Best Survival Fire Starter Kit Waterproof

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1. LightArctic Magnesium Multi Tool Campfires Waterproof

LightArctic Magnesium Multi Tool Campfires Waterproof

You can make the survival kit to your liking so that you are confident to use it in an emergency. Use a fire starting kit for first aid. Strikes up to 15,000 times. Works on any weather. You don't have to worry about having wet matches. The storage system keeps your tinder materials dry. Functional: The LightArctic Fire Starter includes ferrocerium magnesium rod, saw-toothed metal scraper, built-in compass and whistle, waterproof aluminum capsule, and a carrying cloth bag. Waterproof aluminum enclosures for toddlers. You can put their cotton paraffin tinder in the capsule or put it in the wood. If you want to practice fire making skills in an emergency, just store your dry tinder in the capsule. Making fire is fun. There are 2 cotton paraffans, one in a waterproof aluminum capsule and one extra one. The time for burning one tinder is several minutes. Works in windy situations as well. If an emergency alert is on, it improves your chances of making a campfire. You can save the other one for your survival gear if you practice with one. A cloth bag is all you need to carry and store your fire starter and materials. You can make fire quick and easy if you keep the bag with you. You can start becoming aware of yourself by practicing basic survival skills.

Brand: Lightarctic

👤My grandson liked it. His parents did the same.

👤The product exceeded my expectations.

👤The only thing that worked was the compass. They could produce sparks, but they couldn't catch a fire. This is not worth the extra cash to get something practical.

👤A great product with fast delivery. If you need fire starting products, please give these people a try.

👤It's fairly easy to create sparks with the fire starter, and we tested it out. I love the waterproof container. The whole thing is small and well-made. Will be useful for camping.

👤A lot of sparks were produced. It is easy to start a fire.

👤It works great with cotton balls.

👤The fire starter was what my wife and I were looking for. We took a class about fire starting. We just do it for fun and it would be great for backpacking. Good sparks can be made from a simple method.

2. Atomic Bear Survival Emergency Preparedness

Atomic Bear Survival Emergency Preparedness

It's a great tool for camping, survival and emergency preparation. It is easy to carry and waterproof. An emergency fire starter on a carabiner with ferro rod, multitool, and steel, as well as a waterproof edc survival capsule, and a fishing line and emergency whistle. A ferro rod. Every time, Premium ferrocerium alloy with + 40% cerium throws a shower of 6,000 F hot sparks. There were approximately 12,000 strikes. The dimensions are 1 x 10 cm. Going hiking, fishing, camping or hunting? You can snap your flint fire starter to your backpacking gear or edc. The kit can be used to quickly switch or add items. No need to disassemble the paracord handle to move or replace components. You can make the survival kit to your liking so that you are confident to use it in an emergency. Use a fire starting kit for first aid.

Brand: The Atomic Bear

👤I own several Atomic Bear products, including the tactical pen, knife, bag attachment, and now the fire starter kit. I tried it out to see if it worked. It lit up like a charm. I like the instructional videos that give tips on how to use the product. This is a great kit for whatever you need out in the field, with spare cord, whistle, tool and wax pad. Atomic Bear has an awesome product. Keep up the great work!

👤I own a lot of Atomic Bear products and this one is very easy to use and works great, but you need to remove the paint finish to get it to work.

👤On my last camping trip, this firestarter served me well. There were no issues with starting fires. Everything you need is easy to carry. Lots of thought is put into their products and it shows in their function. Thanks!

👤This is a great kit for outdoor activities. It comes with everything you need in one kit. I have been using Atomic Bear products for several years and this kit is well thought of.

👤The materials have worked well here at home. I haven't tested the kit in the field yet.

👤I think it's very cool. I've used it a couple of times. I'll block you. It's crazy. Hunter played a voice message and he loved it. I made Three Fires out of it with him and anyone who wanted to use it.

👤In case matches and lighters are unavailable, a good fallback is available.

👤This is for the fire starting kit. It's great.

3. GOLDACE100 Windproof Rainproof Moisture Long Lasting

GOLDACE100 Windproof Rainproof Moisture Long Lasting

Natural plant fibers such as ramie, sisal, and jute are used as raw materials for the wax-dipped rope. It does not feel greasy. It is not easy to extinguish when the wind blows, and it is more wind resistant than ordinary rope. There are 8 fire ropes in the package, one burning for about 25 minutes. A total of 60 minutes can be burned with the rope, which is composed of 4 thin ropes. One method is to twist the rope into a bundle, then use fire starter sticks, ferro rod, flint, match, and lighter to ignite the rope as an igniter. It is possible to light the twine directly and use it as a torch or candle. The product is waterproof and can be used in extreme weather. It can be used in humid rain forests. It can be started quickly, lasts for a long time, and has no strange smell. It's a great weapon for camping, emergency rescue signals, family barbecues, and bonfire parties. If you have it, you will have a pleasant outdoor experience.

Brand: Goldace

👤I gave the Cub Scouts some of the Goldace fire starter rope for their class and they were using it to start their fire. The product was easy to cut off. It takes a little time to get it down to fuzzy fiber. I'm a little sticky from the wax. They were trying to get their birds to light up, so I was liking everything. Several of the boys had issues and even though they had hot glowing charcloth the fiber just didn't want to leave. It took me a while to get it. I've lit hundreds, if not thousands of fires, so it wasn't my first time. One of the leaders had better luck and was able to leave quickly. We didn't know what the deal was. I'm not sure, I'm not going to blame the product yet, but I'm going to try it again at our next camp out after the holidays and see if I have better luck. I won't say it was this product, but it just didn't seem to want to flare up like I'd expect from a survival product. I've built thousands of fires over the years.

👤They start a fire. One whole piece can be used to remove the end or strand from the main twist. I struck the fibers with a flint after opening them. It was enough to ignite the twig stove. When wet, it worked.

👤It was easy to make a fire when you tried one out. It was hard for me to rub sticks together.

👤My son is having a great time getting the outdoor fire pit going with these.

👤It's nice to have these handy when you're trying to start a fire.

👤It works well! It is easy to use and effective. I need to have an additional container for storage of what is not in my pack because the packaging isn't easy to re-close.

👤The fat rope has more wax than the others. They are harder to light with a ferro rod.

👤The rope wouldn't catch fire because we followed the instructions.

4. SparkWheel Light Me Waterproof Backpacking Survival

SparkWheel Light Me Waterproof Backpacking Survival

What you get is a chef's knife with sheath, cutting board, spatula, tongs, serving fork, serving spoon, scissors, and a bottle opener. If you have any problems or concerns, please feel free to contact them. They will reply within 24 hours. Measures are 1 inch X 3 Inches and 1.3 ounces. Also included: The B.A.S.E Case 1.0 is a flint-based fire starter. The Micro SparkWheel fire starter is made of high-quality brass and has 3 replacement flints; the carabiner clip is easy to attach to gear. The fire starter kit is compact and has everything you need to light a fire.

Brand: Ust

👤I thought the spark wheel was useful when I first saw it. I saw this kit for a few cents more and said "sure, why not?" I received a blue container instead of orange. Huh. You may get a different color as well, so just keep that in the back of your mind. It works no matter what color it is. This is not going to be your main fire starting kit with only 2 pieces. You can fit a few more similar sized pieces, a couple of those tablet towels, some char cloth, a few matches, or some slices of fatwood. Slivers are not chunks. I said "or" not "and". No matter what brand you get, there isn't a lot of space in these containers. There are flints in a bag. I put the bag in the container cap so that they wouldn't get in the way of pulling out the sparker. The sparker... sparks are produced. Yes, you could use an old BIC lighter and have the same thing, but what's the fun in that? The UST kit is more of a novelty than a serious fire starter. I like gadgets.

👤I saved the empty lighters to use on rope lighters and they work great. It is almost impossible to use with one hand. I hope the next version is close to the length of the canister so that it can be easily started. I have a rope Lighter, but not this kit. I can make my own lighters by using cotton tubes. Natural materials are used in rope lighters. I'm going to twist a reverse wrap on my own cordage this summer, it's not poisonous. The cotton is 100% cotton. If you buy rope or make natural ropes, you should burn the end first. Buy braided cotton, it's not that great. A little small. If you can't find it at Walmart or Amazon, you should buy it at 5/16 (8mm) cotton rope. I got a rope Lighter, so I looked up "rope Lighter" on Amazon. The lighter is better for the ball and hook. It closes and extinguishes coal. The best way to use a sparker is to use two hands. I saw a longer flint wheel sparker on Amazon.

👤I'll start with the good. The waterproof case that holds the kit is a good piece of gear. It's made of aluminum and has an O-ring to seal the screw-on cap and a small carabiner clip. Everything inside is mediocre. It is difficult to light the tinder because the Micro SparkWheel is tiny and challenging to operate. It comes with extra flints, which I thought was useful, but what I soon realized is that you will quickly go through flints trying to light the tinder. The two Light-Me Tinder Pieces are packed tightly so that they fit into the container. It's hard to tear or cut the piece apart to expose the fine fibers so that a spark can light it. The lighting of the tinder was frustrating in ideal conditions. This task becomes more difficult if you introduce a breeze. I bought a ferro rod after making homemade tinder with cotton balls and Vasoline and packing them into an aluminum capsule case. Not recommended.

5. S Survive Outdoors Longer Survival

S Survive Outdoors Longer Survival

The kits are about 6 x 1 inch and weigh about 5 ounces. Instructions are printed directly on the blanket. The RF-welded dry-bag has a roll-down closure that keeps contents dry. The button compass will help you get your bearings straight. The fishing kit can be used to find food when you need it.

Brand: S.o.l. Survive Outdoors Longer

👤I contacted the manufacturer of these kits, Adventure Medical Kits, and asked them to replace the two broken compasses that came with my two ordered kits. They shipped me replacement compasses the day after they responded to my email. The new compasses arrived quickly and were perfectly functional, as they were very helpful and polite. My review was changed to four stars because of the great customer service provided by the company. I am very disappointed. The items in this kit would be useful if you were lost in the wilderness. The compass does not work. The compasses in the two kits that I bought don't point north when laid level, and the pointer is not moving. I expected them to be functional rather than just for show, even though they are just button compasses.

👤I have had some time in the back woods with this kit, and it is a great starter kit. The emergency blanket is large enough to build a pup tent with to stay dry for a day or two, if you are careful not to tear it, and the fire starter is included. The signal mirror does its job. A great addition to the BOB bag is a hiking pack. To build an emergency kit. Would buy again.

👤The water proof bag, the emergency blanket and the whistle are three items that can be used for survival. I bought these for my two girls to take with them when we go hiking in case we get lost. They have a big orange blanket and whistle to keep us out of the weather. Fire starting and fishing are cute, but inadequate if needed, especially without training and a good knife. I added a spare battery, a 12-hour glow stick, and a decent flashlight to make this useful for a lost child. It's easy to carry in a small backpack, so it's easy to take with you on a walk in the woods or a mountain hike. If Adventure Medical Kits reads this, they are welcome to add a flashlight and a 12 hour glow stick and ditch the fishing kit.

👤This is an excellent survival kit for someone with low to average outdoor skills. Most personal survival kits on the market are filled with useless junk or require a lot of outdoor skills to use, like making animal snares. It makes sense to concentrate on shelter and rescue when you consider that most people are rescued within the first 72 hours with the rule of three. The kit does not have a lot of items, but they are useful and high quality. The waterproof bag, heat sheet survival blanket and whistle are the most important parts. The mirror, duct tape and fire starter kit are nice. The fishing kit and compass are useless. I like the idea of taking out the useless parts and adding an led flashlight and glow stick to make this a nice psk for kids. I modified the two that I purchased by adding: Stream Light 73001, extra batteries, a Bic lighter, a Whirl Pack, and a CRKTRSK knife. If AMK had something like this in stock, it would be nice, but the psk could cost two to three times as much. It is nice that it has enough room to modify. I got one for myself and another for my wife. As they get older, the kids will get their own version of the other reviewer's suggestion.

6. BSGB Firesteel Magnesium Adjustable Emergency

BSGB Firesteel Magnesium Adjustable Emergency

The product is outdoor rejuvenation. The fire starter survival necklace features a long ferro rod and ferrocerium scraper so you can make sparks fly under any circumstances. The ferrocerium rod is a great way to cinch up your gear. Fasten this fire starter to your gear. The diameter is 8mm. The length is 1 inch. The hole is 4mm. The best way to create sparks is by using the flat side of the Serrated Knife. It can be used for cutting fish scales. This set is perfect for a fire starter necklace, it has 7 strands of paracord, 1 fishing line, 1 red waterproof fire tinder, and 1 cotton thread. The length is 120 cm/ 43inch. Life-saving strands can catch fish or food, make fire, sew clothes or wounds, set traps, and more. Ferro Rod x1, Multifuction Serrated Knife x1,Survival Cord x1, is a self-contained survival kit.

Brand: Bsgb

👤The weight and size make it a great match for the paracord necklace. As a back up, it's worth it because you get 2 micro rods and strikers.

👤I ordered the knots that were loose and not big enough to start a fire.

👤Great sparks... I am adding this to my kit.

7. UCO Stormproof Waterproof Matches Strikers

UCO Stormproof Waterproof Matches Strikers

Light color: Warm White, the package is 6 x solar candle. If you have a problem, please contact them. They will try their best to serve you. The match case can hold up to 40 matches. After being submerged in water, the matches will relight, burning up to 15 seconds each. The case is waterproof and keeps contents dry and protected. The extended length of match allows for added safety. The kit weight is 1.7 oz. (48 g)

Brand: Uco

👤I used these in a bug out bag. I was reviewing the contents of my bag when I decided to test a match. I lit a match while sitting on my bed and tried to shake it off before it burned my fingers. When the red part was burned through the flame, the panic was not necessary. Even though I am concerned, I am impressed that even a small flame in the sink wasn't enough to stop the fire before it got to the red part. After it was held in the water, it sparked back up again as soon as it was removed. It is inconvenient for lighting in a bedroom to be in a damp camping or emergency setting. Thanks for the great matches. I need to air out my studio because it smells like smoke and flame.

👤I wouldn't count on the matches in an emergency. I might use them as a last resort. The wooden stick is weak and skinny. When you strike it, it will break. On the first try. I know that these are flimsy because I'm the guy who never breaks the wooden stick on traditional wooden matches. They only burn for about 7 to 9 seconds. There is no near 15 seconds. If you don't have a stick to hold, it will burn your fingers if you try to get the match where you want it. It should be removed and stored inside the container. You can strike these on any of the material. The cotton tinder is used to keep the matches from rattling around. The container is cheap Chinese plastic, and you can either get a good one or a bad one. I have two bad ones. Garbage is what the o-rings are. I had to replace the o-rings on the two I ordered because they weren't waterproof. I would have just bought the refill and used my own container. You can buy these at wallymart for 5 bucks. A box of kitchen matches is cheaper than foreign made matches, and would probably save your life. So if these aren't great, what is that? The Zippo Typhoon are better than the others.

👤3 of the 5 day trip were in the pouring rain. It was difficult to light a fire due to the soaked matchea. They're great, but they won't save wet tinder. I had to get a good flame by soaking a cotton ball in Vaseline and using a feather stick. The striking surface wears out very quickly, though matches didn't let me down. I wonder if the wet contributed to its quick wear, as I had to replace it after 10 lights. I recommend them. Without them, my fire wouldn't have started.

👤This is a good product. The container is very visible. Extra strips for striking your matches and cotton to help keep the humidity in check are included. The wax seal was ruined by the match stick's protective coating sticking to the cotton. In my case, it's not a big deal. I worry that some containers may have more matches that have not been opened. If you are planning on keeping these for emergency purposes, I would recommend inspecting them closely. This is an excellent product and I will be purchasing more in the future. I have included an image of the two damaged matches with a good match for reference. You could use candle wax to waterproof the top.

8. CrocSee Survival Waterproof Aluminum Starting

CrocSee Survival Waterproof Aluminum Starting

The rope may be random. A single spark will ignite the waterPROOF Wax Natural Hemp cord. It works with any fire starter. The natural hemp cord works in all weather conditions. Fight it and light it. You can twist and separate the fibers of the tinder wick to make it fluffy. Then watch the sparks from the ferro rod. Burn time is more than 60 minutes. The total length is 15/64" The aluminum bellows can be used to snuff out flames. It lasts longer than you think. The black anodized Bellow is PREMIUM. The aluminum alloy bellows is lightweight. It's long enough to keep you away from the flames, but small enough to fit in your pocket. There are 6 x Wax Infused Natural Hemp Cords and 6 x aluminum bellows. The fire starters are not included. You can start a campfire, grill or camping with bayite ferro Rods kits.

Brand: Crocsee

👤Going from the first hint of a flame to a fire can take more work than catching something. If you want to burn all the rope, these cords will burn until it has been consumed, even if they are lit by a ferro rod. I refer to them as the big match because they burn and burn, but unlike a typical match, you can pull the cord back into the tube to extinguish the flame, and the rope is good for another use. The charred end of the ferro rod makes it easier to catch fire when you use it again. I have two items on my belt loop for fire starting, the NexLand FS1 ceramic mini strikers. Bayite ferro rod is 2 inches long. I carry a peanut lighter that is made of brass and has an "O" ring seal that keeps the lighter fluid from dissolving and it will stay that way for years until you actually use the lighter. The ferro rod is not my first choice in lighting fires because it is less competent than the peanut lighter or the butane lighter, but it is easier and faster to just flick a wheel or press. Even if the cord gets wet, they will work. Ditto for the ferro rod.

👤This is a nice long match. One can easily control the size of flame and length of burn by manipulating the cord in and out of the tube. It is easy to pack. It's a good idea to use it to light a gas or alcohol stove. Don't expect this to be easy to light using only flint and steel. It doesn't take a low temperature spark alone. If you want to use only flint and steel, this tool won't work, but if you want to use char cloth, you can blow it to flame. This works well with a ferro rod. It ignites pretty easily with the end fluffed. The octagonal tube is easy to hold. If the flame is long lasting, it can get hot. I wouldn't try to use it as a bellows, as your head can get too close to the fire. Is it worth buying? Your choice. It is a nice addition to a fire kit, but it isn't necessary.

👤Jute was stiff but flexible out of the box. It's the fuel. One end is out of an inch. First, I kissed the end with my fingers, then with my folder. It didn't have a flame at first, but was showered with sparks from my ferro rod. I slowed down and threw a few sparks. It produced a great flame. It was easy to hold and not to leave until I wanted it to. It snuffs by pulling the tube back. The charred end was kept in place and relit the next day. Frayed the end again with my folder and threw a few easy sparks. It lit up. I wouldn't use this as a shout out. If you hold the flame for a long time, the tube can heat up. I will carry one in my packs and car.

9. Texas Bushcraft Fire Starter Survival

Texas Bushcraft Fire Starter Survival

Texas Bushcraft has a firestarter kit. The 4-piece set includes fire steel with a Striker, a paracord survival bracelet, and a pouch for collecting materials for starting a fire. A magnesium fire starter rod with a solid hardwood handle is part of the Reliable, Waterproof survival lighter. Even when wet, this 3/8” ferrocerium rod provides 15,000+ strikes. 5000 F degree sparks are created with ease. Prepare for sudden turns in weather by collecting and storing tinder. cowhide leather is used in their pouch. When cinched closed, it measures 15” flat and 7” wide. It is a handy pouch for wild things. The cordage between the survival bracelet and ferro rod lanyard is 12' of paracord. An extra pin is included in the bow shackle in case the other goes missing. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE lets you buy with confidence. If you don't like the Texas Bushcraft Fire Kit, you can return it for a full refund. There were no questions and no quibbles.

Brand: Texas Bushcraft

👤I bought this because I wanted the draw string bag and ferro rod/striker. The most subtle quality about this set is that it is all done with firecraft cord. I wanted to add that specific cordage to this set. It was a delight to know that it is all made with the emergency paracord. If done correctly, this paracord is very effective in fire craft. I am proud that this is a local company. All items are worth a lot of money. Thank you.

👤I put the fire kit to use. The leather pouch is very good quality. The bracelet is not broken. The ferro rod was the only problem I had. The handle came loose after a few strikes. I told Texas Bushcraft what happened. They said that stronger glue would hopefully fix the problem. They created an order for a fire kit for me and shipped it out for free. Customer service in my book was outstanding.

👤This item is exactly what it is advertised for, so I can't say anything negative about it. Excellent quality and craftsmanship. I stuffed it with things I couldn't fit in the pouch. I guess I was a bit excessive in my firestarters. I would like a new model that is bigger and deeper for my fire making goodies, but other than that it's great.

👤What I enjoy. Your product was on time. I love 2 things. It is the first time a Bushcraft bracelet has been worn. I wanted the best. I think that's correct. Your wallet is handed down as well. As the rod and scraper look to be professionally put together. I will over all. You should be buying from them again. So thank you again. It was very much. Yakuman!! Nancy is my wife. I just use her account. Can't wait to see your stuff in my house boys.

👤Well made survival items. The handle and rod are well proportioned to fit your hand. The strikers are of good build quality and highly functional, but not cheap or flimsy. The paracord bracelet is the same as everyone else. The bag is made of high quality cowhide and will function as a knife sharpener in a survival situation.

👤I like this kit. I keep it in my computer bag so I can have it with me when I travel. I added a few more items to it. The Texas Bushcraft Fire Starter Survival Kit includes a fire starter, a tool, a bag, and a bracelet.

👤The kindling bag is made of genuine leather. Real leather! The fire starter is topnotch. Was disappointed by the bracelet. It's too large and uncomfortable for me because of the nature of a large range. My wrist was in the small end of the range, so maybe a smaller size would work better.

👤The Bushcraft kit is nice, and customer service was great, in responding to my concerns about the bracelet coming apart very easily, and they sent new on within a week or so, but the second bracelet was better.

10. Daarcin Paracord Survival Waterproof Adjustable

Daarcin Paracord Survival Waterproof Adjustable

100% money back guarantee. Swiss Safe guarantees customer satisfaction or a 100% refund. It's not only the perfect gift for outdoor enthusiasts but also for best friends or couples, it's theDaarcin AK87 Paracord Survival Bracelet that has a sense of science and technology, cool features and beautiful weaving, it's the perfect gift for outdoor enthusiasts. The bracelets will appeal to both men and women. 20 in one survival tool. The bracelets are upgraded to a mini survival kit. The Emergency Whistle isaudible within 500 meters, and the Fire Starter can keep you warm, cook food, and escape the animals. The bracelet has three light modes and emergency lighting, which can work for 72 hours. The most effective way to prevent your child from being lost is if you wear this bracelet to them. Powerful, convenient, and multi-purpose: The AK87 bracelet for men and women is made of military-grade 550 parachute rope and has a minimum break point of 500 lbs. It can be used to make a trap, shelter, fish line, or wrap a wound. The AK87 bracelet is based on feedback and practise continually upgraded tactical survival gear, you can 100% trust, really for you to conquer the wilderness. It's free to buy it and enjoy it. If you have any questions, please contact Daarcin. Their team will solve your problem.

Brand: Daarcin

👤I love the outdoors with friends, it really started a fire, after I scratched some of coating away from the flint and scratched some magnesium on combustible, I will tell a secret, if you scratched more magnesium on combustible, it will be easier to get fire. There is a The small flashlight at night is useful, but don't use it for corridor light and toilet light. The tools need to be removed because it is a problem, but I think it is worth it. You get what you pay for.

👤The daarcin version seemed inferior even though they looked the same. I don't know if it's the flint or the scraper, but you have to push so hard it's useless and the whistle doesn't work

👤I try to be as fair and understanding as possible, but I hate leaving reviews that are not the most positive. I love it and it fits perfect after a few modifications, but I was disappointed after I only showered twice and the compass got water in it. I would give it a 5 star rating and recommend it if it was just mine that was faulty. I used a lighter to burn the tips, then needle nose pliers to bond them together, and acetone to remove the lettering from the light. A tip.

👤My husband and grandson love the bracelet. They wear it all the time because you never know when you need to go into survival mode. It encourages exploration for surviving in the outdoors even if the situation is dire. I highly recommend it.

👤7 year old was obsessed with his wrist, but he didn't mind. It can start fires.

👤The gift was well-received. Thank you so much!

👤My nephew gets lost a lot. We told him not to wear it to school because there is a knife in it, so keep that in mind, he was so happy to receive this as a present. He can start fires at his will so take that into account. It's a fun gift that gets the kids excited, but not great for devious and impulsive children.

👤It was a great idea, the cord is thick, and the compass is nice, but the only reason I gave it a 3 star is because it broke, I have to keep figuring out how to fix it.

11. Bayite Survival Ferrocerium Paracord Landyard

Bayite Survival Ferrocerium Paracord Landyard

5ft Paracord gives you a good grip and never comes off. Always be prepared to start a fire with the bayite Striker-Pro strikers attached to the paracord. The bayite 6 Striking Edges Striker-Pro is made from tool grade steel and has a distinct hardness, which makes it great for both left and right hands. Don't use a bad quality knife. It won't produce enough sparks if it has insufficient hard blade. The ferrocerium rod is 4 cm in length. The diameter is 10mm. Large enough for a shower of sparks and small enough to carry. The ferrocerium rod is very effective. It works in any weather condition. At any altitude, sparks shower to ignite a fire in any weather. Emergency fire starter for Bushcraft, Hiking, Hunting, Fishing, EDC, Emergency, BBQ, Gas Camp Stoves, etc.

Brand: Bayite

👤This is a back-up fire starter for our camping trip to Boundary Waters Canoe Area. I am impressed with the amount of spark this thing throws. It is my primary fire starter now. If I could only take two items in a survival scenario, this would be #2. It's quality and ability to start a fire make it an insane value. I have gotten less in other products. * Even when your gear gets wet, this works. Keep some magnesium powder with you. * It is simple and predictable. My kids can use it. There is a * The thing is small and light so it won't bother you. * Excellent product/customer support was provided by the package. My own fault was the only flaw I had with it. The ferro rod has a protective coating that has to be removed before it will spark. It took me 4 seconds to realize that it was not a factor. I hope this helps you make an informed decision. There is a I lost my ferro rod. I was going to shoot a video of this thing in action, but I lost it on my last camping trip. I will order this one again, I love it so much. Other rods don't interest me after using this one. There are a lot of reviews against the strikers. The strikers may not be the most comfortable, but they are an intentionally engineered product. The steel in the strikers is a specific steel with a specific composition and hardness. A different strike may not produce the same sparks.

👤I like the paracord lanyard and the fero rod is a good size. I've read that the strikers are so-so. I only paid $9 for this thing and I can get past a mediocre strikers. If you're going to be in the woods, you should have a knife. I have some smaller fero rods that can be a bit awkward to use. The rod is easy to hold. I bought 2 of these for camping and a BOB so I can put them in my day pack and get home bag. It was worth every bit of $9.

👤I played around with it to get a feel for it. Some rods are better than others. I tried a dry cotton ball that I had pulled apart and made into a fluffy "nest" of sorts. The second was a piece of paper. I tried it against a pile of wood. They lit up pretty easily. If you know how to make a fire, it's not a big deal. If you're a learner, you can get yourself some book learnin' on the subject by sitting down with some good old fashioned youtube. Everyone should know how to make fires. A ferro rod is just one of many tools. I found the strikers to be sufficient but not perfect. If you are looking at these, you should have a sturdy knife with you. The strikers is less important if you have a good knife. I will keep them together because they are a decent little kit. It only took me a few flicks with the strikers to light the fires I had been trying to set. This rod is easy to use and durable. I know what to expect from this rod in the event that I ever need to use it. It's all you can ask of a ferro rod.


What is the best product for survival fire starter kit waterproof?

Survival fire starter kit waterproof products from Lightarctic. In this article about survival fire starter kit waterproof you can see why people choose the product. The Atomic Bear and Goldace are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival fire starter kit waterproof.

What are the best brands for survival fire starter kit waterproof?

Lightarctic, The Atomic Bear and Goldace are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival fire starter kit waterproof. Find the detail in this article. Ust, S.o.l. Survive Outdoors Longer and Bsgb are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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