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1. Mosquito Lightweight Portable Load Bearing Backpacking

Mosquito Lightweight Portable Load Bearing Backpacking

The package contains a hammock with a bug net, a rainproof hammock cover, tree straps with nopes, and two poles to stand up the mosquito net. If there is a material or workmanship problem on this hammock tent with mosquito net, please contact them first for a replacement or refund. A hammock with a mosquito net is a great way to protect yourself and your children from mosquitoes, bugs, flies or other wild insects outside. It could act as a sunshade in hot weather. It will bring you an excellent outdoor experience if you breathe in the fresh air without bugs. The travel hammock is made of high quality nylon and is tear resistant, soft and comfortable to the skin. It has upgraded steel carabiners. The double camping hammock can fit 2 people on it. The maximum holding capacity is 500 lbs. The Pop-up design camping hammock is easy to set up. Setting up the net without ropes could be done in less time. You don't need to make knots to tie the tent onto the tree, just hook the carabiners to the straps. It takes a few minutes to setup. The two person camping hammock set is light and portable. Campers, hikers, and travelers could easily carry it in a small self-attached storage bag. It doesn't take a lot of space for storage. It's perfect for camping, hiking, backpacking, travel, emergency survival and any adventures. It is a hammock with a mosquito net. You can use the camping hammock as a normal hammock in seconds. It can be used as a simple tent when you are on the grass or lounge. The travel hammock could be used for a lot of things. They are used as a lightweight bed on camping trips.

Brand: Joninger

👤What a man! The mosquitoes bite through the parachute material as you lay on the hammock. Not good. It was very bad. The back of both arms got bit up first hour. I guess the only way to use is to put a blanket under you and the parachute material. It would be great if the manufacturer suggested this.

👤The metal rods are sharp. I taped the metal end pieces down, but they came out of the pockets they were supposed to be in. The metal will rip through the fabric. The net was particularly scary because I felt like I was going to flip out. It wasn't wide enough. My child thought it was fine.

👤There is a bunch of mosquitoes at the outpost where all the guides stay, where my FiancĂ© and I work. We swear that these suckers are not normal. I put the hammock up by the fire pit area and inside the mosquito net, I was mosquito free. At one point, my FiancĂ© and I got in it together, but it's just a little too small for us. I am 5'5" and he is 5'10", both under 170 pounds. It was difficult for both of us but doable.

👤We had already got to the place to use them and they came defected. They look better on the picture, but you get what you pay for.

👤It was. It was delivered a couple of days ago. There is a hole in it, I just opened it.

👤The tent is easy to carry and install, just need to open up and hang the strap to the tree. It has a mosquito net that can be used outdoors. Kids will bring it with them for camping.

👤The product is very lightweight and portable. Can't wait to use it.

2. Camping Hammock Portable Hammocks Outdoor

Camping Hammock Portable Hammocks Outdoor

The camping hammock has everything you need to stay comfortable, whether you're relaxing by the fire or sleeping under the stars, it has everything you need to stay covered throughout the night for your next camping trip. The travel hammock folds to the size of an eggplant and is lightweight and convenient. The Single Hammock is 9 feet long by 4.5 feet wide for one person, and the Double Hammock is 10 feet long by 6.5 feet wide for two or more people. Throw it in your backpack. Setting up a tree hammock is easy with two 9ft long tree straps and carabiners. You can adjust it to the perfect height with 5 separate loops. The Double hammock can hold up to 500 lbs. The hammocks for camping are made with soft yet strong parachute nylon and triple interlocking stitching, along with strong carabiners and tree friendly hammock straps. They recommend removing the carabiners first so you don't damage your washer. It is best to hang it to dry instead of putting it in the dryer after adding a small amount of soap. The camping hammock is a camping gear that must be had by the adventurer in your life.

Brand: Wise Owl Outfitters

👤I thought I was buying an American made product from all the reviews I read, but it's just like every other product I've read, it's made in China, but it's considered to be very well made. I changed out the heavy steel caribiners for the 4 alloy wire gate one's after using it for a day and a half, and they worked well, put me down. She sent me 2 wire gate alloy one's after reading my review, now that's a customer service problem. Thanks to Lauren and Wise Owl... Thank you again.

👤I missed out on practicality and comfort when I went hammock camping. I bought the single owl almost 2 years ago and only tried it once last year. I would consider the rain tarp and bug net a necessity for any camping trip, I purchased them as well. I had to use a yoga mat because I couldn't get an airpad in time for my trip. I recommend using something for the bottom layer. Even though the night temperature did not fall below 74F, it can still get a bit chilly in the hammock. There is a The ease of setting up was my favorite part. I got to the campground at 1am with limited lighting and all of my items were up in less than 15 minutes. Without ever trying the whole set up before. During a day time shower, the rain tarp kept everything dry. I haven't had a rainy night yet to try it out. The bug net is a life saver. I believe that mosquitoes can't bite through the bottom or side of the set up because of the layers. I wanted to make sure I got everything from one company when I looked at the hammock. I was impressed with the variety of products, the continuous drive to improve and the great quality of what they offer. I want to see if the lightweight hammock is durable and comfortable as I like to carry less weight on weekend trips. Happy camping!

👤I usually don't leave reviews, but this hammock deserves to be recognized. If you're over 6'2", you will not be disappointed if you buy this hammock right now, because you will not want to read the whole review. I don't think you'll ever be able to find a hammock that's as good as the one at the price. There are two things that should be kept in mind before moving forward. This is my first hammock. I have only had the hammock for a few weeks so my time with it is limited. I have a Grand Trunk double that I have had for nearly a year and I will be comparing it to the Wise Owl. My friends have ENO's, so I'm familiar with them as well. The quality of the build is 5/5. The stitching on this hammock is excellent, there were no corners cut when constructing it. The colors are top notch, like the pictures that are posted here on Amazon. The hammock colors may look better in person. It's hard to say which is built better, due to the relative newness of the Wise Owl. When my GT first arrived, there was some wear at the end of the parachute where the material ends and the cords are exposed. The strength of the GT has not been affected by the fraying. I've taken it backpacking in Colorado and Michigan and allowed my younger cousins to play in it and the GT still doesn't have much as a snag or run in the material, but at a price tag I would expect better craftsmanship out of the box. The cheaper WO is just as strong and durable as the GT, and my hanging experience with it so far indicates that, even though it is cheaper, it is still as good as the GT. I've had a total of 340 lbs in the GT with no issues, and I've had appox. The hammock remained solid despite the sway despite the 20mph winds and 30mph gust. The commission will be held on 3/6. My size comes into play here. I'm a 6'4" male with a weight of 215 lbs and it was very tight. The material of the hammock is exactly what you'd expect from other mid-range hammocks, but this WO hammock only costs $26 so you're getting quality material at a 1/2 or 1/3 of the cost. The material is soft and comfortable. I can hear it now, but is it as soft and comfy as my ENO? The material was just as comfortable as an ENO. The 3 girls who were stacked 3 ENO's high next to me all agreed that they were mad that they bought their ENO's after I asked each of them to try mine so I could have their opinion. They weren't angry because their ENO was uncomfortable, but because they could get the same level of comfort for half the price. I took off a star and rated the comfort a 3 because I am a large person and my shoulders were being forced inwards towards my chest in nearly every position I laid in, which really ruins the experience for me. It's not fair to compare the two because my GT double had no space issues. The GT double has the same dimensions as the WO double. It would be just as luxurious. Is there other hammocks that are cheaper? Yeah. Is the other cheaper brands as good? It's hard to say, I haven't used their products. I have found no other company that offers such a high quality product with such a wide variety of color options at the price point that Wise Owl is at. I don't see any reason to buy another brand. If you're in the market for a double, don't hesitate and buy a Wise Owl double. When I'm in the market for a new double, I will. If you're a girl or a guy under 180 lbs, the single will work for you. If you're around my size and need a single, I recommend the Grand Trunk single. The GT single is more expensive, but you get 6 extra inches of width which is worth it. If you're reading this, please make a single XL that gives an extra 6 inches or foot of width, make it 30 or 35 dollars, and I would buy it in a heartbeat.

3. Mosquito Carabiners Assembly Parachute Backpacking

Mosquito Carabiners Assembly Parachute Backpacking

There is a true churchyard for camping. You can sleep in a camping hammock. The portable parachute hammock comes in a pouch with all its tools. It's ideal for solo adventures. The installation tools are included. Their outdoor hammock comes with 2 easy-setup hammock straps, 2 carabiners, and 2 net ropes at a value of more than $22 on Amazon. No one needs to buy any other tree straps or carabiners. Save money and time. Perfect gifts for someone. Love camping and backpacking. The answer is this backpacking hammock with net. It could be used as a sleeping bed. The best gift for camping lovers. You can use it as a tree hammock in seconds. The same kind of parachute nylon materials used by skydivers and eno hammocks are also made of high quality. The net fabric is 2 times denser than similar products on the market. The portable hammock is lightweight and can accommodate most camping needs. 100% Lifetime Guarantee is what you get with this camping hazard risk free. Sunyear pride themselves on top quality products and great customer service. Don't hesitate to let them know if you're dissatisfied. They will make sure you get a full refund.

Brand: Sunyear

👤I've been camping for over 30 years, 6 of which Uncle Sam paid for when I was reviewing barracks, e-clubs and portable cuisine as well as live fire marksmanship training after arriving in style, dropped from the back of a C130. The material in these hammocks is the same as the chutes we used. They do not react well to sharp objects and are not intended to be a replacement for a jungle gym. There is a I'm 6 feet 2 295 and my wife is 5 feet 10 170ish. It protects you from the insects and is self contained. This is the hammock for you because you treat your gear with respect and care for it. There is no equal at under 3 lbs all in a single bag. You could make a more rugged hammock. You would increase the weight. When you are backpacking miles in and every ounce counts? It is for you.

👤I am very happy with this hammock. I bought it because I was unsure, but I think I made the right decision. The black and red hammock looks awesome, it feels durable, light, and doesn't smell like chemicals, it's well crafted, and it's well constructed. It doesn't seem like they cheaped out or cut corners. The carabiner is metal, not plastic, the stitching is straight and looks carefully crafted, the net doesn't feel like it will tear easily, and the zip works great. There's a little extra fabric on the other side of the mosquito net that can get caught in the zip, so I'm not worried. If this happens, it's easy to get stuck, but I feel like the extra fabric flap could be cut off. I brought it to a forest that didn't have a lot of trees, so my best option was two relatively large trees with little in the way of side branches. I was able to setup the hammock easily. I hung the video a little differently than I intended, but that was my fault. The carabiners can be clipped with dozens of notches in the straps to be able to choose the right length. It feels sturdy and comfortable. The fabric is thin, but the ropes don't creak with tension, and it doesn't make me feel like it's going to tear. I was surprised to find out that this hammock doesn't have a strong chemical smell, and that it's made of this type of material, which is typically used in kids' play parachutes. When lying in the forest. I could just enjoy the fresh air and not have to worry about mosquitoes. There was no offensive smells covering it up. This hammock is a great example of quality at a great price. I would definitely recommend it.

👤We took these on a hike as an alternative to sleeping on a camping mattress on the ground, having never slept in a hammock before. It took us about 10 minutes to put up 2 hammocks after we tried them out. The material seems durable, the parts have a decent quality feel to them, and they help the weight and are very stable and comfortable. We decided to sleep in them all night and they did a great job. It is important to note that sleeping in hammocks is more limited than sleeping on a camping mattress, and that you get a cool breeze on your back, which you do not get when sleeping on a camping mattress. We are happy campers with these purchases and they will become a regular part of our hiking and camping trips.

4. Touz Lightweight Portable Parachute Backpacking

Touz Lightweight Portable Parachute Backpacking

Get ready to be cradled by the soft fabric of your hammock. The fabric has enough stretch to form to your body, so you don't have to worry about fabric bunching. The Touz hammock is constructed using heavy duty triple interlocking stitching. Two solid steel carabiners and two extra tough hang ropes with tree friendly rope sleeves are included for quick and easy set up. Fix the hammock with two binding strings and tie them to the trees or poles. Hang ropes pack inside a sack for easy storage. For 1-2 people, the weight capacity is more than 450 lbs, and the unfolding size is more than 55.1 inches. The Touz hammock is ideal for hiking, camping, boating, traveling, back-yarding, or just relaxing.

Brand: Touz

👤I bought this hammock for the maximum weight it can hold and it's light weight material. I travel for work and work out on dredge vessels out in the ocean and wanted a small, portable device that would be easy to set up in weird places where I could rest and have a seat with a view. This was the purpose for me. I had several dredge men try it out and they all loved it. We work 12 hour days but have been in situations where the hours are longer or the weather is bad, we set this up multiple times and sleep for a quick nap. I had to remind the guys to keep their tools and pocket knives out of their pants but a quick body check was necessary because they are climbing in. We bought 3 more after it arrived.

👤The kids did this by themselves, so they tied one for the grandkids. The hammock is between two small pines. I ordered a second one. Kids fit in at one time to play. An adult and child can lie down. It has a storage pocket attached. This will be my birthday gift for kids.

👤There shouldn't be any issues holding two people since it hasn't been out in to the woods yet. It is light weight.

👤This hammock is sturdy, and I am 250 lbs. A big fan of this product.

👤My cousin has the same one that I haven't used yet. I bought my own when I used his.

👤It is a perfect car camping hammock, it doesn't pack as small or soft as some of the fancy brands, but it is a perfect car hammock!

👤I have attached a hammock to my balcony to overlook a mini golf course. I put a nice blanket in the bottom, with a pillow at the top, and make a thermos of lemon ginger tea. I'm in heaven. This wraps around you. There is a pouch on the side for hot tea. I fold it and put it away when I know bad weather is coming. It can be left outside to endure nature.

👤Everyone had one. I saw this on the news and thought I would buy it. It is easy to pack and folds up into a pocket light. It really holds the weight. Great product.

5. WintMing Camping Hammock Mosquito Camouflage

WintMing Camping Hammock Mosquito Camouflage

Easy installation. It's time to say goodbye to the hassle of complicated instructions and required tools. It is easy to install this hammock. You can stay independent in the harsh environment with a hammock. You can keep you dry with hammocks. You can prevent sunburnt when rains and fog-water are present. . It's important to ensure a well sleeping or rest. This tree hammock can be used as a camping tent hammock, sleeping bed, patio hammock, backyard hammock, sleeping hammock, in order to satisfy your need during your indoor and courtyard leisure or outdoor trip. The hammock tent is made of 70D nylon and has a maximum weight up to 440 lbs. You can enjoy your leisure time at once, perfect for camping, hiking, backpacking, emergency survival and any adventures, the package includes all necessary accessories. If there is a quality problem or missing accessories, please contact them immediately, they will replace it. When sitting on the hammock, please do not hang sharp objects on your pants to avoid scratching the fabric.

Brand: W Wintming

👤If I could, I would give this 4.5 stars. Everything seems very strong. You get everything you need to start hammock camping. You get a hammock, bugnet, suspension, rain fly and 2 ropes. The carabiners, the polyester straps, and the other quality items are what you get. The rain fly is the only problem I can see. It was easy to cut the thread and singe the ends of the thread with my flap. I'm not sure if the placement would cause leaks. The straps are strong without being heavy and bulky as you'll find with competitors. Light and strong aluminum carabiners are what the carabiners are made of. The zippers are open and close. The bug nets seem to be a good way to keep the bugs out. The aluminum poles seem sturdy enough to last a while. There is a nice pocket on the inside. There is a The 2 clips on the inside are a nice addition. The rain fly is a small issue. I'll have to have it out in the rain to see if it's water resistant. There is a If I get wet, I'll lower my rating, if I stay dry, I'll raise it.

👤My rating has been upgraded to 5 stars. There is a I have been in this thing for more than 30 nights. Camp setup and breakdown are easy to do. Adding an underquilt made all the difference, and I have been able to sleep in temperatures as low as 20 degrees and winds up to 50 mph. The nights were loud but comfortable. I will purchase a second one for friends or when the first one becomes too much for them. I used this once for a three night camping trip and it was great. It is easy to set up and comes in a small bag for easy transport. The inside pocket is sewn on backwards, but it appears to be well made. I was a bit nervous to sleep in it, but I was pleasantly surprised and stayed suspended without issue. I used a sleeping pad and an underquilt to stay warm. I am very happy with this purchase. I will be sure to update my review if my opinion changes.

👤I don't usually leave reviews but this was amazing. I'm a big man. I bought this for a camping trip and it was sturdy. It rained both nights of my trip, but no water got into this hammock. I would definitely recommend it.

👤I love this thing! It attracts attention when camping with others. I used it on a portable hammock stand that my friend bought at Walmart. I brought an extra sleeping bag because I don't have an under quilt yet. I should be camping at least once a month. I'll try to update as soon as possible.

👤I bought this hammock to review. The hammock weighed in at 3.68 pounds and came in a rip stop carry bag. The first thing I noticed about this product was the carry bag, it seems to be well thought out and has a strap on the side so you can attach it to your backpack. The hammock is large and comfortable when set up. I was a bit skeptical of the size of the hammock because I usually use the longer 11 ft hammocks, but the way it is designed seems to make the length not seem to be an issue. Instructions are not needed if you have no experience with hammocks. The hammock setup is very easy with the supplied tree straps. The hammock is made of 100% nylon and seems to be very sturdy, however you have to stretch it a bit to make up for some of the nylon. If taken care of, the hammock should hold up nicely. The hammock has two aluminum poles that support the bug net. The mesh of the bug net is very fine and will not allow the smallest insects to get through. The rainfly is made of a rip stop material and is double stitched. The rainfly should be able to keep you dry in the rain. I have an opinion on the hammock. I was satisfied with the overall comfort of the hammock once everything was adjusted to me. The rainfly looks like it will keep you dry. I give some of that to the amount of coverage it provided. It seemed to overhang the side of the hammock and the end of the hammock. It has a lot of coverage but still allows plenty of air to move throughout which is important on a hot July trip like I will be using it on. The build quality of the hammock is probably a 8/10 because I feel that the stitching could be improved on some of the tie out points. This hammock is enough for a weekend camping trip or backyard lounging. I would probably use my lighter rig for deep backpacking hunts. If you are looking for a hammock that you can hang up at the campsite and leave for a couple of days, this is the hammock for you. If you want a hammock that you can pick miles and miles into the wilderness, this might be more work than you think. I would purchase it again for a backpacking trip or a child.

6. LEADVENST Hammock Set Carabiners Backpacking

LEADVENST Hammock Set Carabiners Backpacking

The portable parachute hammock comes in an elegant pouch with all its installation tools. It's ideal for solo adventures. If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, please contact them. They will make sure you get a full refund. Enjoying the great outdoors doesn't have to mean getting eaten alive or wet. The Leadvenst premium camping hammock has a waterproof rainfly and high quality mosquito and bug net so you can relax in peace. The camping hammock bug net is comfortable. Hauling bulky gear to your campsite can take all the fun out of camping, but their mosquito hammock with rain fly is ultra-lightweight, so you can set up without breaking a sweat! It is made of parachute nylon. The weight is 3.2 lbs. It can hold up to 500 lbs. The backpacking hammock with mosquito net and rain fly is all you need to set up your hammock at the campsite. Extra comfort and durability are achieved by upgraded accessories. All items should be removed from your shopping list. It's the best value for your money. Their camping hammock with mosquito net and straps is quick and simple to setup. When tired, no complicated knotting. Plus: When not needed, net folds into a storage bag so you can enjoy the view. You can rely on the Ultimate Rainfly when you need it the most. The maximum protection is PU2000 waterproof, reinforced corners, sun/rain/wind-proof. Lighter stakes are not sacrificed for sturdiness.

Brand: Leadvenst

👤This is very good quality for the price. The tarp is nice. The seams are well sealed. The corners are reinforced. The quality of the tarp is very good. Quality control seems high. The organisor is nice and the ridgeline is not structural. There is a bug net pocket for overhead. The bugnet works well and the zip is well sewn. The bug net is lined up right and strong so you can get it out of your way if you misplace it. It's out of your way when it's not open. It is very easy to get in and out of. The sewn gather has a nice close fit and small gap. The dragon tail knot needs to be retied on the gather. Use the same rope, but replace it with a closed amsteel loop and add a structural ridgeline above the bugnet to create a gap for a pulled tight tarp. It will make you happy and easier to live. I really recommend it. It might make a difference between being happy about it and really loving it. There are knock off stakes. Light, strong, hold up. The guy lines are long. When you put the plastic tensioners on right, they will work. It's a bit Meh. The same for the riflers. It's a bit Meh. The leftover amsteel can be used to make soft shackles. The straps that come with this are nice. No worries about strength or stitching. The tree side should be used with the carbiners that came with this. loops are great because a ridgeline removes the need for super fine adjustment. Really happy with the tarp. Not a pad for this. Can't go wrong using it. The price is a great value. Everything needed, minus an under and top quilt, is a good starter for camping. Attach the guy lines and you could go on a weekender. Go on a short hike after changing the suspension at the gather. This is great for bike packing. You can pack your entire sleep system in a small bag with lots of room left, if you add down the quilts. I spent some time in this. A small hammock. I am happy with the kit. It's worth getting and using amsteel. The year end update. I was happy with what I got. My sons were camping this year and used it a few times.

👤I have a hammock that I love. The Leadvenst hammock is almost identical to the Wise Owl, except that it has a bug net and rain fly. I believe it will be more comfortable for me to sleep when I hike the Long Trail in Vermont this summer. It is two pounds lighter than the tent I was planning on using. The carabiners are easier to use than the Wise Owl ones. The straps have multiple loops and are reflective. The hammock set seems to be of top-notch quality. The bug net is easy to see through. The bug net is of good quality. It's easy to set up a hammock. It is easy to get in and out of the hammock. It's easy to set up rain fly. Took me about 10 minutes. on the first try. Will probably take half that time next time. Rain fly covers the entire hammock. Not sure about the rain. The item is similar to the pictures on Amazon. It was tried out in the yard. It worked well!

7. Mosquito Parachute Portable Backpacking Hammocks

Mosquito Parachute Portable Backpacking Hammocks

Everyone says they enjoy it. A great gift for someone who likes to travel. The mozzie net for tent / hammock is made of high density polyester, which will prevent mozzie from flying into the portable tent hammock and provide campers or hikers a quite and comfortable sleeping or relaxation. The hammock has a camping net connected to it. The hammock net for tent comes with 2 hooks and 2 straps, which used to hang the camping tent with net. The hammock straps and hooks are not easy to break. If you want to be safe, hang the net for tent on the main branch of strong trees in the backyard or garden. It is better that the tent hangs from the ground. Many of their customers use indoor and outdoor hammocks as permanent bed replacements and swear that they lead to deeper, more restful sleep and help alleviate back pain. They can be used as outdoor hammocks in the backyard or on the porch. The design is portable and lightweight. The bag can hold hammocks and carry small items with you. When you don't use the hammocks, you only need to close them and put them in a bag that is connected to the hammock. The hammock is 18 ounces. It is easy to use and comfortable. A great lounge bed travel partner has hammocks and mozzie nets. It's like having a close friend who will let you put down the stress of work and enjoy nature. Taking it will make your trip more enjoyable and comfortable.

Brand: Eruw

👤We bought a used one that was supposed to be new. The hammock was dirty and stained with twigs. The Strap and Carribeaner were missing. Don't buy refurbished/like new if you have any complaints about the product.

👤The fabric is strong. The carabiners are strong. The hammock and straps can be put back into the pouch. I was completely satisfied with the quality, size and price. We bought a second one because we liked it so much. Highly recommended!

👤We wanted to try this one out because my wife loves hammocks. The Review benefited from the Rain, it took a long time to put it up, but it was worth it. The sun came up. The Mosquitoes are really bad because of all the standing water. The pictures show a bag is included for storage, however the written description at the bottom doesn't list it in "included", so the seller was unsure if it was included. The instructions are generic and show different set ups. You can use what you received, but don't use the tiny rope because it wouldn't support an adult, and you can't use the net set up "Not shown" because it doesn't have loops. I just tied the straps in a knot and will use a loop or carabiner to take the hammock off. It's not comfortable for a big guy like me, but it's nice and convenient for my wife, and the double zip is very durable. The inside pocket was small for a phone or wallet, so it would have made more if it was on the outside. I tied both sides of the Now Longer Rope together and ran around the other side of the tree, then I ran around the other side of the tree again. We are taking 2 Stars away because the instructions were so generic and cheap that we didn't take that into account, and the hammock is very comfortable for anyone under six foot. It would be a good idea to replace the straps, ropes, instructions and canvas top on the net for shade.

👤When we go camping, we're looking for a hammock. We like to spend time outdoors, even though we have an RV. A hammock with a stand takes up a lot of room and is difficult to break down and set back up. This is a little gem. I could carry it in my purse if I needed to. We tied it to a tree in the RV. Our boys like to listen to music or curl up in it. I've climbed in to read, but lost myself in the gentle sway. We sat in it and watched the sunset. I admit that I attract them, and the mosquito net is an added bonus. I don't have to worry about getting bitten constantly because of this. There's a price. We have had similar hammocks and they are just as durable. We haven't used it in a long time, but with proper care and storage, I don't see why it won't last for a long time. If you are looking for something lightweight and portable, I can't recommend this one enough.

8. Camping Hammock Mosquito Net Lightweight

Camping Hammock Mosquito Net Lightweight

If you want to get really adventurous, their camping hammocks are a good alternative. You can get a free replacement for a hammock. If you have any questions about the product, please contact them at any time, they will offer you the best solution. Their main concern is your satisfaction. It is made from high quality parachute nylon materials which are tear- resistant,breathable and quick-drying. The nylon straps provide reliable support. The All-In-One hammock net is 2 times denser than similar products on the market. You can turn the hammock over when you don't need it. Storage bag with hammock can be used for small items. The Camping Hammock Unfolded size is 94.5x47.2 inch and can carry up to 440 lbs. 2 iron carabiners and 9.8ft of nylon tree straps weigh only 1.75 lbs. The parachute hammock is lightweight and easy to set up, so it's perfect for camping, hiking,backpacking, emergency survival and any adventures. If you have any questions about the product, please contact them at any time, they will offer you the best solution.

Brand: Covacure

👤In about 10 minutes, I setup this between two trees. Within another 10 minutes, I was into a nap. This is a great product so far. The price was fair for the quality.

👤There is no gap from the zippers as they zip together toward each other and they don't come with steaks to stick in the ground, it's a hammock people. The mosquitoe net stays off of your face and takes less than a minute to set up. The hammock has plenty of room for you to wiggle around in and the straps don't tear tree bark. Over the summer, I slept in this thing over 25 times and have not had any issues with tears or rips.

👤I recently purchased a hammock for my annual berry trip. I hike into the same lake at least once a year and it is very steep. I wanted a tent that was lighter than a tent but still kept me safe, and this bad boy fit the bill perfectly. It was set up in a matter of minutes, and barely took up any space in my pack. If you have a bad back, it was better to sleep on the ground. I may never use a tent again after using this hammock for the last two weekends. This product is very good and I would highly recommend it.

👤I'm 260 pounds. It stretches a bit so I suggest straps. A good buy that started a new hobby. If you have kids, you should also order theirs because they will claim yours. I hurt my tailbone when I hit the ground. Don't buy.

👤I loved this hammock, it worked great during my camping trip. It was easy to set up. It fits into the bag. Save tree straps held up well. Definitely recommend.

👤The weight limit is not enough for this.

👤I received this package today. The pictures they post online look the same. The color is correct and they have a way to use the hammock.

👤I was very impressed by the Covacure hammock. If the product holds up, it is a steal. I haven't been able to hang it yet, but I just looked at it and it's very light and takes up very little of my pack. The hammock didn't come with a rain fly like some other hammock/bug net combo. Being a low price, it allows you to find a rain fly and keep your sleeping setup under $100. I'm going to take this for a test run to see if I like it. The straps and carabiners are generic and I would suggest an upgrade, but what can you expect? They can't give you the best of the best for $20, so you don't have to worry. Thank you Covacure!

👤Cumple con la expectativa.

👤Me gusto mucho, donde sea la puedo poner, lo mejor, es una propia malla. O bichos, sper.

9. Night Cat Backpacking Lightweight Waterproof

Night Cat Backpacking Lightweight Waterproof

You can rely on the Ultimate Rainfly when you need it the most. The maximum protection is PU2000 waterproof, reinforced corners, sun/rain/wind-proof. Lighter stakes are not sacrificed for sturdiness. The Camping hammock tent is a versatile tent that can be used as a hammock, a tent, or even a sleeping bed, and it is perfect for camping, backpacking, hiking, outdoor trip, or just hanging and relaxing in backyard. The hammock becomes a heavy waterproof tent when used with the rain fly. Safe with Mosquito Net and Strong for 440 lbs. Weight Designed with mosquito net, it makes it easy to sleep outside and keep away from mosquitoes and flies. The hammock tent for camping is built with strong durable 70D nylon fabric and high quality accessories are quite capable to provide support up to 200KG that fits for one person perfectly, and usually 2 ordinary persons if needed. Set up is easy and fast, just tie 2 straps with 2 carabiners in trees and adjust the strap's length to make the hammock balanced, install the mosquito net through 2 poles each side and cover the rain fly via buckles. It takes a few minutes to assemble the hammock camping tent. It is lightweight and portable. The package is only 4 pounds. The height is 4.5 feet and the length is 9 feet. The package is small and portable to pack into your backpack, car, bike, motorcycle, etc. A backpacking hammock tent is a great gift. The package contains a hammock with a bug net, a rainproof hammock cover, tree straps with nopes, and two poles to stand up the mosquito net. If there is a material or workmanship problem on this hammock tent with mosquito net, please contact them first for a replacement or refund.

Brand: Night Cat

👤After first use, I love this hammock. It is light and easy to hang. The material is thin and might rip, but my boyfriend has used it 3 times and it is still good. He bought 4 ropes to tie the hammock down because he didn't like the two cords that held it steady. The only cords it came with were elastic. I slept better in this tent than in this one. We can't say how reliable the rain fly is yet because we haven't used it in the rain. Purchase under quilts to camp this winter. This hammock is good for new hammock campers.

👤The hammock can be used in many different ways. It can be hung as a hammock, a covered hammock, or a one person tent. This is the reason I bought it. I have had this before. It feels very well built so far. It is not a long hammock, but it is comfortable. The tent poles need to be tighter for the hammock to hold up. It does give a lot when you put a lot of weight in it. I have only used this tent for a short time, but I am very impressed.

👤It was used three times. The netting ripped again. I pushed it, probably 20-25 feet between the trees, in the windiest camping I have ever done, so that it didn't bottom out, and then I got the whole thing super taunt so that it didn't bottom out. If I had listened to the instructions, I think it would have lasted longer. The net didn't allow all that much air. It felt like it was ten degrees hotter inside the hammock. If you can avoid it, don't put it in the sun. There is no way to keep the screen door from brushing on you. I never got to try it in the rain.

👤I contacted the company after the hammock flipped and the poke was damaged. They said they would ship the replacement parts out immediately after they responded. I took pictures of the damage so they could make improvements. My son was upset when the hammock tent was damaged. He is happy that he can use it once the replacement parts arrive. Thank you for following up!

👤I used this product as a tent and hammock, and I love it as a hammock, because it keeps me warm and waterproof, and I did my first hiking on 3800 feet. This product is easy to set up.

👤This is my second hammock. The pop up hammock is easy to use. It takes some time to assmeble the brackets. It's not hard to put on, but you need to tie up the sides to keep the hammock in place. The quality is very high. I haven't tried the water resistance of the fly yet.

👤A nice hammock. It's very easy to set up and take down. I put it under a couple of pine trees the first time I used it. I didn't find any punctures and it kept me dry through the rainstorm, because it was the only spot I had available. I am very happy with the purchase.

10. Oak Creek Accessories Lightweight Compression

Oak Creek Accessories Lightweight Compression

Installation tools included areCamping Hammock with Mosquito Net and Rain Fly. Automatic quick-open design, with upgraded metal steel carabiner, 98 inch 5 + 1 rings tree straps and other accessories, superior easy to install and enjoy, no need to knot, complete the installation in seconds. Extra bonus sleep mask will help you sleep and relax your eyes. Save money and time. Perfect gifts for someone. Everything is intact, including a hammock with bug net, 2 tree straps, 2 aluminum carabiners, and 2 guylines. They include a waterproof rainfly and 4 aluminum stakes. The top quality material. The parachute nylon has triple stitch edge seams. The mesh on top provides excellent insect protection. The mesh has 400 holes per square inch. The smallest pests won't get it. A multi-functional design. All components should be setup as needed. An accessory pouch is included in the package. Light and portable, the components weigh less than 4 pounds and fit into a Drawstring Bag that is 13 inches tall. It's great for camping, hiking, backpacking, and outdoor travel adventures. Set up is easy, it takes just 3 minutes. It is simple enough for kids and teens. You can watch their video.

Brand: Oak Creek Outdoor Supply

👤I needed a new hammock for a short hike. I was looking for an acceptable price for this hammock and it arrived before I needed it. I put it in my back yard to get used to it. The setup was painless and quick for my liking. The comfort level was acceptable for a person at 200 lbs. There were no apparent problems with the stitching. The metal buckles on the tree straps were installed backwards. It was an easy fix for me to simply remove the strap and put them back in their original position. If I were trying to do it in the dark, it would be worse. The fabric and tree straps stretched more than I anticipated. I had to hang it up so it wouldn't touch the ground. After giving firm pulls on the hanging straps, this was even. Due to the stretch, the hammock almost covers me. The insect screen seems like it will work, but since the hammock is so close to you, most of the screen is not used. The bungee string is wrapped in thread and works, but it isn't very strong. I don't expect the thread to last very long, but it would be easy to replace. The rain guard was difficult to learn. I would expect rain to pool in the middle and then fall in a light rain. A better design for the rain guard, a better bungee for the bug screen, and a higher quality storage bag are all recommended improvements. It was easy to repack keeping it tight for space management, but loose enough to make re packing quick. I fear it might be ripped on a small piece of the trail. The last recommendation would be to use a double loop system on the ends to keep it from closing up. I will watch the performance overnight.

👤I am very impressed with my first hammock purchase. I was looking for a hammock, bug net, and rainfly for a camping weekend and this was a good price for it. This was a breeze to set up and I was completely new to it. I wish it had instructions for the rain fly and how to properly set it up, but after watching a few videos I figured it out. My 3 out of 5 star review is based on the few set-ups I did in the park. I will update my review after I 800-273-3217 It's very simple and affordable to set up a hammock, it's nice and strong, and it's comfortable and breathable. There is little instruction for rain fly, no taunt line for rain fly, and no side straps to expand net so it's not all bunched up when in it.

11. Mosquito Uplayteck Portable Backyard Backpacking

Mosquito Uplayteck Portable Backyard Backpacking

There are various occasions perfect match. It can be a shade tarp match with height-adjustable brackets to easily set up whatever you want. The brackets need to be purchased separately. Love camping, but hate mosquito bites or bugs? The Uplayteck Camping Hammock is a great way to keep mosquitoes and leaves out of your home. The mosquito net on the hammock would protect you from all those insects. It's ideal for adventures, camping, hiking, backpacking, travel and emergency. The Double Camping Hammock is made of high quality parachute nylon materials, skin-friendly and anti-tear fabric, which is the same kind of skydivers use, support for 500 pounds. Two people can use the hammock at the same time. The mosquito net can be closed to prevent mosquitoes and fallen leaves, but it can also be used to enjoy the scenery. You can take this outdoors hammock anywhere. It can be stored in a small bag for maximum convenience. The bag can be used to store small items when you take the hammock out. It's ideal for solo adventures. The mosquito nylon hammock is easy to set up. You can attach them to trees in one minute. Even if you are inside the mosquito net, you can easily close the mosquito net. Everyone says they enjoy it. A great gift for someone who likes to travel. Uplayteck is dedicated to solve all your issues and is committed to delivering a great experience for all buyers.

Brand: Uplayteck

👤I like the camouflage pattern. I wasn't sure if the hammock would stay up for good or not, though tying it was difficult. I enjoyed laying in it. It would be great to have a strong and long rope to tie the end and an easy way to keep the net up. There were too many ropes to juggle with. I bought another one because it was cheap.

👤I love this product and the price.

👤It's easy to put together. It is comfortable and fun to use.

👤Great hammock! The pouch is attached to the hammock. It went back in the bag without a hitch. Great price!

👤My friend loves it and I bought it for him. The mosquito net is lightweight and compact, which makes it ideal for keeping debris and animals off of you while you are lounging.

👤The Bug net could be simpler to put up.

👤Absolutely adore this! It is easy to use.

👤I didn't know it came with straps, but I like it so far. Small and packable. Can't wait to put it to sleep.


What is the best product for survival hammock tent?

Survival hammock tent products from Joninger. In this article about survival hammock tent you can see why people choose the product. Wise Owl Outfitters and Sunyear are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival hammock tent.

What are the best brands for survival hammock tent?

Joninger, Wise Owl Outfitters and Sunyear are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival hammock tent. Find the detail in this article. Touz, W Wintming and Leadvenst are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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