Best Survival Fire Starter Made In Usa

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1. UST SparkForce Construction Backpacking Emergency

UST SparkForce Construction Backpacking Emergency

The real test is up to 12,000 strikes. The dimensions are 3.1” L x 0.75” W x 0.4” D. It's easy to use, hold metal against the flint rod, apply pressure along the rod to create sparks, and then ignite the tinder. It isdurable: The flint-based bar will last for multiple strikes and the strikers are built into the cap to protect the flint. It is possible to achieve dependability. UST Wetfire is one of the ignites. LIABLE: sparks are generated in rain, wind and other weather conditions

Brand: Ust

👤My boyfriend thinks he can live off the grid. I bought him this to start his bag. He messes with it all the time, he says it works. If he needs to use this for survival, it will work for lighting papers on fire in the kitchen.

👤I bought several flint rods to see which one I like the best. This one is my favorite. It slides together to protect the flint, and the combo includes steel so that you don't have to use a knife or another item to create a spark. Excellent spark can be created wet or dry by this thing. If you blow it off with your mouth, it will dry and you will be back in business. I use Jute Twine dipped in parafin wax to make a nice flame that lasts about a minute, which should give me plenty of time to start a fire. The twine dipped in wax is waterproof. The items can be picked up at a store. I uploaded a video of this.

👤The first ferrocerium rod I ever owned was the UST rod. I bought it at Walmart. I still use my old one, it served me well and still is my pocket carry of choice. I discovered while teaching children fire starting techniques that they could use my little UST successfully. Since I teach Wilderness Survival and do a lot of training, I ordered three more of these, but they just can't spark like the older one. The rod is made from something. I can't recommend this rod to you or the new ones, unless UST can restore my faith in their product, and I can't use this rod for training purposes either.

👤The tool has good and bad aspects. I've bought these combo's before. I used this one on a neck chain. It's main feature is that it is self contained and protected from the corrosive effects of the salt in perspiration. Perspiration will cause a ferro rod to rust. I use a lanyard to pull the two parts apart. The highly visible orange color is another plus. It is easy to mix dark colored equipment with the natural debris when starting a fire at dusk or in difficult conditions. Even in the best conditions, this can happen. The rod and strikers are small and aukward to use. It is necessary to get up close and personal with the tinder because it is not a big spark generator. The ferro rod needs to be positioned so that you don't strike your knuckle with each attempt. I haven't found the best technic yet. This set requires practice. The strikers are better than the loose ones because they work better. The plastic housing/handle has some measurement on the inch or so of metal. I don't know if I will ever use them. The ferro rod in this set works well. When sparks are struck, some material can be removed from the rod. It takes more than normal force to generate sparks. The knuckle busting comes in. I ordered another one for my kit, but I couldn't get any sparks from it. Amazon is a great place to return things. There is a lanyard with the set. It is not a bank line. It's good for what it does. This will help you make a decision.

2. überleben Bushcraft Multi Tool Survival Shock Cord

%C3%BCberleben Bushcraft Multi Tool Survival Shock Cord

A wild horse. The simpler the better, that's what they followed when making the berleben Krftig Fire Starter. The sparks are flying because of a solid 1/2" thick ferrocerium rod. Is that a bad thing? Their trademark Snft-korr ferrocerium blend is a perfect balance that boasts both softness and durability. You can start any fire with ease at any altitude, even if it's wet. The temperature is high. The ease at which ferro rod sparks and the ability to get molten showers of up to 5,500F/3,000C to rain down are the reasons you choose it over standard flint. All rods come with a lanyard and multi-tool that can be used for a variety of things. The Krftig Fire Starter is available in two different lengths: 5" and8". 20,000+ strikes will be provided by both of them with a 1/2 inch thickness. Their best rod.

Brand: überleben

👤I wanted to make a nice handle for the firestick from a rawhide boot lace, so I chose the 8” model. Four and a half inches remain exposed. It is a half inch stick and should be good for a long time. I didn't like the feel of the raw rod in my hand and pictured it when it was cold. The materials are 1. The half inch firestick is 8” long. A 40 inch long rawhide boot lace, which is end to end, does not taper. A bottle of glue. A Bear Grease leather conditioner. A small pin. A binder clip.

👤The rod and tool are very effective. The first few strikes reveal the metal beneath the black coating. The sparks were plentiful once we were striking metal. There is a The multitool was not very effective at making shavings with the fatwood, but it did work well on a chunk of firewood. The ferro rod was struck with the back of a pocket knife and it was equally effective. The 5 inch length was perfect for our kids to get a good grip and have a lot of striking distance. We're happy we didn't go for a shorter rod. We bought this and some fatwood for our kids to learn how to make a fire. They help us build the campfire when we go camping. The inexperienced 13 year old was able to start a fire in a few minutes by shaving a little fatwood and using the rod in the video. He is a non-athletic kid. There's a good chance you can too if he can do it. The adults were able to get 5 times as many sparks.

👤This thing is large and cumbersome, but not big or cumbersome. I don't mind carrying a large pocket knife or ferro rod around my neck. If you are the type who is annoyed by bulky things, you will want to carry this in a backpack, purse, or something similar. You will probably never live long enough to use it. Starting tomorrow. I will be going around North America for the next couple of years. This adventure is pretty stupid, even to me, at this point, because it is 38 degrees outside. It's funny. I gave it a test run after it arrived. Even if it were my only means of starting fires on this crazy quest, I don't think I'll need a replacement. Being an outdoor enthusiast and someone who still digs throwing sparks by striking a metal rod, I will be getting a few more. It's funny. I don't have an opinion on the metal strikers attached to them. I threw the cord that was attached to the ferro rod after cutting it. When you plan on carrying everything you own on your back for the next 2 years, you tend to get a bit more anal-retentive about weight. The strikers had to go because I was carrying an Opinel No. 9. It's funny. I think the price was justified and reasonable for a great product. The ferro rod was a no-brainer for me. When I return to civilization, I will be buying one to keep in my backpack, bug-out-bag and haversack.

3. Bayite Survival Drilled Ferrocerium Keychain

Bayite Survival Drilled Ferrocerium Keychain

They are great for climbing, camping, hiking, fishing, caving, engineering, expansion, and for pets. The ferrocerium rod has a length of 8 cm and a diameter of 8mm. They drilled a hole in the rod. The rod has a wire key. It can be used to keep the product safe. Works in any weather condition. The rod is rust-free. Up to 3000 degrees C spark can be provided at any altitude. It is durable. There are piles of dry grass, paper, and other materials. The bayite 6 Striking Edges Striker-Pro is made from tool grade steel and maximizes a shower of hot sparks, no matter whether you prefer to use your left or right hand. Buy them together.

Brand: Bayite

👤Over the past year, we've used Bayite ferro rods three times. We've bought this product twice, most recently to have some spare parts, since I like to add a stick of firesteel to my knife sheaths. Even though the larger size will put out even more sparks, we don't need anything that big, as we simply don't need anything that big. All of the Bayite rods we've used have sparked consistently, which is to say they've sparked great! The only negative reviews I've seen are from people who don't know how to use a ferro rod or ferrocerium, which sparks a bit better than Bayite. The performance difference to me is not proportional to the softer ferrocerium's cost and wear down, but I have not used it enough to develop any kind of attachment to it. I have not been forced to pay more than 2 to 6 times the price for one rod of the softer stuff, even though I have started many fires with these rods over the past year. My 13 year old nephew started a fire from wood he processed with a knife, which was the first time he'd ever used firesteel, and he barely knows what a Boyscout is. These things spark great again. They don't include a forward, which seems significant. Any sharp edge will do. We prefer to use the spine of the knife we're carrying at the time, rather than a separate knife. I've included a few pictures to give you a better idea if you're not familiar with attaching a ferro rod to a knife. When I was a scout in the 80's, I could barely get a cotton ball to catch fire because the flint kits they provided us were so small. I would have liked to have had one of these. The first pic shows my initial use of the rod, before I found the correct diameter of shock cord on Amazon to make sure the rod wouldn't fall out. Bayite has three sticks of hard ferrocerium and three steel Keychains. A lot of campers like the fact that the tin is a convenient container for emergency or preparedness items, as it makes it easier to get caught in the rain or for fishing supplies. I think the keys are innovative. Those with arthritis in their hands might have a hard time getting the ends to line up. They're easy to use and seem sturdy. Bayite should offer the pre-drilled rods by themselves at a lower price or higher quantity, as we're always adding new knives to our collection, as we wish they would.

👤Is it lost? Alone in the woods without a match or lighter? It's getting dark. You can start that fire by making a pile of tinder, gathering twigs and larger sticks, and pulling out your Bayite ferrocerium rods and pocket knife. It's easy, quick, and these rods can produce an intense shower of sparks when you use your blade. What? You don't carry anything? Use your ferrocerium rod to shred some threads from your jeans, shave some twigs with your pocket knife, and use your lint from your pockets. When you put out the fire, be certain that it's out. Only you can stop WildFires.

4. Sun Company Outsider Multi Tool Thermometer

Sun Company Outsider Multi Tool Thermometer

You will have survival tools that can help you in an emergency. A fire starter that will help give you sparks, a whistle that will catch attention when needed, and a compass that will guide you. Even in low-light conditions, the luminous compass button keeps you on course. It's perfect for hiking, camping, hunting, or any other situation where reliable tactical gear is essential. One of the must-have accessories for survivalists is survival whistle. The mini whistle makes a big sound. The cooled thermometer reads the temperature down to -20 degrees. An essential piece of equipment for the outdoors. The fire starter has waterproof flint rod and steel strikers. A piece of emergency equipment. You can use the key ring to easily clip these gadgets to your backpack, jacket, or key chain for quick access. A full survival kit is in a key chain. You can use the key ring to easily clip these gadgets to your backpack, jacket, or key chain for quick access. A full survival kit is in a key chain.

Brand: Sun Company

👤The whistle is not strong. It works, but you can't put full lung power behind it or it will snuff out the sound of the candle flame. There is a block in the sound chamber. The company's logo is on the pictures. It is hidden by picture angles and is bulky. The plastic where the split ring goes through looks like it won't last long, it's a thin strip of plastic. The ferro rod is sparky and works. The button compass is very responsive, both how fast it tracks back to north and how much you play before it gets stuck from not holding it flat. It's accurate. The button compass is the one you want over all other buttons. I was surprised that there wasn't any badness when I expected a cheap compass. It's not bad, I would buy this again. You can't expect to find it missing when you need it, and you can't expect to use it outside your gear as a pull. The thin plastic strip is a good product, if it were thicker the other complaints would be better, but still a good product. If I can get a better and more durable attachment point, I might be able to drill a hole through it.

👤I bought this because it has a ferro rod. Adding the whistle and compass was nice. I get a spark from the ferro rod, it works as expected for being a small rod. The temperature is not very high. Even though the ambient temp has changed, it is hard to see if the temp on the thermometer has changed. The compass isn't accurate. North points to the east. It can get stuck and spin in different directions. The only good thing is that the liquid in the compass doesn't freeze in the freezer. The whistle works, but not in a dense forest. If you want something that is cheap for a gift, you found it. If you want to survive in a survival situation, you should buy them separately and better quality.

👤I thought the compass, whistle and fire starter was a perfect compact device. There is a sticker on the product that could easily fall off and show you the most important information about the item. The metallic blade for the flint is positioned right under the compass, which makes the reading completely distorted and gives you incorrect directions. The sticker tells you to take out the blade in order to read the compass. It would be a disaster if someone didn't know this and depended on the compass. The critical user information should have been etched into the product and not a sticker on it that was about to fall off when I received it. The temperature gauge reading label didn't match the temperature reading. The product had a high temperature on it. It seems to be off by a couple of degrees. The whistle produces a loud and sharp sound.

👤I'm not sure how the fire starter works. Do I hit the stick on the jagged edge of the metal because the sides are smooth? I was not sure if the stick was flint or not. Is it possible to add flint? The parts of your keychain are the only instructions you'll need. I figured it out. The stick is plastic and metal smooth on both sides. compass doesn't work either

5. Texas Bushcraft Fire Starter Backpacking

Texas Bushcraft Fire Starter Backpacking

The ferro rod fire starter is weather resistant and can be used in an emergency. Fire steel is impervious to the elements, unlike matches that can become wet or blown-out in wind. 5000 F DEGREES SPARKS are hot enough to ignite a variety of tinder including plant fuzz, goldenrod fluff, and cattail seed or milkweed down. This fire steel is perfect for keeping the wolves at bay. The Texas Bushcraft Fire Starter has 15,000 strikes. The lanyard has a tool attached that makes you prepared for the unexpected. The included tool includes a bottle opener, hex wrench, micro ruler, map scale and sharp spine scraper. It is attached to the ferro rod by a lanyard that is 48” long. The Texas Bushcraft steel flint has a convenient and portable design that fits in your pocket, backpack or auto glove box.

Brand: Texas Bushcraft

👤This is the best ferro starter I have ever used. The ferro rod is large and should last a long time. This is my favorite of all the different types.

👤It is larger than the picture shows. I wanted to rate it 4 stars because of that. I think it adds to the value. I wanted to keep it in my pocket. It would take up most of your space. I work construction so I can't have that. After removing the black coating, it strikes great. There were big sparks. The map key is a great detail. The bottle opener. Why not? A sweet way to use a dating app. The sound of a whistle. I thought he was dumb. I blew it. It makes your ears ring. I would pay 10 bucks for the whistle. Most important, made in the USA. All less than 20 dollars. Can't beat it. I will find a smaller one if I lose it or break it. If you don't want to carry it, buy this.

👤I used to buy a cheaper fire steel that was difficult to use. I almost set my living room carpet on fire when I tried this for the first time. It definitely causes sparks and long lasting ones. Be aware. Unless you want to set it on fire, don't try it over household items.

👤This is the first time I have ever used a firestarter and it lit up in under 25 seconds. The first thing I saw in my yard was a bunch of dried pine needles and leaves. I still managed to light up despite the wind. I would buy this again and recommend it.

👤This review is not biased. The Texas buschrcraft ferrocium rod throws sparks that are better than my light and most others I have tried. The lanyard was made to order. I will be buying again for my friends. Thank you Texas Bushcraft!

👤This was by far my best purchase on Amazon, it was easy to use, great spark, and very efficient. This is the one you want if you want a small fire starter. I had a fire in seconds after using the first strike.

👤The Texas Bushcraft fire starter is easy to use and thought out. I think it will be the go-to fire starter for my primary camping/hiking bag because of the multiple-use applications. I have been making good and bad decisions in the wild for many years. When it comes to having enough water and water purification, shelter, and ways to make a fire, you cannot have enough redundant things. This is a great addition to the other two. It is too big for carry in pants pockets, but it will fit inside a bag's compartment for quick access.

👤My first rod. I had to make a couple physical adjustments to shoot the sparks accurately. The mounted handle has a medical issue that makes it comfortable to manipulate and control. I hope the multiple use lanyard is a life saver because I would never have to use it again. Whistle doesn't work. I was buying a fero rod with a grip, not the Whistle. I started a fire quickly with some fat wood I got from the harvest that morning. The tool helps me enjoy the process of making a campfire.

6. Bushcraft Survival Starting Natural Starter

Bushcraft Survival Starting Natural Starter

There are 6 x Wax Infused Natural Hemp Cords and 6 x aluminum bellows. The fire starters are not included. You can start a campfire, grill or camping with bayite ferro Rods kits. The firestarter rope is made from high quality, wax infused jute ropes. The sparks of ferro rods cause them to ignite. Remove the braided fire rope and make a small piece of it. If you strike the ferro rod, it will ignite. The roofer is a fire starter. You can start a fire whenever you need it with the proprietary wax- infused natural hemp cord. The fire starter sticks are easy to carry. You only need to use a little bit at a time, a single rope stick lasts a long time. A standard size tinder rope is 2X the size. The dimensions are 6.3 x 0.79 inches.

Brand: Bushcraft Survival

👤I have been using the Bush craft survival rope to start fires in the backyard for several weeks now. The rope was working well with the warm weather. It would start to burn quickly. I left the rope outside in a tin box and when I tried to start it it took more attempts than it used to. I would recommend it. To start the fire, loosen up the string and cut the ends. There is no need for a lighter. It starts right away.

👤Works well. You can use a small amount of Jute at a time and keep a few small pieces handy to use with your spark tool. If you make a small strand with a knife or stone, it will catch a spark and burn long enough for you to light your tinder bundle. This was an ok price for a material that might be cheaper elsewhere. I think the jute will last for a while. It's more convenient that it's not fragile and doesn't break.

👤This is the best. The rope is soaked in liquid parafin and is inexpensive. I removed a small ball from my knife. It erupted in flames after a few sparks. It burned for a short time, enough for small twigs to start building my fire. If it gets wet, shake it off and get rid of the hair ball. It catches fire quickly. I took electricians tape and wrapped my rope pieces to keep them from twisting. They are easy to pack next to your ferro rod. You are ready to leave.

👤I bought these at the end of September to give to my family. I went to open the box and get these ready, but I found 3 moldy ropes. It was gross. They have been in a semi finished basement with no issues with water or mold, and the box has no visible water marks or anything. I took pictures but didn't post because I know it will be at the top of the reviews and I'm sure this is a great product if you don't have this faulty batches. You should open the box upon receipt if you are planning on using these in the future. I will be throwing these out and ordering from somewhere else. It was pretty disappointing. What a waste.

👤The product works well with a magnesium fire starter. I was able to make a steady fire even in the wind. Backpackers who have a hard time kindling a fire because of the conditions would be highly recommended.

👤It is very easy to use. A small piece that has been damaged will light and burn long enough to light your ferro and strikers. You only need one of the three supplied to keep things light.

👤I like them a lot. I'm going to add to my kit. They will work well.

👤This will be a life saver for a long time. It is worth the small amount of money it costs. It's a must have in your survival arsenal.

7. Swiss Safe Emergency All Weather Magnesium

Swiss Safe Emergency All Weather Magnesium

The Krftig Fire Starter is available in two different lengths: 5" and8". 20,000+ strikes will be provided by both of them with a 1/2 inch thickness. Their best rod. Immediate fire. Fires can be started in any weather conditions with Magnesium Rod. Each box contains 2 Fire Starters with unique design. The multi-tool design includes a built-in compass, 150dB Whistle, Steel Scraper, 450LB 8core Paracord and Rod. Lighter and more reliable than matches, weighs less than 2 ounces. 100% money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product, there is no questions offered.

Brand: Swiss Safe

👤I didn't look closely enough at the pictures and didn't read the description or reviews. I would have liked to have. Would not have gotten it. There is a blade hanging from the cord. There is a huge cut hazard. The blade has no handle that can hold it. The para cord is too short to be used for anything other than keeping the blade attached to the strikers. I can barely read the tiny compass, it didn't work anyway. I haven't tried the whistle because I don't care. These are either going back or in the garbage. I have a knife with a fire starter built into it and it is in a case. They will probably get paracord, compasses, and whistles separately. Everything will be more useful so it will be more expensive.

👤I would give this item a 5 star rating if I could give it for customer service alone. The fire starter is easy to use for beginners. In an emergency, the compass will get you by. The whistle won't save you air because you have to blow a lot to make it work, but it will save you from yelling. The ones I received did not glow in the dark, which was the selling point for me. They have to charge in the sun. I have had 1 set in my windowsill for 2 weeks and they don't glow. The same thing has been happening for almost a week. It's a great firestarter from a fantastic company, but that's all. Don't expect to find it in a dark room.

👤It works as expected. For basic survival purposes, the compass is ok. If you're lost in the woods, this may help you get found again, it will save your energy. If you keep it in a dark place, the glow in the whistle and lanyard will not be as good as it could be. Your fire making tool is not something you want to lose, that's why I think this is useful. The magnesium fire starter is the main thing. It is easy to use, just shave off a small pile of magnesium with the included saw blade over your tinder and strike some sparks until it ignites. Simple. The two units are a good value. I got a chance to try it out. With 5 minutes of practice, I could light the tinder with a few strokes by using regular cotton wool from an aspirin bottle. It was enough to lightly coat the tinder with magnesium scrapers. There is a sawblade edge on the scraper. The burred edge gave me the fastest lights.

👤My 10-year-old grandson is obsessed with practicing his firestarting skills. His other flint did not last long. He chose this one because it looked sturdy, had a compass, and a whistle. He liked how sturdy it looked. They are everything they promised. There is one aspect that is confusing, which is that the directions refer to shaving the magnesium, and there isn't any magnesium on it that we can see, and my husband is very experienced with magnesium, and brought up another flint piece that DID have magnesium, and it's unmistakable We love it because it is well-built and practical for our outdoor nature-loving family, but we don't know what the mixup is.

8. SLSESIN Waterproof Multitool Magnesium Survival

SLSESIN Waterproof Multitool Magnesium Survival

All of their products are made in the USA. Easy fire. The fire steel can get a big spark if you get it quickly with the back of the blade. It is a good emergency fire starter for jungle exploration and camping survival. Premium waterproof solid ferrocerium, more durable than ordinary magnesium ferro rod, hit up to 16000 times, be used in various harsh environments. It is easy to ignite including plant fluff, aster fluff, cattail seeds or milkweed grass. The multi-purpose tools include a ruler, corkscrew, and wrench. The 3-inch length is easy to hold and allows the ferro rods to quickly create a big spark, which is crucial in camping survival. The ferro rod fire starter is 4.53 inches and easy to use. The design of the handle provides enough gripping power and can be carried around without taking up a lot of space. If there are any problems with their products, contact them and they would be happy to solve them.

Brand: Slsesin

👤I do a lot of hiking and bushcrafting. These work well. You can get a good deal on long ferro rods. I always keep a torch around my neck when hiking, even though I use a torch most of the time. If you have a 90 degree spine, you will have no issues. Even in the rain and snow. 5!

👤It works well. I bought several to give as gifts. I keep one in my vehicle and bag. It is possible to start a fire with the right tender. If you need more than 3 strikes, use a lighter. It is so convenient to have one in case. The guys like it.

👤In case of rain or bad weather, living in Florida is necessary. It's the best thing ever. Carry anywhere.

👤When struck easily, create sparks. It should work for a long time. Great to carry in a rifle butt pouch or another piece of kit.

👤The handle came off quickly. The rod came out of the handle when I started 3 fires with it.

👤I was surprised that I got two for that price. A few others were bought as gifts. Good stuff!

👤I got two for the price of one. I have one for both bags. It works just fine.

👤Look at my short clip. Comes in two pairs.

9. Exotac NanoSTRIKER Ferrocerium Starter Orange

Exotac NanoSTRIKER Ferrocerium Starter Orange

The mini portable is easy to carry. Immediate fire. The most prolific spark for its size can be found in the waterproof ferro rod that is found in the nanoSTRIKER. There are survival essentials in a supply pack. This gear can be carried anywhere. A 1/2INCH FERRO ROD. The included ferro rod is replaceable. If you want to use it anywhere, simply unthread it from the body of the fireROD and thread in a replacement rod. For outdoor clothing. When going hiking, camping, or hunting, the fire starter is a must have for your bag, pocket, survival kit, or backpack. The high-performing materials. A high-grade 6061 aluminum body is used for the Exotac's nanoSTRIKER. Fire starter use is never-ending because of replacement rods and sharp strikers. All of their products are made in the USA.

Brand: Exotac

👤The case, metal, and craftsmanship of this product are all excellent. The length of the ferro rod is how the manufacturer makes a profit. This product is called "XL" and it is pure sales fluff. It's not like the International Commission on Firestarter Sizes came together and said this product was worthy of an "XL" designation. It's a shame that so much of the ferro rod goes to waste, because it's all about hitting on a girl in the bar. The ultimate user's use and needs took a back seat to the manufactuer's profit motives. The manufacturer saved money by keeping the size of the ferro rod extra small, as well as the length of the male aluminum screw cap. The design of the female aluminum screw cap is either poorly designed or designed so that the ferro rod's use is cut short. You can get 2000 strikes from the rod until you need to replace it. How many companies offer replacement rods for this product? You guessed it. This is a Gillette razor or ferro rod. If you're looking for value and utility, don't even think about buying this product.

👤I also bought a fire starter with the same order. The fireRod starter seems to work well, I can make sparks with it whenever I want. The STRIKER XL will not create sparks with the fireROD starter. I only get sparks from the STRIKER XL's rod when I use a knife or box blade. The design and manufacturing of the STRIKER XL are excellent. I was surprised by the lack of superiority of the STRIKER XL's rod and strikers. I will be sending the STRIKER XL back.

👤I keep my fire starters in my bag, truck, tackle box and other places. They work well. I thought it would be good for my key chain. Wrong! It is very difficult to use, and does not produce any sparks. It is over rated and over priced. Forget this one. The best. Amazom sells two packs of long rods.

👤This is a review of a product. I rate this a 4.5 out of 5 stars. Posititves are small and compact. This is about the size of a pencil. - It is light because of its construction. Construction is top notch. Quality on all of these has been great. - The firesteel is housed in a seal. The firesteel is replaceable. This does not apply to me, but it may be too small for people with large hands. I love these tools. They are my favorite fire starters and I save them in case of an emergency. I also own several of the Swedish Firesteels. One of them was exposed to water and began to corrode. There is no waterproof housing on that one. Makes me appreciate it more.

👤I was looking for a fire starter that I could carry with me. Several reviews of this item described it in glowing terms. I will not. I was very excited to try it out and was disappointed when I couldn't generate any sparks with the supplied strikers. I tried to use the edge of my knife again. I got a single shower of sparks after many attempts. If you like wasting money, you should only buy this item. Not recommended.

10. DeBizz Survival Starters Ferrocerium Backpacking

DeBizz Survival Starters Ferrocerium Backpacking

It is a must have for your survival kit. It's a perfect emergency fire starter for Bushcraft, Hiking, Camping, Hunting, Fishing, EDC, Back packing, Boy Scout, BBQ, Gas Camp Stoves and so on. Unique square design. The 6 inch square magnesium fire starter has high resistance and more surface contact on striking, so be prepared to start fire, and the 16 inch wrist paracord gives you a good grip. DeBizz ferro rod is the best ferro rod for its balance between strength and softness. You can throw a 5000oF shower of molten sparks at any altitude. The ferro rods will be able to provide 20,000 strikes. The camping gear can be extended to 19 inch to protect your face from getting smokey and burnt. The length of the item can be shortened to make it easier to store and carry. The oxygen should be blowing into the center of the fire. The flint fire starter is made of ferrocerium, magnesium and mischmetal. With waterproof and windproof, you can easily see molten sparks in any weather. The fire starter is the best choice. What you'll get is a 6 inch ferro rod fire starter, a paracord wrist landyard, a collapsible pocket fire bellow, and a multi-tool striker. The camping emergency fire starter kit is ideal for communicating outdoors. Let them know if you are not happy with DeBizz. They will fix it.

Brand: Debizz

👤The kit works. I used magnesium to start a small fire in my firepit and it worked great. I was able to blow on the embers with the help of a metal tube. I have never used something like this before. I will keep this in my glove box in case my car breaks down and I need to stay warm. I don't like something about this kit. The kit comes with a patch for the American flag, but I don't think it's a real flag. Someone with no graphics skills came up with a divisive emblem because they couldn't think of a good logo to show support for police officers. Until 1968, it was a crime to deface the American flag in this country, and I believe the addition of the thin blue line makes that happen. Each time someone waves that thing, they disrespect the soldiers who fought so hard to protect this country. The Flag Protection Act of 1968 was passed by Congress and prohibits the burning of the flag. Although it is part of federal law, it is not enforced because it is unconstitutional in the U.S. Everything else that came with the kit worked as it should. There were no complaints. I would take the fake flag out if one thing could be changed.

👤This is a fire starter kit, it comes with everything you need to start a campfire or get some heat going in an emergency. The extendable "bellows" can get your fire going a lot faster and should be in every kit, as it has the usual strikers bar along with a hemp cord that can be used like a match or kindling to get started. I would only use this in an emergency and I am giving this 5 stars.

👤Well thought out items. The ferro rod is a good size and will last a long time. Good sparks are thrown by it. To prepare the flat surface. There are lines that are not straight. The maximum amount of spark will not be available until the lines are leveled down. The ferricium rods have a black coating. Every time you use a ferro rod, you need to use a few scrapes to clear the black. That is normal. I like the way the tube is extended. It's just a radio antenna. It's strong enough to hold up. I don't fear failure in the wilderness. The carry tube is made of plastic. The "straw" will be protected by it. There is a way to put the straw in the tube. The small end of the straw should be placed at the top. When the bottom cap is pressed, the straw expands it. This makes a snug fit. The straw will not fall out. The spine of a knife is the best way to strike ferro rods. I don't like the small strikers. The strikers is a little thicker and better than most. It works. I will use it.

👤It was hard to get good sparks from this heavy piece of metal. I had high hopes, but they were not worth it. The bellows worked well, not the fero rod.

11. Survival Magnesium Starter Compass Whistle

Survival Magnesium Starter Compass Whistle

There are three different sizes available. The Znden Fire Starter is available in three different thickness options: The Pro at 10mm, the Fatty at 1/200 and the Trad at 8mm. High quality all weather fire starter is weather resistant. Strikes up to 15,000 times to make a fire when you want or need it most. The Magnesium fire starter stick, large scraper, compass, whistle and lanyard are all in one. It's convenient and compact. The fire starter rod can fit in cars, survival kits, and camping gear.

Brand: Survival Spark

👤Great starter! The whistle is loud and the compass is perfect. I'm not sure if others are using it correctly. I warn you that it will not work without a little common sense, but it comes with a set of directions. This thing is pretty durable. I dropped it from a high point and it survived. It's easy to handle and it's bigger than the picture shows. The only thing I would recommend is to remove the cheap rope and put some paracord on it.

👤I love this fire starter. We have a lot of campfires in our backyard fire pit, and it's been fun practicing different ways to start a fire. I bought this to use for camping, but it turns out we use it at home as well. It's easier than matches once you get used to it. We live in a windy area, and matches tend to blow out as soon as we strike them. I tried a smaller product that was similar to the one I tried. The larger size makes it easier to use. I get a lot of magnesium off. If you're having trouble getting it to work, try taking the strikers off the string. Just practice!

👤I usually don't use a firestarter, but I do include a fresh Bic in my bag in case the normal one runs out of fluid. I haven't used one since I was in the Scouts, so I purchased this out of curiosity. It took a bit of work to remove the coating, but once done, I was treated to a pretty impressive spark. I was able to catch a small amount of dry grass on fire without having to remove any magnesium from my bag which is a bonus since this is more of a last ditch item. The lanyard allowed me to secure it within my bag without having to worry about things getting spread out. The included compass seems to work well, but it requires me to tap on it a few times. I will not knock off the rating for that, as I forgot it was included on the device until I received it. It took a while for the whistle to figure out. I'm worried that I may have offended the neighbors when I got it to work at 11pm. The seller e-mailed me with instructions before I received it, and the instructions included in the package were the same. It's something that I appreciate from sellers as the process of purchasing on Amazon feels impersonal. I would recommend it to anyone who needs a firestarter. It takes up very little bag space and works well.

👤Works well. It was easy to start a fire within a minute. For the people who complain about the whistle. I can't imagine how weak their lungs are. It is very loud. I am not complaining because the compass seems to point in the same direction as my real compass, and it works perfectly. 5/5 And. When I need a new one, I will buy again.


What is the best product for survival fire starter made in usa?

Survival fire starter made in usa products from Ust. In this article about survival fire starter made in usa you can see why people choose the product. überleben and Bayite are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival fire starter made in usa.

What are the best brands for survival fire starter made in usa?

Ust, überleben and Bayite are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival fire starter made in usa. Find the detail in this article. Sun Company, Texas Bushcraft and Bushcraft Survival are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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