Best Survival Duffle Bag Waterproof

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1. Mezonn Emergency Sleeping Survival Lightweight

Mezonn Emergency Sleeping Survival Lightweight

High quality products. Off Grid Tools has the latest and greatest outdoor tools that are functional, versatile, high quality, and innovative. During long adventures hiking, hunting, fishing, and camping, put survival in the palm of your hand. The ultra light weight product. The thermal sleeping bag is kept in a small bag and only weighs 4.2 ounces. You can use it again at any time, and you can keep it in your car, backpack, and emergency first-aid case. When you have an emergency sleeping bag, it can be easy to find it. It's orange color makes it easy for rescuers to find you, and it's lightweight, so it's an essential survival tool. It is inherently hardy. The sleeping bag is surprisingly strong because of its weight and thickness. The sleeping bag is waterproof and tear resistant. The emergency bivvy bag has reinforced tape seams that make it weather resistant. You can use it as an emergency blanket for two adults in an emergency, and it's big enough to wrap an adult's body. It can also do other things, such as emergency blankets, awning, emergency sleeping bags, floor mats, rescue or distress beacon, ponchos, sunshades, and so on. Money back guarantee. They want to keep each customer happy. If you are not satisfied, they will give you a full refund.

Brand: Mezonn

👤I fit in this bag with enough room to spare, I'm 6' and 250 lbs. If I lay down, standing up covers my shoulders and I can bend my knees a little. I can cover my head. If you are going to lay down, you need to insulate yourself from the ground in a place like this, because it is very windy and raining. If you were careful, it would probably last a couple nights. The mylar bags are just a little more bulk. Duct/packing tape is a good idea in your emergency kit. I'm assuming that if you spend hours inside it you will end up wet from condensation build up, as it's essentially a plastic bag, but I was not in it for that long. Under idea circumstances, the indoors have a clean wood floor. I was able to get it back into it's little bag after rolling it back up. I didn't attempt it, but I think you could. The little mylar emergency blankets have been upgraded.

👤I was able to give this a try in the cold desert air late at night because I didn't have the means to test it out in the great outdoors. The ground was bone-piercingly iciness, and the wind was going strong. I was skeptical of the little thing being able to provide much heat, but when I got it unfolded and crawled inside, I was very convinced. It was a little on the small side for a person like myself, but you have to do it in an emergency. I could see myself using this in a non-simulated life-or-death scenario because it insulated me from both the ground and the outside air. That may be my imagination. The product worked as advertised. I only knocked off points for the slightly smaller size and the way it feels. I was worried that I would have to kick a hole through it while I was sleeping.

👤I bought this for my survival kit when I go hunting. The guide had everything. I started assembling a survival kit after I got home. I researched emergency sleeping bags that don't take up a lot of space in your pack and do the job. This met my requirements. Do yourself a favor, don't put your life in the hands of a guide if he doesn't have the equipment to keep you alive. Chances are he doesn't. My last guide didn't have a sat phone or a personal locator device, so I'll have one on my next trip. We made it back to his truck after he broke a few ribs in an atv accident. The fringe of our camp had been visited by a grizzled animal. We hunted around a lake. He had no safety equipment for an emergency. I hope I never have to, but I do want to return home vertical, and I haven't tried this yet. I'll have a well equiped survival kit with this life bivy in it. Good luck and safe hunting.

2. Rockland Luggage Rolling Duffle X Large

Rockland Luggage Rolling Duffle X Large

A large top pocket. Both high and wide.

Brand: Rockland

👤I didn't get to use this item. I ordered it based on the price and dimensions. The dimensions of the bag were not listed in the description. The bag is 22L x 12W x 11H, but it does not include the wheels. The bag is more than 11 feet in length, but you pack it full. I returned it because I was going to use it on Spirit Airlines, where the carry-on size is 22 x 18 x 10 inches, including handles and wheels. It may not work as a carry-on for your airline so be sure to double check before you fly so that you don't have to pay an arm and a leg at the gate!

👤The bag I ordered was for a long trip to the United Kingdom. I picked this bag for my wife because it's large. I could pack our clothes together. Pros: This bag is large. You could fit a grown man inside and still have room. My wife and I fit 2 weeks worth of clothes shoes and toiletries and still had a lot of room. There is a It was easy to control with the 3 wheels. There are lots of pockets to store things cheap. The bag had tears in it after 3 flights. It was on the bottom. I had to sew it together with a travel sewing kit. There is a The bag was almost useless after 6 flights. There were new holes in the seam near the handle that were ripped open and one quick tug away from spilling our stuff. I gave it 3 stars because it was cheap and it did 7 flights. Baggage handler are not the most caring sort. I only recommend this bag for road trips.

👤The reviews for this bag are not good, you have to take into account its cost. I've seen it listed at $29-45. My review takes that into account because I got it for 30 bucks. I used it to carry an inflatable stand up paddleboard on a flight from North Carolina to Maine. 50 lbs of gear was fully loaded on both trips. It is a great value for a large bag and the built-in compression straps worked well. It packs nicely for storage because it won't stand up on its own. The wheels were sturdy and made it easy to roll the gear through airports. It only had one small tear in the material. Spend more money if you want a bag for many trips. This is the bag that will get you through a few trips. The side pockets fit a roll of duct tape. The handles were strong enough to hold it. Who needs a shoulder strap with a roller bag? I will use this to carry my gear for future ski trips, but I will pack it in smaller bags if I get a bigger tear in the future. Considering the price, I give this bag a thumbs up.

👤It's a good bag. The seams look like they will rip apart if stuffed tightly. The stitching for the handles is strong. It holds up pretty well, even with 40 lbs of equipment in it, and I'm afraid of the handles ripping, even with all the weight. I screwed on a couple door stops with a nut and thick card board to help hold that when you hold it up on its side with the handle. It works great now. The pull up handle does jiggle a bit, but it's not bad. The wheels are made from the same material as roller blade wheels. I didn't want to spend a lot on a bag for range day. I made inner pockets from foam walls that were left over from packing. I can fit everything I need. It is possible to hold heavy weight. Nothing can be stored in the small side pockets without being squeezed or damaged, they're so flat that nothing can really be stored in there. There are soft/durable materials in there. There are notepads, stickers, roll of tape, small towels/cloths, utility multitool, etc.

3. COOLBEBE 47 Sports Duffle Bag

COOLBEBE 47 Sports Duffle Bag

It can be used as a travel bag, duffel bag, sports duffel bag, overnight bag, weekender duffel bag, carry on luggage for men or women. The COOLBEBE travel bag has extra-large capacity and is ideal for camping, hunting and sport travel and even fits for umbrella style strollers. The sturdy body of the bag makes it ideal for long-term use, and the padded shoulder strap makes it comfortable. This is your go-to duffel bag for everyday performance. Extra-large pocket for plenty of organization and protection against dirt and dust. The duffel bag folds into a flat, compact size for easy storage when not in use. There is plenty of room for storing items, good for travel and use as a luggage bag, cargo bag, gear bag, and equipment bag. Over your shoulder or by the bag's dual handles are the carrying options. You can use it as a sports bag, a travel bag and a sport bag, perfect for workout, yoga, beach, pool, camping, practice days or weekend trips.

Brand: Coolbebe

👤This bag is large. I bought this for my husband as a gift as he wanted to have a more professional appearance for our supplies. My husband is a big football player. Great purchase!

👤It is 47 inches. It is easy to carry. There is waterproof material inside. You can see what I mean in the pictures. I wouldn't recommend putting a lot of heavy things inside.

👤If you think it's square like in the pictures, it's not. It is not that shape unless you put something square in it.

👤I was surprised by the size of the bag after reading the reviews. There are a few things I wish it had done better. 1. The handles are long enough to act as a shoulder strap. 2. The thing is huge and without pockets or dividers it can be hard to find things. 3. I know this would increase the price, so a hard bottom like polypropylene would be great. This holds everything I need with space to spare and the price is right, so I can't complain.

👤This product is more durable than the price warrants. Don't count on it if you need specific dimensions. The dimensions are not accurate. I made a box smaller than the bag said it would be, but the bag couldn't fit and I couldn't zip it up. I measured the box, assuming I F'dup as usual. The bag was well under the size of 17 and the overall circumference was less than 63. The bag is labeled as being 15 x 17 You get 64 if you add 15", 15", 17", and 17". That is the reason it wouldn't zip.

👤The bag doesn't hold a tree up to 7.5 feet. I can't zip the bag because my tree is 7 feet tall. I have to buy a new bag and it will go back as soon as it arrives. I don't think anything taller than 6ft can fit in this bag. It is narrow.

👤I can't comment on how sturdy it is because I haven't had a reason to take it out of the house. I agree with people who think I should have waited until I put some mileage on it. I commented on it's capacity. I was hoping that I could carry my mic stands with me. They fit in the room to spare. I tried to fit my Direct Drive Cajon pedal. I couldn't believe it! The thing works! There is room to spare. I don't know how this will hold up, but I'm not a touring pro. I recommend this bag if you don't want to disassemble your cajon pedals when you take it out of the house.

👤The original bag that came with my collapsible chair was torn and cumbersome to put back in. It would hold 3 chairs. There are 2 chairs and a side table in it. It would be nice if it included straps to carry on back, but otherwise very happy with the purchase.

👤I used to hold the longer poles for my camping gear. Highly recommended.

4. Deluxe Duffel Zipper Olive Green

Deluxe Duffel Zipper Olive Green

There is a 5-year limited warranty. The military style duffel bag is made of olive green canvas. The full length, heavy duty zip up is for full compartment access. Extra heavy-duty cotton canvas is reinforced at stress points for durability. Two cotton web handles are easy to carry. 50-inch X 18-inch X 18-inch duffel bag is used for travel, camping, gear, storage and more.

Brand: Stansport

👤The duffel worked well for me. I bought the 25" version of the 42" X 25" version to hold my backpacking gear so I could ship it as baggage checked on an airline. It held my backpack, which was one of the largest packs made, two sleeping bags in compression sacks, two self inflating air mattresses, two self inflating pillows, a three person backpacking tent, stove, fuel bottle, and more. My gear is in this bag. I had one checked bag, there were no straps from my gear dangling and begging to get caught on airport luggage transport machinery, and the inexpensive canvas bag took all the abuse rather than some very expensive gear. This bag was exactly what I wanted. I'm happy. I just bought 2 more duffel bags. The same purpose is still in place. The duffel bags I bought for my sons serve as protection when flying with their gear. I keep everything in the duffel bags when I drive to a trail. Everything is in one place and ready to leave. All I have to do is grab a few duffel bags and put them in the car. When we get to the trail head, I just toss the duffel bags in the back of my SUV, along with any equipment we don't want for that trip. These have worked out well. I don't want them to look bad. I like that they don't draw attention. I don't need them to be wet. I don't need them to be heavy. I need them to take the abuse of transport and hold a lot of expensive gear. They do very well. After buying one, it's obvious that the original size was a length and a circumference. The listing for my original has been changed to 42" X 15", which is the length and the diameter. The cylinder is 42 inches long with a 7.5 inch radius and 25 inch circumference. (D/2). It's the same thing. There is a body of water called the Radius. Pi X is squared. The area. Area X Length is calculated. Volume. In this case, the total is 7,422cu in or 121.6 liters. The pack fits easily. I don't have the pack loaded out to its full capacity as I take the 3 person tent, bear cannister, sleeping bag, and air mattress and put them in the duffel. That fills the space and allows the pack to fit.

👤Well made, sturdy and hardy. They were thinking that it would be useful to carry it with one handle on one side. It was difficult to find a strap that would fit. You can see how much it will cost if you use the strap, which was half the price. When you add in strap cost, it's not as inexpensive. At each end, they have a handle. If you wanted to drag the duffel bag, it would be possible. Adding a strap is a thing to make it perfect. It would be less expensive to buy a separate one. If there wasn't a strap, we could grab onto the top and move it if there wasn't a handle on one side.

5. Travel Duffel Sports Shoulder Pink8

Travel Duffel Sports Shoulder Pink8

If you have wet clothes or towel, you can put it in this crossbody bag. For reference only, please refer to the actual measurement. The perfect carry-on compliant bag for airline travel. It's your ideal overnight bag for business or personal travel. Duffels bag is wide application. The sport gym bag is perfect for both indoor and outdoor sports. It's a great shoulder bag for workout, travel, sports activity, tennis, basketball, yoga, fishing, hunting, camping, hiking and many outdoor activities. It's suitable for gym bag, school bag, travel duffel bag, travel holdall bag, gym holdall, etc. The bag is multi-purpose and protects your laptop computer with a generously padded sleeve inside a separate compartment. You have a place for everything in the internal and external organizational pockets. If the package is damaged, please do not sign it, as it will endanger your rights and interests.

Brand: Hyc00

👤It is very large. But not big. It fits all of my makeup bags, so it is perfect. I put my makeup, shoes, and clothes in a single bag because I am a dancer. Might buy another.

👤The bag is very durable. I used this bag to pack a months worth of clothes, including 6 shorts, 10 t-shirts, a hoodie, 4 blouse, 2 jean shorts, 3 bathing suits and undergarments. The bag was too big. The bag is worth the money. The bag is practical and cute, and I have received a lot of compliment. The bag has nice compartments. I was able to put my wet bathing suit in the bag.

👤I was looking for a bag that I could use as a hospital bag. The bag fits everything I needed after I delivered my baby. It has several pockets that are perfect for small items. It is big and durable. I like the blush color. It can be used as an overnight bag, gym bag, hospital bag, and all the other kinds of bags you can think of when you need a few pockets and a cute design.

👤I don't like to write reviews, but this travel bag turned out to be better than I expected. I use my roller luggage to haul my laptop in when I travel, so it will fit if needed. The bag is large and bright. The bag looks great with a shoulder strap.

👤It has been great so far as a diaper bag. Being hands free and not using a diaper bag made me want to throw it away.

👤It took a long time to find this bag with the actual color. It is not in person, but it does have higher reviews.

👤This bag is great. I bought this for camping on the beach during New Years and I knew I had to pack light but carry a lot of warm clothes, but this did the trick! I filled it with everything I needed for a week because it kept the water and sand out. It is the perfect bag to take on airplanes and travel with. It does smell quickly. I put some dryer sheets in and sprayed Febreze all over it and let it sit outside for about 30 minutes to an hour because it smelled like smoke when I was at the campfire. 10/10 would recommend it.

👤This is a great bag. I used it as a second bag on a long trip. It was the only bag I used. The best thing is here. My laptop is just fine. I put it in there after wrapping it up in a few shirts. It was perfect. This was a big thing to me because I like to carry as little as possible.

👤This bag is great. There is a lot of room and a lot of compartments to help organize things. I use it as a hospital bag for when I go into labour so I can show how big it is. Will keep this for short breaks once the baby arrives.

6. Puma Evercat Contender Duffel Accessory

Puma Evercat Contender Duffel Accessory

The lining is 100% polyester. The shoudler strap has been removed.

Brand: Puma

👤This is a nice sized bag, a little smaller than you might think, but it also holds more than you would expect, so it's kind of a wash. I uploaded a picture of the full bag next to a coffee cup. I wish it had more pockets, but for most uses it's more than enough. There's a small outside pocket that can fit keys, wallet, and most phones, and one side pocket with about an inch-and-a-half of depth, and another side pocket that you can stick a pair of shoes in. If you want a specific bag but still want to save money, you should probably go to a place like Marshall's or TJ Maxx.

👤I used this bag to carry my gear to and from the gym. It had a lot of room for things despite its small size. It was a great all-around gym bag. In less than a year, mine fell apart. I would describe my use of the bag as normal, just taking things to and from the gym. Maybe I have a bad one.

👤I've been using this as my gym bag for over a year and a half and it's gotten the job done. The strap connects to one of the side compartments, and within the past few months it has begun tearing along the seem of that compartment. I suppose wear and tear, but I wish it would have lasted longer. I'm carrying by the handles until I can find another one, I don't think I'd buy another one.

👤I have been using this bag for about 3 months. I have only one complaint, so I will list the good things first. The bag is small enough to hold a change of clothes, towel, shoes, etc., with enough room to spare. It's a good size to use as a gym bag. The front of the bag has a quick-access accessory compartment, where I keep my combo lock, ipod, and earbuds. The design and colors look good. The bottom of the "quick-assess accessory compartment" has begun to rip at it's bottom. I can no longer put coins in there. They will fall through the small rip and be lost in the bag's inner-lining. I have only had this bag for 3 months, and have already used it 3 times a week. This has already happened. I'm not happy about that. I still like this bag a lot and this is my only complaint. The price seems fair. I will know not to put coins in that compartment. It's a good thing. This bag is still recommended by me.

👤I love this bag. It's the right size for gym items. There is a separate shoes component. It's big enough to fit into one shoe, one bath tower, one shower, one hair dryer, and I also have some clean changing clothes. The zip is very easy. The price should be fair. Highly recommended!

👤The bag is light and well made, but also has a plastic frame in each end cap to give it a little structure so it isn't constantly collapsing inward on itself as you try and take things in and out. I might cut a piece of styrofoam to fit each end so it stays open when it's partially full or empty. Extra pockets are on the outside. One end cap opens to the shoe storage bag, the other is a regular storage pocket, but large, and could work for all your items. The plastic clips on the shoulder strap seem sturdy.

7. Oversized Waterproof Genuine Weekender Overnight

Oversized Waterproof Genuine Weekender Overnight

The bag measures 32.50 x 17 x 11.5 Inches. The duffel bag is made of top quality genuine crazy horse leather and waterproof canvas. The premium quality is what makes the long lasting durability. The canvas won't tear or rip when you put a lot of things in it. The quality zinc-alloy hardware won't rust easily. The large main compartment and various inner pockets are perfect for clothes and traveling necessities, and can be used as a carry-on flight bag. The dimensions of this travel bag are 22.83" x11.8" x 11.8" and has a large main compartment and small pockets for cell phone or coin. There are 1 magnetic button pockets and 1 small zip up pockets hidden on the side. The overnight bag has rounded handles that make it easy to carry around a handbag, and a large shoulder strap that makes it easier to carry it over the shoulder. This fashion duffel bag is perfect for people who go for business trip, traveling, camping and outdoor activities.

Brand: Newhey

👤I borrowed this bag for a trip out of town over the weekend and am adding a star because I packed so much stuff in it. I had a lot of stuff, including a bunch of bottled water. Even though it weighed a ton, it held up and the shoulder strap didn't cut into me. I bought this bag because it looked good, and my husband was taking my red carry on for his business trips. Which is fine, but not his style. He wanted a duffel for 3 day trips and I bought this because it looked handsome and was cheap. I want to start my review by telling you that I've made leather bags and goods in the past, so I'm picky about construction and hardware. The bag is heavy. That is normal for canvas. I wasn't sure if it was authentic, but it is. It feels like cotton duck with a coating. There's no oil or wax smell, so that's a big plus. I was worried that the metal reinforcements would be mostly decorative. The leather is good. It is heavy duty. Yes! I didn't expect it to function like a utility bag, I expected it to be a tough bag. It holds 3 days worth of clothes and accessories. I'll post an actual photo of what it holds at some point. It has a typical weekender capacity. It's a good bag. I was pleasantly surprised. There is a Oh! One more thing. It's dense and folded from shipping and looks less attractive. I stuffed my canvas with bed pillows and used a blow dryer on it to get it into shape. I gave it to him to make it look better.

👤Thanks to Amazon for on time delivery. A business trip to Dallas was going to be planned for a week by the husband, so he wanted a duffel bag like this. I ordered without any research because it looks good. It was just one time before my husband left. The house was almost completely stuffed in this bag, but there was still room for more. It is the perfect size for getaways and trips. The leather canvases nylon is very good. I love the convenience of browsing through products on Amazon and not having to go to different stores for similar items. Really liked the bag.

👤This bag has a lot of room for everything I need on short trips. The canvas and leather feel like high quality material, and the interior lining is soft with pockets. When I carry it without filling it up, it doesn't hold its shape as well as I'd like, and that's my only issue. It folds up in the middle. The material is flexible and there is no solid base in the bottom. I will keep it full with everything I pack. I will be using this bag on all my trips.

👤A good bag. A week of work clothes, bootjack, shaving kit, accessory kit with shoe polish, and a bottle of Mountain Dew are in this room. When I have to go through a baggage xray machine and a metal detector, the pocket stuff is held in a small pocket on the side. The brass zippers are sturdy. Just what I needed.

8. AmazonBasics Large Travel Luggage Duffel

AmazonBasics Large Travel Luggage Duffel

If the package is damaged, please do not sign it, as it will endanger your rights and interests. The large red duffel bag is ideal for travel or storage. It is made of 100 percent nylon. 50-pound weight capacity. Quick access to smaller items like keys or tickets can be achieved with a pocket that has a zip. The handles are collapsible for simple storing. The bag measures 32.50 x 17 x 11.5 Inches.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤It is a large bag and appears to be well made, so I am giving it 3 stars. The dimensions are not accurate. "Measures 32.50 by 17 by 11.5 inches (LxWxH)" is what the description says. The real dimensions were 32.50 by 17 by 17 inches. Most airlines limit the dimensions of checked baggage to 62 inches. The actual dimensions don't meet the requirement. I carried an empty baggage to the airport as a backup in case the airline demanded fees for a large bag, because I realized it was too close to my international trip. I did not pay a fee because the bag was not completely full.

👤June 2020 is an update. I took one of my duffels with me on my medical trip. You can lock these duffels. I bought a set of Sure Locks that are the right size to fit in the pull holes. You can find them on Amazon. I bought four duffel bags, but ended up taking three, plus two smaller bags. They traveled in a truck, 2 taxis, 1 hotel shuttle, 2 airplanes, and a yellow cab and all made it to Mexico City intact. There were no rips, nada. I'm impressed. The bags are in their original state packed. They all weighed in at the airport. I didn't have to pay any oversize fees at the Delta service desk because they were packed and I'm sure exceeded the checked baggage limit size. They didn't look at them again. If you only need a good bag for storage, these are the ones to use. I kept the shoulder straps of the bags in one of the pockets. I discovered that the seat belt material that is made out of the handles extends all the way to the bottom of the bag and is double stiched and taped with a separate piece of nylon. I thought they were sewn to the side of the upper bag because of all the images. You'll see the extra craftsmanship when you open those exterior pockets. Wow! The bags are very large. I had doubts when I opened the small boxes, they initially appeared to be just regular duffel bags. After I shook it open it grew to a mega size. I bought two of these to use as checked bags to carry a lot of stuff on my trip. A lot of stuff, mostly cosmetic bottles, cleaning supplies, and a lot of other stuff. Even if you have your own cooker, a personal fan and heater is needed in rooms that are too cold or hot. Even though they are made in China, these bags are not cheap. The nylon was stronger than I thought. The hardware is made of metal. Can't wait to use them. I use bread bag ties to tie the two main zippers together, which is what I do with other pieces of luggage, to prevent them from splitting in transit. I don't think locking soft sided luggage is a good idea. If someone wanted inside, they just cut the fabric. The chances of an accidental opening are lessened by bread ties. I will give 2cents for every review I update and give them back if they work out in the wild. There's no reason to give these bags less than 5 stars. I bought the red color, but it's not fire engine red, but more burgany/maroon in color. Which is a positive thing. I added a photo to show how large the bags are. I put both of them on top of the Black Hole Duffel. The Amazon bags are larger. There are 120L black hole duffel bags. They are used to go to the Mt Everest base camp. This photo helps compare the size. Adding a shoulder pad to the strap is the only thing that will make this bag even better. I plan to use the pads from other bags to slide on the straps. I will only be using the straps to get from the taxi to the checked baggage desk at the airport. So not a big deal.

9. Samsonite Tote A Ton 32 5 Inch Duffel Charcoal

Samsonite Tote A Ton 32 5 Inch Duffel Charcoal

BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: Your good companion for sports, could be a sports gym bag, basketball bag, dance bag, camp / airplane duffel, carry-on luggage, Just-In Case bag as well. They will give you 2 years of protection for free from the date of purchase. Order now without risk. Excellent quality is made of light weight 400 Denier nylon and is hand washed. There is a roomy main apartment and a pocket for small items. This nylon duffel bag has two-tone handles, screenprint logo at front, and collapsible for easy storage. It's perfect for use as a lightweight gym bag, gym sack, shoe bag, sports bag, travel bag, duffel bag, carry bag, airline bag to carry all your gears.

Brand: Samsonite

👤The Boy Scout troop used these to carry their luggage out of Colorado. It was perfect for what we needed.

👤I wanted to add a picture to the collection after reviewing the Duffle. I'm going to Nepal tomorrow to collect 27 pairs of running sneakers for the mountain running community. There is an organization there that collects gently used or new sneakers for mountain runners of all ages. Nepalese live on $2 a day. The small villages that have been neglected by the government have been left a lasting impression by the earthquake. You will be able to see how this allows me to carry a lot of sneakers. The packable bag that both EMS and REI have is used to protect backpacks while flying. They stuff inside of their pocket. The bag is 38" long. The bag is 36" long. I returned the more expensive bags after finding the tote-a-ton. The tote-a-ton is cheap, but not great. The material is the same as the more expensive ones with two handles. Outside and inside pockets are included. I own an Aura AG 65L. The pack is 31 inches in length. It's perfect for the duffle with room to spare. I'm not sure if the backpack will fit in the duffle, but I'm pretty sure it will. I am in Alaska this summer. I need something that will allow me to get my gear to Alaska. While in Alaska, I will use my backpack for day trips and my gear will be taken to the next location in a duffel. It was a perfect solution. In the future, when I travel and don't need the duffle, it collapses and can be stuffed into my pack without taking up a lot of space. A friend is going to Nepal in March. She's buying a duffle to protect her backpack. Great deal. We'll see how it holds up in June and I'll report back then. I just returned from a 10 day trip to South Central Alaska. The duffel was perfect for this trip. When I checked my 65L on the plane, I used the duffle to store my gear and clothing while I used my backpack for packrafting during the day. The bag was easy to get in and out of thanks to the placement of the zip. I'm not sure how well the material will hold up because it is light. It was dirty when it was checked on the plane. I don't travel a lot so it may be a while before it's used again. If you have to carry a duffel in your backpack, the light weight factor can be a plus. I would still recommend it!

👤You have to appreciate the utility of this bag. The bag is almost nothing. It holds the same amount as a large suitcase. In my most recent trip, it carried a full 50 pounds of items to its destination. The items were supposed to go in one direction. This is ideal. It carried 50 pounds of items and folded them up into nothing and would return empty with less than a pound. There is no over the shoulder harness. It is not desired to add weight. You will want to have something that will keep the zip up. Although nothing was lost, it did alert me to the fact that you should have something that holds it closed. Something might be a small lock or twist ties. Even though it traveled thousands of miles, the bag looks as new as when it left. The main utility of the bags is to carry a large amount of goods. This is a work-around to maximize what you carry. I am traveling to the UK and there are not many food items in the US. 50 pounds of them were brought here. In my case, it will be empty. When empty, some of my other bags weigh 10 pounds. When you get to the weight restriction boundary, you will get an extra 10 or so pounds through the gate. The bag is about beating the airlines. I want an overcoat that works like this too.

10. MarsBro Resistant Sports Weekender Compartment

MarsBro Resistant Sports Weekender Compartment

The dimensions are 19.7" x 9.8" x 9.3". The surface fabric is made from Durable Anti-tearing 600D 100% Polyester. The shoes compartment has a built-in bag with air holes and exterior zips to keep your shoes and gear separate. The main compartment has large capacity for clothes, iPad, towels, shoes and other sports gym necessities. There is a front pocket for keys, cards, cellphones and small accessories. One internal security pocket to hold valuables and another side pocket for bottle, umbrella, shampoo, body wash and facial cleanser. A peculiar sports gym is formed by fluorescent light zippers and simple-looking tails. The shoulder strap and dual handles help carry easily. A great gift for everyone you love is sports, Gym, Weekender, Travel, Excursion, Carry-on, Luggage, Camping, Hiking.

Brand: Marsbro

👤This is a simple bag that can be used for money. This will be perfect for softball season because of the separate compartment for shoes andsneakers. There are two outside and one inside zip up compartment for wallet, keys, phone, etc. This is a good bag to take to the beach. I appreciated the excellent customer service from the vendor. The first bag I received was faulty, but the company immediately contacted me and sent me a new one for free. Thank you, well done. I have changed my review to four stars.

👤I use this bag to carry my running clothes between my home and office. The bag gets thrown around a lot because it is a 35 mile journey that may include car, bus, and train travel. I've had the bag in service for a month now and I'm happy with it. I wanted a smaller bag, and this one is perfect. It's the right size for a pair of shoes and a change of running gear. There are two outer pockets that can hold small items that you don't want to leave in the main compartment. I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to use the separate shoe storage area, but it's a nice feature. If you don't want to use it, it won't take away from the space in the main compartment. The zippers work well. I think the bag is stylish. Gym bags have bright colors and logos. This one has a nice grey color and brown trim, which makes it look good in carry with casual attire. I'm happy with the purchase.

👤I have been using this for two weeks and it is very similar to the bag. The gym is where I use to work out. The size is small enough to fit in a small gym locker. I have room to spare for one pair of shoes, two pairs of shorts, two t-shirts, and a 16 ounce water bottle. A basic set of men's products. The design and color look good. Better looking than similar bags on Amazon. It's easy to use the zips. There is a The separate shoe compartment is nice. I can get the shoes I want. The price is very good and it's bang for the buck. There were no cons from initial use. Will post later if this changes. The long strap is not replaceable.

👤The bag was sturdy and I liked it. It can't handle a lot of weight. I carry light items in IT and they are already starting to tear apart. It looks like stitching is of low quality.

👤This bag works well for me and I use it for the gym. It's very roomy even when you put your shoes in a separate pocket. It's convenient for me to have a wet pocket on the other side. There is a small pocket inside which I can put my wallet and car keys. The front pocket has small items in it. The material feels strong and the zip will not break easily. The bag is great.

11. INFANZIA Zipper Equipment Resistant Oversize

INFANZIA Zipper Equipment Resistant Oversize

It's perfect for use as a lightweight gym bag, gym sack, shoe bag, sports bag, travel bag, duffel bag, carry bag, airline bag to carry all your gears. One of the essential items for travel is a large-capacity duffel bag. It can be used to store tents, clothing, sports equipment or foldable strollers. You can find travel bags in 45*12*12 Inch/115*30.5*30.5 CM size. The duffel bag is made of 600D Oxford cloth and can protect your travel equipment from dirt and dust. Even if the outer fabric is wet, it won't penetrate into the inside. It's easy to store. Their duffel bag can be folded into a small cube, which is easy to store and does not take up much space. It can be used as a camping bag, equipment bag, travel bag, and tent bag. It will bring a surprise to your life when you need to store large items. The sports bag can be carried on one shoulder or in hand. This duffel bag is suitable for long-term use due to its comfortable and durable padded shoulder straps and heavy-duty metal zippers. "Customer First" is the basis of the customer guarantee. You can contact them at any time when you have a problem. Their only criterion is your satisfaction.

Brand: Infanzia

👤I bought this bag to carry my tent because the bag that I originally got with the tent is junk. The price that I paid for this bag exceeded my expectations. The fabric is heavy and the carrying straps are nice. I was able to put my tent, tarp, and extension cord in the bag, but I still have room to spare. A very nice product.

👤For baggage checkin, packing a 42 inch longboard worked well. There is a lot of room to pad the board. It was well held up for being checked in from PDX to LAS.

👤I used this for my first overseas trip. The airlines and myself abused this thing. I am surprised that the material did not tear, and that it was made well. If you plan on traveling a lot with this, I would highly recommend it.

👤I need a carry bag for my longest boat, Miss Geico, which is 42 inches. I built a frame that holds my boat and fits inside the bag so it looks like a rigid boat in some of the other pictures. I wish it had a liner to cushion the accessories I put on the bottom of the bag. I would have rated it 5 stars in all categories. The bag is good for money.

👤We bought this bag to take with us on our big loop around Colorado. We drove through small town roads to interstates in excess of 80 mph at certain points. You can see from the pictures that it had taken a lot of bugs and high winds while we were driving. It rained as we drove home. It rained really hard. We had a tent, a coffee pot, some cooking gear, dirty clothes, and two fold up camping chairs in the bag, but I can't remember what else we had. I think we had 35 pounds of gear in the bag. The bag is not water proof, but it was never soaked. It was damp, but never wet. We were driving 55 mph through the rain as the water hit the bag. We kept everything in dry bags so it wouldn't get wet. I thought the bag would fall apart and I would have to pay more for something else. I would give this bag the highest rating that I can because it was far beyond my expectations. The zipper never jammed up. It worked great for what we used it for, even though I wouldn't recommend filling it up with rocks.

👤I bought this bag for my deployment. This thing can be used as a body bag. I used airlines that did not have any problems with people worried about size limitations. I didn't stuff this bag to max capacity. I didn't want to pay for over sized baggage and left a quarter empty. I traveled with two airlines and my bag made it through the screening. Hope that helps someone. I am confident that no airline will give you any problems if it looks good. If you fill it to max capacity, you will most likely be sent to over sized baggage or be told it can't fly at all so it's up to you. It is a solid 5/10. My bag was 40 pounds and had a quarter left of free room, so I had to carry it by the straps, and even more so by the sea, hoping it would make it. For $20 you can beat it. It was worth it if the bag lasted a few trips or even a round trip back to the states. If you have more than 50 pounds or 25 kilo you are at risk of a tear at the handles. Again, left up to the individual. I recommend the bag for travel, camping, sports, and music equipment. Flight travel is a bit of a gamble.


What is the best product for survival duffle bag waterproof?

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What are the best brands for survival duffle bag waterproof?

Mezonn, Rockland and Coolbebe are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival duffle bag waterproof. Find the detail in this article. Stansport, Hyc00 and Puma are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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