Best Survival Drinking Water Filter

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1. APEC Water Systems ROES PHUV75 Ultra Violet

APEC Water Systems ROES PHUV75 Ultra Violet

Do-it-yourself installation. Typically, in a couple of hours with industry-leading help. All parts are included and instructions are available. Push the tubing into the lock and quick-fitting connectors and you're good to go. Quality components and low maintenance are what iSpring water softener has. Supreme quality is designed, engineered and assembled in the USA. Arsenic, chlorine, lead, fluoride, heavy metals, and 1000+ contaminants are all effective in removing. Premium long- lasting filters are used to treat tap water and well water. The UV destroys up to 99. Un-chlorinated water kills parasites in cysts and bac. The US made cartridge uses food grade calcium from a trusted source. Enjoy ultra-pure drinking water with added calcium minerals. JG Food grade tubing and parts are included to provide safe, contaminated pure water. There are both online and in-person installation videos for an easy experience. JG Food grade tubing and parts are included to provide safe, contaminated pure water. There are both online and in-person installation videos for an easy experience.

Brand: Apec Water Systems

👤I was happy to go with Apec after months of research. My family's health is so important that I decided not to go cheap on this purchase. I had no idea that the filters I used on Amazon were toxic and cost me hundreds of dollars a year. The water was worse than the tap when my family tested positive forGlyphosate, so I bought a TDS meter. I flushed out the first tank after installing the ROES PHUV75. The water was amazing. The tap registered 295. The water tastes great and I feel more comfortable drinking it. I have never done anything except assemble Ikea furniture. I watched videos and studied the directions. I finished in a few hours. Apec customer service is excellent. They were on the phone at night when I had a question. This was important to me and I didn't have to worry about it. This product and company is very good. Photos have been updated. Stage 1 filter replacements are recommended for 12 months. I changed them at the 6 month mark. The filters were dirty. The water in Florida is terrible. I recommend changing the filters as early as possible. So you know what type of water you are dealing with.

👤One of the cardboard tubes has a UV bulb attached to it, and the other has no UV bulb at all. The instructions don't mention the glass tube. The O ring should be placed on the end of the tube after it is slid into the cylinder. Next, screw the metal housing onto the UV housing, carefully to avoid twisting the "O" ring, and do not over-tighten, or the glass tube may crack. The installation guide has instructions for installing the UV Bulb. The installation went well, all parts were available and fit.

👤I paid a plumbing company several hundred dollars to install the product I purchased. The UV light was broken immediately. I got a new one from the manufacturer. The water tasted and smelled like a plastic / bleach combination. I asked for my money back after I was told to buy testing equipment, remove filters, and other things. They told me to return the product at my own expense. They haven't issued a refund yet. I have spent several hundred dollars more on a new system. I have owned RO systems for 30 years. This has been the worst experience I have had with a water purification system.

👤Assembly couldn't be simpler. You're done if you install the faucet, assemble the UV light, connect the feed, drain, and faucet lines. Well, almost. The water tastes great. The instructions are good and there are lots of pictures. I had to use Teflon tape to stop it. I shouldn't have to fix something before it's assembled, and I shouldn't have to put Teflon tape on plastic threads. The L-connector was on the cap. The leak was slow. The connection seemed to have stopped. This is worrying me a bit. Stressed connection leaked. The push/pull lock system works well for most of the time, except for where the tubes make sharp turns right out of the connection. Theugging on the connection stopped it. I will buy locking tabs to see if they help. The install process took 15 minutes. The fixes took over two hours. I wonder if this unit will last. I will be investing in battery-operated leak detectors.

2. Berkey Gravity Fed Filter Purification Elements

Berkey Gravity Fed Filter Purification Elements

Two Sawyer MINI filters, two 16-ounce squeeze pouches, two 7-inch drinking straws, and two cleaning plungers are included. 2.25 GALLON CAPACITY- The Big Berkey Purification System is portable and can purify water for a few people. The Big Berkey System can hold up to four Black Berkey Purification Elements. The system is just over 18 feet tall and over 8 feet in diameter. Berkey systems equipped with Black Berkey Purification Elements purify water by addressing over 200 contaminants in tap water or raw, untreated freshwater sources like ponds, rivers and streams. Economic, long-lasting. A pair of Black Berkey Purification Elements can last up to 6,000 gallons. 6,000 gallons of purification power is added by each pair of elements. The Black Berkey Purification Elements cost 2 cents per gallon of water. Independent testing. Berkey uses several independent third-party labs to test a broad range of potential contaminants and conducts Extreme Testing for lead and PFCs in order to show the effectiveness of their Black Berkey Purification Elements. Drink confidently anywhere. No plumbing or electricity needed. Prepare for emergencies, travel the world, and take control of your family's drinking water with your Berkey gravity-fed water purification system. The leader in gravity-fed water solutions has delicious water. Drink confidently anywhere. No plumbing or electricity needed. Prepare for emergencies, travel the world, and take control of your family's drinking water with your Berkey gravity-fed water purification system. The leader in gravity-fed water solutions has delicious water.

Brand: Berkey

👤The company that makes the Berkey filter is a scam. They are popular and have been around for a long time, but they are not certified by the National Sanitation Foundation because they don't add anything to the water. They aren't sold in California because they don't want to comply with the state's "no lead law". Berkey claims that the requirement is too expensive and is a major red flag for a well known manufacturer that sells well. Berkey only sells through dealers, who have no idea how the product works, and only repeat mumbo-jumbo designed to confuse the average Joe about how the product works. They were caught faking lab test results from LSU, and their fraudulent claims are not accepted by the professor cited in the report. The food coloring test is completely unscientific and they also tout it to ensure the filter works. People have tested the Total Dissolved Solids from numerous tests and found that tap water with a Berkey ends up with more Total Dissolved Solids. You wonder what the filters are doing to the water. Berkey says their filters are made of "proprietary formula" and "mixed media." My guess is that their filters have bad stuff in them and they can't comply with the California law because of this. All around very shady. I don't recommend using their filters.

👤The filter is good. The steel containers are sturdy and the filter does a better job of cleaning the water than any other system I have used. I had a lot of problems with the rubber smell. The system has rubber washers and a rubber stopper. The best thing to do is to throw them away and get silicone washers, which are impossible to find in hardware stores. I just got 4 carbon filters instead of 2, which is more expensive but worth it because it fills the tank much faster. The Berkey spigot is well worth it and comes with Silicone washers. I don't know why they include the smelly rubber stoppers with the system. There are several videos on the internet that show how to clean the system and the filters. It was perfect after the first month of trial and error.

👤This did not meet expectations. It was purchased for a family cabin along the Canadian border in northern Minnesota for use during the summer. The water to purify came from a lake that was crystal clear. The unit had two "black Berkey" filters. Primed according to instructions. It worked fine for a day, then took a while to get going. The company suggested that I purchase/use their "primer" as well as trimming this nearly new filter with a potato peeler. The primer was aided by a good UTube video on how to secure the parts. I primed the woods with the new primer after returning a few weeks later. I re-primed with no benefit after it slowed to less than a drip on the 3rd day. The next thing is to disassemble and wash the black filters, then re-prime and enjoy for 2 or 3 days before repeating the process. Explanation: This could work for you if you like fiddling with things. If you want something for your family to use for a while, you'll find it frustrating. I have over $300 in this thing and am more likely to use a field purifiers I take canoe camping.

3. 55898C_12pk WaterSentry Replacement Fillers 12 Pack

55898C_12pk WaterSentry Replacement Fillers 12 Pack

Emergency Preparedness. The replaceable purifier is good for 65 gallons. It's perfect for home or car prep. You are prepared for any disaster, water emergency, or survival situation. The WaterSentry Plus system has multi-pack replacement filters. The filter should be replaced after a year. An automatic inlet shut-off valve that closes when the filter is removed is also included. It was designed to reduce lead, particles and chlorine. Also reduces odors from incoming water. The Spun Polypropylene prefilter mesh is made of spun Polypropylene. The filter is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation for lead, particulate class 1, chlorine, taste and odor reduction. The filter is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation for lead, particulate class 1, chlorine, taste and odor reduction.

Brand: Elkay

👤The filters lasted less than 2 weeks for the last 5 orders.

👤I received one of the 6 units but have not received a reason.

👤It's a device. It's a perfect fit for our bubblers because it filters water like it's supposed to.

👤The product was perfect for my use.

👤The product worked great after delivery.

4. Pack Water Filter Straw Backpacking

Pack Water Filter Straw Backpacking

The Water Filter Backpacking Straw has a 1500 liter capacity so you can use it for a long time. The package includes two survival water filters so you always have a spare. The portable water filter straw is 8” x 1” in size and has a carrying strap that makes it easy to transport from one location to the next so you can enjoy fresh drinking emergency water everywhere you go. The water filter survival is designed to deliver fresh, pure drinking water by removing E. coli, legionella and salmonella. It is designed to improve the taste by reducing chlorine, harmful particles and bad odor. The Filter Straw is designed to remove 99% of harmfulbacteria at 0.01-micron. It's easy to carry and use, and it can be used for a lot of things. The Water Filter Backpacking Straw has a 600 liter capacity so you can use it for a long time. The package includes two survival water filters so you always have a spare.

Brand: Logest

👤I bought the 4 pack and decided to test it. It was hard to back rinse because you couldn't draw water through it. I found a bad one and tested it again. I opened a third time. Better but still not usable. The best I could do in a minute was barely 250ml. I was hoping that I had found an economical filter to pack away for emergency use, but I will have to return these. Look elsewhere for a usable product and save time and money.

👤I think this is from China. It is likely filled with radiation. I don't know. The information on the package was filled with mistakes and broken English. B. It is not clear how long they last or what the base is. The money was wasted. Buy a product that has credibility.

👤The product says it comes with 2 extra filters per tube, but the extra filters weren't there. This is false advertising, so I contacted the seller.

👤I drank the wrong way. I got food that had been stuck between my teeth after I blew into it. The outflow was blocked by that. The water intake was easy to suck up once the filter was cleaned out.

👤The straw works well. The water tasted like tap water.

👤I didn't have any stomach issues when I used this on a trip to the middle east, I drank water through this device and stuck to hot drinks. The water is different from what your body is used to.

👤We are going on a trip. They seem to be as advertised, but will update after any issues.

👤It's safe to use. It's important for you to have common sense in the likelihood that you need to drink fresh moving water that isn't treated. I live in north Florida. You can bear grylls guy. You can drink your own piss it up.

5. Waterdrop Reverse Filtration Reduction Tankless

Waterdrop Reverse Filtration Reduction Tankless

The system comes with a designer faucet and JG Food grade tubing. High quality leak-free quick connect fittings don't require any lock clips to seal leak, and don't rely on water leak detector to protect your home. There are three filters in the package. You can search for a replacement waterdrop filter. The system is certified against the standards of the NSF. The technology used is reverse osmosis. The system can remove most contaminants from your tap water. The system is certified for lead free material. Waterdrop RO is an all-in-one intelligent water purification system. In just a few minutes, the Waterdrop RO system can be installed completely, and in just three seconds, the filter can be changed. Installation is easy. It is the first smart RO system with a tankless design in the U.S. The filters provide seven stages of purification. The pre-sediment and carbon block filter is a 3-in-1 that works with three filters combined. The efficiency of the Reverse Osmosis filter is more than three stages. The activated carbon block filter uses activated carbon from coconut shell, which will improve the water taste. The no-tank design uses a new technology to more efficiently filter out harmful substances. The design of the kitchen helps you avoid secondary pollution and has more storage space. The internal pump of the RO system allows it to deliver 400 gallons of water per day. In about 12 seconds, the system can remove water from a cup. It can meet the needs of your whole family and even small companies. Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System saves water waste by 300%. Running the RO system will save you money on your water bills. You must turn on the faucet and flush the system for 30 minutes after installation. The blue light on the faucet will stop flashing once the job is done. The water capacity will be about 8. The water will be undrinkable. To save water, be creative and collect the water for other uses. You must turn on the faucet and flush the system for 30 minutes after installation. The blue light on the faucet will stop flashing once the job is done. The water capacity will be about 8. The water will be undrinkable. To save water, be creative and collect the water for other uses.

Brand: Waterdrop

👤I wanted this to work. The 15 year old RO standard system was replaced. The system has been leaking for several years. It was time for RO to be upgraded since our kitchen remodeling is under way. I searched for a better, more efficient and less water waste system. $2000 on demand European system was found by me. We decided to try this one since it had great reviews and was less expansive than the European brand. There are 1 positives. It's quite large, but it's great looking. 2. It is easy to install and replace filters. 3. The water waste ratio is 2:1. The water flow is decent. There are 1. The faucet is cheap and flimsy. It was installed and started leaking. The connection was fine, but the faucet was leaking. 2. Does not do enough to keep water clean. Before we replaced the system, we tested the water coming out of the old system and the water coming out of the kitchen faucet. The old RO system has filters that are 19 PPM. The water out of the faucet was 158 PPM. We flushed new systems after we replaced them. The water coming out of it was 26 PPM. The system that was going to be replaced was going at 19 PPM. We didn't worry about the display gauge showing 27 PPM because it was close to our meter. We went to bed after we called it a day. We tested the water again. The unit display still showed 27 PPM, but our meter showed 128 PPM of water. I called the manufacturer. It was told that water was way above average. Over time, it gets better, it filters water. We decided to return it because it had not happened with any other RO systems we have purchased. We didn't know how long it would take and how much wasted water it would take before we could drink it. We were hoping this was a winner. Performance sadly lacks, but price and looks are great. It's a pity. I'm not sure how it went from 26 to 128 after not being used overnight. It's not like water has been sitting in a container and getting re-contaminated.

👤The unit is stylish, but not hidden under the sink. The unit's compact size makes it easier to install. The horizontal footprint is small for what it does. I have never installed an RO system, but I consider myself handy. The installation was difficult because of the limited space under the cabinet. I don't like working under the sink. The unit is easy to install. I put a junction in to get to my fridge. PZ. I turned the water back on and there were no leaks. This is a testament to the unit and materials provided, since it is not due to my skills. The water taste is just as good as the best bottled water we buy. I bought a cheap TDS meter from Amazon to get an objective measure. The tap's TDS is 350 to 400 parts per million. The water is reported by the RO system. About 15 to 18 parts per million. The reading from the meter I bought was much higher than I thought. I tested my bottled water and found the reading to be the same as the RO system. Welcome to cheap TDS meters... The system is doing what it is supposed to do. I'm happy. I have been running it for about 3 weeks now and it tastes great. The water pressure from the included spigot is quite good. Is the same thing coming out of the fridge as well? The water pressure drops if I am doing it simultaneously from the fridge and spigot. If this unit lasts a long time, it will be near perfect. Even though it is one of the most efficient RO systems I have seen, it still has a lot of wasted water. My next project will be collecting and re-using effluent. I will be very satisfied with RO.

6. Platypus GravityWorks High Capacity Emergency Preparedness

Platypus GravityWorks High Capacity Emergency Preparedness

We are so confident that you will love your canteens that they will stand behind them with a Lifetime Warranty. The hollow-fiber water filter system is ideal for camping and outdoor adventures. The EPA/NSF guidelines for removal of 99.9999% ofbacteria and 99% ofparasites include giardia. The four liters of water can be delivered in 2.5 minutes by hanging from a tree and filling the reservoir. Includes a storage sack, dirty water reservoir, clean water reservoir, hollow-fiber microfilter, hoses, and shutoff clamps. The replacement filters have a flow rate of 1.75 liters/minute and are made in the USA.

Brand: Platypus

👤It's incredibly handy. I did a lot of research before buying this. The fact that you can get a lot of water in one shot, and the fact that it filters fast, sold me on this. No pumping! This is a no-brainer if you're backpacking. Bringing water on a multi-day trip is not an option because water is too heavy for an adult to drink. This is less than a pound. It can save you money in the long run. If you're buying gallons of water from the store that will cost you $350-$400, the filter lasts for 1500 liters. If you fill from the tap, this will save you space and allow you to use less water. If you need to use water for cooking or fill a Camelbak bladder, you'll need a filter that is capable of filtering more water. The storage bags and tubing are of the highest quality. The hoses are long so you can hang the dirty bag from a branch or just hang the clean bag from a lower branch. You can detach the hose from the clean side of the filter and hang the bag as shown in the picture. Want to get the most out of a single trip to the water source? You can get 8 liters in one shot. Just fill the dirty bag and wait for it to be cleaned. The clean bag should be removed from the hose and the screw cap put on it. You've got 4 liters ready to go and another 4 that can be quickly filters if you put the dirty bag up again. That's 2.1 gallons in one trip. When the dirty bag is almost finished, you can backflush it for about 5 seconds and then discard the water in the dirty bag. Add 2 liters of clean water to the dirty bag, add a couple drops of bleach, and filter it through. You can towel dry the dirty bag, but the clean bag needs to be hung for a few days in a dry place. The filters can be dried out by removing the bumpers and plastic end pieces. If the temperature drops below 32F (0C), the filter will damage it, so it cannot be dropped or used. To test the integrity of the filter, blow air backwards through it. If there are bubbles on the other side, the filter is broken. I am very happy with my purchase of this filter. I hope this review helped you.

👤I have always been a "pump" guy when it came to filters. I bought this one after using it on a trip with friends who had section hiked the whole AT. They didn't bother with the bag. They only had the dirty bag. It makes sense for a small group to only carry the dirty bag. The clean bag makes sense for a group of 6-10. It allowed us to hang up the clean bag so that we could use it for cooking and washing. Why not 5 stars? The clean bag and the dirty bag would be better if the bottom corner was removed. It would be easier to empty the clean bag. - The water flow was stopped by a useful piece of equipment. I would have liked to have one on the clean side and one on the dirty side. When the clean bag is disconnected, that would allow me to shut off the flow from the dirty side. I would rather not have to do it in certain circumstances, like removing the dirty hose from the dirty bag. This is not a purifier. It does not handle viruses. It is fine for most surface water in the US. I would use a secondary chemical treatment if I was worried about viruses.

7. Berkey Gravity Fed Filter Purification Elements

Berkey Gravity Fed Filter Purification Elements

If you have a question about the product, please don't hesitate to ask, they always provide friendly, easy-to-reach support. Purifies up to 4 gallons per hour. Up to 3,000 gallons per filter element. The holding capacity is 3.25 gallons. 304 is a high grade of steel. 304 is a high grade of steel.

Brand: Berkey

👤A friend of hers has a Berkey filter and she did a simple test on it. The test is done by putting red food dye in the top of the unit, where the filters live, fill the unit and see if the red dye is removed. I tried the same thing after she told me she failed the test. It failed as well. It was primed correctly, but still does not filter the red dye. Don't waste your money because there is no way to return the product or get assistance.

👤The Berkey is not enough for a $300.00 item. I used the water tester to see how well it filters the water. The water in my tap was showing more than one part per million. The Berkey's water was found to be at least 200 parts per million. If I only paid $20 for the Berkey, I would be satisfied with this result. The results were not satisfactory for the price that I paid. I'm sending it back.

👤The system is expensive but it is well worth it. It is an investment. We have tried many systems. The berkey system is more convenient, but the filters don't last long and you end up spending more on filters in the long run than you would on the britta. The Berkey filters are black. Some people have issues with them after a while. If I run into any issues with this product, I will contact the supplier and change the review. I advise you to order as big as you can. You should buy a sight glass spigot that will tell you how much water is in the tank. Knowing how much water to add and how much to avoid overflow is really helpful. Hope this helped. I will change this review if necessary. We still love it 6 months later. The water still has good flavor. We are happy with it. It's almost a year later and still going strong. There is no change in flavor.

👤I know a lot of people who use the filter. The water tasted weird, almost not drinkable, after we used it ourselves for 3 months, and the fish died. I would really appreciate a response from the seller and an advice on what to do. Thanks!

👤I filled the cooler with gallons and primed the filters 3 times, but the water always looked greasy. I only used the berkey for 5 weeks but I have had to wash the bottom every 3 weeks because the water starts to smell funny. The top of the filters is crumbling after I took them out to prime again. I believe I got a fake berkey from this company. * The company Good Source sent me a set of replacement filters and I finally completed the installation. I did a dye test and one of the filters was malfunctioning and the dye was coming out of its spout. The quality was disappointing. The water should be excellent, clean and free of problems. I'm not sure if Good Source is selling a fake product or Berkey is making a bad product.

8. FS TFC Portable Purifier Emergency Preparedness

FS TFC Portable Purifier Emergency Preparedness

The tree strap is easy to hang on trees. Thanks for the one-piece design, no worries about losing. Their water purification system is food-grade and free ofBPA. The EPA Est. 97260-CHN-1 is listed. The best safety water solutions include a Sand Filter Head, Cleanable 8,000L UF Prefiltration, Heavy Metal Remove KDF and Activated Carbon Fiber, Provide Medical Grade Filtration, remove larger than 0.01um, and a lot more. The rate can be removed up to 99%, including Arsenic, Lead, and many other heavy metals. The most efficient water filters for outdoor water are low pressure hollow fiber. Their Heavy Metal removal is 20 times more efficient than the competition. The 1.5L/Min Fast Flow rate is more efficient than the competition. Can be used from a fresh water source, pumped into an empty water bottle or put into a hydration pack. It's perfect for backpacking gear for outdoor activities. The handle and rod are made of SUS 304stainless steel and have a unique design. The water inlet and outlet have non-slip undercut. Food grade materials The main body material is Polysulfone Medical Grade Ultra Filter, which is a BPA Free product. All manufacturing and other defects are covered by their Lifetime Warranty. If you don't like your Filter, return it and they will give you a full refund.

Brand: Fs-tfc

👤I'm not sure how I feel about this. The water filter is easy to use. When I first used this filter, I thought the water from the lake had a slight lake/ dirt flavor. I took a picture of the water from a resevoir and the water from a water filter side by side. I'm scared to use the water filter after seeing this. I only use the water filter for 20 gallons. I don't mind the color if the water is safe to drink.

👤I was going to hike around Mt. Whitney for eight days. The water tasted great. The first two days the filter failed, spilling sand and mucking up the internals. I cleaned it and it was back up again. The last 6 days I drank water from a bottle. I would only recommend it to my enemies.

👤I bought this for myself. I was so afraid of getting a waterborne disease while camping that I used the bathroom in the wild frequently, so I did a lot of research on water filters. My entire crew had to rely on this filter to stay hydrated. We didn't boil the water after we got it clean, no one got sick and the water tasted good. I was going to get a straw type filter. I think it was a good choice to buy this filter. It wasn't that hard to pump. I am a 5' 2 inch female. I was able to do about 4 liters. Well made! Small, convenient, light, and no waterborne diseases.

👤It was easy to assemble. I can't tell if the outputs are for pumping into a cannister or sucking out water from your mouth. The pouch is cool, but it will burst if too much air gets into it. The bag exploded on me when the pump pushed air and water into it. There is a way to alleviate this by not closing the bag with the opening for the tube, but really no air should have been going into the bag period. The bag I used to dump into my metal water jug was provided by me. There is a The only other issue I have is that the filter is open and exposed, which makes it hard to cover, but it worked well and saved me when I ran out of water.

👤You never know when an emergency can happen. This can save your life. I bought the filter because it is able to filter even further and fine materials. The best filters force the water through a tighter weave, which is more effort, but it does require you to pump it. I keep one in the house and one in the car. You never know.

👤They delivered an in-line filter for an RV. Twice. The seller reached out to me multiple times after the initial review was posted. They offered to send the unit for free if you update the review. The quality and construction of the product are as expected, and I received the correct product. I can't attest to function or longevity because I haven't used it yet.

9. APEC Alkaline Drinking Water ROES PH75

APEC Alkaline Drinking Water ROES PH75

The survival water filter comes with a gravity tubing which allows you to hook up the Squeeze Filter as a gravity filter, and also comes with a syringe to back-flush the filter, which can be done thousands of times. Water safety and your health are guaranteed by supreme quality. The ROES-PH75 system is guaranteed to remove up to 99% of contaminants, including chlorine, taste, odor, VOCs, toxic fluoride, arsenic, lead, nitrates, heavy metals and 1000+ contaminants. 2000 parts per million is the Max Total Dissolved Solids. Feed water pressure is 40 to 85. The US made cartridge uses food grade calcium from a trusted source. Enjoy ultra-pure drinking water with added calcium minerals. The system is WQA certified. Premium long lasting filters are used to treat tap. There is well water. Provide clean drinking water. America's No.1 rated water filter brand with 20 years of success guarantees trouble free, noise-free system for long lasting, dependable, pure drinking water. The manufacturer warranty is 2 years. The system comes with all the parts and instructions you need to make your own. The system comes with a designer faucet and JG Food grade tubing. High quality leak-free quick connect fittings don't require any lock clips to seal leak, and don't rely on water leak detector to protect your home. The system comes with a designer faucet and JG Food grade tubing. High quality leak-free quick connect fittings don't require any lock clips to seal leak, and don't rely on water leak detector to protect your home.

Brand: Apec Water

👤I was dumped by a girlfriend who learned about reverse osmosis water. I still have the RO water. I win. I did not install it so I knocked some stars off. I had a man put it in. I saw that there was no way I could have done it. I am sure that it is doable if you are handy and patient. I had the water connected to a spigot at my sink and the water inlet to my refrigerator water dispensers. I now have room temperature water from the spigot or the refrigerator. My ice cubes seem to work better now that they are nearly clear. I don't have to buy the expensive, crappy little in-line carbon filters that I've been buying for years because the RO water goes to my refrigerator. The water filters from GE cost about $50 and it will take a long time for the system to pay for itself. That is a win. I bought a digital water tester on Amazon because I am a nerd, and I found that my water has total dissolved solids of 300 parts per million. My water has 15 parts per million. That translated into my water tasting great, and that was the whole point of buying the system, so still another win. My advice is to buy this wonderful RO system. It is likely to last longer than your current girlfriend.

👤So far, so good. I tested the PH in the water and it was 5. Not what I was expecting. The system adds minerals back into the water. Has anyone else had the same issue? Thank you. The PH is still at 5 and it is bright orange. People should be careful when drinking RO water because it reduces alkalinity. I'm calling to find out if the ph filter is working. I don't want my family to drink water that is acidic and dead. It is still low after being tested with 3 different methods. I am calling the company to get the extra money I paid for the PH filter. The water in my tap tested 7 and 6.

👤I bought a house on the edge of a farm field and found out I had high nitrates in my water. I decided to try to eliminate those nitrates. I had another test done after installation and my level is now 0.64p. Very pleased with the system. We mounted this in the basement and ran the water upstairs to the kitchen sink. We can still use below the sink for various supplies, but it was slick. If we're not still below healthy limits, we'll have a retesting in the spring. Would recommend this product to others.

👤I installed the system on my own. I did not do an official water test, but I did leave my tap water in a glass next to the water that was being tested. The tap water tasted bad the next day, but the water at the APEC was delicious. I fill a 3 gallon glass jug with water and bring it to my office. Sometimes it will sit for a week in the jug as it slowly empties by my drinking. I had an issue with the drain saddle, but it was easy to install. I installed the foam seal part that was not mentioned in the instructions on the saddle and have not had any problems since. After I shared the problem with them, they immediately returned my email and said they would send the information to the appropriate department and thank me for bringing it to their attention. The instructions were very thorough and awesome despite the missing information. I appreciate the extra effort that was put into the install and maintenance instructions. There is a To save space under my sink from the big holding tank, I strapped it up under the counter with a plastic strap. I used the horizontal option because the instructions state that the tank can lay vertically or horizontally. I have had no issues with the tank wanting to fall and I have the same amount of cupboard space as I had before the install. A shelf could be installed to hold the tank above the cupboard floor. Great product! Great water! Excellent instructions! Great service from the company. Highly recommended!

10. LifeStraw Advanced Water Filter Gravity

LifeStraw Advanced Water Filter Gravity

All standard sized under counter RO systems are compatible with high performance replacement filters. The hollow fiber Membrane has a small size. Removes 99% of the organisms and 99% of the plastic. Carbon fiber capsule reduces lead, other heavy metals, chlorine and organic chemical matter. The US EPA has drinking water standards. Exceeds the standard for reduction of lead and other heavy metals. 2, 000 liters/500 gallons and 100 liters/26.4 gallons are the lifetimes. Every Life Straw product purchased, a school child in need will receive safe drinking water for the entire school year.

Brand: Lifestraw

👤If you want something that filters Viruses and not heavy metals, you should get the Mission. If you want something that protects you from heavy metals. The ball is in your court. I'll return this immediately. I'm not going to buy a mission that doesn't filter heavy metals. Not a single person reviews this product. The social proof must have been purchased from fiver. From people who purify the water at airports, churches, schools and the like. This will work if you are using airport or church water. If you are outside, make sure you have purification tablets. There is a huge difference between purification and filtration. The pictures and content on this listing make one believe that it is suitable for any water source. That could not be further from the truth. If you plan to use this outdoors, you should use purification tables. I wanted to give some insight on how to use this filter. When hanging it make sure it is the right height for the container you're going to use for the water. The water doesn't go down but goes up because the hose is curved. It was a very frustrating experience. You will end up holding the filter up in the air with one arm and your cup beneath it for about 5 minutes. A huge customerirritant. The river water tastes like a fish. I like ceramic filters that help with taste and filters viruses.

👤After about 30 gallons of clear Northern Minnesota lake water, the filter started to get stuck and had to be flushed for every gallon of water. This took place in 3 days. We were in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area and only had to boil the water so it was not a big deal. The other product we used worked just fine. I am not sure if that will scare me or not.

👤The backflushing device is weak. On my first outing, it broke. It does a good job of providing clean water and is well made. If I were to do it over, I would buy a Sawyer mini and use the hydration bladder that I already own. The lifestraw flex has all of the functions of this one.

👤This system is useful for camping or hiking. It's very light and doesn't take up a lot of room. I would pack this for a small group of hikers. I got two quarts of water in 10 minutes, which is a good flow rate. The water bag, plastic hose, and the filter are part of the system. The bag fills easily and it all assembles easily. The filter is a standard LifeStraw inline filter that has a strainer and a charcoal filter. The charcoal filter's lifetime is less than that of the strainer, so if that's a concern it would be wise to have some replacements handy. The inline filter can be used with other things, like water bottles, for filters as well. The bag is lined with plastic to make it waterproof. The bag is tough because of the straps at the top. What is it like in use? If you've never used a system like this before, keep in mind that water is very heavy and the filled water bag is also heavy. You will need a strong place to hang it or a high place to rest it. You or someone else will have tired arms if you don't. You need room below the bag for a water container, filter, and tubing if you want to use it. If you don't have a way of securing the tubing or filter, you'll want someone nearby to make sure the water flows where you want it. Make sure the tubing is securely attached to the bag. You risk a contaminated water leak that will travel down the outside of the tube, over the top of the filter, and potentially into your clean water container if you don't do something about it. Not good. I got a flow rate of two quarts in ten minutes. This is more than adequate. That is a flow rate with clean water. If you're using a cloudy water system, the flow rate will be worse because the filter element will need to be flushed. The water in the bag is not pre-filtered, so anything you can do to pre-filter the water before putting it in the bag will help.

11. Survivor Filter Hydration Extender Backwashing

Survivor Filter Hydration Extender Backwashing

Ultralight For Any Adventure lightweight and portable camping accessories weigh less than 3.5 ounces, which fit your hands, pocket, bag and act as a backpacking gear. It's ideal for hiking, camping and travelling. Pack a life straw inside your survival tools and emergency kit to help you reduce fear and anxiety during water shortage and other emergencies. The package includes the Survivor Filter PRO, an extra set of replacement filters, Backwashing Syringe, 2 Carrying Cases, extra Tubing and a Microfibre Cloth. Log 5 removal was tested at multiple USA labs to show that it removed 99% of Protozoa. Log 5 removal was 99% of tested VIRUS. It matches or exceeds most home systems in terms of Mercury and Lead removal. Ask them for copies of their tests. It is possible to remove toxicity from most heavy metals, taste and chemicals with triple filtration. Their Heavy Metal removal is 20 times more efficient than the competition and none of the competition comes close to it. The flow rate is 500 liters. It can be pumped into a hydration pack or directly from a fresh water source. It's a great way to purify large jugs of water for the whole family. They cover all manufacturing and other defects for the lifetime sales support of the Survivor Filter. If you run into any problems with any of their products, simply contact them and they will make it right.

Brand: Survivor Filter

👤This is part of my emergency water plan. I use a 5 gallon bucket to collect the water from the retention pond, then I rough filter the water through a t-shirt, and then I use a bad boy to physically remove the coliform in the water. I prep the water because the Berkey could not handle the nasty water straight. I can use my solar powered chlorine generator to treat the water if I suspect heavy virus content, and the smell and taste will be removed by the Berkey. The average pore size is 0.01 microns, which means practically nothing, and the poor size is.025 microns. The company told me that the filter was tested on a large virus and that it was a success. The next smallest size I know of is theMSR, it can only handle a small amount of water, between 396 gallons and 350 gallons, and it is not great for long term use. No toxins are being removed because theMSR doesn't have activated charcoal. The charcoal filter on this doesn't last very long. The other two filters had 26k gallons and the carbon filter had only 528 gallons. It's not enough to say that this isn't the best value water filter on the market, it just means that it loses its limited heavy metal, bad taste/smell removal capabilities in less than three months. It's not bad for $65. The flow rate is good, it takes 10 minutes to pump every gallon of water. Light enough to carry in a cargo pocket, well thought out and engineered, a million times better than life straw, and any of their 2 micron filters that leave you wide open to a wide verity of deadly water born illness like vibrio cholerae, not to mention every viruse I can give my family of 3 w/ 2 dogs and 10 years of free water in an off grid situation with this single $65 device. There are more things that can harm you than viruses. There are a lot of chemicals and toxins. My large Berkey takes out all the animals, but it also takes out over a hundred other chemicals, poisons, and metals, as well as some forms of radioactive waste. I'm going to give my family over 20 years of the cleanest drinking water possible at the drop of a hat, if I can get two survivor filters and my Berkey.

👤I have 2 more filters, and one that passed my extreme tests, as I will soon test my own self on the trail with a back that was broken in several places. I tested the water thoroughly.

👤This is a good filter. It was used in two different places. The taste was pleasant. I don't like the idea of having to replace the carbon filter every 500 liters. The price should be much lower. It's a good product. You don't have to carry water bottles when fishing. I'm loving it! If possible, please lower the price of your filters.

👤I have them in my supplies for camping, always great to have just in case. They seem to be easy to use.


What is the best product for survival drinking water filter?

Survival drinking water filter products from Apec Water Systems. In this article about survival drinking water filter you can see why people choose the product. Berkey and Elkay are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival drinking water filter.

What are the best brands for survival drinking water filter?

Apec Water Systems, Berkey and Elkay are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival drinking water filter. Find the detail in this article. Logest, Waterdrop and Platypus are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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