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1. EdenProducts Heavy Duty Industrial Silver

EdenProducts Heavy Duty Industrial Silver

We know you'll love their crystal clear duct tape and that's why they have a power guarantee. If there is a problem with the best clear duct tape roll on Amazon, they will give you a replacement or your money back. Their water-proof duct tape is built to last. Industrial strength gray duct tape rolls have a tightly woven core. You can tear it by hand. Save money by buying silver duct tape in bulk. The strongest duct tape on the market is 11 mil and is ideal for patching holes, leaks or seal cracks. Waterproof is 100% waterproof and UV resistant. Their max strength duct tape does not leave a trace after removal. It's sticky tape, but without the worry of damaging the surfaces. It will adhere to a variety of surfaces. It's easy to secure solid wood, metal, brick, and tile. Keep this tape on hand to tackle any project or repair. Is it moving when it shouldn't? Duct tape it. Do you need to seal a hole? Put duck tape on it. The sticky tape can easily be used to bundle cords. It works on big repairs and small projects. Some people use duct tape to patch up their cars. Quality is their top priority. Innovative products that exceed customers expectations have been developed by them. It is important that you are happy. Questions or concerns can be raised with their support specialists. They will be adding black, tan, white, brown, and clear duct tape soon.

Brand: Edenproducts

👤This stuff is very good for the price. I was pleasantly surprised that it was 5 rolls for $20, but I didn't expect much. It is thick and durable and seems to be strong. I have not used it in a real harsh environment but I can tell that it is heavy duty. The sides of the rolls are very sticky and will stick to things that you lay them down on if you leave it for a long period of time. The plastic rings that separate the rolls in the package are useful to keep on the tape rolls so that you don't accidentally throw them away. I would definitely buy again, I was happy with the purchase.

👤I was contacted by the seller and asked how they could address any issues. It was fair enough. I should give useful information. It is not easy to remove duct tape from plastic, metal or wood. It should be difficult to leave gummy remnants on the surface after removal. The tape comes off easily and cleanly. When strength is needed, duct tape is used to seal boxes and containers, or make repairs to keep out the elements. It took me a long time to write my review because I didn't get to use the tape until I had exhausted my inventory. I threw away the new rolls of tape when I discovered that the tape was useless. I'm not trying to hurt anyone. Weak duct tape can be disastrous. It's better to throw it away than to use the tape. If the manufacturer has improved its product since I bought it, that's good. If they think they have improved their product then they can tell me that and I will buy another roll and update my review, but I don't want to buy another 5 pack. I should have read the one star review. The tape doesn't stick. It is almost like painter's tape. It is not duct tape.

👤Why did one of the rolls come all dirty and covered in debris? It's also duct tape. Sticks are easy to use. I received another pack of duct tape from Eden products, which actually reached out to me. Their customer service is top of the line. I'm satisfied with the new duct tape.

👤I've used many brands of duct tape. I have thrown it's way and it seems to come through strong. It's just as sticky as black tape. The tape is very thick.

👤I used this duct tape to fix my tool box, I was going to buy a new one. It does its job. I will buy again when I run out.

👤We like to keep a roll of duct tape around for emergencies, crafts, and just to generally put on stuff that is not supposed to move. I make sure my wife has a roll of her own. I won't be able to find my roll when I need it. The tape is sticky and works like duct tape. I used it in a cold barn to hold a bucket up to a compressor to catch oil coming out for a swap and also to hold the paper funnel to the compressor. It was easy to remove after it worked as I hoped. I have a roll in the shop, garage, and barn. My wife has her own roll.

2. S L Survive Outdoors Longer

S L Survive Outdoors Longer

There is an assorted pack that includes silver duct tape. The roll is only 0.6" thick and only 1.88" wide. It can be made in the USA or imported. Two rolls are packable. Duct tape is not impossible. Any repair job requires industrial strength.

Brand: S.o.l. Survive Outdoors Longer

👤The multi-tool of tape is duct tape. I have experience. I broke my wrist on a kayaking trip where you couldn't just walk out to a road to get to the doctor. My friends made a splint out of a branch and duct tape. The doctors were impressed with the work. I keep a small roll of this in my survival or first aid kit. It's cheaper to buy your own duct tape and roll it yourself, or wrap it around something in your kit, so that you have it when you need it. This is inexpensive and wrapped so small that I think it's worth it. Don't leave home without duct tape.

👤I thought it would be a frivolous purchase, but I used it three times. It worked well to cover up the bright light from the mini-split system in the hotel room. The cracked toilet seat kept pinching us on the back of the thighs and it was repaired quickly. The hotel did not replace the seat while we were there. The helped with damaged luggage. I will not travel without one of these rolls.

👤I got this product to have in case of an emergency and to keep in a bag in my car. It's important to have duct tape available when you need it. Some brands of duct tape are stronger than others. Not sure what brand SOL uses. It seems good. The cheap stuff is not super thin. It doesn't seem to be as high quality as the best brands. I think it is adequate for most tasks. I have made my own small rolls from a full roll before. As I get older, I seem to have gotten a little lazy. A full roll is more convenient than this product. The price is better than a full roll.

👤They say these are small rolls of duct tape. They have a thin plastic rod in the center so that they retain their round shape even when packed. That's correct... If you want more than a few of these, you can make your own for a lot less. Cut some duct tape and then roll it around itself, it's sticky on the inside. If you want to get a nicer roll shape, buy a thin dowel, cut it to the width of the tape, and roll it around that. If you really want to do it, you can buy a thin rod of Teflon, which is the same material that Teflon is made of, and wrap the tape around it. You could make 18 of these rolls for less than $20. Flat "rolls" made with a thin sheet or film of PTFE could be useful in my bike seat pack.

👤I've been buying travel duct tape for years, even once using it to make braces for the back of my guitar, which exploded from heat and humidity in China. It's good to take lint off of a dark garment for a quick hem or clothing issue. It's hard to find from the larger stores. Excellent service and product from this vendor.

3. RediTape 10932 Travel Orange Silver

RediTape 10932 Travel Orange Silver

There is a damage battle kit. Rescue tape is the only Silicon tape used by the U.S. military in their Recovery and Battle Damage Assessment & Repair Kit. It was made in the U.S.A. DUCT TAPE MULTI-PACK. There is a colored duct tape pack. It's a great way to create colorful duct tape designs. Travel size duct pantyhose. The duct tape pocket size has a high tack and is fast to bond. It's perfect to keep in your purse, gym bag, car, or emergency kit. The perfect balance between performance and function can be found in the travel size duct tape. The flat shape makes it easy to fit in and the bright colors make it more interesting. Everyone knows that duct tapes hold the world together. It can be used for camping, hiking, fishing, school, cycling, travel, emergencies, auto and crafts. The packaging is under 2 ounces. Strong and hardy. The sticky tack is very strong and easy to tear. There is a perfect balance between ease of use and solution. Strong and hardy. The sticky tack is very strong and easy to tear. There is a perfect balance between ease of use and solution.

Brand: Reditape

👤If anyone wants to know how duct tape can be used for survival, I recommend watching the Mythbusters special. This is the perfect size for an emergency. The problem with rolls of tape is that they are hard to fit into a pack, they don't fit in a glove box, and they don't fit in a junk drawer. These are the perfect size, they fit in the glove box for the leaking radiator hose, and it's even small enough to fit into your pocket. This is a must have for everyone and every lifestyle.

👤I liked the small size for my motorcycle trip. It failed me because it wasn't sticky enough for a small fix. The face shield on my helmet broke so I had to tape it to my helmet. It was undone in less than a day. I need something that is bullet proof like 3M or Gorilla, so this might be ok for larger areas.

👤This is the best way to carry the tape. You should always have a camera bag. It is fact. You could always "roll your own" for less, but that's a pain in the butt. The extra cost is worth it if you don't have to roll your own. The flat packaging makes sure the tape doesn't take up more space in your bag than it needs to. Three colors are great for use in any situation, be it black to be discreet, silver to be all-purpose or orange for labels, highlighting emergencies.

👤It's medium duty duct tape you can carry in your pocket, what more can you ask for the wild price variety amongst colors is a bit odd, but it makes sense I can understand gray, black, and white might be more sought after than ugly bright neon. If you need duct tape color, buy the neon stuff, it will be the last thing on your mind, and the bright stuff is easier to see when it is time to fix it.

👤I bought this for a trip to Italy. I try to have duct tape on hand so I can see the right size and weight. One of the main reasons I like duct tape is in case of blisters. I have used duct tape for a lot of things. I didn't rate it because I haven't tried it for adhesion. It arrived quickly and is pictured and described.

👤A great way to carry duct tape. There are many uses for it. Having some on hand has saved me a lot of headaches. I keep a package in each car and one in my travel bag. Duct tape is very strong. The individually wrapped packages keep it out of other things.

👤These are small and easy to store in a glove box, tool kit, tackle box, backpack, or any other place you can think of. Since rolls are cheaper, you should not purchase these as your primary source of duct tape. The perfect size for "just in case" situations is these.

4. Rescue Tape RT01019 BRK RT1000201201USCO

Rescue Tape RT01019 BRK RT1000201201USCO

Quality is their top priority. Innovative products that exceed customers expectations have been developed by them. It is important that you are happy. Questions or concerns can be raised with their support specialists. They will be adding black, tan, white, brown, and clear duct tape soon. Rescue tape is usually carried in an Emergency bag, car or boat. Rescue tape can handle temperatures up to 500F and pressures up to 950 PSI, so it's easy to fix a broken hot pipe. Rescue Tape is very durable and does not leave any sticky messes like duck tape. Rescue tape doesn't stick to anything so you don't need to apply it to anything. Excellent insulant. It creates insulation that is up to 8000 Volts per layer. You can either protect your wires from salt water or put your Christmas lights out. There is a damage battle kit. Rescue tape is the only Silicon tape used by the U.S. military in their Recovery and Battle Damage Assessment & Repair Kit. It was made in the U.S.A.

Brand: Rescue Tape

👤We had to repair a leaking pipe after my pool pipe broke. The tape sticks to itself. Pull the tape around the pipe. Wrap it around the pipe and then back on itself. It works in pouring water. Pull hard and stretch it to 3 times what you rolled off. I used it under a sink in my home and have never had the pipe repaired because the tape works so well and then it becomes brittle and you have to cut it off. This is the best thing that has ever happened. People don't wrap it tight. You have to do more than just wrap. You have to wrap it around the pipe and then on itself. You just have to pull and stretch it, like you would tape anything. Wrap it up. Wrap around leaks and then back over itself.

👤I never write reviews but this product was so bad that I had to. I used a roll of rescue tape on the leak. When the water was turned on, it simply worked its way under the tape, blew it up and then leaked as bad as it did without any tape applied. I will not trust the seller with any product in the future because it is so bad. Don't buy if you're warned.

👤I believe that the first production of this tape was called F1 tape or something similar. There was a stripe on it. I was skeptical of this brand but now I see it works the same as if it were better. People rate this product with low stars because they use it wrong. How to properly use it. If you're trying to fix a leaking water pipe, the first thing you should do is dry the side of the pipe that's leaking. You can stretch it around the leak and put pressure on the end of the tape by coming back to the middle. I've used this on everything and it's never let me down. It's important to start with a clean wrap so the rest of you don't get wet and dirty. To clean the starting point, use alcohol or a clean rag. The stuff is a hero for a handyman.

👤I cleaned the hose and stretched the rescue tape as much as I can, but it could not hold the fluid pressure, even though it was rated for 900psi.

👤It's a specialty product. It's kind of misleading to call it a tape. It is only a glue. It does adhere to itself very well. It's more like a solid substance in a roll. It's too expensive to use a product that won't work where another product will work. It will not work as a flat patch because it must be wrapped and stretched. It can affect a permanent repair, such as garden hose, electrical, and plumbing repairs. A leaking cooling hose on an automotive type engine is a good sign that the hose needs to be replaced. It can be a non- emergency situation. This product is very good. It is very good at what it is supposed to do. Just be aware of the limitations.

5. Surviveware Outdoor Duct Tape Adventures

Surviveware Outdoor Duct Tape Adventures

Better coverage is offered when protecting, supporting, repairing, holding or seal materials. This duct tape is waterproof and heavy duty and can be used for hiking and survival. You can use it to fix tents. This innovative tape can help you to make a variety of items. This duct tape is waterproof and heavy duty and can be used for hiking and survival. You can use it to fix tents. This innovative tape can help you to make a variety of items. 2-inch duct tape is portable and functions well. The perfect accessory for camping. Easy ear technology. Their tape is strong enough to repair equipment but can be torn from the side. Don't get wet with your pants down. This roll can be used when you have a leak in your bag or kit. It was made by professionals. The mission of Surviveware was to create high quality gear to give you the ultimate peace of mind. Their products are created by pros who have tested them out in the wild and are beloved by their customers who rave about the quality andFunctionality.

Brand: Surviveware

👤I really like this tape. Compared to regular duct tape and gorilla tape, Surviveware tape is more easy to tear. Regular duct tape stretches, leaving ragged ends, and Gorilla Tape tears in a zig-zag pattern. Surviveware tape sticks better on even surfaces and is sticky after being removed. Surviveware tape is almost twice as strong as regular duct tape, and it is the same strength as Gorilla Tape, based on my tests. It's great for backpacking because it's half the weight of Gorilla Tape and has a better strength-to-weight ratio. It doesn't patch leaks very well, but that's what Tenacious Tape is for and I keep it in my repair kit.

👤I pulled out my Surviveware Duct Tape and my 3M duct tape. I filled the cups with water by putting a hole in them and covering the hole with tape. I messed up my taping and the cups leaked, so I removed the tape and applied the same pieces of tape again. Surviveware was easy to pull off. I couldn't reapply 3M because it was messy to pull off and each piece stuck together. The Surviveware tape is lighter and easier to carry than the 3M. I have to hide it from my husband so he doesn't use it.

👤I thought duct tape was duct tape. I know that's not true. The duct tape is strong and easy to tear. The beach house was hit by storms a few days ago. The first storm almost ripped off one of our window frames. The duct tape! We were able to make a more permanent repair a few days later after we had the frame re-attached. Everyone should have duct tape.

👤This tape performs very well. It's waterproof and can be applied to many different surfaces. The roll is small at only 33 feet and it can do all of the things that heavy-duty duct tape can do. A roll of duct tape from the hardware store is usually three times longer and costs less, so if you don't care for compact size and light weight, then you should look elsewhere. If you're a backpacker, through-hiker, adventure racer, etc. You probably won't find a better product if you need something lightweight and compact to save space in your pack.

👤Another great product from a company. I take a lot of camping and hiking trips, so I need this tape in my bag. It's easy to pack and gives you a good amount of tape if you need it. It has held up to my expectations and was not a struggle to tear apart. I had a small tear in a tarp and was able to get home and make a repair. It was held up against rain and sunlight.

👤I'm happy with the product. Maybe more packaging is what you use for duct tape. I don't think it's a problem in my opinion. I put this against the gorilla tape and compared it to stickyness andDurability by placing them side by side under my car fender. The survivor ware tape favored more than the gorilla tape. I like that it's a bit smooth, which can be beneficial in some cases. The gorilla tape is about two feet shorter. It is currently in my car for emergency repairs and will be very useful for almost any situation. I hope this helps.

6. Duct Black 3920 BK Inches Yards

Duct Black 3920 BK Inches Yards

Gorilla All Weather waterproof duct tape can be used on a lot of things. A multi-purpose tape is available in 8 colors and has strong glue. It's great for taping cords, patching, reinforcing and more. It is suitable for temporary repairs. Great strength for long-term use. For versatile application, tears are vertically and horizontally. For versatile application, tears are vertically and horizontally.

Brand: 3m

👤I think of 3M products as having great quality and function at a higher price. I was wrong on that one. The duct tape is very thin and does not have as much elasticity as a roll of office tape. It feels cheap and not what I expected from 3M. The tape would rip the length of it than the width.

👤Duct tape is perfect for certain uses. Some people buy duct tape for actual duct work and some people buy duct tape for odd jobs around the home or even to make things with it, so it's difficult to evaluate it. This duct tape is not what the former group wanted. I don't know if it would hold up long term, but it is thinner and less strong than your standard duct tape. It folds over on itself more easily than the more common variety, which makes it a hassle to use. This tape is nicer for the latter group of people. It is thin so it is flush with the surface. The black color doesn't fade over time. It keeps it tacky for years without drying it out. Are you specifically looking for black duct tape? If you have this color in mind, then you should get this duct tape. If you're just trying to get a role of duct tape, the silver-gray, heavier duty variety is better.

👤I bought a 60 yard roll of both black and white. This review will be for both black and white versions of the tape, because Amazon only lets me rate one. They are the same material, except for the color. They are not the same as the grey 3M duct tape you get in stores. 1st It's difficult to lay down this stuff on a surface without it folding in on itself and not sticking as well as normal duct tape because it's so thin. 2nd This stuff is more plastic than normal duct tape and has a sort of cloth texture. I can't get this stuff to tear by hand, which is a problem for duct tape. It's too thin and plastic-like and my scissors won't cut it well. It's like trying to cut something. The black is a very dark color and hides most dirt. The white tape looks bad if there is dust in the air or on the surface. It seems to absorb both dust and dirt on its surface. I bought the white to tape down the white flat ethernet cable that was going across the doorway. I wanted to keep the cable from getting caught on the door when it opened or closed, and to protect it from being stepped on. I had a hard time getting this tape to lay flat on the floor because it was so thin. The white tape looked like elephants stampeding over it. The black dirt stains the tape. The floor is so weak that it will lose its shine. The black and white duct tape I bought doesn't stick very well to any surface, even though it's black and white, and the bunching makes it hard to use without it. This is not the same as the standard grey duct tape. I was disappointed in the rolls I bought. I'm almost wondering if it's a fake imitation of 3M even though it says it's from them. I've learned to rely on 3M products as being quality but this tape is not. The grey stuff in the stores is made in the USA, while the Chinese stuff is made in China. I think that explains some of it. I hope they don't change the original duct tape to something else. I bought some Gorilla duct tape in black and white on Amazon. This 3M from China stuff was not as good as it was.

7. Gorilla Weather Waterproof Temperature Resistant

Gorilla Weather Waterproof Temperature Resistant

There are components that are included. The waterproof duct tape is designed for outdoor repairs that need to stand up to extreme weather conditions. This tape is made with a strong butyl glue and a weather resistant shell. The service temperature range is -40 F to 200 F and the application temperature is above 40 F. The Gorilla All Weather waterproof duct tape has a low tack, strong glue that resists drying, cracking, and peeling. Gorilla All Weather waterproof duct tape can be used on a lot of things. Gorilla All Weather waterproof duct tape can be used on a lot of things.

Brand: Gorilla

👤This tape is good. It would be more than 1 star if they didn't sell it as a waterproof tape. It isn't. I use a couple rolls of duct tape a week. If you aren't looking for waterproof tape, this is more than a one star tape, but you may as well buy their less expensive duct tape as it is a really good tape for less money. 3M's #393 duct tape is the only waterproof tape I found. I use a lot of that and it is over fifty dollars per roll, so I hope I can find one that is less money.

👤Roll was advertised to be strong. We couldn't pull the roll apart because it was stuck to itself. Maybe it was a bad roll. We would like it to be paid back.

👤I like gorilla tape. It is so strong. Since I used it to seal some windows that were bad, I have had rolls around the house for other uses that need something strong like this tape. I used this on windows that were bad and the water was getting into the house and it protected them for 8 months before I could replace them. I was replacing the windows and I didn't worry about them being ruined by sticky gum. They were brown aluminum and the tape left a mark after baking in the Florida sun. I wanted to mention this application because it held up very well. I used it to tape up plastic sheeting before a storm, but it didn't come off during the storm. I have learned that it is not very good on cardboard moving boxes. This tape is amazing.

👤I bought this to secure the wire to the house, but when I wrapped my dog's foot in it to keep a baggy over her bandaged oot, the wet / cold frost made the tape peel off from the baggy. It was amazing instantly. I'm not sure what I can do if it's cold or wet and this pops off.

👤We bought this tape for the outdoor waterproof abilities. We have a 50' pool and the longest cover available was 40'. We wanted to attach it to the end, so we cut 10' off the side. The Gorilla All Weather tape lasted a few days. The Flex Seal/Flex Tape brand is more expensive.

👤It's easy to remove. This stuff doesn't work on my tent because it has a couple of holes and a scratch, and the ones that did stick only lasted 3 minutes.

👤I mounted my screen on the stucco wall with the help of the tape. I used it to hold my bins together. I've used it for many other things. It works well in the heat and humidity of southwest Florida.

👤This product failed because it was not UV meaning something other than that big ball of fire in the sky. It's not good to find a better alternative.

👤It was originally purchased for an outdoor project, but fell apart as soon as I started to tape what I was after. This was not encouraging in the dry weather. It's not a complete waste of money, and it does slightly better here, but it starts to peel off within days, and leaves a black sticky stain. The irony is that when I rescue the tape to use it, the side of the tape sticks very well to my shelf. Overall, can't recommend for normal use of things outdoors.

8. Transparent Performance Residential Gaffer Power

Transparent Performance Residential Gaffer Power

For versatile application, tears are vertically and horizontally. All the strength and flexibility of duct tape with a transparent design that discreetly adheres to restore features and surfaces like new is what GAFFER POWER premium clear tape has to offer. It makes the perfect subtle PVC tape, screen repair tape, seal tape, window tape and much more for repairs at home or on the job. It is weather resistance inDOOR and outdoor use. PowerSteel Clear Duct tape is a heavy duty tape that is waterproof and can handle the elements. Their tape sticks to all kinds of rough and even surfaces, including wood, plastic, glass, vinyl, brick, stucco metal and rubber. The ideal greenhouse tape. The clear tape is easy to handle and works well for quick repairs and touch ups. The backing of tight seal tape is biaxially oriented and it tears into strips and comes off clean. It is made in the USA. Gaffer Power is committed to the Made in USA process. The indoor and outdoor waterproof tape is manufactured under strict quality assurance guidelines. American Built to Last is what clear weatherproofing tape is made of. They know you'll love their crystal clear duct tape and that's why they have a power guarantee. If there is a problem with the best clear duct tape roll on Amazon, they will give you a replacement or your money back.

Brand: Gaffer Power

👤I was so stressed about this event that I used this tape to hold up my canteloupes. Every woman who creates a hack is thanked.

👤There are some wild things. It was very thick and sticky. A bit of a challenge to cut as it sticks to the scissors. I used it for repair. It worked out fine. After a while, the corners lifted. Maybe it won't roll up so easily when I round the corners of my patch next time. Acid test for any material issail minding. Sails bend, stretch, fold, get wet, get snapped, and so on. I did my patch in the summer. The patch is doing well at the end of the summer.

👤Marketed as transparent but not. It is not as transparent as it could be. I hope it works better than the transparent packing tape. It is not as thick as I expected.

👤I bought this for a project. My chihuahua decided that he wasn't going to care where he used his puppy pad. There is a puppy pad in my kitchen. I put a cut out section of rolled linoleum over the tiles to prevent urine from leaking between them because my kitchen floor has tiles. The problem was that he was just going wherever he wanted, and his urine was going under the linoleum and into the tiles. I tried using packing tape to cover the sections between the tile but the urine was getting under it. I discovered this tape and thought I would give it a try, but alas, it's waterproof. It works great! I have had it down for more than a week and nothing has gotten passed, so my floors are finally clean and safe. There is an update. The tape is still working great after 3 months after I wrote the review. I have had a few places where I had the tape over at the intersection but nothing could be fixed.

👤I owe this company an apology for the way they reviewed the product. I bought this tape a year ago to seal my windows. I rushed my opinion on the product and it was my mistake. I had to clean the surface of any debris, dust, or dirt that was found in order for the product to adhere well to my new windows. When I tried to remove the tape when the weather got nicer, it came out in one piece. I used on a cracked shower floor and it's still holding. I bought extra for my other family members, but I am pretty happy with it. Hope you forgive me. Have a great day and thank you. You have a new product fan.

👤If you get my meaning, my daughter had to use the method of "KimKardashian" chest control. The dress was low cut and this worked well for her prom dress, we used fabric tape to keep the sides of the dress engaged to her skin.

👤I used this product to hold down small wicker pieces that were starting to fall apart. The tape does not live up to its claims. It is not sticky. It is very thin and flimsy. Within minutes of being applied, it will peel away from the surface. It isn't water resistant. It looks terrible, taking on an almost white filmy look after being exposed to the outdoors. Don't use it for medical purposes, it's more like a easy to remove medical tape. I was very disappointed with this cheap looking product. Don't waste your money.

9. RediTape Pocket 2 Pack Inches Silver

RediTape Pocket 2 Pack Inches Silver

We stand by their products and customers. If you are dissatisfied with your duct tape multi pack, you can reach out to them and they will give you a replacement. Grab your great value Bulk Pack of Lockport Multi Purpose Duct. Tape today! RediTape is a travel-size duct tape. RediTape flat packs have the same shape as a cell phone. Take it to go is a good shape for carrying everyday items. Strong and hardy. Excellent quality duct tape has high strength, easy to tear, and strong holding force. A multi-purpose duct tape is great for repair applications at home, outdoors, on the job, traveling, emergency preparation, and crafts. There is an assorted pack that includes silver duct tape. The roll is only 0.6" thick and only 1.88" wide.

Brand: Reditape

👤I think that's correct. One of my pet peeves. It is good stuff. I always tell my wife that I can fix anything with a sharp knife, duct tape, and a video camera. I could have brain surgery. The good stuff is here. It was nice and thick. It's wide enough to be useful. Excellent bond. I buy it because it is convenient. I keep one of these things in my packs, vehicles and first aid kits. Good stuff. You are paying more for the convenience of the packaging, but I don't mind because it makes my life easier. Nice gear. Thanks for reading.

👤Duct tape fixes everything, so you need a big roll at home. This is a more convenient way of having something handy. This can be put into a backpack or a car glove box. You could put it in your pocket. A packet needs to be in your bag. It's an ideal product to have on-hand because you never know when you'll need it. I wish I had this when I was in the Army. I would keep it as an essential accessory. Be prepared if you get several.

👤I always carry duct tape. You don't know when you will have an emergency repair or luggage fail. It's easy to carry on or check in baggage with this compact package. I've used it to reinforce weak joints on luggage, to taping down a curled area rug that was meant to trip up the tenants of a rental unit, and many more. I will not travel without it.

👤It doesn't add too much bulk if you're trying to integrate it into a tool kit. This is in a kit. It's in the back left pocket.

👤I've been looking for some duct tape that I could find in a package like this, but I have to pack a big roll. I put a picture up and a pen next to it to make a size comparison. I docked a star because I could go to Home Depot and buy 5xs for the same price. The amount of duct tape. Paying for the convenience is what I do. I picked this one because it was cheaper than a similar product.

👤The tape is made ofduct tape. It does everything duct tape is supposed to do. The form factor is the advantage. The packages are small and light, which makes them perfect for bicycle touring. I took two packs of this stuff to use in packaging the bikes for the flight home after a bike tour of Spain. It turned out that only one pack was needed, as five yards is a lot of duct tape. In bicycle touring, the ability to find solutions for living with just 20 pounds of gear is more important than strength and stamina. This was my second greatest find.

👤I keep this in my backpack when I hike and ski. Duct tape can be used to fix anything temporarily or permanently. When my sister's hiking boots started to peel off, I used this. It was easy to tear a few lengths to hold her shoe together. Highly recommended. When I run out, I will buy more.

10. Gorilla 6100101 Handy 1 Pack Black

Gorilla 6100101 Handy 1 Pack Black

The party pack contains bottles made in the USA. Product is in home storage. The product is manufactured in the united states. There are components that are included. There are components that are included.

Brand: Black Gorilla

👤A great way to convert your mountain bike tires to tubeless is with the help of the Gorilla Tape Handy Roll. I always keep a roll of this on hand. I have a couple of 20” lengths around my mini pump, just in case. You never know when you will need it out on the trail, to strap something to your bike, hold a tear in your tire together temporarily, hold the sole of your shoe on, or any number of other issues. This is the first time I have used it to convert a set of rims. I tried Stan's tapes, but the rim had some roughmachining around the spoke holes that kept cutting and puncturing the tape. I decided to try the thicker tape. The inside width of the rims is 20mm. The edges of the rim were not an issue for the tape. The inside of the rim was almost completely covered by it, just exposing the tire beads. The first inflation of both rims was preceded by the popping of the tire beads. I have had no issues with this setup. If you are looking for an inexpensive alternative to tubeless tape, Gorilla Tape Handy Roll may be right for the job. I think it is a must for just Incase situations. Thank you for reading my review, I hope you found it helpful.

👤A man in a gray shirt is using a roll of 2 inch wide Gorrilla tape in the middle photo. That isn't the product being sold. One inch wide is all that is needed for the Gorilla 3044401) Tape Handy Roll. A roll of masking tape is larger. I think it will work well for a variety of purposes, but you won't get a roll of tape that's as big as Duct Tape. The size is only shown in METRIC. I noticed the length was only 30 feet, but the 25mm width read to my brain as 2.5 inches, which is the same width as duct tape. All photos of large products should be removed from the page and the size in Inches and Feet should be added to the text description.

👤I dropped my phone in the storm drain. When I got out, it fell to the ground and down the storm drain, I forgot it was on my lap. I panicked because my phone's case holds my driver's license and my card. I reached for my arm in the ground, but there was at least one foot between my fingertips and my phone. I tried to flatten myself, but it didn't work. The storm drain was not wide enough for me. The lid was bolted down after I found the manhole. I swore obscenities as I tried to reach for my phone. I thought about my phone when I saw the carcass of an old sports ball. My partner asked if we had tape in the car. I keep a small roll of Gorilla Tape in my glove box because I drive a cheap car and the window sealant has been melting off, so I've been taping the edges. The thinGorilla Tape is a great way to keep my windows from allowing too much air in and wind resistance while I'm driving, but it's not a great way to see it. We wrapped the stick in Gorilla Tape and left a small tail hanging. I poked at my phone with the tape end of the stick after returning to the storm drain. Within a minute, the tape was enough to pull my phone out. I fell onto my back and just thanked my lucky stars and Gorilla Tape. You saved my phone. Thanks for making a great product! The review was written on the saved phone.

11. Lockport Silver Duct Tape Waterproof

Lockport Silver Duct Tape Waterproof

Strong and hardy. The sticky tack is very strong and easy to tear. There is a perfect balance between ease of use and solution. Use it for everything and everywhere. Do-It-yourself projects, arts and crafts, basic home repairs, patching work, reinforcing materials, packing, taping things together are just some of the things that can be done. The duct tape can do the work for you at a good price. Their multi-use grey duct tapes stick to a wide variety of surfaces and irregular shaped objects. Good stretch to fit around bends, corners, and curves. The strength of their tape is what you need to patch, bundle and repair quickly. It's perfect for everyday repairs. It's a must have in your tool kit. The Multi Purpose tape is waterproof, meaning it will stay stuck upon application without any curling. It is trusted for indoor and outdoor use. Don't use scissors - tear by hand. Their duct tapes are easy to tear. It can be taken with you while you travel or camping. Every traveler and camper can have one in their emergency kits with 12 rolls in one case. It's easy to use anywhere. They stand by their products and customers. If you are dissatisfied with your duct tape multi pack, you can reach out to them and they will give you a replacement. Grab your great value Bulk Pack of Lockport Multi Purpose Duct. Tape today!

Brand: Lockport

👤The tape is very thin. The original Duct Tape brand was found in a store by my sister. I will keep them, but I suggest that you buy them from a physical store instead of ordering them online.

👤I was skeptical of the duct tape because of the price, but am pleasantly surprised by the strength and elasticity of the tape. It works just as well or better than the roll tape. I'm using the heat from the garage slab to tape the foam board. 6 of the 12 rolls have been used and I am very satisfied with them. I found the best price.

👤I like that this product doesn't leave a mark on what you stick it on. Also stays down well.

👤I used duct tape to tape up the carpet in my house. It tears very easily with gloves on, which was a huge bonus. It worked well to tape up the carpet. It worked great for my application, but I'm not sure if it's the same as a name brand.

👤I have been buying duct tape for household and shipping purposes all my life. You can't stop it. It is applicable to any surface. I would like to say that it will brine "WATER" together. That would be a job. I use it frequently. I hope it will remain available for many more years to come. I'll be in line to buy more once LORD willing is done.

👤This product sucked because it was duct tape. It didn't hold together even a small box. Its not strong. It doesn't stick well. Breaks quickly. It's like duct tape.

👤The fake image of duct tape does not stick to the surface. I would like to get my money back.

👤This duct tape is very good. It works well for packing.


What is the best product for survival duct tape flat?

Survival duct tape flat products from Edenproducts. In this article about survival duct tape flat you can see why people choose the product. S.o.l. Survive Outdoors Longer and Reditape are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival duct tape flat.

What are the best brands for survival duct tape flat?

Edenproducts, S.o.l. Survive Outdoors Longer and Reditape are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival duct tape flat. Find the detail in this article. Rescue Tape, Surviveware and 3m are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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