Best Survival Cooking Kit for Fire

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1. Odoland Non Stick Lightweight Stainless Backpacking

Odoland Non Stick Lightweight Stainless Backpacking

You can enjoy cooking anywhere you go with a Beteray backpacking cooking set. You can use it to cook, boil water, or fry eggs. The best money you've ever spent. The camping cookware set includes 1 x L pot, 1 x S pot, 1 x fry pan, 2 x forks, 2 x knives, 2 x spoons, and 1 x storage bags. The lightweight camp cookware set is a great choice for camping. It's perfect for 1 to 2 people. The fry pan is 5.7'' in diameter and has 1.9L and 1L capacity. They will be great for meal prep as well. It is made to be used by 1 to 2 people. The pots and fry pan are made from non-toxic and lightweight aluminum. It is coated with a non-stick for easier use. Each piece has handles that are foldable so you don't burn your hand. There are extra STAINLESS STEEL dinner cuts. - 2 sets of dinner cutleries and a cleaning cloth are included. The dinner cutleries are made from 304 steel which is completely safe to use. The foldable spoons can be packed into cloth bags for easy storage. The cleaning cloth is safe to use on the coated surface and allows you fast and easy clean-up after you're done. Everything is packed into a nylon mesh bag and all pieces nest great. The package size is 7.5x 7.5x5 inches and the total weight is just 2.75 lbs. This set is perfect for backpacking as well as traditional camping.

Brand: Odoland

👤My 5 year olds toy kitchen set is a part of this horrible product. She loves them because they look like big ones but they are so small that you can't cook or serve them. The biggest waste of money I have ever spent. I already had pots and pans because they wouldn't serve my teenage sons bacon, fish fins, or even half an egg. It is not suitable for cooking. The cups and sleeves are too small and don't fit. The product should be half off at the store. Straight up.

👤Terrible quality. The cups are kid sized, the sleeves don't fit, and the handle broke on the first use. Don't ask about non-stick properties. This is useful for boiling water, but I don't think I'd trust it for that. This was a huge waste of money. It would have been better to spend more on the higher quality names. I still have to do that. I spent almost 50 bucks on a mesh back and crappy silverware. It was hard to pass on this one.

👤These are too small to cook for 2 people and even though they are Teflon, they are not! You have to soak them to get rid of them. I couldn't get them to fit back together.

👤I was hesitant to buy these because of some of the reviews, but decided to take the leap. The last time I went camping, I brought cookware that wasn't made for such an activity and lost some beloved pots and pans. I am glad we got these. They were supposed to be used over a Coleman cooking stove, but were prepared poorly. We threw these over the fire and they exceeded our expectations. We were able to make our dinner quickly, and the handles didn't melt over the flames. They cleaned up after cooking. It is perfect for a couple on a camping trip. We can't wait to use them again.

👤I realized that pieces were smaller than I thought because I have been learning about how much we eat. It should have included the coffee pot. Recommendations for cooking on a propane grill are needed. Or on the fire? Preparing for a year without food stores. I have my mylar bags that I use to heat food up in the pots.

👤I ran my fingers on the pan after the first wash and it left a chemical smell. The one star reviews should not be ignored. I don't recommend this product and you will regret it.

👤The plates, cups, and compact size of the mess kit are what I like the most. The pan that I tried to make pancakes in was not non-stick. The pancakes were completely stuck to the pan.

👤A couple is just beginning to hike. It is easy to clean. It was perfect with my stove. Light weight.

2. Camping Cookware Outdoor Cooking Equipment

Camping Cookware Outdoor Cooking Equipment

The stove is compatible with any 7/16 thread single butane/butane-propane mixed fuel canisters. It will be more convenient and practicable with the addition of the flame controller. Light weight and resilience: Aoduoer camping pan and pot are made of high-quality aluminum, which makes it durable, light-weight and sturdy. The camping bowls and soup spoon are made of plastic that is safe and eco friendly. Hard-anodized aluminum construction is easy to clean and fast to heat. The camping pot and pan have a non-stick coating. It's perfect for backpacking, camping, hiking, etc. It's easy to carry. The 13 piece camping cooking set can be stored in a bag that is easy to carry. You can either put it in your backpack or hang it outside. The ideal camp cookset is for a scout or backpacker. The best value and multiple USAGE. The camping mess kit includes a pot, a pan, 2 bowls, soup ladle, wooden spatula, cleaning case, Drawstring pouch, and free bonus folding fork/knife/spoon. The camp pan camping pots can be used to cook many different types of food. Money back or replacement waiter: If you're not happy with their camp cookware, just let them know and they'll give you a replacement. AODUOER is committed to provide good product and service.

Brand: Aoduoer

👤Very small. Was fooled by the pictures. If you need something small, go ahead. If you want something that can cook a decent sized meal, look elsewhere.

👤The set is light and durable. They clean up well. Hot spots can be found in thin-wall pans, but they can be avoided by stirring things. The handles flop a bit in use. They needed a rubber band to hold them in the cooking position. Since they have a bag, stored isn't a problem. The plastic cup/bowls are useful on their own.

👤I was a bit skeptical when these arrived. I was wrong to think they were small and flimsy. On a back country canoe camping trip, test these out. We used the pot to cook oil over the fire. I thought the plastic handles would melt, but they held up perfectly. I made fries and fish. The pot was cleaned up very nicely. Highly recommend!

👤The collapsible silverware folds up the wrong way if you want to use it to stir. The spoon that was supposed to be used to stir the backpacker meal collapsed because it was backward.

👤It's small and you can stick it in small spaces. Everything you would need is easy to clean. Everything is very small.

👤I am very happy with these. They are made to last.

👤It rained on our camping trip.

👤The dishes are great for the price.

3. G4Free Camping Cookware Backpacking Cooking

G4Free Camping Cookware Backpacking Cooking

The cookware kit is designed for anyone who loves camping with their family and friends. It is portable and convenient for camping, hiking, backpacking, picnic and other outdoor activities. There is a 19 Pecies Mess Kit. The cookware set has non-stick pots, non-stick pans, min stove with storage case, cups, knives, spoons, folks, loofah sponge, carabiner, and wooden spatula. The folded size was 4.3inch x 5.5inch. The big pot is 4.2inch x 5.5inch and the small pot is 4.1inch x 4.8inch. The big pan is 2.3inch x 4.5inch and the small pan is 5.1inch. The weight is 997 g/ 2.2 pound. It is convenient to carry lightweight. Premium material. The outdoor cookware set is made of aluminum. It is fast heating and lightweight. The coating inside the pot makes it easy to clean. It's not easy to be scratched. It is a survival gear. Save your space. The pot and pan have folding handles that make them smaller. It has room for a stove, matches, seasoning, salt, pepper, a sponge, and many other things to keep your space consumption to a minimum. The bag has a shrink rope that can be hung on the backpack. The scale measurement design on the pot could save you a lot of time. The handle is easy to fold. The tube cover is made of silicone. There is a bag included. The perfect cook. This cooking set is perfect for camping, backpacking, hiking, fishing, picnic, trekking, emergency preparedness, or as part of a survival kit. Highly recommended for a day trip or weekend trip. You can use it to cook, boil water, or fry eggs.

Brand: G4free

👤The set is small for the value. You should practice using a pocket stove. It's simple, but must be tested to see if it works. You don't want to be left in the wild without the internet and wondering how to use it. It's best to get a propane adapter as isobutane is harder to get at brick and mortar stores.

👤My brother received this as a gift. I gave the stove to him and it worked perfectly. The items are all in one place. The pros and cons of Sponge are as follows: lightweight for two people, stores easily, and wish there was a stove stand included for the fuel cannister. A nice small portable camping set. I try to be honest with my review. If this was helpful, please give it a thumbs up.

👤The two pack was bought to add to our bags. They're packed with everything you need to cook or boil water. If you have a fuel canister for the stove, you're ready to go in an emergency. I didn't know that each unit had two nested sets of pans. That's really cool, and it all comes in one larger canister. Not a lot of rattling, light and compact. Should work for me if I need it. I might swap out the cutlery with the sporknife to save space and weight. Might add some pop-out bowls. The price is worth it for my needs.

👤The set is lightweight. I plan to use it on my road trips. It feels like it would work well for backpacking. The cups look like they are made of steel. The build quality is good. I haven't tried the portable stove, but it looks basic enough to do the job. The stove has an adjustment knob that can be used to increase or decrease the flame. I put the cook set up on the Coleman stove so that you can see the relative size of the pots. Everything you need for a camping or emergency bug out kit is included in the starter kit.

👤This was taken down Grand Canyon. It worked great. 3 nights of hiking, cooking breakfast and dinner. Drinks. A small. Light weight. A windbreaker is needed on a windy day. We got it going. The fuel bought was separate and new. My parents were impressed by it. They do a lot of hiking. Like the lightweight, but with a small carry on. We are going to use in Grand Canyon for 3 days.

👤My son is in Boy Scouts. Everything was advertised. I was surprised at how small it is. The silverware doesn't stay open very well, so I don't like it. It was difficult to eat with them because they are very easy to fold back up. I don't recommend the portable stove for beginners as it seems that it wouldn't take much to knock it over. He loved it, but I'm happy with the purchase.

👤The kit seems sturdy, but I haven't put it to the test yet. The set is small and has a lot of cooking gear. Comes with a knife fork. You can cook for 2 people.

4. REDCAMP Cookware Lightweight Backpacking Non Stick

REDCAMP Cookware Lightweight Backpacking Non Stick

The grill surface is 12 inches long and 6.25 inches wide. The backpacking cookset is lightweight so that you barely feel the weight within the pack on your back, and it takes up little space. It's easy to clean the REDCAMP anodized aluminum pot and frying pan. Before heating, please add food or water. Save money is the best price. The mini camping pots and pans set includes 8 pieces. Bowls, tool card, and STAINLESS STEEL. The spoon and sponge bag are folding. You can put the camping cookware kit in your pack or hang it in your backpack. The pack size is 4.3x 5.9” and 11x15 cm. 1 Set is what you need to solve everything. Don't run the cookware set through the dishwasher. Only hand wash. REDCAMP has a 100% money back guarantee. They will give you a satisfying solution if any piece is broken.

Brand: Redcamp

👤On a backpacking trip with 6 different people, I used this recently. We were able to use the larger pot to heat up the water for pasta and oatmeal. It is large enough that I was able to store the fuel and stove inside of the container, which made it a nice compact mess kit. It seems like the handles are more than adequate to avoid getting burned while picking up pots. Everything was pulled very nicely by the stuff sack. The stuff sack is black, so it is easy to lose in your bag.

👤I bought a few of them to use as kits. The bottle and stove fit inside. A small towel was also added. It was used by a lot of boy scouts and it was not damaged or abused. Cleaned up nicely for the next camping trip. This would be a good recommendation for your backpacking pot.

👤The mess kit has a good volume secondary pot for sauces or beverages and is easy to clean if you don't abuse it. I love my titanium pot on my gas pocket stove but it's too small for cooking outside of heating up canned goods due to its small volume and narrow diameter. It was perfect for me if I had to boil water because it would fill my 1L nalgene water bottle completely. I was reminded of the cheapo Stanley mess kits I used to play with in the boy scouts, the flimsy, shiny ones that were a constant source of irritation for me and my friends. I was pleasantly surprised by the mess kit. The material has a dull coat and nice insulated handles. Since they arrived, both of the included pots have been used multiple times, and I use them in the kitchen regularly for cooking meals for one. The included bowls and spork are nice, but I just use them as dog food scoops and eat directly from the pot like the savage I am. The rounded bottom of the pots makes them easy to clean. I'll definitely use this, because of the quality of the components for the price. When backpacking, the pot and pan tend to rattle a bit together, which can be alleviated by tying them securely together with a bit of 550/paracord.

👤The pots are very light. They heat and cool quickly. I used a small pot to heat water for tea on a camping trip, and it was the right size. The foldable spork was very useful. I lost a more expensive cookware kit when I moved. I was happy to find an inexpensive replacement that worked just as well as my expensive one.

👤The moral of the story is that if it seems too good of a deal to be true, it probably is. The pots and dishes are in good shape. The sparker on the bracelet doesn't work at all. The metal used in the credit card tool is cheap and poorly made, which makes it difficult to make it work. Within minutes of unpacking, both went into the trash. The folding spork is cheap and flimsy, but it should be useful. The mesh carry sack looks like it will be shredded in high winds. It's a good enough kit to fit in the truck in case of emergencies, but not something one should use more than a few times.

5. Overmont Camping Cookware Lightweight Backpacking

Overmont Camping Cookware Lightweight Backpacking

The package includes a pot, frying pan, plastic bowls, spoon, spatula, cleaning towel, and a net bag. Premium Material is made through an anodize oxidation process and has a protective layer on the surface. The Overmont camping cookware is easy to carry and won't take up a lot of space. All of the pot and pan can be packed in a mesh bag. It is suitable for 1-2 people. If you're looking for a good lightweight kit, look no further. It's great to take it anywhere you go, and enjoy a hot meal after a day outdoors. If there is anything that holds you back from being 100% satisfied, contact their customer service team immediately and they will respond within 48 hours.

Brand: Overmont

👤I was very excited about this set, it was a great size and had everything we needed for a camping trip. It doesn't clean well. We used the coleman outdoor stove and it was difficult to clean because I rubbed vegetable oil on the cooking surface and the flame was stuck to it. I let it soak overnight at home with a touch of dish soap and I didn't have to scrub it because it was burnt on food. I'll try to use it again.

👤This is ok. There are a couple quirks with the pans and kettle. The other items are not great. I mostly camp at car camp. It's nice to have light gear if I decide to backpack because I don't have to carry a bunch of full size pans. If you're backpacking and using all the accessories that come with it, it's meant for one person. If you had to make this work for a few people, you would be mad. The set is lightweight and has a mesh case to hold it all. The pans cook food for 2 people and the kettle is good for 2 small cups of coffee. They're quite small and you want to cook them in batches. The bamboo spoon is pretty cool, and it's nice to have a little loofah sponge to clean it out. Most of the stuff that comes with it is ok. The ladel is usable. The fold-up flatware is fine if I am backpacking, but I would bring other utensils. I got some sparks off the flint strikers so it works, but I will probably never use it. Teflon wouldn't survive anyways since camping gear tends to get beat up and scratched, so this isn't non-stick. You will need some kind of oil to cook with. The kettle handle is covered in something. It is not fire safe. You have to watch it carefully on a fire grate or alcohol burner. I wouldn't want to cook with this set on hot coals. The handles seem to hold up well on pans and lifting. I wish they were snapped into place when fully open or closed. One handle swings freely and the other stays where you put it. When the set arrived, it was not packed in so the pan and lid was the only thing covering everything else. The plastic bowls were resting slightly off the pan which allowed dirt to get in while you were hiking. I've not found a way to get the bowls in there so the lid will close, and I've decided they probably don't fit that way, the picture shows the closest I could get it to closing. I tried to find a how-to or instructions but couldn't. I don't like that, every other mess kit I've had closed completely to keep them clean, but this one doesn't seem to close all the way. I will probably keep it because it's ok for how I camp, but I wouldn't recommend it to a friend.

6. Unigear Burning Potable Stainless Backpacking

Unigear Burning Potable Stainless Backpacking

The cookware kit is designed for anyone who loves camping with their family and friends. It is portable and convenient for camping, hiking, backpacking, picnic and other outdoor activities. Premium quality steel is used for backpacking. The Unigear camping stove is portable and Ultra Compact and comes with a carrying bag for easy carry. It's perfect for camping, hiking, backpacking. Food, boil water, and BBC can be cooked with many kinds of pots. Meet your camping needs. It's easy to use a camping stove that uses wood, spirit burner, twigs, leaves, coal, gas and solid fuel tablets, which makes it easy for outdoor camping or hiking. If you have any quality problems within 6 months, you can contact them.

Brand: Unigear

👤It's very heavy in comparison to what I expected. You can put any smaller cooking heat source within. Alcohol, gas, and wood. I am not sure about pellets. There is a The hinge design and loose fit in the tabs reduces the chance of warping. The size is strong for up to 10 pots and pans. It's safe for small campfires. Don't blame me if you set California on fire. Again. The pan needs to be deeper. It's not for long distance backpacking because it's heavy. The top grate needs more tines to hold steaks and sausages. The square footprint makes finding a really flat surface difficult. There is a This is about as bulletproof as one can get without breaking the bank. It's perfect for a car camp. You can fit any heat source inside. It's a small stove. They are working for you, don't mind the sloppy joints. It is kept from twisting in high heat. There is a Since I just got it, I can only give it 4 stars for now. If it's used correctly, I think it will end up 5 stars. Will update in a while. There were pine cones and oak twigs in the ten pounds of charcoal. It warped some. It was screaming red hot a lot. The job is done fine. The folds are flat enough to fit into the pouch. You can use a wire brush to remove the ashes. After building a coal bed with fuel on top, expect about 1.5 hours of run time. Can feed it sticks for hours until it becomes a big mound. You should clean up. It works well on cinder blocks.

👤The stove is strong. To assemble is simple. I wish there were more accessories on I bought a griddle from the website and it fits the stove perfectly.

👤I love using this stove. I got a chance to try it out with some charcoal briquettes on the lower rack. I was able to cook corn, mushrooms, and some chicken on a grill. The pan is stable on the wall. The vegetables were initially cooked on the included top rack without any issues and then transferred to the grilling plate for the final cooking. The sharp edges were the only con. I got a few cuts handling the folding sides in the 4 rectangles. I used a small diamond file to deburr them. I'll be trying different sources of fuel in the next few months. Will be updating pictures. It's very easy to clean. The ash was ready to be stored. The ash just blows off and the stains give it character. Look forward to using this again.

👤I received a wood burning stove in two days. It went together in a few seconds. It can be used in many ways... You can use wood sticks, chips, fire started sticks, and charcoal. You can remove the ash tray and use propane under the grill. I boiled 2 cups of water. You can use a pot on top of a frying pan to make coffee or soup. When you get your Unigear wood stove, fold it all together and put it in your backpack, and then you can go! You will not regret it. Thank you Unigear!

7. Coleman Camping Cookware 5 Piece Aluminum

Coleman Camping Cookware 5 Piece Aluminum

The camping dinnerware is an ideal gift for anyone who loves camping, and is also a great gift for anyone with a bug out bag. If you're not happy with your experience, please let them know and they'll help you. The materials are of the highest quality. cookware for camping Another quality product from Coleman.

Brand: Coleman

👤As others have noted, there are food sticks. There are two ways to use a backpack to cook on a fire. 1. You should coat the outside of your pan or pot with soap before putting it in the fire. It is preferable to use dassoap. This helps prevent gear burning. 2. You want to be aware of how much heat these are put under. They are aluminum because they are designed to help keep the weight down when backpacking. This can be accomplished by 3. 3. If you want to cook on a campfire, you should dig a shallow hole, remove the hot coals from the fire, and place your cookware over the coals. At that point, you have a manageable cooking surface and temperature. I have baked cakes with this method by burying a cake pan in hot coals and covering it all with dirt from the hole. 4. You need to keep the pans wet so that your food doesn't stick. bacon fat can and does work, but so can PAM non stick spray. Saving bacon fat in a jar with a sealable lid is a good idea if you are going camping, hiking or other outdoor activities. After it cools. You can add it as you please. You can remove some from your jar with a simple spoon. Make sure to coat the surface evenly. It is an excellent cooking lubricant.

👤I don't think it's a good idea to buy it, it turned black and smelled like burnt oil, please don't buy it, it's a waste of money.

👤This is the basic ultra light cook set. I'll summarize my overall feeling after going over my pros and cons. The light weight is great for backpacking. You could save more weight by not using the aluminum cup or larger cookware objects. There is no jangling or shaking when all set inside one another and clasped together with the pan's handle. It cools down quickly. The price! It's much cheaper than other sets here. Food does stick. Sand or gravel can be used to scrub, then rinse with water. It was good as new. If left on fire or heat source for a long time, the handle can get hot. The metal cup can get hot. I think this is a great set. I'm not cooking gourmet meals when I camp because I'm trying to save weight and time and not bring all kinds of food supplies. This set allows one to boil water and fry something at the same time, then have a mess plate to drink coffee from. It will serve well for making simple meals and not taking up a lot of space in your backpack. If you are ok with no frills, it will be something you can rely on. Can't be beaten for the price.

👤I used to have a kit like this when I was a kid. My son is a boy scout and I was excited to give him this. I was not happy with the quality of this kit. The price was correct, but the aluminum is very flimsy. The handle on the pan bends when there is not much food in the pan. It feels like a toy.

8. Bulin Cookware Backpack Portable Lightweight

Bulin Cookware Backpack Portable Lightweight

If you go camping with your friends and family, make sure that every meal you cook is delicious enough for everyone to enjoy; it's the excellent choice. The camping cookware mess kit is made of non-toxic aluminum. The hard-anodized aluminum is built to last. Before adding oil or water, please do not heat. The backpacking cooking set includes 2 pots with lids, 1 frying pan, 1 Kettle, 4 bowls, 2 plates, and a foldable soup spoon. It's ideal for 4-5 people. The camping cook gear collapsible bundle design is lightweight and portable. Everything is easy to carry. The cooking gear is easy to clean and dry. You can wash the oil stain and dirt off of the mountains. It makes outdoor eating easy and comfortable. Before adding oil or water, please do not heat. The cooking camping kit is a great gift for anyone who loves camping. 30 days free return is provided by them. Please let them know if you are not satisfied. It is recommended to use a bulin stove. Purchase link is below. The Open Fire Cookware can be used as backpacking gear, camping cooking set, campfire cooking equipment, camping cookware set, camping kitchen set, cooking utensils set for nonstick cookware, survival cooking kit, andmess kit for camping 2 people.

Brand: Bulin

9. Bulin Backpacking Equipment Lightweight Including

Bulin Backpacking Equipment Lightweight Including

The camp cookware set is designed for anyone who loves cooking outside. It is portable and convenient for camping, hiking, backpacking, picnic and other outdoor activities. The camping mess kit is made of safe, non-toxic aluminum and is easy to clean. Hard-anodized aluminum is rust-free and can conduct heat quickly. Handles that are heat resistant keep your fingers safe. It is secure and anti-scald. Their backpacking cooking set includes 2 pots with lids, 1 frying pan, 1 kettle, 4 bowls, 2 plates, and 1 foldable soup spoon. It's ideal for a couple of people. You can eat with your lover. Money that was the best ever spent. The collapsible bundle design lets your camping cookware nest together and save a lot of space in your backpack. The camping kitchen accessories can be stored in a mesh bag for easy carry. The cookware set can be hung over the fire. It's perfect for camping, hiking, backpacking, picnic, etc. The ability of non-stick is limited because they do not use chemical layers. Try not to cook with oil for sticky ingredients. The camping dinnerware is an ideal gift for anyone who loves camping, and is also a great gift for anyone with a bug out bag. If you're not happy with your experience, please let them know and they'll help you.

Brand: Bulin

👤It worked well and was good quality. Light weight. The handles didn't seem to get hot on the fire. The bad ass was used often. Buy it. It is what you are looking for.

👤The reviews are good for this. I had a terrible time with this cookware set and the only good thing I can say is that it is lightweight and compact. I can see how important that would be, but everything else about this set is terrible. The breakdown is not non-stick. Everything I cooked was a mess to remove from the pans. I didn't care how much oil I used. I cooked burgers in the pan and they were ruined because they were stuck to the pan when I tried to flip them. Eggs would stick. Everything sticks to these. If you are camping out in a car, get a good teflon pan or cast iron and don't care about the heft. I regretted not bringing a normal pan or two because I spent half an hour after dinner scrubbing away at these horrible pans. The cookware does not transfer heat evenly. The paper-thin pans have horrible hot spots that will cause you to burn parts of your dish. The frying pan is too small to cook a lot of food and has steep vertical sides, making it hard to flip things over. Everything you attempt to cook will be welded to the bottom of the pan before it becomes an issue. The flip out handles are very hot in practice and can be a nightmare to use. They flopping about when trying to move the pan around because they don't latch together. It could be dangerous if the handles flop about and you spill a pot full of boiling liquid on yourself. If you need an ultra-compact cookware set, bring a few normal backpacking pots and pans. The plates and bowls are a joke. They are next to a dinner plate. They are flimsy cheap plastic and the plate holds enough food for a child, but not for an adult. The bowls are small and hold a small amount of liquid. The bowls were too small to be useful and we ended up eating out of the pots. This set was very frustrating to use due to the small size of everything and the complete failure of the non-stick surface, and I will be returning it. Unless you are extremely size/weight constrained, do not consider this. If you are camping in a car, just bring some pots and pans and plastic plates and bowls, and you will be fine.

👤We needed to replace our bulky camping cookware. They are wonderful! The handles work well and stay cool. It's large enough to prepare meals for a few people. They are perfect for the Coleman stove. I was skeptical about the little tea kettle, but it works well and is perfectly balanced. I like the non-stick coating, but it might be better for the long haul.

👤A great set for camping. I've used the pots on a cook stove and open fire and the handles are easy to lift. The steam hole in each lid lets you know when the water is boiling. There are 2 and 4 cup marks on the cook pots. I would like to see the measurement mark on the bowl. That is an awesome product that I am very happy to own.

10. Bisgear Stainless Backpacking Equipment Carabiner

Bisgear Stainless Backpacking Equipment Carabiner

There is a lifetime warranty. All of the cookware is backed by a lifetime warranty. When you have the best kitchen pots investment, why buy a separate stock pot, soup pot, pasta pot, fondue pot, or hot pot? BUILT TO LAST! The camping cookware and cup plates are made of non toxic Anodized aluminum and are perfect for 2 youth scout or adult hiker. Money can be saved by signing a pact. The camping cookware set includes a camping stove, pot, frying pan, and kettle. Please note the size of the mess kit. The lightweight, compact, and mobile design of the Bisgear Camp Kitchen Set will allow you to enjoy the great outdoors without second guessing if you packed everything to cook and serve. The mess kit collapses into a bundle for easy storage. A great gift for family and friends is the #1 outdoor cooking backpack and camping backpack and hiking picnic set, which is a great value and is perfect for camping or picnicking. The stove is compatible with any 7/16 thread single butane/butane-propane mixed fuel canisters. It will be more convenient and practicable with the addition of the flame controller.

Brand: Bisgear

👤The set is great for the price. The plates are heavier than I wanted, not a light plastic that flips easily when eating. The cups are small but they are nice. It came with a full set of folding silverware, fork, spoon, and knife. The pan and pot fit the lid. The large pot can hold over 50oz. I like the burner better than the one I have. The weight at just over 2.5 lbs is a downside. It's the price you pay for so many items which is perfect when I take my boys camping, but it wouldn't be my go if it was just me or 2 of us. The plate size would be next. It is too large to sit inside the pan and does not have a decorative rim. I think this would have made it more portable. They could be used to cover the pot or pan. The fire starter rod is small and not very useful. I have better ones. The cups are small and I would rather have 2 bowls that fit in the kettle. I have used this kit with the kids a few times and I am happy with it. I have to add a few plates and utensils for the kids to eat, but it works well and packs up nicely.

👤This is a good price for the set. The stove attachment doesn't fit all size fuel containers, and the number of utensils is a full set for one person, not really 2 people, are a few things to be aware of. I've used the set twice. The handles are starting to change colors and look to be melting away. If the handles have metal underneath, that isn't a real concern. The set is organized well. It is neatly packed into a single unit. The plates and cups are small, so don't expect to get a full size hunk of meat and veg and another side on the plate. There were no 8 ounces in the cups. The melting issue plays out as planned. The food is kept out of the interior. It's easy to pack away and take up less space. It's good for a small amount of cooking and perfect for 1-2 people.

👤After opening it, I really like it. The pots are large enough to cook for two. The cups are small but I would just drink coffee or tea with it so I can make it in the teapot and pour as I want more. The pots and untensils come with a lid. I don't carry a backpack so I can't say how good it is. It's not heavy, but it will be useful for camping, instead of making a fire or warming up charcoal. The plates can be used as a cutting board.

👤I was looking for a light that was all in one kit. This was exactly what I was looking for. It has five stars for size and weight. I only gave it 4 because it said non-stick. It is not really. You need to use oil or grease to keep eggs from sticking. It is perfect for soups and the things I normally carry. The cups and plates are small, but that's not a problem if you have a backpack. I am very pleased and recommend others to do the same.

11. QuickStove Portable Emergency Multi Fuel Stainless

QuickStove Portable Emergency Multi Fuel Stainless

You don't have to add fuels all the time, and Efficient Burning is easy to assemble, with a special cross-entrance for easy fire-power adjustment. All in one kit has everything you need to cook, boil water or stay warm. It's perfect for camping, hiking, backpacking and emergency situations. An essential survival item. Light weight and portable, it's a self contained kit. Everything fits into the pot for convenience. Always have a source of heat. The stove can be used in four different cooking positions to accommodate pots, cups or grilling. Fuel sources for maximum use. It's less than a pound. The steel has a heat reflective coating. There are multiple purpose parcels. The pot can hold up to 7 cups of water. The lid can be used as a frying pan or a plate. There are two QuickStove fire starter fuel disks with burn times. Made in the USA, top craftsmanship and durability. Don't trust survival and bushcraft readiness to cheap imports.

Brand: Quickstove

👤The Esbit type stove is a larger version. It opens a little wider than a folding stove, but will adjust to a smaller opening to accommodate smaller pans or cups. I've used alcohol to cook meals and boil water, and I've also used a one inch copper pipe cap filled with alcohol. Good cooking results were provided by all of these fuels. I'm not sure if you could burn bio-fuels like twigs or leaves. The pan that comes with the stove is a large pan, and with its lid on, cooks food very efficiently. The hockey puck shaped wood and wax fuel pellet were included in the kit. I haven't used it yet, but it looks like each quarter would cook a meal. There was a sample of food. I put it in my emergency bug out bag to use later, if necessary. This is a great cooking kit, and I would recommend it for camping, power failures, or as part of a car emergency kit. If we ever have a big earthquake, I could be trapped on the freeway because I live in Southern California. I remember seeing pictures of cars trapped on overpasses during the last earthquake, and I'm pretty sure I can cook a meal if that happens to me.

👤The QuickStove is the best thing ever. Every survivalist should own it and every camper should have it. We went camping for 5 days and used it a lot. Everything from heating up coffee in the morning to making full meals on it. The cook part is solid enough to hold a 10" cast iron skillet and can be configured to accommodate different sized items. The lid folds over the whole deal like a cute little package, because the cook part fits nicely inside the pot. It came with cedar wax fuel disks which are great in their own right. You can use other forms of fuel with the cook part. We used a lot of the pot with lid. Since it holds the cook part and is self contained, it means you have to carry less stuff, since it is easy to clean. Everyone else should buy this setup because it is too heavy for a weight conscious back packer. I love this thing!

👤This is a great design. The stove has different positions for different pots. It is built like a tank but is a bit heavy. I want to give the whole package 5 stars. The pot is very nice. It is a small double boiler because the lid fits both ways. You need a handle to use the lid as a small frying pan, but it makes a nice plate or shallow bowl. The stove has cedar fuel rounds and the pot handle has bolts. It is in place. * They included a package of Wise Chili Macaroni. I have never tried any of the Wise products. Nice gesture giving me a meal. Thank you.

👤The little stove is reliable. The cookset is a good value. There is a bonus for the ability to use multiple fuel sources. I would only add an ash plate for the bottom of the fire, and just cut a piece of tin. Two hockey puck sized wood /resin fuel tablets, a bic lighter or small ferro rod, and a folded stove are all contained in the folded stove. The folded stove is in the pot. The handle on my pot wasn't soldered straight, so I had to use one star for a slightly irregular fit.


What is the best product for survival cooking kit for fire?

Survival cooking kit for fire products from Odoland. In this article about survival cooking kit for fire you can see why people choose the product. Aoduoer and G4free are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival cooking kit for fire.

What are the best brands for survival cooking kit for fire?

Odoland, Aoduoer and G4free are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival cooking kit for fire. Find the detail in this article. Redcamp, Overmont and Unigear are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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