Best Survival Cooking Kit with Stove

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1. SUGUNING Stainless Lightweight Campfire Backpacking

SUGUNING Stainless Lightweight Campfire Backpacking

TheARRY case was included. The sack is black and has a drawstring. TheStainless steel cup is tasteless and non-allergenic. The round bottom edges make it easy to clean. It's perfect for cooking outdoors. SUGUNING is a large cup pot. It is only 7.60oz. The locking handle extends for stable cooking and maximum comfort. Saving space with the rest of your gear is the reason for the foldable grip handle. There is a bag included. The heat loss is prevented with a lid. The round edges make cleaning easier. The round edges are easy to clean. Gradation marks in Oz and ML are easy to use.

Brand: Suguning

👤If you use both halfs, Handle will not allow slop or play, as long as you use both halfs. They are still firm. I have larger hands and I use my index and medal fingers in the handle and put my ring finger in the notch to keep it in place. Other makes can move.

👤Stays in a truck for camping.

👤This is a nice product. I know when something is right, but I haven't used it yet. If you want a small cup or pot for hiking trips, I would recommend picking one of these up.

👤I love this size cup, it's very practical and packs up well. I know it will last for a long time because of the great price. I would highly recommend it.

2. Jetboil Flash Cooking System Wilderness

Jetboil Flash Cooking System Wilderness

The camping stove has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They are committed to providing a five-star experience for all buyers and they are committed to solving any product/service issues. Rest assured to buy! Click the button to add the item to your cart. Consider getting two for you and one for your best friend. The Jetboil flash camping and backpacking stove in Wilderness Gray is the fastest Jetboil ever. The Jetboil flash personal cooking system is the ultimate camping stove for preparing coffee, soup, or dehydrated meals on the trail because of its 1-liter FluxRing cooking cup. Start heating immediately with the pushbutton igniter and verify that the water is ready with the thermochromatic color- change heat indicator. The bottom cup is a measuring cup. Jetboil accessories, such as a coffee press, hanging kit, pot support, skillet, and utensils, make this a necessity for your next backpacking adventure. The accessories were sold separately. The instructions include the flash camping cook system. JetPower fuel is sold separately. A one-year limited warranty. Measures 4.1 in W x 7.1 in H and weighs 13 ounces.

Brand: Jetboil

👤I opened the Jetboil system this weekend to make sure it worked before my hunt. The bottom portion of the approved fuel caught fire after I attached it to the burner. JetBoil refused to help me. I tried to reach CampSaver, but nothing. I can't get a penny back for buying it earlier this year.

👤I deployed to the middle east with this system last year. In a place where the Army didn't have any dining facilities, it was a real life saver. The market we ate at had ramen. I would have used it more if I had thought to attach the coffee press attachment. The cup is very durable, the water is fast, and the whole thing is very fuel efficient. Why only 3 stars? The stove portion of the system melted. The plastic base was melted by the metal ring. The igniter failed because of the fault, but I'm not sure what caused it. I just have to ignite it with a lighter. I'm not comfortable using this stove again. I'll order a new one as soon as I figure out how to buy one separately.

👤I've used rocket stoves many times. I've never used a stove like this before. I didn't think about the heat gauge on the pot wrap when I used it, but I have used it in the dark, during storms, and half asleep. It's a nice touch. I don't have to check the water anymore. There is a I bought the 'wilderness' one. There is a jetboil wave on the other side when the water is boiling. I'm not going back to a $10 pocket stove. Even if it seems like a lot for a stove, it's worth every penny.

👤I absolutely adore this! I take this with me wherever I go. This is a life saver. The components fit inside of it. The water boiled in 1 minute. I make coffee, cup o noodles, MREs and hot cocoa with it. Walmart carries the fuel for this. The accessory that supports the use of a frying pan is recommended by me. That folds down and stores inside the jetboil. I have fried bacon and eggs while fishing. I bought the Jetboil flash and it is perfect for me. The Jetboil sumo is nice but too big for a single person and takes up more space in the pack.

👤The starter didn't work out. I had no choice but to light it with a lighter. Definitely not a fan. I returned it for a refund.

👤I have used this stove many times. It is definitely top of its class. It has been through the wringer on torture tests with me. There is a mountain warfare training center in the state of California. The jetboil makes quick work of heating water at any temperature, from boiling snow to hot nalgenes between my legs at night. The electric starter is the only thing that could be improved. It doesn't work well in the cold. I would recommend a sparking device for extreme adverse conditions.

3. QuickStove Portable Emergency Multi Fuel Stainless

QuickStove Portable Emergency Multi Fuel Stainless

You don't have to add fuels all the time, and Efficient Burning is easy to assemble, with a special cross-entrance for easy fire-power adjustment. All in one kit has everything you need to cook, boil water or stay warm. It's perfect for camping, hiking, backpacking and emergency situations. An essential survival item. Light weight and portable, it's a self contained kit. Everything fits into the pot for convenience. Always have a source of heat. The stove can be used in four different cooking positions to accommodate pots, cups or grilling. Fuel sources for maximum use. It's less than a pound. The steel has a heat reflective coating. There are multiple purpose parcels. The pot can hold up to 7 cups of water. The lid can be used as a frying pan or a plate. There are two QuickStove fire starter fuel disks with burn times. Made in the USA, top craftsmanship and durability. Don't trust survival and bushcraft readiness to cheap imports.

Brand: Quickstove

👤The Esbit type stove is a larger version. It opens a little wider than a folding stove, but will adjust to a smaller opening to accommodate smaller pans or cups. I've used alcohol to cook meals and boil water, and I've also used a one inch copper pipe cap filled with alcohol. Good cooking results were provided by all of these fuels. I'm not sure if you could burn bio-fuels like twigs or leaves. The pan that comes with the stove is a large pan, and with its lid on, cooks food very efficiently. The hockey puck shaped wood and wax fuel pellet were included in the kit. I haven't used it yet, but it looks like each quarter would cook a meal. There was a sample of food. I put it in my emergency bug out bag to use later, if necessary. This is a great cooking kit, and I would recommend it for camping, power failures, or as part of a car emergency kit. If we ever have a big earthquake, I could be trapped on the freeway because I live in Southern California. I remember seeing pictures of cars trapped on overpasses during the last earthquake, and I'm pretty sure I can cook a meal if that happens to me.

👤The QuickStove is the best thing ever. Every survivalist should own it and every camper should have it. We went camping for 5 days and used it a lot. Everything from heating up coffee in the morning to making full meals on it. The cook part is solid enough to hold a 10" cast iron skillet and can be configured to accommodate different sized items. The lid folds over the whole deal like a cute little package, because the cook part fits nicely inside the pot. It came with cedar wax fuel disks which are great in their own right. You can use other forms of fuel with the cook part. We used a lot of the pot with lid. Since it holds the cook part and is self contained, it means you have to carry less stuff, since it is easy to clean. Everyone else should buy this setup because it is too heavy for a weight conscious back packer. I love this thing!

👤This is a great design. The stove has different positions for different pots. It is built like a tank but is a bit heavy. I want to give the whole package 5 stars. The pot is very nice. It is a small double boiler because the lid fits both ways. You need a handle to use the lid as a small frying pan, but it makes a nice plate or shallow bowl. The stove has cedar fuel rounds and the pot handle has bolts. It is in place. * They included a package of Wise Chili Macaroni. I have never tried any of the Wise products. Nice gesture giving me a meal. Thank you.

👤The little stove is reliable. The cookset is a good value. There is a bonus for the ability to use multiple fuel sources. I would only add an ash plate for the bottom of the fire, and just cut a piece of tin. Two hockey puck sized wood /resin fuel tablets, a bic lighter or small ferro rod, and a folded stove are all contained in the folded stove. The folded stove is in the pot. The handle on my pot wasn't soldered straight, so I had to use one star for a slightly irregular fit.

4. HIKPEED Portable Stainless Backpacking Survival

HIKPEED Portable Stainless Backpacking Survival

There is a warranty service. BLUU has the best camping gear and survival kits. Omelets, coffee, pasta and more can be made with the click of a button. BLUU has a 30-day refund guarantee and a 1-year warranty service. If you have a question, please contact them. The stove does not have a handle. The one with the handle was sold out. Thank you for your understanding. The survival stove is made of pure and heavy-duty steel and is excellent at heat resistance. The pot can be heated evenly with the help of the 3-arm pot supporter. The wood camping stove can be used to get fuel from nature. You don't have to take gas canisters because you can save a lot of space. It's convenient for camping, backpacking, survival, bikepacking, hiking, trekking, picnic, barbecue, fishing and other outdoor adventures. The wood stove has a double-wall structure with bottom air vent, it can let the air flow inside the burning area and create a secondary combustion, so there is no black smoke during use. The folding stove can burn for 20 minutes. The top opening is large enough to hold fuel without taking off cookware. The backpacking stove has a dimensions of 5.3"(D) x8"(H). The collapsible backpacking stove is very lightweight to carry in your backpack and can be folded to a small size. The package includes a blow fire tube that will help you transfer oxygen to the flame center, long enough to protect your face, hands, and hair from getting burnt. They try to maximize customer satisfaction. They offer a 12-month warranty if their product doesn't meet your needs.

Brand: Hikpeed

👤This is the first stove I have used. I used to use a white gas stove, but was tired of having to pack fuel. The stove is great. You can put a fire starting kit in it if you put it in your backpack. I grabbed a few sticks and cooked breakfast. It was easy to start the fuel. You could place a stick in the stove top notch if the bacon and eggs were on the top.

👤I was between putting a 3 or a 4. I went with a 4 because it was cheaper, but man does this thing smoke up! We used fatwood from a store for the fire, but it made a lot of smoke. It made a small pot of water boil in about 15 minutes, so it could work in an emergency. The water was covered in soot, so make sure you use a lid for whatever you boil. I put it on the ground. Don't light this up on a table.

👤The twigs work great in the cool weather, but alcohol does not work well in 2000 feet. It doesn't take much to have a cup of tea. The rounded rock did the job and now there are no sharp edges.

👤I like the small stove, but I wish it was larger in diameter and could take larger pieces of wood n sticks. It was hot but very fast. I will be cutting some small hardwood chunks from a plank board to carry with me because I won't have to constantly be adding twigs. It's nice to have handles for moving or dumping. Will get a small pot of water to boil quickly. Hikers need a back pack for fast set up. It should be an inch or two larger. I will give it 5 stars all day.

👤It's perfect for portable use. This is a great item to have in a backpack.

👤We ordered to use it as a backup. It's small and you have to refill it with small fuel, but it works very well and compact, excellent to have the wand blowing to keep your facts back, but know that it's small and you have to refill it with small fuel. I would buy another one immediately if it was double in size, it works beautifully and I wish it was more large.

👤It works with pellets, hope they don't need it this winter. It burns clean and works with wood.

👤The instructions are on the product site or on Amazon. Does not come with printed instructions. Either memorize the instructions or write them down. Good luck.

5. Acelane Stainless Backpacking Emergency Preparedness

Acelane Stainless Backpacking Emergency Preparedness

There is a must-have outdoor necessity that includes 1x 10 plates aluminum windshield, 4x spare mandrels, clean cloth, and a storage box. The backpacking stove windshield is perfect for camping, hiking, fishing, backpacking, and other outdoor activities. Any dry woods, twigs, branches, leaves, or pinecones can keep the fire going when you're camping in a wood stove. No need to carry bulky alcohol or gas canisters. Take this pocket stove with you so you can start cooking outdoors. Their wood stove is made with quality steel and is strong. A sturdy structure with a cross bar on top provides stable support to hold the weight of your cookware and sit securely while burning. Handling cooking in wildness is no longer a problem. The camping stove is portable and lightweight, weighing only 1.22 lbs with a small storage bag. It can be easily fit into a backpack pocket, which will reduce the space and weight of your backpack. After each use, it is easy to wipe clean. Camp cooking can be made simple with the perfect camping gear. The portable wood stove has a wide opening mouth which makes it easy to add more wood and keep the fire going, which improves the burning efficiency. Backpackers can get fresh food, soup, or tea in minutes. The mini backpaking stove is easy to install. Get ready in just 5 minutes by assembling the stove structure, adding dried wood or leaves, fire up, and place your cooking utensils on the stove. It's perfect for hiking, camping, backpacking, BBQ, picnic, outdoor survival and emergency preparedness.

Brand: Acelane

👤I blasted a big fire and the stove held up. The water is boiled and does what it is supposed to do. I wish it came with a nicer bag for storage because it is a little bigger than I thought. Will get a lot of use this fall.

👤It was a gift for my mom. She loves watching bushcrafting on the internet. We made plans to go camping in the woods behind her house so she could try out her survival skills as soon as the weather warms up. I think that's correct.

👤It works amazingly. It was difficult to set up due to no directions. I suggest learning how to set it up indoors before hiking. I took about 10 minutes to get it set up. It seems very durable and you can make fire with it. Be careful with its edges.

👤I use this product for my bug out bag. I gave one to one of my followers as a prize because I was so pleased with it.

👤It's easy to set up and perfect for a backpack or seat pouch.

👤It is easy to assemble. It was quick to light a fire. The carry bag is very small. The edges are a bit sharp.

👤Great design for its purpose. Well thought out. Gave it 5 stars.

👤The stove is not usable because they sent cross pieces that did not connect correctly. One crosspiece needs to be cut in different directions. They don't sit on the stove because they are the same. I chose this item because they don't accept returns. Very disappointed.

6. Petforu Cookware Backpacking Ignition Canister

Petforu Cookware Backpacking Ignition Canister

There are no-stick pan&pot set and collapsible ignition canister stove for cooking outdoors. It was perfect for 1-2 person. Camp stove is made of aluminum alloy andstainless steel which can stand high temperature and weight, and high-energy ceramic piezoelectric ignition system make it very convenient for outside camping or hiking. A carrying case and collapsible design make it easier to carry things. This thing gets ripping if you want it, but it is efficient with gas consumption. The secondary pot can be flipped upside down to be used as a lid to boil water. The pot's lips fit together securely, so they're stable to use. CONVENIENT AND SAFE. The stove is very convenient for outside camping, hiking, picnic, BBQ, and so on. The carrying case or bag can be combined with the cookware to make it more portable. Excellent equipment for camping, hiking, overnight trips or any other outdoor activities. The brand is a registered one. If there are any quality problems with their products, please contact their customer service agents.

Brand: Petforu

👤I bought this product for an extended kayaking trip and I don't regret it. The stove does not consume as much fuel as I had 888-276-5932s The cookware is large enough to accomplish what it needs to, and it was easy to clean, unlike any camping cookware I have owned before. The only downside to this product is that it doesn't have a heat diffuser, which makes it difficult to cook some items, as the center will try to burn before the edges are even done. Keeping the pan moving isn't too bad to avoid this.

👤It's almost twice as heavy as a BRS-3000T with a comparable titanium pot set, but the weight of a fuel canister makes the difference seem insignificant. This is a great deal for a lighter set and is very appropriate for backpacking. The igniter spark point was too close to the burner to ignite the gas. I pulled it back a bit and it now lights on the first click. I have nothing to complain about after backpacking with three people.

👤Steven stole my stove and I bought two of these for a backpacking trip with my wife. The spark starter worked on one stove, but not the other, and the valve on both wasn't the most secure, but they worked just fine. The gas wasted a lot of fuel because it tended to flair up randomly. I'm not sure if we will explode after the next trip. The cookware was light, packed up well, and enough for what we were cooking. The stove was cheap and it showed, but they didn't work this time.

👤The stove worked well. A can of soup can be heated very quickly. Pots fit nicely on top. It takes about 2 minutes to heat 20 Oz of water. My hands did not get burned, the handles worked well. Piez starter works well. There were no problems. Everything in my picture and a spare stove and emergency lighter are in the two pots that you put it away. It is a small kitchen. It has a new bar with a drawstring and closes up nice. It makes a lot of heat when turned up. The heat is on. I suggest getting a long metal spoon to stir with so that things don't get cooked. A titanium one worked well for me.

👤The stove is a champ. The electric igniter burns 5 dollar Walmart fuel canisters. If you like to camp and also like coffee, you know how much fun it is to get out of the tent, get a roaring fire going, boil some water, and clean out the pot from the last time. If you don't like to camp, then you need this, if you want coffee now, then you need this. Making coffee over a fire pit sounds great, but you have to pack up and head out when checkout is at 11. This thing lights up, burns ferociously, and cooks water in a matter of minutes. It changes a 2 hour camp fire morning crisis into a 20 minute simplified and almost enjoyable experience to get that sweet, sweet, bitter, disgusting, and very much needed coffee. Well, well worth it!

7. BLUU Backpacking Portable Emergency Survival

BLUU Backpacking Portable Emergency Survival

If you have any quality problems within 6 months, you can contact them. The camping stove is fast acting and easy to use outdoors with maximized EFFICIENCY. You can enjoy consistent performance at extreme altitudes by boiling a small pot of water for about 2 minutes. It is not comparable with the Coleman fuel canister. It's comparable with most brands of 100g. ProPANE/BUTANE/ISOBUTANE FUEL CANISTER. The all-in-one stove has a 0.75-liter pot and 0.45-Liter pan with a pan support for cooking, a canister stabilizer and a high quality burner. The BLUU outdoor cooking system can be used to cook delicious meals while hiking, camping, and backpacking. There is a correlation and light weight. The design of the nest allows for a compact system for easy travel. The lightweight design makes it easy to set up, pack up and store in small spaces. The packed dimensions are 5.8 inch. The weight is 19 ounces. The pot body is made of sturdy and durable aluminum and has a thermal neoprene insulation outer cover to keep food and water warm. The burner has a push button igniter, a simmer control, and an optimal gasket that can be used for less fuel consumption. BLUU has warm food and drinks for outdoor adventures. There is a warranty service. BLUU has the best camping gear and survival kits. Omelets, coffee, pasta and more can be made with the click of a button. BLUU has a 30-day refund guarantee and a 1-year warranty service. If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: Bluu

👤I purchased this hoping to find a cheap alternative to the Jetboil, something that included everything you would need and want out of a small butane burner. I was happy to see that it came with a quick boil pot, a skillet plate, and a second pot. I have owned a Jetboil for several years and it is not a comparison, however at over $100 for the unit on sale, plus 12 for the adaptor plate, and another 10 for the wider stand, it is quite a bit out of pocket to do something so simple. The Jetboil is the most powerful. I timed out the boiling of 16oz of water and they boiled the same amount of time. The Jetboil has a bigger pot than I like to make Ramen soups in, so we are good there. The skillet attachment can be used to cook an egg or two. It does work, but it is very similar to my Jet boil version of the same thing. This does the job. I am happy with the quality so far. I have used it a number of times and have not had any issues. If I have any problems moving forward, I will update.

👤I bought this as a test and I was not disappointed. This brand has all the perks of the other brands at a half the cost. The french press in this is well put together and it breaks down for the traveling storage, which is an issue with other kinds. This was a section hike of the AT with me and we had good fire. The rest of the camp had to boil their own water because I was heating the water for half of them at the same time. It can boil a full pot in no time at all. The hike is lite for what it has in it and packs down very well. It has a travel bag/pouch and a lid that snaps on so nothing comes out. If you want to change out, it comes with 2 different sleeves of different colors. If you are hiking and looking at one of the expensive sets, don't waste your money, this one is worth every penny.

👤The stove was half the price of the name brand. It was used on a camping trip. I had to pack light and small for the ride. If you keep the coffee press rod in the cover between the cup handles, everything will fit in the stove cup. We have no regrets about our purchase. The canisters became difficult to start on the camping trip, used on a 5 day and 3 day trip. I switched out for a new canister and realized that the threading of the stove has fallen apart. We use jet boil, pocket rockets, and BRS 3000's for both car camping and backpacking. We no longer recommend this product. The stove will be returned. The seller reached out and sent an updated version of the stove after we had a discussion about the product. The stove had no issues with the threading or the gas valve. Even though we returned the original stove, the seller reached out to us directly and replaced it for free. The correspondence with the seller was above and beyond what is expected. They inquired about our original purchase and seemed to be concerned about product improvement. Customer service is great.

8. REDCAMP Cookware Backpacking Non Stick Lightweight

REDCAMP Cookware Backpacking Non Stick Lightweight

There is a camping guarantee. Their priority has always been 100% satisfaction. All of their products are backed by a manufacturer's warranty. The REDCAMP camping cookware set is light and lightweight so that you don't feel the weight within the pack on your back, and it takes up little space. It is easy to clean the REDCAMP aluminum pot and frying pan. Before heating, please add food or water. Save money is the best price. The mini camping pots and pans set has 16 pieces. Frying pan Anodized aluminum Pots, Pot Covers, Fork, Bowls with 1 Soup Bowl, Tool Card, Ladle, STAINLESS STEEL, oofah Sponge, and a cloth bag. You can put the camping cookware kit in your pack or hang it in your backpack. The pack is 7.4"x7.4"x4.1" 1 Set is what you need to solve everything. Don't run the cookware set through the dishwasher. Only hand wash. REDCAMP has a 100% money back guarantee. They will give you a satisfying solution if any piece is broken.

Brand: Redcamp

👤The pro's fit together nicely, looks nice, and everything sticks to it. Eggs, pancakes... I tried to cook with it, but it was crazy. It was terrible. I put the pan in on every use. It took a lot of work to clean the pans. They did a good job of cleaning up. Final decision? It's a good little kit, but the amount of food that sticks to this thing is ridiculous. I'm replacing mine before my next trip. If you want something that isn't stick, this isn't it.

👤I wanted something other than a frying pan to bring with me on a camping trip. It worked well for four people. We were happy to cook in batches. They were used over a portable gas range and above open fire. It's a really fun camping trip for first time campers. We took a car to the campsite so I can't say if these are good to pack for a hike. The smallest kettle was the most precious. If you can buy it without all the little gadgets, you can cut those out and make it yourself.

👤This product was disappointing. The handle was melted on the first use at home. The kettle and pot could be used with a small gas stove. If you don't have gas and you use wood, what about? If you want to bring your pot to boil, you need a hot flame. I expect that to happen with the other pots I have purchased. Right here, buyers remorse.

👤I got this kit after I got back from camping. It's a good size for 1 to 4 people. I can't wait to try it. My gear is going to be greatly reduced for longer trips.

👤They work well when camping. The handles are difficult to clean because of the soot, but we have placed them over the fire on a grate. It's perfect for 2 to 3 people, depending on what you're making. The carrying case keeps everything together. We have better quality utensils that we already purchased, so we don't use the ones that came with it.

👤I ordered them to be used with Chef Master single burner butane stove. If your home is totally electric, the weather can be a real pain. The cookware is light and sturdy. We have regular cookware, but these fit securely and are easy to clean up.

👤This set is nice. I thought they were larger. I need to pay more attention to size and description.

9. Esbit CS585HA 3 Piece Lightweight Camping

Esbit CS585HA 3 Piece Lightweight Camping

Jetboil has a stove that will keep you fueled for any adventure. No matter the level of cuisine you want to create, a compact and efficient stove is essential. The kit includes a pot, lid, and stand. The cookset and stove are made from lightweight aluminum that is seven ounces. Esbit's proprietary, solid state fuel cubes are sold separately. The pot has volume indicators in both liters and ounces, and two hinges that fold against the body of the pot. Stores in a mesh bag are ideal for backpackers and campers who like to travel light.

Brand: Esbit

👤I've been camping and hiking my whole life and this little solid fuel cooking system is awesome. I keep Esbit tabs in my 10 essentials kit and they're wonderful. I got this baby for fun and to see what I could do with it, and thus far I'm more than impressed. It's easy to use, and it's well made. I got this model because of the built-in windscreen design and the perfect 20oz cup, which is just right for solo camping/hiking activities. If needed, use it with a larger pot. The kit allows me to store 12 14gram tabs and a lighter all wrapped in a cute little mesh bag. The kit can be used for many types of outings, and it's still liquid fuel systems. The Esbit brand is one of the best solid fuel combo around. If you're thinking about one, just get it, we've all wasted more money on lesser things. Last thought. If you're camping with this thing, take a 16oz container of water to bed with you and you'll be heat water from 70* instead of 40* in the AM and thus much more efficient- for any trail cook system.

👤Since Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, the country is without light and this small stove became part of my daily use, but now after 30 days, I can say that it is the best stove I have ever used. The stove and Mountain House are safe.

👤I'm an extreme backpacker and I rely on my camping stove. I have a lot of different camping stoves, so I can give an experienced perspective review. The stove is all in one, with a cup/pot, windscreen design base, and hole to insert fuel cube. I've used it many times on camping trips when the mornings and evenings were cold and a nice cup of hot tea or soup was really needed. I got really warm, but not boiling hot. I used the Esbit fuel cubes. I have to use 2 cubes per pot to get that rolling boil, and that just isn't efficient or cost-friendly. The bottom section of the Esbit stove has a design that keeps the pot raised more than the pocket stove. This stove is great in warm weather, but I like winter camping and mountain tops in the summer, so it's only good on limited trips. I only use this stove for camping or when a friend needs a stove. The POCKET ESBIT stove is a very inexpensive one and it has a pot that sits above the flame source so the contents come to a rolling boil. I've used the POCKET ESBIT on some long distance trips and in some very cold weather, but mostly in the 30-40 degree weather. I have to carry a small light weight foil windshield, but it still beats the efficiency of this bulky Esbit stove. A simple redesign would fix this problem - reduce the size of the bottom that lifts the pot above the flame, move the air slits at the same level as the fuel-hole, and then the pot will sit closer to the fuel source and get hotter. The basic design of the pocket stove would be the same as the pots round design. Would I recommend? It depends. If you don't mind using more than one fuel cube to a pot to get the boil on cold camping trips, then yes, you are a fair weather camper. Otherwise, no. It's an Esbit, so why 3 stars? It is a basic job.

10. Jetboil Zip Cooking System Black

Jetboil Zip Cooking System Black

WholesOME INGREDIENTS: Kosher ingredients are manufactured in the USA. The Zip's easy-to-use cooking system can boil water in just over two minutes with half the fuel consumption of traditional systems. Jetboil's cooking cup makes boiling water and keeping it warm a breeze. The bottom cover is a measuring cup and a bowl, which can be used in your pack for clothes, gear, and food. Jetboil accessories, such as a coffee press, hanging kit, pot support, skillet, and utensils, make this a necessity for your next backpacking adventure. It is easy to pack and carry only 12 ounces with the fuel canister stabilizer and drink-through lid. A one-year limited warranty. Jetboil has a stove that will keep you fueled for any adventure. No matter the level of cuisine you want to create, a compact and efficient stove is essential.

Brand: Jetboil

👤I used this for a couple of weeks on a military excersize. It was great. There is nothing better than a hot shave and hot chow. I recommend all types of outdoor activities. It's small and will fit in your backpack or canteen pouch. The Jetboil has a fuel canister that fits inside. There are a couple of downsides. It doesn't have an automatic starter. Which means you will need a lighter or matches. Side note... They make models with an automatic starter. 2. The canister is small. If you are out more than 8 days, you can either carry a larger canister or carry a couple small canisters. My friend had a large canister that never ran out.

👤The lowest cost JetBoil is the JetBoil Zip. The JetBoil Sol aluminum has been great for me. For my wife's emergency pack, I wanted a JetBoil as well. The JetBoil Zip was the least expensive of the bunch, so I picked it up on Amazon at the risk of missing some features. The Zip is the same as the Sol, except that it is missing the igniter and fuel regulators. Is this a problem? Not really. If you use a lighter with the Zip, you can ignite it, but the regulator isn't very useful if you just boil some water. I think the Zip is a great buy, even though it's not cheap, but it's still a great buy, with all the advantages of any other JetBoil. The boil time was 0.7L of water at 2:41. It's enough to get a good 15 out of it. Enough is enough for 5 days of water boiling. The gas canister stabilizer, stove piece, cap, and protection cover/cup are all you need. If you needed a real emergency, you wouldn't use a JetBoil as a stove unless it was. It is not designed for cooking. If you need to boil water in cooler temperatures, you won't get all of the fuel out of the canister, but it's more than adequate. There isn't a stove on the market that I can find that's alcohol, white gas, to butane, to LPG, as well as some wood burning stoves, all lined up in my garage and well used. The weight of a alcohol stove is higher than a JetBoil and 100 gram canister because of a week's worth of fuel. The heaviest of the lot are multi-fuel stoves. When you get to two weeks with wood burning stoves, the problem is supplies needed to clean them, time required to clean them, and inefficiency in setting up, boiling, and putting away, which makes it a little more of a hassle. If you are just getting into camping and are on a budget, you can get the JetBoil Zip. A hot drink that is just 5 minutes from the time you think of it to the first sip, is more important than the ability to cook a stew, is what most people new to backpacking want to avoid. Trust me.

11. AOTU Portable Backpacking Ignition Wind Resistance

AOTU Portable Backpacking Ignition Wind Resistance

A limited warranty for one year. 1. The burner base is made of high-bright aluminum alloy, light weight, high strength, and honeycomb high-temperature aluminum alloy windproof net, which increases oxygen circulation, improve combustion utilization. The body of the furnace is made of refined aluminum alloy, which is resistant to high temperature, rust and radiation. Repeated outdoor use is not a problem for air and rain. Four-dimensional support. The control valve for flame control is designed for fast maximum heat output all the way down to a simmer quickly and efficiently. 3. The fire board has specifications. It is compatible with any 7/16 thread single butane/butane-propane mixed fuel canisters. Does not fit into propane canisters. 4. The 4x5x8Cm is light and small, easy to carry, and is available anywhere. If you go camping with friends, go hiking, fishing, or after swimming, use the hot food on the stove to make the food more delicious. It is safe and healthy after heating. The camping stove has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They are committed to providing a five-star experience for all buyers and they are committed to solving any product/service issues. Rest assured to buy! Click the button to add the item to your cart. Consider getting two for you and one for your best friend.

Brand: Aotu

👤I took this baby on a 50-mile trek. It was the perfect stove for travel. It's small enough to fit inside my cook-set when I was hiking, easy to assemble, intuitive, and less expensive than a pocket rocket stove. The stove worked just as well and was more stable with a 4-prong design. 10/10 would buy again. Highly recommended for other backpackers.

👤This is the best camping stove you can buy for the money. It is very easy to use. Sticklers will moan about the quality, and nit pick about the smallest details, but it is an $8.00 camp stove. I don't think you can do better than this for eight bucks. It is small, packs away nicely in the case, and does what it was made to do. It cooks food by boiling water. This is the best stove for dollar.

👤The stove is great. I bought it because the price was so low and I didn't notice that it had an ignition built in, so that was a plus. It is stable enough for my cookware pans and kettle, and boiled 750ml of water in about 6 minutes, which was very windy when I tested. On my longer hikes, where I want to stop and make a hot meal where using a twig burning stove or making a full campfire is not allowed, this little stove will be a regular fixture. I think I'll buy another as a spare as this takes up a lot of space and weighs nothing.

👤Instructions on how to use were not given. On our first backpacking trip, we took some trial and error. When we screwed on the fuel tank, we didn't have a lever for flame control, it started spouting wet fuel from the top. For someone new to camping/backpacking, a description of how to use it would have saved them 15 minutes.

👤This did not work, it was turned on the stove and there was no fuel coming through. The built inignitor didn't do anything. I brought a different stove with me on my backpacking trip because I was skeptical of the low price. The other brand was perfect. I threw it in the trash.

👤I ordered one for a birthday gift. I know they are good, I have had them before. The one that arrived loose in a padded envelope was dumped in the envelope without a carton, box or plastic clam shell wrap. Part of it was bent. I wouldn't be happy to give it as a gift. I went to a retail store and bought another one for my friend as a gift as I don't have time to return this one. It probably still works, but that was not my point. If I wanted one that was in "used condition", no package, bent, I might have looked for one at a garage sale or dumpster, rather than waiting for a new one. There are pessimists.

👤I love this stove. The stove looks like it's easy to tip over if you have it on a flat ground, but it's actually pretty stable if you have it on a solid ground. I should have ordered more for the price, but I didn't.


What is the best product for survival cooking kit with stove?

Survival cooking kit with stove products from Suguning. In this article about survival cooking kit with stove you can see why people choose the product. Jetboil and Quickstove are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival cooking kit with stove.

What are the best brands for survival cooking kit with stove?

Suguning, Jetboil and Quickstove are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival cooking kit with stove. Find the detail in this article. Hikpeed, Acelane and Petforu are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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