Best Survival Gear and Equipment Military Grade Clothes

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1. Propper Tactical Duty 36 38 Black

Propper Tactical Duty 36 38 Black

Cotton is 65% and Polyester is 35%. The nylon webbing is durable. The nylon webbing is heavy. The belt is 1.5 inches. There is a logo on the belt buckle.

Brand: Propper

👤I agree with reviews that say the belt is way longer than the "sizing" would indicate. I ordered a 40-42 because I thought it would be roughly the length of the belt and I could deal with it. I received a belt that was 51 inches long. I agree that it's easy to trim the length. I recommend cutting the belt to the length you want plus a quarter of an inch, then using a soldering torch to evenly melt the frayed end, and then taking an X-ray of the belt. See the pictures. There is no question that this is a genuine Propper belt. It is heavy-duty nylon and has a label on it. I didn't mind trimming the belt because it was good. You lose the nice, hardened end that comes on it, but that's not a deal breaker for me.

👤I bought this item in both khaki and black. I was skeptical of the authenticity of the belts, but figured that the price was cheap and they would still work as casual belts. The nylon is strong. I've seen 5.11 belts and propper belts that are more durable. The buckle is not large enough to measure up. The plastic is easy to squeeze with my bare hands. Tactical belts that are supposed to be of decent quality wouldn't do this. The propper insignia is missing from the buckle. The stitching on the belt is sloppy and the manufacturer's label is crooked. Quality control has taken a serious decline if this is a real propper belt. I'm pretty sure that the black and khaki belts I received are fake.

👤I'm happy with several Propper shirts and I have a few other brands of plastic belts with plastic buckles, so I tried this Propper belt. The belt is 1 5/8 inch wide and the buckle is 2 1/2 inches wide. It was 64 inches from the center of the buckle to the end. You can trim to the length you want with shears and seal the end with a flame. It is easy to cut and impossible to add so I always order long. This is a tighter weave, thinner, stiffer and more slippery than other woven plastic belts. It behaves like a heavy leather belt because it holds its edge to edge, not folding like some I have. Feeding through long tunnel type belt loops with stiffness is helpful. There is a The belt does not stretch and the buckle does not slip. The belt weave is slipperiness, so I can slide the belt to adjust the buckle position when the belt is on and tight. It worked well and looked good on most of my pants, but one warning. I have one pair of shorts with a loose waist and few belt loops. The waistband slipped out from under the belt between the loops because the weave is slippery. For my other uniforms and casual pants, it works. I only have this for a couple of months but my other Propper gear is hard wearing and looks good after a long time. I ordered 3 more belts.

2. Sahara Sailor Survival Tactical Camping

Sahara Sailor Survival Tactical Camping

Order with confidence. Customer satisfaction is all that matters. They offer the best solution to their valued customers in a polite way. Contact them via Amazon when necessary to enjoy hassle free shopping with them. The toughest material for military use. The reinforced shovel is made from hardened, heat-treated military solid carbon steel, which is tough enough to survive any situation. It's military-grade handle makes it easy to work with. Handle abuse and impact with no scratches or dents. There is a survival tool. There are 24 tools in this folding shovel, including a shovel board, saw, hatchet, hoe, hexagonal wrench, knife, hunting spear, bottle opener, screwdriver, blade, compass, fire starter, whistle, etc... It's a must-have for expeditionist, cadet, scout, military personnel, hikers, camper, hunter, fisherman, gardener, survivalist, truck driver, motorcyclist, etc. There is a surgical scalpel with an ax. The hatchet is made from high carbon steel. Two of the most rigid metals can handle impact and abuse. It's very strong chopping down trees and splitting wood. The shovel will be standing the test of time after passing the durability and destruction tests. There are separators on extension bars. This shovel can be extended to a comfortable size for standing up digging. You can choose the length of the shovel by adding less or more extensions according to your height, and the shovel can be folded to 39.5 inches when fully extended. If shovels are fully assembled, it will be easier to store them in an EDC bag. It's important that you find a shovel that is easy to put together and easy to disassemble so that you can store it in the bag. If storage is important, folding shovels by Sahara Sailor will be your best bet.

Brand: Sahara Sailor

👤This product is garbage. Don't waste your money. I am afraid for anyone who may be stuck in the woods, needing to survive and only have this tool. You can forget about cutting anything down with the axe if you ever need to. They used cast metal to make the axe. I would be dead if I depended on this product to save my life. It feels and looks good but you need to use it. I wouldn't recommend this product.

👤I never thought I would need a survival axe, but with 2021 off to such an inspiring start, survival is on my mind as much as anyone else. This multi-tool is for dealing with zombies, felling a tree, orfending off an insurrection. There are a lot of sturdy attachments. There is a knife and a spear. For your next adventure beyond the perimeter. If you are in a pinch, the shovel attachment could be used to dig a prepper shelter or an emergency poop pit. You can unleash your Gimli on the wilderness. The orcs don't have a chance.

👤I had this product for a few days before it cracked. We needed to till the area and lay down new top soil while we were working on the front yard. The shovel head cracked while I tilled the yard. I was digging into dirt. There is some Texas clay. Would not buy again. I don't know if I will get my money back after the return has been issued. I don't recommend getting this product. If you hit the shovel head or axe head into the material, it can cause the handle to dethread, making the product loose and wobbly. This isn't a big deal while digging, but if you plan on chopping wood, it's a big deal. Don't. I can't think of a more dangerous way to chop wood.

👤This is amazing. It is a multi tool shovel. I have cut and carved wood and rope with it. The flint is difficult to use but I don't usually use it steep. The knife of the tactical shovel is strong. I can cut paper and carve wood. The edge on the back is not sharp. If you want to use it, you need to sharpen it. If you wanted to, you could sharpen the blade to make it slice n dice, but if you need to use it immediately, it is ready for that. The spear is strong and has a point. I was not very sharp but I was able to stab a wood block with all the tools I had. The compass is nice. It wiggles out of its sockets when I chop wood or dig. It pops back in place. I think the glass breaker is made of steel. The shovel head is strong and can cut wood. The attachment to screw the shovel to the other parts of the tool takes a long time to do, but that is for extra support. I can hit the shovel with it and it doesn't shake. The ax is very sharp and I was able to chop wood with ease. It was easier to strike the flint than the knife. The ax head has a nice weight and is easy to carry. I don't use the screw drive bit. Everything is in a carrier case. The case is very strong. I would recommend taking thread lock glue to make sure the tools don't get loose. This is an amazing tool, and I think it is worth the price.

3. SUPOLOGY Emergency Survival Adventures Necessary

SUPOLOGY Emergency Survival Adventures Necessary

It measures 10-1-5 by 5-1-5 by 4 inches. Get what you need in a professional camping kit. The kit includes: a personal water filter straw, a multi-functional tool, a first aid tourniquet, a wire saw, an emergency blanket, a flashlight, a band-aids whistle, and a fishing card. The upgrade hard case can hold all items. The water filter straw can remove harmful substance. The smallest solid particles are found in the environment. It is helpful to reduce plastic water bottles using the water filter. A good partner for disaster water supply. The camping kit case is portable and lightweight, with a weight of only 1.28 pounds. It is easy to put it in a backpack. The water filter straw provides clean water, the multi function tools can quickly cutting branches, and the emergency blankets can retain 90% of body heat. All items are packaged in a good quality box. It's a good gift for fathers day, Christmas, new year, and other special days. It is a perfect gift for Dad Men Father Boyfriend.

Brand: Supology

👤I like to be prepared and this kit looked like a good lightweight addition to my pack. In my video, I show you everything. There is a small black bag that holds everything. Everything seems to be in working order. The kit has a filter straw in it.

👤A good knife, a spork/opener, and a pen are included in the kit. There are fire starter, filter straw, and more. The pieces are well designed and seem sturdy, but this is not a complete kit. The flashlight case is too big for a AA battery. It's probably smaller than a 18500 battery, but you can easily adapt it to use AA batteries. I wrapped a layer of Moleskin around it. It will be safe and dry in the flashlight if you have moleskin around.

👤The survival kit arrived on time. We used most of it this past weekend to see if it works. Yes, it does. My boys started a fire with the flint, we cut small limbs with a saw and used a knife for many applications. This set is worth a lot of money. Some of the ware on the tested products are shown in the pics. We have more to try on our next camping trip. Enjoy and thank you!

👤This was a perfect gift for my son. He enjoyed opening it and seeing the items. He thought about how he would use each implement. We thought the flashlight's battery was missing a part. It works so don't be confused. It requires a AA. It is a win. Two whistles that aren't loud, one goes on your key ring, but they do the trick. To be prepared!

👤You get what you pay for, with no instructions, nothing to tell you what to do, and not everyone is a master of the outdoors. The all in one tool is a perfect size but the finish is rough. The knife has everything I wanted, but it feels cheap. The mini flashlight is the worst part of the kit. They didn't grind the inside enough and the battery didn't fit. This has nothing to do with the seller. There are some things that I would change to make it a better kit. The value is great. I wanted to point out a few things that could be better, so I would recommend it.

👤You can't beat this for the money, I'm an emergency supply collector. You can put everything in the velvet case. A personal water straw, a durable foldable knife with case, 2 flash lights, emergency blanket, Paracord with compass, a spoon/fork combo fire starter/striker, whistle, multitool can opener, and more are included. I'll be buying gifts for these kids.

👤It is a good quality kit. A good knife. The limb cutting saw iscent. A good fire starter. A good pen, glass breaker, and defense tool. The straw has 2 good accessories. The contents are good. If you don't already have a storage bag, get one that is visible and easy to access. I would recommend this kit to anyone.

4. CONDOR WC 001 Watch Cap OliveDrab

CONDOR WC 001 Watch Cap OliveDrab

Microfleece is synthetic. The ACU uniforms have foliage green on them.

Brand: Condor

👤I love this cap! The fabric is soft and well constructed. I have a small head, but I prefer a larger cap. The fit is perfect for me, but I 888-276-5932 The OD color is on point, not too greenish or bluish. The value is the best part, I've found that most of the other tactical retailers are offering a very similar product for double the price. I will definitely be ordering more. It's a good thing.

👤It's a fleece beanie and it works. What else can I say about it? I lost my Army issued cap and ordered a replacement that I love. The coloration on it is fine. The GI issued one is a bit lighter and not as snug. That isn't an issue. I've been wearing it almost everyday for a month and it's fine. I will probably buy another one for my wife. We tend to lose a lot of things while hiking in the woods. I guess. Press the Yes button to know what to review next time. JY.

👤I wear a size 7 hat. I'm always skeptical of "one size fits all", but this actually fits my noggin like it was made for it! It's soft and not itchy like a knit beanie, so that's nice.

👤I cringe when I see a 5-star rating from someone who opened the package, slipped the clothing item on, and then ran to their computer to talk about how great the item is. It's great to have everything look good and fit, but the real test is how it will do when you wear it and after a few washes. I can tell you that this cap has stood up to a lot of backpacking, soaking up a fair amount of sweat, and has survived the washings with style. This thing is still going strong after some miles. I try not to be too prepared. I like this cap so much that I've contemplated buying another one just in case I lose or wear out the first one.

👤I have a 7 head. It is hard for me to find caps like this that fit like a yamaka. This one fit me immediately, it was soft and covered my forehead and ears. I haven't washed it yet. I hope it holds up. I will buy another one after I see how it does. I like it in a number of ways.

👤This hat is terrible. Don't get it. Don't bother, you can't return Prime items for free anymore. You'll want to return it, but it won't be worth the shipping price, so you'll have to think of small-headed people who live in warm climates to give it to, as those are the only people who would want it.

5. FREE SOLDIER Military Tactical Keffiyeh

FREE SOLDIER Military Tactical Keffiyeh

Materials: Premium Woven fabric is extremely soft, breathe freely, lightweight, quick-drying, no fade, anti-wrinkle, and it is not printed. This fabric is skin-friendly and absorbs sweat. Instructions for washing: use cold water and no bleach or dryer. There are multiple functions. The Keffiyeh, Kerchief or Shemagh is also known as the Arab Scarf. The Keffiyeh Scarf is free and protects your head, face and neck from the sun, wind, dust and sand. Not only used as a military scarf around the world, but also as a neck warmer, head wear, hand towel, bed sheet, and blanket. The shemagh tactical scarf is large enough to wrap around your head and neck, which provides optimal protection from the various environments without sacrificing the shemagh look you want. The large size allows them to be worn as a neck scarf for men or used for a wide variety of other purposes. It is suitable for outdoor activities such as hunting, shooting, hiking, climbing, motorcycling, paintball, etc. The design is super. The Desert Scarf has a fashion sense that is enhanced by the fabrics with Jacquard Weave and Decorative Tassel. There are 6 different classical colors. You can dress them up or wear them casually. The net weight was 190g. The shemagh scarf is light and comfortable to wear. It's perfect for the outdoors. Heavy Duty Military Shemagh or fashion scarf men are perfect for law enforcement, outdoor enthusiast, patrol, deployment, missions, desert, camping, cycling, fishing, jungle, running, and traveling. If you have a problem, please contact them.

Brand: Free Soldier

👤It's super comfortable. Very stylish. Can be worn with a simple sweater. I like both of them. They are green and tan. Most of the 1 star comments are not true. I washed mine by mistake and they are holding up. If you buy them, please wash them. Hope this helps. People compliment them and ask where they can buy them.

👤Things are going well. I ordered a new one after 2 years, so I got the Free soldier brand. I tried a few others but they weren't as nice. I used it as a scarf for 6 days a week in the cold weather when I lived in Michigan. I put it in the washer with everything else and then hang it to dry. I had a blue Free Soldier for about 2 years and still use it to this day and it's good. Needed a second so could wash one. Looked for one specifically from Free Soldier. The nice packaging was different when I opened it yesterday. The design was thin and loose against the fabric, which can easily be torn and started after a few times. The "Made in China" label wasn't on the other. Really really disappointed. If it makes it a few months before being useless, be surprised. If you spent half the price, you could get three of the same quality. Sad!

👤I wore a costume for a pirate fair last weekend. It's comfortable to wear all weekend. Great for my costume. It was better than I thought and could be tied around my neck as a scarf and stayed in a cool shape, but thin enough that I wasn't overheating in it. No issues at all!

👤I like to trek through the cold woods. This is a life saver. Sometimes I have to loosen this garment because I am too warm. There are many uses for this. A must have.

👤Fast shipping. The Shemagh is made of soft cotton. It's a little stiff and has a production line feel to it. I washed it in the sink with cold water and a drop of dish soap and it didn't look different after drying. It's not as dense as I wanted, and it's not as OG as the ones in country. It is solid enough to warrant 4 stars, but still needs a bigger, heavier and denser version. A great buy for money.

👤Works as advertised. I use this on cold days deer hunting as a head wrap or scarf. It seems like it will last a long time under normal use. I would recommend it to a friend. I bought this from Free Soldier before. The product has been designed, durably constructed, and overall a great buy. I have no complaints about this company at all.

👤These are Chinese imitations. I tried to tie off the loose threads, but they were too many. The weave is very loose and the weight of the cloth is comparable to rice paper. I like to wash new clothes first, but this scarf won't survive the gentilest of hand washing. If you're interested in a shemagh, go somewhere else. You can buy a Hirbawi for a "real" Keffiyeh.

6. Casio G Shock DW6900 1V Black Resin

Casio G Shock DW6900 1V Black Resin

Water-resistant to 100m is suitable for swimming, but not diving. It can be made in the USA or imported. The EL Backlight has Afterglow and a flash alert. The buzzer sounds for alarms, hourly time signal, and a time-up alarm. 1/100 second stopwatch, measuring mode: Elapsed time, split time, 1st-2nd place times, Countdown timer, Multi-function alarm, Hourly time signal, Full auto-calendar (12/24 hour formats)

Brand: Casio

👤This is the best G-Shock I have ever seen, and I have owned many of them. The watch's simplicity and essential functions bring me back to it. I go to the gym or any activity where I worry about my mechanical piece. This was trusted by navy seals and other military units for a long time. The 6900 strap is molded to the shape of a human wrist, so if you're having a hard time deciding between this one and the DW9052, know that. The one on the DW9052 is a straight strap, and will always feel tight or loose. I prefer this watch because it shows the current time while in stopwatch mode. That is essential. The buttons on this one are much easier to press than the 5600 ones, and it is very easy to find the light button at night. This would be the only g-shock I could have.

👤This watch was perfect for what I needed. Inexpensive, waterproof, easy to read time and date, alarm, hourly time signal, timer, and stopwatch. For people who also own a similar watch, there are some differences, such as the watch that only has one alarm, and the one that has 5. If I change my alarm time from 6:30 to 6:15, I can hit the reverse button and go back. With this watch, I have to hit forward and go past the :59 minute mark to start again, and then keep pressing it up to :15. When the alarm goes off, this watch and my other watch both play music. The timer goes off 10 times. You don't have to go through all of the modes to get back to the default timekeeping mode when you switch modes. If I switch modes from timekeeping to the alarm, and adjust settings in alarm mode, then push the mode button again, it will jump back to timekeeping and ignore the other modes that come after alarm like timer and stopwatch. It will take me to each mode if I press the mode button quickly. My other watch doesn't do this, but I like it. Setting an alarm in the dark can be difficult because you can't use the light while adjusting settings, but I'm not sure if this is different from other watches. I have to remember what the current alarm is set for, and then hit the adjust button and set the alarm by counting, and then hit the light button again to see if I did it correctly. This is disappointing. Pressing any button will turn off the light. While in stopwatch mode, you can use the light, but it will turn off early if you press start or stop. The clasp on the watch band is plastic. I like metal. I have not had an issue. I've noticed that the watch is a bit smaller than the watches that Casio makes. This isn't an elegant watch and it isn't really attractive, but you will never worry about breaking it or scratching it. The watch has survived a few mountains, lakes, and the ocean.

7. Frogg Toggs Ultra Lite2 Waterproof Breathable

Frogg Toggs Ultra Lite2 Waterproof Breathable

The Ultra-Lite2 rain suit has a jacket and pant. Frogg Toggs fabric is waterproof, wind-resistant, and lightweight. The jacket has a hood with cord locks and a storm flap.

Brand: Frogg Toggs

👤My husband is a conductor for the Rail Road and has to get off the train in wet conditions many times. He needed a rain suit that he could carry with him in his backpack. I found this one by Frogg Toggs and he loves it. The price was correct. I bought it. It is very light and takes up little space in his back pack. He likes the Khaki color more than the normal banana yellow. It fit him perfectly over his work clothes. We ordered a 2XL because we thought he would need the extra room since he's a 2XL in clothes. He's 6'0 tall and weighs about 230 lbs. The XL fit him well, not tight or loose. The Frogg Toggs is a well-known brand and the quality is better than expected. It comes with a nice bag that you can fold the suit into when not in use. We found the set to be pros and cons, but still got a 5 stars from us. There are many sizes and colors available. Very, very wonderful. The material is lightweight and can be moved around. There are no pockets in the jacket or pants. That will help keep the rain out. There is no access to the bathroom with a zip up. There is a possibility that a drawstring could be used on the pants. If the material gets caught, it can be repaired with duct tape, but no elastic bottoms on pants would be helpful. This is our second rain suit purchase. Frogg Toggs wrote Dri-Ducks. This set is better for us. I don't think so. First suggestion. Don't order a bigger size thinking you'll need it bigger to fit over your clothes. The product has a design that allows for clothing underneath. I would suggest this for working conditions where there is not a lot of movement. I wouldn't suggest it for motorcycle gear. I paid full price for this product and hope you find it useful.

👤I read a review about the size of the product. I ordered a rain suit based on the reviews. The medium is perfect for me. I wanted to help others choose a size. I am a female with a weight of 200 lbs. I wear a 14-16 pant and a 38-40DD bra. The pants fit perfectly, I purchased the MEDIUM size suit. I live in a tropical area. I wear shorts and a t-shirt most of the time. I tried the pants on over the shorts and they were perfect. The legs were a tad long for flip-flops, but would be perfect if I had sneakers or other "real" shoes on. Again, the jacket is perfect. The sleeves were short, which can be an issue for me. I would want to get a large size for a suit to wear overICKER clothes. The MEDIUM is perfect for what I need.

👤I used them for backpacking. There are pros and cons. The light is super. The light is super. This rain setup saved me a lot of weight in my pack, over a pound. 2. It does a good job of keeping your heat in while you sleep. 3. It works great to keep you dry and works better at blocking wind. They had a cons- 1. It's ugly as butt. Someone tried to name me Blueberry. 2. Not strong. The crotch was torn on day 2. They were repaired with duct tape and now are even worse. If you are a hiker who is trying to save weight in your pack and willing to make a questionable fashion statement for it, this is great. It is an extra layer of wind protection while sleeping. I don't like carrying heavy things that I only use once a week, and this fixed that. If you are looking for a sturdy rain getup, look elsewhere.

8. SAS Safety 6938 Cotton Coverall

SAS Safety 6938 Cotton Coverall

Pour 1 packet into 16 fluid ounce of cold water and mix for hydration. Cool cotton back. The nylon front is lightweight and durable. A full pullover hood, a zip up front, and elastic waist. Wrist and ankle closures are used. The cotton back is cool and the pullover is good. The wrist and ankle closure is made of Velcro. It's not dry and it's not disposable. It's not dry and it's not disposable.

Brand: Sas Safety

👤I clean for a living and was looking for a second layer of protection. It arrived in three days. It was packaged well. The back fabric feels like cotton and the white fabric is lightweight. I am five-seven and 1/2 inches tall and weigh 175 to 180 pounds, I have plenty of room to move. I wanted something that moves with my body, so I went with a medium. The Constitution of the garment is lightweight, sturdy, and stretchy, and allows for the body to move well. I will let you know how well it works when I start work again.

👤I am a bit worried about going back to work because of my previous conditions and people demanding school opens back up. This is my favorite part of the arsenal, because I started looking at ways to protect myself. I wanted something that was easy to clean. I wanted something that would keep bees. I bought two because one could be in the wash and the other could be worn. I ordered a large due to the price and the fact that my husband could wear it if necessary, but I am generally a small or medium in women's clothes. I was looking for something baggy. It has two pockets, one in the front and one in the back, which was a pleasant surprise. I will be clothed underneath it since it wasn't too hot. The Velcro is not very strong. It has two pulls on the same zip up the front. That was odd. I put it one star between the two things. Is it going to be stupid on my first day back? Absolutely. Staying healthy is a fair trade.

👤My husband bought a large for sculpting stone. It's great for messy work. It's helped through several washes. He was so pleased that he ordered a second one to alternate while the first one is washed and ready to wear.

👤I use this to remove insulation from a house I am remodeling. The straps fit nicely on the wrist and feet. The hood zips up tight. Nothing gets in this suit when used with a respirator and gloves. I am removing the old fiberglass insulation that is loaded with glass chunks and never gets in the suit because it hurts my gloves. When I shake it out, the glass falls off. I have worn this suit several times and it has not failed. I will order another when it happens.

👤I got this suit for my husband because he sprays the mosquitoes in the back yard. The large was perfect over his clothes. The kids posted videos of themselves laughing at him wearing it. It has a dark blue panel on the back. It adds to the funny look. The quality of the suit is very good. I washed it and it came out perfect. It would make a great costume.

👤If you think it was never delivered, you should know that the package folds into the size of your fist. I was expecting a package at my door, but it was folded up and put in the back of a mailbox. The hazmat suits are in the Polly Pocket. In early March 2020, the value is good. The seller appears to have been price gouging due to the Pandemic. It seems to be as described. It's not worth more than the $20-$25.

9. Oceas Outdoor Mylar Emergency Blankets

Oceas Outdoor Mylar Emergency Blankets

Each pack comes with 4 individually wrapped, mylar blankets that fit into a highly durable EVA case. You can store the whole set in your car or take an individual survival blanket with you on your camping and hiking adventures. Mylar blankets are designed to reflect 90 percent of your body's heat. It protects you from extreme cold weather and helps prevent Hypothermia in emergency situations, making it the perfect outdoor gear for camping, hiking, marathon and trail running. Their extra large 7x5 emergency blankets offer 20% more coverage than the average reflective foil blanket. They are great for first aid kits, but can also be used as an emergency sleeping bag, shelter, bivy, or survival gear. Light weight and resilience are qualities. The space blanket is so small and light that you can take it with you anywhere. They're incredibly hard to tear and completely block rain, snow, and precipitation. 100% money back guarantee. They're willing to guarantee that they've created the highest quality emergency mylar blankets. They will give you a full refund within 30 days of your purchase if you have any issues.

Brand: Oceas

👤The product is a point of sale. All the silver and blue dye came off the mylar and stuck to everything. It will have to be washed with water before we can see if it comes off the sleeping bags and pads. 0/09

👤My son and his family were the recipients of one of these, as was my wife and daughter. One of these saved my friend from death. He had shot and killed an animal in the mountains and was going to use it to clean it, but when he realized he wouldn't be able to get out of the woods without getting lost, he wrapped himself in a blanket and spent the night. He said he would have died if he hadn't had the blanket. At first light, his friends came after him. Thanks NASA.

👤I just received my Oceas Emergency Blankets and I am blown away by the quality and beauty of the product. The hard-side case has a carabiner clip. I am not keeping my emergency blankets in this case, but I am looking forward to using them. Each of the emergency blankets has a small nylon bag. I keep an emergency blanket in my family's backpack, and these will be perfect. The blankets are large and beautiful, with my silver side and blue side being the same color. I hope I never have a reason to use this blanket in a true emergency, but I will always have it with me, and I will smile whenever I see it in my pack.

👤When I saw that Oceas had mylar emergency blankets, I was excited. I have two other blankets from them. I use them at my son's soccer practices. I knew I had to get a set for my car when I saw the emergency blankets. The TINY is very modern and has blankets in it. It's super sleek. It's a perfect thing to put in your glove compartment. Can't wait to see what other products Oceas comes up with.

👤Two bed spreads are being used on my Twin beds. I have a cat that sleeps on the bed. She used to get fur all over them. Now she doesn't. She mostly sleeps on top on the beds. She avoids a lot of fur.

👤I keep one of these in my pack, I use it between my hammock and underquilt when cooler nights are present. The footprint of e-blankets is larger. I keep my stuff in the bottom of the hammock compression sack and it never fails when I need it. You should have one in winter backpacks. It's lightweight. Takes up no space. It was worth it.

👤Oceas products are fantastic and we own almost a dozen of them. We have emergency blankets in our car for emergencies.

👤It arrived earlier than expected. That alone was impressive. The blue color was ordered. The main case and blanket is very nice. The material is foil like. It's not possible to check the durability yet or if it will keep us warm. It was used to watch daughter's soccer games. It earns 5 stars for now.

10. Binoculars Waterproof Binocular Traveling Sightseeing

Binoculars Waterproof Binocular Traveling Sightseeing

The large eyepiECE is high-powered. This binoculars has a 25mm objective lens and a wide field of view that lets you look farther. It is coating with FMC broadband and premium BAK4 prism. Eyecups can be adjusted to fit eyeglasses. The rubber eyepieces can be pulled down to fit the glasses wearer better. While wearing sunglasses or eye glasses, the long eye relief and large eyepiece give you a comfortable viewing experience. For those who do not wear glasses, they will gain more focus and feel more comfortable. The 15mm large eyepieces of the binoculars can see more clearly than other binoculars. The cruise lightweight binoculars cover is made of BAK4 texture. The eyepiece-optical is made of blue FMC coating, and the objective lens uses optical FMC green film. The design should make you have a great experience. Small and portable design. The low light night vision goggles are more convenient for using and carrying than the birding binoculars because they are not completely dark. Waterproof, touch and resilience are all included. The binoculars are made of plastic and can be used in a variety of situations. The rubber armor is made for grip. The pocket size binoculars are suitable for both men and women. It's wonderful to be a gift on Father's Day and Children's Day.

Brand: Occer

👤A previous review described the binoculars as having the look and feel of a children's toy. It was with'subpar performance.' I can't speak to the experiences of another owner, but I can say that these binoculars have a lot of weight and feel, and perform just as well as myNikon Aculon 10x25s, which are of similar size and configuration, and cost five times as much. I own dozens of binos and telescopes in different price ranges and have experience with them. The design and build limitations of these binos are not that different from what I would expect from a compact binos. I was unable to see any difference between the aforementioned Nikons and the ones I had seen before. These are an exceptional bargain. The case is lacking, and the box claims that these are 'night vision' binos, but the build and optical qualities do not lend credence to being able to use in hours of darkness with any significant observable vision enhancement. I think these are an excellent pair of binoculars, and I would recommend them to anyone.

👤My father has a pair of binoculars. These are not as good. I can count the blades of grass at 200 yards. These days, you can get a sturdy pair of binoculars for under $50. It is simply amazing. There is no chance that these will fail.

👤I am very satisfied with this product. I was worried that they would be big and clunky, but that's not the case. They can be held comfortably with one hand. There is no tint on the glass so you can see clearly out of it, and the sight can be adjusted on both of them for a clearer view. If you clicked on this product because you were interested but unsure of what you were getting, your money will be well spent.

👤I needed a new binocular because my old one went out of alignment. The first model I bought was a 12x42 model and it was a disappointment because it was inferior to the Nikon. I was worried that there would be nothing like the Nikon at a moderate price. I can now say that the Occer is a better replacement for the Nikon than I was 30 years ago. The focus wheel is light and the image is sharp. I feel no eyestrain, which indicates that collimation and alignment are correct. None of these binoculars work well in low light. The conventional porro design is used in this binocular, as opposed to the roof design used in the straight-line models. There is an excellent article on binoculars on the internet. The article describes the compromises and complexities of the roof prism which may account for some of the flaws in my first purchase, so my recommendation is to avoid low-priced roof prism binoculars. The body of the Occer is made of plastic. It should last me with care, but I am only guessing. I was not expecting to get a binocular of this quality.

11. Sireck Balaclava Resistant Windproof Motorcycle

Sireck Balaclava Resistant Windproof Motorcycle

Water resistance and roofing fabric. The hood is made from water resistant and windproof fleece to reduce the cold index. It is okay in the light rain but not waterproof. Breathe Freely. The mesh design on the nose and mouth of the full face cover allows you to breathe freely while still being warm. It is a good winter gear for men and women. Good design. It is a multi-fuctional balaclava, which includes neck warmer, cold weather face cover, head protection from cold, wind, sprinkle and dust. It can be used as a scarf, bandana, and winter cap. The black color can match almost any design of clothes. Good choice in winter is skiing, snowboarding, cycling, motorcycle, hunting, hiking, climbing, Airsot paintball, Tactical training and so on.

Brand: Sireck

👤Most people were complaining about how big it was when they read the reviews. A guy wrote that only someone with a head the size of a watermelon would like this mask. I ordered it because I have a big head. It's funny. I used it for 5 hours straight. It was comfortable and kept me warm. The mask doesn't restrict breathing and the stitching is superb. The bottom half is easy to slide up and down. This is a solid five stars for value and comfort, but I can see this being an issue for someone with a normal head.

👤It was a perfect amount of warmth and protection. I highly recommend this! I wear this to protect my face from the cold in Norfolk. It works well. I wear it to work out outdoors.

👤The balaclava is warm and friendly. I need to get out and work in the colder areas when it's getting cold. This is perfect for all my hobbies. It fits inside my helmet.

👤My husband is working in North Dakota for ten hours a day and I bought this for him. The wind has been significant and the temperature has been in the single digits. He said it helps tremendously, and he would like a back-up in case he lost or forgot this one. He likes this one the best. It protects against the cold wind and is lightweight. I will be buying another one for him soon.

👤I bought them because of covid-19. The NY State made face coverings mandatory. We needed something that offered some protection and that was good quality. These are really good. The material is thick. You get adequate protection. It's more than a piece of cloth over your face. I'll probably put a surgical mask on the inside to make sure I'm protected. It's still cold in NY. I will use this for cold weather in the future. When it gets warmer, I might need to find another option. The light fleece inside of them is nice. Not for hot weather. Good product, all in all.

👤Not the prettiest face mask, but keeping me warm. I bought one for my child as well and it fits her as expected but it's still warm.

👤This will keep my favorite from freezing when I am out shoveling snow or sledding with my son. It was easy to put on and stay in place. It was not heavy but it kept the wind and cold from my face. My ears were kept warm because it covers everything except my eyes. It can fit anyone.

👤I bought this for hunting. I thought it was too thin and cold. It was thin enough to keep me warm. A cap with a visor is great for hunting. You can pull it down below your nose to fog your glasses.


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What are the best brands for survival gear and equipment military grade clothes?

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