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1. Trekking Adjustable Multifunctional Aluminum Mountain

Trekking Adjustable Multifunctional Aluminum Mountain

There is a one year warranty against all defects. If there is a problem with the products, please contact them. Their driving force is your satisfaction. If you want to make sure the pole is locked, stretch it until the copper tab button pops out. The hiking poles are made from 100% aviation-grade aluminum and have incredible strength over any carbon fiber sticks. It's easy to carry light weight and ultimate comfort. You can move quicker and faster with the 670g stick. If you're a trail enthusiast, you'll want your hiking gear to keep up. Their sticks are strong enough to handle all weather conditions, whether you're hiking on rugged terrain or crossing rivers. The trekking pole has taken all seasons into account. Their hiking poles are perfect for hiking through thick layers of snow, climbing mountains with steep slopes or stepping on muddy lands. Holiday gifts. If you're looking for a thoughtful holiday gift for the outdoorsy person in your life, look no further! Men and women will love their trekking poles.

Brand: Sindh

👤I use hiking poles to increase my stride. The poles are very heavy. I had them out of the house because they hurt my back. If you are looking for a heavy pole because you are over 6'2” or if you are trying to protect yourself from bears, these are for you. It's good for storing waterproof bags.

👤The product is easy to assemble, but the tools were not included. I need a replacement from Amazon. The picture of the tools should be removed from the description if they are not included. I was happy with the product. The replacement from Amazon did not have any tools. I'm returning both poles.

👤Do not, but there! There are no blades in the advertisement. Just empty tubes!

👤The trekking pole only came with one tip. There are different types of tips shown in the product images.

2. Foxelli Trekking Poles Collapsible Shock Absorbent

Foxelli Trekking Poles Collapsible Shock Absorbent

The padded straps and cork handles will mold to the shape of your hand for a comfortable grip on the walking sticks. Even in snow or mud, the included accessories are securely attached to the pole tips with threaded foot covers. Foxelli Trekking Poles are made from 100% carbon fiber and are known for their incredible lightness. The pole weighs only 7.6 ounces and allows you to move quicker and faster. Carbon fiber is shock-absorbent and reduces the impact on joints. These walking sticks are designed to be sturdy and resistant to hiking and backpacking. It is easy to adjust. Foxelli collapsible hiking poles are easy to use and adjust to, thanks to the quick-lock technology. The locks are designed to keep the walking poles in place and prevent them from sliding down. They can be retractable from 24” to 55” and work for a wide range of heights. The ultimate goal is to present the ultimate goal. The natural cork grips absorb sweat and keep your hands dry during long-distance hikes. The extra-padded wrist straps make sure that you don't accidentally drop your poles, and provide you with the maximum comfort throughout the day. The extended foam sleeves are made of soft foam and will help you during sudden changes in terrain. Their included heavy-duty accessories and tungsten carbide tips will not let you down, even if it is challenging ice mountain climbing or casual strolling around the neighborhood. The rubber tips and baskets are strong enough to attach to the trekking sticks. A carrying case and a carrying clip are included. Don't worry about missing the 30-day return window. They offer a 120-day, no questions asked return. They will make sure to take care of that if you don't like it. Buy with confidence.

Brand: Foxelli

👤I received these trekking poles. We are trying to visit as many national parks as we can. The old knees are not what they used to be. These fit in the luggage. We went to the national park for three hours. Normally, after a long hike, I would have swollen knees, but not this time. I used them in Maroon Bells and was excited to have no pain the next day. We will be going to the national park in August. The cork handles don't slip when the hands get sweaty. I loosened one of my baskets, but I love my new trekking poles.

👤My husband and I are both day hikers. Due to knee and ankle issues, we tried trekking poles for the first time. We checked out some expensive poles, but decided to give the Foxelli poles a try. The price was a third of the price. We used them on a warm up trip after they arrived. I loved them. They helped with balance and climbing. I gave my arms a work out, even though I felt less tired. The grips are comfortable. The marmots like the grips because one chewed most of the cork off one grip in the early morning. When we came back, I contacted Foxelli to see if the grip could be replaced. They told me they would be replaced at no cost. That is fabulous customer service. I have a 5 star experience and would recommend their trekking poles.

👤It was bought because of the reviews on Amazon. My daughter is hiking the AT. The pole collapsed after one of the clamps wouldn't hold. The bottom of one of the poles broke. Returned for a refund.

👤I just returned from a hiking trip. I hiked for 9 days and 40 miles, using these to get me up and down the mountains. I put a lot of weight on them to help me and my knees get to where we were going. I relied on these to keep me from slipping when going downhill, and to help me catch my balance when a rock would shift. The poles never did a slip. I would collapse them when I entered a town or crossed a bridge. Occasionally, I would turn the screw and snap the lever down, and never had an issue with slippage. I lost my footing several times when the pole slid in between the rocks. The poles were able to handle the tension without snapping because I wasn't able to put enough Torque on the pole. The performance and price of these trekking poles are very good. The use of the attachments is what I wish the manufacturer would do. I didn't use the smaller discs that came with the set because I had never used poles before. I probably wouldn't have sunk them into so many small holes if I had done so. I would have been helped by a more detailed use guide. No complaints at all.

👤Great product! Strong and easy to adjust. I strongly recommend!

3. AiGear Premium Walking Machined Trekking

AiGear Premium Walking Machined Trekking

Holiday gifts. If you're looking for a thoughtful holiday gift for the outdoorsy person in your life, look no further! Men and women will love their trekking poles. The all-in-one walking stick is made from aluminum alloy and has a variety of tools. Also, note: Aigear walking sticks have two must-have outdoor- tools. The hand can be formed to a curve. The ideal size for both men and women is used for walking and hiking. The overall length is 43.5 inch and the O.D is 1.1 inch, the surface is hard anodized and knurled for long life support and easy holding. Make sure the model number is the same as the walking stick when selecting an extension section on Amazon. The extension section of the walking stick is called WS104X Ext. The multiple use walking stick has been extended. An upgraded version with whistle, compass and less weight can be found on Amazon.

Brand: Aigear

👤After opening the professionally packed box, I quickly realized that this product exceeded my expectations, and I will not say anything about any other tactical walking stick products. I am happy. After reading all of the information and looking at the pictures, your best hope is going to be exceeded.

👤I have a bad right foot and this works well on long walks, it is well built and worth the little bit of weight.

👤It needs a rubber cover to be non slip.

👤I bought this because I want something to hit the aggressive dogs with as I go for a walk or shake it at them. It is very sturdy and not too heavy, but it was easy to assemble. Exactly what I wanted.

👤Sturdy. Quite heavy. Think of it as a form of exercise. Not for hikers who are small. It's probably too heavy for older users. Not a good cane substitute. Good for short hikes or to have included tools.

👤The stick was taken up Mount Yale. Not bad. The sections would come loose occasionally and need to be tightened. A quick twist to re-tighten. The bigger concern was the flint strikers breaking off over the course of the trek. I have to remove the broken off portion from the bottom. It is a cool toy for camping, but not great for hiking. The point of a walking stick is to walk.

👤The bottom tip does not hold hard floors. I used a conventional cane tip. I use it to prepare for surgery.

4. Trekking Poles Collapsible Nordic Hiking

Trekking Poles Collapsible Nordic Hiking

An upgraded version with whistle, compass and less weight can be found on Amazon. New design! Increase your foot print. You can increase the steps you take with the Trek-Z Ergonomic Trekking Poles. Help prevent knee injury, support extra weight, and walk comfortably with these hiking poles. The cork grip keeps hands dry. The foam shafts have a strong grip. The Trek-Z poles are a great gift for hikers who enjoy light and compact gear. Keeping your nature in mind, they knew that no detail could be overlooked. Thecrucial is made with aircraft grade aluminum and supports heavier weights. Extra secure joints have been added with metal caps. The cork grip absorbs sweat. The Trek-Z hiking poles are designed to impact far superior to carbon fiber poles. Pick up your map and begin your adventure. The retractable tri-fold design of the Trek-Z trekking poles allows them to collapse down to a portable 15 inches. It's possible to fit into backpack, luggage cases, or duffel bags for travel. Trekking poles for seniors are no longer cumbersome. Trek-Z allows you to build strength and muscle while you run. Let these poles go with you for all your adventures. There is a size. The length of the pole can be adjusted quickly and easily using an innovative metal flip lock technology. Ensure it is secure with their metal locking system, and adjust the height to your liking. The height of the poles has an adjustment range of 20 cm for men, women, and teenagers with a height between 5'2'' and 195 cm. The package comes with a bag. The pole is only 330g and is lighter than your average umbrella, making it perfect for all-day walking, backpacking, or even crossing the stream. When strength and lighter weights are needed, the staffs are engineered with 100% air-space grade 7075 aluminum- same material used on aircraft and in marine environments. These folding poles are the only trekking poles you will ever need.

Brand: Trekology

👤I bought these poles for my wife. They seem to be well-built and durable, but I have problems with them. The plastic adjustment piece for the hand strap keeps popping out, one of the reasons is that it doesn't stay put in its slot. My wife is 5'3" tall, and these poles don't fit her well, which is the more important issue for me. They left her arms at an upward angle at their lowest adjustment, instead of the recommended 90 degree bend. I'm sure there are many women who fall into the same height category as my wife, so it would be good if there was a broader adjustment range.

👤These poles are great for people who don't want to spend a lot on hiking gear. I always carry a day pack in my hiking backpack when I'm not using it. It's a little heavier than carbon fiber, but seems to be more sturdy because of the stronger aircraft aluminum used. The rubber slip-on tips can come off due to the attachment design, so I secured mine with some black Gorilla tape--looks fine/nice and adds minimal weight. I would not hesitate to purchase again if needed.

👤The product was sent to me as new even though it was obvious that they had been used, and I was disappointed because it seemed like a good quality item. Product documentation was not included with the poles and therefore, it is not clear what the additional, included extra materials are used for.

👤I liked them at first, but then I realized they were collapsible. One of the 2 poles was worthless because the spring operated pin went into the pole and wouldn't let go. I had to put a stick in the pin hole to make it work. It is a one time thing. I swapped them for another pair. I'm getting my money back and buying a more reliable set after it did the same thing 3 weeks later. Don't waste money or time. They are not reliable.

👤I bought these to use as trekking poles and as the pole in a lightweight tent that relies on a trekking pole to stay up rather than carrying separate tentpoles. My tent is 125 cm tall. The pole is advertised as 130 cm. The trekking poles are not 130 cm long as shown in the pictures. It's 130 cm. Just over 51 inches. I compared this trekking pole to a pole I already own. Three photos show the same thing. My other trekking pole and a tape measure are side by side. 2. The Trekology pole is extended to 130 cm in the picture. The Trekolog is properly assembled in the first picture. 3. The third picture shows that the Trekology pole is 112 cm long when extended to the 130 cm mark. You can do the math on your own. 2.54 centimeters is 1 inch. Search it. This is real news. The Trekology poles are not as long as they are advertised at 130 cm. I will be looking for a replacement. I like the design and the price.

5. AiGear Premium Walking Machined Trekking

AiGear Premium Walking Machined Trekking

It is designed to concentrate the full force of a crushing blow in a small area so that even a moderately powerful blow can be remarkably effective in disarming or incapacitating an attacker. The all-in-one walking stick has 5 sections, 1 handle, and 3 tools. + 1xMagnesium Rod + 1xBag The outdoor hiking gear is made from aluminum alloy 6061-T6 and is worth every penny. Also, note: Aigear walking sticks have 3 must-have outdoor tools. The hand can be formed to a curve. The ideal size for both men and women is used for walking and hiking. The overall length is 43.5 inches when forming the handle to straight and 1.1 inches when it's not straight. Make sure the model number is the same as the walking stick when you choose an extension section on Amazon. The extension section of the walking stick is called G2647 Ext. The backpack is included in the search for anti-skid tip and ext-black and ext-gray. B085Q8RQ4R and B085Q8LB8J are lightweight walking sticks that come with outdoor tools. There is a video on the product page for how to assemble a walking stick.

Brand: Aigear

👤I was skeptical about investing in a cane/walking stick with so few reviews, but I am impressed! The tools that it comes with are a great bonus. My main use for this will be walking. Sometimes I need a cane because of my left leg issues. I didn't want to use traditional old man cane, so this 100% fit the bill there. The black powder coat looks very cool. If you want a hiking stick/cane, you may want to invest in one or two of the extension that they sell. It has a nylon sling bag to hold everything when the cane is broken down. I will update this if there are any changes or if I have issues with it, but my initial impression is that it is a great investment.

👤Order this if you want a cool toy. If you want this to be a walking cane look elsewhere. The foot is made of plastic. It slips and slides.

👤This is a great idea for a cane, but it has some short comings. It's made from solid aluminum and is very sturdy, but it comes at a price. It is 12 ounces and weighs 2 lbs. I don't think it's an issue for me, but if you're older and not as strong, keep that in mind. The next issue is that the plastic bases could possibly come loose, with serious use. I tried to remove one of the tools after using it for a couple of hours. I had to put vise grips on it. I put a drop of oil on the threads after threading them on and off several times. The tip is the biggest problem. It's not anti-slip. It's made of a hard plastic which sticks to hard surfaces. The round tip makes it worse than a flat foot cane. It causes less surface area for contact. If you use it on hard surfaces you will slip and fall. I need a rubber sleeve or tip which I can slip over the hard plastic one. I'm still keeping it because it's nice and hefty and wonderfully made.

👤I can use a cane. I had to order an extra section because the Trekking stick's height is a little low. It was very well made. The knife with saw back and bottle opener is of decent quality, the saw can get locked to a 90 degree angle, and the fish spear is well made, so it will work. A rock will not work indoors and a soft rubber tip can't be replaced. I wanted to see if I could put a soft tip over it. It would have been nice to have a way to attach a lanyard. Maybe a piece of pipe insulation will make it easier to use. This thing can be used as a weapon. Extra tip is on the heavy side so minus another star.

👤This walking stick is strong. If you are on the taller side, you will need to buy an extension to make it last longer.

6. Foxelli Aluminum Trekking Poles Collapsible

Foxelli Aluminum Trekking Poles Collapsible

Order now to enjoy their 100% satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is their top priority. If you have a problem during use, please contact them and they will make sure to provide you with the best experience. Move quickly and further with less effort. Ultralight aluminum 7075 is the material used to make Foxelli hiking poles. The weight is only 9.4 ounces. It reduces arm fatigue and allows one to move quicker and go the extra mile. The most challenging backpacking trips will be unaffected by the indestructible design. One size fits all, thanks to Flip Lock Technology. It's perfect for short or tall men, women and kids. Seniors and people carrying extra weight have benefits. Foxelli walking poles are one of the most versatile and compact in their class. The Supreme Court is considering the case of SupREME COMFORT. Natural cork grips keep hands cool and dry during long distance hikes. All day comfort is provided by the extra padded wrist straps. The extended foam sleeve is made of soft foam to handle sudden changes in terrain. All terrain, all conditions. Heavy duty 4 season accessories, a tungsten carbide tip and an easy urban walk are what will keep you going. The rubber tips attach to the staffs so they don't get lost. The case is included. Don't worry about missing the 30-day return window. They offer a 120-day, no questions asked return. They will make sure to take care of that if you don't like it. Buy with confidence.

Brand: Foxelli

👤I am a beginner hiker in my fifties and I am six feet three inches tall. It was suggested that we use trekking poles while we were preparing for the 6.4 mile hike that would include a 1950 foot elevation gain through varied terrain. We tried out three pairs of trekking poles. Black Diamond Trail Back poles from REI were $80. The Trail Buddy poles are through Amazon for $37. I thought it would be inconvenient on the trail. The less expensive poles did not require a tool to make adjustments. The Black Diamond and Foxelli poles were solid when extended. As they neared their maximum length, the Trail Buddy poles got sloppy. I needed every bit of the length adjustment that was available. Extra tips or cups were not included in the Black Dimond set, which came with a small set that was mounted on them. The mud and snow cups are made of plastic that is brittle and hard, while the Foxelli poles have a soft but slightly pliable set. My wife took the Trail Buddy set and I brought the Foxellis. The Black Dimond set was left behind because the grips were a little uncomfortable and because of the need to carry a screwdriver to tighten the adjustment mechanisms. The sets with cork handles would be better for this hike. The Foxelli poles were easy to adjust on the trail. They did everything they were paid for. I used the mud and sand cups on the hike and left them on even though we went through some very rocky slides. The cork held up. I think the grips could be a little bigger in diameter to fit a taller person. These poles worked well for me, and I would recommend giving them an honest consideration, even if they are not available in the others available.

👤Black Diamond / Leki is one of the brands I've tried. They all have some major fault. The black diamonds have become thinner and more flimsy, and the "ergo" bend at the top of some models increases flexing and decreases stability when moving down a very steep mountain slope. I hike mountains for long hours. The strongest trekking pole I have ever used is 7075 aluminum, because I care more about strength than weight. In descending a steep mountain or slope, there are times when my body weight is on the pole. A pole snapping or bending could be very serious. Carbon and thin aluminum poles are more likely to break because they can become lodged deep in roots and rocks, putting extra horizontal force on the pole. Black Diamond and Leki models seem to be getting thinner and weaker in order to advertise a lower weight. The Foxelli poles are some of the strongest I've tried. Straight cork handles. Cork is more comfortable in the long run and deals with wet/sweat situations better than synthetics. The Foxelli poles have a cork grip. The rounded top portion does not need to be cork. When palming the top of trekking poles, rounded tops are more comfortable. When descending a mountain poles should be held normally, however there are occasional sections where palming the top of the pole can be very useful. Some of the cheaper brands have a flat top with sharper edges, while the Foxelli's are more comfortable. The Foxelli poles have handles. Some companies use handles that are bent forward to be more comfortable. This might be helpful for hiking in steep terrain, but when you palm the top of the pole it creates an unstable feeling and makes the pole more flimsy as more of the pressure is directed due to the handle bend, causing the pole to flex more easily. I don't want to trade the increased risk of serious injury for a more comfortable ride. The locks are lever type. I don't like the twist lock type. They loosen during the hike. The Foxelli poles have lever locks. Many other brands use plastic thumb nuts or aPhillips head screws to adjust tension, which is not easy to tighten on the go. The Foxelli lever is made of plastic. It would be great if it was aluminum in the future. I've noticed that some higher end brands, like REI, have lever locks that don't lock at all, and they collapse if you put full body weight on them. The Foxelli poles can handle my full leaning body weight without collapsing if the tension nut is adjusted before the lever is locked. The lever is in a "loose" position. The Foxelli lever locks are not too heavy. It should be simple. Many poles have shock absorbing features. The more complex it is, the more it can go wrong. The Foxelli poles are simple. I prefer the feel of solid poles without the springy shock absorbers. The cork grips absorb shock. I have never had an issue with excessive "shock" for me. The metal tips are replacements for the tungsten tips. Black Diamonds has this feature, but I would rather have the Foxelli poles. When hiking rocky terrain, no tips last forever. Black Diamonds had new tips and it was nice to simply screw them in. I haven't asked about this yet, but Foxelli said that replacement parts are available, so it might be possible to just replace the entire bottom section. The Foxelli aluminum Trekking Poles seem to be some of the best available, especially considering their price.

7. ITOKEY Multitool Replaceable Backpacking Equipment

ITOKEY Multitool Replaceable Backpacking Equipment

All sales come with a 90-day return guarantee and a 10-year warranty. A new hiking stick with a nylon portable storage bag, includes a flint fire starter kit, camping lantern, can opener, bottle opener, spoon, and 2 snow baskets. It's a perfect emergency survival tool for outdoor eating, drinking, making fire, lighting, repairing, cutting, backpacking, rescue. The 7075 aluminum trekking pole can be adjusted to meet the height of seniors or teenagers. The lightweight design allows you to move quicker and faster for better balance. The anti-slip foam grip absorbs sweat and keeps your hands dry. Baskets are durable and replaceable. The pole baskets on the walking stick are strong enough to support heavier weight when you are hiking on different terrains or climates. The best tactical equipment for men and women to go trips and most challenging hikes is the idea choice. There is no need to carry additional gear with all the accessories. The lantern can be used as a flashlight and red warning light, which is convenient for hanging in night tree, tent, room, hook, BBQ pole or stand, and stay safe. The iron hook releases your hands. The battery is not included. There is no risk to buy. The user manual for the hiking stick is attached to the product. If the product has quality problems, please contact them. They offer a one-year warranty and service.

Brand: Itokey

👤My wife uses it a lot. It's been great so far.

8. Kawuneeche Multifunctional Collapsible Adjustable Lightweight

Kawuneeche Multifunctional Collapsible Adjustable Lightweight

ISOtunes Sport ADVANCE is built to last, and features protection against sweat, water, and dust. ISOtunes Sport is impervious to the elements. 6063 aluminum alloy is used as aviation material. It is very strong and resistant to damage. Their carbon fiber hiking poles are more resistant to wear and pressure than other carbon fiber hiking poles. Luminous handle of hikking poles can be used for search and rescue and will be a beautiful scenery in the dark. The pattern on the surface can make the surface slippery. It is a great place to hike and climb. The trekking poles come with a variety of functions. The tools will help you solve problems while hiking. The snowbreak can be used to prevent sinking in a variety of hiking terrains. It has 5 connection rods and each 7.87” long, so you can choose the length you want to assemble. The built-in shock absorbing mechanism is integrated with the tip, which makes it less likely that you will get injured on a long hike. Their camping poles are longer than others. You can put the hiking pole in the bag if you take it apart. It is very light and can be carried in your backpack. It's perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking, backpacking, skiing, and outdoor adventure.

Brand: Kawuneeche

👤The features advertised were compelling. I was disappointed in the product's lack of a sturdy feel after I assembled the stick. I understand that it's light. The alignment and connection of the singular pieces feels shaky. The stick is too short for me. I'm tall. My family hikes a lot. If the stick performs well after consistent use, I will update this review.

👤The sturdy construction shows a quality focused product. The pole feels solid and reliable after being assembled. It could last for a long time. It has a protective sleeve for each section. It is a practical piece of equipment because of the various tools it has. The tools could definitely save a life. A whistle to call for help, a knife that could be used for protection, and a selfie stick are some of the things that could be used. The assembly took less than five minutes. You don't have to worry about the assembly order because most of the tools and the sections have the same thread and are the same diameter. The price was very competitive. Customer service shows that the seller cares about their customers. They were prompt, courteous and responsive when I had a minor issue with the product. They took my issue seriously and my satisfaction was a priority during our communication. The issue was fully resolved after a couple of emails. It is a very practical product and a customer oriented seller. The result was a very pleasant experience.

9. Keypower Direct Collapsible Lightweight Walking

Keypower Direct Collapsible Lightweight Walking

The metal spork is lightweight and easy to carry. Each set comes with a rope that can be hung on the bag, key rings, and camping gear. KEYPOWER hiking poles are made from 100% aviation-grade aluminum alloy and have incredible strength over any carbon fiber sticks. These walking sticks are scratch resistant and are designed to resist even the most challenging hikes. It's easy to carry. The anti-slip EVA foam grip will keep your hands cool and dry during long distance hikes, and the stick weighs only 490g, allowing you to move quicker and faster. It's ideal for survival in the nature because you don't need to bring additional tools with you. It's possible to switch between metal/rubber tip, double/flat-head screwdriver or to meet your needs, and it's also possible to extend it by up to 20 cm. You need a whistle and a compass to send emergency signals and to direct you in complex surroundings. The trekking pole takes all seasons and terrain into account. Their hiking poles are perfect for hiking through thick layers of snow, climbing mountains with steep slopes or stepping on muddy lands.

Brand: Keypower

👤The quality was not as good as expected. All cutting devices are made of plastic. They will be rendered useless if they are used aggressively. Within the first hour of use, the foam grip began to rip. Tubes are not as strong as expected. I had a similar product for 25 years. Older product, lighter gauge tubes and poorer fit and finish were not compared. Good toy for hiking, not designed for survival.

👤It's too short to require at least one extension piece purchase to be functional. The tools that hide in the poles are nice, but they are set in plastic and will break immediately if used. It feels sturdy. You have to tighten the threaded pieces occasionally. The idea was a great one but poorly made.

👤Good product. The base is plastic and knife blades are novelty. Whistle screw compass drivers are cool. It's too short to be a treking pole without having to buy an extension. I'm not like every guy in America. I need more pole baby because I'm over six foot one with shoes and hiking. It's sturdy and pretty lite. It's over $30.00 now with the extension, I tried it out on some rugged day hikes and camping along the mogollon rim in Arizona. The pole is a great fire poker and it is accurate for small size. The price and weight of buying another extension increases.

👤This is the best hiking pole I have ever seen. Fifty years ago, I wish I had one. The gadgets may not be used often. A fifteen year old and older Boy Scout would love this gift. Anyone who spends time in the field for their education, research, or work will appreciate this pole. It breaks down for easy carrying. It can be assembled in a variety of lengths to fit the person. I keep mine handy all the time. If we ever get enough snow for cross country skiing, I might buy a second one. This is a great item for self defense.

👤I have never liked the walking sticks that I had used before. When I picked up this item off of Amazon, I was hoping that it would be slightly better than the others I have used, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it is much better than I thought. I can use it for man- tracking and it is stiff enough for walking.

👤Great for hiking. I used it on a long hike up the Santa Monica mountains and it held up well. Light weight and Sturdy. The piece that you can attach at the bottom is made of plastic, so I lost it. I was hitting it with rocks. The trail was pierced by the sharp tip of the tungsten, which gave me something to lean over. It can be used as a weapon when you are outdoors and face danger. It's a good stick.

👤The stick will be comfortable for all. Not true. I'm not very tall. I had to hold the end of the pole in my hand for a while. It would have been correct if another pole piece was in the package. There are five pieces. There should be 6.

10. Equipeak Collapsible Folding Hiking Trekking

Equipeak Collapsible Folding Hiking Trekking

They will never collapse, if you walk with confidence. The Equipeak poles feature a folding system that locks the pole into one solid piece, and a single easy to reach Flick-Lock at the top, for convenient height adjustment. These 7075 Aviation Grade aluminum sticks are so tough that they will never fail you. Light weight and comparable are only 10.5 ounces per pole. They will fit your carry-on luggage or hiking backpack with ease. A single height adjustment assures easy On-The-Fly accommodations. Equipeak poles will absorb shocks and vibrations, reduce fatigue and pain from your joints and muscles, prevent falls, and even help check that wobbly rock for stability before you step on it. It's a must. The grips are designed by True Hikes and have shock absorbing REAL CORK grips. The wrist strap has a soft cloth layer for added comfort. Attachable rubber protectors and a pair of mud / snow baskets are included with the Carbide Tungsten tips. They guarantee your satisfaction, an extended 1 year limited warranty for a no risk buy.

Brand: Equipeak

👤Equipeak trekking poles are an incredible product. Excellent value for money and convenient. The travel bag and cork handles make it impossible to find another set of hiking poles.

👤I bought this because I'm getting tired of my cane and I blew a disc a couple of months ago. It made me look older, and it wasn't all that comfortable. The rubber tip on the Academy hiking pole wore out in three days. These are better. The Equipeak uses a steel cable instead of a shock cord. The 'breakdown' mechanism is easy to use, and you don't have to adjust the pole every time you fold it. I was a bit surprised by the shaped tips, until I realized that they push you along. They don't look like they'll wear out in three days. The straps have a fake moleskin lining. I like walking with two poles. When I was annoyingly slow, I could almost keep up on the walks with the family. It arrived with a large microfiber. Is it a hijab? Is it neck warmer? How about polishing cloth? S&M loincloth? My daughter thinks it's to keep the poles from rattling. Suggestions are welcomed. They mean large. I am 6'3" and the pole has an inch of adjustment left before it hits the bottom stop. If you are a six footer, you might want to order a medium. The cord in the middle that holds everything together is coming loose after six months of not very heavy use for trekking poles. The poles are no longer useful. They are sending me replacements.

👤I needed these on a recent trip to South America. I have arthritis in my hips and knees and it's hard to balance. I use trekking poles on long walks but couldn't be sure I could take my regular ones as carry-on baggage, and they wouldn't fit in my checked bags. I got these. They are small enough to fit in a suitcase. They are studying. I used one pole for city streets that were often hilly or paved with stones, and used both poles for hiking. They were very helpful on the steep staircases. It's easy to collapsible them, just be sure to read the instructions. They fit in the outside pocket of my backpack when I collapsed them on flights. They were worth it.

👤My wife ordered this for me. I'm 400 pounds. I have low back issues that make it difficult to stand. I used a pole to rest while walking around New Orleans. If the pole is locked at a specific height, you can open the screw and tighten it at a time until the clamp is strong enough to hold.

👤I loved the look and feel of the sticks, but I discovered on my first hike that the stick wouldn't support my daughter who is only 135 lbs. The top section kept sliding down and I felt it would be dangerous and cause an injury. I am 6'3" tall and the sick will not retain my height. I tried to tighten the spring clip by turning the wheel, but it didn't work. I would not buy this product if you wanted to put any weight on it.

11. AiGear Premium Walking Machined Trekking

AiGear Premium Walking Machined Trekking

A great gift is the functional outdoor throwing axe. The throwing hatchet is a great gift for people who enjoy hiking or hunting. They will be impressed by your choice, if you give this gift on Christmas or February 14th. The all-in-one walking stick has 5 sections, 1 handle, and 3 tools. The outdoor hiking gear is made from aluminum alloy 6061-T6 and is worth every penny. Also, note: Aigear walking sticks have 3 must-have outdoor tools. The hand can be formed to a curve. The ideal size for both men and women is used for walking and hiking. The overall length is 43.5 inches when forming the handle to straight and 1.1 inches when it's not straight. Make sure the model number is the same as the walking stick when you choose an extension section on Amazon. The extension section of the walking stick is called PPWS002 Ext. The backpack is included in the search for anti-skid tip and ext-black and ext-gray. B085Q8RQ4R and B085Q8LB8J are lightweight walking sticks that come with outdoor tools. There is a video on the product page for how to assemble a walking stick.

Brand: Aigear

👤The walking stick is heavy. If you hike in places where there are wild animals, you will be more comfortable with this hiking stick. It's a hiking stick and a survival stick at the same time. It is easy to put together. I feel it's too short for a traditional hiking stick, so I'm giving it four stars instead of five. I was forced to order extensions on Amazon because they were easy to do there, but the price was a little too high. You will be happy with this purchase, but you may want to order one or two extensions for taller people.

👤I ordered a walking stick because I was almost attacked by a stray dog on a walk. I now carry a pistol daily. I don't like having to use a firearm for repelling a dog, but I do like the alloy walking stick. There is a We wouldn't have to worry about protection from the dog's if people kept their animals in line.

👤We use this on our walks. We live in an area with a lot of stray dogs and action. The stick is amazing. If we're in danger, I can detach it and give my wife one piece. Within seconds, the stick assembles and disassembles. It's not very light, but it's strong, solid quality and what is expected for those moving pieces. We're thinking of giving more and giving them to relatives for Christmas.

👤This is a good piece of gear. I bought it for protection. To use this on hard surfaces, you'll need to replace the foot with a standard cane rubber foot. The supplied foot won't work on slippery city streets. I didn't have to buy any more links. It's a comfortable height for me, I'm 5'8".

👤I'm happy to recommend this product. If I could, I would give it 10 stars. Totally exceeded my expectations. I bought an extension that fits like a glove.

👤The thing is made of tick aluminum with rubber seals. I bought an extension for it and it's perfect for a walking stick. This is not cheap and flimsy like the survival sticks that couldn't hold up to a buffet. If I had the skills and materials, I would make this.

👤The multi section hiking staff is rock solid. When ordering a non name brand item like this, you don't really know because it's a high degree of fit and finish, pieces screw together with precision, and there's a rubber seal around the base component. This is a serious piece of gear.

👤I am very happy with my purchase. I was looking for a cane and hitting pole that I can use in the event I am attached and the sucker is well suited for that. It is heavy for a tracking pole, but it is well made. If you need to clobber a bear or mugger, you need something heavy. If you get caught and need to start a fire or spear a fish, the included tools are a bonus. I need a piece of rubber for the handle as it is very well made but needs some padding for low hikes.


What is the best product for survival hammer tactical hiking staff?

Survival hammer tactical hiking staff products from Sindh. In this article about survival hammer tactical hiking staff you can see why people choose the product. Foxelli and Aigear are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival hammer tactical hiking staff.

What are the best brands for survival hammer tactical hiking staff?

Sindh, Foxelli and Aigear are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival hammer tactical hiking staff. Find the detail in this article. Trekology, Aigear and Itokey are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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