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1. Vegtrug Seed Pod Kit Varied

Vegtrug Seed Pod Kit Varied

Burpee is the gardener's best friend. America's most trusted seed company has beautiful plants and everything else you need to grow a garden. No genetically modified organisms, ever. High quality seeds. Provide fresh produce for your family. The seed Pods are fully Biodegradable.

Brand: Vegtrug

👤I thank God that I cracked open the pofs. The sum had only one to two seeds. Really disappointed.

👤Sometimes they grow white mold. The seeds will grow. I remove them from thepods to prevent mold. Thepods take a long time to stop. Pods start to grow in days.

2. Thai Super Chili Pepper Seeds

Thai Super Chili Pepper Seeds

Burpee is the gardener's best friend. America's most trusted seed company has beautiful plants and everything else you need to grow a garden. No genetically modified organisms, ever. The Thai Super Chili F1 Pepper has 250mg 30 seeds. Germination rates are superior. Farm and garden vegetable seeds. 75 days to full maturity is a Perennial Crop. Premium quality, ethical and sustainable seeds are offered by the family owned and operated sustainable seed company.

Brand: Sustainable Seed Company

3. Harris Model Parsnip Garden Seeds

Harris Model Parsnip Garden Seeds

Premium quality seeds from Mountain Valley Seed Company. The Harris Model has 3 g of Parsnip and 500 seeds. Non-GMO - Heirloom - Open Pollinated - High Germination Rate. There are seeds for vegetable gardening. The days to full maturity is 130. Premium quality seeds from Mountain Valley Seed Company.

Brand: Mountain Valley Seed Company

👤Parsnip seeds are notoriously difficult to grow, as you will see from many reviews complaining about poor germination rate. If you want to have any success, you need to be soaked overnight. After soaking, we had a crop of Harris Model parsnips that had almost 100% germination, and we will have another crop in the fall of 2019.

👤My garden is small and I wanted to grow parsnips in a container. Other suppliers only offered small amounts of seeds. This will work for 2 plants. It is heirloom and non-GMO.

👤Fall planting. It is already growing strong. Timely delivery.

4. Brussel Catskill Heirloom 100 Sprouting

Brussel Catskill Heirloom 100 Sprouting

Premium quality seeds from Mountain Valley Seed Company. They are very healthy. They are low in calories. Dark green vegetables are good for your health. Tiny cabbages can be eaten raw or roasted. Studies have shown that the Brussel sprout protects against colon cancer. Brussel sprout are rich in vitamins and minerals. The buds are rich in many vitamins and minerals.

Brand: Country Creek Acres Growing Is In Our Roots

👤You can transplant after they get about 4 inches tall, and almost no transplant shock. I live in an area where the plants don't do well, so it's hard to find them. I prove the experts wrong every year. The hardy Devil will not be killed once they get established.

5. Medicinal Starter Premium Non GMO Varieties

Medicinal Starter Premium Non GMO Varieties

Excellent Lemons and Firing - Try it in soups, salad dressings, and stir-frys. It freezes well. This complete herb garden kit is easy to use and will help you grow tea and herbs on your windowsill or kitchen countertop. There are step by step instructions for growing. Your own herbal teas are the best because they are made with fresh, home grown tea and healing herbs. The seed variety was chosen for its flavor intensity and traditional Medicinal properties. Included. There is a beautiful giftable box that has 3 Drip Trays, 12 Cell Seed Trays, 3 Humidity Domes, Seed Label Sticks, and an assortment of 18 Medicial and Tea herb seeds. It's easy to follow instructions. The seeds included are Hot Pepper, Anise, Basil, Chives, Cilantro, Dill, Lavender, and Borage. Depending on the season, you may receive one of these two seeds. The Mountain Valley Seed Company makes an amazing christmas tea gift set or herbal tea gift set, which is a beautifully boxed medicinal and tea herb garden starter kit. There are up to 4 small seed replacements that can be applied.

Brand: Mountain Valley Seed Company

👤The starter kit came with everything you need to start an herb garden: seeds, greenhouse trays, growing soil, labels, and a quick guide. The guide answered most of the questions that I had. It is easy to find more in-depth knowledge with a quick web search. I did this with my son, who loved it. Some of the seeds are very small. I had to sow more because it was impossible to only pick up four. Thin the seedlings before they are transferred. Search "thinning" for more information. The greenhouse lid needs to be removed after a few days. It helps keep the soil moist, but it isn't necessary and could cause mold growth if left too long. There is very little water needed. I suggest using a spray bottle instead of pouring the water into the tray. The spray bottle lets you focus the water where you need it, even though some sections are very moist. The light daily spray is good for the seedlings. They have sprouted since I planted them. Some seeds take up to 14 days to grow, while others take just a few minutes. I recommend this kit to anyone who is new to gardening or vets who want to get it all in a single purchase.

👤I bought this set to enjoy the chance to grow and make my own tea. The tray was easy to use and my seeds grew well. The seller contacted me a few weeks after purchase to make sure I was happy with my purchase and even offered to replace any unsatisfactory items. I am very happy with the purchase of my seeds.

👤One of the reasons I bought the deluxe was because it states that Feverfew is one of the seed packets. They replaced lovage with datememe, which is good for migraines. Not what I wanted.

👤I didn't have enough space for all of the planting, I had a clear cover, and my plants died or didn't grow at all. I was really interested in this project.

👤I loved it so much. I got some plants to grow. I took away a star because of two things. 1. I couldn't get lavender to grow in this medium. I was able to get a few seedlings in another soil and the seeds seem to be valid. 2. These things are so lightweight that they almost blew away on my terrace. I advise keeping it indoors until it is ready to be moved.

👤The product is very user friendly. The instructions on how to get started with your kit were easy to understand. I don't know if it's because I did something wrong or if my herb didn't grow. I would've liked to know more about the condition of the herb after you've transferred it to a pot. This is a great product to start with, and it has some grown at home herbs.

👤I want to plant herbs for a while now. I found this kit and thought I would give it a try. It was delivered this morning, so it will be awhile before I see the results, but it comes with 12 seed packets, trays, name place sticks, and starter soil pellets. I ordered soil and planters once they can be replanted, but I was skeptical about the soil. It comes with seed packets that include: lavender, At first glance, you may have missed that. I had to read the drain detail so I was not the only one that missed it. What a selection. I have it set by the window because it was so easy to put together. When they are ready, I will transfer them. This would be a great gift for people like me, who don't grow plants or herbs, just starting out, and kids would love this! You will love the seed selection if you are experienced at planting/growing.

6. Instant Heirloom Vegetable Seed Collection

Instant Heirloom Vegetable Seed Collection

Give the gift of gardening with heirloom herb seeds or vegetable seeds for planting outdoors with the SEED VARIETY GIFT COLLECTION. A grow guide and bag for gift giving is included with the heirloom seeds collection. There are 15 heirloom vegetable seeds that have been hand selected. A 20 page seed sow/growing, harvesting and seed saving guide is included. The filigree is gorgeous! The stock was fresh. The company was based in the US. The instructions are sealed in a waterproof mylar package. There is coconut coir pellet for easy seed starting. The Instant Garden was developed by professional gardeners who have been featured in the LA/NY Times and Wall Street Journal. Their staff is here to help you grow. An easy garden starter kit is designed for beginning and advanced gardeners alike. Christmas gifts for gardeners and kitchen gifts for cooks can be made from non-GMO vegetable seeds. Depending on the season, up to two small seed replacements may apply. Instructions on how to grow and use each vegetable are included in the gardening guide. Information on starting from seed, companion planting, harvesting, preserving, and seed saving is included. They have included their favorite original recipes to inspire you to cook.

Brand: Sustainable Seed Company

👤My initial review needs correction. The 2% rate was not caused by the seed. I didn't prepare the rock wool growing media well. I planted seeds without knowing that rock wool needs to be conditioned first. I replanted into prepared media and the seeds had a 99% success rate. This was all on me.

👤I have a large garden. I decided to try a collection this year instead of ordering seeds or planting seeds from a large store. I had good production and good germination. This set did a nice job of showing off the different types of tomato and cucumber that I will be ordering. I will get it again next year.

👤Out of 30 pots, one sprouted. I start seeds for my garden every year. The biggest waste of money is on seeds. I wanted to try this brand, but I could see the photos of my burpees. I learned my lesson. I would give it no stars.

👤What little produce we got was ridiculous. We planted them a second time because the onions never sprouted. I bought others that sprouted. The seeds from other buyers grow but the seeds from other buyers die. What is the conclusion for us? They don't produce because it wasn't the water, soil, or weather.

👤I planted my garden on Memorial Day weekend and didn't expect much as I have an anti green thumb. I see growing lettuce, watermelon, cantaloupe, peas, and zucchini today. I'm starting the indoor tomato, onion, and peppers plants.

👤I was very pleased with the instructions and options. Professional presentation and products are recommended.

👤I bought these to use with the planter I got. I put the seeds in the trays under the grow light. Everything seems to be growing well. I can't comment on the produce yet.

👤We only got three small zucchinis and lots of kale from these seeds. My kids and I were really disappointed. We don't know what went wrong with strawberries and brocolli in our garden.

👤Our garden has turned into a giant garden.

👤A full kit of vegetables for my garden.

7. Burpee Sweet Salad Mesclun Seeds

Burpee Sweet Salad Mesclun Seeds

Since 1989 Seeds of Change has been dedicated to preserving and making organic seeds available to gardeners and farmers. A beautiful blend of greens. 'Ruby' lettuce, 'Bull's blood', 'Bloomsdale' Spinach, 'Simpson' lettuce, and 'tender green' mustard. 750 seeds are in each packet. After the average last frost date, sow outdoors in early spring. The plant height is 9. The plant spread is 6. 3-4 leaves. Annual for all growing zones. Sunlight exposure is the same as the sun setting. Burpee vegetable, herb, and flower seeds can be found on Amazon. The Burpee Seed Starting Kit will give you a great start. Burpee is the gardener's best friend. America's most trusted seed company has beautiful plants and everything else you need to grow a garden. No genetically modified organisms, ever.

Brand: Burpee

👤I bought the seeds for my garden. They sprouted after 3 days. I'm happy that they show some potential. Was skeptical after the two revoews that were left. Hope they like it.

👤You know how expensive this mix is if you buy it in a grocery store. This grows back very quickly. A delicious blend.

👤The package only had 6 seeds and I thought it was real quality.

👤The green lettuce leaves turn bitter and form roots.

👤In heavy rain, grow in partial shade or cover.

👤Only one variety of lettuce grew from this mix and only a few plants made it to the "pick for salad" stage.

👤I was excited to get my first Burpee seeds. Sad they are not up to date. I didn't see that in the ad. I hope I get some salad mix to grow. I could have picked up the seeds at the dollar store.

8. Blue Lake FM1K Pole Seeds

Blue Lake FM1K Pole Seeds

Burpee is the gardener's best friend. America's most trusted seed company has beautiful plants and everything else you need to grow a garden. No genetically modified organisms, ever. Bean seeds - Pole - Blue Lake Pole. Non-GMO - Heirloom - Open Pollinated - High Germination Rate. There are seeds for vegetable gardening. The annual crop is not intended to over winter. Premium quality seeds from Mountain Valley Seed Company.

Brand: Mountain Valley Seed Company

9. Seeds Change Certified Organic Watermelon

Seeds Change Certified Organic Watermelon

Burpee is the gardener's best friend. America's most trusted seed company has beautiful plants and everything else you need to grow a garden. No genetically modified organisms, ever. Save a row in your garden for these organic sugar baby watermelon seeds that grow into small organic melons that can be added to salads and smoothies or eaten by themselves. Fruit garden. These organic fruit seeds are beautiful. They grow in garden beds and outdoors to promote pollination and natural pest control. These certified organic seeds are pesticide-free. seeds can be viable for up to 5 years with a sealed packet. It's perfect for heirloom seeds. SEED TO PLATE is a passion to connect families to food by creating an experience for people to savor the goodness of nature in their gardens. Since 1989 Seeds of Change has been dedicated to preserving and making organic seeds available to gardeners and farmers.

Brand: Seeds Of Change

👤I have never grown watermelon or strawberries, but I just started growing them this year. I used a plastic baggie wet napkin method to grow about 10 of these seeds indoors. I planted them in my garden after the seeds sprouted. They are growing well. I pollinated a flower yesterday. I will come back with an update once the fruit grows, but so far so good. The second picture you see is a cucumber plant. I have a free cucumber plant from my watermelon seed packet. I have about 10 watermelon babies pollinated and growing like the ones I am the picture and also that cucumber that mysteriously came in my packet has taken over my garden and grown ginormous, you can see a cute pickle in the picture as well. Happy! Can't wait to harvest.

👤Home Depot's website also sells these seeds for 2.58. There is no minimum purchase required for free shipping. I think a lot of Prime members are annoyed by the new "Add On" program where you need to buy $25.00 worth of items to get free two day Prime shipping for "Add On" items. The watermelon seeds are in the "add on" category. If you can't meet the $25.00 hold, then buy from Home Depot. Home Depot still sells these for $2.58 plus free shipping to your home or to your local store, as of today. There isn't a minimum purchase. I only planted seeds in three starter plants. I thought at least one pellet would grow. They all sprouted. The average gardener will have a lot of seeds left over. Seeds of Change had an excellent idea of packaging their seeds in plastic "zip-lock" packets. There is no need to worry about the viability of your left over seeds. I don't know why other companies haven't done this. My plants are five weeks old. They are active and healthy. They seem to grow a bit. They seem to have grown over night when I inspect them every morning. The seedlings have had no problems so far. When they first sprouted, I had a white fly problem. I used a weak mixture of organic neem oil and liquid peppermint soap. The problem was gone immediately. These seeds are certified organic. Gardeners with limited space will be happy to know that these seeds produce a more compact plant. All is well with these plants. I will update this review on a regular basis. My plants are doing well. There are lots of leaves. I planted three watermelon plants and have two of them. I lost one of the plants. The two remaining watermelon plants are doing well. A fruit is larger than a golf ball but smaller than a tennis ball. We're excited about it. There is an update 09/15/2013. Due to circumstances beyond my control, watering of my watermelon plants was sporadic. We were rewarded with a personal sized Sugar Baby watermelon. We are very satisfied with our results because we only get one melon from this variety. The fruit was a perfect size for a small family. This variety of watermelon is very good.

10. Augason Farms Vegetable Garden Variety

Augason Farms Vegetable Garden Variety

A 25 year shelf life is possible. It yields over 2300 pounds of produce. 13 hardy seed varieties. A shelf life of up to 4 years.

Brand: Augason Farms

👤I bought another brand of heirloom seeds and tried them in the past, but they didn't grow as well as I would have liked, so I decided to grow my own. It wont be long before food prices will be high and the dollar not worth much, so prepare, augason brand is good and I have a couple years of there disaster meals also. When you stack it deep, you won't get another chance.

👤This can was made by LOT 19DEC19 and made by BB 19DEC 24. The can contained 13 seed packets and a growing guide. The winter squash is called the Waltham Butternut. The tomato hamson is an heirloom. Summer Squash Black Beauty is a variation on the classic summer squash. The best Jumbo is cantaloupe melon Hales. The Carrot Chantenay Red Core is an heirloom. The onion is white and sweet. Cucumber Straight Eight. Romain Lettucee Cimmaron is an heirloom. There is a vegetable called the Spinach Viroflay. The Golden Cal Wonder is made of Sweet Pepper. The Bean Bush Blue Lake is an heirloom. Pea Lincoln is an heirloom. All seeds are non-GMO, non- hybrid, and heirloom varieties. They are well packaged and labeled. The quantity of seeds is a good value. I will be testing them in my garden this year. The can was opened with a swing-a-way can opener.

👤There are a few pictures of what is inside. Will be planting soon but not sure of the quality. The can is packaged well and has a plastic lid. Will post updates when I open the seeds and when they grow. I am planting one of the cans I bought. I know what to expect. If you are a prepper, always try what you buy so you don't have to worry in an emergency.

👤Great product. I have been using these seeds for a long time. Every seed that I plant has been planted 99% of the time. I buy a container every year.

👤The instructions for planting seeds are well sealed for freshness. This kit has a sealed can that must be opened with a can opener and a plastic lid that you can put back on after opening. The can has a list of 13 types of seeds, but not specific varieties. You can see the list below for those details. Inside the can is an oxygen absorber pack to keep the seeds fresh longer and a large bag of Growing guide for 38 types of vegetable, herb, and fruit plants. The guide has details for planting, care, harvest, and seed collection. I have a good guide for all of the seeds I save from my plants, as I have only started saving seeds from my own harvest. The seeds are sealed in foil packs for freshness. The amount of seeds included in my kit was measured in grams, and the 13 specific varieties of seeds that were included were: Bean, Bush Contender 150g Carrot, Imperator 58 3g Corn, Golden Bantam 8 125g Cucumber, and many more. Straight Eight 4g melon, cantaloupe Hales Best Jumbo 3g onion, yellow sweet Spanish 2g Pea, Thomas Laxton 150g Pepper, Sweet California Wonder 300 TMR 2.5g lettuce, Romain Cimmaron 3g, and Winter Waltham Butternut.

11. AeroGarden Jumbo Veggies Farm Models

AeroGarden Jumbo Veggies Farm Models

Premium quality seeds grown in the USA are the brand of Mountain Valley Seed Company. Non-GMO is an open pollinated species. The Jumbo Veggies Seed Pod Kit has 3 seed Pods: Mega Cherry Tomato, Poblano Pepper, and Sweet Bell Pepper. If a Seed Pod doesn't grow, they'll replace it for free. Non-genetic. There was no herbicides. No pesticides. Also includes 6 ounces of patented, specially formulated Liquid Nutrients and a Growing Guide with step-by-step instructions. For use in AeroGardens with 24‚ÄĚplus growing height. The power source is corded electric.

Brand: Aerogarden

👤I have 2 stars because I love AeroGarden, but this listing on Amazon deserves 1 star. The Jumbo Veggies kit is only fifteen dollars. There are still errors in the listing. AeroGarden has the potential to be an amazing company, but this package from Amazon is not. The items came in a plain white box, which is not the same style of box as all the other orders I have placed directly on their site and from other Amazon listings, but I am pretty sure the listing shows the seller is actually AeroGarden. The instructions for the normal seed Pod kit are what you get. The listing doesn't help me with my plant knowledge and I don't know how to plant them. The printed writing on one of thepods is hard to read. I don't know the sprout time. If it is a tall plant, I assume all 3 are tall. I would like to see a simple diagram showing where to put the 3 Pods in the Farm/Farm XL unit. Some who grow fruiting vegetables are told in the instructions. Leave the spaces open to give the plants more room to grow. It sounds like they are saying it would work even if I put the 3pods right next to each other and fill the other 9 with people. I am sure that wouldn't work well. There has to be an ideal position for these plants.

👤Save your money! The kit was over priced. There are 3pods for $40.00. Advertising was not accurate. The packaging is not Aero garden packing, the seller took cheap wholesale card board gift boxes and printed out jumbo veggies. It makes this funnier because they over charge for the product. I thought I was getting more then 3 Pods. I want my money back for this nonsense.

👤I was under the impression that these peppers and tomatos would work well in a garden, and that they were a mini-variety. I have a huge tomato plant that I have to trim back and only have 3 tomatos on the vine in 96 days. It's a pretty big deal for my garden. I have about 3 bell peppers that are starting to grow. This one takes too long and is too big. You would need a huge floor unit for this to succeed.

👤I can't tell you how these grow, but I'm pretty sure they grow just as well as the other aerogardenpods I've used. I only received 3 Pods, with one tomato Pod instead of 2, and only one bottle of plant food when 2 are shown. I like aerogarden, but I don't like false advertising.

👤The tomato and pepper seeds are difficult to grow. One is growing mold after 2 weeks, the other is just starting to grow. I don't care about the fact that the poblanos are moldy. I will contact AG about it, but they seem to be backlogged. I'm assuming it's because so many people are buying AGs. Eventually they will come through. Customer service is very nice.


What is the best product for survival garden seeds pepper?

Survival garden seeds pepper products from Vegtrug. In this article about survival garden seeds pepper you can see why people choose the product. Sustainable Seed Company and Mountain Valley Seed Company are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival garden seeds pepper.

What are the best brands for survival garden seeds pepper?

Vegtrug, Sustainable Seed Company and Mountain Valley Seed Company are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival garden seeds pepper. Find the detail in this article. Country Creek Acres Growing Is In Our Roots, Burpee and Seeds Of Change are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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