Best Survival Equipment Made In Usa

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1. Dont Die Woods Toughest Emergency

Dont Die Woods Toughest Emergency

The machine is washable. It's easy to care for your new blanket. They get softer with each wash. You can scroll down for care instructions. Extra large emergency blankets are 23% larger than standard foil blankets for full body protection. The mylar heat sheets can be converted into an emergency shelter, sleeping bag, emergency bivy, or other survival gear with a little bit of tape and paracord. NASA designed mylar to be waterproof and reflect up to 90% of body heat, making it perfect for hiking, running, and first aid kits. Their thermal blankets are a must-have for camping, trail running, marathons, 48hr/72hr/30 day go bags, tactical gear preppers, earthquake survival kits, home emergency, and car first aid kits. Durability, lightweight, collapsible packaging includes 4 extra large survival blankets rolled into ripstop nylon stuff sacks. You can carry enough blankets for your entire group in the included pack. The perfect balance of light weight and durable storage is what makes their blanket so unique. Other emergency survival blankets are cheap and flimsy, and are made from cheap bags. It's difficult to be there when you need them. In your car, roadside emergency kit, survival kit, first aid kit, bug out bag, zombie survival kit, and camping gear, there are tactical emergency blankets. They stand behind their products. It is guaranteed that you will be satisfied. They donate a percentage of their profits to the environment.

Brand: Don't Die In The Woods

👤It doesn't seem to be any different from the others, so it's the world's toughest emergency blanket. I don't think it's true. They come individually packaged, but other brands do the same. It's a decent product and you can use it as an emergency blanket. Nothing more from what I can tell. If you think they are less expensive, buy them. It will probably be the same quality. I can't see any difference between "World's Toughest" and what I was sold on.

👤I used this as a base for my tent for 3 days in the cold and rain, and I bought it for a bike packing trip. It kept the ground water out of the tent and kept me warm inside the tent. The Mylar was so thin that it could be folded up with my tent, but it ripped the last night. If I were to go out again, I would bring two, one for ground cover and the other to wrap around myself. I would have been warm using one as a blanket because the temp dropped so cold.

👤The ones I received were of decent quality when I first ordered them. It's better than the normal silver ones I've used in the past. I was greatly disappointed after receiving my second order. The material definitely is not the same as the packaging. These blankets are no longer as durable as the cheap silver Mylar emergency blankets you can get anywhere else. They have the same orange color as the first order, however the sheen is different and the plastic sheets themselves are not as durable as they could be. The original ones I purchased back in June are still holding up well, however this second set I purchased in June is no more durable than the standard silver ones I've purchased elsewhere. I don't recommend these to anyone unless the company steps the quality back up to what it was previously, which is why they never do. I wouldn't trust them to do so if they were cheap, but they are still decent for insulation if you are careful with them. When a company starts cutting corners to rest on their laurels, that's when I start looking for a replacement, because I am willing to pay a higher price for actual quality.

👤I was expecting more heavy duty from the description. The emergency blanket has a pattern on one side and a storage bag. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤I bought these to keep my pets out of my furniture at night. My cats and dogs won't try to jump.

👤The blankets are the toughest space blankets. I can't tell if they are more durable than the cheapest ones on the market. There was no branding on the blanket. The varying bags are cute, but don't add much value other than being presentable gifts. Don't waste your money.

👤This blanket was used as my sleeping source in the cold and snow. I was still very cold during the night, so I didn't think it was working. I could tell that I would have been a lot colder if this blanket hadn't done its job. It's not something to keep you warm and toasty, but it does allow you to survive the night and I use two, one below me and one on top. They are easy to have as a just in case item and take up little space. As long as you are careful, Durability is good.

2. PREPARED4X Compass Survival Paracord Bracelet

PREPARED4X Compass Survival Paracord Bracelet

Made in the USA is made at their headquarters in Wisconsin. Flitz is a family owned company and they have a 30 day money back policy on all of their products. The PREPARED4x survival compass is an ideal all-around navigation compass kit for explorers, hikers, campers, preppers, and survivalists. This tactical survival kit has the tools you need to accurately navigate the great outdoors: waterproof, glow-in-the-dark, large compass, and paracord lanyard neck made from 35+ feet of 550 paracord and also includes a survival whistle and emergency. Will not endanger you in an emergency. You can open up the paracord to see 9 life-saving survival strands that are inside its length, and 7 triple-braided strands that you can use as cordage to help tie supports for a shelter. With their camping compass mirror sight feature, you won't need to use the military compass illumination dial because it's easy to see in the dark. It's important to pack this ultimate survival combo into your bug out bag because you never know when you'll be in an emergency setting and you can be prepared with their compass.

Brand: Prepared4x

👤The glow in the dark feature of the compass is great, but the needle was a little dark. It was overcast when I tried it out, so maybe it will light up better with better sunlight. The back of the device had a lot of measurement tools. It was a thoughtful addition. The fire starter throws off a big spark for being small. There is a lot of neat emergency features built in to the compass.

👤The plastic cover on the mirror broke when it was knocked off the counter.

👤We tried the compass on our last hike and it worked very well. It has all the features to make finding your way easy. The lanyard has a whistle and a fire starter. It's a great tool to add to your survival kit.

👤We got this before our first camp. The compass did not work after we tried to fix it together, it was made up of cheap plastic.

👤I received it today and it looks great. It seems like the compass is accurate. It was much nicer than I expected. No instructions came with it. I don't know how to start a fire. Isn't that much a complaint? They need to think about adding. All pleased. The amendment looked at how to use the strikers properly. Works well! The review was changed to 5 stars.

👤I replaced the line with the paracord and made the hole bigger with a knife because the necklace doesn't hold the compass well. The ferro rod works great, but if you want a good price, you can fix the cord.

👤I got this for Christmas and am learning to read. If you don't pre set it and lose the screw tool on the trail, you are screwed, because this is a screw only declination scale. I might return it once I do more research on the ones that don't have a screw tool.

👤I use a compass a lot as a scouter and this is a nice replacement. It's nice to have a fixed declination and inclination for the price. There is a new addition for paracord in the lanyard.

👤It is very easy to use.

3. VENTURE 4TH Sleeping Lightweight Backpacking

VENTURE 4TH Sleeping Lightweight Backpacking

The Summer Season Sleeping Bag is made with water resistant fabric to keep you warm in 40 degrees F temperatures, without causing you to get overheated in 70 degrees F. The Perfect For Backpacking Sleeping Bag has been tested to the highest standards and is designed to keep you warm and comfortable on your next outdoor adventure. The Ultralight sleeping bag is easy to carry and lightweight. A sleeping bag that doesn't weigh you down on your trek is a must for any hike. Convenient storage and packing can be done with the Compression Carry Bag. It is comfortable to fit kids and adults up to 11 years old. The sleeping bag is large enough for most people. The rectangular shape hugs the body for the perfect night's rest and offers plenty of room around the shoulders. The sleeping bag is Breathable and Skin Friendly because it is made of high-grade polyester and feels soft on your skin. The top and bottom of the zippers have been tested to make sure you get the same reliable experience. This Sleeping Bag is a valuable piece of outdoor gear for your next adventure, summer camp, music festival or even a sleepover at your friend's place. Experience the ultimate in compact sleeping bags or get your money back. Their sleeping bag comes with a risk-free satisfaction guarantee. 24h. If you're not completely happy, they'll make sure your money is returned.

Brand: Venture 4th

👤The sleeping bag is well made. It is easy to repack and cinch down. The material was comfortable.

👤The bag is made of quality material, so it is giving it two stars. There is very little fill and the seams are sewn through which creates cold spots. I have been backpacking for more than a decade. I speak. This is a late spring to early fall sleeping bag. The Venture 4th sleeping bag can get really cold in the winter.

👤The sleeping bag is comfortable. Customer service was exceptional when I encountered a problem. The sleeping bag I bought for my first camping trip did not disappoint. It kept me warm despite the rain. I tried to put a sleeping bag in its sack. I had no experience or patience and ended up popping a seam on the top of the sack. I was able to pack it well enough to hike it out. The owner of Venture 4th asked to make it right after I sent them an email about the popped seam. When I registered my Sleeping Bag, I received a free warranty number. I wanted to include it in the review because I was so happy with the promptness and kindness. They would do business with them again. Also, going camping again.

👤The sleeping bags we used for our first back country camp trip were awesome. They were large enough for me. The foot opening is great because I need to keep my feet out of the covers most of the time. I was expecting a fight to get them back in the packaging, but it was not bad. When I was done with my husband. Both of us were shocked. If I have a negative thing to say about these, it would be that they are slippery on the outside when they are on top of a self inflatable mattress. I was warm when I first entered. I left the bag open. I was found. The sleeping bag slid around so that I had to adjust it in order to fit over me. I had to adjust it whenever I turned. It was great, except for that. These are light and comfortable, and seem to be well made, so I would recommend them. We didn't make it to 6000', so I can't say how they hold up in cold weather.

👤I work as a nurse in the middle of Slushmaggedon in South Carolina, and I recently worked back to back nights. I used it to sleep in a conference room on the floor, and I slept great from 10am-5pm. I used it with the Venture lightweight air mattress and it was a great combo and really grateful for the great night's sleep and to have something lightweight considering. I had to take it from employee parking to the building. It's very light and small.

👤I got a Venture 4th sleeping bag for my hiking trip last weekend. I wanted something that was light and portable, since I was going to be walking a lot that day and needed to rest. I was surprised that the sleeping bag can be clipped to the top of a backpack, because it takes up very little space. It was great! My brother and his friends decided to stay the night after I arrived. I put the bag in and tried it out. The material was very soft and comfortable. Since my last sleeping bag broke after one use, it was great that the zipper was very sturdy. The bag is well made and the quality is nice. It will be perfect for almost any weather. I rolled it back up into its original size when we were ready to leave. I have another in my car for emergencies and I will buy a third one for my brother since he kept asking me to borrow my car. I highly recommend.

4. Kimberly Clark Respirator 53358 NIOSH Approved Respirators

Kimberly Clark Respirator 53358 NIOSH Approved Respirators

This mask is not an N95 mask. You can find more information about the masks at 50 Kimtech N95 Pouch Respirators made by Kimtech are packaged in a bag and have 2 blue headbands. The N95 NIOSH-Approved provides a minimum of 85% of the efficiency of small particles. The NIOSH minimum requirement is based on the testing of a limited sample set. The pouch design has a large breathing chamber for added comfort. The nosepiece is bendable and the headbands are patented for strength and softness. The FDA Emergency Use Authorization was issued on March 28, 2020. N95 respirators are required to have a tight seal. General face coverings allow air to leak around the edges. General coverings may not be suitable for protection. Not for healthcare personnel.

Brand: Kimberly-clark Professional

👤The "duckbill" or "pouch" N95 mask is a simple, brilliant design that folds flat. The fabric feels soft and it conforms nicely to the face. The bridge-of-nose wire is made of two parallel wires and is used to prevent fog on eyeglasses. The mask is secured with two elastic head and neck straps that are similar to crepe paper. The mask's shape and semi-rigid seams keep the fabric off the nostrils and mouth. Breathing is comfortable. We all achieved a comfortable fit despite our different head and jaw sizes and shapes. A person with a long face, a large jaw, or a need to open the mouth wide frequently may need double-sided sticky tape under the chin. A person with small facial dimensions could easily narrow the side seams with staplers. When you wear the mask, it becomes vertically when the width is narrowed. The field of vision is reduced when you look down. It's not enough to block the view of the cracks on the sidewalk from a desk. The manufacturer's "not for medical use" statement only means that the certifying body for all N95 masks is the NIOSH and not the CDC. N95 masks are better at particle filters than are ear-loop "procedure" masks.

👤I don't like giving feedback. I was excited to see this type of mask. I purchase it immediately. I don't like the design at all. It's not about the fashion. The mask started to fall apart when I worked longer shifts. The nose piece came away from it's place. The coverage was good, but the mask on my face was too long. I will use what I have left, but I will not recommend this product. I bought it in the first place because it was made in the USA.

👤I've been wearing a mask. I decided to try this mask because it was made in the U.S.A., rather than the ear bands that are found in other masks. I am very disappointed with this mask. I felt light headed with the lack of air movement. I cut through the first inner layer and the next layer felt like vinyl. I think this creates a strong barrier for air movement, which is good for not spreading germs but bad for breathing. I'm stuck with 50 masks that cost me 60 dollars because of the "no return" policy.

👤A real N95 respirator is finally here. I have been waiting for some of these all year, and I am not disappointed. You can find the N95s listed on the CDC website. The masks offer the best protection against airborne viruses. I like that these masks don't hang from your ears, and I found it very easy to put on. They fit securely and have a nice soft texture. I wore one for the entire day because I found breathing in them to be very comfortable. These are the best masks you can buy at the moment, made in the USA. Highly recommended!

👤It is cheap and does not stay in place. The money was wasted. As a nurse, it doesn't do it's job.

5. Oceas Outdoor Mylar Emergency Blankets

Oceas Outdoor Mylar Emergency Blankets

Each pack comes with 4 individually wrapped, mylar blankets that fit into a highly durable EVA case. You can store the whole set in your car or take an individual survival blanket with you on your camping and hiking adventures. Mylar blankets are designed to reflect 90 percent of your body's heat. It protects you from extreme cold weather and helps prevent Hypothermia in emergency situations, making it the perfect outdoor gear for camping, hiking, marathon and trail running. Their extra large 7x5 emergency blankets offer 20% more coverage than the average reflective foil blanket. They are great for first aid kits, but can also be used as an emergency sleeping bag, shelter, bivy, or survival gear. Light weight and resilience are qualities. The space blanket is so small and light that you can take it with you anywhere. They're incredibly hard to tear and completely block rain, snow, and precipitation. 100% money back guarantee. They're willing to guarantee that they've created the highest quality emergency mylar blankets. They will give you a full refund within 30 days of your purchase if you have any issues.

Brand: Oceas

👤The product is a point of sale. All the silver and blue dye came off the mylar and stuck to everything. It will have to be washed with water before we can see if it comes off the sleeping bags and pads. 0/09

👤My son and his family were the recipients of one of these, as was my wife and daughter. One of these saved my friend from death. He had shot and killed an animal in the mountains and was going to use it to clean it, but when he realized he wouldn't be able to get out of the woods without getting lost, he wrapped himself in a blanket and spent the night. He said he would have died if he hadn't had the blanket. At first light, his friends came after him. Thanks NASA.

👤I just received my Oceas Emergency Blankets and I am blown away by the quality and beauty of the product. The hard-side case has a carabiner clip. I am not keeping my emergency blankets in this case, but I am looking forward to using them. Each of the emergency blankets has a small nylon bag. I keep an emergency blanket in my family's backpack, and these will be perfect. The blankets are large and beautiful, with my silver side and blue side being the same color. I hope I never have a reason to use this blanket in a true emergency, but I will always have it with me, and I will smile whenever I see it in my pack.

👤When I saw that Oceas had mylar emergency blankets, I was excited. I have two other blankets from them. I use them at my son's soccer practices. I knew I had to get a set for my car when I saw the emergency blankets. The TINY is very modern and has blankets in it. It's super sleek. It's a perfect thing to put in your glove compartment. Can't wait to see what other products Oceas comes up with.

👤Two bed spreads are being used on my Twin beds. I have a cat that sleeps on the bed. She used to get fur all over them. Now she doesn't. She mostly sleeps on top on the beds. She avoids a lot of fur.

👤I keep one of these in my pack, I use it between my hammock and underquilt when cooler nights are present. The footprint of e-blankets is larger. I keep my stuff in the bottom of the hammock compression sack and it never fails when I need it. You should have one in winter backpacks. It's lightweight. Takes up no space. It was worth it.

👤Oceas products are fantastic and we own almost a dozen of them. We have emergency blankets in our car for emergencies.

👤It arrived earlier than expected. That alone was impressive. The blue color was ordered. The main case and blanket is very nice. The material is foil like. It's not possible to check the durability yet or if it will keep us warm. It was used to watch daughter's soccer games. It earns 5 stars for now.

6. Liberty Masks Disposable Adjustable Lightweight

Liberty Masks Disposable Adjustable Lightweight

Experience the ultimate in compact sleeping bags or get your money back. Their sleeping bag comes with a risk-free satisfaction guarantee. 24h. If you're not completely happy, they'll make sure your money is returned. Liberty masks use only the highest quality materials to ensure their products are of the highest quality. The masks are manufactured in New York. 3-ply protection The three layers used to create these masks offer extra protection against airborne particles, including saliva, dust, and random debris. COMFORTABILITY is something that can be achieved. Quality materials ensure your protection. The soft fabric has elastic bands that fit around the ears and limits the amount of pain it can cause. Quality and dependability are important. Quality products for any and every need can be found in various quantities of these single-use masks. They offer a 50-pack for you and your loved one, as well as a 10-pack for personal use. A built-in nose wire. Each mask has a metal strip that bends across the bridge of your nose. This will prevent air from entering your eyes and glasses from fogging up. A built-in nose wire. Each mask has a metal strip that bends across the bridge of your nose. This will prevent air from entering your eyes and glasses from fogging up.

Brand: Liberty Masks

👤Just received. The masks are placed in a box. The ear strings are thinner than other masks. I found it to be uncomfortable. The ear string came loose on the first mask. If someone needs a mask or car, I will keep it. Already ordered a brand for daily use. They received 5 starts. Going back. I am not sure how many masks are faulty. The LibertyMask Team told me that they sent me free masks to give them another chance, after they stepped up the quality control. They are better at quailty. The ear string is attached to the front of the mask, instead of the back as most masks on the market do. It was attached to the front. It prevents the mask from sticking out. I think this provides better protection. I prefer to deal with companies that address customer concerns quickly. I now rate them 5 stars. I would order again from this company. They are made in the USA.

👤I paid a bit more for the masks I wanted because I wanted to buy an American made one. I was really disappointed when I put one on. I have been wearing a mask at the office for about half a day and my ears are killing me and my nose is hurting because the loops are so tight. The masks are great for a small face. I don't have a large face either, as you can see in the attached images. The quality of the mask portion seems to be great, it looks to be a bit thicker than the imported ones that I have used and not as see through. I was hoping that they were made in the USA, and that is a plus. They are too uncomfortable. If they had a little bit longer loops, I would give them 5 stars, but for someone with a smaller face, these are not for me.

👤The box came crushed and the masks were not in a sealed bag.

👤There is no quality control. One ear loop is smaller than the other, so the mask doesn't fit right and hurts. I wanted to support American made, but these are not good.

👤I thought I'd buy it in the US. They are big on my face. Ear strings won't stay put. The way a mask should cover the chin and cheeks is not covered by the mask. Very disappointed to say the least. 15$ wasted.

👤The masks are standard three-layer single use masks and are what I expected from the listing. The elastic is secure to the fabric. The seams are tight. The material for the mask is comfortable and does not have any defects that I have seen in other masks. I was willing to pay a little more to get Made in USA.

👤These masks are of the highest quality. They are more robust than the ones I get at my place of work. I have a problem with dislodging straps. I usually swap out the straps by that point as they are not dishwasher safe. These are my go to environments. They provide a better barrier than the cotton ones, and they help me conserve N95's when they're needed. The box they come in is sturdy and works like a Kleenex dispensers. Thanks seller, a good American product, thank you even more.

7. Emergency Survival Portable Flashlight Headphone

Emergency Survival Portable Flashlight Headphone

Can tolerate temperatures from -40 F to 230 F. The emergency crank radio can receive broadcasts from AM/FM/ SW/NOAA certified radio. The weather alert will emit a sound and red flashing light if there is a life threatening weather event. Even in poor signal areas, the radio has a strong reception. The kit includes a weather radio with 5 way power sources, a hand-crank, solar, andAAA batteries. 5000 large-capacity battery has a lifespan of up to 100 hours. The most efficient way to charge a portable survival radio is with theusb. You can charge your cell phone or portable device with a microusb port. Information about radio Frequency, battery/charging status, time, alert icon, headphone, lock indicator and volume can be seen on the large display. Within 15 seconds, the emergency radio backlight will turn off. Enjoy your private time with a free volume control button and a 3.5mm headphone jack. The enlarges button is easy to use. A bright flashlight and reading lamp. The solor hand crank radios have an extra loud alarm and red light to attack attention and save time. The portable radio as flashlight continuously provides 150 to 250 Lumens bright light; as a reading lamp by a flip-up solar panel with a built-in 6 bright LEDs is designed in 150 to 250 Lumens to meet more needs. A waterproof must-have kit for backpacking, camping, and wilderness survival. The design of the wrist strap/hanging clip makes it very easy to clip your backpack or hold it by hand. The lock button can be used to prevent accidentally touching. You can listen to it while falling asleep with a sleep timer. The weather radio is a must-have survial kit for earthquakes, floods, and other disasters. Feel free to contact them with any questions.

Brand: Mesqool

👤This is a slightly improved version of the Mesqool CR 1009Pro that I bought last year. Better radio tuning. The documentation has been improved with information on battery life and charging times using the hand crank, built-in solar cell, or the fastest cable. This one does not include the AC plug. It would make it 6 ways to power this little guy. The Li-Ion battery level is specified on the display. The flashlight and reading light work well, as does the radio tuner, allowing both single step changes and scanning to the next available station. Sound is okay, but use headphones for better sound and longer battery life. I like the case. A good deal.

👤The Emergency Alert Radio is great for hikers, bikers, walkers, and just plain sitters because of its ability to operate on multiple power sources. If AC power is not available, multiple types of batteries provide the power and as backup, a hand crank and/or solar panel can charge the batteries. Guidance on battery life is provided by the instructions. If the light level is reduced, there are multiple flashlight options. When the cell phone's battery is low, the units can charge it. All in all. What a great product.

👤The emergency radio has a lot of nice features, like a flashlight, different radio frequencies, and different ways to charge the battery, which is really nice if the power goes out. It is portable and has a strap to carry it. There are several ways to charge-crank and plug. There is a spot light and a reading light.

👤The weather radio is easy to use and reliable. I was waiting for some bad weather so I could get an alert. We did a couple of days ago. The radio is working. It seems the volume only goes to "16", it could be louder for us to drown out the excess noise in our house. The flashlight feature is very useful.

👤It is incredibly useful when out and about, like a Swiss army knife. It has a radio, a torch, an emergency beacon, and a 5000 mah battery, which is enough to charge your devices off, and it has a reading light, too. The + - Volume buttons are the only thing that needs to be changed.

👤I put the batteries in the unit. I returned the unit because the flashlight functions worked perfectly. The lighting functions were excellent, especially the broad area lamp under the solar panel. The unit was very strong.

👤Would not be able to power up. We returned it.

👤The features are considering the size. 4 ways to power it is very forward thinking. I can't wait to see what this company comes up with. Nice job!

8. DANISH ENDURANCE Merino Trekking 6 5 8 5

DANISH ENDURANCE Merino Trekking 6 5 8 5

Cashmere is a good choice for dry and comfortable feet. The natural thermoregulation of the merino wool blend ensures that your feet will be fresh in the summer and warm in the winter. Swelling of sweat is reduced by the use of mesh lanes that promote odor control. The risk of blisters, aches, and aid in shock absorbance is reduced by targeted padding. It's ideal for hiking and outdoors. Their socks are great for hiking, trekking, outdoor adventures, walking, travelling or everyday wear. The socks provide comfort in work boots. The hiking and outdoor socks are a perfect gift. The sizes are X- Small, X- Medium, X- Large, and X- Women. If you are in between sizes, they recommend Size Down. The design was made in Europe. These socks are developed by the Danes in Copenhagen. Fair working conditions are ensured at the production facilities in Portugal. The hiking socks are made from a premium blend of wool, nylon, and other materials. The wool is not mulesing practices. It is recommended by Everest Concierge and ELITE ATHETE. The socks were developed by mountaineers, including the first Dane to climb Mount Everest without supplemental oxygen. The highest standards of performance and material endurance are ensured by the constant testing of their socks by Rasmus. Excellent customer support. Do not hesitate to contact them if you have any questions, they want their customers to be happy. The customer service team is always ready to help you.


👤These socks are terrible. They can't be dried. Today's wools socks are blended so they can be put in a dryer. The wash is probably bad because of line drying. They are useless because they lack enough elasticity to stay up and because they bunch up in hiking boots. They are the warmest wool socks I have ever worn. My feet are cold. If these are truly "Danish", the Danes need to work on their socks.

👤I work 12 hour shifts and wear steel toed safety boots most of the day. I've tried many different socks, but haven't found anything that's as comfortable as the ones I've tried. I had to try them because they are padded from toe to toe. My toes are long and the problem is they are arched, like spider legs, and the middle knuckle of my toes rubs the top of my boots. They become red and sore and have blisters on the top of my toes, which my wife bought me some foam tubes to put on my toes. She would find them in the washer, dryer, bed, clean socks, and other places. These socks are padded from the top of the toes to the heel. I absolutely adore them! I don't think they make me want to go to work, but at least my toes are not red and sore anymore. Great socks and they stay up.

👤Did not wear them. The toes have poor stitching. You could see my toes when you first put them on. The seams were not strong. I don't think they will last more than a few wears or the wash.

👤I bought a set of these last winter. I ordered another set this year. I wore them for 20 minutes before a hole opened up in the big toe, and there are small holes ready to open up in the other 2 pairs.

👤The picture tells the story. That is after a single use. I tried to return them, but the option was not there. I don't like leaving negative feed back, but these socks were too expensive to not say something and someone else could take advantage of me. I threw away my money.

👤They are well designed and fit well. My heritage and a family company make me want to like them. I think they should be at least 51% merino, not 33%, to be called merino wool socks. The price for more merino wool in a sock doesn't seem to be the same as the cost. I bought some 75% merino socks for half the price and they are not very warm. I gave them to a family member since I rely on the warmth of merino and my feet were cold. The colors are nice but not warm. I was buying the same SmartWool for the same price, but they are not warm enough. The other brands of 3 pack I bought for half the price are what will get me through the winter. If you are looking for a warm day and good boots, they may be the ones for you. They don't warm my feet in the house.

9. Tiny Survival Card Ultimate Multitool

Tiny Survival Card Ultimate Multitool

Buy Today with confidence and they will give you a satisfaction guarantee. They stand behind their Credit Card Survival Tools because they are the best camping and wilderness survival portable tools on the market. Gifting making it the Best Gifts for Men, Dad, Son, Boys, Fathers, and a useful Gift for Women and Kids is guaranteed from Amazon Shipping Errors. The world's smallest survival kit has a knife and could save your life. Disaster Micro-Tool kit is a wallet size. Made in the USA, from American made 0.025 inch. 302 STAINLESS STEEL is known for its strength and resistance to oxidation. You can place the knife back on the base for storage if you pre-sharpen the knife with the Tiny SURVIVAL CARD. The tiny survival card is designed to fit in a wallet, pocket, purse, glove box or survival kit. The Emergency / Survival Kit (with a Knife) is the lightest, most comprehensive, and smallest. Credit-CARD Sized and Weights Less Than an Ounce - Tiny Survival Card is Dsigned for Every Day Carry and is 888-282-0465. There are 1 Multi-Functional Mini Knife and Spear Point, 1 Micro Finger Drill, 3 Sewing Needles, 2 Small Fishing Hooks, 2 Medium Fishing Hooks, 2 Double finishing Hooks, 1 Mini Button, and 2 Mini Gig.

Brand: Ultimate Survival Tips Be Prepared-because You Never Know

👤This is your survival kit when you need it the most. Everything came in a nice package. The blade is not sharp, that is a critical issue. I take a star off because of this. Imagine if you depended on it and it couldn't cut what you needed. I can't even cut a business card. I can sharpen it myself, but it's not good in a survival situation. A soft clear plastic bag at a size just a little bit bigger than the card itselt is another small detail I would suggest. It is not easy to put it in your wallet because of the sharp points from the other tools. Another half star off. The maker can just have a minor improvement and it will be a 5 star.

👤I want to make it clear that I am not a survival expert by any stretch of the imagination, as some probably are that have commented here. I am sure Dave and Creek would consider me a novice. Clint Eastwood said in his movie, "A man has to know his limitations, and I do, and I try not to wander outside of that envelope, and one must accept and recognize this little limitation cards as well." I bought this with the survival guide, which is really good. I wouldn't expect the knife or arrowhead to be sharp since it's stamped out of STAINLESS, and it really isn't, which is really no big deal. I used a diamond 360 and 600 grit sharpener tosharpen it up. I have a CRKT Bita that is the same size. It would work well for lite work and skinning small animals. I will wrap the handle with something. The needles are sharp and the fish hooks are easy to use. I haven't used anything yet. The single side magnet sheet won't hold the items on well after they're removed. I went to a hobby/craft place and picked up a sheet of magnet and sandwich the card between the two. The card is a nice idea. This is not a substitute for a well equipped survival kit and I doubt it was ever intended to be. If you are caught away from your main source kit you will have a cutting edge and some food gathering equipment. If I had nothing to face a survival situation, I would be happy with this card. It only covers one or two of the ten C's for survival, so it's not an end-all-be-all. The inventor said he spent two years on the project. To make a stamp that will knock these out is not cheap. I can't say for certain, but I can say that China is pretty decent reverse engineers and mass replicators, and they are cheaper than American made. You are supporting American manufacturing with this card. I don't know if $20 is too much for it, but it wasn't for me and I respect the idea and execution.

👤The tools are the same as in the video. The company provides two magnetic cards so that the tools are more secure. See the photo. There is a The baggy that the product arrives in is weak and too strong. The baggy ripped along the seam was the second or third time I tugged on the tight zip to open it. I wish thaipper were less strong.

10. Safety Filter Efficiency‚Č•95 Breathable Elastic

Safety Filter Efficiency%E2%89%A595 Breathable Elastic

It cannot be washed. Store in a dry location. The face masks are not medical. This is not a medical face mask. The face masks are made of two layers of cloth, two layers of fabric and one layer of cotton. The 3D structure is designed to fit the human face shape. The elastic ear loop helps eliminate pressure on the ears. The nose clip can help the mask fit on your face. The four sides join tightly to the face, so the protective mask KN95 avoids air entering into the face. Keep your mouth, nose and chin covered when you go to crowded public places. Transport drivers, taxi drivers, media reporters, and other people can use this masks. It can be applied in many places, including home, office, school, park, playground, indoors, and more congested and busy public places. A lightweight and foldable design makes it easy to fold the face masks into your bag. Their face mask can make wearing and exhaling more comfortable. They are a great choice to take with you when you want to stay safe. This mask is not an N95 mask. Before purchasing a mask, please read the following information: This mask is not an N95 mask. Before purchasing a mask, please read the following information:

Brand: Lement

👤There were 8 packs of 5 for a total of 40 in the bag. Even if it was only set of 40, the mask would've been the same price even if it was only a set.

👤I had a review up but it was deleted.

👤Good quality makes my family. I feel safe. My family and I used to double mask before buying. We have been buying a mask from this seller for the past two months for 9.99. They are now 27.98, which is crazy price going up! I think this is happening because school is about to start again. I will still buy them because they are a good quality and are much cheaper than other sellers.

👤It feels like the mask does a good job of blocking out airborne particles and it is comfortable for short term use. My ears hate me and I bought these to wear at work. The masks look good, but they are too tight for a person with a normal face and head. I want to ice the back and top of my ears after a few hours of consistent use. These are the masks you can use if you need to go to the grocery store or take an ride. If you are looking for a mask that will allow you to wear it all day with no pain, these aren't it.

👤It has a chemical smell. Not going to use them.

👤The fit was ok. I don't like the inside being white because I wear make up. Returning.

👤There was a bag. The masks are not 5 ply. A paper mask is not thicker than a paper mask. Terrible! They want me to pay the postage and return it. A scam!

11. Certified Filter Longest Shelf Life

Certified Filter Longest Shelf Life

The smoke and carbon Monoxide filters are made by MIRA Safety. The VK-450 filters can be used to transform your gas mask into a smoke hood. These advanced filters can provide hours of protection and clean air from some of the most common disasters faced by US citizens. Protection from a wide range of NBC threats is provided by the proven design. Smoke mask filters can be used in environments with less than 18% oxygen. The shelf life is over 13 years.

Brand: Mira Safety M

👤I survived WW3 because of this product.

👤What interesting times do we live in? I bought a few of them. It feels good to have them around. I hope, I hope, I hope, I hope, I hope, I never need this. Why is Amazon asking me about the flavor? It is better if it is microwaved.

👤It was sealed in clear polyethylene. Somewhat large. Will not fit in the bag. The thickness of the poly makes attaching it difficult, especially after a gas attack had begun. This is bought as an "in case", in case civil unrest this year is worse than last year, which came within a few blocks of my house. No one wants to know how to know when the filter is going to lose its usefulness.

👤I will use it if I need to. I want my family to be prepared for anything.

👤Buy once and cry once. Accepting "just as good" when your life is on the line is not right.

👤What was advertised was exactly what I got. Have bought 2 more.

👤I can not leave a review for how well they do because they are a branch of the military and I will not be talking about it. It is a very heavy and durable construction, well sealed, and the safety ratings meet all the industry requirements if not exceed them. A 20 year shelf life is a huge plus. You're set to go in almost any CBRN emergency with this combination. If you plan to use them immediately, you should not open the seal. If you would like to test it. I suggest buying another one and leaving one sealed for emergencies if you use it on the job everyday.

👤The can is made of thick plastic. It should last through the long expiration date.


What is the best product for survival equipment made in usa?

Survival equipment made in usa products from Don't Die In The Woods. In this article about survival equipment made in usa you can see why people choose the product. Prepared4x and Venture 4th are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival equipment made in usa.

What are the best brands for survival equipment made in usa?

Don't Die In The Woods, Prepared4x and Venture 4th are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival equipment made in usa. Find the detail in this article. Kimberly-clark Professional, Oceas and Liberty Masks are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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