Best Survival Gear Kit with Shovel

Kit 30 Jun 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. REDCAMP Military Shovel,High Entrenching Cover,Green

REDCAMP Military Shovel%EF%BC%8CHigh Entrenching Cover%EF%BC%8CGreen

There are outdoor activities that can be done in a backpack. There are multiple functions. Striking, sawing,hammering,shoveling. Can be used as a shovel, hoe, pick or saw. There is a carrying pouch. The head size is small. The total length is 22.8" The package is 7.5"x10" It is 2.5 lbs/1.15 lbs. The blade is strong enough to endure the toughest conditions. You can keep it in a backpack, car or other object. 50# High-Carbon steel body and comfortable triangular handle are tough. REDCAMP offers a full manufacturer warranty for a year. They will give you a full refund or a replacement for any broken piece.

Brand: Redcamp

👤So. I was at Ft Polk. A soldier walks up and asks how he can keep his shovel from getting poo on it. She really asked, and she didn't use the word 'poo'. I was confused at first. I told him to dig the hole first, then cover it up, and I got this shovel to keep from needing to be used. This is the substitute. It's a bit lighter than the issue shovel, but it's still effective. I used it to dig cat-holes and hasty's, along with chopping brush and clearing small tree limbs and vines, for a full month, with nothing more than mild wear on the cutting's edge paint. I left it out beside my vehicle for anyone to borrow and it was used for an entire month. It dealt with the heat, rain, humidity, and abuse of my fellow soldiers. Polk could throw it. I'm impressed with the lighter build and the ability to take a lot of use with minimal signs of wear.

👤The shovel is locked up once it's unfolded. There is a When you use it, sand gets into the threads of the nut and you can't unfold the shovel. It's stuck. Let's say you got a channel lock to force the nut open, and you folded the shovel. You can't remove the nut to clean the sand. Sand damages a shovel, so it can't be used to dig.

👤I've used it to dig sand. I couldn't open the folded shovel because I had stored it for 6 months. The screw is not turning. I need to dig a hole for my fox. I will die. It's just a joke, but the description says "military"?

👤If you're thinking of buying this, I suggest you instead. You can dig a whole with your hand. The person put 15 in the hole. Dirt was used to cover it. I hope a better shovel will grow out of the ground. Some people had the same issue as me. The nut that was supposed to hold the head in place didn't work. I tried unfolding and locking in place but the nut held the head in place. Neither of my neighbors could get it to stay in place, even though one is a carpenter and the other an electrician. It's dangerous as the shovel head and axe flop around constantly so you have to hold them in place with one hand and hold the handle with the other. At that point, I had enough of pinching my fingers. If you have to have a portable shovel, you should get one that screws together in pieces as it will be more sturdy.

👤1. The blue strap thing wasn't part of it. 2. The screw doesn't work. The shovel head doesn't stay locked into place. This product is useful. Don't bother buying it. >:(

👤I used it to break ice on the ground. The pic portion was bent the first time it hit the ice. I tried to adjust it to the shovel setup but the lock was so messed up that it was locked in place as a picaxe. Get what you pay for.

2. Emergency Survival Tactical Supplies Adventure

Emergency Survival Tactical Supplies Adventure

The emergency survival kit combines 106Pcs first aid supplies, 14 powerful survival tools, which can get you well-prepared in any emergency situation. It will be a good help while camping, hiking, car travel, climbing, boating, outside adventure, etc. The emergency kit contains a flashlight, military knife, 8-use-in-1 spork, Survival Bracelet, Folding Shovel and Pick, Bottle Hanging Buckle, Parachute Cord, Pocket Bellow, and Multifunctional. Emergency supplies can be used to meet any medical or emergency need of a single family. The emergency medical supplies and camping tools are made of high quality materials, which can provide you with effective and lasting protection. All the cool gadgets are neatly arranged in a 600D nylon bag that has three large compartments and plenty of rooms to add your own gear. It's portable and perfect for any outdoor activities, it can be attached to other bags or your belt with its compatible straps on the back. Perfect Christmas gifts. The Emergency Survival Kit is great for medics, military personnel, police, firefighters, first aid personnel, hikers, campers, outdoor sports enthusiasts, etc. It will be a great christmas gift for someone you care about. Their top priority is your satisfaction. If you and your family are not happy with their product, please contact them in time. Give the man in your life a cool gift this Christmas.

Brand: Dozavi

👤This didn't come with a "spork" pictured. I was not happy with that. Everything else was included.

3. Pudhoms Survival Shovel Multitool Backpacking

Pudhoms Survival Shovel Multitool Backpacking

AXE SPECS The total weight of the Axe Head is 1.9 lbs. The camping shovel toolbox has ShoVEL-AXE-PICKAXE included. High carbon steel. Their survival axe set is made of strong material. All in one includes survival tools like shovel, axe, pickaxe, flashlight, rescue whistle, magnesium rod, cutter, saw, hoe, bottle opener, knife, fork, compass, fire starter, wrench, luminous ring. It's perfect for sawing, cutting, peeling, can opening, chopping, scaling, emergency hammering. The batteries are not included. You can use any tool of tactical survival shovel multitool with axe very easily in a few steps and the length of camping and camping axe is adjusted to 3 different lengths with thicken extension handles. The perfect gift is a survival kit or tactical gear for hikers, campers, survivors, hunters, or anyone who needs it. It's the perfect tool box for your car.

Brand: Pudhoms

👤The product is made of cheap metal. It looks like a cheap toy. After opening the box and charging everything. If you leave the light plugged into the wall, it won't work. I'm not sure how that helps in the woods. Try to dig a hole with the shovel, it bends on a small rock in the dirt. Thanks for being a crook.

👤The whistle and small compass were missing. It was camping and cut a few small wood sticks and axe chip.

👤The shovel and axe work well. I used it 4-5 times and it was not broken. Useful on other small parts. Whistle, knife, fork, flint stone, camping light... There is a can opener. There is a This product has a sturdy bag, which distinguishes it from others. I had purchased a similar product before. The bag was turned off first use. The return trip was difficult. I keep this in the trunk of my car because I always have the tools I need in the event of an emergency.

👤When I ordered one, it only worked when plugged in, so I sent one back and it still works.

👤When I purchased the kit, I was expecting something heavy and bulky, but it is a lightweight kit. It is useful and durable. Before buying it, you should check the dimensions. It is a perfect match for me. You get what you paid for.

👤The product is made nicely and be extra careful when removing the shovel head, all the pieces seem to lock in place really well, only thing I would add in the future is having a camping fork and spoon as part of the system.

👤I am very happy that I placed this order. Will this item have a purpose for me? Absolutely, a short answer. I needed a hatchet and shovel that I could feel comfortable with and handle, and this multitool fit the bill. I would recommend this purchase to a friend or family member.

👤I thought to dig a hole after taking it for a hike. The knife had screws in it and the handle had a flash light. It is a one and almost done.

4. Coleman Folding Shovel with Pick

Coleman Folding Shovel with Pick

The materials are of the highest quality. Tools and knives are used in camping. Another quality product from Coleman.

Brand: Coleman

👤"Toy Coleman Folding Shovel with Pick" should be the description. The shovel blade is small. Don't believe your eyes! Even if the picture looks like what you want, I learned to read the reviews.

👤This is very good for what it is intended for. What is the purpose of it? Back packing. If you want to dig a big hole or dig up metal at the beach, you should buy a full size shovel. There's always a guy that doesn't get it, and thinks that all shovels are the same size. No! The measurement should be the clue. COLEMAN is a clue. Coleman makes things for the outdoors. There is camping stuff. If you're hardcore like me, backpacking with gear, on a trail, mountains, inaaccessible, camping as in "roughing it:" tent, on the ground, or, if you're hardcore like me, camping in a tent. If you want to have "easy camping", a tent on the ground, next to your truck which is loaded with gear, coolers, lanterns, etc. I guess. Why would a backpacker want a shovel? bowel trowels are super small, lightweight pieces of metal for digging a hole for bodily "exit functions." There is no other reason to have a digging implement. It is clear that this little shovel would perform that duty and then some. This handly tool, with it's pick, justified it's few extra ounces.

👤This is not a standard military tool. This is more like a gardening tool. E tool is a tool that entrenches. This is small and portable. When camping, you are probably not going to dig a fox hole with a grenade under heavy enemy fire. This little guy is very well suited for digging a small fire pit in a survival situation, and he's in a bugout bag. You need a shallow pit to keep your fire under control so you don't burn the entire forest. This shovel is used to make a fire pit. You can back fill the hole when you break camp. This shovel is what I need for my gear. The pouch will fit on a standard pistol belt, or leave it in a bugout bag. This tool is light and compact so it's a good choice for a bugout bag.

👤This isn't as advertised. It is much smaller. It's the size of a man's hand. It's only 16 feet long. The trowel is not a folding shovel. It is not an entrenching tool. Attached are photos. It's not bad for a trowel. It opens and closes at 90 degrees. A minute with a bench grinder will fix the dull blade. It has a small snap pouch. It looks like it would be a good addition to a camping box for digging a one-time use latrine hole. It's not suitable for digging out a car.

👤Awesome shovel! I went camping over the weekend and I wanted to keep light and this shovel was very sturdy and excellent. I was hacking away to make fire pits. It did a good job. It folds easily and is portable. There is a I will bring a big shovel for camping. This portable shovel is still useful to bring along as it fits in any small back pack and it is very sturdy and compact, which is very important in most situations. My newest toy. I just bought this and it is so far so good. It is not possible to put too much load on this little guy, since it is still just a compact version of a shovel. The product is well made and has an amazing price value.

5. Iunio Survival Off Roading Multitool Emergency

Iunio Survival Off Roading Multitool Emergency

There is a lifetime warranty. Lifetime warranty is offered by each camping shovel. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, they will give you a full refund. A multi-tool kit combo is what gets the job done. iunio tool heads with extension tubes match the needs of a variety of outdoor jobs, including disaster clean up, maintenance, camping, backpacking and more. Every component of the great outdoor gear serves as high quality equipment. Get out there and conquer the mission with these tools and extensions. Survival tools are built to survive. Pick the tool head: shovel, axe, pickaxe, ice pick or trekking pole, to dominate whatever situation you encounter. You're all set if you match the handle to the job. There are no limits to the length of your tool. The tube sections have a lot of space for small first aid kit components, fishing gear, tackle, survival gear and anything else you can imagine. The molle bag that these tools come with is of the highest quality. The tools, sheaths, and molle bag are all made with high quality standards. The tools are secured in a convenient carrying case for easy handling, and each head has its own sheath. A space saver! It's great for the trunk, shelf or storage compartment in your vehicle. A perfect gift for anyone who likes camping, hiking, biking, fishing, preppers, backpackers, archaeologists, or anyone who needs tactical gear and practical tools for their car, SUV, truck, van, travel trailer or RV. The tools work well in this set. Their tool kits are built to last. They'll take care of you if you take care of their tool kit. Their awesome customer service team is always available to help with replacement requests.

Brand: Iunio

👤I can confirm that this is a heavy-duty high-quality tool system. There are bonus features. The male threaded ends work well. This allows you to make a spear with a Schrade SCHF1 knife. There are two more The final cane-tip section can fit over the attachment if it is stored with the business end out. You only have to remove the cane tip to expose the attachment. There are 3 more If you have a way to attach your phone to the staff, it will become a stable monopod. Female threads don't work with male plumbing. The cheap compass needs a lot of shaking to find the North. The handle section is dominated by the traction tip. The can opener at the tip of the knife would make a decent spear. I used the plastic part of the pointless whistle and the ice pick to defend against quadrupeds and bipeds. The designers should add a T handle attachment. I will be attaching a copper plumbing fixture T handle. One side will be fixed so it can be used as a climbing hook. The other side has a magnetic mount for a phone, mirror, or flashlight.

👤I worry about strength and reliability when I see these kinds of tools because they try to do too much instead of focusing on one task and doing it well. The exception is this set. The pick ax head was able to break through the rocky soil with little to no trouble, and the other tools performed way above my expectations. It's a little more expensive than its competitors, but it's worth it. The protective covers for the shovel and other tools are made to protect the bag from being torn. I am very impressed and I am now in my over-landing and offroad gear.

👤I have bought other products from this company and have to say they knocked it out of the park on this one. The best parts of their individual tools and accessories were put into one. A very compact package with durable tools and accessories that will last a lifetime. I chop down a tree with an axe in my back yard. The shovel and axe are both cool. The accessories are great. There are so many uses. I love it! Highly recommended!

👤The kit has a lot of tools. I use this as a walking stick and leave the other tools in the trunk. I would have liked it to include the screwdriver and knife from some of their other products, but I'm happy. I would like to know if they sell all the internal components separately. The outer texture is rough, but they include tape which I didn't want to add on and paracord for the handle which works out great.

👤Solid adjustments of shovel head to different angles are possible with excellent quality welds and carbon steel. A medium duty survival tool/weapon that is perfect to keep in a vehicle for digging out but not used for heavy duty work, aluminum has its limits. The design allows endless attachment combinations for handles and tools, great whistle, flint works, useful knife, and fair compass. Ice pick can be used to make a solid tent peg attachment or to insert a drill rod. The company brags about good service and great product.

6. Sahara Sailor Folding Multifunctional Survival

Sahara Sailor Folding Multifunctional Survival

The shoulder strap is made of mesh fabric and foam and has three kinds of anti-pressure and anti-seismic design. The main compartment has a zip pocket and mesh pocket. Even in the most rugged environment, this foldable shovel is made with 50# heavy duty carbon steel. The flexible military shovel is easy to use for a long time with practicability and security in it. The mini shovel is designed and produced for outdoor sports lovers. It's a great companion for camping adventures. It can fit into a 7.211 inch carrying pouch with only 2.1 pounds of weight and is a portable tool. This folding shovel can be stored in your car, camping bag, garden shed, etc. It is portable to be attached to a belt or a bookbag with a carry case and loop included. The triangular handle kit is convenient to use and labor-saving. The large grab handle allows for holding the shovel without hand or wrist fatigue. Good service. Sahara Sailor promises to give you high-quality products and excellent post-sales service. If you have a question, please email them. All questions will be answered within 24 hours.

Brand: Sahara Sailor

👤The first time this shovel was put in the ground it bent like a toy. Don't expect to dig anything harder than sand at the beach. It's probably a bit much for wet sand. Stick with sand.

👤The material is good, but I don't like the folding mechanism. I have to use a racket wrench to tighten it. The blade and handle keep folding, which is a huge safety concern when I try to dig. The product is unreliable and unsafe to use in an emergency situation, and the seller must have paid fake reviewers.

👤The main reasons I got this shovel are it is light and compact. I had a pick on the back before. It was useful in rocky clay. The only problem I had was that the nut you tighten to hold the entire shovel in place kept coming loose, no matter how tight I crank it. This thing turns into a wet noodle halfway through digging a hole. I think it's designed to look cool and dig in dry sand or dirt instead of hard packed ground.

👤I bought this to use for camping trips. I had to remove dirt and clumps of grass from under my shed so that they wouldn't touch the new piece of wood I was putting in. The compact shovel did the trick. I was able to dig under the shed with the shovel I had lying on my stomach. The pick side had to be used to remove some rocks that were lodged. It's a very simple design. It only takes a second to grab the collar and give it a twist after a while. I might buy another one to keep as my dedicated camp shovel, so that I can keep this one with my garden tools.

👤It's easy to unfold and sturdy when it's in a shovel. I keep it in my vehicle in case I get stuck. The reason I went this route instead of the collapsible snow shovel was because they are sturdy. If I get stuck in snow, mud, sand, or loose rock this little guy will hold up and I can dig. If I got a collapsible snow shovel, it would hold up without straining the scoop and breaking. If you want a sturdy vehicle shovel, I would recommend one of these.

👤It broke in the first fifteen minutes. I was moving top soil. I tested this theory and found that children's toys work better than this.

👤I bought this for my backpack. I took it out to my back yard to try it out on some brush roots, and it was a tough one to clean up. It worked well and appears to be solid. It was easy to use. The seller described the shipment as quick and clear.

👤It's 2.1 lbs and it fits in my Rumpumpack. I've used a shovel and hoe to dig fire pits. The pick end has become a necessity for everything else, even though I may never use it unless I can't reach my sidearm or survival knife in time.

7. LIANTRAL Stainless Backpacking Multitool Emergency

LIANTRAL Stainless Backpacking Multitool Emergency

Tecknet will give you a satisfactory answer if you are dissatisfied with their products. This survival tool is great for chopping, cutting, splitting, chipping, trimming, opening, scaling, making fire, shoveling, whistling, navigating and etc in a dangerous escape and more. It can be used as a tactical axe, it is a military portable folding axe with a sharp blade and a sheath. Which is the most compact life-saving kit of its kind. Premium steel for the axe head and special thick aluminum alloy for the handle and extension bars are high quality. The sports and outdoor enthusiast were in mind when the design was created. Strong enough to cut. It's perfect to be used as a camping axe. You can adjust the length of the LIANTRAL camping axe according to your needs. This folding survival axe combines axe, shovel, bottle opener, fish scaler tool, fire starter, emergency whistle, glass breaker, safety hammer, compass, hand rope, etc. The tactical axe is the best emergency tool for outdoor camping, hiking and hunting because of its compact and portable nature. This axe is a great gift for your family and friends. Purchase is free. They are proud of their product. If you're not happy with their products, you can get a full refund. Their products have passed strict export inspections. Rest assured to buy.

Brand: Liantral

👤The first use took 20 minutes to cut down a tree. On the second swing, the entire blade section snapped off. The knife is sharper than the axe and the blade is not duriable. The function is shut down in 30 F and the only thing that works is the safety hammer. The magnesium rod has a very low amount of sparks. Don't trust the positive comments that are paid for by the reviewers. I have a baton with a knife inside. You get what you pay for. It is not an axe.

👤I decided to give this a try after seeing the other reviews of the product. The sheath is the only thing that hurts on this thing. It's not very good. This thing did a great job. It feels sturdy and heavy in your hands, the blades on the hoe and axe are very strong, they can easily chop through firewood and dug through the packed earth. The ferro rod that is also included works great with the knife that comes in it, so I would recommend having something sharper on hand for shaving wood or skinning fish, or whatever, but it isn't super sharp. I don't have a need for the compass or the glass breaker, so I can't comment on how they handle. This product would be a good one to recommend. It has a small whetstone and oil for maintenance.

👤It's an awesome survival tool, but it's made in China.

👤A great deal on a multitool. The knife is small but functional. It can be hard to loosen sections, so wouldn't over tighten them. Extra space to add some of your own needs within the tube handle sections. Overall very nice solid design is easy to combine into one for the average outdoor/camping needs.

👤This is amazing. This would be helpful in an emergency. It's amazing! The star is very good.

👤The first one I ordered was missing something. I replaced it after returning. The second one had the same problem. I didn't want to go for a third one.

👤I consider myself pretty strong, but it's light to me. Overall, a great product, it is very durable and sturdy.

8. Emergency Survival Professional Equipment Adventure

Emergency Survival Professional Equipment Adventure

SATISFACTION Customer ServiceCOTTEOX Team offer you with the best quality products and the best shopping experience, and also provides you with the best after-sales service guarantee. Their priority is your satisfaction. If you have any questions, please contact them and they will try to give you a satisfactory solution. The emergency survival kit is unique in that it was designed by survival experts. The comprehensive survival kit includes 21 survival tools, 106 first aid kit, and a fishing tools set which can meet your different needs and provide the most safest and comprehensive protection for any outdoor activities like camping, hiking, car travel, climbing, boating, etc. The most popular survival accessories are Hatchet, Folding Shovel and Pick, Folding Military Knife, 3-mode tactical flashlight, Multifunctional Saber Card, Survival Bracelet, and Wire Saw. The wound can be treated in time if all of the gears are used. All items are neatly arranged in a 600D nylon bag. It is easy to carry, small and lightweight, and can hold 142 items. There is still room for you to add your own gear. The straps on the back allow you to attach it to other bags or your belt, which made it a perfect companion for any outdoor activities. The Emergency Survival Kit is great for a wide range of people. It is an idea for a car, ship, bicycles, motorcycles, workplace, travel, shooting, hunting, camping, hiking, fishing, boating, cycling, outdoor sports, wilderness adventure and other activities. Emergency survival first aid equipment is a good gift for men. Their survival kit can make you feel more relaxed and safe. If you and your family are not happy with their product, please contact them in time.

Brand: Luxmom

👤I ordered this for my son, but it was missing a parachute cord, fishing gear, multi purpose spoon, and a rectangular saw. We did not get what we paid for.

👤I bought two of these and they were missing items. The fire starter, light sticks, and water bottle buckles were missing from both of them. It's a pretty cool little kit for my boys, and they love it, but it didn't come with everything listed.

👤I put the content into a stocking and it looks great. There is only one glow stick, one fire flint, and one paracord bracelet. Great purchase!

👤This kit is perfect for camping. My only suggestion is for a knife with no locking blade. The kit would be a 5 if not for this. All other items seem to be of the same quality as the case.

👤Everything was very small inside the bag when it arrived. A lot of items were wrapped up. The flashlight needs batteries added to it. The items were sharp enough to be useful. The firestarter sticks are missing. The package advertised a black survival bracelet and water bottle clip, mine came with army green. There is room in the bag for additional items, Tweezers are a bit flimsy, I plan on adding a few additional items to the first aid kit.

👤There is a fabulous survival kit in a backpack. The kit has a lot of basic survival tools, but also more advanced ones that aren't usually included in other medium size kits. This kit is perfect to keep in a trunk, in a larger bag, or in a case, so you can keep all of the essentials in one bag. I keep some items in the original plastic bags inside of the backpack to stop them from rubbing on the other items. I added a few AA batteries for the flashlight and foam ear plugs to the kit. The flashlight only requires one battery. If you keep this bag in a larger bag, it's very easy to grab it from there. It's wonderful to give a student who lives away from school, or who works too, a trunk for emergencies that can happen unexpectedly. The kit has good quality tools and accessories. Over the years, they have been on par with other similar items. I want to have a kit in all of our vehicles for everyday life, as well as our students and those working away from home. I would buy this kit again.

👤I bought two packs for each family car. I unpackaged all the contents. The saw and flashlight were missing from the pack, and the battery connection was missing. rendering it useless. I wonder how many people have these kits in their cars or emergency bags because they think everything is ready to go until it's too late?

👤When buying these, pay attention to the size. It looks like a full on backpack, but it is all miniature. I could fit a few of these into a backpack. A total scam.

9. SOG Folding Shovel Survival Entrenching

SOG Folding Shovel Survival Entrenching

3 screw-in threaded extension handles can be assembled freely, lengthen or shorten the length of the handle according to your needs, and then screw the shovel, axe or other accessories to the handle. You can use shovel, axe, knife, hunting spear, screwdriver and other functions more easily and comfortably. The full length is 18.25 inches. The military shovel is lightweight and can be used to get the job done. The E-Tool has a wood saw edge that can be used to cut or chop trees. It is possible to compare and portable. The multi-use shovel is barely bigger than your hand. It takes up about the same amount of space as a stack of paper plates when folded. A tool that is easy to pack and takes up no space in your backpack or camp kit is needed. The high-carbon steel construction is used. The shovel was designed to handle a long list of jobs. The blade is made of steel and is designed to cut through dirt, sand, gravel, and snow. The triangular handle is strong and works well for optimal use when digging, trenching, cutting, or slashing. The folding design is 3-way. The shovel collapses into a portable shovel. The spade blade can be adjusted to act as a pick or hoe. A camp tool that can dig fire pits, bury waste, or trench drainage lines. Sog toxicity for life. They will take care of you if you take care of your folding shovel. SOG shovels are built to last and they consider all repair and replacement requests. Sog toxicity for life. They will take care of you if you take care of your folding shovel. SOG shovels are built to last and they consider all repair and replacement requests.

Brand: Sog Specialty Knives

👤I am not happy with this product. I encourage people to read the reviews and look at the product description. The "metal" is poor quality and I have two main issues with this item. The package claims that it is made of carbon steel. The handle is not attached to the shovel. The item will not work well as a shovel in sand or snow or loose dirt. The size of the item is not a standard tool size. The "shovel" is said to be equivalent to a military tool. It is not! The photo comparison is below. I am at fault as much as the manufacturer because they did not list the overall dimensions. This is bad for failing to notice. This is a poorly made product which will only work under certain circumstances. Maybe it's for the backpacking community. It fails as a shovel or entrenching tool. The SOG shovel is next to a regular size shovel.

👤I like SOG. I have a NSP edition folding knife. The doors did not live up to their reputation. I took it out on a bike ride to see if it was worth the money I spent on it. I was going to dig a small pit and fill it with fire. I was able to dig as far as 12x12x8 in the soft soil with a rock or stick. The blade of the tool was bent because of this little bit. A little more digging. It began to bend left to right. I held it back with my hands. I tried to set it up like a home. This worked for a while, then it bent again. I put the dirt back in my pit and packed it up. I will buy another one and not ignore the reviews. I had my eye on the SOG tomohawk, but this has me rethinking. So disappointed.

👤It was given to my grandsons who were camping and he broke it in the sand. I think a four year old is tougher than a shovel.

👤I use this SOG tool for metal detecting. I was wrong. The shovel head has begun to bend and even rip where it is attached to the handle after about half an hour of use. If it is carbon steel, I shouldn't have been able to bend it back into shape by hand. The pick is too loose to use in a solid soil and is bent into a roundish shape so a large amount is left on the pick when removed. The round part of the shovel head where it rubs on the handle and pivots is showing signs of wear. After 30 minutes of use. I don't recommend this for metal detecting if you're in mud or sand. You could get a sifter.

👤The metal used in the shovel is not very good. The base of the shovel that connects to the rest of the product has had to be re shaped. Would not buy again.

👤I don't know why people are staring. The quality is there for the price. If you are going to dig a real trench, you should get a real shovel. I think it works well, it's intended for a latrine hole, leveling a sleep spot for a tent, clearing a spot for a fire that sort of thing. I own it because I think it's durable enough to take a beating and not use my hands. There is a lot to like about the tool. It's compact size and all metal features make it a good choice for someone like me who isn't so picky to one star it for it's lack of grade 8 bolts. I will not be swinging this thing into the ground. I know it's small and will take time to make a large hole but, this is for small holes or clearing the surface to make level. It could be a little nicer with higher grade bolts, but that's the way things are made these days. I hope it lasts but, I am using it as an emergency tool and have peace with it's limitations. Save your hands.

10. Cookware Backpacking Outdoors Equipment Lightweight

Cookware Backpacking Outdoors Equipment Lightweight

BUILT TO LAST! The perfect size for a youth scout or adult hiker, the highest quality non-toxic anodized aluminum camping cookset conducts heat quickly and is built to last. The all-in-one cookbook mega bundle is available. The 10 piece camping cookware mess kit has anodized aluminum cookware. 2 bowls, a folding spoon, a wooden spoon, a sponge, and a bag draw string pouch are included. It is easy to clean and store. The mess kit collapses into a small bundle for easy storage. Keep it clean. The lightweight, compact, and mobile design of the Camp Kitchen Set makes it easy to cook and serve outdoors. For anyone looking for a high quality, great value product for the camping world or bug out bag to enjoy at the cookout with the people you love, the #1 outdoor cooking backpack and camping backpack and hiking picnic set is the perfect gift.

Brand: Mallome

👤I am a retired US Army NCO who lives in New Mexico and loves hiking and camping. I'm always on the lookout for a lightweight kit. I don't submit reviews until I use the item. My experience with this kit was very good. The kit comes with a fry pan and a sauce pan. There is a bamboo stir spoon, a couple of plastic cups, a folding ladle, and a sauce pan cover. I got a Prime Day. A nifty little metal folding spork is a special extra addition. It has a nice cloth sack with a plastic closure to hold the little kit in my ruck sack, and it also has a lot of other things. I stuffed it with an extra pair of socks and a couple of bandana handkerchiefs so it wouldn't rattle and washed it all up. I usually bring a couple of hard boiled eggs, some hard tack, some precooked brown rice with peas and carrots, and an apple or two, along with some dark roasted coffee beans. After a few hours, I set up camp. The little kit did everything it was supposed to do when my camp stove heated up. The coffee was great. The kit is light and strong, well made, and I expect it to provide me with hot meals out on the backside of the high dessert for years to come. I bought this thing and hoped for the best. The stars will be visible if you come to New Mexico. If you drink some coffee, you will feel like you can touch the face of God. Bring along the little MalloMe Kit Mess for your next trip to New Mexico. The journey and purchase of this little kit will always be with you. Signed by Frank.

👤I used this for a hike. I used it twice a day. I got rid of everything else to save weight. I used it with the Coleman Peak 1 Butane stove. The lid was snug. I never had a burning of my hands with the handles. I heated the water for coffee and ramen. The pot was large enough for one person to cook in. People are right to be concerned about the plastic handles. I cooked over the fire a few times. The handles need to be kept away from flames and larger fires that may wrap over the lid. I took precautions and my pot held up. I was very happy with it. The weight is comparable to titanium pots at a much lower price.

👤The pots are small and the bowls are similar to condiments, but I don't think you could make an average sized man's supper in one of them. For reference, see the pics.

👤We used these sets for real work and bought two for backpacking with my son. A+! Thank you for selling this set for a reasonable price. I have posted pictures of fist and second backpacking trips using this set. Cut the spatula handle off so it will fit into the set without calling on God or cursing. Cut a typical kitchen scrubber sponge in half and put it in the set. The supplied scrubbers started falling apart. This set is awesome, with just a couple minor changes.

11. CO Z Portable Lightweight Backpacking Emergency

CO Z Portable Lightweight Backpacking Emergency

Premium materials. The heat-treated mini folding camp shovel is built to last with rust-resistance and anti-deformation. The tactical military shovel is a rugged tool for digging, shoveling, sawing, chopping, and entrenching. It's a combo and it'sTILE: The handle is 11.8” and the shovelhead is 6.3” If you ever need to dig your car out of the mud, it is a good accessory. There is a cutting blade. Their foldable rescue shovel is a must-have for backyards, gardens, farmland, campers, forest rangers, and outdoorsmen because of its ease of use. It is easy to store. The military shovel is only 28 ounces and comes with a nylon carry case so you can take it on the go. There is an adventure and survival shoe. This emergency shovel is a must have in the great outdoors, whether you are backpacking on a wilderness adventure or preparing for an emergency.

Brand: Dartmoor

👤Have you ever been made fun of for getting stuck in the mountains? Are you enjoying the beach day with your jerks? This shovel will help you get out of the mistake you made with your Bavarian POS. I thought I was Mika Hakkinen when I used it at least 3 times in the last 5 months. Think about what you have done and how you can avoid it in the future.

👤The ad said that the aluminum one was not the cheapest one. It won't hold up in heat or cold. Don't waste your money.

👤This shovel is a joke. I used it in the sand. The shovel head connects bent and easy to dig in the soil.

👤I gave this 4 stars because it's a cheap folding shovel. It will serve you well if you are able to dig a latrine on soft ground or collect roots from some plants. I wouldn't try to dig through the rocky ground. You might want to use a file to sharpen it. It's dull right out of the package. It's light and can be carried without being a burden. That's always a plus.

👤The nut on the shovel head was not in the box. I used it to start the outside latrine. A sharp edge worked well and with less effort than a long handled shovel. This was my favorite tool to use. I planted a lot of trees and plants and hope this tool holds up. It's a bit smaller than the government issue. I'm happy with it. We will see if it can hang because I have a lot of digging to do. It comes with a case as well.

👤It is exactly like other shovels. It costs less and comes with a pick on the other side which the others do not.

👤The U.S. Army issues a smaller version of the E-Tool to its service members. Sturdy and durable for any outdoor activity that requires moving earth, rocks, or debris.

👤We did not check the item prior to the return window because we were unable to return it. The twist in the middle of the shovel is broken.


What is the best product for survival gear kit with shovel?

Survival gear kit with shovel products from Redcamp. In this article about survival gear kit with shovel you can see why people choose the product. Dozavi and Pudhoms are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival gear kit with shovel.

What are the best brands for survival gear kit with shovel?

Redcamp, Dozavi and Pudhoms are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival gear kit with shovel. Find the detail in this article. Coleman, Iunio and Sahara Sailor are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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