Best Survival Fire Starter Flint

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1. FOSTAR Emergency Weatherproof Ferrocerium Multitool

FOSTAR Emergency Weatherproof Ferrocerium Multitool

The Ceramic strikers can hit up to 12,000 strikes and the flint-steel can hit up to 3,200 strikes. 6 feet paracord braided into the easily grip landyard handle comes with a multi-function whistle. The ferrocerium rod length is 5. The diameter is 1/2. Large enough for a shower of sparks. The scraper is made of high carbon steel. The strikers becomes more long- lasting by heat treatment. It's a very useful tool in survival, built in bottle opener, ruler, map scale, and strikers. ferrocerium is high quality. The fire steel rod is the perfect balance of strength and softness. When you need a fire, it will ignite a 5,500o F shower of sparks. Fire is essential for outdoor activities. Be prepared to survive in any situation; camping, hiking, backpacking, hunting, fishing, boy scouts, camp cooking, bugout, general preparedness, or everyday apocalypse scenarios like emergency BBQ.

Brand: Fostar

👤My fault was not looking at the specifications. Not as well as others I have had, but sparks up ok. I thought I could use the whistle on, but my yell is better than the weak sound that came from it. If I had not cut up the cord to use the whistle, I would return.

👤I highly recommend this product because it works great and is 6 inches long. Everyone needs one.

👤My child is in the scouts for the derby. He was able to start a fire with some stuff he found and a ferro rod. It is a bit heavy. I don't know if it is meant to be light. I replaced the cordage with a Survival cord so he could have a fire starter. The whistle isn't very loud. He already has a good one of them. Not a bad buy.

👤Everyone should own one of these. A large number of sparks will light a campfire. The cord is very strong and high quality. I'm very happy I bought this.

2. Bushcraft Survival Starter Striker Starting

Bushcraft Survival Starter Striker Starting

We care about you and your loved ones and your voice drives them to be the best. The Emergency Weather Radio has an 18-month warranty. If you don't like the weather radio, they will give you a solution, such as a refund or replacement. Their customer service is always available for you. No risk for your purchase. The fire starter is by Bushcraft Surge. The ferro rod fire starter throws sparks to start the fire. The extra large fire starter bristle is a waterproof fire starter. It is easy to use, it ignites from the sparks of the ferro rod. Over 15,000 strikes are composed of a high quality ferrocerium and magnesium blend. A handcrafted cherry wood handle has a comfortable grip. A lanyard with a hardened steel multi-tool flint is attached to it with a built-in wrench and toothed edge. The weight is 2.3 ounces. You can either carry it in your pack or wear it around your neck. Great for backpacking, hiking, and camping. It's a great gift for a bushcraft woodsman.

Brand: Bushcraft Survival

👤It seems that the consumer is not aware that this product is made in China until they receive it. Will purchase a Texas Bushcraft fire starter when he returns.

👤The survival fire starter exceeded my expectations. This is a great addition to my gear. This will be fun to use to teach survival skills at my summer camp. The quality is top-notch and it is the perfect size. The handle is very nice and it makes it easy to throw sparks. I've used ferro rods in the past, but this is much easier. It comes with a paracord survival bracelet. When I ordered it, I didn't know it had a mini ferro rod fire starter built into it. I think this is a great fire scorer for camping or bushcraft survival.

👤The compass and the whistle are not fun. I can't recommend this bracelet. The long Fero rod and strikers kit is not bundled with the kit as seen, it works well and the sparks that are produced are strong. I couldn't send a submission so I had to pick a 1 Star Rating.

👤The bracelet and strikers were present. I don't care about anything else but the rod and strikers. I like how the strikers have no plastic. I know it will not break from the pressure. I plan to get back into camping and hunting soon. Dad took me on scouting outings when I was a kid. I want to test myself in situations where I am not as prepared as the scouts. There were no matches or fire starting kits to start. I've never started a fire with my dad's flint, and he rarely used it. I decided to see if I needed to practice with it. The rounded and toothed tip was the main selling point of the strikers tools. I took a branch from a pile of dead branches. All I could do was scratch it. I will write this and think about it. It seems like a tool that would work on larger pieces of a tree and I will find something that will work on it. I expected a sharper edge on one side so it would work better to shear off the wood in its small diameter. I will take a filing kit to this puppy now that I think about it. Still. The kindling maker portion of the tool needs to be shaped a bit wider to improve its shearing ability. It's just a ridged grooves. It can be used as a forward. HOLY COW! I tried to figure out how much pressure was applied. The black coating makes it hard to get off as it's just a slick barrier to initially get off and take more pressure off. The sound is so satisfying when the sparks fly everywhere. I need to see how natural I am at starting a fire. We had some rain in the last 2 days but it was mostly dry. I went to the fire pit after taking dead weeds and dry leaves. I will say that it lit a fire in one try. Every few strikes, I had to fiddle with my birds nest. There were times when the thing was struck so quickly that it was hard to get a spark to catch in the nest. It would be hard to tell if the smoke was coming from the bird nest or the strikers. There is a Within a few minutes of effort, and 1 minute of gathering the kindling after giving up on the kindling tool. I had a nest on fire. There were 2 flames that came out of it. It had to be set down. I didn't want to commit to having a full fire because I didn't have everything ready. I didn't have a pile of kindling to keep the fire going. If I did. I'm pretty sure I would have had a roaring fire in less than 10 minutes. It's 54 degrees with a nice breeze. I think that's a pretty effective Firestarter attempt. I left. "Oh it's on fire!", to "I'm not as natural as I thought I would be at this." It took in a matter of seconds. I didn't blow it. No ember to light up the sky. It was on fire. No cotton or anything like that. There were mostly dry leaves and dead weed twigs in the bowl. I was caught off guard when I got 2 flames instead of an ember. The reviews said the bracelet would be cheap. I didn't care if that was the case. It had a fire rod on the clip. I was expecting a cheap toy quality compass. It is a solid compass with liquid inside. Whenever I look at it, it's easy to read and turn to North. I have large hands. I wouldn't be surprised if it was too small. It fits just right and doesn't make a difference to my skin. People complain about the whistle. It sounds like a high pitch whistle and is not a cheap one. It comes across as a piercing sound. There is a hole in the ground. I don't know why it's there. If you cover it, the whistle will still work even if you blow it. You can easily cover it with your lip. People say it's broken, but I don't think that's right. The "cutter" is not going to be able to cut a small thing. It's probably better to kindling than the strikers tool. It would break if you used it that way. The center of the clip has a strikers rod. It's small. I don't know how you could use it without breaking the clips. There was no tool to hit it. Why don't you put a grooves in the cutter to fit the rod and use it as a strikers? I'll be filing that down as well. The paracord is strong. It's heavier than I expected. The cord on the rod seems to be very strong. I expect the rod to be worn down before the cord does. If I am using that word correctly, the handle feels very comfortable. I wish the rod was a bit longer. I wouldn't be interested in this if it was more than $20. I see the bracelet as a bit of a novelty. I was surprised to find that it is sturdy and a nice bonus to make it a good value at $15.99. It's a perfect first tool for anyone. My biggest perk is the metal tool. The man that kicks up sparks is easy to spot. When the rod wears down. I'll keep the one for the replacement. I've never owned one before, so I can't comment on the life expectancy. I am surprised at how much wear and tear has already occurred. I'm starting to think that my dad didn't use that rod to start the fire, because it looks worse already. If they are all soft and easy to shave, or if I'm using too much force, to really give an experienced opinion on that. I can 3D print another handle, since I know the last one. I don't need a compass or emergency whistle, I got one on my wrist, and it doesn't hang from my neck. I'll find something to attach to it to make it more useful. I might as well include it in my survival arsenal because the thing isn't going to break anytime soon.

3. Survival Magnesium Starter Compass Whistle

Survival Magnesium Starter Compass Whistle

There are three different sizes available. The Znden Fire Starter is available in three different thickness options: The Pro at 10mm, the Fatty at 1/200 and the Trad at 8mm. High quality all weather fire starter is weather resistant. Strikes up to 15,000 times to make a fire when you want or need it most. The Magnesium fire starter stick, large scraper, compass, whistle and lanyard are all in one. It's convenient and compact. The fire starter rod can fit in cars, survival kits, and camping gear.

Brand: Survival Spark

👤Great starter! The whistle is loud and the compass is perfect. I'm not sure if others are using it correctly. I warn you that it will not work without a little common sense, but it comes with a set of directions. This thing is pretty durable. I dropped it from a high point and it survived. It's easy to handle and it's bigger than the picture shows. The only thing I would recommend is to remove the cheap rope and put some paracord on it.

👤I love this fire starter. We have a lot of campfires in our backyard fire pit, and it's been fun practicing different ways to start a fire. I bought this to use for camping, but it turns out we use it at home as well. It's easier than matches once you get used to it. We live in a windy area, and matches tend to blow out as soon as we strike them. I tried a smaller product that was similar to the one I tried. The larger size makes it easier to use. I get a lot of magnesium off. If you're having trouble getting it to work, try taking the strikers off the string. Just practice!

👤I usually don't use a firestarter, but I do include a fresh Bic in my bag in case the normal one runs out of fluid. I haven't used one since I was in the Scouts, so I purchased this out of curiosity. It took a bit of work to remove the coating, but once done, I was treated to a pretty impressive spark. I was able to catch a small amount of dry grass on fire without having to remove any magnesium from my bag which is a bonus since this is more of a last ditch item. The lanyard allowed me to secure it within my bag without having to worry about things getting spread out. The included compass seems to work well, but it requires me to tap on it a few times. I will not knock off the rating for that, as I forgot it was included on the device until I received it. It took a while for the whistle to figure out. I'm worried that I may have offended the neighbors when I got it to work at 11pm. The seller e-mailed me with instructions before I received it, and the instructions included in the package were the same. It's something that I appreciate from sellers as the process of purchasing on Amazon feels impersonal. I would recommend it to anyone who needs a firestarter. It takes up very little bag space and works well.

👤Works well. It was easy to start a fire within a minute. For the people who complain about the whistle. I can't imagine how weak their lungs are. It is very loud. I am not complaining because the compass seems to point in the same direction as my real compass, and it works perfectly. 5/5 And. When I need a new one, I will buy again.

4. FOSTAR Paracord Emergency All Weather Ferrocerium

FOSTAR Paracord Emergency All Weather Ferrocerium

If you're dissatisfied with your purchase, please contact them and they'll give you a new one. The high quality ferrIUM bromides are available. The fire steel rod is the perfect balance of strength and softness. When you need a fire, it will ignite a 5,500o F shower of sparks. Even the most frozen fingers can use the paracord tied to the fire starter. The ferro rod length is 4 inches. The ferrocerium rod is a small and convenient emergency fire starter.

Brand: Fostar

5. UST SparkForce Construction Backpacking Emergency

UST SparkForce Construction Backpacking Emergency

The real test is up to 12,000 strikes. The dimensions are 3.1” L x 0.75” W x 0.4” D. It's easy to use, hold metal against the flint rod, apply pressure along the rod to create sparks, and then ignite the tinder. It isdurable: The flint-based bar will last for multiple strikes and the strikers are built into the cap to protect the flint. It is possible to achieve dependability. UST Wetfire is one of the ignites. LIABLE: sparks are generated in rain, wind and other weather conditions

Brand: Ust

👤My boyfriend thinks he can live off the grid. I bought him this to start his bag. He messes with it all the time, he says it works. If he needs to use this for survival, it will work for lighting papers on fire in the kitchen.

👤I bought several flint rods to see which one I like the best. This one is my favorite. It slides together to protect the flint, and the combo includes steel so that you don't have to use a knife or another item to create a spark. Excellent spark can be created wet or dry by this thing. If you blow it off with your mouth, it will dry and you will be back in business. I use Jute Twine dipped in parafin wax to make a nice flame that lasts about a minute, which should give me plenty of time to start a fire. The twine dipped in wax is waterproof. The items can be picked up at a store. I uploaded a video of this.

👤The first ferrocerium rod I ever owned was the UST rod. I bought it at Walmart. I still use my old one, it served me well and still is my pocket carry of choice. I discovered while teaching children fire starting techniques that they could use my little UST successfully. Since I teach Wilderness Survival and do a lot of training, I ordered three more of these, but they just can't spark like the older one. The rod is made from something. I can't recommend this rod to you or the new ones, unless UST can restore my faith in their product, and I can't use this rod for training purposes either.

👤The tool has good and bad aspects. I've bought these combo's before. I used this one on a neck chain. It's main feature is that it is self contained and protected from the corrosive effects of the salt in perspiration. Perspiration will cause a ferro rod to rust. I use a lanyard to pull the two parts apart. The highly visible orange color is another plus. It is easy to mix dark colored equipment with the natural debris when starting a fire at dusk or in difficult conditions. Even in the best conditions, this can happen. The rod and strikers are small and aukward to use. It is necessary to get up close and personal with the tinder because it is not a big spark generator. The ferro rod needs to be positioned so that you don't strike your knuckle with each attempt. I haven't found the best technic yet. This set requires practice. The strikers are better than the loose ones because they work better. The plastic housing/handle has some measurement on the inch or so of metal. I don't know if I will ever use them. The ferro rod in this set works well. When sparks are struck, some material can be removed from the rod. It takes more than normal force to generate sparks. The knuckle busting comes in. I ordered another one for my kit, but I couldn't get any sparks from it. Amazon is a great place to return things. There is a lanyard with the set. It is not a bank line. It's good for what it does. This will help you make a decision.

6. Atomic Bear Fire Starter Survival

Atomic Bear Fire Starter Survival

Birthday gifts or Christmas presents for dad, boyfriend or children are suitable for the Satisfaction ServicePuhibuox survival kit. Customer satisfaction and quality are their top priorities. They will help you within 12 hours if you contact them. Light with one spark from your ferro rod fire starter. Use your mobile flame as a multi-purpose fire starter for campfires. A cumulative burn time of over 3 hours is boasted by the Versatile Tinder. 39 inches (100 cm) of wicks can be cut into multiple wicks for ease of use. Control your flame burn rate with just one hand. Retract the tube to completely extinguish your flame if you want a larger flame. The fire starter is lightweight and compact. It's less than 1 ounce and can fit in any pocket or pack. The Atomic Bear Fire Spark Kit can be used to complete your gear. They are proud to support you with their lifetime guarantee and product use education. Get to know them.

Brand: The Atomic Bear

👤I've seen or tasted some of the tinder on Amazon at my own expense. I made my own chuck nut from a boy scout book after purchasing three types from Amazon. The model has the smallest rope, less than a quarter of an OD. The screwdriver quick connect tool has the same OD as the metal piece. The model has more metal and less fuel. I'm not sure about weight restrictions for hiking. What do you think will happen with the product? I have a small one in my pocket pouch and a larger one in my belt pouch. I'm adding wax to the rope because I want more since I make these and other fire starters on the internet. Put a birthday candle with your matches. I wouldn't buy this item again. I have lit it with a ferocerium rod but have not tested the time length of burning. If you don't want to buy a full sized model, I expect you to. If I had to choose between the dice and the six in a bag from China, I would choose the expensive one. I hope you have a good time reading this and have a smile on your face. Go and look for your next smile. I like the ones made in the west coast of the United States of America. Lovingly Merica.

👤It's very light because the tube and one wick weigh 10 grams. The unit has a very lightweight tube. My son, the boy scout, was able to lite it with flint and it was even easier to put out. The device keeps the flame away from your hand. My son almost burns himself when lighting a fire with a lighter, so this extends the flame away from the hand, making it easier to start the fire.

👤I was able to control the flame and light it easily. It was very easy to put out. It will be a great help next month when it comes to lighting multiple items.

👤Love it! It's great to light cigars and pipe tobacco. Carry it with you in my bag. It will spare my butane lighters. I have complete control over the flame.

👤This works well. It was worth the price just for the time it would have taken if I had made it myself. Before you light it, be sure to ruffle up the igniter end of the twine. Pull the twine back into the metal sleeve. The char should be left on the tip to help it light up again.

👤Great idea! It's ideal to have the ability to control the flame direction without burning your hand. The device helps you get the flame low if it's windy. The rope is easy to light and the size of the twine makes it easy to find a replacement if you run out.

👤The device is the same size as a birthday candle. I live in the Southwest and I'm likely to need a candle and find nothing but a pool of wax. If you only have a ferro rod, you can only use it to start a fire. The AtomicBear seems to be a good company. The product comes with a holder. The card has both a link and a video instructions for using it. I will most likely change a couple items on my purchase list that are close to what I am looking at, as they are in the same cost range or close enough that the included features justify the cost difference from what I was already looking at.

7. Texas Bushcraft Fire Starter Survival

Texas Bushcraft Fire Starter Survival

Texas Bushcraft has a firestarter kit. The 4-piece set includes fire steel with a Striker, a paracord survival bracelet, and a pouch for collecting materials for starting a fire. A magnesium fire starter rod with a solid hardwood handle is part of the Reliable, Waterproof survival lighter. Even when wet, this 3/8” ferrocerium rod provides 15,000+ strikes. 5000 F degree sparks are created with ease. Prepare for sudden turns in weather by collecting and storing tinder. cowhide leather is used in their pouch. When cinched closed, it measures 15” flat and 7” wide. It is a handy pouch for wild things. The cordage between the survival bracelet and ferro rod lanyard is 12' of paracord. An extra pin is included in the bow shackle in case the other goes missing. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE lets you buy with confidence. If you don't like the Texas Bushcraft Fire Kit, you can return it for a full refund. There were no questions and no quibbles.

Brand: Texas Bushcraft

👤I bought this because I wanted the draw string bag and ferro rod/striker. The most subtle quality about this set is that it is all done with firecraft cord. I wanted to add that specific cordage to this set. It was a delight to know that it is all made with the emergency paracord. If done correctly, this paracord is very effective in fire craft. I am proud that this is a local company. All items are worth a lot of money. Thank you.

👤I put the fire kit to use. The leather pouch is very good quality. The bracelet is not broken. The ferro rod was the only problem I had. The handle came loose after a few strikes. I told Texas Bushcraft what happened. They said that stronger glue would hopefully fix the problem. They created an order for a fire kit for me and shipped it out for free. Customer service in my book was outstanding.

👤This item is exactly what it is advertised for, so I can't say anything negative about it. Excellent quality and craftsmanship. I stuffed it with things I couldn't fit in the pouch. I guess I was a bit excessive in my firestarters. I would like a new model that is bigger and deeper for my fire making goodies, but other than that it's great.

👤What I enjoy. Your product was on time. I love 2 things. It is the first time a Bushcraft bracelet has been worn. I wanted the best. I think that's correct. Your wallet is handed down as well. As the rod and scraper look to be professionally put together. I will over all. You should be buying from them again. So thank you again. It was very much. Yakuman!! Nancy is my wife. I just use her account. Can't wait to see your stuff in my house boys.

👤Well made survival items. The handle and rod are well proportioned to fit your hand. The strikers are of good build quality and highly functional, but not cheap or flimsy. The paracord bracelet is the same as everyone else. The bag is made of high quality cowhide and will function as a knife sharpener in a survival situation.

👤I like this kit. I keep it in my computer bag so I can have it with me when I travel. I added a few more items to it. The Texas Bushcraft Fire Starter Survival Kit includes a fire starter, a tool, a bag, and a bracelet.

👤The kindling bag is made of genuine leather. Real leather! The fire starter is topnotch. Was disappointed by the bracelet. It's too large and uncomfortable for me because of the nature of a large range. My wrist was in the small end of the range, so maybe a smaller size would work better.

👤The Bushcraft kit is nice, and customer service was great, in responding to my concerns about the bracelet coming apart very easily, and they sent new on within a week or so, but the second bracelet was better.

8. Atomic Bear Survival Emergency Preparedness

Atomic Bear Survival Emergency Preparedness

It's a great tool for camping, survival and emergency preparation. It is easy to carry and waterproof. An emergency fire starter on a carabiner with ferro rod, multitool, and steel, as well as a waterproof edc survival capsule, and a fishing line and emergency whistle. A ferro rod. Every time, Premium ferrocerium alloy with + 40% cerium throws a shower of 6,000 F hot sparks. There were approximately 12,000 strikes. The dimensions are 1 x 10 cm. Going hiking, fishing, camping or hunting? You can snap your flint fire starter to your backpacking gear or edc. The kit can be used to quickly switch or add items. No need to disassemble the paracord handle to move or replace components. You can make the survival kit to your liking so that you are confident to use it in an emergency. Use a fire starting kit for first aid.

Brand: The Atomic Bear

👤I own several Atomic Bear products, including the tactical pen, knife, bag attachment, and now the fire starter kit. I tried it out to see if it worked. It lit up like a charm. I like the instructional videos that give tips on how to use the product. This is a great kit for whatever you need out in the field, with spare cord, whistle, tool and wax pad. Atomic Bear has an awesome product. Keep up the great work!

👤I own a lot of Atomic Bear products and this one is very easy to use and works great, but you need to remove the paint finish to get it to work.

👤On my last camping trip, this firestarter served me well. There were no issues with starting fires. Everything you need is easy to carry. Lots of thought is put into their products and it shows in their function. Thanks!

👤This is a great kit for outdoor activities. It comes with everything you need in one kit. I have been using Atomic Bear products for several years and this kit is well thought of.

👤The materials have worked well here at home. I haven't tested the kit in the field yet.

👤I think it's very cool. I've used it a couple of times. I'll block you. It's crazy. Hunter played a voice message and he loved it. I made Three Fires out of it with him and anyone who wanted to use it.

👤In case matches and lighters are unavailable, a good fallback is available.

👤This is for the fire starting kit. It's great.

9. Ferrocerium Keychain Emergency Backpacking Bush Craft

Ferrocerium Keychain Emergency Backpacking Bush Craft

It's a great gift idea for a business gift, birthday, or camper, because it's light weight, mini shape, space-saving, and easy to carry. You will get 10 pieces of all-weather fire starter scrapers that can be applied as map scales, micro rulers, bottle openers, and more. The fire starter scraper is made of carbon steel, which can work efficiently, and it has nice auto-ignition percentage, waterproof and weatherproof characteristics, applied with magnesium rod. The emergency fire starter scraper is small and light and portable, and can be carried and stored easily, and it can generate intense heat and flames even under fire. It is an important and practical tool of any survival kit, and can work in any weather conditions and at any altitude to ignite the flame, such as rain, sunlight, snow, wind, radiation. You can attach a hank of rope to the ferrocerium rod for easy use, and use the ferrocerium rod as a fire starter, or as a survival tool for jungle adventure, hiking.

Brand: Bbto

👤If you want to start a fire with a ferro rod, this little device is important. You will never be without a fire if you team them up. There is a I would suggest ordering both if you don't have either.

👤It's easier to use a big scraper than a smaller one. I bought ferro rods that did not come with scrapers and they will work great with them.

👤These things are supposed to do what they are supposed to do. This scraper was better than the one included, and it was used on a cheaper magnesium bar and rod combo.

👤They were bought as strikers. It works as expected.

👤A decent spark off my ferro rod can be pushed by the room to grip. The pack of 10 should be used by the kids in wilderness survival training.

👤Terrible and poorly made. Only one side is sharp enough to use on ferro rod, the other side is rounded. It is more difficult to grip with large gloves.

👤The price was good and it worked as described.

👤Very large. It works with the largest ferosium rods.

10. Yusud Matchstick Refillable Permanent Emergency

Yusud Matchstick Refillable Permanent Emergency

The flintstone on the side of the canister has a black coating. When the coating is removed, sparks will appear, but it may take 5 to 10 strikes. The match has a one-year warranty. Please email them if you have any questions. Double-sides for ignition means double ferrocerium rods and double working life, compared to the ordinary permanent matches. At least 20,000 strikes can be experienced by the flint rods and theadjustable wick. This multi-purpose keychain multitool has a flint metal match lighter, a beer bottle opener and an edc. It is a great deal to have one edc survival tool. The metal key chain is a perfect tool as it combines utility and convenience, which makes it a must-have for hiking or camping. Works equally well when it's cold or wet. It is designed very elegant and fancy, 2 pack with elegant gift box, also attach the free cotton core and extra rubber rings to replace. It is a great gift idea for many occasions such as a business gift or birthday. It comes with a year of service for any quality problem, and it is sold by an affordable price.

Brand: Yusud

👤I wanted to get a similar item as a gift. I can't give them out to anyone I have a good relationship with because of the price. The match is very short and both sides of the striking area are hard to get into. The bottle opener portion will not open a bottle. The key chains seem to be decent, but that's not a good thing. I would still feel let down if the pair cost $1.

👤Product seems to work well, but you have to use it several times to remove the factory coating from the strikers surface. It lights up when I do this.

👤It is almost impossible to light up. Purchase BIC lighters and keep them around. These items are hard to use.

👤This is a great product. It feels strong. It works so far.

👤The items were exactly what they were described. I am sure it will do its job.

👤You never know, keep it in my hunting and camping gear.

👤It works and I need it too.

👤I bought these for my husband. He likes it.

11. Friendly Swede Magnesium Flint Starter

Friendly Swede Magnesium Flint Starter

The magnesium fire starter kit makes it easy to start a fire. The Mag Bar works in all weather conditions. The fire starters are suitable for outdoor activities. The first-stAGEINDER is built-in, and it is not always easy to find something that will light. The flint rod will throw hot sparks even if it is windy. This fire steel is perfect for experts and beginners because of its handy strikers. Longer lasting, convenience and comparison are some of the things that are included. You can light many fires with this bundle of firesteel blocks. You can use the attached chain to keep your fire starter kit. SHOP SAFELY: The Friendly Swede's Lifetime Warranty covers this flint fire starter survival lighter. If you have any questions about their products, please contact them.

Brand: The Friendly Swede

👤The ferro rod is about 4mm in diameter. It doesn't give much length or surface area to get a spark. The strikers is less than 3” in length. It doesn't give a lot of energy. You work hard to get a spark. If you are planning on camping or using this to light a fire at home, you should use a larger, more friendly system. This is lightweight and works in emergencies. You should pack one in each emergency kit. The ferro rod is large enough to get you back to civilization, but not everyday. The triple length chains are nice. The bottle opener makes the strikers thinner at one point and more likely to break.

👤It's a magnesium fire starter kit. If you don't know, you have to remove magnesium from the block and then hit the flint side with sparks to ignite it. It's up to you to find and build a fire from dry tinder. You get three fire starting kits for the price of one. It comes with a chain and a scraper that works well. I made a fire on the first try, but I'm not a survivalist. This one is on the money since similar kits seem to come for $5/piece. The magnesium block has a protective paint that you need to remove first. I can pack one of these kits away, unused, in my kit for that bad day, without worrying that it will go bad on me, because it's not in the way. It works as advertised.

👤These aren't meant to replace lighters or matches, but to serve as a safe and always-there camping or survival pack item. It's not safe to leave a butane lighter in a pack or vehicle because they can leak or get overheated. It takes time and practice to get magnesium fire starters to work. First of all, if you think the Friendly Swede fire starters don't work, you need to remove the protective coating from the flint and magnesium block before you can get a decent fire starter. It takes practice to get the right angle and pressure when striking a spark. Before you start a fire, make sure to have all your fire-making materials on hand. You can light small twigs with a 25-cent pile of shavings, but you really need to build up to it. Good kindling can be done with pine duff, bark shavings, wood shavings, dried moss, and rotten wood. If you have something better or easier to use, you don't have to use the tool. A good sharp knife can be used to strike a spark and get shavings. It's a good thing that the tool is there in case you don't have a knife. Sometimes a lighter or matches just don't work or the flame doesn't last long enough or burn hot enough, and it's hard to get marginal burning materials going. A double-sized pile of magnesium shavings can burn for a while, but it will be very hot, which can overcome damp kindling. If you go outside on a non-windy day, you can gather some kindling and small pieces of wood, and use the fire starter to start a fire. You will have a better idea of what to expect and how to do it when you know what to expect, which is a better way to go than to wait until the snow falls and try to figure it out. The fire starter won't go bad if the flint and magnesium are exposed. The Friendly Swede's emergency fire starter is inexpensive and comes with three complete blocks, tools, and chains. I gave one to my spouse, and the third one is going into our truck's little first aid kit. I am not associated with The Friendly Swede, but I love their products and always keep an eye out for them, especially when they come out with something new. The last thing I bought from them was a mini-kit of carabiner grenade survival gear.


What is the best product for survival fire starter flint?

Survival fire starter flint products from Fostar. In this article about survival fire starter flint you can see why people choose the product. Bushcraft Survival and Survival Spark are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival fire starter flint.

What are the best brands for survival fire starter flint?

Fostar, Bushcraft Survival and Survival Spark are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival fire starter flint. Find the detail in this article. Fostar, Ust and The Atomic Bear are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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