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1. Coghlans 9560 Emergency Camp Stove

Coghlans 9560 Emergency Camp Stove

The camping soap sheets work with hot or cold water. The emergency camping stove requires no liquids, dressings or anything else. Fuel tablets are used with any solid fuel such as Hexamine, Trioxane, or Sterno. essential gear for camping, backpacking, and more

Brand: Coghlan's

👤I used this for the first time and it took 5 minutes to cook a can of raviol and it was so hot it burned my mouth.

👤We lost our power for a few days this winter, and I wasn't prepared for the power going out in our new home. I used this to heat soup and hot water in our emergency backpack, so I am happy. This was a blessing after a few days without food or heat. It does not heat up as quickly as a stove top or a propane cooking stove, but it did heat my soup and water to boiling, so it did a good job. It's a great stove for survival. It's a must-have for everyone's survival kit. I don't know what we would have done without it.

👤The manufacturer of this product has information about the Hazard Statements and the Precautionary Statements. Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and other ignition sources. There was no smoking. Ground and bond container and receiving equipment. Use explosion-proof electrical/ventilating/lighting equipment. P26: Dust, fumes, mist, andvapours can be avoided. P272: Work clothing that is contaminated should not be allowed out of the workplace. Wear gloves, clothing, and face protection. If on skin, wash with plenty of soap and water for at least 15 minutes. P333+P313: Get medical advice if you have skin irritation. P321: Section 4 of this SDS describes specific treatment. Take off contaminated clothing and wash it. In case of fire, use water spray, alcohol resistant foam, dry chemical or carbon dioxide. Store away from incompatibles. Keep away from water.

👤This is light and fits in your hand. I will boil at least 2 gallons of water with the fuel tablets included, I am happy with my purchase. I added this to my bag so that I can make a quick meal without smoke while I'm out of town, and it's cheap, just buy it, you're not killing it.

👤It's what it is. The little stove is great. The stove folds down to fit in a small space and can be used with smokeless fuel or wood. The stove should be put on a brick or cement surface. The smokeless fuel falls through the stove. The top of the stove folds open to fit small pots and pans but isn't super sturdy, so it's a good idea to use brick or cement under the stove. I bought a grate that would stand on its own over the stove.

👤I brought this out to try it out since I usually use propane camp stove but they take up too much room in my emergency kit. This little device can boil water and comes with fuel tablets. You can use more than one tablet at a time to create more heat in the kitchen. It's small and portable. A metal cup is better with a lid. The tablets light up. The tablets are useless if you don't have a way to ignite them. I am not giving it a higher rating because of this. It's a good device for hiking, camping and emergency.

2. Unigear Burning Potable Stainless Backpacking

Unigear Burning Potable Stainless Backpacking

The cookware kit is designed for anyone who loves camping with their family and friends. It is portable and convenient for camping, hiking, backpacking, picnic and other outdoor activities. Premium quality steel is used for backpacking. The Unigear camping stove is portable and Ultra Compact and comes with a carrying bag for easy carry. It's perfect for camping, hiking, backpacking. Food, boil water, and BBC can be cooked with many kinds of pots. Meet your camping needs. It's easy to use a camping stove that uses wood, spirit burner, twigs, leaves, coal, gas and solid fuel tablets, which makes it easy for outdoor camping or hiking. If you have any quality problems within 6 months, you can contact them.

Brand: Unigear

👤It's very heavy in comparison to what I expected. You can put any smaller cooking heat source within. Alcohol, gas, and wood. I am not sure about pellets. There is a The hinge design and loose fit in the tabs reduces the chance of warping. The size is strong for up to 10 pots and pans. It's safe for small campfires. Don't blame me if you set California on fire. Again. The pan needs to be deeper. It's not for long distance backpacking because it's heavy. The top grate needs more tines to hold steaks and sausages. The square footprint makes finding a really flat surface difficult. There is a This is about as bulletproof as one can get without breaking the bank. It's perfect for a car camp. You can fit any heat source inside. It's a small stove. They are working for you, don't mind the sloppy joints. It is kept from twisting in high heat. There is a Since I just got it, I can only give it 4 stars for now. If it's used correctly, I think it will end up 5 stars. Will update in a while. There were pine cones and oak twigs in the ten pounds of charcoal. It warped some. It was screaming red hot a lot. The job is done fine. The folds are flat enough to fit into the pouch. You can use a wire brush to remove the ashes. After building a coal bed with fuel on top, expect about 1.5 hours of run time. Can feed it sticks for hours until it becomes a big mound. You should clean up. It works well on cinder blocks.

👤The stove is strong. To assemble is simple. I wish there were more accessories on I bought a griddle from the website and it fits the stove perfectly.

👤I love using this stove. I got a chance to try it out with some charcoal briquettes on the lower rack. I was able to cook corn, mushrooms, and some chicken on a grill. The pan is stable on the wall. The vegetables were initially cooked on the included top rack without any issues and then transferred to the grilling plate for the final cooking. The sharp edges were the only con. I got a few cuts handling the folding sides in the 4 rectangles. I used a small diamond file to deburr them. I'll be trying different sources of fuel in the next few months. Will be updating pictures. It's very easy to clean. The ash was ready to be stored. The ash just blows off and the stains give it character. Look forward to using this again.

👤I received a wood burning stove in two days. It went together in a few seconds. It can be used in many ways... You can use wood sticks, chips, fire started sticks, and charcoal. You can remove the ash tray and use propane under the grill. I boiled 2 cups of water. You can use a pot on top of a frying pan to make coffee or soup. When you get your Unigear wood stove, fold it all together and put it in your backpack, and then you can go! You will not regret it. Thank you Unigear!

3. Twinkle Portable Carrying Outdoor Camping

Twinkle Portable Carrying Outdoor Camping

Gas and fuel surcharge: Butane Gas consumption is 140g/h. CSA-certified portable gas stove burner comes in a travel-friendly compact form yet powerful in flame distribution and resistant to the wind, and included PP material storage case with durable top handle offers ease of storing and transportation. Butane canISTER was sentenced. Their portable stove is quick to use and change out, so you never run out of heat, and it requires a standard size 8oz butane canister. The camping burner comes with a child lock and dual safety features that include gas-cut-off reset button and ball release if the gas container gets over pressured. The integrated top plate is easy to clean. The burner hole is separated from the integrated top plate in their camping cooking gear, which makes it easy to clean the outdoor cooking stove. This small camping stove has more power than any other portable burner on the market, with less heat loss and better resistance to the wind.

Brand: Dr.hows

👤I have been looking for a mini stove. I am happy it is on Amazon. It is a portable mini stove and it is convenient to have. The only thing I noticed in the picture was that it said lock near the knob, and the one I received said off, just a heads up! I got this as a gift and I am so happy.

👤This is great. I finally got what I wanted. The unit size was smaller than before. My wife doesn't like the old style of stove. This one is cute and has fire power. I like it.

👤Is there a fuel type or manufacturer that Dr How's Twinkle Stove could use? Do you have a photo?

👤It's not hard to date during the Pandemic. I made hot pot at home after doing a virtual dinner date. The mini butane gas stove is perfect for hot pot. I own a portable gas stove. The picture is attached. It took me a while to understand how to twist the butane to lock in. I am very happy with this purchase. It is expensive. You pay for the look. The old butane stove was only $25 at my local Asian market.

👤I bought a lemon color. Design looks lovely. I like its small size and girlish sensitivity.

👤I was in love with the mini stove but I wasn't able to order it from Korea, so I ordered it on Amazon. I was very excited to get it. I was forced to return the item back to New York because they said it was unacceptable to ship it on a plane. The stove is a piece of art and is good in all means.

👤It's pretty. The product melted when I used it. The area around the screw on the back is burning. The product cannot be returned. The case is broken.

👤Is it worth it? No. I would rather have had 2. It is cute. For the price and no butane tank, I would give it 2 stars. It is strong. It's a good idea for emergency use.

4. Überleben Collapsible Stainless Emergency Backpacking

%C3%9Cberleben Collapsible Stainless Emergency Backpacking

It is designed to sustain life until rescue or additional food is available. The berleben Stker Flatpack Stove is a sturdy and durable bio burner. You need more than a fire to save you if you can't find fuel. There are two metal choices. The berleben Stker comes in two different metal options. Both are strong and food-grade. You will go wrong no matter what. There is a flatpack design. The Stker has a simple 5-panel design that is 888-282-0465 and is less than 6 x 6” and under 0.25” thick. It's easy to pack and ready for any adventure. The berleben Stker is powered by organic matter from twigs, sticks, moss, wood, charcoal, and more. Don't have to worry about getting enough to keep moving. There is a watering can. The Stker Flatpack Stove comes with a natural canvas sleeve. This sleeve can be used as storage for your stove and also as a bag. The perfect accessory for an adventure.

Brand: überleben

👤Excellent construction, very sturdy, fits together tightly, easily holds a dutch oven, big skillet, or canteen cup, folds flat, good strong canvas bag to store it away. This is my favorite stove. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to put it together after removing the protective covering. I used it for 3 days to burn everything from pine cones to twigs and leaves. This will be with me on every trip. I could feel the heat coming up from the stove as it cooked my soup. It is a great way to have a small fire for a couple of people when I am not out backpacking or camping. I will buy a second one to leave in my car. It was a little tight the first few times I took it apart. Not a problem. The rest of the stove came apart after I used a piece of wood to pop the cross X pieces loose. I feel great after the purchase. I'm happy to have found a stove that I can use for backpacking, camping, survival, earthquake kit, and any other time I might want to have a fire outside. I will be shooting a video of this stove in action this weekend.

👤This thing is strong. The flatness is great, can be tucked anywhere, but it's a little heavy on the heavy side, so I'd rather have something heavier. I had 2 littlbug jr.'s which were very light, but strange to pack, as they break down into half cylinders. I think the littlebugs were taken out of my luggage by the TSA and I flew with them. We cook with cast iron and this stove is ready to handle that. If cared for, could last forever. Littlebug was sometimes difficult to feed. There is a bottom part to keep the fire from spreading. I can't recommend this product enough.

👤I had to use my stove yesterday. It works well and provides a camp cooking alternative. The little stove is amazing. It's easy to set up and keep going. A piece of equipment. In my purse!

👤This stove has not one overly sharp edge. It feels heavy at 14oz but is strong. I stood on it after it was assembled. Excellent quality. It burns very well. I have noticed no warping of components after using several times. The stove holds up well.

👤I love this stove. It is the perfect size to cook in. The air flow holds the perfect amount of fuel. If you prepare it, it will go along way. It is easy to assemble, disassemble and clean. I have used this in places where you can't have a regular campfire and after eating and drinking a hot cup of tea you have to go to bed. I would buy this product again and again. I wish it came in a titanium version to lower the weight. The weight is not bad compared to a stove and fuel canister because you have less to pack. It is small enough to fit into your cargo pant pocket.

5. OAKVUE Portable Camping Stove Lightweight

OAKVUE Portable Camping Stove Lightweight

The 10 year limited is for Nutrichef Cookware, which is built for years of use. SecondARY GAS COMBUSTION. The double-wall construction of their camping stove allows cool air to enter through the holes and fuel the wood inside. The mechanism allows wood to burn steadier. Improved design. The wide opening of the wood burning stove makes it easier to put wood in it. The air holes at the top of the fire help control the fire better, making it last longer and burn the wood completely. The design is light. The lightweight design of the camping stove makes it easy to carry in your backpack. It is a very practical tool for camping and hiking because it is easy to install and use. Their priority is quality. The backpack stove is made of purestainless steel. The material is stable when placed on top of a heavy pot. The mini wood burning stove is easy to use. You can place the stove on the air hole base and light it up with their bonus accessories, fire bellow and lighter. You can put the stove on top to cook food.

Brand: Oakvue

👤I think it will work. Will update my review when it's done. It has unfinished edges so be careful. Only when assembling do you use gloves. It cut 3 of my fingers and one was very deep.

👤I have only fired this up once and I have noticed. It's easy to light and get hot. The whole thing will be hot, even if the double walls fool you. It's important to use a fire proof surface as it will drop hot embers below the stove. My three nitpicks are the same. 1. It looks a bit thrown together, but it doesn't affect the function or the spacing of the holes. It doesn't keep it from getting hot, so it's not an issue for me. 2. If there was a pot of boiling water on it, the prongs that support the pot need to be forced into the open position, and that would cause a catastrophe. This could be a potential safety issue for someone. 3. Even with no metal on my pot, it was difficult to put away without a bit of force, and caused some scratches and marks on the fire bowl, which could be a problem in the future. If they worked on a few construction issues, it would be great.

👤Nice. The construction has vertical continuous laser welds that are very clean. The cutouts are punched and there is no sharp substance on the backside to catch things. It is thick and sturdy. I put a kitchen pot on it. The braces for the pot extensions are made of.06" metal and 2 spot welds. The foldout pieces are bent. There are enough welds to do the job and the spot welds are good. There are no cut fingers on the top piece. The bellows telescopes to 19.2 feet. I'll have to fine the flints. The flint is.080" dia and.190" long. The threads on the aluminum pieces are fine and can be mis-threaded easily.

👤I peeled off the protective coating and it went together quickly. I used a GreenSpark fire starter and some tinder to cook my ham and potatoes at the campsite. I used it for the whole weekend and it worked well. It was easy to add more wood pieces to the fire. The oakvue model is superior to the ones that have tabs that cross together. I took a plane ride to CA for 4 more days of cooking. Sturdy and quality.

👤I like how small this stove is. It is good for boiling water and making a cup of coffee. The top plates that serve as a surface to cook on can be a bit flimsy if they are not placed in the exact position. It won't be enough to cook a meal quickly enough with the coles it creates. It is good for a small to keep you warm. It is fun to start a regular campsite fire to keep warm. The lightest thing I got out of the purchase was the lighter.

👤It works very well with sticks, pellets, or pinecones. I like the pocket bellows and the mini lighter.

6. Portable Backpacking Survival Emergency CG 2000G

Portable Backpacking Survival Emergency CG 2000G

Poles are not included. There is a dual function camping gear. Take the load off and use their portable campy gear 2-in-1 heating and stove. You can cook meals during the day and stay warm at night with a click of a button. Their portable heating system has a max output of up to 9000 BTU and a unique design that will keep you and your family warm during the cold winter months. Enjoy the outdoors and stay warm. Cook in advance. The stand that supports up to 12 inches of pans and pots is provided by the heater and stove. The Campy Gear 2-in-1 Heater & Stove is compatible with propane fuel canisters that can be nested inside the stove or connected to the 1 lbs propane cylinder for a longer usage. If you want to purchase an extension hose, please search B095S9LZZ1, B095S9TGXK, and B095S9XP7Y. It is guaranteed that the SATISFACTION will be positive. Campy gear has a 2-in-1 stove that can be used for backpacking, camping, ice fishing and hunting. They pride ourselves in quality products and are proud to offer a 1-year warranty along with world class customer service to ensure all your needs are met.

Brand: Campy Gear

👤With the COVID situation and outdoor dining becoming the norm at restaurants, I've brought this awesome little heater with me and sit it on top of the dining table for a picnic. The restaurant staff thought it was cool. I thought they might be weary of it being a fire hazard, but I didn't get a negative reaction. It's nice and discreet to bring it out, it's small, like a water bottle, so it's easy to see. It's powerful at the same time. When my wife and I sit across from each other, there is plenty of warmth in the middle of the table. If there were 4 of us, we'd need a second heater. It lasts a long time. It can use any one of the following: propane, butane, or even a mixture of the two. The 8oz net weight gas canister can provide heat at full blast for at least 2 hours. You will need a match or lighter to start. If you put the lighter through the cage, the gas dial on the heater will light up instantly. It has a flame that can be adjusted to heat or cooking. If you want a flame for cooking, you should move the little metal rod all the way to the right of the words "air valve" which is engraved on the metal near the flame. Move the dial all the way to the left if you want flame for heat. Even though it came with a dial that was all the way to the left, I had to make a one time adjustment to get the proper flame to come. It was fine after that, with no further adjustments needed. The air vent at the top of the cage should not be used for cooking. The air vent is loose and may rattle a bit. I clipped the "External Hitch Pin" onto the rivet that holds the air vent in place after I bought it at the hardware store. The air vent was tightened. I found an elegant sewing bag to put it in, but the heater comes with a mesh bag for transporting it. I'll be camping for heating and cooking in the car when camping season starts. It feels stable enough to use in a pot or frying pan. I really like this little device.

👤A small stove, but a slight breeze. It is easy to make a wind screen. I have not used it for heating, but I will use the CO monitor. The stove is stable if you use the right cookware. I don't like how the cage can come loose. The "heat & cook" mode does not mean much cooking. It's more like a heat and warm mode. The cost of iso-butane is ridiculous. This stove/heater has a coupon for a free 1 lbs. Do not expect the hose to be honored. I followed the instructions provided after submitting the request for a text message. Never heard from them again. The stove would be a better value if the hose was included. Customer support is not expected to be much.

7. Mr Heater F232000 Indoor Safe Portable

Mr Heater F232000 Indoor Safe Portable

There are 4,000- to 9,000-BTU radiant heaters. It has been approved for use indoors and outdoors. The heater may shut off at altitudes over 7,000 feet above sea level. If the pilot light goes out or low oxygen levels are detected, the auto shut-off will be activated. Fuel Consumption/Burn Rate at 9000 BTU is 0.099 Gal/Hr. The propane tank is not included. The run time is 3 hours. The use of un-authenticated accessories with thisEATER will cause serious injury and will void the warranty.

Brand: Mr. Heater

👤Be aware! After using this four times without any problems, it started to set off my CO alarm every time between 20 and 50 minutes. The new alarm gave the same warning as the old one. I had a window that was open for air. I contacted the company via their website but did not hear back. A company that doesn't take a faulty product seriously can't be trusted. There were two more attempts to support. The chat box on the website gave an automated response call. Call number...voicemail! Like others, I wrote about horrendous support. No support was correct.

👤My dog and I are homeless, and we have a tent. If it is 30f outside, I will have to get up in the middle of the night and turn it off because it gets too warm. There is a For those who don't know, the lowest setting with a 15lb propane tank gives you about 80 hours of burn time. The cans give you 3 1/2 hours.

👤We have a 45 foot RV toy Hauler that is not well insulated and the heating vent in the rear garage are not working. I used one of the two that I bought for Christmas next to my son's bed. These things were amazing. The thermostat almost never turned on because the furnace hardly ran, and two of these were running on low. The New Year weekend was cold but the heaters kept us warm. We were camping for a week and I was afraid we would burn through our large tanks if we ran the furnace too long. These helped us conserve. I bought a big case of smaller canisters at Home Depot and we used them every night. It was perfect. The exposed flame in the element is not a problem. Australian Shepherd dogs are very bright and have always been in our family. We have never had a dog with a tail before, but we have a Golden Retriever. She's a great dog, but she's as dumb as a bag of hammers. She caught her tail on fire twice while lying in front of the heaters. It seems like this could cause something terrible. Maybe I worry too much.

👤I vowed never again after nearly freezing to death in my stand last winter. I put the Mr. Buddy and 8 1lb canisters of propane in my stand before the season started because I purchased them this year. I walked to my stand in the middle of the night. Not super cold for some of you snow lovers up in Wisconsin, but plenty cold for this Texas boy. Climb into my 4x6 stand, and the first thing I do is to start up the little heating device. The pilot was pushed down and lit on the second try. The pilot was placed on low after being held down for 15 seconds. And then sat down. I took my jacket and shirt off about 5 minutes later. The frost on the windows started melting. I was warm within 15 minutes, even with two windows cracked open. The only way to get back? Fighting off the sleepy's waiting on the sun to rise and the deer to show up.

8. Coleman Bottle Propane Stove Green

Coleman Bottle Propane Stove Green

A limited warranty for one year. Up to 10,000 total BTUs is the cooking power. Pressure regulation is important for consistent performance in extreme conditions. More efficient cooking with less fuel is the perfectHEAT design. The adapted burr fits an 8 inch pan. Shield burner from wind for maximum heat. The burner and base are separate from the propane bottle. There is up to 2.5 hours on high on one 16.4 ounce propane cylinder. There is a limited warranty for three years.

Brand: Coleman

👤When I'm camping, I use this to boil water. I refill my tanks. I bought one about 15 years ago, but it got swept away in a Gully Flood. This was bought to replace it. Looks the same. Good idea, but has the same poor quality construction that I find in most things from Coleman. The attitude of "let's make it as cheap as possible", found in most "made in China" equipment they produce, leaves me unimpressed. The plastic insides of the valve mechanism feel loose and do not give me a feeling of confidence when I turn it off. When not in use, the tank and stove must be separated. Why not use a quality valve? I would have paid more for a better product. I have simple propane soldering torches that screw to the top of the tanks, which is 10 times the quality of the same money. Coleman wants you to break the valve and throw the unit away. Many people here accept poorly engineered products and give 5 stars to everything they buy. Not a happy camper. I will not buy another. The product was found to be a much better quality product. I bought it.

👤works well for money. I found a good carrying case for it. The plastic container is 9x8x68. I got it from the target. You can get it for $4-$5. It fits the stove and base.

👤It worked well for the first year. You can see the burn marks on the plastic and the gas leaking from the knob in the picture. It's a shame.

👤A small. It's lightweight. It's very easy to attach the propane tank. The Burns were evenly burned. In windy situations, does well. It's perfect for camping.

👤I wouldn't want anything else other than this one, even though it may be a little bigger than other portable ultra light camping stoves. I read that the overall area to place a pot/pan on is small and can be flimsy, so I purchased this guy. It held all of my camping pots/pans perfectly, and since you slide the bottle of gas into the round base, you can adjust it if you are on a slope. This will be a staple for future camping trips.

👤This is a very well made item. It is convenient to use. The cylinder can be plumped into the base with the help of the top. The short, fat cylinders are used instead of the long, long cylinders you usually see plumbing use. I had one of these things. I hurried and ordered another one because I couldn't locate the thing. The part of Florida I live in, the Panhandle, did not get hit by the storm. My old stove helped my father and I through Hurrican Ivan in 2004. We didn't have power or water for a week and half of the trees were knocked down. Our roof lost every other row of shingles, the storm windows blew out with loud bangs, and the siding of our house blew three blocks down the street, which my neighbor, John, returned to me as a joke. We 800-273-3217 I also have a Coleman propane stove. I can't find that either. I used this stove a couple of times before deciding the single burner was enough for coffee, tea, or dinner. We ate Hormel with no beans and Bush's chili beans thrown in. You don't have to use soapy water on the joints to check for gas leaks with this stove. There is one connection. If it does hiss when you screw it on it means the valve is open. To light it, just open the valve and light it with a match or butane lighter. You use the valve to turn it on or off. If you're not familiar with propane torches, the gas coming out makes the connection icy cold to the point that frost forms. No kidding. The same principle that makes your refrigerator work will cause frost to form. I told you to torch mind you. I didn't allow the burner to run full blast. The cooking grid is very sturdy and might eventually be hurt by the flame. If I ever find the old burner, I will compare it to the new one. There is a word about liquid fuel stoves. The Coleman dual fuel stove will burn over four times what is in a cylinder per gallon, according to a add for a dual fuel stove. The cylinders only hold 16 ounces of liquid and the gallon has 128 ounces. The liquid fuel gasoline stove blowing up and sending people to heaven was a joke the person used to make. Methane, ethane, propane, and butane are the straight line gases. You get gasolines, mineral spirits, fuel oils, and tars after this. Natural gas and ethane are not liquids at safe pressure. At 15 atmospheres of pressure, propane is a liquid. The stuff in your bottles is liquid. Butane is liquid at the pressures you find in bottles. propane is more expensive than butane, butane is ideal for plastic lighters. Natural gas is cheap, but an actual cylinder of gas would give you less cooking time. They use gas in city vehicles, but they don't have a great range per charge. If you like to camp or live in hurricanes, this and other Coleman products are very nice. I give it five stars.

9. Coghlans Camp Heat 2 Pack

Coghlans Camp Heat 2 Pack

essential gear for camping, backpacking, and more The world's largest brand of camping accessories. Everything you need to enjoy the outdoors. Practical,durable, afforadable. For heating or cooking in emergencies. Non-toxic fumes. The burn timer can be used for 4 hours per can. There are two canned cans of diethylene glycol.

Brand: Coghlan's

👤We have had bad windstorms and were looking for something that could be used indoors. Convenience for cooking or heating in camp, home, or in emergencies are safe and harmless for cooking or heating with canned heat. I received the canned heat and it has a warning on it. Skin irritation is caused by Vapor harmful to skin. Flammable. Vapors will ignite. Don't use this product if you can't breathe as much as possible. There is a Which is it? "Odorless and non-toxic fumes are safe and harmless", or "The vapors are harmful and you shouldn't breath them, or" I don't think I'll be comfortable using this in a confined space, so I'll most likely return it and get a propane stove instead.

👤Coffee, tea and soup were not heat during the Texas freeze. Adding a can of hot beans would have been great. These were bought with a camp stove. These were given a low rating. They leaked in transit, although they haven't used. I didn't open the box immediately since we were 800-273-3217 It was definitely not wrapped in plastic, but not sure if caps were sealed properly. What a mess.

👤The cans arrived on time, but the carboard/paper container they were in was damp. I thought it was because of the water in the air, but it wasn't until I had it in a heated house for a week that it dried out. There was a small piece of material coming out of the sealed portion of the can and over the top of the lid which the cap screwed on to, and I noticed that at least one can was wicking fluid out of the cap and onto the tip of the can. This allowed the fluid to move through the top of the can and down the treaded can to the paper container. A bit dangerous if the fluid caught fire. If Camp Heat paper container looks wet, this could be the problem.

👤All they have to do is give them a small amount of money. This doesn't affect everything in the box. Half of it has now been done. The product is wasted. Don't care? You should.

👤I used twice. The water is boiled in about 5 minutes. I have burned for an hour so far. I don't know how long they will last. It works perfectly in my stove.

👤I bought two of these 2-packs and a small Coghlan's folding camp stove for my Hurricane Preparedness Kit. I've not used either of them yet, but I'm sure I'll be happy to get it once I finish eating my tenth package of cheese-and-peanut-butter crackers. There's nothing like a hot meal to distract you from the ongoing disaster. It is worth the money.

10. Coghlans 9957 Folding Stove

Coghlans 9957 Folding Stove

A design that is both rustic and innovative. A camping stove with coated steel construction is strong enough to hold a heavy pot. Any type of canned fuel or solidified alcohol can be used for heat. The front door and sides are tall. essential gear for camping, backpacking, emergency preparedness, and more

Brand: Coghlan's

👤Be careful with what you buy. As it burns hot enough to boil water, the only fuel that can be gotten from the Sterno is "Cooking Fuel". "Canned Heat" pot warmers burn at only 185 degrees and will never boil water.

👤I use this for camping in my van or tent. It was tested at home. It only took me 30 seconds to set it up. I put the pot on top of the sterno can and it was very sturdy. No worries about the pot falling off. It's perfect for when I only need one burner and don't want to break out the big Coleman propane stove. I got a heat diffuser for use on top so I can double the usage of this stove as a back up tent heater, and it worked very well for that purpose as well. I used the heating cover from AdvancedShop here on Amazon to see which one I used. It was fast shipping on it. I've provided pictures of a medium saucepan and a heat diffuser.

👤This is what you think it is. I use twigs, pinecones, and Sterno. All worked well in this stove. The little door does not always stay shut. It can affect the flame inside. You can fix it with a screwdriver or something in front of it. It was easy to clean and works well. Tin foil on the shelf is the best way to hold burning materials. To keep it clean. The stove is a little heavy. If you are car camping, it is still very portable. It might be an issue for backpacking. It does what it says it will do and for a very good price.

👤I bought this for my kit. It is sturdy and can be used many different ways. You could use things other than sterno. I used my stove as a proof of concept. If one needed sticks, they could use them in it. This is the most important part. Coffee. I can't exist without coffee. That is not true. I can exist without coffee, but anyone who has to be around me doesn't want to. I have to have coffee. This is a problem when my house is all electric. I own a Coleman propane stove, a propane single burner unit, and a propane grill. One can burn up a lot of propane in an extended outage, but those stupid little canisters are not cheap. I could use a larger propane tank, but it's inconvenient and the propane is not cheap. Since I don't have a fireplace, I decided to use an alcohol stove. I bought a stove kit after that. I like that thing. There is a problem. Yes. The coffee. I can't just throw a percolator on the kit. I have to either use a backpacking stove, make French Press coffee by boiling water in my JetBoil, or I need something that will support my percolator. This is the kind of thing that engineers think about when the power is out for a long time. The Coghlan's Folding Stove can be entered. I can put my percolator on top of my alcohol burner. It's dah! Coffee. I can use sticks if the mountain blows up or we have the Big One, but only if the mineral spirits, Heet, and any other burnable fuels are gone. During Armageddon, I can have coffee. If I had to, I could cook food with this. It is a fun little stove, so it is great for camping, road trips, and emergency kit. I think I will buy a second one so that I can leave it in my car. Have you ever watched Survivorman? The quality of this stove sold me on it after I read reviews and looked at it in stores. I'm very happy with it. It's a great addition to my kit and is very useful. I am glad I bought it.

11. Solar Kettle Thermal Survival Temperature

Solar Kettle Thermal Survival Temperature

Weather resistance and durable. The solar bulb can be used for 500, 000 hours. You put it outdoors with no worries. If the indoor solar lights don't meet your expectations, please contact their friendly customer service. Your ideas are welcome to be shared with them. The original solar kettle was designed for those off-grid who needed clean safe drinking water, hot coffee, tea or soup. It can be used to cook meals that can fit inside the tube. After the sun goes down, keep the cap closed to keep the content warm and ready to drink or eat. Monitoring is not required. Light, portable, anddurable: Measures 18.4 x 4 x 2.5 lbs. It has a capacity to hold 3 cups and is made of shock resistant materials. It was tested to hold hail up to 25mm in diameter. The solar kettle is protected against defects for 24 months. Depending on the season and altitude, the kettle will warm up content as quickly as 15-20 minutes and reach boiling point in less than an hour. It works in all seasons if the sun is up. It will function in cloudy days or with the snow, capturing ultraviolet light and holding its heat. The outer tube of the thermos is designed to maximize the energy of the sun, while the inner tube is designed to absorb heat energy. The sun's energy will be three times greater with the reflectors than with a plain tube. The kettle is warm on the inside, but cold on the outside. ADVANTAGES: You will heat water for free. No electricity needed! No more using a stove made of gas, propane or charcoal. You will use this wherever there is sunlight. Their solar kettle is a reliable source of easily made safe hot beverages and food for camping, fishing, kayaking, and maneuvers with the army.

Brand: Contemporary Energy

👤Depending on the outside air temperature, the unit will heat water to the boiling point in about 3 hours. It has a design flaw. The glass tube will fall out when the unit is torn apart. I had to throw out the shattered glass twice. The plastic pins that hold the "wings" in place are not hinges. They will not hold the unit together if you fold the wings closed. The glass tube containing the water will break when you do that.

👤I used it for the first time. The top was held by the handle, and when it came off, it had boiling hot water in it. The water was boiling in less than an hour, I never use it.

👤The unit isn't very good. It fell out of the box.

👤It can't take that much water. It looks like it was supposed to be a tea for the sunbird.

👤It took an hour to get hot but not too hot to touch and the price is excessive.

👤Fantastic products. Very ethical. You will be delighted if you handle with extreme care. The vacuum bottle is vulnerable to shocks. The plastic housing is delicate. So what? The product is wonderful.

👤I heated some Vienna sausage and picked it up, but it broke. 3 times.

👤Wow! I was skeptical but my husband wanted this for Christmas. It makes water boiling hot. It will be great for camping.


What is the best product for survival heater camp fuel?

Survival heater camp fuel products from Coghlan's. In this article about survival heater camp fuel you can see why people choose the product. Unigear and Dr.hows are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival heater camp fuel.

What are the best brands for survival heater camp fuel?

Coghlan's, Unigear and Dr.hows are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival heater camp fuel. Find the detail in this article. überleben, Oakvue and Campy Gear are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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