Best Survival Hat Men[sq]s

Hat 8 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Carhartt Mens Acrylic Watch A18

Carhartt Mens Acrylic Watch A18

It was made in the USA. The carhartt label is sewn on. Prev. The name of the hat is Acrylic.

Brand: Carhartt

👤Because of the reviews warning of Chinese fakes, I made sure my mine came from the warehouse. There were no third party sellers. I received 7 in all different colors, one being a woman's which I have found to be the same size though maybe not as much excess on top. The tags say Dearborn Michigan. All are the same material with the same gold logo tag. I purchased one in store and all mine seem legit. The state of Colorado. I agree that the gold is misleading as the picture shows a yellow color where the hat is actually a dark deli mustard color. It's still nice, but not what I was hoping for. The colbalt is very nice and the women's color is very nice as well. The yellow doesn't photograph the "brite" yellow and orange are quite neon and eye catching. It is so bright. My head is warm even in the teens, all of them are excellent quality and thick. I walked inside for a few and my head was sweating. I have a normal sized adult head. These fit without being tight. I am sensitive to headbands being too tight as they give me headaches. There were no issues with this hat. My 8 year old with a slightly large head and my 7 year old with a small child head both wear these in adult sizes. They fit them as well. These have a lot of stretch to them but don't seem to lose elasticity either. I chose adult sizes to make them last longer and I could borrow when I wanted to change colors. My teen also approves of Carhartt hats for any head size or age, as they are in style now and celebs are wearing them as well. So, fashion, comfort and quality. Win. Make sure you pay attention to the seller and buy from Amazon directly.

👤It's just in time for single digits on the East coast in January. The weather has been very cold. I work third shift and it is the most cold night of the year. This keeps my bald head warm. I used to wear ball caps, but they weren't cutting them with this cold weather. Money spent in a good way. It was available in many different colors. The price was correct. I might get a different color one soon. I'll bring out the ball caps in the spring.

👤One day, I had a cold head and that was the catalyst for my journey for a hat in motion. After many hours of research, I brought my index finger down on the mouse to open a tab that said "Carhartt Men's Acrylic Watch Hat, Breen, One Size" The image of the hat, a deeply satisfying hat that was sure to promise a hot time, was guided by a renewed sense of vitality. A few seconds was all it took to know I'd already been wasting time not having clicked on the "add to cart" button. I counted the days until my hat arrived. My head was cold. Sometimes the ice on my skull weighed me down and caused me to fall into the snow. I was wandering the streets, desperately off-course from my origin. A man is in a blind pursuit of comfort. These days were not my best. I was in disbelief when I arrived. Is it possible for a cold-headed man to experience true comfort the way I used to? The concept was not reasonable. When I ripped open the package with my teeth, I saw the hat that mocked me, and I dared myself to think my head could ever be warm again. My hands guided the had over my head and around my ears. My skull was chilled and my mind was warm again. The heat of the sun was reflected through me. I was complete again. My hat is off because I will never take it off. I remember what it was like to not have heat on my head. Never make me do that.

2. Michael Josh Emergency Survival Lanyards

Michael Josh Emergency Survival Lanyards

The Lanyard Hole makes for an ideal neck knife. Louder sound can be heard for a long distance. stainless steel is strong and durable. Good environmental ability. The whistle has no built-in pea, so it won't mold or breedbacteria. You can use it in a dirty environment. It's convenient and practical to tie on your backpack. The package includes Whistles with a keyring and a lanyard.

Brand: Michael Josh

👤I bought these whistles because of the good reviews. I was happy with the lanyard that came with them. Only one of them works for me. One is useless if you paid for a pair. There is an update! My rating has been changed to 5 stars. I got two more whistles in the mail today. Both work well and are loud. I can only assume that the seller read my review and made my order right. Customer service was excellent. Thank you.

👤I've bought whistles from Fox 40 and British police style whistles. The whistle is so loud that I have never heard it before. I like the safety factor of having a loud whistle and bright flashlight, in case I get injured on a mountain bike, and am too hurt to hike out of the woods. I bike on multi-use trails with joggers, dog-walkers and even horses. I don't try to scare horses, but I try to give them a heads up if I'm coming up behind them. The two whistles I got had different pitches. Both chambers have the same pitch, but one has a slightly different pitch. Both of them are loud. The bonus mini aluminum single chamber whistle came with my 2 whistles. I keep it attached to my car keys because it's small and light and not as loud as the two main whistles. I'm very happy with my purchase.

👤I bought the black whistle because of the photo that shows a machined and hardened aluminum whistle, not the $1 bead blasted whistle shown in the second photo. I wear and collect the whistle everyday. I already have several of the cheese ones. I made these whistles for friends because I didn't want to waste time going to the store. FURA makes a whistle that is much better. I wear the NW20. The seller should stop misrepresenting what they are selling. This piece would get no more than three stars.

👤Only one whistle works, and the seller didn't respond to the letter asking for a replacement. Poor quality, poor customer service, and no response to request are all reflected in my review.

👤I like Fox40 whistles. They get dirty after a while. It's hard to clean when the plastic is badly damaged. A friend recommended Michael Josh to me. I am not disappointed. The whistle is loud, but not as loud as Fox40. I think Michael Josh whistle is easier to blow. A small amount of air can produce a loud sound. Fox40 is piercing and sounds sharp. The sound of Michael Josh reminds me of a British police whistle. It's as light as Fox40 when attached to my keychain. They are so easy to clean. You can just wash under the running tap. Good as new! A very satisfing whistle to add to my collection.

👤A fellow skier mentioned carrying a safety whistle while skiing. It had never occurred to me, but since I mostly ski alone and occasionally get into remote areas it struck me as a really good idea. If you do, it's valuable but you never need it. I looked around and found a simple, effective, and virtually indestructible one. I wasn't disappointed. When I tested it in my kitchen, it was loud. It's not recommended for indoor use. The lanyard and carabiner are great for other purposes, but I didn't use them and removed the little chain to eliminate the most obvious failure points. The whistle body was attached to my jacket using the included keyring. It's close by if needed. I was worried that it would flap around in the wind while skiing. I've had it there for many ski trips, but not once have I been reminded it's there.

3. DDYOUTDOOR Fashion Outdoor Protection Fishing

DDYOUTDOOR Fashion Outdoor Protection Fishing

The new Sun Cap has flaps that are replaceable. IDEAL FOR CAMPING, BOATING, FISHING, HIKING OR GARDENING,LARGE BILL AND BACK FLAP PROVIDES PROTECTION FROM THE SUN. There areESH side panels with 2 large moss eyes for shade. The collapsibel is easy to carry. Material: nylon

Brand: Ddyoutdoor

👤The hat fits. It protects against the sun. I thought the neck flap would be annoying. I put it back on when I get hot. 5 stars for being a great sun hat. The bad news now. I use a hat for fishing. I have tried wide brimmed hats, but they get blown off, so this is far superior to traditional women's sun hats. It is ugly and has no feminine qualities and that is a problem, because on a lake, men will stand up, look around to see if there are any women, if they don't see any, they will whip it out and pee off the side of the lake. I've seen things.

👤It's exactly as the image depicts. The material is light and soft. It seems well made and fits exactly how I wanted it to, being outdoors in the blazing sun checking terrain for construction sites. It's a welcome addition to my gear.

👤In Houston, Texas, working outside for more than 11 hours a day is very hot. This helps a lot. Blocks the sun so no sunburn, and keeps my face clean from the yard dirt. The material is not uncomfortable. I can breathe with this one.

👤I'll add mine because I'm very satisfied with the product and it's easy to set expectations given everyone's selfies with product. When it arrived, I was skeptical about the negative reviews that said the clips on the back part would break. They were small but still adequate if you were trying to break it. I was out kayaking as part of a safety crew and I had to stay at a buoy to direct swimmers or help in case of emergency, not fishing or anything. I noticed a small black plastic piece when I was putting away my kayak, but I didn't think of it anymore. It was one of the inside black clips that had broken. Weird. I don't recall any stress. I think this is easy to repair. Only one star is enough for docking. I agree that clips like the front piece would be better. There are pictures of a broken clip. The front piece is pulled down.

👤I got this hat for a great price, it is very light weight, well made, and protects my neck from sunburn, I love it, and it is very cheap.

👤I wish I could keep it, but it was too small for me and I wear a size 7 1/2 fitted hat. The mask and backing had excellent coverage from the sun in the state of Arizona, and I felt cooler in the afternoon. I'm still trying, other hats haven't compared to the coverage. The back sun shade has plastic clips that hold securely, but may be fragile in the long term, because the mask has two sets of metal buttons that hold well. There is a liner inside the hat.

👤I wanted to use this hate in Alaska to protect me from the sun while on a glacier. The first time I tried to remove the face mask part, a snap botton broke, it took 5 minutes to open. Cheap quality is not recommended.

4. Balaclava Mask´╝îWarm Windproof Fleece Winter

Balaclava Mask%EF%BC%8CWarm Windproof Fleece Winter

A high quality wind-resistant ski mask can protect your face and neck during the cold winter. Perfect face and neck warmer for skiing, snowboarding, ice fishing, hunting, hiking, trekking, cycling,camping in the cold weather. The ultimate combatant and warmth. The Warm and Windproof Fleece Thermal keep you warm and soft, whether you're working out or hanging out. The balaclava fleece hood can keep you warm. During the cold weather winter, keep your head, neck, ears and face warm and comfortable. Skin-friendly materials don't make the skin itch or smell. ULTIMATE PROTECTION: KOOLSOLY full face masks protect you from the elements. You can wear this balaclava as a full-face mask, open balaclava, half face mask, ski mask, neckerchief, or a hood under a helmet or hat, with glasses or goggles. It is possible to make a multi-purpose plan. Three-in-one design---hat, scarf and mask give you triple protection. It will protect your head, face and neck in cold weather.

Brand: Koolsoly

👤This thing is amazing. In February, the temperatures in South Dakota can easily get below zero. I feel like I can go outside without fear of the cold weather, as this product keeps me warm and I don't feel vulnerable to the wind and freezing cold temperatures. It's great for those of us who don't like wearing surgical masks, as it's one of the things that makes this mask so popular. I don't have to change my lifestyle to go to a restaurant, I can use this product instead. Killing two birds with a stone. Thank you so much for the great product.

👤I walk every night after I get home from work but as the weather gets cold it becomes too cold to walk. I wanted to see which one I liked the best. The winner was this one. I use this hood because I don't like my nose covered and it works great. I sent the other one back. I can also pretend I am a ninja. "

👤I use it every day, it's warm from the inside, but the part that goes in your head doesn't cover it, so it leaves a good part of my forehead exposed. I have to wear a beanie on top of it. I'm content with my purchase.

👤The top leaves your forehead open. This worked because the fabric is so soft.

👤It's very warm and cute. The inner lining of my head is made of sherpa. The hat is on the smaller side and doesn't cover my head as well as other hats.

👤I'm so happy. It's soft and thin. It worked well when I wore it for fishing. I wore it to take my dog out in the wind and it froze my face in less than 10 minutes. I wouldn't recommend it if it's going to be very cold. I don't recommend for people who wear glasses. It will cause fog.

👤This contraption is meant to fit over your head in order to keep your head warm during the dark days of winter. This isn't a Greek pastry. It has nothing to do with Backgammon. It could be used as a bowling ball bag for a while. I think it would hold fish. You could try to use it as a fishbowl. Not for a long time. Please don't use the Baklava as a toast. Madison is the capital of Wisconsin. The Baklava isn't bulletproof. If you want to reduce its overall power, do not set fire to the Baklava before putting it on your head. You may or may not be possessed by demons. The fun part is not knowing.

👤I live in the north. Canada is a hop skip. I got a hood and mask to make walking outside more comfortable. I like it! The pink is bright. It is soft. It's fleecy. The hood fits on my large head. This might be too snug if you have a big head. I wear a surgical mask under my nose because I don't want to breathe in fleece fibers by accident and I don't want to sneeze into the hoodie. I wear a larger coat with a hood so it's good for cold days. You can pull the forehead section down and it stays there. You can wear it as a neck warmer. These types of hoodies can be used in many different ways. The 5 stars are because it is inexpensive, it was packaged nicely, and it is as advertised.

5. Home Prefer Outdoor UPF50 Fishing

Home Prefer Outdoor UPF50 Fishing

Premium Polyester/Nylon,breathable, quick-drying, lightweight and soft comfortable wear. The wide brim and mesh vent for cooling the air through the crown. 98% of damaging UVA/UVB sun rays are blocked by the UPF 50+. The neck flap can be used as a bucket hat. It's perfect for any outdoor activities.


👤I don't know how big my head is. I can't find hats that fit, but I read a review where a guy said he had the biggest head on his construction site, and he said it fit his head. I thought I would give it a try. It does fit all the way out. My wife can wear it as well. It seems to be well made, and I have worn it every day for a month. Light weight and nice air quality. I have only used the neck shade a few times, but it works well. The strap works great when I go fishing on Davis Island, which is very windy. I ordered a navy blue fan, but I plan on ordering a few more in other colors.

👤I wear this hat almost daily. I work outside. I have worn this hat all day long. Sometimes I pair it with a towel to cool it off. I washed it many times. It has held up well. I was pleasantly surprised. You definitely won't get any cool points, women and men won't ask you for a date, but you will get a compliment from time to time. The tool serves its purpose very well. Highly recommended!

👤I bought this for protection from the sun. I knew it would cover my head from the sun, but it felt good on my neck. The top of the hat let the breeze in, so it cooled me. Great hat.

👤When I'm out landscaping outside 25/7, the product is really good, not cheap or expensive, but it does help. When you fold the hat in, you can put it in place with the help of the sweat band, and it also has a piece of velcro on both sides to hold it in place.

👤It should be much cooler than my older hat because the wind blows into the mesh top. My previous hat had something like a thin foam on it. It was stiff and foldable. I was hoping the brim on this hat would be stiffened but after spraying a few coats of starch, it doesn't droop. The material is thin and flexible despite the extra stitching. It's still springtime. I haven't tried the neck covering, but it stores nicely. Nobody has noticed that it has an option. I was worried that it would be too obvious. I was going to cut it off. I'll try to remember to update when the temperature is over 90F.

👤My husband is a USPS letter carrier. He loves it, keeps his head nice and cool on hot days, and commented that the brim is wide enough to shade his face completely. When it is time for a new one, will purchase again.

👤The hat was destroyed from the mail envelope. The crown of the hat was not able to stand up. I put it on a makeshift hat stand for a couple of days. The mesh isn't strong enough to support the crown. The interior headband has a tendency to roll down and out of the hat. The neck flap is in the back of the brim which makes the whole thing look sloppy. To be clear... This thing is not like laying a tee-shirt on your head. I am going to try a different hat.

6. KOOLSOLY Outdoor Protection Removable Windproof

KOOLSOLY Outdoor Protection Removable Windproof

Sun protection is provided by the 360 SUN PROTECTION. The whole is surrounded by a large shawl, free removal, sunscreen and breathable to keep delicate skin on the neck ears and face safe from harmful rays. It protects skin from the elements and the mask can protect face from dust. The new sun cap has flaps. The lightweight and quick to dry outdoor hat is great for all types of outdoor activities. There are many ways to wear this cap, it's the only hat you need for travel, fishing, surfing, hiking, mountain biking, beach sports. It's possible to re-locate. The whole is surrounded by a shawl, free removal, a neck flap, and a mask that protects the face from dust. WINDPFOOG WATERPROOF FABRIC has mesh,absorb sweat, and UV resistance. The back of the hat has a windproof design that keeps it out of the wind. The back of the hat has an elastic fast buckle, which makes it a good fit for an average adult head.

Brand: Koolsoly

👤I bought the same hat from another vendor on Amazon in June of last year and it is the best hiking hat I have ever owned. This was the first one that kept the brim stiff even when wet, and it was the only one that got floppy when sweat-soaked. My original hat is getting ragged from all the bush-whacking since the majority of my hiking is off- trail. I decided I better get another one while I can. It flopped over my face when it arrived, even though it looked like a very similar replacement to my original one. Also, note: This was not a result of Amazon packing it for shipping, it was a result of the hat brim being folded in the original plastic bag. I returned it. I told the vendor I would buy another hat in a minute if he could assure me another would arrive in usable condition. I felt a 1-star rating was appropriate since I received no response from the vendor. I would have given it a full 5-star rating if it had arrived intact and usable. There is a VENDOR. Are you listening? The vendor never communicated with me through the Amazon email, however over the last 6 months I started receiving emails from the vendor asking me to remove the review. It asked, then asked, then asked, then asked, then offered 10. What? Dollars? Is it Yen? Euros? Is it possible to use the virtual currency? I received four more emails over the last week, raising the offer to 20, 30 and 40, and this morning it was up to 40. Again, 40 what? It doesn't specify what currency it is. There is a I still stand by my review. The first hat I ever owned was the best hat I have ever owned, but I only wore it for use, never the neck or face covering. I returned the second hat because it wouldn't hold a flat shape. It's not a one-off problem, as I see a number of other newer reviews stating the same issue. I will not be bribed to change my review. I would damage the credibility of my reviews. Can we trust any Amazon reviews? I don't want money, but I do want the vendor to assure me that the next hat won't be folded over and I will order it again. Since that never happened, we are here. The vendor can change the rating of the first hat if it is as good as the second one, since it appears the vendor has seen the review. I contacted both Amazon Customer Service and Amazon Security because of the breach that allowed the vendor to get my personal email and asked if they should drop the vendor for not following Amazon policies. There is a I will be contacting authorities if you continue to harass me at my personal email.

👤A couple of years ago, my husband bought this hat for him to do yardwork. I ordered a new one for him because it was getting worn out. Amazon folded it in quarters and shipped it in an envelope. The replacement order was folded. This hat should not be shipped in envelopes.

7. Outdoor Camping Operator Military Charcoal

Outdoor Camping Operator Military Charcoal

A booney hat for men and women is similar to a military style cap. The chin strap on each hat provides additional security and comfort during high level activity. The floppy look gives a sporty and rugged look for you to take on the great outdoors. It's perfect for fishing or hunting. There are brass buttons on both sides that fold up the brims. The camouflaged look gives it a tactical feel. Provides all day comfort and can be worn all season for a fashionable way to protect from sunlight. Provides shade to allow you to see long distances better. It is necessary against the elements of nature. The hat can be folded up or down to maintain its shape. It can be folded up and stowed away when not in use. It can be worn at festivals, around the bonfire, at the beach, picnic, and other outdoor events. It's impermeable with SPF 50 sun protection. This sun hat is versatile and functional. The hat is made to offer a balance between sun protection and breathability to help you stay cool on a hot summer day. The bucket hat is great for casual wear and is great for hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, and much more. It's a perfect gift for both men and women who enjoy spending time outdoors. One size fits all. The blend of fine fibers ensures comfort, longevity, and fashion. You can treat yourself or a loved one to one of these amazing sun caps, they can wear all year round. It is a 23.5" head circumference. The hat size is 7. The diameter is 7.5 It's 3.5 feet tall. The entire hat is 11 inches in diameter.

Brand: Winterlace

👤I'm not happy with the product. I tried to unbutton the sides of the hat after buttoning them up. The button on the other side doesn't hold strong enough to break. I was expecting a hat that wouldn't break after 5 minutes.

👤"One size fits most" is stated in the description. They don't state the size just because of that statement. I'm too big a guess.

👤My old bucket hat was no longer cutting it for sun protection. I can't pull off the full-on floppy sunhat beach bunny fantasy. I look stupid in this hat, but it's the happy medium. I make it work. I cut a small hole in the back to keep my hair out of the hat, which looks stupid but it's better than having sweaty hair hanging down my neck or trying to smush it all inside the hat. I popped on some buttons to distract attention from my fashion faux-pas. Back to the product's performance. I wore this on several windy, sunny days, including a dolphin boat tour where I would normally be at the mercy of the elements. The silly looking chin strap keeps the sun off my face. The game is called function over form, and I can't believe I typed that. I don't have a better closing line.

👤I am happy with the purchase and product. Excellent quality and a great price. Other comments say it didn't have a vent. I wanted to make it clear that the other comment was about the unvented mesh. This aspect of hat design is important if you want to protect your head from the sun and heat. I could see myself running miles and miles under the harsh sun and the temperature was over 120 degrees just pounding away in agony knowing that mesh was allowing my head to be cooled and steam released. Just sayin.

👤I wrote a review for the same hat, but it says "no longer available" It says "verified purchase" and " buy it again" and brings me to this page. The picture of this hat is the reason I am changing the review here. The Floppy Military Camo Sun Cap for Men or Women is made of forest green. The previous price was $12.99. I am very happy with this product. I have two colors. I thought I would be disappointed with one of them. I have both hat colors and types--one with the mesh and 3 of another color from the same seller. The size is generous for both women and men, the stitching is precise and detailed. The quality is excellent. I intend to get more from the quality that I have. I am doing a happy dance and it appears all types have the tie. Rarely do you find such high quality. YipEE! Please keep this seller on board! The product is going fast. I had to wait until they had them in stock again, and some of them are already sold out. That says a lot.

👤I bought this hat to help protect me from the sun while I am outside. It has a vent that allows air to get into the head and keep it cooler. It is made of a very comfortable fabric. I only wore this hat for about 2 to 3 hours a day because I have a large rimmed straw hat that I use for lawn work. The hat is not dirty. After about 2 months, this hat was no longer well used. The snaps that give the "boonie" to the hat fell off. The wide brim was great in warding off the harsh sun. I wanted to put the sides of the rim in place because of the great Fall weather. The snap fell off. I am the owner of a great concept with one less snap and a lop-sided "Boonie"

8. CONDOR Tactical Black Size Fits

CONDOR Tactical Black Size Fits

The strap is 100% cotton and has a buckle on it. Import.

Brand: Condor

👤A top quality condor hat. I feel like an operator again. I wear this hat all the time. I wear it when I'm making love, taking a shower, pooping or just at a fancy restaurant in a suit.

👤The quality of my second hat is better than the first. I didn't think it was possible because the first hat lasted me more than five years. It never came undone or faded. I lost the fist and purchased a second. I like to work on the house, however I sweat a lot. I don't like the smell of my hat. I toss it in the wash often. The baseball hats from the mall are not the only hats that come out warped. Not this hat. The price point is good for quality. This hat is very good. I will buy as gifts this Christmas.

👤It was pretty nice for a $10 hat. Seams in the dome are taped well and the stitching is solid. The material is thin and likely won't hold up long in every day wear, but that would only be a gripe for me if I'd paid more or planned to wear it other than when I'm wearing headphones or ear muffs. The item description on Amazon says " 100% nylon" which would make it a much more durable hat. It is cotton, not nylon. I had a hunch that it would be cotton, even though I wanted a nylon hat. I would appreciate it if anyone cared to tell me if the nylon hat they found on Amazon was actually nylon.

👤The quality is above par. I ordered a black one and a tan one because they went above my expectations. All the patches I bought to match them turned me into a patchaholic. My hats are going to get dirty. I didn't want a solid colored one that the dirt and finger smudges would take away from the American flag patch on the front. The Multi cam Arid had a multi cam flag patch on the front and In Good We Trust on the back, which was nice. I ordered matching patches for the others and rubber American flag patches as well. The hat on the black has a low profile that makes it look stealthy and menacing while not being able to say "look at me" as many hats do. The cloth ones still look great on the hat I got them for, even though the rubber ones look like they were made for each other. There is a If you want a high quality hat that fits like an old friend straight from the package that's about as comfortable as a cap can be in hot humid weather to cold rainy weather, this design and brand will be tough to beat.

👤This is my favorite hat. There are a few minor issues. Many "ball caps" are too small and look on my head. Buckle adjustment on the back and excess tucks in are different. Quality and materials are excellent. It was comfortable. There is a logo heat embossed on the front Velcro. The logo area is no longer usable for patch attachment. That makes the pictures look nice, but it's for a patch and so will always be covered. Give me a full patch! The back strip is a bit crooked, but it is nice and long. I would like to see the con addressed.

9. Etsfmoa Rechargeable Lighted Headlight Headlamp

Etsfmoa Rechargeable Lighted Headlight Headlamp

The Unisex Lighted Beanie Cap is a great gift for Christmas because it is comfortable, warm, and washable. A perfect gift for a dad. It was warm and cold in the winter. This one-size-fits-all beanie hat with light is made from an ultra- soft acrylic blend that provides excellent insulation against cold winter air. Light up your way. The light up hat contains four bulbs and can be easily removed. You will have the perfect amount of light for any task with the three (3) brightness settings. It will always light your way when you need it, with 8 hours of runtime on a single charge. You can use the standard port to charge your computer, portable power bank or car. It's needed anywhere. The hand free lighted hat is up for the challenge, no matter what you want to do. It s waterproof and perfect for a wide range of activities.

Brand: Etsfmoa

👤My husband calls the hats I bought "miners hats". They are very bright and warm. We have to take our dogs out multiple times when it is dark and I was tired of trying to hold a flashlight and a leash while trying to bag dog poop. I found these hats. They plug into the charging port in my kitchen and are very bright. I love things like this that make my life easier.

👤There are no instructions on how to charge this standardusb charging device. Does anyone know how to charge this? The light is bright and the beanie is soft. I need to know how to charge it. When I figure this out, I will make 5 stars.

👤It may seem like a no-brainer to figure out how to charge this unit, but I would like a short instruction sheet to show how long it will take and when to expect a charge. I shouldn't have to look around online to find these things. They should be provided by the manufacturer.

👤I bought 2 of them. They charged for the first time. After 20 minutes, they ran out of juice and never charged. Don't buy. It is a hat.

👤Kids wanted to give their dad a present. I was impressed when I checked it out, it was super fast shipping. It is warm and comfortable, but the light has different levels of brightness. The light comes out so you can wash it. Great product. Will be buying more for the kids.

👤The light stopped working and the product was returned. The light stopped working after I received a replacement hat. This product is unreliable.

👤I bought this hat because it's getting dark so early. I walk my dogs every night. This hat keeps me safe from obstacles in my path. If you have to do things outside in the dark, I recommend this hat. I live in a rural area and we don't have street lights, so the hat has come in handy.

👤I have not used it for its intended purpose yet, hunting, but I love it, I tried it out around the house. The typical blaze orange color of a hunter's hat or vest is orange. It's a good weight/qiality hat, not a cheap, thin, easily stretched out hat. Even if the light stops working, I will still have a good quality hat. The light pulls out of the rubber light holding piece without any problems. The rubber piece to the hat seems to be a very good quality stiching job. I suppose it's possible that the light could fall out of the hat, but to me it seems secure. I have an outlet in my kitchen that also has 2usb ports and this light is perfect for charging. You could call the light bright, and bright. You just press the little round button in the center of the light once, then press again to go to brighter, and then press again to the bright setting. I don't know if the lumes are for each intensity. I need the light for close work like taking a tree stand off a tree, field dressing a deer, or putting a tree stand on a tree. All 3 intensities are bright enough for me to use and close in projects where I can have both hands free to work. It's too early to say for longevity or durability. My only complaint is that you should offer the orange and camo hats as a reduced price combo deal like you already do with other different color combinations. I was able to purchase both the orange and camo separately, but there are many others out there that allow both gun and archery hunting, so the orange/CAMO combo makes perfect sense. I was not paid or given anything for this review.

10. Hats Winter Face Balaclava Black

Hats Winter Face Balaclava Black

The fabric is thick and anti-pilling. It is soft and comfortable. The roomage could be adjusted with easy wear, a drawstring. Can be used as a hat, scarf, mask and hood. Wrap head, neck, ears, and shoulders to protect them from the weather. It's suitable for skiing, camping, biking, hiking, fishing, tactical mission, survival game, hunting, and other sports outside or inside.

Brand: Bine

👤When there was no size stated, I should have been suspicious. The item is for a small child. I'm an average man and couldn't pull it over my head. I had my 10 year old granddaughter try it on and she wouldn't wear it because it was too tight around her neck. The material was very nice and felt like it would hold one arm. If necessary, add more material, make larger sizes, and charge more. This is a child's hat, not an Mens Hat.

👤This is the first time I have written a review for a product, and I must say that my first entry is not very good. The hat is worthless. It doesn't fit, it's uncomfortable, and not warm. The snow seems to stick to it more than a violent relationship. I have tried to use it in every conceivable application, just as a mask, but nothing works. You get what you pay for with it being only ten bucks. I only ask you to aim for my house if you want to throw money out the window.

👤I don't know where people can complain about something like this. I bought a more expensive version of the face mask/hat combo a year ago. I decided to buy it on Amazon. This is $10 cheaper, but thicker, and it performs as well as it can, if you need your whole face covered without having to worry about adjusting anything, get a ski mask. It's warm and cozy. I'm from Minnesota and the temperature goes from 15 to 20 degrees with the wind chill.

👤This thing is ridiculous. I bought it because I thought it would work well when the snow needed to be shoveled or when it was a cold camping trip. I'm not sure what level of hell would keep your head warm. I was sweating in the snow. It covers your neck and only your eyes and forehead are exposed. The rest is so warm that the heat from the exposed part is not a problem. The product is outstanding. It should be in every emergency kit.

👤It feels great and it is very protective. I agree with the reviewer that there isn't enough face protection. You have to pull on both cords to make the hooded portion smaller. I would recommend this product.

👤Important note**. This size does not fit all heads. I don't have a big head because I wear 7 1/2 fitted New Era caps. This is a little tight. Anyone with a bigger head would have to deal with some pain putting it on. It's a fleece material similar to those old school fleece sweaters you'd find at Old Navy, and it's worse if you're in and out of the cold. It works well while it's on. It's warm around the neck.

👤This winter hat worked well in the cold. I was not cold. I was warm and my head neck ears were protected from the cold. I usually have to wear a lighter cap and cover that one with a warmer hat to keep warm in the cold. The balaclava is wonderful. The face mask could have a tighter fit. I was pushing it against my face because it was a little loose. The hat has two strings at the end so you can pull it tight around your head. All and all. I think it's a good hat and it keeps your head warm. I would give these as gifts to people who live in extreme conditions.

11. CONDOR WC 001 Watch Cap OliveDrab

CONDOR WC 001 Watch Cap OliveDrab

Microfleece is synthetic. The ACU uniforms have foliage green on them.

Brand: Condor

👤I love this cap! The fabric is soft and well constructed. I have a small head, but I prefer a larger cap. The fit is perfect for me, but I 888-276-5932 The OD color is on point, not too greenish or bluish. The value is the best part, I've found that most of the other tactical retailers are offering a very similar product for double the price. I will definitely be ordering more. It's a good thing.

👤It's a fleece beanie and it works. What else can I say about it? I lost my Army issued cap and ordered a replacement that I love. The coloration on it is fine. The GI issued one is a bit lighter and not as snug. That isn't an issue. I've been wearing it almost everyday for a month and it's fine. I will probably buy another one for my wife. We tend to lose a lot of things while hiking in the woods. I guess. Press the Yes button to know what to review next time. JY.

👤I wear a size 7 hat. I'm always skeptical of "one size fits all", but this actually fits my noggin like it was made for it! It's soft and not itchy like a knit beanie, so that's nice.

👤I cringe when I see a 5-star rating from someone who opened the package, slipped the clothing item on, and then ran to their computer to talk about how great the item is. It's great to have everything look good and fit, but the real test is how it will do when you wear it and after a few washes. I can tell you that this cap has stood up to a lot of backpacking, soaking up a fair amount of sweat, and has survived the washings with style. This thing is still going strong after some miles. I try not to be too prepared. I like this cap so much that I've contemplated buying another one just in case I lose or wear out the first one.

👤I have a 7 head. It is hard for me to find caps like this that fit like a yamaka. This one fit me immediately, it was soft and covered my forehead and ears. I haven't washed it yet. I hope it holds up. I will buy another one after I see how it does. I like it in a number of ways.

👤This hat is terrible. Don't get it. Don't bother, you can't return Prime items for free anymore. You'll want to return it, but it won't be worth the shipping price, so you'll have to think of small-headed people who live in warm climates to give it to, as those are the only people who would want it.


What is the best product for survival hat men[sq]s?

Survival hat men[sq]s products from Carhartt. In this article about survival hat men[sq]s you can see why people choose the product. Michael Josh and Ddyoutdoor are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival hat men[sq]s.

What are the best brands for survival hat men[sq]s?

Carhartt, Michael Josh and Ddyoutdoor are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival hat men[sq]s. Find the detail in this article.

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