Best Survival Hammer Hatchet

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1. Multitool Accessories VOXON Equipment Screwdrivers

Multitool Accessories VOXON Equipment Screwdrivers

These axes and hatchets are great for bushcrafting. They are the most versatile axe hand. The multifunctional axe is a perfect gift for a male friend. You can celebrate Father's Day, Easter, Christmas or other holidays with your father, husband, friends or boys if you choose a simple and mature black bow gift style. A gift for exploration, camping, hunting, hiking, fishing or backpacking can be done with one tool. There are 13 different tools, including hammers, axes, pliers, blades, serrated knives, various hexagonal wrenches, large flat-blade screwdrivers, bottle openers, can openers, scale descalers, Screw set, barrel and three screwdriver heads. It's very safe. The direction of the ax blade and cutter blade was designed to be the same to avoid injury to the user. An axe protective cover and a 3mm thick nylon storage bag are added to prevent accidental injury to the user. Before using the tool, please check the screws on the tool. The main body is made of 2Cr13stainless steel, using precision casting integrated rapid prototyping, castings have high dimensional accuracy, and the cutting edge adopts quenching and tempering processes to increase the hardness and sharpness of the cutting edge. CONVENIENT TO CARRY: The hammer is small. The inside of the storage bag has a belt buckle that is convenient to carry around. The cover of the storage bag is made of a material that is easy to open and close. Tecknet will give you a satisfactory answer if you are dissatisfied with their products. Tecknet will give you a satisfactory answer if you are dissatisfied with their products.

Brand: Voxon

👤Excellent multitool was inexpensive. The tent was staked down with the hammer and hatchet. I thought it would be very strong. It has a bit of heft. The design of the screwdriver bit holder is the only downside to this multitool. The first time I used the hammer, one of the bits fell out and I lost my hammer. I still give it 5 stars because I think it's pretty minor.

👤I thought it would be very strong. It feels very heavy and well put together. The multi tool blades are very sharp, so take that into account when handling it. I would have to agree with the other reviewer about the screw bits being loose. I was able to find the piece after it fell out. I am impressed.

👤This is a useful tool that can be used in a lot of different ways. I bought mine to carry with me when I go into the woods. Adding this wood to your camping gear is an excellent way to do so.

👤My grandson loved this sturdy tool. I would have loved one for myself. When I bought it, I didn't think it had so many features. The size is also nice.

👤I thought it would be a great gift for my husband. He was excited about the 13 multitool hatchet but accidentally cut himself while examining it. When we had to go to the emergency room for stitches, we were excited but frustrated. For initial excitement, rating one star. Use extreme caution when using this tool.

👤Excellent quality for the price. My daughter loves the outdoors. She keeps her truck in case.

👤Excellent product and quality. I would definitely recommend it.

👤My husband loves this gift, it's just a little smaller than I thought, but I can't be upset about the price.

2. AIETOL Camping Bushcraft Survival 10 5 Inch

AIETOL Camping Bushcraft Survival 10 5 Inch

This axe is good enough to deal with small trees, and can also be used to cut down jungle or prepare firewood for fireflies. The axe has a sharp edge. Even in high humidity, the fiberglass nylon handle is non-slippery. A balanced axe hammer will make cutting wood a pleasure. The survival axe is made from 3Cr13 steel. It's ideal for chopping kindling and small to medium-sized logs. Camping with bolts for even better stability and reliability. The camp axe has a sheath, a small one-handed axe, a bushcraft axe, and a 16-oz weight. Men and women will find the best gifts. It's a must have for your camping/ outdoor accessories, survival gear and equipment list.

Brand: Aietol

👤Any physical work can be done with the extremely tough axe.

👤The design of this Axe is great. It's perfect for camping. I use it to make kindling for firewood. It comes very quickly. It is a super sharp. The axe is beat with a wooden handle. The head is fixed to the shaft. The other side of the blade is great for hammering. It's perfect for splitting wood when I drive my tent stakes down. It has a protective case. One of the clasps is not quite close. You have to pinch it and make sure. I wish it came with a sharpening stone. It's a great axe.

👤But not razor sharp. The plastic handle is balanced so you can practice throwing. Chop on one side with a hammerhead on the opposite side. Great for camping.

👤The axe is perfect for camping. I bought it for my husband's birthday, and it cut the limbs for our fire. It is light in weight and easy to operate, but sharp enough to cut stubborn branches. It's a must for small jobs.

3. Superoll Accessories Screwdrivers Anniversary Retirement

Superoll Accessories Screwdrivers Anniversary Retirement

With one touch, you can use the zoom to focus on objects that are far away or the other way around. You can install the flashlight on the folding shovel if you want to work at night. The multitool hammer for camping includes a flat camping hammer, screwdriver,Phillips screwdriver, hatchet, army knife, bottle opener, steel file, wire cutter, regular. It comes with a nylon protective pouch, 8 in 1 key multitool, and a key chain. The Superoll pocket multitool for men is made of 3Cr13stainless steel with black anti-oxidation coating on the surface, which helps the tool last longer. The stocking stuffers for men can be used for outdoor survival, camping fishing accessories, axe camping utility, and daily use at home. Tools and accessories to break the window glass and cut the seat-belt in a dangerous escape are included. Multitool camping accessories for men are packed in nylon pouch to secure the position of utility knife multitool and avoid potential injury. The size is 3.62'' x 0.9''. The camping accessories clearance can be put on your belt, backpack, or car. It's perfect to have with you at all times. Superoll hunting multitool is a special men gift idea. The hammer multitool is the best gift for husband, father, boyfriend, and other people. Superoll hunting multitool is a special men gift idea. The hammer multitool is the best gift for husband, father, boyfriend, and other people.

Brand: Superoll

👤The hand is heavy. It's a good tool to have.

👤I read only two reviews about the axe and they were paid to write them. The axe head is functional and adequate. I will use the product when I go hiking and camping.

👤The design is great and the tool is small.

4. GRESOU Multitool Equipment Screwdrivers Accessories

GRESOU Multitool Equipment Screwdrivers Accessories

Purchase is free. They are proud of their product. If you're not happy with their products, you can get a full refund. Their products have passed strict export inspections. Rest assured to buy. The tool has Axe, Hammer, Knife, Flat Jaw Pliers, Regular Pliers, Wire, Serrated Knife, Whistle,Flint,Phillips Screwdriver, Slotted Screwdriver, and Cutter. It is a great accessory for camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, Bushcraft and other outdoor activities. This multi-tool axe is tough enough to handle a lot of emergencies outdoors. The curved blade of the axe and knife is sharp enough to cut and chop. It is possible to adapt and portable. The axe blade cover can be used to protect your hands. It comes with a nylon pouch, small in size and very convenient to wear around your belt or put it in a backpack, easy to carry. If you are looking for a unique gift for a man or a man's spouse. A friend of mine loves outdoor, camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, backpacking and GRESOU multitool. Birthdays, Christmas, and Anniversaries are ideal times to give an axe. 100% SATISFIED WARRANTY. Customer satisfaction is their top priority. They guarantee lifetime satisfaction customer service to make sure you have the best purchase experience. If this multitool product can't live up to your expectations, please don't hesitate to contact them immediately, they will respond quickly and solve it. 100% SATISFIED WARRANTY. Customer satisfaction is their top priority. They guarantee lifetime satisfaction customer service to make sure you have the best purchase experience. If this multitool product can't live up to your expectations, please don't hesitate to contact them immediately, they will respond quickly and solve it.

Brand: Gresou

👤It was perfect for my brother to add it to his collection. I gave him it as well. It was useful when we were opening gifts. He said it was a nice feel in the hands, and that it was comparable to some of his higher end stuff.

👤I used it to hit a few things, and it does that well. The claw on the back cannot be used for pulling out drilled rivets, so I used pliers. The first time I tried to use the claw, it broke.

👤The handle for The wrench is top notch.

👤I gave my son a multitool axe hammer as a present and he absolutely loves it. He uses it frequently and wears it daily.

👤No lo, Es pequeo para el precio. No puedo decir, tan fuerte es el material.

👤This tool is useful around the house.

👤Excellent item. It was a Christmas gift from a young daughter and I haven't used it yet. It has been a sturdy multi tool piece.

👤It is a perfect christmas gift for a handymen.

5. Schrade SCHCOM6CP Hatchet Machete Combo

Schrade SCHCOM6CP Hatchet Machete Combo

If you take care of your axes and hatchets, they will take care of you, and they will consider repairs and replacements for your properly maintained SOG tomahawk throwing hatchets. DIMENSIONS The overall length of the Hatchet is 28.1 cm and it has a blade length of 3.6 inches (9 cm). It isdurable: The 3Cr13 S.S. blades have black rubber handles. It's permissible. The individual, black belt sheaths are convenient and easy to use. The security of the finger grooves on the hatchet and the front quillon on the machete will help keep the blade from slipping. The machete and Hatchet have lanyard holes for added security.

Brand: Schrade

👤I am a carribean. I bought this set after IRMA. I had to cut a branch when DORIAN hit. It's time to try this tool. After the first couple hits, I was impressed by the sharpness of the blade, but after a number of theses, I ended up with a rubber handle in my hand and the axe flying away. I'm very lucky that I didn't kill anyone. It is not made to be used. I ended the story with my machete, because Rivets and wood don't fail.

👤Don't buy this set. The tools I bought were for a backpacking trip. The first time I used the knife to chop a bush it snapped in half. The sheath is also damaged. Absolutely terrible quality equipment and cheap material. I would be dead if this knife was in my life.

👤I kept the "mini machete" for myself, even though I bought this set to gift the hatchet to a friend. More on that later. I have used one of these hatchets for a couple of years now and have not had a single complaint. This is a good tool that does what it was made to do, such as chopping, splitting, and other light camp chores. The rubber coated metal handle is all in one construction and you don't have to worry about breaking it. I cringe when I see young people on those videos splitting wood with their belt knives by beating on it with a chunk of wood. Why do they risk damaging or breaking their knives if they only have a fixed blade with them? Do they carry a stone to touch up the edge after abuse? One of these little hatchets weighs next to nothing and can be tucked into a side pouch with a folding saw and you can process all of the wood you need without endangering your knife. If you have a stone with you, you can skin game with one. .... The reason I removed a star from the review was because it was a butchers knife with a fancy rubber handle. This knife is not good for use as a machete. I can't think of a fancy name for the different grinds, but this blade has a hollow grind that is more often found on a knife's cutting edge. If they wanted to keep the blade from chipping, they should have left more metal down to the edge and had a round grind like the hatchet. The blade is only 1/6 of an inch in thickness. You want a bent and twisted blade over time, but you're not sure how to get it. Thebelly of the knife's blade will slide over the sheath if it is not fastened right. You will have a hole in your sheath if you have a good edge on the blade. This is a good little set if you want a hatchet for 20 bucks and a knife for 8. There is a If you want a knife for "batoning wood", this one is cheap and won't bother you when you ruin it. Knock yourself out. I am going to take the black gunk off the blade, heat it up, and then dunk it in oil to get it ready for the next use. I'll put a plastic sleeved rivet on the blade of the knife and use it like I would a kitchen butcher knife. To cut meat and veggies.

6. RoverTac Accessories Multitool Christmas Screwdrivers

RoverTac Accessories Multitool Christmas Screwdrivers

The Extremus Viper Multi-Tool comes with a molded case where every accessory has its own storage area. The dimensions of the case are not large. The total weight of the car is 5 lbs. They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Their priority is your satisfaction. They offer a lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship and no reason to return it. A safety lock and 14 different tools are included in the Compact Toolkit. Heavy Duty: Full steel with black oxidation for the main part and red oxidation for the handle. Strong enough to cut, pry, twist the screw, open the fire hydrant, saw wood, or both. The multitool hatchet has an upgraded sheath that FULLY covers the blade, meaning a safe and lightweight carrying and convenient takeout. A perfect gift for men is a tool that can be used for a year round purpose. It is a special gift for teenage boys. Not thrown aside like most gifts, will be used year round. A perfect gift for men is a tool that can be used for a year round purpose. It is a special gift for teenage boys. Not thrown aside like most gifts, will be used year round.

Brand: Rovertac

👤I have to keep going for this tool. I read the reviews. If you want to know how big this tool is, you should look at the diagram that shows how big it is. I would question the kind of user who is overly concerned with wearing it on their belt because they may need it that fast and often. It is $25. It is what you should expect. Some of the reviews make it sound like someone tried to start a company with it. The reviews made it sound like a person was subjected to a life or death survival situation only with this tool. This is a great way to keep a multitool in a glove box. I keep mine in a side-by-side location on a mountain where I am constantly away from a proper tool kit. If you find yourself in a major job, please get major tools. The tools are sturdy and can be used in a pinch. Please be realistic if you need to build a house. This thing is helpful, but you are not chopping down trees with it. You are too ambitious if you break it.

👤I didn't want the weight of a big ax for my emergency bag. I picked up the axe and was surprised. I just sharpen the blade a little bit, but it's not needed. You can split wood, but not in a single swing, but you are not going to chop down a full size tree with this. I hit it, sunk it into the wood, and hit the axe behind it. It was very well split. The other tools are nice, but I wanted the axe and hammer. I had a nice sheath. If you want a full size hatchet or axe, get one. If you want a small sturdy one to stick in the emergency bag or on a hike, this is your tool.

👤The multi-tool is perfect. Everything you would ever need is in this small and easy to take place. It would be great for camping. You can see how well built and sturdy it is right away. Everyone would benefit from this tool.

👤My husband has been using this multi tool on his side since we arrived. Some of his coworkers ordered this tool when he took it to work. The gift option for those who enjoy knives and gadgets is delivered from the box. We use this Multitool at camping trips in the weekend with scouts or on hikes for geocaching. The size of the tool made it easy for my husband and myself to use, and my son could also use the plier portion. I have small hands, but they did not feel awkward when I held them. There is a The black nylon belt case has a blade sheath on the axe, which makes carrying it around safe and secure. There is no risk of losing or damaging the case because it has a belt loop tool and a strap with a solid snap. The blades are fastened in and rested against the top position. The customer service and shared photos on this item gave great tips for using it. They sent a photo of how to hold the hammer side with axe blade up and extend the saw blade for sawing.

7. HX OUTDOORS Mercenarys Multifunctional Explosion Proof

HX OUTDOORS Mercenarys Multifunctional Explosion Proof

High quality products. Off Grid Tools has the latest and greatest outdoor tools that are functional, versatile, high quality, and innovative. During long adventures hiking, hunting, fishing, and camping, put survival in the palm of your hand. There is a shoddy proof. It is built for any situation. The axe is rugged enough to survive in the wilderness. The sheath is free to keep the blade sharp when not in use. STAINLESS STEEL. The blade is made from a type of steel that is resistant to rust. This axe is versatile and has a hammer and pry tool. There is a risk free warranty. They will replace or refund your purchase if you don't like it.

Brand: Hx Hx Outdoors

👤I have not been offered any compensation by HX Outdoors, Amazon, or any other company for my opinions regarding this product. The axe is an awesome tool, and it's 100% usable straight out of the box. The great This axe is a great buy, as compared to other brands in the same style, at a listed price of $79.99. The length is great for being able to get good swing leverage, there are finger grooves on the head for lighter shaving and shaping tasks. The advantage is that you won't break the head of the axe by hitting something with the hammer pad, unlike a cast/badly-forged axe. This axe is better for longevity and reliability because it is FULL tang. I don't know what they're for, but they're going to be used for a lanyard on my lanyard. The fit of the head sheath is great, and can be adjusted to fit any position. The design of the cutting edges is incredibly useful for different types of cutting tasks, but at first glance it appears to be function-less. The use of the scales is a good choice, but the ergonomics are not good, HX made a good attempt at indicating holding positions, but the overall feel of the scales is not comfortable. They are sharp to the touch, but can be corrected by sanding them down for a few minutes. I don't think I will use it much, but the addition of a multi-size wrench is nice. Maybe I will. The pry bar is well-shaped and will be useful if I need one. The screws that came in the axe handle are not black-oxide coated as one might think. They are painted black. The solvent in the glue reacted with the paint on the screws, creating a nasty congealed mess under the screw heads. I removed the screws and posts and the material was a bit melted from the excess glue in the laminate. I cleaned it all off because it was horrible. I'm not entirely sure why they cheaped out on hardware and thread-lock, since they aren't expensive to begin with. I can't imagine HX would use painted screws and super-glue in lieu of Loc-Tite and black-oxide screws in order to make these in a volume. I'll be replacing the scales with rosewood, profiled to match the existing scales, and I'll be wrapping the handle in a style similar to Japanese Tsukamaki, with a leather over wood core, finished in silk or leather ito. The bamboo mekugi pins will probably be the same as the screws, since ito will keep everything together. I'll be adding menuki to the build as well. A 4-star tool. It's definitely solid, useful outdoors and cool-looking. The purchase price was well- worth it. I'm making a project out of my axe, but it's more than usable right out of the box. HX, please use black-oxide screws and thread-lock. I have not been offered any compensation for my opinions regarding this product.

👤The axe came as a shock. Also, well built. It took 2 months to ship from China, but I'm not a stickler for tools. That is due to not having a prime option. It performed as expected after being tested out. It's in my camping bag. This thing is awesome.

8. SOG Camp Axe Splitting Bushcraft

SOG Camp Axe Splitting Bushcraft

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain as they provide a lifetime satisfaction on this product. Don't hesitate to contact them if you have a question, they will respond promptly. The small hatchet has a 3.1-inch blade and is 11 inches in length. There are some barracks and huts. The camp hatchet and survival hatchet are light but heavy duty and can be used as a backpacking axe. There is a wood mallet and a sledgehammer in one. The wood chopping axe can be used as a hammer axe, and the hatchet is always ready for outdoor wood splitting, pounding tent stakes, and tinder breakdown. The camp is with Sheth. The small axe and hiking hatchet are lightweight and easy to carry, while the hand axe with sheath is a portable outdoor tool that protects the blade. They will take care of you if you take care of your camp axes and hatchets. They will take care of you if you take care of your camp axes and hatchets.

Brand: Sog Specialty Knives

👤The ax has a boomerang effect, but it is not clear from the description. It will return to you in a neat elliptical pattern if you throw it the right way. I was able to catch the return after 15 minutes of practice. Be careful. You can take an ax to the head if you're not expecting it. I lost two friends in one weekend and both thought they had mastered the ax. They took a hatchet to the face. I would recommend this to a friend.

👤Light weight, sturdy, and very sharp. I bought this hatchet for my 3.5 week camping trip with my kids from Texas, and it will be used all the way up to Montana and back. It was amazing. I wasn't paying attention when I was chopping up some kindling for the fire at Yellowstone. The tip of my finger was chopped off. It was a clean cut. I'm thankful that it was still sharp after use. I recommend this hatchet for all of your chopping needs.

👤The product only had to complaints. It was necessary to be retightened 2. I wish it was bigger. It's great if you wanted weekend warrior. There is a If you want to use this for actual expeditions in the real world, you might want to rethink.

👤This is a great SOG axe camp that deserves 5 stars. The sheath that SOG supplies with the axe is the basis for my rating. The sheath is a molded covering for the blade and has a rubber strap to hold it to the handle. Attaching the sheath to the axe is not easy. It's easy to cut yourself trying to attach a sheath, so I urge anyone using it to be very careful. I contacted SOG by email and asked if they made a safer belt sheath that I could purchase from other manufacturers, such as Eastwing. They said the supplied sheath is the only one they have. This is an excellent product, it simply deserves a better thought out sheath to make it safer to carry.

👤I like hatchets. I had to buy this one from SOG. It is small and lightweight. It is decent for its size and weight, but not great when it comes to chopping. A Schrade scaxe2 will chop circles around this hatchet. The SOG will be doubled by both of them with the same number of swings. The SOG is too light and the handle is too short, it's more of a utility tomahawk than a hatchet. It will stay in my collection, but it won't be a go when I want to chop it.

👤I agreed with the reviewer that the sheath was flimsy and dangerous. I found an old inside-the-belt pistol holster, a little "cut-and-paste", and now have a sturdy, safe, lightweight way to stick this on my belt. I cut off the end of the blade cover and gorilla-glued it inside the sheath.

👤I have beaten the hell out of this thing so far. Thought it would be of little use, but figured out that using it with a baton or knotted wood club is perfect. Chopping is very smooth. Taking my axe out of my pack. The tool weighs in at a pound. People need to know how to respect an edge while cutting themselves. The low profile cover design is great. A good one.

9. Talximuk Universal Anti Rust Technology Activities

Talximuk Universal Anti Rust Technology Activities

No need to carry around a whole toolbox while you use their Multitool Hammer. It's not necessary to run back and forth to get all the tools. The multi functional tools will save you a lot of time while working on home improvement projects. The comfort and control of the American walnut wood handle is ensured. The handle has anti-vibrations. The forged steel head is durable. Two layers of anti-rust technology. The hammer head's high- strength glue will hold the hammer head on the handle. The ax blade has a leather protective cover that protects it from being cut in half. This axe is good enough to deal with small trees, and can also be used to cut down jungle or prepare firewood for fireflies.

Brand: Talximuk

👤It works well. The shaft will hold up through the years because of the strength of the wood. The blade was not sharp and needs some care out of the box. Even with a dull blade, chops are good.

10. Multitool Survival Tactical Outdoors Husbands

Multitool Survival Tactical Outdoors Husbands

There is no excuse to not have a trowel. The Deuce lightweight shovel is going to be able to perform exactly as you want, so you can scoop a cathole whenever nature calls. Use the campsite to clean up litter, bury waste, and more. The all-in-one kit includes a hammer head, several blades, screwdrivers, knives, pliers and cutters with a safety lock. Useful for any handyman. Need to open a bottle, hammer a nail, or screw into wood? Leave your stuff at home. This set is lightweight and has everything you need. It's a great gift for military or outdoorsmen. A multi-occasional gift idea is great for holidays and birthdays. It's perfect for survival, emergency, fishing, carpentry and home improvement. It is a unique present that is loved by all men. If you are unhappy with their product, you can return it within 60 days. Any questions can be answered by customer support. If you are unhappy with their product, you can return it within 60 days. Any questions can be answered by customer support.

Brand: Brisked

👤I bought a Christmas gift for a family member.

👤I gave this to my brother so he could use it wherever he wanted, it's a great size so you can carry it anywhere, we all love it.

11. WilFiks Splitting Fiberglass Reduction Anti Slip

WilFiks Splitting Fiberglass Reduction Anti Slip

The Axe has a full tang design and features a hammer pommel. The Wood Chopping Axe is easy to use. The blade geometry is designed to give you more splits. It's ideal for campers, hikers, outdoor activities and preparing wood for bonfires. DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: The forged carbon steel heat treated blade makes the axe more durable and smooth, and it stays sharp longer than traditional axes. The Hand Axe can deliver long lasting performance. ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Their Hatched is made with a cold resistant fiberglass handle which will reduce the strain on your hand and adds comfort. The blade is sharp. The polished finished edge of the chopping blade can be easily resharpened. chopping logs and firewood is easy with the Weighted Wedge design. A superior Camping Axe is created by the good balance between head and shaft. It's easy to steal. The blade has a rubber protective sheath. Simply apply the rubber protective cover and hang the Hatchet from the hole that is featured for easy and convenient storage after use.

Brand: Wilfiks

👤The handle came unglued. This is not the one for you if you want to use it. The handle attachment is weak.

👤The top of the blade is the only one that is sharp, the rest of the blade needs to be grinded off to make it sharper. The axe head is sitting on the crooked hilt in photo 2. The force of impact will cause the axe to turn to the left as it cuts. This can lead to a severed toe, a wood fragment that is being cut or a loss of grip at impact. I think the head is a factory defect because it looks like it was done by hand. Please send a replacement, I will review it.

👤Great price for an axe. The axe is pre-sharpened. It was used right out of the box. The grip is comfortable. It is easier on my hand than it was last time. The axe feels like a quality tool in the hand and has a nice weight to it. It's easy to see and find the smart color at the work area. This axe will last a long time.

👤I needed a small axe for my hobbies. The axe has a few whacks and cleaves a bone. It doesn't have a problem cutting wood with that knowledge. The weight is very heavy. I can swing this thing all day long without getting tired and it is heavy enough that it has power behind the whacks. This thing has been used a lot in my short time of ownership. If you need something strong and easy to dispatch, this is the one for you. It came and was dull. I had to sharpen it myself.

👤I bought it because it was said to be a carbon axe head. The handle feels good. The blade of the axe was dull. It was finished. I read reviews of being sharp. Not this one. An hour of sharpening is required to establish an edge. I can not use my wetstone kit. The grinder is going to be used first. Disappointed.

👤I got this hatchet to split small logs, when I already split wood and other small wood for kindling. It was quite heavy for a hatchet when I took it out of the box. The design of the handle was odd to me. The axe head was dull, like a cheap pocket knife, and I thought it might not be able to split even the smallest of logs or small branches. I thought I would try to make the blade sharper. I used a WorkSharp tosharpen the axe head. I can feel an edge after 30 minutes, but it is not sharp enough to cut paper or shave with. The blade was not sharpened or worked well from the manufacturer. I wonder what this hatchet will do. I grabbed a couple of small, old oak logs that I have. The log split first hit. The first log took three strikes to split. The log was 10 inches in diameter. Before purchasing this hatchet, I would read the reviews to find one that is cared for a bit more from the manufacturer.


What is the best product for survival hammer hatchet?

Survival hammer hatchet products from Voxon. In this article about survival hammer hatchet you can see why people choose the product. Aietol and Superoll are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival hammer hatchet.

What are the best brands for survival hammer hatchet?

Voxon, Aietol and Superoll are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival hammer hatchet. Find the detail in this article. Gresou, Schrade and Rovertac are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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