. The installations took about two or three minutes each. The units connected to the Smart Life app on the first attempt, and all four of them registered with my account. Make sure that your wireless hot spot has a separate 2.4 GHz connection point with a separate name and connect the app to it. If you connect to a 5 GHz hot spot that has a separate connection point for the lower frequencies, the app will not allow you to connect any devices to your account. I have installed dozens of smart light bulbs, smart outlets, and devices using Smart Life, and that is the secret to getting everything up and running smoothly. While the unit outputs hot air, it's primary means of heating a room is by emitting IR, so if you place the unit in the right place, it will maximize room temperature. I had the unit on the wall next to the couch, but it didn't do much for the room. I moved the unit to a more strategic location and it warms the room up. It has an automatic economy mode where the operating wattage is cut in half. It is extremely safe to use and has a number of features that protect you against fire. When used strategically.

3. Kismile Portable Electric Thermostat Protection

Kismile Portable Electric Thermostat Protection

Dreo ECO mode adjusts its power according to the ambient temperature and 41-95F thermostat in 1F increments to keep your room at the ideal temperature and save more on your heating bills. Kismile space heaters have settings for High Heat, Low Heat, and Fan Mode. Cool air will be provided by fan mode. The temperature can be adjusted. The small portable heater can be adjusted according to the thermostat setting and also has a thermostat control that allows you to adjust the heating element. There are two types of protection: tip-over protection and overHEAT protection. The design of overheat protection will switch off the appliance automatically in case of severe overheating, which is why the small space heater for indoor use joked with a switch to switch off the machine if it is over returned. It's stable for anywhere. Light weight makes it easier to bring the portable heaters to any place you want, it's a good thing because it allows it to be installed everywhere. The noise of the electric heater is less than 50 decibels and the small space heater is used in the bedroom and office when sleeping. When you need to warm up space, their space heater can do the job.

Brand: Kismile

👤I got it for work. I get really cold after midnight. The burned smell came out after 6 minutes and it was not working. Returning. Such a waste...

👤I was very excited when the heater arrived. I needed to add light heating in my garden shed without taking up a lot of space and this checked all the boxes. It worked well at first. It put out a nice steady heat, with low and high options. It stopped working after only 2 weeks of use. It did so in the middle of the night, when I needed the most, and I almost lost my entire harvest. Damage was done to my garden. I had to buy a new heater that day. I was not happy with this heater, I had already purchased it. This poorly-executed product cost me a lot of money and time. Due to a busy schedule, I was unable to return it in time, and now this useless product has become a piece of trash in my house. I will not be buying from them again. If you can find a similar option with better reviews, then avoid this one. If you want more than a week or two of function, it will let you down. I'm out for that reason.

👤When I switch it to high it goes for about 3 seconds and then trips the circuit breaker in my house. I am able to run several 15amp power tools at the same time on the same breaker. Something is missing or in there. I've bought cheap heaters on Amazon before and they worked great and lasted a long time, but this one isn't as good.

👤This little appliance has a good amount of heat and air flow. It has kept me warm. The dial-style thermostat has a lot of play in it. You have to adjust it to get the right temperature. Don't touch the dial until the correct temperature is reached. I don't recommend letting it run unattended as it could cause problems. The safety tip-over shut-off works well.

👤Power light comes on, anti-tip protection is engaged, but nothing, no fan movement, and no heat, not even sounds like it is trying. I should have known why it was on sale.

👤The little heater is quiet and efficient. It does a nice job for a small room like a bathroom. It looks nice. They are nice to work with and we ordered an electric fireplace insert from them. We love it. Our old wood burning fireplace was changed to a modern, classy look. Extra heat is provided for our great room. Nice products at an affordable price. Great customer service and fast shipping. This is the reason I'm giving the heater a 5 star rating. Inexpensive products, great customer service, and quick shipping are some of the things that make them nice. Excellent!

👤We loved it. It was getting into the mid 30's when we used it. It was very safe and I didn't worry about it overheating. The heat from the top of the building kept us very warm. It was nice to have this handy little heater since we had a three year old. I would definitely recommend this item.

4. Vornado Whole Vortex Heater Black

Vornado Whole Vortex Heater Black

It's possible to heat the air in a small to medium-sized room through the use of a forced air furnace, just on a smaller scale. An automatic safety shut-off system is one of the advanced safety features. Quiet heat settings are used to tailor heat output and energy consumption. The internal thermostat with seven settings can be used to control your thermostat. A customer service team based in Kansas is supporting the sourdough support. It was built to meet U.S. requirements. Only in the U.S., it is certified, safety-tested, and warrantied.

Brand: Vornado

👤There is a warning and a long review. It is possible that it is also likely that it is also likely that it is also likely that it is also likely that it is also likely that it is also likely that it is also likely that it is also likely that it is also likely that it is also likely that it is also likely Once you figure out the best place and setting, it's absolutely awesome. Even in an RV, it works well. It's a pro tip. Unless it's a heavy duty outdoor yellow one, plug into an outlet. Don't plug in other things on the same plug. The heater is amazing. I didn't like the fans put out by this company because they don't move air very much, but the heater is just amazing in how well it heats a room. When you're at home, regular space heaters can only be run at the low temp, which is dangerous at the Hi temp. Don't really heat a room that well because they can put out a lot of heat. I live in an RV and usually use 1 heater in 60 to 70 degree weather, 2 space heaters in 50 to 60 degree weather, 3 in 40 to 50, and 4 in below 40. To be safe, I would buy new ones every year or two and then plug the 4th one into an outside plug. My electric bill would be higher than my AC bill during the summer. The Vornado can heat the entire room if you leave it on to regulate the temperature. You wouldn't think it could. The first time I tried the one I bought, I thought it was malfunctioning because it put out very little heat. When I came back an hour later, the room was warm. There is a tip about it. It needs to be set up so that it can blow across a room and have air flow to the backside. I use this in my bigger area, which is 20Lx10Wx9H, and keep my ceiling fan on the reverse flow. When it's under 50 outside, I reserve the HI (3) setting. If you need to warm up, this setting will allow you to feel some heat. The medium setting is good for 45 degrees and up. The low was for 55 and up. That is for me in my RV's main area. It might be different for a better room with lower ceilings. I have to run a second space heater to make up for my poor insulation in the room when it gets below 35, but it's not because the Vornado is bad. You wouldn't know it's running until you get close to it. The company sticks by their warranty and responds quickly. The only thing that is bad about this heater is that it changes depending on room temperature and if there's a cold wind blowing outside. I run it between 3 and 6 depending on the outside temperature. Some people may need to set it differently. I like my RV in the cold months. We dropped to 48 degrees from 80 in an hour yesterday. I left a space heater running in both rooms because I couldn't get to my house quickly and because it had originally said we would get up to 70 degrees. It only reached 55 outside. I came home at 65, with the heaters probably having run the whole time. I left the space heater on just in case and waited after I found my Vornado. My RV was at 76 in an hour. I adjusted it to 5 at medium and it dropped to 70 in an hour. I went to sleep after turning on the HI and the space heater was still on. Woke up to 75 degrees inside and 55 outside. When you leave it on, it will regulate the temperature at HI 4. It is approximately. I'm pretty sure the heat setting makes that different, but maybe not. I don't think my space heater has come on. This is the best investment you could make for a room heating system. I left this morning at 70 and it was warm. It was expected to fall to the 40s by 8 pm. No problem, I thought. I left the dial on at #2 heat 5. I had a digital space heater set at 72 on Low in case I got home late. I raced home at 6 because I was sure my cat would be cold. I've never had less than 4 heaters going in 40 or under weather. It's 70 degrees inside and 35 outside. Look at pictures. I'm going to try to run the Vornado on the dial tonight, but I'm not sure if it will work. It's supposed to go down to 28 tonight. I used my Vornado last week when we had a cold front. We went from 75 lows to 50s low and a high of 75 the next day. The place above 70 isn't necessary anymore because it was the only heating on during this 24 hour period. The heat worked well. I put the dial between 3 and 4 when I set it on the #2 setting. The RV was able to heat up to 75 with the help of the heater. My place stayed between 70 and 72 all night after I adjusted the dial. I will never buy another brand of heater from anyone else. I am not getting a discount for my review, but a coupon would be great, since I am buying another.

5. PELONIS PH 19J Programmable Thermostat Oscillation

PELONIS PH 19J Programmable Thermostat Oscillation

There is a wideSPREAD OSCILLATION function. The ceramic heater can be rotation from side to side within 83 degrees, so it can warm the entire room while maintaining a consistent temperature. The PTC electric heater is safe to use. US standard sockets can be used without an extension cord. The tip-over switch and over heating protection make it safe to use. It is fast and efficient to heat. The ceramic heating element has a maximum power of 1500W. The ceramic heating technology offers a comfortable and consistent temperature. The thermostat is a programmable one with easy to use controls. Choose between high or low heating to warm up your area. A multi-functional garment. The 1500 watt space heater is portable and perfect for personal, home, office and bedroom use. A 1-year manufacturer warranty is offered with your purchase.

Brand: Pelonis

👤A great appliance. It was purchased for my home studio, which is cool since it is in the basement. This is a good heater. It is also quiet. I am very pleased with this appliance.

👤The item worked well for a week. It was used in a 600 sq. ft. basement and along with an older Lasko heater kept the area warm. I came home one Friday and there was a horrible smell of something burning. The smell came from the surge protectors that I had plugged in, and they were about ten years old. There is a desktop PC plugged into the surge protectors. I replaced the surge protector that I thought was bad with another one. I put the heating element into the surge strip and went to sleep. I reset the surge after it tripped the next morning. The smell came back within minutes. The cords on the surge and the heater were very hot, so I unplugged them and haven't used them since. I don't recommend this product to anyone else, and I will not buy another Pelonis device. The Lasko is for sale.

👤This thing is a fire hazard. The cord was so hot I almost burned my fingers when I moved it to another outlet closer to my son's bed. The window of returning passed 10 days ago. I will not use this again in the house.

👤The description is very misleading, so I am giving this three stars. It says that you can set a temperature and the heating will sense when the room has reached that temperature. It has that capability. The temp dial seems to do nothing. I don't feel any difference in the heat coming out of the heater when the dial is low. I don't feel comfortable using it because I'm afraid it will get too hot in her room, I bought this for my babies rooms, but I don't feel comfortable using it. Disappointed. If you want something to regulate the temp, don't buy it, it's a great looking heater and would work well for someone at their desk.

👤I needed to warm up the bathroom before bathing my baby. The slim and small heater is perfect for the bathroom and bedrooms in our small apartment. I have someone else who is easy to move and set up the heating in the bedroom before I finish bathing the baby to keep her warm. The design is small and slim to fit in small spaces, and the carry handle is easy to carry, but the short extension cord makes it hard to heat up small spaces.

👤I had to move my office upstairs because of covid 19. I used to keep the upstairs too warm on weekdays if I was up there. I ordered this heater because I didn't want to pay to heat the entire upstairs. I had a $15 heater from Big Lots. It ended up in the closet. The room is really warm in comparison to this heater. I have not tried it in a large room. I like the tip over safety feature. It's taller to reach the controls than most heaters. It's important to grab and move when needed. I highly recommend this heater to anyone who needs spot heating in their home or office.

6. AmazonBasics 500 Watt Ceramic Personal Heater

AmazonBasics 500 Watt Ceramic Personal Heater

The small personal space heater is small enough to fit on a table. The ceramic coils heat up in seconds. You can choose from 4 colors to match your decor. Extra safety protection is included. It's ideal for small spaces at home or the office.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤When I had cold toes, I thought 500 watt sounded like nothing, but when I looked at electric bills, it seemed like a lot more. Our electric bill has gone up a lot in the last decade. If I leave this on 24 hours a day, it is less than a dollar a day. That works for my frozen toes. The heat comes out fast. The toes are warm. My report was from the alley.

👤I use this to blow warm air on my hands when I'm sitting at my desk in my home office, and it allows me to keep the heat in the house a couple of degrees cooler than I otherwise would need to. It seems like that's how people use it. The metal grill is very close to the heating element inside, and you can see that by the design. It is easy to brush a hand against metal. There are usually paperwork on desks. I usually keep my desk neat, but I could see it being a fire hazard for someone with a different organizational style. It's definitely effective, and I'll continue to use it, but I'm aware that I need to be very careful with anything that could burn or melt when it's on. It's harder to do that with a space heater since it needs to be close to me to be effective.

👤I use this to keep my feet warm. It's perfect and I can hit it with my feet because it's small, like a medium coffee. There is a button on the bottom that will stop the heater if it is tipped over, picked up, or not on a level surface. If you need a little heater, I recommend purchasing it because of that feature.

👤I work in a cubicle farm and the office building is too cold for me. I wanted a space heater because sweaters don't keep it warm enough. I was looking for a low wattage space heater because I didn't want to be a tripping breaker. I wanted something that would protect me from my feet. I bought a little 500w heater and put it to use. It fits under my cubicle and outputs just enough heat to keep me warm. I couldn't ask for more. If you want more control, look elsewhere, there is only an on/off switch. If you're not in the direct path of the unit, there is not much heat output. I can't comment on the durability yet, but it works as I wanted. This seems like a great choice if you're looking for a low watt heater.

👤This is the second Amazon Basics heater that I have purchased in less than two weeks and I love them! I keep both of them in my bathroom and home office. Before I get ready to shower, I turn the heating on and close the door so it warms up. I recommend this heater to anyone who likes to have a warm bathroom or warm office. I will buy another one when I get to the office.

7. Mr Heater F215100 3800 BTU Propane

Mr Heater F215100 3800 BTU Propane

The manual states that this item should not be used for more than 60 minutes in a 2 hour period. The portable propane heaters are for rooms up to 95 square feet. This unit is not used for golf carts or for cars. A continuous odor-free heating angle. The maximum elevation is 7000 feet. An automatic low oxygen shut-off system. It's a perfect solution for heating small enclosed spaces. The buttons use a 1-pound disposable propane cylinder. The minimum and maximum run times are 5.6 hours. Do not operate the heater in a moving vehicle. The minimum vent area for this heater is 4 square inches. A low-oxygen sensor and accidental tip-over switch are needed for safety. The use of un-authenticated accessories with thisEATER will cause serious injury and will void the warranty. It's recommended for emergency heat, tents, campers, workshops, job sites, porches, patios, decks, garage, storage buildings, picnics, tailgate parties, construction trailers, sporting events, barns, sheds, hunting blinds, shelters and ice fishing shanties.

Brand: Mr. Heater

👤The item works great. It goes up in flames if you drop it. I was able to get a fire extinguisher because I was outside.

👤I've used this heater for a while and don't recommend it. As time went on it became harder and harder to start. If you have small hands, you'll need 2 hands to use the button, it's very stiff. The last time I tried it, I held the button in for over a minute and it wouldn't start. I was left in the cold after many tries.

👤I didn't have to use it since it was hot when I bought it. I went to use this heater for the first time this past weekend and it didn't produce heat even though the igniter worked and I could see the little flame. I was freezing in my tent while camping, but I was excited to have this heater. I would love to have a simple replacement for this product. I still have the box that it came in, and I still have the tags on it. I have never used it. I'm hoping the owner will read this and contact me to correct the mistake. Thank you.

👤Prior to a camping trip, it was purchased. The package was undamaged from Amazon. The thing didn't work right the first time. The entire face of the unit was engulfed in a blue flickering flame that extended over the metal face. The company was contacted and sent a bad design. Instructions on how to disassemble and clean the unit. They said that they frequently have these problems and that the units are kept sealed and protected from the environment after they perform their testing. They said no when I asked for a refund. They said no when I asked for a replacement. They offered to clean it for me but I would have to pay for shipping. I have used a new device for 30 seconds. The original cleaning failed to do the trick. I tried to clean it myself. My device was missing two screws instead of the six that were specified in the instructions. There was a hole in the plastic case. No idea how some of them would be gone. I'm terrified about what else they missed. This seems to be a relatively common problem, as there are images showing where the guy had to add another screw to the inside of the unit. You need to destroy part of the sticker in order to remove the right side of the unit. Even if it works, it will look like a piece of junk compared to a new one. It shows a lack of design consideration when customers are told to destroy the stickers in order to clean the product. The instructions are not good. If you're like me, you don't have a pipe cleaner around the house. I don't have an air compressor laying around, according to the instructions I was given via email. Why aren't these additional instructions included with the product? There is a maintenance section in the instructions, but if you aren't handy, you're screwed. If you're handy, have some tools, and don't mind wasting an hour to clean a brand new device, maybe this is the product for you. The instructions and the customer support team have told me that regular cleanings are required. There was no mention of that on the description. That is funny.

8. Mr Heater F232000 Indoor Safe Portable

Mr Heater F232000 Indoor Safe Portable

There are 4,000- to 9,000-BTU radiant heaters. It has been approved for use indoors and outdoors. The heater may shut off at altitudes over 7,000 feet above sea level. If the pilot light goes out or low oxygen levels are detected, the auto shut-off will be activated. Fuel Consumption/Burn Rate at 9000 BTU is 0.099 Gal/Hr. The propane tank is not included. The run time is 3 hours. The use of un-authenticated accessories with thisEATER will cause serious injury and will void the warranty.

Brand: Mr. Heater

👤Be aware! After using this four times without any problems, it started to set off my CO alarm every time between 20 and 50 minutes. The new alarm gave the same warning as the old one. I had a window that was open for air. I contacted the company via their website but did not hear back. A company that doesn't take a faulty product seriously can't be trusted. There were two more attempts to support. The chat box on the website gave an automated response call. Call number...voicemail! Like others, I wrote about horrendous support. No support was correct.

👤My dog and I are homeless, and we have a tent. If it is 30f outside, I will have to get up in the middle of the night and turn it off because it gets too warm. There is a For those who don't know, the lowest setting with a 15lb propane tank gives you about 80 hours of burn time. The cans give you 3 1/2 hours.

👤We have a 45 foot RV toy Hauler that is not well insulated and the heating vent in the rear garage are not working. I used one of the two that I bought for Christmas next to my son's bed. These things were amazing. The thermostat almost never turned on because the furnace hardly ran, and two of these were running on low. The New Year weekend was cold but the heaters kept us warm. We were camping for a week and I was afraid we would burn through our large tanks if we ran the furnace too long. These helped us conserve. I bought a big case of smaller canisters at Home Depot and we used them every night. It was perfect. The exposed flame in the element is not a problem. Australian Shepherd dogs are very bright and have always been in our family. We have never had a dog with a tail before, but we have a Golden Retriever. She's a great dog, but she's as dumb as a bag of hammers. She caught her tail on fire twice while lying in front of the heaters. It seems like this could cause something terrible. Maybe I worry too much.

👤I vowed never again after nearly freezing to death in my stand last winter. I put the Mr. Buddy and 8 1lb canisters of propane in my stand before the season started because I purchased them this year. I walked to my stand in the middle of the night. Not super cold for some of you snow lovers up in Wisconsin, but plenty cold for this Texas boy. Climb into my 4x6 stand, and the first thing I do is to start up the little heating device. The pilot was pushed down and lit on the second try. The pilot was placed on low after being held down for 15 seconds. And then sat down. I took my jacket and shirt off about 5 minutes later. The frost on the windows started melting. I was warm within 15 minutes, even with two windows cracked open. The only way to get back? Fighting off the sleepy's waiting on the sun to rise and the deer to show up.

9. Lasko 755320 Ceramic Digital Display

Lasko 755320 Ceramic Digital Display

ADVANTAGES: You will heat water for free. No electricity needed! No more using a stove made of gas, propane or charcoal. You will use this wherever there is sunlight. Their solar kettle is a reliable source of easily made safe hot beverages and food for camping, fishing, kayaking, and maneuvers with the army. The electric space heater is ideal for warming up an area in your home or office with its 2 Quiet settings and auto setting. Warm air is distributed throughout the room by this heater. The thermostat has a digital display that allows you to adjust the heating element. You can choose from a wide range of temperatures with the easy to read display. The built-in timer allows you to adjust the temperature, timer, and more from a distance. The timer allows you to select from 1 hour to 8 hours. The built-in safety features make sure the space heater doesn't get overheated even if it's left on for a long time. Even after running for hours, the exterior keeps the heating system cool to the touch. The fully assembled option allows you to take the box out and have it work. Plug the Lasko space heater into a wall outlet and enjoy the warmth.

Brand: Lasko

👤I am a home technology professional and buyer of electronics for myself and my clients, and I get a few failures. Vendors will not hesitate to replace or repair a product that has an issue. I thought it was odd that this vendor objected to a return after the unit short circuited in the first use. I am happy it didn't burn my house down. I started the return request after the air was cleared, but it was turned down because it had been a few days past their initial return period. This is a theater. When you get the package, you don't just open it and use it. You wait for it to get cold. It had been a few weeks. I requested an A to Z refund from Amazon after it was rejected by stores123. It blew out, and went down in smoke on the first use out of the box. Lasko has a longer warranty period, so I'm going to take this up with them. Normally the vendor will give a manufacturers warranty. Thank you to stores123 and Amazon for showing your true colors as people who really don't care about anything other than getting the orders in. If you make a lot of money, you should offer return policies that are better than the ones you are responsible for closing. It's very sad.

👤Don't buy thisEATER. It is dangerous. It gets very hot to the touch and would burn you hot. 2. If it falls over, it doesn't turn off. I accidentally knocked it over a few months ago, and was horrified when it kept going until I picked it up. 3. TheOWER stopped blowing less than a year from now. 4. The front of the blower was plastic and I could smell it. 5. Lasko refused to honor the warranty when I called them. The blower stopped working and was covered by the warranty. They claim that replacement would have started. It was no longer covered under the warranty when it started melting. This is in the claims department. You have to ship it back and wait for an investigation. They will decide if they will be responsible. The customer service representative tried to blame shift by asking me how I cleaned it and how often. I told her I vacuumed it weekly and wiped it down with a baby wipe. She told me that the owners manual requires it to be cleaned weekly and that a baby wipe violated the instruction to use a dry cloth. I read the portion of the Owners Manual that didn't mention a dry cloth, just a soft cloth without alcohol or solvent. She insisted that they would need to investigate any damage I could have done to the unit. Amazon customer service was there to help me. Lasko has done nothing but waste time. There are plenty of heaters out there that won't burn your house down, and will be covered under warranty. You can buy one of those.

10. Aireplus Radiator Adjustable Thermostat Protection

Aireplus Radiator Adjustable Thermostat Protection

The manufacturer's warranty. You can get a 1-year manufacturer warranty with your purchase of any of their products. The ECO mode has temperature settings of 40-95F by 1F temperature adjustment each press. The oil heater has a 24 hour timer and remote control, which make it more convenient to use. Fashion looking and easy operation. The control panel with soft touch buttons and big display provides a more comfortable operation experience for users. You don't have to worry about using the wheels immediately after purchasing it. It's an ideal oil heating without any noise for a full night of sleep. The digital space heater provides even and no dry heating all the time, not instant warm your home, but keeps longer warms than other type of heaters. It has smart ECO mode, which means you don't need to adjust your oil heater frequently. ECO mode would save you energy and keep your ideal setting. They take their responsibility and are confident in their quality. You will get a solution in 24 hours.

Brand: Kopbeau

👤I found a note inside the box when I received the Airplus Space Heater. The note invites the buyer to leave an honest review and rating on in return for a free essential oil Diffuser. What a treat! Positive reviews of the Space Heater will lead to a free item from the manufacturer. Is this a bribe or a pro quo? Or both? The Space Heater is a product that should not be reviewed solely on its merits. Who will trust reviews on Amazon if manufacturers are allowed to bribe reviewers? The last question is addressed to Amazon, the owner of the Washington Post. How would you allow dishonest behavior from sellers? The product loses at least 2 stars. The Space Heater merits. There is a Two of the thin vertical fins were bent from handling. There are 3 settings for the heater. Even though the Space Heater can get very hot, heating a room of 120 SF can take forever. I tried a lot of settings and conditions. There is a If the outside temperature is 45, doors are closed, and settings are 2, you will get about 2 degrees F temperature increase per hour. The rate of temperature change in the room did not change much when I tried a setting of 3. The system made of a thermostat and remote is not very advanced. You can change the mode of the thermostat or shut it off. The remote is not used in the dark. You have to be in a cone in front of the heater to make it work. When the room temperature is in line with the thermostat's set temperature, the thermostat starts a long series of clicking and flashing that can last between 30 and 60 seconds. It is worth 1.5 stars. 2 if you really want to forgive. The performance numbers were revised to show that doors and windows were closed. In 5 hours, the room temperature gained 5 degrees F. The same 1500W oil heater that I have been using for 25 years delivers in the same conditions, a guaranteed minimum of 3 degrees F per hour. The heating performance is measured by volume, so it will be ok for a small room. The Made-in-China heater got 1 Star because of the hype and expectations.

👤I have to wait for the parts. It was warm in my bedroom for several nights, but it was a small body. During the works it doesn't have any of the things that come with smoke, smell, bright light and noise. There is no burned risk when you touch it and it is easy to move. It had a remote controller with a battery. It was a good purchase.

👤The roller feet were installed in less than 5 minutes, and the oil was filled and the bathroom was heating up.

👤We heat our place with 2 radiator heaters and one gas heater, and this is the fourth one I have owned. This is the best radiator heater I have ever owned. The design of the Aireplus Space Heater is excellent. You can adjust the heat by one degree at a time so we get the perfect setting. It's easy to set up and figure out all the functions. I'm thinking of buying another Aireplus Space Heater to replace my other one.

11. Dreo Portable Tip Over Protection Oscillating

Dreo Portable Tip Over Protection Oscillating

One touch to change the temperature on the tilted digital panel, or remote control the heater from 26 feet away, is easy to use. You can move around for warmth with a hidden handle. It's easy to store. Special ceramic heating will bring you back to summer in 2 seconds. 3 heating modes from 900W to 1500W provide personalizable snug warmth to your office, bedroom, living room, or other rooms in an energy efficient manner. 40dB performance puts you in a quiet library. The Dreo proprietary Oblique Airflow technology is used in the space heater to bring long- lasting comfort for your sleep and work in the winter. There are many safety features that can be used to answer your concerns about the safety of this space heater. 70 wide oscillation helps the heat cover more areas. The 1-12h timer, display auto-off after 60s, and mute let you fall asleep to quiet, cozy warmth while saving electricity. The hidden handle and easy control from 26 feet away are included. Dreo ECO mode adjusts its power according to the ambient temperature and 41-95F thermostat in 1F increments to keep your room at the ideal temperature and save more on your heating bills.

Brand: Dreo

👤BLUF: We use this in our RV when we have shore power or a generator. We like the heater and will recommend it to our friends. The Dreo Space Heater was a good value and we plan to buy a second one. The main living space is heated by the heater. The remote works perfectly. The feature to turn off the sound is nice. When on high and oscillating, the heater is quiet. The light weight and small size of the heater makes it a good choice. There was a slight burnt electronics smell during the first 3 or 4 uses that worried me. The smell is gone and the heating system is still working. Maybe the smell was a break-in. If this turns out to be a bigger issue, we will update the review.

👤It was getting cold last week and I used it a few times. The plug was very hot and it didn't work at all. I am afraid it will hit me.

👤I wanted to return it, but I couldn't afford it. The heat output was good, but the smell while running made me feel unwell. It has been in the garage for two weeks and I am hoping the smell will go away and that it will be a great fire. Customer service went above and beyond to resolve my issue after they contacted me. The smell has lessened, but I still have the heater. You cannot go wrong with a Dreo product if you receive customer service like this.

👤Jenny contacted me at customer service. She was eager to make sure we were satisfied with the products. I received a replacement heater and was gifted an air fryer to smooth things over. That kind of customer service is rare. The company showed a deep desire for customer satisfaction even though I got a faulty unit on the second purchase. I changed my rating to 5 stars because service is always a factor when it comes to where we spend our money. I think this is a brand new updated design, because we re-ordered it a month ago. We paid the same price, the same seller, and the same design, but it had a different design at the time of re-order. The other was taller and had the controls on the top. The unit has all the controls. Both have the same output. The control panel, height, and smell of burnt electronics are the main differences. It seemed to go away after we assumed it was breaking in and burning off the new. I keep turning it off because it's giving me a bad taste in my mouth and a throbbing head. It doesn't feel like a safe place between that smell and the health issues that come with it. The company will be given a chance to make it right. I don't think my house will be burning down because of a faulty space heater. I have it plugged into a receptacle for protection. We had good luck with the first one, except for the missing rubber foot grommets. It was the first smell that made meTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkia The controls on top of a flat top unit were terrible. It should have been a wedge design for visibility. The old design controls were better thought of. The unit is almost dead silent and the heat is hot.


What is the best product for survival heater without electricity?

Survival heater without electricity products from Dr Infrared Heater. In this article about survival heater without electricity you can see why people choose the product. Heat Storm and Kismile are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival heater without electricity.

What are the best brands for survival heater without electricity?

Dr Infrared Heater, Heat Storm and Kismile are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival heater without electricity. Find the detail in this article. Vornado, Pelonis and Amazon Basics are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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