Best Survival Cord Paracord

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1. BENGKU Survival Mil SPEC Parachute MIl C 5040 H

BENGKU Survival Mil SPEC Parachute MIl C 5040 H

There is a variety of colors in 30 feet, including camo, orange, reflective black and reflective orange for high visibility outdoors. Paracord is often called a parachute cord. The rope is nylon. The paracord is about 4mm. The paracord is about 5mm in diameter. Each strand has 3 yarns. Great for hiking and camping. Paracord is perfect for camping, hiking, and crafting. There are paracord bracelets, paracord lanyards, and dog collar and belts. There is no limit to what you can do with the paracords. The average breaking strength is over 500 pounds.

Brand: Bengku

👤When elastic supplies ran out, I used paracord to make masks for hospital staff. It is very comfortable and very durable, and it is used at the hospital. The staffs ears are easier to tie. The thickness and size was perfect, and it was much more affordable than buying the smaller rolls in my local campsite section at Walmart. It helped me get back to making masks quickly. Thank you!

👤It's good quality. I use it to suspend shade sails in the yard. I haven't had any issues with it. I ordered 100' and measured 5 lengths. I came up short when I got the fifth length. I remeasured everything because I thought I was crazy and it was only 6' short. I ordered more to finish. I would have ordered a longer cord if I'd known the price.

👤When I ordered it, it said it was 100 feet of cord. It's only 52 feet long when I tried to use it for my project. This was a total waste of time and money because I didn't have enough to do my project. The cord is of good quality. It's only half the length.

👤This is amazing. I wanted to make dog collar. I could make 3 or 4 out of the paracord. It is easy to work with bright colors and for a good price.

👤The strands are in the shell. The paracord feels solid when touched. The diameter is thicker than the paracord I bought before. Excellent quality indeed. I checked with customer service to make sure this paracord was made in China. Customer service is prompt and courteous. I am not sure if the nylon used to make the strands is made by a US company or a Chinese company. The rope doesn't show any sign of stretching when I put my weight on it.

👤I have worked for the Air Force for over 30 years and I am always skeptical of the term "mil-spec". The cord has the right number of inner cords and weight tolerances to meet military specifications, but it is not what I would call military quality. The cord is stiff and the wrap is rough. I don't think it would be suitable for use with parachutes, where it would rip delicate material. I bought it for a dog leash and it is very difficult to use. Do not recommend.

👤It's definitely not a US mil-spec. There are actually 10 strands of 3. You would think that would be a good thing, however the strands are very thin and very loose. There is no marker strand like in the mil-spec cord. The outer shell is very stiff and rough, it couldn't be used around a parachute. When trying to handle it, this rope is very easy to knot up. They rip you off by a few feet. I tied a tarp around my wood pile. Not good for much else.

👤The reviews for this product were pretty good, and it was cheap, probably because it's made cheaply and not actually paracord. I wouldn't trust my cord for anything other than hanging a tarp or something light because there were no nylon strands inside. I don't need it for much more than that, but I was hoping for a better quality cord that could hold more than 500 lbs. I wouldn't trust this for a hammock, but for basic binding it should serve its purpose, and I will definitely spend a little more next time.

2. SurvivorCord Paracord Parachute Integrated Waterproof

SurvivorCord Paracord Parachute Integrated Waterproof

All paracord ropes are backed by a 1 year money back guarantee, which covers any quality, reliability and performance issues. Click "Contact Seller" and send them your email. It is a proprietary blend of nylon and Polyester. The 3rd generation of their exclusive SurvivorCord parachute cord was designed at the request of the U.S. Special Forces in Afghanistan. With a Tensile Strength of over 1,000 lbs, they've integrated 3 life-saving survival strands into TITAN's trusted TYPE IV Military 750 Paracord. The US Patents 9,528,204 are the only ones that protect SurvivorCord XT. The core of the SurvivorCord XT is made of a 900F fire-resistant Kevlar strand that can be used as a saw, a way to bind tools together, or even to secure your food over a camp. This fiber will not break or burn in the end. WaXed JyotitINDER Their strand is waterproof and designed to quickly start fires. This strand is the best on the market. You will have an instant fire after a couple sparks from your favorite SurvivorSteel, even in a downpour or after soaking in water for 8 hours. A braided fishing line can be used to catch your dinner, as thread for emergency sutures, dental floss, or even as a snare for small game animals. This can be melted and used to patch holes. The TITAN PROMISE. If you're not happy with their products, they will give you a full refund.

Brand: Titan Paracord

👤The cordage is the best. Full stop. I have been using the Survivor cords for a few years now and have enjoyed the strength,Durability, and Convenient extras woven into the cord. I only carry this cord for camping and hiking. The bar for this type of cord has been raised with the introduction of their 3rd generation. I picked up a 100' hank of this new line in February and have been reviewing it for 5 months. The kerchief strand is great for use as a saw. I could list the things I have used it for. I really like the dark green braided fishing line that they have in the new generation of SurvivorCord, I was able to use it as dental floss after catching and filleting a nice bass with the cord on a pole cut from a sturdy stalk of cane. Good tinder can be found in the waxed Jute. The strand of red and white is used for marking branches. The last two things. I would like to mention that. I was worried that the SurvivorCord would be stiff, but I found that it is more flexible than their previous generation of SurvivorCord. 2. I am amazed at how well the internal strands have held up to the elements in the tropics. This stuff is not the stuff that breaks down because of constant sun exposure or rots out. I used a few strands to attach a simple tripod that has been exposed to the conditions above continuously 24x7 for four months and I have not seen any signs of decay or damage. I hope they can eventually add reflective orange for overt campsites, Coyote or Dessert tan, Red, and the gunmetal Gray that they have in the previous generation of SurvivorCord. I hope the review helped people find the best. This cord is what Titan claims it to be. I consider this cord my default cord. Charles Barest.

👤Another great product by this company. I think the Kevlar thread is a great addition to the older version with wire, it is much more versatile. The thread, braided fishing line, and top-notch paracord cover many basic needs in camping and survival gear. I had a question and the company responded right away, great customer service. I have many of their products and they are all good value. The survivor cord is a smart addition to your kit or bugout bag.

👤The good folks at Titan Survival came along with this product when I didn't think that Survivor Cord could get any better. 1000 lbs is slightly thicker than the original Survival Cord. The survival cord is called the XT. The strength is 1000 lbs., with water resistant fire-starting waxed jute tinder strands, and a heat resistant 150 lbs. A 25# test braided fishing line, a 25# test braided fishing line, a 25# test braided fishing line, a 25# test braided fishing line, a 25# test braided fishing line, a 25# test braided fishing line, a 25# test braided fishing line, a 25 The lifetime warranty is added to the Titan's. You won't find anything better until Titan comes out with a newer, improved version. The original Titan paracord and the original Titan Survivor Cord are in my possession. This is the best. "Get home" bag or bug-out bag should be in every emergency kit. It's worth the money when your life is on the line. Excellent, Titan Survival.

3. GEAR AID 80670 Para Cord

GEAR AID 80670 Para Cord

The only parachute cord you'll ever need is SurvivorCord, which is designed to replace any and all parachute cord in your backpack, vehicles, or emergency kits. It is more functional and easier to cut and use than normal paracord. A service-disabled U.S. Army Combat Veteran invented and patented a product. The Para cord is made of nylon and has 7 strand construction. It can be used as fishing line, fire starter, thread, or floss. The carabineer has attachment options for hanging backpacks, lights and water bottles. The 4mm utility cord is great for camping, backpacking, emergencies and survival, and can be used to hang a bear bag (100 ft.) or suspend a clothesline. The para cord is recommended. It can be made into a survival bracelet, para cord dog collar, knife lanyard, or handle wrap. There is a variety of colors in 30 feet, including camo, orange, reflective black and reflective orange for high visibility outdoors.

Brand: Gear Aid

👤I was in the woods with a knife and paracord, trying to get naked and afraid. Thats all I had. I opened my paracord to make a fishing line, but found no strands in the middle of the toilet paper. If I'm in for a pound, I'll go parachuting to find out if this holds 550lb. I'm out of the coma one month later. This is only a look far away. If you rely on this for survival, you will die or be seriously injured. The sheath is wrapped in toilet paper. Not good toilet paper. A single ply. So disappointed.

👤As long as you don't plan on cutting it, it's a good paracord. It's not ideal for a long hike because it frays and the cord wrapping twists a lot. I did the job, but not my favorite paracord.

👤I like the light-reflective paracord for tent line supports, which are very visible when you return to your camp at night. I used it to wrap a couple items, including an alder walking stick I finished last month. It claims to meet the spec. It seems to be flatter than the other non-reflective paracord I used. The flatter profile of this paracord works well as a grip on this walking stick, but I prefer the beefier paracord when protecting against over strikes on axes. This product is best used for tent lines and wrapping projects. The ends do form nicely.

👤Is the paracord visible in the black/white pictures? It was used about 24'. This is why it was needed. I bought the Burley Nomad trailer in 2003 I passed on replacing the fabric floor because of the cost. I used the trailer until the wheels fail off in 2021. I needed quick release for both wheels but support parts for my trailer ended in 2008. I knew I had to protect the floor. I checked the cost of a new floor on this trailer and it was three times more expensive than this mat. I needed a safe way to connect them because they don't make a mat in one piece. I was going to attach the mats with various things, including paracord, wire ties, longer screws, and scrap metal.

👤The way it is wound is the only complaint I have. If you try to unwrap the outer part of it, you will have a big tangle on your hands. There is a If you know this in advance, you can eliminate some headaches.

👤The price difference isn't much, but I trust this brand a lot. I've gotten top quality cordage every time I've purchased it. This is as good as it gets and paracord can only be so good. I would like to see more variety in the color choices.

👤The carabiner is not for climbing. I like how it allows you to lock the lever in place. The cord is not thick but it is sturdy and versatile. The price is a good one for the amount of cord, and the seller shipped it right away. Great experience. Overall, I am very pleased.

4. WEREWOLVES 550 Paracord Type III

WEREWOLVES 550 Paracord Type III

We will give you a full refund if you don't like their paracord. They know you will love their paracord and they are proud of it. They back it with a 100% Money Back Guarantee to help you buy with confidence. The starter kit contains everything you need to make your first Paracord knotting. It can be used to make bracelets, paracord lanyards, water bottle handle, and other smaller projects. The type III commercial grade parachute cord has a minimum breaking strength of 500 lbs. The sheath surrounds the 7 Inner strands. In times of need, it will not let you down. You can use this in a bug-out bag, in your home, garage, tool box, shed, fishing boat, backpack, hike pack, and more. The paracord kit can make enough bracelets and crafts, hold a Paracord bracelet making party, and invite your family and friends to a fun handcrafting day. You can open the box and start making the paracord project you want to make. Arts and crafts will be rewarding for years to come if you develop a love for them. If their product doesn't meet your standards, just send it back for a replacement or a full refund. They know you will love the quality of their paracord kit. They back it with a 100% Money Back Guarantee to help you buy with confidence.

Brand: Werewolves

👤The seller reached out to me more than made me whole. Excellent communication. Great seller to deal with. They went above and beyond to make sure we were taken care of. A+. I received my kit today. A small hole in the outer Amazon bag was torn. There are missing cord sections. I'm happy with the quality of the parts. I'm stuck now. It can't be returned before Xmas. We are rolling with it. This leaves a sour taste in the mouth. 3/6

👤I liked the variety of colors, but you won't be able to get enough from each strand. If you're starting out making paracord bracelets, this is a good set up to expose one to different color schemes, but if you're experienced, you're not getting a lot in terms of paracord bundle sizes.

👤Werewolves make and sell several kits. Some have more colors. They are great for a gift or new to this hobby. This is the good stuff. I had been using something else. This is better to work with. Thank you for the excellent value for money.

👤I bought this set for my grandson. He said that the paracord makes even knots and he is satisfied. The bracelets he has made are of excellent quality. There is a The bracelets he made for friends were made with the accessories.

👤My grandson was given the gift for his birthday. He loved it because it has all the components he needs to complete his projects. He could easily keep all the components and tools in the bag.

👤I bought a kit for my daughter. This one has a better mix of colors. I would recommend this brand.

👤I grabbed the first cord from the bag and it was dirty. It's pretty disappointing. Excellent shipping.

👤The variety of colors in this pack made me happy. The parts worked well and held up. I would buy it again for another project.

👤A lot of laracord will keep me busy.

5. Paracord Multifunction Parachute Survival Carabiner

Paracord Multifunction Parachute Survival Carabiner

SGT Koonts is committed to being the best of the best, just like the Marine Corps. The motto is, "Semper Fidelis-Always Faithful." Their loyalty to their customers is what makes them who they are, and the reason they continue to grow in popularity and product offering. They promise to keep the strength and consistency of their products. Their bulk savings are passed on to their customers. The rope is made of high quality Inner polyester outer nylon, 7 strand design, safe and lightweight, soft and good touch, dry fast, and paracord cord 550 is resistant to abrasion, it is not raised after frequent use. 140 kilo is the amount of paracord rope rainbow pull. There are 12 bright colors. Red, orange, yellow, fluorescent green, blue, sky blue, purple, black, white, etc. You have different needs. The 12 colours x 10 ft paracord bracelet is black and white. You can combine two or more colors to create a pattern or larger craft. This kit is great for anyone from beginners to advanced users, making it great for all ages and genders. You can make lanyards, friendship bracelets, survival bracelets, field equipment, tent drawstrings, lifelines, luggage ropes, clotheslines, keychains, necklaces, emergency bracelets and much more. This 9 different colors of nylon rope is ideal for crafts like lanyards, bracelets, necklaces, crafting coasters, survival uses, fishing stringers on your boat, use as a pully when hunting, and keep in. Don't worry about the quality of Rainbow Color Black and White Parachute, and buy safely. They want you to have a pleasant shopping experience. If for any reason you are not happy with their nylon parachute cord, return it within 30 days for a full, no questions asked refund.

Brand: Pveath

👤It was used to make face masks. They were great for tying face mask to head. The nylon is easy to burn. It was easy to coordinate the colored cords with the fabric color.

👤The nylon feels slippery and bends. The bright lime green is actually a shade of mint green. The cord is at the tip. The purple, gold, and baby pink were not present. You only had one job, to put the colors in the pack. I received 9. It has to be sent back. Uuugh!

👤The orange one is not 10 ft, it is 9 ft, which is the black one. I was told that the rope record was 3 m, which is not what it is advertised as. You should advertise in metric if you are selling in metric.

👤I wanted to make something for crafting. For the money, it works great. It seemed like it was around 10 feet of each color I used. If someone needed it to hold something heavy, I would be concerned. I am not saying that it wouldn't work, but the texture feels weaker than other options, like what you would get at an exchange store. Otherwise, it is perfect.

👤The paracord is used to make puppy whelping collars. It was what I needed. I was able to make 6 sets of 12 collars. I would recommend the purchase to other breeders.

👤This product was used for shoe bags. I used the 60pcs Plastic Cord Locks 3 Style Toggle Stopper Plastic Spring Fastener for Drawstring Shoelaces clothing as locks. The colors worked well together.

👤There is a nice assortment of colors. Pricing was reasonable.

👤The cord is not broken. It has a shiny surface and the knots are loose.

👤Great selection. I bought these to use as clothing. They are easy to knot. They are thick and bright. Thank you for arriving quickly.

👤The quality of this product is lovely, but the description of the 12 colors is not accurate, I received variations between 8ft and nearly 10ft. Not enough to make 2 bracelets. It would be a 5 star review if there was 10ft of each colour.

👤I like to try new things. A man is doing macrame. Wanted to try but didn't want to spend a lot The pack is perfect for that.

👤Easy to use. This does exactly the same job, and I couldn't justify the huge cost for a genuine trampoline string. The children are having fun choosing the colors. I have enough to restring twice more.

👤The bags have a proper cord to close them. I am really pleased with this purchase.

6. WILLBOND Paracord Buckles Keychain Stitching

WILLBOND Paracord Buckles Keychain Stitching

The minimum breaking point has been tested for excellence. If you need a strong rope or cordage, use your 12 feet of paracord. It can be used as a trap, a shelter, or a fishing line. The package includes 150 feet parachute cord in 15 different vibrant colors, 10 feet for each color, along with 15 buckles, 5 key chains and 5 key rings, 1 round head needle, 1 big eye needle and 1 scissor. The parachute cord is made of nylon and has 7 inner strand cores with a minimum breaking strength of 550 lbs, strong and durable enough for common binding, decoration hanging, etc. The round head needle is the same size as the parachute cord, it is easier to use, and the smoothing tools are lightweight. The paracord combo crafting kit can be used for a lot of things. The key rings and buckles can be used to make a variety of accessories.

Brand: Willbond

👤The starter kit is great for learning how to make things. The key rings and attachment are strong. The string is strong. Great color choices.

👤One of the best things I've ever purchased! Two teenage kids who are enjoying making these are now looking at more intricate designs. Excellent value for good quality cord and clips. The scissors tool is not the best. I can forgive this because of the quality of the other items. Would buy again.

👤Sometimes you get what you pay for. It shows that it is cheap. I have had to re-sit one of the blades and the cap has already started slipping off (fortunately kept in a bag with my Marlin Spike & fids) The cord is not the best for more complex weaves, having had other similar kits. It's okay if you're just doing cobra weaves, but quality is not.

👤I bought this when I started paracording. Excellent starter kit.

👤There is a good selection of colors.

👤Prompt service. There is a good assortment of accessories.

7. Titan SurvivorCord DRAGONSCALE Paracord Fire Starter

Titan SurvivorCord DRAGONSCALE Paracord Fire Starter

Proprietary blend. At the request of Special Forces in Afghanistan, their SurvivorCord was designed with 3 life-saving survival strands in mind. Paracord. The U.S. Patents 9,528,204 and 9,926,652 are the ones that protect SurvivorCord. There isn't a better paracord. A mono fishing line that can be used when critically needed food is just yards away is included. This can be melted and used to patch holes. The Waxed Jute Fire-Starter is made of twisted, waterproof, jute fiber. This strand is the best on the market. You will have an instant fire even in a rainstorm if you have your favorite ferro-rod or SurvivorSteel. The wire is multi-purpose. The 30 AWG metallic alloy is non-magnetic. It's perfect for small snares, HAM Radio antennae, camp-fire food wraps, and any other ingenious survival ideas. The only parachute cord you'll ever need is SurvivorCord, which is designed to replace any and all parachute cord in your backpack, vehicles, or emergency kits. It is more functional and easier to cut and use than normal paracord. A service-disabled U.S. Army Combat Veteran invented and patented a product.

Brand: Titan Paracord

👤I have not used this product for any of its survivor characteristics. There are tons of awesome reviews of this product. The product's awesome inner characteristics are what I assume most. I hope I can give cautionary feedback that it's not great. I used this to make a continuous ridgeline for my hammock camping setup. I thought it would be cool to have the survival strands right inside of my ridgeline. First of all, tying the cord tight between two trees, putting tension on the cord with a trucker's hitch, causes the cord to "bunch" funny and cause it to develop kinks in it. I assume this is because of the different materials inside that they have different amounts of give. After using the cord for a while, you will notice that some elements have shifted, and are now sticking out past the end of your terminated/burnt end. If I was not careful, I would pierce the rain fly with the copper wire if I had to. I have also cut myself of it. It's not nearly as flexible as "normal" paracord. I knew it was going in. The product is cool. It would be cool to make bracelets out of it. It's not a product that I would use in a working setting. That eliminates it from my bag. I need products that can be used everyday.

👤I was impressed and wanted to be thorough. I wanted to give a shout out to Jarod and Shannon. I had some questions and concerns that they addressed quickly and professionally. They responded to my email within a couple hours after I sent it. I have worked with other sellers on Amazon before but none have been as friendly and fast as Jarod and Shannon. Whenever I need paracord, they have earned my future business. The review is now on. I had pictures to accompany this, but I couldn't get my old camera to download them to my computer. The portion of the trip that was intended to be used to test new gear was supposed to be used. One of the new items was a cord. The paracord has 3 additional survival cords added, brass wire, and 25lb fishing line. I had the chance to use the real mil-spec 550 while in the Army, so I have a base line for comparison. I have been a prepper for over 25 years and have some knowledge of how the 3 additional strands might be used. 1st I have at least 6 different brands of paracord that all claim to be mil-spec, and there are many different makers of paracord available on Amazon and elsewhere. It does not come close to being as good as mil-spec if it says "commercial" paracord. Buyers beware and pay attention to the reviews, even those who claim to be mil-spec are not always. I am not here to tell anyone not to buy another person's product, or to bad mouth other companies. I think that the Titan brand cord is stronger than what I had access to in the Army. It is tightly woven and feels better. I did not test the breaking strength of the "550", but I did hang my self from a tree branch on a single strand, even though I would like to hang my self from a tree branch. I plan to purchase a lot more of the regular Titan cord without the added strands. I would trust my life and survival to this cord. I did not actually fish with the fishing line, but it appeared to be good quality. I compared the strength of it to the regular fishing line from my reel and they had the same or very close to the same breaking point. It is a challenge to cut the lines from the SurvivorCord without damaging it, which is one of the drawbacks to using this as a survival cord. It would be difficult to use the fishing line if you separated the strands. The fishing line is only relevant to the fishing line and not the wire or jute because you would not need more than a 5' section. If you needed to fish in a survival situation, you would have to pull all the internal strands together so that you wouldn't have the full 550lb cord. The inner cords and outer sheath are still very useful. The fire starter is made of wax. It's a little more difficult to separate the jute from its fibrous state, compared to regular store bought twine, but it's still very usable. It took a spark from the ferro rod. It is not easy to start with a ferro rod without separating into fibers. I compared the paracord being sold as a survival item to the one being sold as a survival item, only adding a fire starter with mil-spec 550 and having an additional inner cord that is red and is a proprietary chemical fire starting "tinder" similar to the waxed jute in the The red fire starter worked just as well as the Titan cord, but the cord itself was not as strong as the one used in the movie, and it cost more than the one used in the movie. I had pictures of the comparison and it was obvious that it was inferior to the Titan cord. The wire was the 4th one. It was stronger than expected since it has to be thin enough to fit into the 550. I used the wire and regular inner strands of the 550 to make snares and traps. I tested the snares with a stick and no live animals were harmed. It is not a braided wire, but a picture hanging wire, which is useful for many things. I used wire at the base of the log to prevent the Swedish torch from splitting during the burn, and it worked well for that. There are only 2 negatives about this cord, but they don't detract from the awesomness of this cord. If you need more than a 5' continuous length, it can be difficult to withdraw only 1 strand. The SurvivorCord is more difficult to tie knots than regular paracord and it is also more difficult to make small loops. If you want to use it as a cord, get the regular Titan cord instead of the survivor cord. If you read the whole thing, I thank you. I wanted to give a lot of my findings to other people that may be considering this cord because I was very impressed with it. I plan to use the regular Titan cord for all my needs moving forward. My other brands will be replaced with Titan. I asked Jarod and Shannon if they could make the longer lengths of the SurvivorCord available, but they haven't been able to because they have been busy with demand. I am going to make a belt out of the SurvivalCord after I buy some more, as the lanyards on my knives and sheaths have already been replaced. It is the best survival cord I have seen.

8. WEREWOLVES 550 Paracord Bracelet Kit

WEREWOLVES 550 Paracord Bracelet Kit

100% SATISFACTION or your money back. Their satisfaction guarantee is the same as their parachute cord lanyard. They will give you a refund if you are not happy with your keychain. This paracord kit has 36 colors, each 10 feet long, comes with 22 buckles, 4 D-shape keychains, 2 key rings, 1 tape measure, and 1 exquisite canvas storage bag. The type III parachute cord is made of 7 inner cores, each made of three strands of yarn and has a minimum breaking strength of 500lb. Paracord 550 can meet your daily needs in terms of strength. Its smooth touch and bright color make it a good choice for personalized projects. All of their projects will be placed in a mesh canvas bag and delivered to you in an orderly manner. When you complete the project, you don't have to worry about storage chaos because their bag management is very convenient. The Paracord kit is perfect for beginners to advanced users, they have many color combinations for you to choose. I believe that when you use it to make friendship bracelets, lanyards, key chains, necklaces, survival bracelets, emergency bracelets, creative handicraft items as Christmas gifts for family and friends, they will be surprised by this special gift. * If you need an outdoor parachute rope in outdoor camping, hiking, survival, first aid kit, handicrafts or any outdoor adventure, just disassemble the bracelet or weave the decoration to get the 550 commercial parachute rope. It can guarantee your safety.

Brand: Werewolves

👤The items were received as described. All of the basic supplies are needed to start a few projects, but don't last long once you get into a rhythm. I wish I had this when I started. I bought this for my son and he's enjoying it.

👤Came in on time. It had a tote. They were used for handles on my flasks. It is very affordable. I think I will order another one soon.

👤When I ordered this, I assumed it would be the same as the other paracord I have bought, but I was wrong, it is more plastic than paracord. I made bracelets out of it, but it doesn't work and you can either break it or get a scratch on your arm. The colors or wonderful are pros.

👤I've bought them before. There are many different ones at that. They have a lot of options for paracord. I gave this one to someone as a Christmas gift and they loved it.

👤We were making backpacks. It was perfect for our group class because everyone had a color.

👤My daughter has been busy with these bracelets. She likes to make them colorful.

👤My granddaughter loved the colors. The kit arrived before her birthday card.

👤It's fun. It's easy to work with. They need to let people know that paracord can shrink.

9. Spool Paracord Holder Survival Paracord

Spool Paracord Holder Survival Paracord

Don't worry about the quality of Rainbow Color Black and White Parachute, and buy safely. They want you to have a pleasant shopping experience. If for any reason you are not happy with their nylon parachute cord, return it within 30 days for a full, no questions asked refund. Made in the USA, the nylon is super tough and will last a lifetime. Also included: A replacement blade, 8 multi-sized fusing notches, and an integrated MINI BIC Lighter retention system are included. SECURED: The hatch and blade are secured with a spare set of 2 Hatch nuts and screws. The stores have 100 feet of perimeter. What good is that paracord if it is a mess? It is possible to carry your Bug Out Bag, clipped with a carabiner or secured to your MOLLE system.

Brand: Tricorne

👤This is the best product I have ever owned. It is very well made, and it is solid. Make sure you read the description and visit their website to view their video on this wonderful tool. Everything about it. I added a few pictures. One shows you what the razor blade looks like with the blade out, two shows the lighter size and how it fits, and a third shows you that wrapping 200 feet around the product doesn't look pretty at all. A big fat paracord bomb is what it is. I wanted to know what it looked like when you wrapped 200 instead of 100 feet of paracord. You don't have to do it on your own. It makes a huge difference if you wrap it tight. The difference that actually matters is the use of 550 cord, not 750 cord. Don't forget to watch the video. Hope this helps.

👤Are you looking for a simple tool that can handle 50-75' of paracord and has a cutter and lighter holder? Look no further. Pay the price once and you're done. If you searched for this item, you also have an entire bag of stuff you only intend to use in a bad situation. Go bag, bugout bag, everyday possibles pouch - call it what you want. That's why you are here. Don't worry about the price because you already know you want to be prepared, just put it in the cart. If you use it once in a pinch, you won't care about the price. You may be using some rewards points from your credit card, because your wife is always chasing you when you buy something for your bag.

👤I love this product so much that I had to write a review. Great at organizing cords. This product is designed for para cord but can fit anything. It can be used to hold 50 yards of paracord when backpacking. It has a built-in cutter and storage for later if you ever need to cut your cordage. If this review was helpful, please let me know by clicking theHelpful button.

👤At the time, the spool tool seemed like a good idea. If you carry a knife and lighter, you don't need to cut or seal paracord. I can't recommend this for camping and survival tools. I will give the product two stars because it is durable and can be used other than hiking and camping.

👤I bought my first one three years ago. Paracord is good to have available for those just-in-case scenarios, and the Spool tool is a great way to keep it handy and cut it, and with the addition of a Mini Bic lighter a way to keep the ends from fraying. I've used one while camping, and it doesn't add much to a backpack. This is a great way to organize things if you are carrying some cordage.

👤The description or Q&A response give the right size for the actual unit. It's hard to see. The Bug Out Bag is too large even with thinner Dyneema cord or guy line cord to backpack or trek with. If you want to spool Titan's SurvivorCord, you should use 50' to 75' of standard diameter paracord. It's a good idea to have the mini BIC, but you should check the gas level occasionally to make sure you have enough fuel. It zips apart on standard paracord. If they had one of these down-sized for guy-line cordage. I would love it.

10. Extremus Paracord Military Breaking Resistant

Extremus Paracord Military Breaking Resistant

The New Extremus TRUE Mil Spec 5040 Type III Paracord is made in the USA to the highest standards for reliability and strength. There are many uses for camping, hiking, fishing, and emergency use. Extremus Paracord is a must have for every outdoor enthusiast, survivalist, homeowner or for making your own paracord bracelets, belts, handles or other projects. The Extremus Paracord is manufactured to true mil spec 5040 type III military standards. There is a total of 7 nylon strands that are each made up of 3 individual spiral wrapped strands. They provide over 500 lbs of breaking strength. Extremus can make the best paracord. Extremus Paracord is ready for the toughest challenges. The strand is light and heat resistant. The fast dies keep the paracord looking good in the toughest of conditions. If you are using Extremus Paracord for craft or tactical applications, staying color fast is very important. One of the three available lengths is perfect for your specific application and will save you money. You can choose from 25', 50' or 100' lengths packaged in a re-sealable plastic bag that is perfect for storage and organization. Extremus Paracord is available in five popular colors for the active outdoor enthusiast. The five fast colors are black, camo green, hi viz orange, white and desert sand. Thousands of uses when camping, hiking, fishing, or for making your own paracord tactical bracelets, belts, tool handles and more.

Brand: Extremus

👤The Extremus paracord is 50' long. I like what I see. I was able to hang it off of the clothes line poles with my wife and I because I had no way to test the strength of it. I used it on my kayak to tie down loads and it was only half the price, but I can find equal strength cord in the same length for about half the cost. This is a very strong and useful cording that I can recommend on quality alone.

👤Paracord is a very useful tool. It's a good idea for every kayak angler to have some with them. Make leashes, line your bait bucket and crab net, or just replace an old handle grip if you want to keep your gear secure. If you can't pull yourself out of the water by making a step ladder, you can flip your kayak back over if it's too heavy. Go fish!

👤Sometimes the less sexy things are the most important for an outdoor enthusiast to be prepared, and good paracord is an incredibly valuable and useful material. This product covers all the bases, whether it's for safety, survival, or just to create cool-looking bracelets or lanyards that also have survival potential. The cord is packaged in a nice bag that protects it and is great for a rucksack pocket, as well as being used for a variety of survival purposes, so it's a good option. Customer Service will go above and beyond to make sure you are happy with the products you buy. Great product!

👤I have used this to tie chicken wire. I melted the ends to seal them. After cutting and sitting, the sheath over the strands slides more than I like. If you wait a few minutes before seal, you will get a bigger plug end due to the melting of strand lengths and sheath. It would be great to find a product that has a better sheath. We'll see how well this product holds up over the next year or so. I used plastic ties, but they need to be destroyed and torn apart due to the UV exposure.

👤This paracord is durable and is 888-282-0465 and I prefer over 50 feet. I don't need to keep so many paracords in my place. It is nicely packaged and comes with a nice sheen. The sheen on the paracord is cool if you use it for fashion, but it doesn't do well in camouflage. The OD Green and Desert Tan colors are brighter than most paracords. It's nice to see a good quality product from the USA.

👤I bought the Extremus paracord to use on my fishing trip. When I pulled up my traps after 5 days under the water, the paracord never broke and showed no signs of wear. I used it as a fish stringer on the same trip. I was not worried about the line breaking because it got a little ragged after 5 days of rubbing on jagged rocks. It has seven inner strands with one having black stripping on it, like the paracord I used in the Army. The Extremus brand has a nice bag that it comes in. It was useful to keep the sand and water off the paracord, especially in the bottom of my fishing backpack.

11. MONOBIN 550 Paracord Bracelet Kit

MONOBIN 550 Paracord Bracelet Kit

It can be used as a survival tool while hiking, camping, trekking, or climbing. You will spend the least money to get the most valuable products. The paracord kit has a variety of different colors of rope, each color is almost as bright as the picture shows. You will get some complete paracord accessories to help you with different knitting projects. The paracord has a 7 strand inner-core and is wrapped in nylon. The minimum breaking strength is 500lb. It feels soft and comfortable in your hand. It's very suitable for the outdoors.

Brand: Monobin

👤Purchase rolls of paracord. You will have several steps to go before you buy this. You can only make small bracelets if you have enough paracord. This is not the product for you if you have a wrist bigger than 10. It's cheaper to buy clips and paracord in other places. I wouldn't recommend this to a friend. I wouldn't refer this product to an enemy. If you wanted to make adult size bracelets, they could give you 15 feet of cord in each bundle. The clips seem sturdy enough. What about carabiners? I wouldn't put a water bottle on. Keyrings? If in a pinch. Maybe use as a pull?

👤The kit takes some of the guess work out of paracord. I had a hard time choosing the right colors. There are many choices of color to choose from. The kit gives you multiple options of things to make. You are limited by your own creativity. The items are good for the price. I will buy another kit with different colors in the future.

👤I wouldn't trust my life to this cord, but if you want to make a clothesline or a dog lead while camping, it's fine. It comes with a whistle, carabiner, and snap buckles, which the dogs like. You can use the carrying case as a stuff sack if you put all the contents in a junk drawer.

👤I thought there would be more. We have a store that sells better cord for 10 cents a yard, so be sure to read what you are getting. It's much more economical to just buy a color.

👤I am new at making bracelets and key chains, but I am learning quickly. If you need a thinner cord to put beads on, I would recommend the 550 cord. If you want a thinner cord, go to a lower number cord. The colors are nice.

👤I bought a cord from another company that is more solid than the 10 rolls I saw in the store. For a fun project for kids, this is fine. Buckles close and open. I wouldn't have the confidence that the cord would hold up in an emergency.

👤There are no instructions included in this set of clips and paracord. If you're a beginner, you should look for a video on how to make these.

👤The set seems ok but we only got 14 snap clips instead of the 20 that we were supposed to have.

👤The color of the cordones is un poco ms mate. Son is brillantes. Todo lo dems ok. A ser color hueo y parece ms bien dorado. Beige brilloso.

👤Es un set complete, trae su bolsa para guardar todo.

👤Muchas gracias ya me.

👤Bracelets, porte petit gibiers.


What is the best product for survival cord paracord?

Survival cord paracord products from Bengku. In this article about survival cord paracord you can see why people choose the product. Titan Paracord and Gear Aid are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival cord paracord.

What are the best brands for survival cord paracord?

Bengku, Titan Paracord and Gear Aid are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival cord paracord. Find the detail in this article. Werewolves, Pveath and Willbond are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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