Best Survival Flashlights Crank

Flashlights 7 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Eton ARCCR100R_SNG Crank Powered Clip Flashlight

Eton ARCCR100R_SNG Crank Powered Clip Flashlight

Oxygen absorber have the best function to prolong shelf life for oil food and without oil food, if food has a lot of oil, the oxygen absorber could smoothly absorb oxygen. The hand-powered Clipray makes sure you have always got light and power for your phone, no batteries needed. It's easy to use and portable, it can be used to produce enough power for 10 minutes of light, or to charge your device. They're a proud partner of the American Red Cross and have been for over 30 years, creating award-winning, innovative products for emergency preparedness and entertainment. They'll keep you connected, in the know, at home, in the office, on the road or in the great outdoors, with weather alert radios, backup battery packs, solar-powered sound systems, and more. Whether you're on a 10-day backpacking trip or barbecuing in the backyard, they're committed to helping you be prepared. Whether you're on a 10-day backpacking trip or barbecuing in the backyard, they're committed to helping you be prepared.

Brand: Eton

👤In December of 2012 I bought 4 of these. I would check my supplies every year. The flashlights were no exception. I checked them out this year and they didn't work. When I turned on the green light indicator, they failed to light. I didn't know what to think. I thought I was preparing for an emergency when I saw false security. Since they were all bad, I thought it was pointless to open one of them up to see what happened. The battery was leaking. I would have thought that the flashlight was reliable. Maybe I just bought a lot of them. I suppose that I have lost confidence in them and that they are selling equipment that I can't rely on, or maybe I'm expecting too much from this product? You are the judge of this. If the battery has a tendency to leak, why not design the flashlights to have the battery changed out easily? How hard is that?

👤The flashlight was charged when it arrived. It has a carabiner clip, a hand crank, three lights, and a charge for a cell phone. There is a green light on the top when the unit is charging. I'll keep it because it's a hassle to send it back. There are a few things I wish I had known before buying. Be prepared to crank it a lot. The first charge lasted a while. The batteries stayed bright for a few minutes. When the unit is turned on, the light is the strongest. The light goes off under a minute if you stop cranking. There is a green light when the flashlight is being charged. The light is unnecessary since the unit will only charge when you are cranking it. There is no indicator for the battery. There is a A battery indicator would be helpful. There is no way to know if the flashlight is fully charged. The flashlight has not charged my phone since day one. I've tried three phones. The charging indicator on the phone never indicated a charge was flowing at all. The only way to charge the flashlight is with a hand crank. I've seen others that could be charged by hand. Not this one. It is loud when you crank. The way the flashlight charges makes it noise. It's not a deal breaker because this is louder than the one I used to own. The person is a carabiner. I don't worry about it falling off because it is strong. The carabiner is the best feature of the flashlight. The light. The unit has a bright light with a blue tint. It was bright enough to illuminate underneath the car seats when I was looking for a dropped set of keys. It is bright enough to illuminate a trail at night. I wanted to have something that would provide a light and charge a cell phone during a power outage. Although the light stays bright for a few minutes, it fails at cell phone charging. It's disappointing when you're looking for that particular combination. The light won't last more than a few minutes even when the light has been turned on. The flashlight works even though it doesn't stay lighted long. I'm still looking for a flashlight that can charge a cell phone, but I'm keeping it.

2. Camping Portable Flashlight,30 35 Rechargeable Emergency

Camping Portable Flashlight%EF%BC%8C30 35 Rechargeable Emergency

The dimensions are 478 inches x 1.77 inches x 1.26 inches. 3 ounces is the weight. 100,000 hours is the lifespan of the flashlight. The solar powered lantern has two modes: a collapsible lantern and a solar flashlight. Simply move up/down to turn on/off the 12 led lights. The solar lantern can run for up to 35 hours. The flashlight has a great focus and brightness. Don't worry about old people or kids knocking it over, the camping lantern is safer than candles, perfect for power outage, night dog walks, hiking, fishing, and earthquakes. Emergency lanterns can be used as a mobile power supply, not only used as emergency lantern charging for your phone through the USB output port, but also as a mobile power supply. Their led lanterns for power outages have a built-in battery with 3 charging methods, including a solar panel and hand crank, so they don't need to replace batteries to save more money. There is an indicator to show charge status and the 5V/2A adapter can only be used for 2 hours. Emergency lanterns can be used for power outages, hurricanes, and snowstorms. The IPX4 waterproof mini lantern has a hanging hook and is only 3.1x 3.1x4.9 inches. You can put the solar lantern in a tree. Light rain and water droplets will not affect the lighting of the led lantern. The use of the material improves shock resistance. The solar hand crank lanterns are great for outdoor activities. They support a 1 year warranty, 30 days free return and 24 hours customer service. Feel free to contact them with any questions. This is a great gift for car camping, travel essentials, or survival gear for your parents, neighbors, or kids. Get rid of the problem of no electricity by lighting up your life. They support a 1 year warranty, 30 days free return and 24 hours customer service. Feel free to contact them with any questions. This is a great gift for car camping, travel essentials, or survival gear for your parents, neighbors, or kids. Get rid of the problem of no electricity by lighting up your life.

Brand: Mesqool

👤These were taken this past weekend. The units barely lasted for a short time before they were fully charged. They needed to wind up a lot for them to stay on for more than 5 minutes. After leaving the sun hoping for a solar charge, they only lasted 10 minutes, which was not long enough for us. Not so happy.

👤I bought them for our emergency kits. We use 4 lanterns because we are a family of 5. 2 with a computer and 2 with a computer and a power source. These are easy to use. They give decent light at the lowest and are bright at the highest setting. I got 7 hours out of the charge. 3 hours bright and 4 at the lowest. It takes 8 hours of light and 4 hours of electric to get a full charge. I have a bad thing about them. They are very difficult to crank. The location of the handle and the angle it's at causes a bit of pain in the hand/wrist after a few minutes. I tried to see how long I could last, but couldn't go after 5 minutes. I gave up. If it was the only way for me to charge it, there were other options. It would be easier to crank if they made the handle straighter. These are a great add to any emergency kit at a great price.

👤I was not impressed with the run time. I wanted to know how long I could rely on this light so I charged it and turned it on. It lasted less than 10 hours. It was light and easy to use.

👤It looks nice, but it's too small for its price.

👤I would buy this product again. I was not aware that I could not fully charge the unit using the built-in solar panel until I received it. The product information on the Amazon page states that this information is buried in the product detail. I wanted to use solar as a method of charging. It is a well designed product that is bright.

👤The lantern was dead when I received it. I plugged my phone in. If my phone had been dead, it would have been enough to use it. The battery life is checked now. Will try to update when that test is over. After fully charging via outlet. I left the lantern on for 3-4 hours and it started to dim. It worked up to 6 hours but then stopped working. The lantern was turned off. It was dead when it was opened again. This was done without a solar or crank. This will make a good lantern in a power outage.

👤The package says that the solar must be outdoors and that the phone can't be fully charged. The flash and lantern work well.

👤The triple-charge emergency light arrived quickly and works great, we have had a lot of power down recently. It puts out a lot of light and charges my phone. Can not beat it for the money.

3. Emergency Flashlight Collapsible Cellphone Must Have

Emergency Flashlight Collapsible Cellphone Must Have

The flashlight is impact resistant up to 1 meter. Ultra Bright and 8 hour play time. The main light can light up for 4 hours of strong light and up to 40 hours of low light. The flashlight can light up for up to 8 hours of strong light and up to 35 hours of low light with enough battery capacity. It's perfect for outdoor and indoor purposes. 3000 large capacity batteries and solar panel are built into the Mesqool camping lanterns. It can be charged by regular 5V charging cable and also by solar and hand cranking when the power is out. The option to use windup power for weather emergencies is provided by the dynamo Crank. The large capacity battery has a charging port. The camping lantern has a large capacity battery that can boost a dead phone. You can charge your mobile phone or other devices with theusb port. The lantern is portable and easy to operate, you can click the flashlight button to turn on or off the main light. What's more, it's only 3.11inch,weighing 0.296 kilogram. You can either carry it or hang it on any hooks you can find. The Camping lantern is a great company to work for. One-year warranty and no-Worry after-sale service. Every purchase has a one-year warranty. If you have any problems, contact them for a replacement or money-back. They will be happy to answer any questions within 24 hours. One-year warranty and no-Worry after-sale service. Every purchase has a one-year warranty. If you have any problems, contact them for a replacement or money-back. They will be happy to answer any questions within 24 hours.

Brand: Mesqool

👤Customer service was great in getting me a refund and I gave it 2 stars. If you have an iPhone, I would avoid this lantern. I think they are being a bit deceptive with their advertising. They don't specify where this lantern will not charge an iPhone, and the only area I could see where it says "charges android phones" is hidden very deep in the description. This made it very frustrating when I took a camping trip out to Utah, expecting to charge my phone at night using this lantern, only to find out it doesn't work. The lantern is okay. It is bright initially, but it does not last the duration advertised. It might last 1 hour before the brightness goes down to useless. The solar charging is nice, but not much else. It would be a good idea to try a different lantern.

👤I was looking for a lantern that could be used as a backup source of light and could also be used for solar charging. If you need more power during the night time, this lantern has a hand-crank. It meets the need beautifully. It is a bright white light. It has a light on the end that can be used as a flashlight or down light. I would prefer a warm hue to the light, but this will meet my needs in an emergency power-down situation.

👤I charged the product and put it aside for normal use. The lantern wouldn't work the first time I tried it, because I didn't hold a charge. I tried to use the hand crank but it broke and is no longer usable. Very cheap.

👤I ordered these for 2 homeless brothers who were homeless due to the end of daylight savings. They were estactic to have light and are really enjoying the ability to charge the light with solar power or with a crank. When the power goes out, I will be adding a few more.

👤The product seems like a good idea with three charging methods but the internal battery can't possibly live up to the claims. The main light can light up for 4 hours of strong light and up to 40 hours of low light, and it has 12 LED bulbs. I timed it twice. It was at zero light for four hours. 1.5 hours of bright light. Returned the two I bought.

👤I like the light. It stays charged for hours because the crank charges it so fast. I haven't used the plug in or solar charge functions yet. It does charge my phone and tablets, all I have to do is crank it up. It's great for emergencies and camping, and no more spending money on batteries that go dead and have to be thrown away. I'm getting one for each of my boys and grandbabies.

👤I bought for camp. The flashlight part works well, but the charging part isn't reliable and didn't charge my phone well

👤I bought one for myself and one for my son-in-law. I was amazed at how easy it was to use. My son-in-law played with it all day. It's great to take out to the barn when it's dark or to the storm cellar during a storm. It is small enough to fit on my night table. I put it in my car when I go on long trips. I can't believe how good this is and how useful it is. I will give this again.

4. Tenergy Multifunctional Flashlights Frequencies Emergencies

Tenergy Multifunctional Flashlights Frequencies Emergencies

It's not dry and it's not disposable. Tenergy's multifunctional weather radio is a must-have tool during disasters such as power outages, hurricanes, or earthquakes; built-in tools such as led flashlight, SOS siren, and radio frequencies like AM, FM, and WM are critical. The built-in 2000mAh battery can be charged by generating energy with the hand crank or solar panel, or through other power sources, such as the includedAAA batteries or a power source. The emergency flash lights illuminate the dark with two lights that can shine up to 120 lumens, or the emergency light and sirens which flash the word "SORRY" in a Morse code to alert others to accidents or urgent situations. The built-in li-ion battery in this weather alert radio can double as a renewable power source for cell phones and electronics when fully charged. Tenergy's 1 year warranty and lifetime support with local support are included in this.

Brand: Tenergy

👤I haven't found anything that I dislike. This radio is small. It has a flashlight, a floodlight, and four ways to pay. It's small and light, and comes in a case. I am happy I didn't go for a cheaper radio.

👤We wanted to test it out before an emergency. The Triple A batteries that were supplied with the device were loaded up and I had to hook up my phone to it. The blue light that showed the device was working was off after 5 minutes. We removed the batteries and allowed the device to cool after we loaded the new batteries. I timed how long this set of batteries would last. The answer was 29 minutes. We tried the hand crank for 5 minutes and didn't gain anymore of a charge after that. We will try the solar charge tomorrow and see what happens, but I don't expect much and will return this. In the event of an emergency 3 batteries for 29 minutes will get you a 7% charge which is enough to get a call off, but in the event of a long term power outage, this isn't sustainable.

👤It has a place to charge my phone and has other additions. It's good for emergencies as it picks up the stations better than one I've purchased before. It takes a long time to get power from the crank. I'm keeping it handy. It comes with batteries and a light for searching. It takes hours to get a refill and I do it on my computer.

👤I bought this Tenergy to have a source of power to charge my cell phone during a power outage. The fact that the product could be charged multiple times was a selling point. I connected to the Tenergy by cell phone after it was fully charged. The cell was down to 70% and the energy took an hour to get it back to 100%, this was acceptable to me. The Tenergy was turned on the next day to check the status of the battery and it was still fully charged. The hand crank, solar charge, andAAA batteries were not used, so a total 5 star rating was not given. It is recommended that the Tenergy battery be fully charged when put away and that it be checked occasionally for the status and if necessary charged so that it will be fully charged when the time comes for use. The battery is fully charged. The battery is down to 3 bars. I will bring it back to 4 bars. I received an e-mail asking if the radio has short wave reception. The manual doesn't say if WB is the same as shortwave, but the radio has AM, FM and WB-weather Bands.

👤It was very hard to tune into a station because it had to play a lot in the tuner. It's well put together and sturdy. This issue needs to be addressed. I bought a digital one.

👤The emergency radio is nice. It's a perfect addition to my bag.

5. GREATONE Emergency Portable Flashlight,2000mah Survival

GREATONE Emergency Portable Flashlight%EF%BC%8C2000mah Survival

Every home needs a lantern as a backup. Their solar camping lights can be used as emergency lights, hurricanes, camping gear, or camping accessories, which is the ultimate reliable lighting accessory for home, emergency, outdoors. 60 days replacement or risk-free refunds are provided for their solar camping lantern. Greatone Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio, the weather radio for emergency, and a power bank are all in one. The Rechargeable Radio is always ready to go, there are 3 charging methods. The solar panel, hand crank, and ausb cable can be used to charge the 2000mAh battery. Can be with you in camping, backpacking, hiking or any other outdoor activities. It can be carried in your trunk, suitcase, or hand. It is small enough to fit in your pocket. The radio station and the weather service: You can broadcast emergency weather warnings for hurricanes, tornadoes and severe storms. The Emergency Weather Radio from Geatone will keep your family safe. In case of an emergency, 2000 mAh power bank is all you need to charge your phone.

Brand: Greatone

👤I needed enough in the cart to get free shipping on my order. It was on sale for $12. There are many different brands of this radio. The battery size is the only difference with some and this one. The brands on sale have the same 2000ma battery. You should be able to find one for what I paid. Most of the reviews are not legit. This one is accurate. It does what it's supposed to. When I received it, I charged it up. The phone feature was tried. The charge was raised by 10%. It is good enough for an emergency. It takes about 30 minutes to charge. The solar charge was tried. It works well. It charged 70% in 8 hours. The crank charge was tried. Allowed the radio and flashlight to work. Guessing for a few minutes is enough for an emergency. The flashlight is bright enough to see in the dark. The sound of the radio is tinny. There were at least three stations in my area that worked, but only one of them was a NOAA station. The tuning knob is hard to turn, making it difficult to tune the station. It's fine for the price. The build quality is good.

👤I had verified the solar charge worked after I purchased it. I charged using the crank after a power outage. The lights were used to listen to the radio. It worked out well and I was very happy with it.

👤It is good to have this in a state like this. A good radio and flashlight. It is easy to charge. I only gave it 4 stars because it won't really charge your phone, but in an emergency it could help keep your phone from dying. Good for the price.

👤I am very happy with this purchase. During the winter season, we get a lot of power failures. This will be useful. It has a place to charge your phone and a radio. It was a bonus. The handle starts charging when you crank it.

👤3 options like solar,usb cord to charge and hand crank are pro. The light is not bright but it does the job.

👤It does the job for an inexpensive emergency item. It is not a sturdy item that I would take out in the field, but for at home use. The sound quality is average. The solar or hand crank option is the biggest feature.

👤The size of this thing is amazing. I would recommend it to anyone.

👤I live on the east coast of Florida and the weather radio station is useless. It makes a good flashlight.

6. Emergency Radio,4000mAh Solar Portable Flashlight Lamp,Cell

Emergency Radio%EF%BC%8C4000mAh Solar Portable Flashlight Lamp%EF%BC%8CCell

The material is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. They've upgraded a lot of features based on customer feedback and the newest Design MD-090P. The most powerful lighting functions include a motion sensor reading lamp and a super-bright 3 mode flashlight. External antenna, electricity label, comfortable hand crank, tap switch fit all your needs. The MD-090P is the best value for emergency radio. Nature is unpredictable, but you can be prepared in the face of her fury. The emergency crank radio with weather band and phone charge can be used to get the latest weather broadcasts and hazard information for your area from 7 stations at a crystal-clear sound. It's a critical time for you to get full preparation, so you and your family are safe. The solar radio has 888-405-7720 888-405-7720 The flashlight radio could be supplied for days after the storm had passed until the power came back on. The hand crank light never runs out of electricity, no matter what emergency situation you find yourself in. A motion sensor reading lamp. If you need to walk in places without lights, the flashlight radio with 3 modes flashlight is a great alternative, it has a longer lighting range than the most other solar emergency radio. A reading lamp with a Motion sensor will help you get up in the evening to avoid waking your family. You will never regret purchasing this crank flashlight radio. They care about you and your loved ones. In the past years, their emergency radio has helped more than 10,000,000 Americans to survive hurricanes, tornadoes, and snowstorms. Your voice makes them the best. The emergency weather radio has an 18-month warranty. If you don't like the weather radio, they can give you a full refund. Their customer service is always available for you.

Brand: Runningsnail

👤This device is amazing. It does everything it claims to do. The hand crank is easy to use and effective because there is almost no tension. The solar panel can be used to charge the device, and when you lift it up, it becomes a very strong beacon of light. Awesome feature! The light has an optional sensor that turns it on when it senses movement. The batteries can be charged using a wall outlet and a cable. Radio: no static! The weather band works well. The radio stations near me are great. Considering the size of this powerful unit, the sound is pretty darn good. The antenna is easy to use and tune into. The alarm is so important. The alarm is loud and clear that you're in trouble. The power status light is easy to see and understand. You can crank to 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100%. I have a cell phone and the cord that comes with the light doesn't fit it. I use my own cord. The picture in the description is correct. I am very happy with the power house of an emergency light and radio.

👤I asked for Made in USA. The box says it's made in China. Don't be deceived. Wonder what other items are not.

👤The emergency radio is amazing. It picks up all of the radio channels. This radio has a Weather Broadcast option so you don't have to waste time searching for it on the AM station. After a minute or so, the hand crank charges the radio and the flashlight is bright.

👤It does what it says. I don't use it often because I think it's just something I need in case of an emergency. There are two things I have noticed with my unit. The blue battery level lights are not consistent. I was playing the radio with all the lights on. It showed 3 when turned on the light. The radio came back on after everything was turned off. The battery lights seem to wipe out the AM radio. I get a lot of static when those blue lights are on, even if it was already set to a local station. The station can be heard as soon as the lights go out. It takes 30 seconds or more for those lights to go out. It is more extensive than that. The blue lights can come on for another 30 seconds depending on what you do. If you are listening to the radio, turn on the headlights. You can't hear the radio until the blue lights come on and they go back off. It does the job, but you will need to be prepared to deal with the quirks of mine.

👤I like the fact that this radio uses standard batteries, which means I already have a bunch of replacements, and I got longer lasting batteries to put in it. The crank charge is not something I like because it takes a lot of cranking to charge it full, however in an emergency it does charge and per the manual one minute of cranking equals 6 min of radio or 30 min of light. The batteries don't drain due to the bright lights on this. Radio reception is terrible inside. I think it is deserving of five stars. I will have to change the rating if it isn't durable.

7. ThorFire Rechargeable Collapsible Flashlight Emergency

ThorFire Rechargeable Collapsible Flashlight Emergency

If you're after an awesome addition to someone's camping essentials or camping accessories, or you simply want the best-in-class led lantern to prepare for all situations, this set is the tactical choice. The led lights are portable and can be used as lanterns. It is a portable light that can be used as a mini flashlight and a camping lantern. It's only 5.9 ounces in weight and foldable, it can fit in your backpack or emergency kit, it's as small as your phone. It's good when traveling, camping, hiking, picnicking and more. It can either be charged via regular 5Vusb charging cable or hand cranking when you're out of power. It can be used as a power bank in emergencies. High and Low are the two lighting modes for the lanterns. The lighting requirements can be met with 65, 15 and low brightness. The high mode is great for camping, hiking, reading, and the low mode is great as a tent light. The fail-safes in the smart protection chip protect your lantern from overcharging, over-discharging and over-circuiting. The fail-safes in the smart protection chip protect your lantern from overcharging, over-discharging and over-circuiting.

Brand: Thorfire

👤This was purchased to modify and install a led inside. It was made well and it was decent made. The battery is a hybrid. The led was wired in and I measured the voltage. On low: 2.68v, on high: 3.06. A generic chip is mounted on a star board. It is likely capable of more power. It has two modes, a low and a high. The feature is nice, but just 30 seconds of cranking will get you a decent run time. It was on for over five minutes on low. There are 3 tiny screws that hold the top part of the lantern down. It is possible that it may get pulled off over time. It is well constructed and the price is not too bad.

👤Let the light shine! My previouslantern style light used non-rechargeable batteries and was big and bulky. When I needed to change out my cable in the attic, I found this light to be a great light. It's perfect for other needs when a flashlight isn't right. I put this in a clear plastic bag and hang it on a command hook on the back of the bathroom doors, so I will know where it is if the power goes out. I will put one in each of the vehicles glove boxes. I didn't receive this product for free or at a reduced price, so I didn't make an "unbiased" review. I paid for it myself. I did not receive compensation to review the product. The above review is my opinion after using the product. So there!

👤These are my first impressions after receiving this light. I will update this review after camping. It was a little smaller than I expected, at 3 1/2 inch diameter and 5 1/2 inch tall. It is 5.90oz and weighs 0.270 lbs. After only a few minutes of "winding," it was brighter than I had expected. I didn't like the plastic that was used in the lantern because it was thin and easily creased when the halves were pulled apart. I believe that over time, this will tear or wear into it. .... The lantern cost a little more than other sources but it feels better made to me. I think that I can replace the diffuser with milk jug plastic if it does fail, since it will save the lantern for use but lose the compactness of collapsing it. I have some small battery lanterns that use a spring and a cloth tube, I may look into doing something similar if the need arises.

👤One of the most useful items I've ever purchased! It was in time for a power outage last winter. I was able to use the solar panel I bought to hook up theusb charging device because I was able to crank them for good power lighting most of the time. The panel in my south-facing kitchen window gave me a lot of light in both compressed and expanded mode. I'm buying more. These should be in the emergency kit or go-bag.

8. Flashlight Rechargeable Cranking Stalwart Emergency

Flashlight Rechargeable Cranking Stalwart Emergency

Their promise is that you will get the best tactical flashlight and user manual. Within 24 hours of customer service, there is a replacement service. The hand crank flashlight does not require batteries or electricity. You will never run out of light when you use the solar panel and windup hand crank. It is possible to charge the flashlight in the sun for 30 minutes or 40 hours of direct sunlight. If the solar battery runs low, the winding hand crank should be turned on for 1 minute to generate power for 8 minutes. You will always have a charged light with you. The carabiner clip makes it easy to hang, store or carry a compact light. You can easily clip this flashlight to a backpack, bag, belt loop, or key chain to have with you for emergencies. Adding power outages to your emergency kit is also a great idea. The dimensions are 478 inches x 1.77 inches x 1.26 inches. 3 ounces is the weight. 100,000 hours is the lifespan of the flashlight. The dimensions are 478 inches x 1.77 inches x 1.26 inches. 3 ounces is the weight. 100,000 hours is the lifespan of the flashlight.

Brand: Stalwart

👤I wanted to know how bright the light was and how long it would last. The flashlight was left in the window for a month to fully charge the battery. I guess. There is no charge indicator. At 5:00 AM, it was tested inside. The sun hadn't risen. The drapes were not open. I was impressed. It would illuminate objects about 20 feet away. It lasted for about 30 minutes. It went down to about 15 feet for the next 15 minutes. It dropped to about 10 feet for the next 15 minutes. It was no longer putting out usable light after that. This was inside the house. The light would be more diffuse outside where the results would be less good. I wanted to see if I could charge with the crank. The flashlight was left on to draw down the charge. It was still putting out light after 24 hours. You could still see the lights were on. The flashlight was turned on for 5 minutes. The results were not very good. At less than 5 feet from an object, the flashlight was more than just a light. Normally the solar charge is for emergency use only, but in this case it seems to be different. I'm not sure if the dynamo needs to break in. If you can leave this in the sun to fully charge most of the time, but in a true emergency, you might be better off looking for a better solution. Testing will continue.

👤It was bought. The brightness was tested. It was mediocre. It was ranked to replenish. Let it go on and off. Next day, put it on the window sill. It was mediocre low-light. Put in a backpack. Since light was packed, no other use was made of the strap ring on the backpack today. I decided to refresh some of the canned foods. I thought I would crank the light to make sure the light would be charged if I ever needed to use the emergency pack. About the tenth spin, I broke. I bought others to give as gifts. If they break on the second crank cycle, I will be in hot water. Done with the lights. Was not of any money.

👤I had given it a 5-star review but I don't think it should break by three months. I was going to buy another or even a couple as gifts because it did work well, but suddenly stopped. Products that break within 3 months are not available.

👤The second time I used it, it broke. The first time, the crank charger worked well. It was ranked for 60 seconds to see what it would do. Definitely charges the battery. It does work as advertised, even though I only use it for a short time. It was left to charge by solar for a few days. The bright light went to half brightness before the battery ran out. The cranking got very easy and much less loud after I tried to charge it again, but the light was not bright enough. To get the desired quality, you need to find one for more than $100.

9. MUCH Transparent Flashlight Handpress Emergency

MUCH Transparent Flashlight Handpress Emergency

MECO guarantees a brand new, new, brand new, brand new, brand new, brand new, brand new, brand new, brand new, brand new, brand new, brand new, brand new, brand new, brand new, brand new, brand new, brand new, brand 40 days money back guarantee! The emergency hand crank flashlight has a battery that can be charged in less than an hour. It's ideal for camping emergencies or power failures. High intensity lighting is a necessity for daily, emergency and outdoor lighting. The design is comfortable and secure to hold in your hand. 4x2x1 inch pocket design is easy to carry outside and store in your purse, glove box, pocket or bag. Light weight will not add to the burden of your outdoor adventure. Share it with your family and friends in any scene with thePRODUCT CONTENT: 4 colors to choose from. If you are dissatisfied, feel free to contact them by email and they will give you the best service. Share it with your family and friends in any scene with thePRODUCT CONTENT: 4 colors to choose from. If you are dissatisfied, feel free to contact them by email and they will give you the best service.

Brand: Much

👤It's tiny. Cheap. It might not last long. You won't be without light while you have it and it's working. A few squeezes and the onboard nickel metal hydride battery has enough energy to power the LEDs. It's enough light to help you navigate a stairwell in a power outage. There is a tip. It makes sense for shipping, however, the lock is difficult to open. I recommend that you don't lock it, because you won't get caught with an emergency flashlight if you do. I don't know its intellectual property rating, and it doesn't look to be water-tight by any stretch of imagination, which is why I gave it just one star.

👤Just return it! Poor quality and stealing money for cheap products. It is time to order, wait and find out broken, damaged products that fall apart after first use. I was very disappointed with the choice of products.

👤I love them. I have all the light I need. It is light because it does not have a battery. I will not give them away. Keeping them!

👤It works in an emergency.

👤The flashlights are for a good cause. One of the flashlights was malfunctioning.

👤I liked the multi pack flashlights. It's great to have in case of a power failure.

👤The switch broke on the first time I used it. I would not return these flashlights if they were more expensive.

10. PrimalCamp Crank Powered Rechargeable Flashlight

PrimalCamp Crank Powered Rechargeable Flashlight

If you're not 100% satisfied with the product, you can get a full money back guarantee. There is a bright led wheelbarrow. The solar powered torch light has a bulb that shines brighter than other small flashlights. It can be put in the sun or wind it up. EFFICIENT: 1 hour of light is generated by 6min of winding or cranking. You always have a charged self powered flashlight source ready, because the internal battery stores solar and cranking power. A carabiner that can be used on a backpack or a key chain makes it easy to travel with your flashlight. There are outdoor supplies. It's the perfect addition to your survival gear. The no battery spotlight is a must have. It is guaranteed that the SATISFACTION will be positive. If you don't like your flashlight, return it for a full refund. It is guaranteed that the SATISFACTION will be positive. If you don't like your flashlight, return it for a full refund.

Brand: Primalcamp

👤There was a lot of trouble Friday. I thought I was smart because I had a big Coleman lantern and had already filled it with batteries. I was wondering why they made it so complicated. And heavy? I don't see it charging in any way. The power goes out and I grab a lantern. So angry. I immediately warned others when the power came back on. I saw that its small lights need batteries and screws, as well as its compartment needs screws. In an emergency or camping, who needs that? These little lights were found when I looked for something better. They came on Sunday, thanks to Amazon. I remember the box from Amazon when the power went out again. Pull the wrapper off and crank the little light up. Turn on the switch and light up! The power came back before it went out. I had to tell you that this is the one to buy and keep around the house. I bought four of them. I will put them in every room, every car. It's too easy to crank and leave it in the window. It's perfect for camping. So happy! This is the one I tried and it was not the winner of the lantern contest. Being able to stand it on end is the only thing that would make it better.

👤I thought there was more than one pack. There is only one. No one else was expecting that, so I put it in the reviews. It seems like a great product, but I haven't used it yet.

👤I bought this because it was cheap, but I hope it works. I carry this in my bag all the time, even though I didn't expect much. It's a small flashlight that is very bright and has a solar/crank. The light that is emitted is focused and not as broad as a broad stream. I used it many times during my backpacking trip to help me navigate the dark streets. It's small and lightweight, the clip is sturdy, and it gets the job done. It would be great to have an emergency flashlight in your car. Absolutely recommend.

👤I bought an O.D. green about 7 years ago. A month ago, I bought two yellow ones. The O.D. and yellow flashlights are the same, but different brands. The green light is not as bright as the yellow one. The lights are brighter when the crank is in motion. The green older one is only half the brightness. The lights were on for eight hours. The lights only lasted for four hours, after that it was a dim useless glow. The light is light and plastic, so I wouldn't recommend using a hard constant cranking to charge the battery as the plastic gears are prone to failure. My conclusion. Modern technology has improved the quality of the light. It's good for a real emergency or back up.

👤The light holds the charge well. When I got it, I didn't crank it for a while, but I turned it on 3 days later and it still has a bright light. I left it on for about 5 minutes the first day to see if it worked. I ordered another one to keep in the car but I want my mom to have one for her car, so I'm going to buy another one. It's small and light and can be carried in my purse. I like the hand crank ones because you don't have to search for a battery for them when they have sat a year or more. The flashlight gives off a bright beam of light, so it could be used as a regular flashlight. We spent a week without power due to a snow storm, so I wanted more flashlight.

11. MECO Cranking Rechargeable Flashlight Emergency

MECO Cranking Rechargeable Flashlight Emergency

We support a 1 year warranty, 30 days free return and 24 hours customer service. Feel free to contact them with any questions. This is a great gift for car camping, travel essentials, or survival gear for your parents, neighbors, or kids. Get rid of the problem of no electricity by lighting up your life. The emergency flashlight has a built-in battery that can be used for a long time. Ready for the uncertain world, high conversion efficiency, Cranking for 6 minutes gives an hour light. The Army Green vs Dim Gray is the best gift for outdoor. It's 86g with a quick to use carabiner clip and you can take it. MECO guarantees a brand new, new, brand new, brand new, brand new, brand new, brand new, brand new, brand new, brand new, brand new, brand new, brand new, brand new, brand new, brand new, brand new, brand new, brand 40 days money back guarantee! MECO guarantees a brand new, new, brand new, brand new, brand new, brand new, brand new, brand new, brand new, brand new, brand new, brand new, brand new, brand new, brand new, brand new, brand new, brand new, brand 40 days money back guarantee!

Brand: Hardware & Outdoor

👤The Flashlight works as expected. It can tolerate bad weather. I found this out when I dropped it outside, where it was rained on, snowed on and frozen for four days, and I noticed a dim light after four days. I was impressed.

👤The hand crank flashlight is simple. The cranking mechanism is tight. 1 min crank is enough to light 3. It took 1 min for the solar charge to get 5-15 minutes of light. 4. There is a bright light. The Caribiner is functional, but it isn't very friendly. The gate is difficult to push all the way down. I would have added a small aluminum caribiner to it if I had gone with a hook. I love everything about this light. Highly recommended! I base my reviews on the usefulness of the product for my intended use, not what I want or expect it to do, as well as the function of all parts of the product, based on the manufacturer's intended use.

👤It's perfect for the car. You don't have to worry about having spare batteries or not having juice when you need the light the most. It was smaller than I expected, not that it's a bad thing, I just assumed it would be bigger. When you crank it, you're not charging a battery but aCapacitor, which is the difference between a battery and a battery. cranking will give them longer times than light emission, as many might think. I keep a bright small flashlight in my pocket as a back up in the car but no batteries are needed and it even has a solar panel to charge up that way too. You need light and this is a great value.

👤It works so far. I got it for an emergency backup in case I ran out of batteries. The flat configuration makes it convenient for quick reach from the pocket. This is a light-duty gear for short-term lighting in mostly close, limited range use, not to confuse it with industrial grade pro-survival applications. It's main advantage is that it can work without batteries, which is sometimes critical in situations where no other light source is available. When I have to leave the unit on an angle to catch the sun's rays, the hand cranking handle can be opened halfway to support it. I clipped the carabiner to my hat to make a makeshift headlight gear.

👤I thought it would be a bit smaller, but that's all I can do. The thing is right out of the box, and it emits a bright light even in the daytime. A built-in clip allows it to be clipped onto a belt. It feels flimsy in the hands and is too small for my grippers, so I have only one gripe. It can't be beat for the price.

👤A small flashlight. There are three lights inside that seem bright so far. It can work even if it's not charged, because it takes either solar charge or crank charge. I tried cranking it for a while and it allowed it to have light.


What is the best product for survival flashlights crank?

Survival flashlights crank products from Eton. In this article about survival flashlights crank you can see why people choose the product. Mesqool and Tenergy are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival flashlights crank.

What are the best brands for survival flashlights crank?

Eton, Mesqool and Tenergy are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival flashlights crank. Find the detail in this article. Greatone, Runningsnail and Thorfire are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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