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1. First Aid Only Piece All Purpose

First Aid Only Piece All Purpose

The First Aid Only 312 Piece First Aid Kit is designed to be used at home, in the office or on the go. There are 312 pieces of essential first aid supplies in this item. Clear pockets in the fabric pouch make it easy to locate the first aid supplies. The kit is the perfect size for a backpack, vehicle compartment or desk drawer. First Aid Only 312 is a First Aid Kit that will help you in the event of an emergency at home, in the office or on the go.

Brand: First Aid Only

👤There are a lot of the same things in this. Alcohol wipes and bandaids were in mine. It's a mess. In an emergency, you should be able to find things quickly. The American Red Cross recommends that a family of four have a kit that includes: 2 absorbent compress dressings (5 x 9 inches), 25 adhesive bandages (assorted sizes), 1 adhesive cloth tape (10 yards x 1 inch), 5 antibiotic packets, and an antiseptic wipe. Add to kit my own suggestions for sterile gloves. Pre-cut strips of standard tape are used to reduce pain and swelling. If you need to use an Asthma inhaler, you can use Injectable Epistein and Antihistamine. If you're tested for drugs at work, you have medical documentation. If it's legal in your state, you can use medical marijuana. In some states, it is legal if you don't use marijuana and you don't use cannabidiol. An Indica strain with 25%Cannabidiol can help with pain without being addicted to pain killers. Joint protection tubule should not be a problem.

👤The kit is well thought out and has a lot of different items in it. The pieces are a little deceptive. 50 of the 196 Band-Aids are the tiny "Junior" Band-Aids. If you have small kids, those Junior Band-Aids can be useful. Giving them something that makes them feel better is not necessarily for using as Band-Aids. Even though it's superficial at best, a small Badge of Honor and a trophy to show that they've been wounded. Ibuprofen and Tylenol are listed at 6 each, but are actually just 3 packages of 2 each. Some of the medication can last a little more than a year. I don't think that's a big deal because Common belief is that over the counter medication doesn't get dangerous with age. I wish the kit had more items and less Band-Aids. The kit only has one trauma pad, one 4x4 sterile gauze, one burn gel, and one set of gloves. If I'm in a situation where I need a 4x4 gauze, only one will do anything for me. I could always put Band-Aids on it and hope it holds. I think I got my money's worth for the price I paid, because it was on sale. It's a good place to start building a kit. It will need to be fortified in order to be an excellent kit.

👤I feel good! If you count a package of two pills as 2 items, and a package of two gauze pads as 2 items, then I think this First Aid Kit contains more than it was supposed to. That is ridiculous. A sealed package of two pills or a sealed, sterile package of two pads would be counted as 2 items. If only one pill is used, the other becomes useless since the package has been opened. There is no doubt that the first aid kit's description is deceptive.

👤They must be hoping nobody will check to see if everything they list will be in your case, because they didn't get everything listed. So disappointing. There are open spots in the pictures where I didn't receive some items. I didn't get enough pills. No thermometer...

2. Adventure Medical Kits Professional Trauma

Adventure Medical Kits Professional Trauma

Handling unexpected emergencies can be timely. The trauma kit has a sponge and tourniquet to help control bleeding. Protection from disease and infections can be provided by nitrile gloves and a bag. Hospitals, first responders, military, law enforcement, general public, and outdoor enthusiasts use it. It works in any first aid kit, medical kit, iFAK pouch, and survival kits. In your car first aid kit, camping essentials, and backpack emergency kit, you can travel safely.

Brand: Adventure Medical Kits

👤Don't buy! I received the cheapest piece of Quikclot you can buy, instead of the valued Sponge as advertised. If you want to save money, buy an actual military/first responders pack and get a different tourniquet than the cheap one you get. Good luck with any injuries or wounds that you can treat yourself. Save the frustration of having to send it back because it was false advertised. I was disappointed beyond belief. This product is an embarrassment and should not be sold by Amazon. I wish I would have listened to them.

👤I will give it four stars with an explanation. I wouldn't call it a trauma kit at all. I have one in my range bags, and I like it for its format, which is a compact size, two folds and a velcro closure. I toss the small QuikClot that comes with it or put it in your small basic boo-boo kit. I replace it with Z-fold combat gauze. This pouch will hold it. Throw that towelette away. I have those in my kit, anyway. A par of bandage shears is needed. The $8 ones from Walgreens will work. Cross the crease in the pouch. A Sharpie is needed. I'd put the combo pad on the wound and wrap it with the tourniquet. It's better as a pressure bandage than as a tourniquet. You have a basic stop-bleeding/GSW kit at that point. If your range bag has room to add a C-A-T tourniquet, you're another step along the way. I bought this as the foundation for a simple, compact stop-bleed/GSW kit and was not disappointed. If someone thinks they're getting a full trauma kit, I can see why they'd get honked off.

👤When I was growing up in the south, I was used to keeping things like tourniquets, heavy bandages, and leeches around because a certain amount of danger is expected by blowing things up in increasingly creative ways as a form of entertainment. I know a useful kit when I see it to treat a serious injury that could be life threatening or hilarious depending on the outcome. I understand the importance of speed in treating blood loss from trauma, caused by backwoods curiosity and malfeasance. I have purchased a lot of portable trauma first aid implements in the last several years for a level of peace of mind in the face of increasingly brutal and random violence. I don't want to use this product, but I acknowledge that it's a good purchase and that I might just need it one day. The tools are good, the size is great, and I hope I don't need to own this.

👤I know that you can't put a price on life. The price seemed a little high until it arrived. The bleeding control system is flexible and dynamic, allowing non medical personnel to apply whatever pressure is needed to control the situation quickly and confidently. I like it. It works well with quick-clot impregnated gauze. It is packaged in a way that makes it easy to use and it comes with a small kit that fits in my cargo pants. Don't think that it's just for law enforcement. More average people get hurt everyday and bleed out from accidents. If you have a blow out kit, I would recommend adding this to it. I carry it with me because I don't know what to do, but I have nothing to do with it.

3. Rapid Care First Aid 80095

Rapid Care First Aid 80095

This medical kit has clean and close injuries. A metal cabinet. The first aid cabinet. It's ideal for a job site, home or office. The standards are fully compliant with Ansi Z308.1-2003. The steel case is white. The Cabinet is 5.75 X 15.5 X 22.75 Inches. Help and guidance in emergency situations can be found in first aid booklets. Help and guidance in emergency situations can be found in first aid booklets.

Brand: Rapid Care First Aid

👤It seems to be worth something, but not like it was advertised. I thought I would receive the same thing as shown in the picture, but it is not. The compartments on the door are not close to being functional. The pockets we received are transparent and can hold a trauma pack. There are no pickets like the ones in the photo where you can place scissors. The plastic pockets are poorly assembled, with bubbles and pockets of air everywhere. I would have returned it if it wasn't for the fact that one of us had already opened some of the supplies inside the kit.

👤This review is for the 4-shelf version. It's a nice addition to our house. I like the variety it carries and the metal exterior. The painted metal box with handle looks good, there are few scratches, and one of the holes for hanging is dirty at the backside edges, which makes me suspect it is a used item. The items were placed randomly in the box, which is fine with me because it looks like the product image. After I finish the clean up, I decide to see what I got and what I didn't, because some of the items don't look like the ones in the product image. I looked at the item list from the description and saw my picture. Some of them are missing, but I INRDeals There are things that are missing: fabric bandages. The non sterile pads are 2” x 3” Burn spray 3 ounces is equivalent to 1 Tweezers, Antiseptic spray 3 ounces is equivalent to 2 Tweezers, and tongue depressors are equivalent to 6 Tweezers. The antibiotic was received 25 instead of 20. I can't tell if the contents are of good quality since we don't need any of them. The scissor is not of good quality. I don't think it can cut effectively because it doesn't have a black plastic or rubber handle, and its blades are round. The four medicines that are included have an expired date from June 21 to April 22. It includes alcohol wipes, sanitizers, and few face masks, which are hard to find during the Pandemic of Covid-19. If you really get sick, you could use a pain/fever remedy. It made our mind at ease. If you don't care much about specific items, I would recommend. Stay healthy and safe! We let the cardboard package sit for 2 days, just in case there is a problem.

👤The kit is amazing. The customer service is horrible. I contacted them because I didn't want to send the entire kit back because I had one damaged item. I wanted the one item replaced simple, but Amazon said no. If anything is damaged, they are not helpful.

4. Survival Emergency All Purpose Portable Compact

Survival Emergency All Purpose Portable Compact

The containers are easy to store and lock together so food stays safe and secure. You need an outdoor first aid kit. The emergency kit contains 257 first aid supplies, 11 life-saving equipment, and a MOLLE bag, which is an indispensable first aid kit for outdoor sports, car, home, camping, hiking and travel. First Aid Supplies. First aid supplies can help users handle emergencies. These first aid supplies can help protect you. This is a great gift for family and friends, as it provides them with a reliable and solid security. Small, portable and waterproof. The first aid kit is made of 600D material. It is waterproof and has good wear resistance. It has enough space to hold the equipment you need. The molle compatible straps on the back can be used to attach the bag to other bags, belts or the back seat of the car for easy carrying. The bag's size is convenient to carry during any activity. Top-level survival equipment is practical anddurable. The first aid kit has eleven survival equipment. They have a flashlight that supports three modes, a high-decibel survival whistle, a fire starter with a wooden handle, a foldable knife made of high-quality materials, and an emergency mylar blanket. The service was intimate. They are committed to providing complete and practical first aid kits for outdoor adventure enthusiasts, so that they can deal with emergencies in time, and they have carefully considered the choice of each accessory. The quality of the product is reliable. They also offer a complete after-sales service. They will give you solutions in time if you have any questions.

Brand: H Heamess

👤The bag is the best part of the kit even if it is on the small side. It has a lot of cheap things made in China.

👤It looks like a perfect size for travel and can be stored away from home. The material is great and easy to open. They have a nice thank you letter when you open it, and if you need any help feel free to contact them. That shows care for their product. It is very easy to find what you need. I would recommend this for a good survival kit.

👤I hope I won't have to use it. One bag was for my car and the other was for my other car.

👤Everything in the first aid kit is described. It adds a huge comfort level to traveling and around the house. Put one in each vehicle. George Hirner is from Clarkrange, Tennessee.

👤It had more than I anticipated, I showed a coworker and he ordered one for me to put on his Dune buggy. It's definitely worth buying.

👤It is what I wanted.

👤I opened it and found a lot of first aid things and a big long black hair inside. Cotton balls looked dirty. Does not look sterile.

👤There is nothing I don't like. I need this for a course I am taking, but I will keep it for use after.

5. Be Smart Get Prepared Injuries

Be Smart Get Prepared Injuries

First Aid Kits are manufactured by the #1 company in the USA. There are 100 pieces of first aid treatment products. The Kit is a medical device. It's ideal for most businesses and perfect for family use. Quick access is provided by the fully organized interior compartments. The high density plastic case is impact resistant. The compact size case is portable and can fit anywhere. The Easy Slide Latches lock into place.

Brand: Be Smart Get Prepared

👤I can't wait to cut myself.

👤You get what you pay for. A plastic box broke upon opening it, 55 bandages, 12 alcohol pads, 6 antiseptic towelettes, 2 small "non woven sponges, 1 large "non woven sponge", 2 antibiotic ointment, 4 tongue depresses, 10 q-tips, and a pair of med tape. It wasn't what I expected. It all adds up. I can see myself buying a better kit in a couple months.

👤The First Aid Kit does not include burn relief gel. If you want this First Aid Kit for around the house or apartment, you won't be able to use the Tongue Depressors. I don't think the First Aid Kit is very good. I have had better times in the past. I can't recommend this.

👤This includes an instant cold compress, which was a valuable addition to a travel first-aid kit. The bottles of kids' liquid and adult were able to fit in the removed bandaids. There are pink'stomach relief' tabs. The case made it easy to pack for our trip. We didn't need to use anything but the separately- purchased stuff, but having this comprehensive kit along for the ride gave us great peace of mind. It will be packed on all future trips.

👤This is a starter kit. Band aid, a cold pack, and other basic emergency items are included. It's great to have someone around for your children who are very rambunctious. The container is small. I was planning to add more items. This is not for you. I am happy that I have educated my kids on how to use the kit and when to use it. I put theCPR kit next to each other on my book.

👤When an airplane is about to crash into the earth, no one wants to be in it. The difference in the world was made by the first aid kit in my carry-on bag. I almost had to check my bag because I had a small airline approved carry-on bag and a computer bag which I could fit into but I wanted to bring my first aid kit and the sky cocktail waitress was like, "Oh my!" This one can go in that one. I have a first aid kit. This first aid kit saves lives. Period. The story is over.

👤Just what I needed. When you have 4 kids under 5 years old, you need a stroller that is big enough to hold it all, but small enough to keep in the car. Will purchase again when necessary.

👤We put them in our emergency bags after opening and checking everything. It has been a blessing that I bought one early on. I don't use band-aids often, but I'm glad to have this around for bloody messes.

6. Tactical Emergency Survival Compatible Tourniquet

Tactical Emergency Survival Compatible Tourniquet

The first-aid survival kit. The universal tactical first aid kit can be used in the field or out of the field. It is important that you have this kit on hand because it will save you time when you need it the most. The contents of the kit. The kit includes: 1 pair of trauma shears, 1 tourniquet, 1 molle pouch, 1 straight hemostat, 1 curved hemostat, and 1 pair of bandage scissors. There is a sturdy CLOTHE POUCH. The Bi Fold cloth pouch is lightweight and durable, with straps to hold all the minor surgi- tools organized and in place. Attaching to molle vests and other gear for easy access is easy. STAINLESS STEEL INSTRUMENTS: high value. The high quality instruments in this set are easy to clean, long lasting, and reuse. This kit is a good choice for someone looking for value and affordability because they can be fully autoclaved without degradation. It's great for EMTS, hunters, fishermen, campers, law enforcement, hikers, and more. Brand new, never issued, is a risk free buy. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all of their products because they are so sure about the top quality and performance. Order yours today and give yourself peace of mind.

Brand: Asa Techmed

👤Not as good as I wanted but not as bad as I thought. It was like a blind date. I set my standards for this very low, as I knew what to expect from other reviews. Even though it was expected, it was almost a disappointment. It's a back-up to my back-up. I'm not counting on it. I have it if all else fails. It is all I have left. I kept it. I might be able to use it for something other than medical, since it's not worth trying to return.

👤The emergency survival first aid kit has excellent tools. Great steel! The carrying case for the tourniquet is its own.

👤It's a good addition to any first-aid kit.

7. Emergency Survival Tourniquet Military Tactical

Emergency Survival Tourniquet Military Tactical

Wilderness First Aid: Quick Guide outlines first aid treatment instructions. The U.S. military approved a trauma kit. Uniquely designed by U.S military veterans to ensure that you are well-prepared for unexpected emergencies during outdoor adventures, hunting, camping, travel, natural disasters, and accidents. The MOLLE pouch is made of military grade nylon and waterproof. There are multiple pockets and compartments to hold more of your first aid supplies. Attachable to your tactical gear. There is a lot of Horus control. The Combat Action Tourniquet has a snap-lock buckle and one hand windlass clip. It can be applied to yourself with one hand and can stop bleeding in the limbs. The first aid device consists of 3 layers and a pressure applicator. Provides immediate pressure to virtually any part of the body. BONE FRACTURE TREATMENT is a treatment. The high quality aluminum core is nestled underneath foam padded outer layers to offer the highest degree of support and flexibility for a wide spectrum of applications. It is lightweight, moldable, and provides unparalleled strength to care for injured limbs. The closed-cell foam padding protects the limb from further injury. The aluminum core is compatible with the machines. There are multiple use survival tools. The Emergency Trauma Survival Kit can be used in many situations. They have made sure that their tourniquets are completely adjusted to help in any situation, because different emergencies require different medical attention. The EMT Trauma Shears can be used to remove clothing to treat wounds. They are able to cut through tough materials. Backed by AsaTechmed's 100% satisfaction guarantee, there is a risk free buy. They are confident that you will be pleased with the kit, and that you will be able to get a 30 day money back warranty. Comes in many different colors. It's a great gift idea for emts, civillians, field medics, police, military, combat life savers, outdoor enthusiasts and more.

Brand: Asatechmed

👤The snaps in place for the MOLLE will not snap because of their location. I thought about changing the location of the horizontal PALS, but I think I'll just add more male snaps to the panel. This will mean less adaptation and I will still have my MOLLE belt. The pouch is larger than I anticipated, but it is well constructed and useful. The rest of the first aid supplies included, and added by me, take up too much room. I think I'll carry it in a different location. Is it worth it? In my opinion, yes. Comparable pouch may be the same price, but you also get medical articles.

👤The setup is very basic and has the essentials for serious injuries. The color is brown but not coyote brown, and the buttons are not secured, which increases the risk of loss during operations. I wouldn't look for the pouch.

👤Not good. People who want to play dress up. The design of the pouch is terrible. Not a true coyote brown. Get something good if you spend twice as much money.

👤Everything you need for a gunshot has yet to be used.

👤This is a great kit, you won't be able to find all the items for a cheaper price.

👤The product came as advertised and had room to add more items. The price was on point, and able to complete and modify it.

8. Coleman Purpose Piece Travel First

Coleman Purpose Piece Travel First

It's perfect for homemade projects, candle making without leaking, pills, wedding party favors, candies, jewelry, treasure boxes, office supplies or to include in gifts. One Coleman Mini First Aid Kit. The small first aid kit has some common first aid supplies. Safety pins, sting relief wipes, razor blade, butterfly bandages, spot bandages and knuckle bandages are included in the travel first aid kit. First aid kit supplies come in a tin that is crush-proof. This kit is easy to identify because of the Embossed cross logo.

Brand: Coleman

👤The "oids" size and style are excellent. The cover slides off nicely. We bought 60 for our older scouts. The razor blade was wrapped in a slim cardboard protector and all were interested in it. What uses are there? Is it possible to ward off pythons? Is it really possible to get that splinter out? Is it possible to get parents to stop using social media? Do you want to use all the bandaids? Surprise inside. If you are giving to kids, remove it.

👤The first aid kit is small. It's about the size of an Altoid container. I have used it many times. Just a suggestion! If you're going through airport security, remove the razor blade before you hand. The razor blade you are trying to get on the plane will not be accepted by the TSA. The back of the tin has a list on it and I put a Sharpie on it. I don't need the TSA messing with my organization to find a razor blade that isn't there.

👤I keep small survival/first aid tins in my vehicles. I used to make my own kits out of Altoids tins, but friends and co-workers would open the tins and think they were mints. It's frustrating when you've spent hours packing everything you need for a zombie apocalypse into a small tin and then someone opens it and spills everything on you. The Coleman first aid kits may leave a bit to be desired in terms of contents, but they are really nice tins that are already professionally labeled. It is worth the price I paid.

👤I was surprised that the first time I used this, the tin bent so badly that the little tab at the back broke. I had used Altoid tins before and they held up fine for a while, but this one was very fragile and had a small hook system to open it. I wanted to love the kit but the whole point was to have it in the tin. I have to either put a rubber band around it or put it in a bag. I could have gotten bandaids off the shelf for a lot less.

👤The kit is perfect for a road trip. I'll probably use the bandaids, but having them in a metal box is worth the cost. I bought this kit in March of last year and it has an expired sticker on it. The bee sting pads are dated 09-21.

👤I haven't had to use this yet. It is exactly what I was looking for, a small but adequate amount of supplies. The razor blade was what sold me on this kit, because scissors make it pretty bulky, but this does the trick. The package arrived intact and the medication packets don't expire for a year. I was very pleased with the purchase.

👤In a pinch, it would do well, because I carry it as part of my belt pouch. It's not going to be able to take care of massive trauma, but it's sturdy enough to carry with you, and has enough space in it for smaller items. I told my sons that it was better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

9. Homiego Tactical Individual Emergency Treatment

Homiego Tactical Individual Emergency Treatment

Trusted and reliable! How do you choose between tactical and medical kits? If you ever have to use a trama pak, make sure you go with the brand that has a proven track record. Military 1000D nylon. Sturdy medic pouch makes it more durable in any environment. The medical pouch has elastic straps and a mesh bag to keep your trauma kit organized. MOLLE straps with strong snaps can be used to attach a medical pouch to a backpack, belt, vest or pack. Attaches to a rip-away patch for quick access in emergencies. There are hooks and loops across the front of the pouch.

Brand: Homiego

👤The ifak pouch is the best I've found. It is durable. The right size. The chest seals fit perfectly, but how big the pouch is more important. I was able to get everything I needed. Can be mounted on a belt or molle.

👤I needed a smaller pouch for my first aid kit, and the other size I bought was too large. It's a portrait orientation, which helps it to fit where I need it. It has a nice loop for holding items in place and a flat pocket on the outside for first aid documents. It has a first aid kit attached to it, which can be used to indicate that it's a patch. The nylon material feels a little thin, but since it's just going to be hanging out, I'm not too concerned about that. The only negative I have is that it's the same price as the larger ones I have, so the dollars vs square inches is higher than those, but it was my only real option. I have no complaints about this.

👤The kit that I got came with a black and red medical cross patch, even though the seller said it wouldn't come with one. I wanted something that would be great for hiking and the range. The bag has a tear-away ability. The tourniquet is secured to the bag by using a small molle loop on the bottom of the bag, as well as being held in place by the Y strap. The stitching looks good. Coke cans are used for scale.

👤If you are on a tight budget, it is a good mini iFak. Not the best of quality. I tried to remove the ifak from the belt, but the handle tore off. The bag seems to have a better quality than the handles. I enjoy it for what I need at a much lower price than ifaks that are just for the bag.

👤This not good. I ordered it to Iraq to replace the larger bulkier. I didn't think the off color pattern was a big deal. When I put it on my kit, it ripped without any force being applied. I taped it. The buttons come undone every few seconds because it doesn't sound like Molle wel to the kit. I decided to take it out of my kit and test it. Some of the things I put in it fell out as the whole tore it apart. It is in my trash can. I had it out of the box for a while. Don't buy it.

👤The patch is black and has a red cross on it, which is a plus. The material is water resistant. The ifak pouch is basically the same as every other ifak pouch, but it has a different look. I don't understand why more aren't designed like this one.

👤I didn't want to pay more for the refill because I didn't want them to put it in their own pouch. I found these on Amazon for a good price and used them to make an IaK. They are well put together and of good quality. I will get these again if I need to make another one.

10. Orca Tactical MOLLE Medical Utility

Orca Tactical MOLLE Medical Utility

There is a spacious main pocket with additional straps. It was made from a strong 600-denier material. Attaching to kit or clothing requires a D ring and straps on the back of the pouch. There is a cross symbol on the front of the pouch.

Brand: Orca Tactical

👤I bought 2 of the bags at a discounted price. Here's what I found. The material is more flexible than Cordura nylon, but strong enough for my uses. The structure appears to be double sewn around the zippers, across the PALS webbing and at the snap strap attachment points. The other seams look like they are single row stitching. The heads are stamped with a YKK logo. There is a The bottom edge of the bag has a slanted PALS webbing across it. The size is advertised as 8 x 6 x 3. The bags are about 1/2 undersize in all directions, measuring 7-1/2" tall x 5-1/2" wide by aprox 2-1/2" thick. I filled the bags with plastic shipping air "pillows" to measure them. Even though I had hoped for better based on the reviews, I gave 4 stars because they are about what I expected.

👤In the past two years, I added Emergency Medical Responder to my list of jobs, having worked at a Volunteer Fire Department in Tennessee. A gentleman cut his thigh and lower leg in a circular saw accident and prompted me to purchase a pouch bag. I was the first on the scene and was trying to control a femoral artery bleed, but it was hard to find what I needed to deal with a life threatening active bleed. This bag is small enough to fit in a vest or car, but it holds an incredible amount of life saving stuff. I have been able to use the medical trauma shears on the outside front, as well as the Celox Z-fold and Celox injector for knife wounds, a windlass tourniquet, an Israeli pressure bandage, several absorbent pads, roller gauze rolls, gloves and tape in. The recent event had an immediate affect on me. I'll never leave home without it.

👤It was a great bang for the buck. The basic Ifak pouch is what gets the jobs done. This fit the bill for me because I didn't want a tear away pouch. I transfer it between my range bag and my edc backpack as needed. The quality is excellent. I have a tq, Israeli bandage, a pair of chest seals, nitrile gloves, emt shears, and a few other basic first aide items and it's full to capacity.

👤I bought this for my truck because it stays in my truck on a construction site, I'm not in Iraq and I don't play airsoft. I don't plan to mount it to a PC or kit, so I can't comment on the mounting aspects of the product. It is large, has all my medical gear in it, and has room to spare. The zippers seem to be tough and functional. I am not sure how you can beat this one.

👤If you need extra packs of materials to clean up a deep wound, you have some serious space. Pack enough for 5 or 6 people if you want to be safe. There is a You never know, even if it's just for you. It feels heavy duty and made from black stitching. There are straps on the back. It can't hang behind you if you attatch it to your belt. It's out of the way. There is an extra mesh pack. Good stuff. I'm happy with it. I hope I don't have to use it this year. I have good money if I have to. It makes me feel like a good person.

11. Adventure Medical Kits Sportsman Outdoor

Adventure Medical Kits Sportsman Outdoor

There is no risk purchase. MEQI Team designed the EMT Medical Pouch. They go the extra mile to make sure you have a high-quality EMT Medical Pouch. If you have any quality problems or suggestions, please contact them. They offer a 100% money back guarantee. The medical kit can accommodate up to 2 people. The inner DryFlex bag is waterproof and has taped seams. The trauma pad is used to stop bleeding from wounds. Use a wide elastic bandage and other dressings to support injuries. Wilderness First Aid: Quick Guide outlines first aid treatment instructions.

Brand: Adventure Medical Kits

👤I carry a first-aid kit with me on all my hunting and backpacking trips. If you are looking for a relatively light and compact first-aid kit that doesn't sacrifice where it really matters, it is a great choice. The kit is water resistant, which makes it a good choice when facing the extremes of nature.

👤Kit arrived in mint condition and has everything I wanted. I think it's a good idea to keep it in your car in case of an emergency.

👤The kit was well put together and has everything you need.

👤It feels like an upgrade from my self made first aid kit and it weighs about half. I like that it is waterproof.

👤Well put together and well stocked. It was definitely a good addition to my boat.

👤Has everything you need.


What is the best product for survival first aid kits molle?

Survival first aid kits molle products from First Aid Only. In this article about survival first aid kits molle you can see why people choose the product. Adventure Medical Kits and Rapid Care First Aid are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival first aid kits molle.

What are the best brands for survival first aid kits molle?

First Aid Only, Adventure Medical Kits and Rapid Care First Aid are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival first aid kits molle. Find the detail in this article. H Heamess, Be Smart Get Prepared and Asa Techmed are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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